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  1. Characters that didn't survive a recast...

    I wonder what took him so long.
  2. The Doctors

    Stacy really is as dumb as a post. Thank goodness Penny and MJ are on the canvas because they actually have brains!!
  3. http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1986-10-02/features/8603140244_1_sod-soap-opera-digest-baby
  4. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    That would be Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL. According to their website, Mary Ellen's husband, Mark Lewis (who played Kurt on GL), is still the head of the drama department. https://www.wheaton.edu/life-at-wheaton/arts/arena-theater/contact-us/
  5. Classic GH Thread

    The reveal of what his dad had done to his mom before he was born and how it impacted Lucky was must-see TV. "The Cowboy" had always had such a hero worship for Luke. Those scenes where Lucky confronted Luke and Laura (separately) were some of the best work of the Francis/Geary/Jackson triumvirate. The dynamic was never the same after JJ left (though he came back years later).
  6. Stars who didn't conquer TV

    I noticed that the sitcom was never brought up in her episode of Unsung.
  7. Hollywood Sexual Harrasment/Assault Thread

    Yes, that's exactly right. Of course, he's not the only arrogant guy to find himself in this situation.
  8. Hollywood Sexual Harrasment/Assault Thread

    Well, that came out wrong. I meant that he should have kept quiet if he didn't want to draw attention to himself. But it's good for these women and the public in general that he shot himself in the foot like this.
  9. Guiding Light discussion thread

    I knew GL was popular in Germany (with the main family being named Bauer, it's probably not a surprise), but didn't know how successful it was in other non-U.S. countries. That was a great tribute. Thanks for sharing the link. ?
  10. Hollywood Sexual Harrasment/Assault Thread

    He should have kept his big trap shut.
  11. Stars who didn't conquer TV

    That's true, but if they are musical artists, I tend not to count musical/variety shows. I tend to count sitcoms and dramas, where they are out of their comfort zone.
  12. The Politics Thread

    Trump calling someone else sanctimonious? That's rich.
  13. Hollywood Sexual Harrasment/Assault Thread

    I didn't get that, either.
  14. Another World

    The first Willis was Leon Russom.