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  1. Next in the Fox News Glenn Greenwald slot:
  2. Vee

    Twin Peaks

    (Lynch told Beymer to call her a "c**t" to elicit this.) @DRW50 @alexisfan07
  3. I had heard vague rumblings about JVD but don't know the details. He seems fine today. Watch it all!
  4. LOL Zim plugging her son's show. Animal Kingdom: The hit drama in which two ex-soap kids bugger each other. Locher is providing a real service here. I'd kill for them to be able to facilitate some ABCD reunions.
  5. RN apparently was brought to Marland after auditioning. Mo Garrett talking about starting out in the business and being taught by Charita Bauer.
  6. Zim's Designing Women tea re: being tested for a Delta Burke replacement is wild and not surprising.
  7. Interesting that Scott Bryce tested for Josh and got Craig; Keifer tested for Eve. LOL, Zim is not saying who Long's choice for Reva was.
  8. I won't tolerate Zim slander today. She told the truth about the final years and did a lot of good work once the Rauch Queen Reva crap ended. I remember wanting MG to come play a lesbian journalist a la Sy Hersh pre-fall from grace for an arc on OLTL 2.0. What might have been.
  9. At least I can catch up on this now. (You too, @DRW50)
  10. I'm a sensible progressive Democrat. Those people have never represented or spoken for me.
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