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  1. I'm not the ‘target demo’ for that casting but even I can appreciate that Alison Sweeney is probably thanking whoever she worships Height-wise, he appears to be my height (6’1) and James Scott is 6’5, but I doubt people will care too much.
  2. Counting down to his loosely-Amanda-involved-or-in-the-room death in 3-2-1.... Seriously, I suspect through him, we’ll find out where Imani gets her personality from.
  3. It’s widely known that, save for the loyal U.K. audience and the financial investment by Channel 5, Neighbours would have been axed years ago. The ratings in Australia haven’t been good for a long time, hence it being moved from Network 10 to their digital platform. And no, I can’t assist with numbers, I’m afraid. I think Home and Away stands a little more on its own and remains on Network 7 in Australia. Which is interesting because I personally found the efforts of producers and senior writers Louise Bowes and Lucy Addario uninspiring, to the e
  4. Watch everything. Even the most seemingly inconspicuous thread or utterance matters.
  5. I was surprised by this as I genuinely thought the TV networks were done with new soaps. The BBC has Eastenders, Doctors and 2 continuing medical dramas, Casualty and Holby City. As well as River City in Scotland. ITV with Coronation Street and Emmerdale, having stripped back on their output over the last 20 years, ditching Crossroads, Heartbeat, The Royal, The Royal Today, Night And Day and The Bill. Channel 4 only has Hollyoaks, after cancelling Brookside. Channel 5 with no homegrown soap, instead showing the 2 main Australian soaps, Home And Awa
  6. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the drunken car crash Devon was in 4 years ago originally conceived as him being stopped by the police and something happening to put him in hospital? But that Sally Sussman and Kay Alden were prevented from doing it? As was said before, that for now, primetime programming seems to be where the harder hitting storytelling is and daytime soaps appears to conducting a Formula 1 race: What gets to the finish line first? The audience being primarily catered to, as they cease to be over the next few years (you know what I mean ) or the gen
  7. I personally agree that it would be good to tell some real world stories in soaps (heck, I live in a country where you’d catch hell for not tackling issues) but I think I read of some viewers online taking umbrage with Days Of Our Lives having new character Paulina calling the people of Salem out for their relative lack of diversity. I genuinely think there is contingent of remaining viewers who don’t want stories that deal with race or other (Conservative) ‘hot topics’.
  8. You won’t regret it. It’s action packed, tense, intelligent, unforgiving and almost completely devoid of sentimentality. It’s glorious
  9. I tried to locate an existing thread for this but no luck. About to broadcast its 6th Series, Line Of Duty follows police anti-corruption unit AC12 as they track the dodgiest of police officers of all ranks while attempting to uncover a wide-ranging conspiracy. It is broadcast every 1-2 years and has made stars of of the 3 main characters, especially AC12 head, Superintendent Ted Hastings. (Don’t watch the video if you have not caught up to Series 5 or intend to watch it from the start)
  10. I wonder if you may have stumbled across Y&R’s next Head Writer in waiting (possibly with Christopher Whitesell)? Unless either or both are retired. They both fall into the ‘experienced/recycled’ category favoured. There are suitable (and new) voices within the existing team, but TPTB seem reluctant to promote from within.
  11. Given what has been discussed specifically about Josh Griffith (his name on the ‘marquee’ as it were) and the conclusion drawn about his evident inability to tell stories/Head Write, what were the ingredients that made his first collaboration with Michael Malone over at One Life To Live work so well?
  12. In the relatively brief time I’ve been watching GH, one thing that has stuck out is Carly’s character being loud, obnoxious (under the guise of being some kind of Mama Bear) and pretty much always getting away with ‘overpowering’ everyone, knowing she’ll end up on top. In my opinion, that kind of predictability doesn’t make for a relatable or sympathetic character, especially when she’s not meant to be a villain, as determined by the writers. So when Carly yet again skated it in relation to Nelle’s death (even when the truth she hid came out) showing very little sympath
  13. That would be amazing, but daytime soaps seem to be one of the remaining bastions of older attitudes, as well as SONY and CBS.
  14. Eventually, everyone is sacrificed at the altar of Victor Newman. He might end up being Eric Braeden’s 80th Birthday special storyline. I jest, of course.
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