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  1. THE MARKET IS COMING!!! Time and time again, The Market keeps returning, but this time it's for good. On November 1, 2008 The Market returns with an all new setup! This time around The Market will come in 24 episode seasons, with full dialogue! The characters are the same, but the storylines have been tweaked. Look for all new romance, all new secrets and all new lies! The Market returns like never before!!!! In the meantime check out the old Market at it's main home DR-TV
  2. Joshua Morrow brings the character of Robbie Mitchells to life. Robbie the Store Manager of The Market. He's the kind of boss everyone wishes they had. He's approachable, easy going and just a nice guy. Not much is known about Robbie, other than he doesn't actually live in Valley Falls, but right outside of Valley Falls, in a rich neighborhood known as Sterling Heights. Despite having money, Robbie was taught not to flaunt it. He's a genuinely nice guy, who really would give you something to eat, even if it meant he would starve. The talented Michelle Stafford has been cast in the role of Kayla Jacobs. Kayla is the Assistant Store Manager of The Market and is more of the enforcer in the Store. She does have a softer side, but seldom does it come out. All that is known about Kayla's family is that she has one brother, but not much is known about him at this point. Kayla is a city girl, originally from New York. She has that big city mentality and sometimes hates the slow pace of a smaller town. Despite Valley Falls being a city itself, Kayla still sees it as being too small, but Kayla still finds a way to get into some trouble even in the smaller city. Rebecca Herbst breathes life into the character of Miranda James. Miranda is the sweetest girl you will ever meet in your life. Miranda has been through a lot in life. She was married at one point, but her husband passed away after a long drawn out battle with cancer. Not much else is known about her family or her life outside of The Market. Miranda went to nursing school, but for some reason is now working at The Market. Since her husband's death Miranda has been pretty isolated and alone, but that all could change when Mr. Right comes along, and someone at The Market very well could be the right guy.
  3. Julie Marie Berman brings the character of Cassie Roberts to life. Cassie has grown up in Valley Falls her entire life. She's kind of a townie if you will. She attends Valley Falls University, works in the local supermarket and lives with her parents in the middle of suburban Valley Falls. She was what every girl aspired to be in high school; Pretty, popular and smart. While a very intelligent girl, Cassie constantly finds herself in difficult situations, whether that be with boys or just life in general. Cassie has had a lot dealt to her over the years, but you wouldn't know it by looking at her. She has grown into a strong and stable young woman, who is always willing to help those around her. Robyn Richards has been cast in the role of Madeline "Maddie" Wilson. Maddie has been best friends with Cassie since they were essentially in diapers. They grew up in the same town and went to the same school. Their life long friendship didn't always come with out hardship. They've had their fair share of spats and arguments, but in the end they are still best friends. Maddie always has looked up to Cassie and wanted to be her, even occasionally feeling over shadowed by her. Maddie is a great girl at heart and would be willing to give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. Similar to Cassie, her good nature and willingness to help others often can get her in trouble and even lead to heartache. The talented songstress/actress, Alyson Michalka gives life to the character of Amanda Smith. Amanda is new to Valley Falls, but still has connections in town. Her boyfriend, Seth Anderson, just moved to town with his family, and Amanda followed them, little to their knowledge. Amanda has had a very hard life, with blow after blow handed to her. She was literally on the edge a few years back, but found Seth. Seth helped her turn her life around, much to his mother's chagrin. Jenny isn't a fan of Amanda and her unstable nature, but Amanda is used to parentals not being a fan of her, as her own parents gave up on her a long time ago.
  4. Drew Tyler Bell brings life to the character of Matthew "Matt" Thompson. Matt is essentially the All American Boy. He's cute, funny, nice and an all around nice guy. He's grown up all his life in Vally Falls, and is proud to call it his home. He's not the most popular of guys in high school, but he did have a healthy social life. He, Maddie and Cassie grew up together, but Maddie and Cassie never really paid much attention to him. His home life, growing up, was the typical 2 parents with 2.5 kids with a white picket fence. His life seems to be perfect, but often times, those who seem to have the perfect life, are the most messed up. Thad Luckinbill has been cast in the role of Jason Charleston. Jason is kind of the opposite of Matt. He's more a rugged, bad boy. Not much is known about his background or where he really comes from. He doesn't talk about his family much. He dated Keri Michaels at one point in the past and they had a bitter break up. Jason is the type of guy you really don't want to get on the wrong side of, but if your friends with him, your golden. He treats his friends like family and holds their friendship close to his heart. He would do just about anything for his friends. He's never been found of asking for help, from anyone. He's stubborn, defensive and closed off, but still giving, caring and approachable. The wonderfully talented Ashley Benson brings the character of Keri Michaels to life. Keri was a good girl growing up, but life gave her a few curve balls that resulted in her becoming the kind of person she has. In only a few short years Keri went from the girl next door, to the vixen with an attitude problem. Some of this could be attributed to her bitter break up with Jason, but the majority of it is still a mystery. Keri comes from an affluent family with quite a bit of money. Keri has pretty much gotten everything she wanted growing up, which in retrospect for her parents was probably a mistake. Keri and her brother Steve traveled a lot as kids and never really had one home. Valley Falls has finally become that home for them.
  5. Thanks Matt!!! It's great to be back again.
  6. CJ Thomason brings the character of Shawn Anderson to life. Shawn is the baby of the Anderson family. He came to Valley Falls with his brother and mother from Alanville. Back in Alanville, Shawn had a pretty good life, but his parents divorce and subsequent fighting resulted in the move to Valley Falls. Shawn is pretty much the All American Boy Next Door. He means well and is a real sweetheart at heart. He genuinely cares about his friends and loves his family to a fault. He would do anything for those close to him. When he falls for someone, he falls hard and typically fast. He's a real romantic and sometimes even believes to much in romance. Darin Brooks plays the lovable Seth Anderson. Seth has a lot in common with his brother Shawn, but his life tends to be a little bit more serious. He's been in a long term relationship with Amanda Smith for a few years now, much to Seth's mother's chagrin. Back in Alanville, Seth was very committed to Amanda, but when he moved, he thought they could work through a long distance relationship. He really loves Amanda, but like many young men, he has some doubts about their relationship, which are only amplified by the distance between them. Seth is a good guy at heart, but doesn't always make the best decisions and often times lets his heart get the best of him. Nancy Lee Grahn stars in The Market as Jenny Anderson. Jenny is a devoted mother who tries to do the best for her family. She thought she had the prefect life back in Alanville, but then her marriage dissolved. Jenny is an accomplished Lawyer and was on the verge of making partner in her former firm, but was passed over. Jenny was looking for a new start in Valley Falls, with a new town and a new house, Jenny very well may find that. Her number one priority is her two sons. She doesn't approve of Seth's relationship with Amanda Smith, and although she will never admit it, their relationship could have played apart in her decision to move. Jenny is a typical "momma bear" and will defend her children no matter what.
  7. Another great episode!!! I hope Carly isn't too hurt by the impending accident, lol.
  8. I love your version of Helena!!! She not as cartoonish as she has been in the past. I felt so bad for Bobbie, I loved that Lucas showed up and let his mother know he loves her.
  9. Scott

    PC: Episode 298

    I loved it!!! I like how you are building Dante and Lucas up, nice and slow, how it should be.
  10. I kinda feel that Darin being present gives us a new Antagonistic Lawyer, now Ric and evolve into a good lawyer. I'm not sure if that makes any sense, but it did to me, lol. Great episode.
  11. Great episode. I miss these kinda episodes, GH can't hold a candle to this anymore.
  12. Scott

    PC: Episode 294

    I love Nikolas here so much more than on GH currently. Keep up with him, I beg of you!!! I love that you are having Maxie feel guilt over what she has done.
  13. Interesting decision to have Emily go into the family business
  14. Scott

    PC: Episode 291

    I loved the last few episodes with the teens, but I loved seeing Luke/Mac/Kevin/Lucy in scenes together, and I loved the Felicia reference. Maybe she will be the next on to come back, maybe Robert too?
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