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  1. I watched that show! It was called The Other Half and ran from 2001-03. Dick Clark, Danny Bonaduce and Mario Lopez hosted, as did Dr. Jan Adams at the outset (who years later would perform plastic surgery on Kanye's mom - you all know what happened there) until he was replaced by Dorian Gregory of Charmed.
  2. So what do you guys think of what could soon be a reality - kids 15 and under getting the vaccine? My sister and her husband are both vaccinated (he, fully - she gets her second shot tomorrow) but have reservations about getting their kids vaccinated. That may be because my sister and brother-in-law both had nasty side effects. Do you think it's a good idea to give young kids this vaccine?
  3. Dane Witherspoon and Robin Wright were both pretty green, but the writing was the main problem there (and for most of the rest of the cast). Their chemistry was undeniable (both on and off-screen) and that made Kelly and Joe's love believable to me. Exhibit A!
  4. That was beautiful. The kid: 1,000 - Kilmeade: 0.
  5. Nothing was more glorious to see than a Fox "News" anchor shown up by a 6th grader!!! +1000000 for the kid!!! https://www.google.com/amp/s/people.com/politics/fox-news-host-brian-kilmeade-squabbles-with-6th-grader-over-school-closures/%3famp=true
  6. They've announced the panels for ATWT, OLTL and GH but not TD. Does anyone know who will be on?
  7. I'm pretty sure he was, because Lee's last name was Sentell and not Tourneur. Still, he shared many scenes with Martin, so I can see how some might have gotten confused.
  8. The footage of the home opener of the Texas Rangers leaves me with a sick feeling in my stomach. This is not good. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/04/05/us/texas-rangers-home-opener-stadium-full-capacity-spt-trnd/index.html
  9. He's nothing but an overgrown, entitled, enabled frat boy who wouldn't be where he is now due to Daddy being an extremely wealthy big cheese. I can't wait to see him finally get his.
  10. One of the biggest disgraces to come from my beloved Ohio!!!
  11. Let's hope it is successful!! Also, it's nice to see Matt Gaetz's house of cards falling in on him. Just a shame that innocent young people had to suffer on his account.
  12. I never knew he was on TD. I guess he got SFT soon after?
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