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  1. The Politics Thread

    comment of the day.
  2. The Politics Thread

    This. Tomi Lahren‏Verified account @TomiLahren 7h7 hours ago More Female empowerment is NOT using sexual assault allegations to torpedo someone you disagree with politically. Is that the new standard? Destroy someone with a decades-old claim you’ve magically decided to stop “repressing” before a major committee vote? Shameful.
  3. The Politics Thread

    Tomi Lahren is purely evil. That is all.
  4. Days: September 2018 Discussion Thread

    he failed BAD Friday. I enjoyed the episode, but did you see the shot where someone was saying goodbye, and instead of doing a slow close in on Marlena's face, the shot started at her groin and quickly went upward to her face? what is it with Drake? does he do this because fans tell him they love his acting style or did he get into very bad acting routines and just stayed there? I remember, and this is coming from me......that Wayne should come back and say Drake's Roman was an imposter towards the end of his run as the character because his acting got so bad I honestly hated Roman. all Drake did was yell at everyone.
  5. Days: September 2018 Discussion Thread

    I just watched Friday's show this morning. a fine fine job by all (but Drake REALLY needs to stop with the grit face and overacting). it makes me feel this.....Sheri to me is the one who writes the really old school, emotional episodes, because I see the fade outs, the better music (still on someone's stolen Casio but still) and story based on emotion and history. when John said that 1. he doesn't remember his life before Marlena and 2. told the story of her falling off the ledge not too long after he 'found out' who he really was.....when Brady talked about how his character treated Marlena horribly.....when Sami said when she caught Marlena and John together.....when John called Carrie Pumpkin......I sat straight up. to Ron C. There's not a problem with using history for decades ago to push story. you won't explode, you won't get arrested, you may get fired (because of the numbnuts who owns the show and how much he hates it when the show is actually written well) and you won't melt like the witch from TWOO. but, if you feel uncomfortable with this......leave and let Sheri take over. I can tell you, she knows WTF she's doing.
  6. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    oh. still horrible. LOL
  7. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    is that what he looks like now? if so he looks HORRIBLE.
  8. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    Glad my breakfast settled before watching this. damn. this show is official a [!@#$%^&*] show now. This show. vets being taken off or fired, families reduced, storylines that begin with a bang and end not even with a whimper, but are just abandoned....a man who puts a picture of a man who he thinks may be his father and his enemy seeing the picture and OH SHOCKERS!!! "we could be brothers." hot Winters/Ashley story that has been just forgotten about....this horrible now next day crap....I mean this is a shitshow. I know I used it in my previous post, but NICK is the one who is trying to be the new Adam? I have to laugh. he started out well and now I'm just waiting for his Snidely Whiplash mustache twirling onenote evil to come out. The Maria/Tessa story which is now boring as hell, this Ladies of Doom story that has now been going on WAY too damn long, with Paul, back to being a dumbass, just walking around overacting and being an arrogant jerk...the "Billy is gambling again" story that has now been done, what.....4,000 times? This whole thing is now just a mess. and to top it off, let's introduce an entire new family that is the darling of the HW and SHOVE other families (with the exception of the Newmans) to the wayside. when that last part crashes and burns, and they tear down Nick's new sets and start getting back people they fired so they can free up money for them after actually building them, hopefully someone will be in charge who actually GETS this show.
  9. Vet let go at Y&R

    Budget is now being cut I suppose. but, DD...this is what also happens when you get on Twitter and start running off at that mouth. not only was he not being written for, he killed his job by complaining and then saying "I was taken out of context".
  10. Twists You Hated

    GT hit it flush. the SF was awesome....but to come back and only what, 3 non-important characters died?
  11. Twists You Hated

    The Two Romans., Ashley and the Turkey Baster. The one that may include Victor and Jack. Bobby in the shower. Wes Parmelee not being Jock Ewing The Moldavian Wedding Massacre
  12. Plots You're Tired of on Soaps

    Now I KNOW you're talking about some people who will spam two pages of a thread with pics about how hot someone is, and demand they keep that actor together with another actor/actress because even though they can't act worth crap....."OMG they look so sexy together! when's the sex scene coming?!" and then complain they have no story.....are you? LOL
  13. Plots You're Tired of on Soaps

    brain tumors/bipolar disorder/multiple personalities to write a character out of a hole after they have done something foul, usually killing someone.
  14. when they did that story, did they use the blue office as the prison set?
  15. this is just........my goodness.