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  1. please help me. I'm lost. what's the deal with VJ?
  2. Reeve's twitter page now only has posts from 2015. I just got through reading the entire story. she has to go.
  3. he has lost his mind.
  4. can Barr still choose whoever he wants?
  5. you said Barr or Trump....like one of them and not both of them are lying.
  6. saw this morning....Chauvin will be receiving his retirement money even though he has been changed with murder, and even if he is convicted....he still gets that money.
  7. is Romney up for re-election? because he's marching with the protesters.
  8. It happened on DAYS back in the 80s. Abe was nothing more than Roman's sidekick. even thought they were both sergeants, Roman go all the big cases. the only time that Abe got a big story (and a family) was after Wayne N. left the show.
  9. Biden needs to hush. But....go to Twitter right now. I don't know what happened, but Ann Coulter of all people is DESTROYING Trump right now on her twitter page.
  10. hold on. did he just walk out like a punked little brat?
  11. The same Joe Scarborough who kissed trump's backside, talked about emails every day for 2 years, and shouted down everyone who said Trump was a POS. screw what he says.
  12. I will frame this post. this is one of the most powerful, beautiful posts I've read here in some time. Thank you. It makes me remember this... whatever you do in the darkness will see the light one day. they tried their very best to rig that entire mess....and THE VOTERS told them to f off.
  13. this is just nuts. sounds like he wants to privatize it.
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