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  1. Twin Peaks

    Lynch talks to Rolling Stone and is still playing it coy:
  2. Days: May 2018 Discussion Thread

    (I actually hate Cheetos.)
  3. Days: May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Just because you want to let everyone know you've still got a libido doesn't mean people can't hope for more from DAYS, Blanche. That being said I think Chandler Massey is among the least of its problems.
  4. Old Home Week at Corbin Fisher No, he looks good in motion in that video, but he's still so extra and I doubt the DAYS lighting and makeup dept will do him any favors. I do like the idea of bringing an eccentric Rex back but this whole spate of bringing old actors back in new roles wears me out. Especially a preexisting one. I guess we'll see.
  5. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Will he take his clothes off, though? Because he seems to do that all the time since leaving Y&R. Meanwhile, here's a glimpse of Laura Harrier in BlacKkKlansman:
  6. Days: May 2018 Discussion Thread

    I think Chandler had a lot going for him early on. I do think he leans on habits a lot these days but no, I don't think he can't act. I do think Freddie has gotten much, much worse than his earnest, sweet start when I liked him a lot, and between his onscreen stuff and his offscreen pyramid schemes or whatever I don't have much time for him anymore.
  7. Days: May 2018 Discussion Thread

    If he's white, under 30 and has abs, he can do no wrong for some of y'all. That being said I don't think CM is the Antichrist. Limited in some ways, but not untalented.
  8. The Politics Thread

    We're extremely lucky this administration is as incompetent as it is insane. If this was a team on par with the Rove/Cheney/etc. crew in its prime and we still didn't have social media, it'd be far worse. As for Wallace, Joe Scarborough and Mika, I haven't forgotten anything they've done. But in desperate times I feel you go with the enemy of your enemy when they still show some basic principles. Wallace in particular had the common sense to deeply regret her work with Palin even before the 2008 campaign ended. (IIRC she didn't vote.)
  9. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Laura Allen (Laura Kirk #2, AMC) plays the young incarnation of Laura Dern's mother in the drama The Tale, on HBO this weekend. (Ellen Burstyn plays the present-day role.)
  10. No, ABC wanted them all gone. Frons had to beg to save GH because he felt Bob Guza's GH was the crown jewel. The point is, both OLTL and GH were still viable. Even AMC had once been viable before years of sabotage. They cut the shows because reality was more cost-effective and cheap, not because either OLTL or GH were on their last legs. OLTL was still more successful in its timeslot than its replacements.
  11. Was it also GH's time? Frons had to beg the higher-ups to save it that week.