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  1. I have a lot of time for ol' Tom but there's some classic camp in his oeuvre. @Darn and I cracked up at a '92(?) episode where Tom has to tell Derek or someone about Terrence getting beaten up and immediately starts vamping - "it was race hate! White hate!!" Great social issue, of course, but a bit arch!
  2. Who can forget Tom and Erica's "disco deceit!"
  3. Thread: I think Baron did good work at the Post and of course before that. I also think he is far from beyond reproach or critique.
  4. He's not only charismatic and sexy, he's a brilliant actor. A soap should lock him in for as long as possible, but noooo.
  5. With this stint, Richard Burgi will have been successfully wasted at half the soaps left on the air.
  6. Not to repeat myself, but it really is thrilling to have seen Halperin fall so far and be fully and undeniably unmasked as a right wing shill, banished to a fringe network:
  7. That's fascinating, given how much of a moralist Irna often was reported to have become later on re: stories about infidelity, offscreen behavior, etc. I thought the only example of an opposite reaction was her adoration of Kim, who she seemed to craft in her own fantasy image.
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