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  1. Vee

    "The Conners" Discussion Thread

    Kim McCullough directs for the show:
  2. I thought the premise for Sam on paper - treasure hunter, etc. - worked. And when she first came on she looked wonderful, cleanscrubbed, like Ali MacGraw. The pairing with Jax might even have been workable. But the network presold it with no audience investment, the potentially interesting story was botched and silly, and Guza had no interest in Jax and was trying to retrofit someone to replace Brenda. Thus all that disappeared.
  3. I've been saying for fourteen years that Sam's big break in '04 was just a reskinned version of Guza's plans for Jason/Brenda and folks kept calling me crazy. The writing and interplay was designed to be the same initially. It was very obvious at the time. That being said, flaws and all I've come to like Kelly for what she is good at, which is not being Jason's gun moll.
  4. TWD may be a ridiculous franchise these days, but at least Rick and Michonne had a kid.

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      I've stopped watching, but I agree that's good news.  I'll pick up the show again on Netflix someday.


  5. That wasn't an amazing period but it's still vastly superior to just about anything in the 2010s. Unwise for them to show anything from the prior writing corps which hung in at GH until Frank took over.
  6. Vee

    Who would you Cast???

    Really, John? You rewatched the movie last night and just threw in any names you saw?
  7. Vee

    "The Conners" Discussion Thread

    A viewer who attended a recent taping says I'm actually surprised and pleased. That's a risky story to tell given her existing storyline.