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  1. Re: the above post - whatever one thinks of the Lincoln Project (and I have no illusions), this is brilliant and cuts Jared and Ivanka at their core.
  2. I know the Strand well, it is a beloved institution back in NYC. What this pandemic is doing to so many historic businesses back in my old city breaks my heart. Please consider ordering a book to help them out.
  3. This is of course not a new phenomenon with young National Review/Politico/right wing alumni who are often laundered via the NY Times and other outlets, like Salena Zito before Plott, among others. Different roots but same principle involved when which you now see other gossipy access-obsessed, fascist-adjacent journos like Olivia Nuzzi (whose entire career, IIRC, stems from being a gossipy campaign staffer for Anthony Weiner) and her new partner Ryan Lizza trending more and more towards the right, and soon I suspect Ken Vogel, who's still very put out that his Biden/Ukraine scoop that got the president impeached did not pan out properly as a negative for the Dems and has been mostly a laughingstock since.
  4. I critique the media plenty, but this is a reach. Matt Lewis is a Republican who whined that Sarah Palin's career was ruined by the media. He is an outlier at the Daily Beast, at best and so far this is the only take outside of Fox I can see claiming Trump won last night's debate. That is not the prevailing media take at all.
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