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  1. The Politics Thread

    Why was it the right move?
  2. Who would you Cast???

    John, Jamie Lee Curtis is never doing the soaps.
  3. Who would you Cast???

    Jennifer Ferrin is doing Steven Soderbergh stuff. She is never coming back to daytime.
  4. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Yes, I remember that.
  5. Good. I read this old fúck's interview about the Jian Ghomeshi essay and it was beyond tone-deaf and vile:
  6. The Kelly Clarkson Show Thread

    I thought Kelly was doing better these days, but I haven't paid much attn since the early Clive Davis conflict over her second(?) album which I really liked. What's happened since?
    1. DRW50


      Thanks. That was a pretty good article. I see he's still making stupid racist comments. The rest was interesting - more than I'd expected. He's also right about SNL (the part where they talk about how Lorne Michaels is hip to current times made me LOL).

    2. Khan


      Do people even still joke about his late-night series?  And plenty of actors from his generation have been able to work and not have to live in Hollywood to do it.  Chevy just can't admit he's effed up his own career.

    3. Vee


      He's his own worst enemy.

  7. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Stumbled across a April 2000 episode of OLTL and woo, Herve Clermont is as bad as I remember as ADA Jared Hall, Ed and Carla's alleged full-grown grandson. He had a pointless plotline about some sort of college drug scandal and failing his bar exam - something Téa knew about, and I believe was originally supposed to lead to her being killed off, since JFP blamed Florencia Lozano for the failure of the pairing with John Bolger's Sykes. When Roger Howarth agreed to return to usher FL out as part of a trial run for his later return Téa was spared, but Jared remained and he was awful. They tested him with Ellen Bethea's Rachel, who returned and recurred in Llanview in the spring/summer months while Nora was "dead", but he disappeared because the actor sucked and sadly Rachel vanished not long after. Unfortunately, the April episode in which Al Freeman returns as Ed to testify on his too-old grandson's behalf doesn't appear to be on YT. I vaguely remember it.
  8. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I remember seeing a bit of Kathleen Cullen as vindictive tycoon Amanda and being surprised she sold it well after the earlier dreamy ingenue story I'd mostly viewed before. It's been a long time so maybe I was wrong, though.
  9. The full clip with reactions from the panel at the end: Why is Carrie Ann Inaba upset? Does she even know Chen?
  10. She saved them for the end and I felt she gushed over them a lot as the originals with her. Her relationship with Sharon is allegedly not so rosy BTS, but who knows.