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  1. Dynasty Discussion Thread

    How long did the Pollocks write for the show?
  2. Edge of Night (EON) (No spoilers please)

    Didn’t EDGE do a story based on the DB Cooper mystery, or am I thinking of another show?
  3. Your daily (or nightly) thought

    I'm the complete opposite. Every single time, I've heard "Yanny".
  4. Loving/The City Discussion Thread

    I wish the commercials of today were as interesting and fun as the ones of yore. Who didn't love the hokey but fun coffee ads, like for Brim?
  5. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    That I don't know. At least the actress wasn't out of work for long, as she landed EDGE in short order. What was the reaction of the Jo/Martin pairing? He was younger than she, did all sorts of shady things and just didn't seem like a good match for her at all. Plus, poor John Aniston had to speak with that awful fake Southern accent for years on end (immediately following three years of playing an Italian or Latin character on Love of Life). Thank goodness he has not had to speak with an accent in his signature role, Victor on DAYS.
  6. Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread

    Thanks for sharing that. I'm glad Ana is well and happy, and I wish her nothing but the best.
  7. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    I read about the fire storyline. Martin (John Aniston) fell asleep with a lit cigarette in his hand. The owners of the building were also cutting corners, which made the place all the more dangerous.
  8. The soap opera writers' discussion

    Plus, from all I've read, there was no love lost between Lemay and Val Dufour (Walter). Dufour then went on to SFT and won an Emmy before his character there was killed off as well.
  9. Retconning: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

  10. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    I wish Sherry had cut albums so we could still have more of that gorgeous voice to hear and enjoy. I'm shocked that she didn't become a huge Broadway musical star. Thankfully, SFT realized how truly multifaceted a performer she was and wrote towards it.
  11. Series You Initially Loved, Then Abandoned and Never Finished

    After viewing the absolutely infuriating and insulting SVU finale the other night, I just might give that show up as well. Ever since Mariska became more heavily involved behind the scenes (as an executive producer as well as an occasional director), her ego has gotten out of control. The program isn't SVU anymore. It's now "The Saint Olivia Hour: The Ego That Ate SVU". ?????
  12. Former Y&R actress passes away

    Whatever the cast's differences with each other and other issues, they all seemed united and firm in their respect for Bill Bell. (With the possible exception of Terry Lester, but I read that they later resolved their issues.) There just doesn't seem to be anyone who has followed him that commands that kind of respect.
  13. Fuller House

    It's so funny...I have never seen this show because I don't have Netflix (or the $$$ to subscribe to it). I found out that my library system has the first two seasons on DVD, so I placed holds on both of them. The first season DVD just arrived today, so I will share my thoughts once I watch it.
  14. Former Y&R actress passes away

    Because Bill Bell isn't here anymore to keep them in line.
  15. Hollywood Sexual Harrasment/Assault Thread

    Are you freaking KIDDING ME??? Excuse me while I go vomit. Getting back to his press conference, ahem, turning himself in, what a smug, arrogant, unrepentant %#@$&^*€£!!!! I can only hope that if he ever gets jail time that fellow inmates teach him a few lessons he'll never forget. I can dream, because if he ever does go to the slammer, it will be a minimum security palace and he'll be in solitary. ?????