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  1. Vee

    Doctor Who

    Evidently a writer from Emmerdale is on the new series staff.
  2. Allegedly, his issues may have been a factor in the collapse of his re-negotiation and exit from GH a few years ago. Also allegedly: He supposedly got carted out of DOOL drunk on a stretcher, hence the emergency recast with Brandon Barash. It is sad. He's talented.
  3. Yeah, I got two sentences in and lost the will to live.
  4. Meanwhile, today's DACA ruling may hinge on Roberts.
  5. Wow! Nicole is a) not dressed in her housecoat and b) not crying! Is this 2011 again? What exactly was the deal with Eric, Sarah, etc. before now? Wait, did Brady fall back in love with Kristen? Hasn't she spent the past year pre-jump rampaging across Salem like a psycho? "Basic Black" looks like abandoned storage space.
  6. Many of daytime's stars are fundies or RW. That's just a fact of life I got accustomed to years ago. As long as they don't thrust it upon me I don't take it with me with their work onscreen.
  7. I'm sorry for Amanda's career, but she's a great choice.
  8. That's the legendary Nancy Stephens as Marion Chambers from H1/H2/H20 to the left in the pic with Anthony Michael Hall.
  9. Nah. AMC 2.0 did well with a timejump to clear the decks. OLTL had a smaller one built in just by the passage of real time. GH should've had one years ago. Timejumps are now a staple of shows in creative ruts to clear passage. No programming on television today is in a bigger rut than daytime.
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