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  1. just one more reason why I stopped watching both networks. they sicken me.
  2. I was out-Bernied once. never again.
  3. he may be heavily involved in Neil's SL this April.
  4. as much as I am over her, if there was just one shot of VR sitting in the pews crying, and then a fade to Shemar and Tonya and the rest.....i would really be cool with that. jmo. My goodness. she said it. he died from a broken heart.
  5. and now another active shooting. 4 police officers shot, and a Catholic school on lockdown.
  6. Tricia's husband? what happened?
  7. I couldn't even get midway through that scene with Nichelle. I just.....I don't know. My goodness. Daniel Goddard‏ I will never forget u & will never be the same now that u are gone. We spent our time together filled with ridiculousness & practical jokes because there were few things that we liked more than to make each other laugh. U remember this one? Rest my friend. U r now at peace.
  8. I sit here crying. remember watching his first appearance on Happy Days. my prayer and hope is that he has rejoined his son and found peace. Rest In Heaven Sir.
  9. a much more official sounding term for being a "lazy [!@#$%^&*]" as this man is.
  10. well, the show has now been picked up for a 3rd season.
  11. +1. I can't do either network.
  12. is Matt Bevin still Gov. of Kentucky and if so....why?
  13. I despise the TVMSMnow.have for years. it's like TMZ. I remember just like the week when Brian Williams started in on the "both sides" [!@#$%^&*] when it came to the shutdown. the 3 networks have whored themselves to the RP and other entities for access. they have turned themselves into celebrities. I don't give a damn Joe and Mika got married......they both are now doing the same thing with Schultz they did for Trump. thank you for starting this thread.
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