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  1. I know it was much rumored that in the original "Fluke" mess planned on GH a few years ago, Julia, Sly and Jenny would all make appearances. It was clear Fluke was initially Bill due to his veiled references to the Eckerts, the Barretts and making Tracy pay for what she did to his sister (Jenny). When fans figured the twist out and Tony Geary went out for extended medical leave, Ron Carlivati threw out the outline and turned it into cut-rate DID. Sigh.
  2. Unless they can get at least two out of the foursome of MPG, Tiffani, Mario and Elizabeth to appear, don't bother. I can easily see Jessie Spano turning up as a guest artist/teacher.
  3. Being a fan of Ellen Wheeler as Marley is not the same as being a fan of what she did at GL. AFAIC, she turned the show into a bootleg nil-budget show where they had people changing in the backs of cars and bringing stuff from home for wardrobe. Her office doubled as a set. I can go on. It was unconscionable. It feigned at naturalism when really, they did not have the production or post skills to even begin to carry off what they were attempting to do. As a former editor it was hard to watch; as a professional writer, worse. The show became aimless, poorly-edited and audio-mixed vignettes going nowhere. It was a sad end. I know that period has its fans, I am not one of them. Her heart was in the right place and I truly believe she loved the show, but that is not enough. IMO she was not capable or competent for the task she was given. Nothing could've saved GL, but it didn't have to go out like that. And as a gay fan I always found her hands-off, neutered treatment of "Otalia" - through a heavily Mormon (and therefore fundamentally anti-gay) lens, in which the primary function of all women on the show, gay or not, was to procreate and multiply, preferably with the disheveled Frank Dicopoulos - offensive. YMMV, but that's me. So am I. Claire Labine did not write, create or cast the adult Jonathan or any of his story. The timeline is very clear on who did and she was not a part of it. She was long gone before Ellen, Kreizman or Pelphrey, let alone Conboy (who introduced Sandy/Jonathan #1).
  4. Claire did not create Jonathan or write his arrival. Jonathan was created as a child by Brown & Esensten. Claire had been fired long before Pelphrey was hired or a plan was put in place to SORAS the character and remove Sandy. Years before, IIRC. As for the Wheeler regime, she was lovely as an actress decades ago but that's not relevant, and I continue to find about 80% of what she did to the show, especially its final years, to be absolute dogshit.
  5. I have loved Kasi Lemmons since Candyman. Meanwhile: Florencia Lozano (OLTL) and Tamara Tunie (ATWT) are interviewed for, of all things, a Jezebel mini-oral history of Law & Order: SVU.
  6. LMAO why are they doing these two stories where Chance and Fen are in bizarre jeopardy with both characters offscreen??
  7. Trump's fundamental weakness: He hates confrontation and craves validation, clings to support.
  8. Constance Wu is coming for the Faye Dunaway throne and that's equality tbh

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    2. DRW50


      Thanks for telling me about that. A great read. She reminds me of some of my aunts, which...is something. 

    3. Cat


      I am starting to love her for being such a drama queen. That New Yorker article was great and really won me over. Also, I love Eddie Huang.

    4. Vee


      I think she's as much of a nightmare as many journalists say, but good lord is she entertaining.

  9. Why the hell would Hillary pose as her own doppelganger? Much less a lawyer?
  10. People have in fact known for months she was coming back. We all did.
  11. Just bring back Hillary. And her hair! Who cares about a twin?
  12. Remember when all Rudy had to do was sit back, play the grand mayor and let his ex-wife and/or girlfriend take vanity parts on OLTL? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
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