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  1. I’ve only just become aware of this. Is this a temporary measure or a permanent one?
  2. I’ll admit, this one has annoyed me. Not just because they’ve trashed a character with potential and ties to the canvas, but they’ve got rid of a good actress, who happens to be beautiful... and dark skinned. That last bit is what resonates with me the most, as a darker skinned black man with a black, talented and beautiful girlfriend, who has been under-appreciated in a way her lighter skinned colleagues and friends have not. I don’t often discuss my personal situation here but colourism/colorism is a bug bear of mine, as much as racism is. And this seems to be what has happened with Loren Lott.
  3. I just watched the April 25th episode, and to say it was tough is an understatement. The ‘performances’ were so real, no ‘acting’ was required and it will tear your heart out. I don’t usually get emotional watching soaps, but this one touched me in a way other such instances don’t. Without giving anything away, Shemar Moore delivered almost 7 minutes of raw heartbreak and adulation that I find hard to believe was scripted.
  4. I don’t know if it means anything but Daran Little wrote tonight’s episode of Eastenders (25/2/18) Given how far in advance soaps write their episodes, it might mean nothing. But let’s be honest 🤣 Daran Little was only there because of Mal Young.
  5. Just watched the episode. 40 years in one role is a great deal of dedication. (William Roache’s 58 years- and counting- as Ken Barlow in Coronation Street is astounding but that’s for another time). Production-wise, it was a very Mal Young/British choice to do a stand-alone/single handed episode. One very good thing to come from it was the almost wall-to-wall classical scores used that I felt added to the clips and overall episode.
  6. Correct. Just finished watching the episode (as sad as it is to watch for the known reason) and yes, Anthony Morina is the Executive Producer, Josh Griffith is the Co-EP and Mal Young still lists as Head Writer. I’m guessing this starts that transition period where they mold and change what Mal Young wrote and planned in anticipation of their stuff.
  7. Just saw tomorrow’s episode and it was a tough watch for obvious reasons, but Neil’s last words (and how heartbreaking is it to say that) were fitting not just for the character but for Kristoff St John. It counts as spoiler so I’ll put it no higher than that...
  8. To say this has changed the feeling of today is an understatement 😢
  9. Who were the new composers? This ☝🏿
  10. On the back of this, I went to watch (some of) the episode, directed by Noel Maxam which, alongside the (IMO) perpetually under-appreciated Sally McDonald, is in a different league to the other directors and what the norm was the last time I watched. And yes, there were at least 2 older scores I counted. One that was used twice in the episode (the second of which was to close the episode) and other also in the last scene.
  11. Using the Head Writer to spy on hubby at work... we know your game, Sally 🤣 I mean, what else could it be? 😜😉
  12. That roughly translates as ‘Welp, you’ll be seeing more of me going forward. Enjoy’ Though the total sidelining of Doug Davidson in his milestone 40th year as Paul was quite jarring.
  13. You’re not wrong. I don’t recall the poster but if I recall correctly, it’s in the Classic Y&R/Old Articles thread. If true (and no reason to think it is not, given they completely vanished by November/December 2012), then an absolutely bone-headed decision, either absent of consequential awareness or a deliberate and wicked attempt to get rid of the past for a few quid. Just 🤦🏿‍♂️
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