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  1. Democrats can't count to 0, and they prove it every day.
  2. This. exactly word-for-word what you just said. the word I just read on twitter is....if there is no reprisal from the US, all military action will cease on Iran's part.
  3. Amy lost me when I read that she took a 5 thousand dollar donation from the prosecuter who sent the Central Park 5 to prison.
  4. This. Really done with her. they all live with Bigfoot now. just talked to a childhood friend who voted for Trump, because she couldn't stand HRC. NOW she wants him out because of "the nonsense". he did this from the day he made that speech 4 years ago about Mexicans. how anyone still voted for this moron.....and how many of their family members are being sent over there? what a crapshow.
  5. Roman

    The View

    she deserves an Emmy for finally checking that little girl. on live tv. that was classic. when she said "Girl...." I lost it.
  6. Whoopi deserves one for what she said to Megan M. this morning.
  7. Benson, and Odo on my favorite ST show, Deep Space Nine. What an artist.
  8. I thought she was taken care of financial wise. I understand she wants to work on the show, but this "show up for a few episodes" stuff is DONE.
  9. either come back or stay away. this is getting really boring.
  10. if it has been posted please delete.
  11. Sarah Reese Jones‏Verified account @PoliticusSarah Giuliani warns Trump that he has insurance if the president tries to throw him under the bus.
  12. I do not and will not put any faith in any poll. period. over 100 million people voted 4 years ago....between 500-1500 people depending on the poll give their responses to questions, and most of them always get the same phone calls from the saqme polling sites/newspapers/radio programs.
  13. did you see that a couple of male republicans just kept over talking and over shouting her and Holmes, went on some tirade and then got up and walked out?! they have botched this to a degree I honestly did not think was possible. when they get to have soundbites on FN and Chuck Todd and the like defending their garbage, they do well....give them 10-15 minutes to act like adults and they crash and burn. they have destroyed the party...and Schiff and Pelosi have laid the trap for Senate Repubs...defend him and burn for it next Nov., or kick him out, get rid of these fools and rebuild.
  14. she's burnt it all to the ground.
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