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  1. Thanks for digging into your treasure trove for us. Keep them coming, please!! ☺
  2. Flora Plumb (Eleanor Kimball) passed on last year. She was the sister of Eve Plumb (The Brady Bunch). In her later years, she recorded audio books for the blind. https://thisstage.la/2018/07/la-stage-insider-304/
  3. Kathleen Turner is really coming into her own at this point in the reruns. She wasn't really a terrific actress yet, but she definitely had that IT factor. She had that special something that made her a huge film star just a couple of years later.
  4. That's OK! It seems like we got on the same page. 😎
  5. Definitely. Too bad TIIC have never realized (or cared) that the audience is almost always smarter than they give them credit for.
  6. No problem. Yes, I remember that Eden was kidnapped and left for dead by Peter. Cruz rescued her (I think that was the first of millions of times that he rescued her).
  7. I'm pretty sure that she did have to sleep with him while he held her hostage, but I haven't seen those scenes in a long time (mostly I remember her hideous pink nightgown). @Wendy, do you remember?
  8. I happen to love Sherry as Liza, but I can see your point of view. Her Liza often WAS on the verge of hysteria. The only other Liza I ever saw was Louan, so I can't judge Sherry by her predecessors.
  9. Actually, Kelly was forced into sex by her violent, delusional ex-fiance Peter Flint (aka the Carnation Killer). That was in early 1985 and he kidnapped her when she was on her honeymoon with Joe Perkins. Those scenes were very disturbing.
  10. My brother, who is 35, is a fan of jazzy music and loves "Rise". He has absolutely no idea of the GH connection to the song. He just likes the song.
  11. Have any of you read Ronan Farrow's book? Is it worth a read?
  12. I think "disgusting" is too kind a word. That was just nasty.
  13. That makes him sound like a cat or dog. 😂
  14. As far as I know - Sophia, Augusta, and Santana off the top of my head.
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