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  1. AMC Tribute Thread

    I think all the random ad/TV clips interspersed with new footage are just there to be indicative of the timeframe (1984, IIRC). But who knows? I do know the vintage video game ad (Dig Dug) has relevance.
  2. AMC Tribute Thread

    Anyway: Old school AMC pops up in this new Stranger Things 2 promo.
  3. Doctor Who

    Wow: They're redoing Shada, again.
  4. TFW you're working a rush job on a Tika Sumpter movie. Good for her.

  5. AMC: Fear The Walking Dead

    I'm not watching this mess atm, but the departing showrunner confirms what I'd always suspected: Madison was the intended ultimate villainous character.
  6. The Harvey Weinstein Scandal

    Lena Headey tells her story.
  7. "Roseanne" revival in the works

    Lecy looks great. I'm very happy this is happening - I always wanted the show to get a better ending. I just hope it isn't full latter-day Roseanne at her worst and most uninhibited. I know some of the past creatives are back, and I hope they can mitigate her self-sabotage that wrecked the show's final year or two. When she's stable and working with a good team she can do great work.