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  1. That is true and that is a huge shame. I’d be more willing to accept it’s likely fate had the quality dropped in Series 2, but it didn’t. In fact it felt like it was about to step up a gear. I hope I’m wrong but the pandemic has decimated network budgets and cut a swathe through ordinarily viable shows.
  2. Back in 2018, I became aware of the forthcoming drama, The Heights, due for a 2019 debut on ABC in Australia. It looked interesting because it was set in a housing community that hosted a high rise, where many of the characters lived, and could have more of an inner city feel. You don’t even really get that over here. For various reasons, I was never able to find it, and decided I would not look for episode recaps. It left my mind, and It took me until only a few weeks ago to find out it had been broadcast on BBC TV over here. So I binge watched the 60 epis
  3. Oops, ignore. A thread exists for this already
  4. It’s an odd one. They’ve been saying for a large part of the year that Adam Woodyatt is taking a break from the show but very recently, I’ve started to think that the information being released is a red herring and that Ian is in fact being killed off. If he is, either Woodyatt has decided he’s wanted a change (because unlike the other ‘episode one’ originals, Letitia Dean and Gillian Taylforth, who have both had extended periods away from the show, AW has, more consistently been there for all 35 years) or Jon Sen/Kate Oates are making a VERY bold statement and writing him out.
  5. Between this and the Peter storyline, it looks like there will be a good number of casualties and exits in next few weeks up to the end of the year.
  6. I’m still a relative newbie to General Hospital (dipping in and out less than I do with Y&R and Days) but one thing I’ve noticed is the pacing is quite tricky to pin down. Things I’d expect to be drawn out are coming out already. I’m thinking about Cyrus being told about Taggart, and how quickly Sasha has become collateral damage in all this.
  7. If I was to hazard a guess, I’d say it’s the show wanting to get their timelines ‘back on track’ so Sweeps, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc could be as originally designed. I remember a bit of wishful thinking from people like me that those in charge would use the lockdown period to do a soft reset, even if it meant ditching some of the stories that lead into it. Alas, the skipping of beats, and rushing of plot points option was exercised instead.
  8. It’s been mentioned a fair bit that one of the main issues with Y&R and B&B is how unnatural they look with the stilted filming and distance between most of the actors, even when the characters are meant to be in love. Now that all of the soaps are broadcasting post-lockdown material, and seeing how they’ve approached the new challenges, I wonder if CBS have mandated that their shows do what they are doing. Like a ‘seen to be observing social distancing and COVID rules’ diktat. Whatever it is, it sure makes for a much ‘colder’ and more ‘aloof’ televisual experie
  9. I’ve just put it down to the writers leaning into (and playing up to) the fact she’s her mother’s daughter, and taking the worst of her behaviour. Not quite 90’s version, but not too far from it. Maybe there is more to it?
  10. That preview does read as quite compelling. If the journey, developments and payoffs are as good as indicated, then we may actually get a soap (along with Days Of Our Lives) that deserves our attention.
  11. I’d love it, too, but Jerry Douglas is 87, and I suspect (not formed on any factual basis, but just a guess) that he may not be in rude health. Add that to the restrictions they’re under, I imagine having 2 octogenarians on set may have been a risk too much for them. My intention isn’t to come across as ageist, of course, just to cover that base. But I agree, not having John/Jerry Douglas has left a hole the show has never filled. One the biggest misfires in the show’s history, in my opinion.
  12. I saw the episode last night (because, the internet) and by the end, I just sat in silence and took a deep breath. Given the restrictions they are filming under and the extra care I’m sure they took because of Marla Adams’ age, it was very touching. Janice Ferri Esser was the correct writer for this episode. I do think you’re right to give it a swerve for now for the reason you gave.
  13. William Roache has played Ken Barlow in Coronation Street, almost continuously, since Episode 1 on December 9th 1960. His only soap role. I think he’s still in the Guinness World Records as the longest serving male television star in a continuous role.
  14. I hold my hands up, Days Of Our Lives and General Hospital (to a lesser degree) have been my go-to during this period, though the big test for the former will be how quality is affected with the Covid restrictions kicking in from now on screen. Days has been such an easy watch, and this period has felt like most things are clicking. I know this consistency doesn’t last in soaps so I’m enjoying it as much as I can. I read here that Ken Corday has left Ron Carlivati alone to write, which may explain how things are. Dan O’Connor and Chris Van Etten haven’t done
  15. This. They’re not only incredibly beautiful, but they are all successful, occupy high-level professions and have charismatic on-screen presence, but my God, the writing for them is so bad. At this point, I don’t even think Susan Dansby’s story consultancy is going to do much to galvanise things. She was traditionally quite good at writing (in general, but especially) for the Winters family.
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