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  1. Yes!! I was trying to remember where else I had heard it. Thanks!!
  2. The sooner she's out the better. The vibe I'm getting is that there will be a lot of rotating guest hosts for awhile. Now this is my personal guess...we'll probably get two days a week of Ana as opposed to one, at least for awhile. Maybe Thursdays in addition to her usual Fridays. We'll see.
  3. As a essential home health aide who had to recycle PPE, I could not agree more. If they had just been transparent with the public starting in early 2020, things *might* have been a little better.
  4. Yikes!! I was just going to ask, wasn't he pretty high up the chain in the NYPD?
  5. I loved the footage of swimmer Lydia Jacoby's family, friends, community going absolutely nuts when she won the gold. She is the first Olympian from Alaska to win the gold. ❤
  6. Aunt Irma was great. Definitely one of the best comedic characters that show ever had.
  7. I agree. ABC never gave Mary Carney a chance. I would have liked to see what she could have done with meatier material.
  8. AWHP is a true treasure trove for fans. Eddie and the other contributors put so much work and love into it.
  9. It didn't help that at the time Robin Wright was 19 and David Haskell was 37. Sometimes age differences don't seem so egregious, but this one did. At least her next big love interest, Ross Kettle as Jeffrey, seemed much more age-appropriate.
  10. I was wondering the same thing. I haven't heard anything.
  11. I thought Skeeter was a Muppet Baby...Scooter's sister.
  12. I did hear about that and had a good laugh about it. Serves him right!!
  13. I loved Bobbie and Laura’s relationship all through the years. They've been sworn enemies, sisters-in-law, and now - friends. Something I've really appreciated is that the show really hasn't tried to whitewash their history.
  14. Very true. As a caregiver, I've had a couple of clients who wanted to get vaccinated but were unable to because they are unable to drive due to illness and/or infirmity. Going door to door will really help people with this dilemma.
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