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  1. I was very proud of the former Captain's men and women. They shouted at this a-hole to defend their CO.
  2. BREAKING: Navy Sec Thomas Modly just submitted his resignation letter to Defense Sec Esper. Modly is the one who talked trash about hero Captain Crozier, who blew the whistle on coronavirus spreading on his ship. 434 replies 1,596 retweets 5,614 likes
  3. Stephanie Grisham has been fired as WHPS.
  4. NETWORK was a dark comedy, because in 1976 moviegoers didn't think the media would ever get like that. life it seems....is not without a sense of irony.
  5. Aint No Sunshine Lean On Me Just The Two of Us. classics.
  6. From what i understand from back then, SA asked Wayne N. to come back. the producers wanted him to come back, but each time he said no. so after the last overture, she started looking for the new RB. when she casted DH, she felt she found him...but if he didn;t have chemistry with Dee, he would have turned out to be one of Stefano's sons (which they were going to do when they were trapped on the island after Lawrence A. caused and earthquake.) Dallas: If Phil Capice had not been forced out as EP (and had Patrick Duffy not have returned) Steve Forrest's character Ben Stivers would have turned out to be Jock Ewing.
  7. Roman's younger brother Marcus? so Bo was supposed to be Marcus?
  8. thank you so much for this. I was scared for them...being away from home, not knowing what was going on outside....
  9. sitting here crying for them. I can't imagine what they are going through. that is the best place for them right now...but i wonder if they have been tested?
  10. I can't believe i had a serious crush on her for years....
  11. he was. and is getting ROASTED here right now. the POS.
  12. The entire St. Louis Metro Area has now been issued a stay at home order from the City Mayor and County Executive. This is nuts. many of us have no idea wtf the Governor's problem is.
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