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  1. Knowing what Steve Wilder would eventually do in real life makes it even more dreadful. (For those who don't know the story - https://www.welovesoaps.net/2018/09/days-of-our-lives-alum-steve-wilder-cut.html?m=1)
  2. I think the original plan was to have the show combine Barney's work and home lives, like Mary Tyler Moore and Bob Newhart's shows had done. When they found out in the first season that the home scenes just weren't working, they made the whole show about the 12th Precinct. Barbara Barrie made a few appearances over the years, but that was it.
  3. Yes, she was on the show in summer 1978. She played Phyllis, a friend of Sara's from the Peace Corps. Phyllis was a bridesmaid in Sara and Mike's wedding.
  4. I also loved Abby as the first Mrs. Barney Miller in the first pilot of that series (included on the complete series DVD set; she was replaced by Barbara Barrie when the show was picked up). She had tremendous chemistry with Hal Linden.
  5. RIP Abby Dalton. ❤ https://deadline.com/2020/11/abby-dalton-dead-falcons-crest-hollywood-squares-match-game-hennessey-1234635253/
  6. Meanwhile, in AZ, barely a mask was in sight with Trump's biggest minion (Guiliani) and others: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-election-2020/arizona-votes-to-certify-results-as-giuliani-peddles-debunked-conspiracies-hotel-b1764130.html%3famp
  7. - Eden is kidnapped - AGAIN!! - The four faces of Kelly - The four faces of Santana - Cruz investigates a case NOT involving his family, friends or acquaintances!! - Vanishing Families (Perkins, Andrades, Hartleys, Duvalls, DiNapolis, Donnellys, etc.)
  8. How long did Linda Borgeson last on AW? I've seen next to nothing of her on YT. I take it she had no chemistry with either DW or DC?
  9. Least favorite - Bo/Hope/Billie/Franco (DAYS). There was no rooting value or chemistry other than Bo and Hope.
  10. My sister would totally have taken umbrage with Worst Triangle. She loved that story...OK, she loved Mark Valley as Jack. On the other hand, she would have agreed about Franco - she couldn't stand him! I've heard of Olivia/Cameron on OLTL, but I don't know what her arc was or which characters she had story with. Can anyone fill me in?
  11. In late 1983/early 1984, between TD and ATWT, she played a society matron named Estelle.
  12. Exactly. I work as a home health aide. As much as I dislike wearing masks, I do it anyway for the greater good. I have no sympathy for people who whine and cry about having to wear one for an hour or less to go grocery shopping.
  13. FYI - more late 1981-early 1982 episodes have been uploaded onto YouTube by Chuck.
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