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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. Thank you for clarifying about the Marriotts. There was a Scott Banning on DAYS, followed years later by his namesake (SORASED) adoptive grandson. The latter was played by Rick Hearst in his first soap gig.
  2. Right now in the rerun cycle, Mel and Ethel Brez are the technical headwriters (though they are still credited as "story by" and "written by" goes to one of the subwriters - my guess is it was whoever wrote that particular episode's script). Elizabeth Levin came later on.
  3. I wonder why they just didn't choose the obvious route - Elizabeth being her mother.
  4. Hey, both of those dresses are eons better than her first wedding dress - when she wed D.L. Brock. Yikes!!
  5. Shawn Campbell (Ricky Donnelly) is now appearing as Billy Allison Aldrich #4 in Retro TV's rerun cycle of The Doctors.
  6. It's so great to see her out there. I hope we get to see her in a continuing primetime role soon.
  7. Check out the hideous get-up worn by Dr. Ann Larimer (Geraldine Court) for her nuptials to Dr. Steve Aldrich (David O'Brien) in 1977 on The Doctors:
  8. *smacks forehead* How could I have forgotten Rev. Carpenter? I will edit my post to add these. Thanks!!
  9. Sure thing!! How about Andrew/Andy/Drew? Andrew Preston - AMC Andy Dixon - ATWT Andrew the doctor - Capitol Andrew Donovan - DAYS Drew Cain - GH Andrew Norris - GL Rev. Andrew Carpenter - OLTL Drew Buchanan - OLTL Andy Harrison (female) - OLTL Andie McNeil - SFT Andy Richards - Y&R Andrew Gibson - Y&R Andrew Lynford - Y&R
  10. In the reruns of The Doctors, there are several subwriters I am totally unfamiliar with. Ever heard of Lin Cole or Frederick Fierstein?
  11. There was also Sister Sarah the nun on Santa Barbara, and Sarah Dale on Love of Life.
  12. Does anyone know why the truth of Victoria Winters' parentage was never revealed?
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