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  1. I'm not judging Flannery; I understand the mindset. I just think it's important this keep happening in this particular subset of the industry, before the actors retire.
  2. Oh, has Ian Buchanan finally come out publicly? Good for him. I'm sure they're all quietly out in private life, that's no secret. What makes me take notice at this point is when they make a point to let the world know despite the cloistered daytime transparent shield.
  3. Def keep the beard. It's about time the soap industry's longstanding glass closet began to break - first Rikaart and guys like Tuc Watkins, Lachlan Buchanan or Nic Robuck (after they left their respective soaps, although Tuc was on OLTL 2013 following publicly coming out), now this. Not sure I can remember who else; Beth Ann Bonner was after she left OLTL, though Clementine Ford was on Y&R at the same time. I'm not sure Susan Flannery ever publicly came out. I still feel Y&R should weave both Fisher brothers' bisexuality into the story, a la Todd Haynes' Far from Heaven.
  4. I have no idea who Ben Tribbett is.
  5. Chuck Todd has fled Twitter, tired of regular roasting:
  6. I honestly don't remember. I just remember an endless Mobius loop of impossibly huge gaffes upon taking office, like sleeping in for events.
  7. Champ had a long life and was clearly feeling his age - I've seen that kind of slow walk and hip issues before in dogs I've had or lived with, and I knew he'd pass 'in office'. I'm glad he got to spend some of his last months in a lovely new home. The NYC race seems to absolutely fascinate (in either a passionate or morbid way, or both) some friends and acquaintances (and NY journalists like Haberman who consider city politics the center of the universe, to be covered with far more fury than Trump's Washington) but as a once and perhaps future New Yorker I just can't be bothered. I
  8. I think people trying to take out Murkowski will remain disappointed.
  9. The HK/Taiwan issues are close to my heart bc of some of my personal and work connections over the last decade. I can't countenance another war, but I also can't accept the US doing nothing if China tries to invade Taiwan and the country is poised for a worse fate than Hong Kong. There are no good answers. As for Matt Stoller, he's just another loud white blowhard like Stancil. I think Stoller in particular is insane on a great many topics; I don't take that wing of the dead-end left seriously at all and don't consider it remotely influential outside of that increasingly-waning niche group, wh
  10. Vee

    Doctor Who

    This looks like silly fun, but what a cast. @DRW50
  11. Knowing soap fans as well as the gays, there will be complaints no matter who the moderator is. I do think there are better options than giving Locher literally every spot, particularly with shows he either does not know well at all or is clearly reticent to allow the actors to be open out of his own brand loyalty to P&G beyond all reason.
  12. Didn't Bette love Lisa Brown on GL and want her to play her in a biopic?
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