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  1. every republican looks foolish.
  2. first day. first witness. He's done. Trump better resign.
  3. The show....and how many times have we said this.....hasn't been able to tell proper SLs because of the budget? because of an avalanche of truly God-awful writing, bad acting, plotting that should have gotten the show canceled IMPO, and so much material that can't even be referenced because the owner/jacka** in charge has buried this show? and is Sony that deeply under water financially that they can't properly finance DOOL and Y&R?
  4. exactly. the entire production company knew months ago this would happen. Chandler Massey tweeted that they all will return next next. but it's a business move to save money...it made no sense I guess to NBC and CP to pay everyone with the studios shut down.
  5. they have to get a major influx of money, but Corday is such an ass....
  6. Thank you for not going on about that. the show would be ruined if she had a worse hosp. room. true, but with all the ways IMPO that this show is horrible with RC writing this dreck.....that is one thing I'm looking past. LOL
  7. for me it seems way too rehearsed. not off the cuff boiler plate enough. everything seems to go through some type of deep analysis before she either says something, appears somewhere or runs an ad....but that's just me.
  8. his hair? his hair. of all the things to be pissed about.....one dude's haircut.
  9. it's such a jumbled mess right now, I don't know at this point what it will take to make it bounce back in a positive form. as marceline said, her very liberal base would revolt if she started going back on her promise for the legislation. she married herself to it so strongly and wouldn't budge on it, that for some she may have came off as inflexible, and if she came off that way for this.....it gives way to a thought process that she will believe something and dig her heals in, and let the consequences be damned.....which make her sound like someone we all know and loathed.
  10. none of them have taken anything from Obama's playbook. you can't give people someone to vote against....you must give them someone to vote FOR. I'm voting for Warren in the primaries, but the ultra-liberalism needs to stop IMPO, and she needs to come to the center naturally on some issues.
  11. I tellyou, he makes W. look like a member of MENSA.
  12. I just saw this. who's bright idea was it for him to go to MSG in NYC after he left, knowing the entire state hates his guts? is Trump the most hated man in America?
  13. question. doe she dislike PB that much? she comes off to me as being rather high and mighty and feels she has more clout than she really does. GT showed everyone a good actress can come in and play that role.
  14. all they have her doing is either flipping out, looking brain dead or throwing a tantrum. no long term writing for her....and it becomes more and more apparent to me that Gina should NOT have been let go to bring Michelle on. BTW....have her and PB had any scenes together?
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