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  1. amybrickwallace

    Retconning: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    What about the current Y&R story about Jack not being an Abbott but a Chancellor? I know it's still playing out, but I don't think it's sitting well with longtime fans.
  2. amybrickwallace

    Classic GH Thread

    I didn't even notice until you pointed that out.
  3. amybrickwallace

    Dynasty Discussion Thread

    After being released on bail, here's what happened: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.yahoo.com/amphtml/entertainment/heather-locklear-hospitalized-reported-overdose-call-125000793.html She clearly needs long-term care...as an inpatient. I'm guessing her 20-year-old daughter, as next of kin, would decide whether or not to commit her. So sad.
  4. amybrickwallace

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    It was. I can't believe I remember that.
  5. amybrickwallace

    Another World

    Had iTunes been around in summer 1999, sales for that song would have gone through the roof!!
  6. amybrickwallace

    Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread

    Speaking of which, I'm still having a hard time picturing her as the original Patty Simcox in the original Broadway production of Grease!!
  7. amybrickwallace

    "The Conners" Discussion Thread

    Please, someone keep her away from media...social and otherwise!! 😨😨😨😨😨
  8. amybrickwallace

    What are you currently reading?

    Cool!! Let me know if you do.
  9. amybrickwallace

    Edge of Night (EON) (No spoilers please)

    I remember reading somewhere that when Irving Vendig, when he was writing SFT, couldn't even watch the show because the CBS affiliate near his home in Florida didn't carry it!! 😨
  10. amybrickwallace

    Loving/The City Discussion Thread

    SB premiered July 30, 1984. John Allen Nelson was definitely a charismatic and handsome guy who could actually ACT. SB made a big mistake by wasting him.
  11. amybrickwallace

    Live-action re-make of Dumbo

    Dear lord, WHY? Kids the world over will be having nightmares. 😨
  12. amybrickwallace

    Offbeat Soap Facts/News bits/Anecdotes you still remember

    He's not exactly a household name now, so I guess his attitude backfired!
  13. amybrickwallace

    Dynasty Discussion Thread

    Less than a week later, Heather Locklear is in hot water yet again: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.yahoo.com/amphtml/entertainment/troubled-heather-locklear-arrested-150036661.html
  14. amybrickwallace

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    How did the nickname of Fluffy come about? I'm not as familiar with ATWT as I am other shows, but am well acquainted with Peck's work on DAYS.
  15. amybrickwallace

    Another World

    I know. Totally unreal. I bought Bette Midler's Bette of Roses CD (pre-iTunes) just for "In This Life".