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  1. He WAS Dallas. No way it would work without him.
  2. That's awesome. Thanks for sharing the article. 😎
  3. I've looked but couldn't find out anything.
  4. It's always fun to see then-unknown faces pop up. In the past few weeks, a pre-EDGE Mark Arnold and Felice Schachter (Facts of Life) have shown up in the reruns.
  5. My heart bleeds, Harvey!! https://ew.com/celebrity/harvey-weinstein-tests-positive-for-coronavirus/?amp=true
  6. Roscoe Born only got one Emmy nomination - for Supporting Actor in 1990. He lost to his SB castmate, Henry Darrow (Rafael Castillo). I remember reading somewhere years ago that he wanted to appear on both B&B and GH, as those were the only surviving soaps that he hadn't been on. What a shame that wish will never come to pass.
  7. This is from 2011, but here goes: https://www.timeout.com/chicago/things-to-do/interview-all-my-children-actor-kate-collins
  8. Good for the Hachette employees, who obviously have much more integrity than their employer!!
  9. Dang, I wish I got Decades. Happy viewing, @All My Shadows!! ☺
  10. I think Mrs. Bell was beautiful enough to be a soap star herself. She really had that inner glow. She's with Bill again; God rest them. All love and prayers to their children, grandchildren and daytime family. 💖
  11. Yeah, I know they still have some bugs to get out of the system. As my mom always says, Rome wasn't built in a day!!
  12. What else can I say that hasn't already been said? In his career, he played heroes and villians, on both coasts and on all three networks. He played many roles on daytime and made them all his own. I know he also sang and wrote songs, but have never heard them. I will have to check his music out. All love and prayers to his daughter, fans and his many colleagues from the world of soaps!! RIP Mr. Born.
  13. I'm not really surprised, except that they made it to nearly 20 years of marriage.
  14. Mark Arnold (Gavin Wylie) popped up in a rerun of The Doctors yesterday on Retro TV. The episode originally aired in October 1979. He played a brash intern who got read the riot act by the show's female lead, Dr. Maggie Powers (Lydia Bruce).
  15. Yes, they had an alliance because neither could stand Alice.
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