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  1. The discussion on the main television subreddit about this is full of horror stories about Berlanti/CW productions (and many other high profile ones which will likely come as no surprise). I knew conditions were very bad on these and other shows, but I haven't worked crew since college so I didn't know it was quite that draconian.
  2. Woof! I don't get these shows or the creeps they employ.
  3. Vee

    Doctor Who

    This old rumor from 2016 is making the rounds again, in light of recent new rumors claiming an international female star has been approached to play the Doctor. This obviously didn't occur but I do think Swinton is a one of a kind talent who could've nailed a single series, like Eccleston. @DRW50
  4. Tripp, like most RC males, is there to be hot, take his shirt off and be completely snowed by vixens and villains. That is his only function.
  5. It was obvious some time ago the troll or perhaps even more than one (though I doubt it) had been seeding multiple accounts for awhile. Now we can permanently nuke the ones that are there, not just keep suspending them because bans don't want to be used.
  6. I'll have to take a few to be able to give a more substantive response on that, @DramatistDreamer. I do think the pandemic has shown a lot of the public the urgency of a need for some sort of universal basic assistance, even if we're likely years from even considering properly adopting it in this country. Meanwhile:
  7. Based on limited material available I think both Pfenning and Tribbey were very arch and different than Alice. As you said, Tribbey in particular reminded me more of Iris.
  8. Admittedly at a glance, all of the recasts seemed way off to me except for Harney who was a serviceable replacement at best. Tribbey seemed like she was playing a completely different person - a fine actress, but nothing like Courtney's Alice. Very remote and/or arch. It was bizarre seeing what various shapes they seemed to keep trying to mold the character into, from Pfenning to Tribbey to the amazingly bad Borgeson.
  9. They're right about The Wire. I don't count Twin Peaks since it began in 1990, but those two are the top for me TV-wise with a bullet. The Americans is an exceptional slow, slow burn and everyone should watch it too.
  10. I watched some of the 80s Steve/Alice story recently. Linda Borgeson is easily one of the worst soap actresses I've ever seen - period. Shockingly bad, especially in the reveal scenes with Canary. It was never going to work, nor do I think they should've tried to recast a singular presence like Reinholt's Steve with IMO a very different actor in Canary.
  11. Is this for all PBS stations across the country? Tragic.
  12. I think Finn is actually great, but until recently I'd never seen her in anything other than Tremors which I've loved for decades so I'm a bit biased. Obviously that casting would never fly today, but I do think she's great with everyone involved.
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