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  1. One really does learn something new every day!!
  2. I agree with that. Lucinda was always a bit too involved in Lily's life, but always meant well deep down.
  3. No, Althea sure didn't have it easy!! Still, Liz Hubbard had two very talented young actresses playing Penny "The Omen" Davis - Jami Fields and Julia Duffy.
  4. I have no idea, really. Maybe they should have just cast Alec in a different role and hired someone else to play Billy. Supposedly, Shawn Campbell was fired in summer 1979 for smoking weed in the halls of 30 Rock (!!!).
  5. What if soaps had remained at the half-hour time slot and only expanded to an hour for special occasions?
  6. Well, it wasn't for lack of trying on her part.
  7. That's a good question!! I have no idea.
  8. One of my favorites is Carolee Simpson Allison Aldrich (The Doctors). Both actresses to play the role - Carolee Campbell and Jada Rowland - brought such warmth and sweetness to the part to begin with - and it translated into mothering. Carolee stayed in a horrible marriage with an angry, abusive man (Dr. Dan Allison) because she didn't want to leave little Billy alone with him. After Dan died, Carolee and her next husband, Dr. Steve Aldrich, took him in. Carolee also became a devoted mom to Steve's son from his failed marriage to Dr. Karen Werner - Erich. Karen was presumed dead for several years and Carolee and Steve fought for custody when it was clear that Karen was making Erich's life unhappy. Carolee saw Erich through everything from two heart surgeries, hospitalization from a tick bite, a kidnapping and the custody fight. Carolee and Steve only had one child together - Stephanie. Though she has always been referred to more than seen, the love is obvious there too. Through all the catastrophes (including being kidnapped by Steve's other ex-wife and stashed in a sanitarium, while being catatonic!) and being a working mom, Carolee has often been seen doing things like baking cookies with the kids and reading to them. Little scenes like that are so great - and so lacking in daytime today.
  9. According to this, Jussie won't be back for Season 6 - but plans may change: https://m.eonline.com/news/1039968/will-jussie-smollett-ever-return-to-empire
  10. I wonder how ANYONE can keep track of anything with that schedule. What a nightmare!!
  11. Didn't he write the Lisa/John malpractice suit story? I've never seen it, but I read that it was Eileen Fulton's first major storyline in years and how she rose to the challenge.
  12. She's always been great as a fill-in host on the show. I guess once Sara leaves, Sharon will have to kick up the sarcasm.
  13. Yeah, other than Mike, Stella and their stories - it's just so blah. I too loved Taggert/Garcia vs. Sonny/Anger Boy. Those were the days...
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