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  1. The GCAC was an infinitely better set than the Grand Phoenix. Certainly more spacious and less gaudy.
  2. Jodie Whittaker is a versatile, powerful actor and under proper writing, could have thrived in the role. Chris Chibnall, however, was a poor fit for the show. I have a really bad feeling the BBC are going to ‘assess’ how series 13 goes, and decide on whether to carry the show on or call it a day. They’ve had 15 years of relative-huge success, and have cast a female Doctor. The argument may be made during the year that they’ve achieved all they could.
  3. Spot on. I’m guessing the ship has sailed on that one? Or did she migrate with Edward Scott to B&B? For some reason, I’m imagining seeing her name appear on DAYS’ credits when Ed Scott was Exec Producer there. She was another who got Y&R as well as being a talent in her own right.
  4. Want to jazz it up to reflect the times? Add a ‘None Of The Above’ option and see how many awards they take home
  5. Why do I have a feeling Gladys is going to meddle, with the intention of engineering Brando’s placement with Carly and Jason, but will end up either driving Sasha away or causing her to lose her baby (whatever camera angles they could use to achieve that with Sofia Mattsson’s legit pregnancy)?
  6. As a Brit, that’s turned into (at least) a double entendre. Google ‘Cockney Rhyming Slang Boat’
  7. And good for her. That remains one of the most ridiculous decisions made, and one that still annoys me greatly to this day.
  8. They probably have that in reserve, thinking they have that as leverage, or rather they have no sense of needing to keep her. If they let her walk again, I don’t think they’ll get her back this time, neither will they deserve to. Also, if she wanted to stay in soaps, General Hospital has a better (if very bustling) canvas of actors and they seem to treat their black actors well. Personally, I think she’s talented and charismatic enough to do regular prime time. Also, something must be going on at Y&R, what with this and the rumoured contract issues with Hunter King and Michael Mealor.
  9. My guess is he’s being brought in as the ‘Dev’ role to play spoiler to Cam and Joss. Especially since Trina might be leaving? I’m sure I read that her talented portrayer is off to uni?
  10. I could have this completely wrong, but I wonder if the writers are trying to create a genuine question over Sasha’s motivation in connecting with Brando. The ‘clever’ writing being that she said what she said to Gladys, so it can be taken as Sasha just winding her up.
  11. I’m going to jokingly suggest that the issue is less to do with Kelly Monaco and maybe more to do with Billy Miller. Remember how much Amelia Heinle threw her toys out the pram when Billy Miller left Y&R and basically sandbagged David Tom?
  12. On May 30th, I said this: ’With Tara, it’s almost a certainty she’ll end up a different character. They didn’t have Ashland warn Jack about her for no reason’ At this rate, any of us could write a more compelling, less predictable version of Y&R … Well, maybe not me (because I got the potential scenario wrong ) but many on here could.
  13. Well that was a bit of a thrill ride. As much as you can get on daytime. Could do with something to help me sleep later…. when’s Y&R on?
  14. At this rate, Godot will arrive before happens. Plus, having just watched tomorrow’s episode, it’ll be ‘fun’ to play a game of ‘which one was sacrificed to make way’? Cryptic now, but I’ll make sense. And finally, superficially, I’m nearly always taken aback by Imani’s beauty. Casting-wise, she and Hilamanda fit as siblings as well.
  15. I’d be curious to know what criteria they went for when they cast Elizabeth Leiner. I wonder if it is an ability to act terrified and meek with a view to shaking that off down the line, and settle on more confident, etc Re: Summer and Sally. If Mal Young and then Josh Griffith hadn’t made the decision to have Summer employ some of Phyllis’ insecure and impulsive characteristics as recently as last year (essentially becoming her mini-me) this conflict with Sally may have worked if developed organically. Hear me out… I think I remember a brief time when Summer was a mix of her mum and Nick when the occasion required. If that version of Summer had remained and Sally arrived, displaying her [Summer’s] mother’s naked ambition and ruthless scheming that she does, teasing a reaction out of her, that might have worked. As it could have had the subtext of Summer engaging in an organic (and new) battle with a version of her mother and being grown up enough to deal with it properly in a way she couldn’t with Phyllis when she was a teen. Instead, we have the characteristics of one person spread across two people engaged in a rivalry with each other. I pulled that out of my ear, so pardon me if it’s a little wonky Because whether by coincidence or by choice, Sally is almost an embodiment of a younger Phyllis: red headed, tall, athletic, attractive (subjective to each, I acknowledge), the characteristics described above.
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