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  1. In the relatively brief time I’ve been watching GH, one thing that has stuck out is Carly’s character being loud, obnoxious (under the guise of being some kind of Mama Bear) and pretty much always getting away with ‘overpowering’ everyone, knowing she’ll end up on top. In my opinion, that kind of predictability doesn’t make for a relatable or sympathetic character, especially when she’s not meant to be a villain, as determined by the writers. So when Carly yet again skated it in relation to Nelle’s death (even when the truth she hid came out) showing very little sympath
  2. That would be amazing, but daytime soaps seem to be one of the remaining bastions of older attitudes, as well as SONY and CBS.
  3. Eventually, everyone is sacrificed at the altar of Victor Newman. He might end up being Eric Braeden’s 80th Birthday special storyline. I jest, of course.
  4. Did a quick search (I should be asleep, it’s 3:40am where I am ) and if it’s the same Susan Banks who used to be with TV One, this may turn out to be rather interesting... The Susan Banks previously associated with TV One has a wealth of experience writing... and Executive Producing. As in a LOT of experience. If it’s one and the same, then may I cheekily (and unrealistically) throw out there that it may be squeaky bum time at the studio?
  5. This Monday’s Y&R (March 1st) is written by someone named Susan Banks (no, not that one ) Anything known?
  6. When I was much younger, I couldn’t get into any of the ABC soaps or into Emmerdale. The ABC soaps because I was raised on Y&R and tonally, production, writing, and sound-wise, they were just so different. Emmerdale because it looked so different to anything I was familiar with, as a London council estate kid, and I found it quite dreary. I’d like to think I’m a bit more aware of what I should have been paying attention to and what I note now.
  7. Once the brief novelty of seeing Don Diamont (nudge, nudge, wink, wink dialogue included) on Y&R again wore off, it was back to half watching as the show carried on.
  8. One of the most harrowing and powerful storylines of 2018, Aidan Connor’s suicide. As said, done without providing any details but relying on on the raw reactions of the other characters. This was treated very sensitively at the time, with what amounted to a ‘trigger warning’ ahead of time, contrary to usual efforts to hide spoilers. Similar to the recent warning given about the Eastenders domestic abuse murder. You can find the episode online featuring his last day, but below is the episode featuring the discovery and aftermath. The now fam
  9. I primarily think it’s because the powers that be are content with the show just pottering along. Acceptance that the show (and genre) isn’t what it was, but the viewership isn’t totally in the toilet. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if nobody wants the gig. Or at least anyone the studios would want. Could be wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Head Writers of the remaining soaps (Carlivati, O’Connor/Van Etten, even Bradley Bell) are the only people the studio would make a change for, if they left those shows and became available/interest. And yes, I’ve mi
  10. The Australian soap Neighbours is in the midst of a story where the men in a same-sex marriage are in the early stages of a pregnancy via a surrogate. The thing is the young woman who is carrying their child is a relative newcomer and trouble. And I fully anticipate she will fall for the child and cause them no end of grief for the couple if she carries to term and gives birth. I don’t think she will simply hand it over and let them be the primary carers as currently agreed. So if these Mariah anvils land where it is thought they will, it has the potential to be an intere
  11. It’s amazing. Out of all the shows and their producers, Iain MacLeod was the one with the lowest standing, off the back of his rather bland period in charge of Emmerdale. And now, at the end of 2020, Coronation Street is arguably in the strongest position of the 4. Just goes to show.
  12. This is the EXACT point I made when news of their casting was announced, and for the same reason. And this was with the knowledge that they are recurring. I guess the real test will be if one or both of them are put on contract.
  13. Pure speculation on my part but does anyone think this particular story has the hand/guidance of Susan Dansby over it? She was previously very good when it came to writing authentically for the Winters and was usually given the episodes to write where they would feature somewhat prominently.
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