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  1. Yes, those curls were natural. Even today, his hair is pretty wavy, given the recent headshots of him I found online. Getting back to SFT, does anyone know why David Forsyth left for a few months in 1984? Supposedly, auditions were held to recast Hogan (Lane Davies and David Haskell were among the actors up for the part) but Forsyth eventually decided to return to the show.
  2. He also informed her that a member of the DiMera clan looks exactly like Nikolas. 😉😂
  3. Wasn't JFP at the helm then? If so, it explains a lot. 😜
  4. The soaps need to hire you on as a writer. These are great!! 👍😂👏
  5. One of our longtime reporters here in Cleveland just did a piece about drive-ins. ☺❤
  6. Let's not forget Philip English (Dr. Colin Wakefield, TD), who also began his soap role in 1978. However, he predated Arrants, Geary AND Chris Rich (Sandy, AW) - his first airdate on TD was in January.
  7. I've been rewatching some of the episodes, and I have a few questions: - Who played "Sam Ratcliffe" (named after a soap writer) in the finale? It's obviously not Rod Arrants, despite the guy supposedly looking like Travis. - Why did Sunny use the last name McClure when she first came to town? - What was the name of the local pub/hangout that looked like a ripoff, ahem, duplicate of Ryan's Bar, right down to the bartender? If the name was mentioned, I obviously missed it. - What was the story behind TR being separated from her birth family, years before she went to live with Liza and Travis? Thanks! Someone upthread was curious to know about how Mary Stuart's castmates felt about her. This article from 2013 gives a few answers: https://www.welovesoaps.net/2013/07/mary-stuart-birthday.html?m=1
  8. Nothing wrong with that!! I'd also add Anne Wyndham, Meg Bennett, Kathleen Beller, Will Patton, Kevin Conroy, Jane Krakowski and John Aniston (health permitting)...
  9. I'm sorry to hear that. He's one of the great underrated writers of the genre.
  10. Thanks. Ouch. I always assumed that she quit in a contract dispute. So many defunct soaps are doing virtual reunions. I wish they'd do one for SFT. (Hey, even Loving had one.) Who do you think would participate? I'm pretty sure Marcia McCabe, Maree and Lisa Peluso would. I'd love to see Rod Arrants participate in a reunion; he's always had wonderful things to say about the show. Who would you all like to see if there was a SFT virtual reunion?
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