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  1. this show is written so a.ss backward you really have no idea what they are doing from week to week. I expect JG to be gone once again this time next year. If memory serves, wasn't Nick just thrown into Adam's story? like since Adam wasn't there the writers tried to make over Nick in his image?
  2. I saw it while checking out at the grocery store. got as far as him talking about KSJ and the cast reaction. can't find it to post it.
  3. as I do my Dr. Evil....."1 BIIIIIIIIILION DOLLARS".
  4. if trump doesn't step down, he should be dragged from the WH and thrown on the street.
  5. My goodness. just cancel this crap. really. this is embarrassing. I'm just...
  6. I had no idea. thought she was still there. and that's all folks for me with this crap show.
  7. well hell....the producers are probably like "we gave them a whole week. they're good for the year!" knowing them.
  8. in the very beginning of today's episode, Peter sounded like he had lost it during the voiceovers opening the show. my hope is that CBS could release scenes that were ct out of today's episode.
  9. I have been going back and forth with posting this, because we all have watched and are dealing with Kristoff/Neil's passing, and the work is done from the cast. I think most have done fine jobs. emotional, from the heart and soul, and the love showed through. even those who didn't do as strong of a performance under these emotional conditions, I can forgive. except one. MTS did IMPO the worst acting to her reaction to Neil's death IMPO. I talked to a very close friend, and all we both could come up with was... "was Nikki screwing Neil behind Victor's back?! she made out like the sun crashed on earth and burned." "Neil saved my life!!! OMG!!! what will become of me?!" she put spices on every piece of that set and without utensils devoured the entire thing. all actors and actresses cal in scenes. but she used t be one of the best on the show. but in the last what, 2 years or longer, her acting has just went to hell.
  10. I think Mamie needs to be recast and brought back. that family needs her.
  11. Star Trek: TOS. Spock had his brain removed and then replaced. the cast still feels it was the worst episode of that series. like "The Great Vegetable Rebellion" on the original Lost in Space, which caused cast members to burst out laughing while scenes were being filmed. the two stars of the show were written out of the next two episodes as punishment because they just found the writing dreadful. I don't know why Sheri Anderson has not been handed the reigns of this show. RC is just God-awful. I tried to give him a chance, but he writes IMPO for his oversized ego. you know....screw it. cancel the damn show. KC doesn't want good writing.
  12. this is one truly horribly written show.
  13. this story, among other things, is why i stopped watching 3 months ago.
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