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  1. The Politics Thread

    Kayla was 24 when she married 38 year old Roy Moore and it just so happens that she was a classmate of one of his accusers. That 14 year age difference fits with the age of the other accusers and he stated that he saw her some years before they were married in a recital. She is absolutely wrong for defending him, but she is the victim of an incredibly sick man and I feel it's important to remember that aspect. Not all victims escape their abuser and some become totally beholden to them. Let me reiterate that I am not excusing her defense of him, but only pointing out that she is not a well person.
  2. The Politics Thread

    Tax reform is not going to happen, at least not before the year's end and that is when Republicans would have preferred it to pass. With next year being an election year, it's going to be a lot harder to implement.
  3. The Politics Thread

    In kind donations aren't funds, they are any sort of assistance that benefits a campaign that needs to be reported to the FEC. That is not allowed, no matter how much you bring up Hillary Clinton.
  4. The Politics Thread

    It's illegal to receive campaign funds from a foreign country, which includes in kind donations.
  5. The Politics Thread

    Manafort was Trump's campaign manager which means he was very close to Trump. It is treason to help another country tamper with our elections. Of course, Ted Bundy was a Republican, so I suppose murder is not a crime, right? Get out of here with your nonsense.
  6. The Politics Thread

    Perjury is always the charge that sticks. Any other indictments will probably be based on perjury, because there have been many lies told to cover up collusion.
  7. The Politics Thread

    That has never been alleged, but with the way things are going it wouldn't be surprising if evidence of that came up. The investigation is about collusion with a foreign nation to influence the election, which is just as bad as tampering with votes. If you keep talking, the truth isn't really true, right? You are clearly trying to console yourself here.
  8. The Politics Thread

    The investigation has only been going on for a few months.
  9. The Politics Thread

    We do know who started it, it as the Trump campaign. One way or another, Trump is really in trouble here. His political future will be impacted.
  10. The Politics Thread

    Why would it be a Democrat? It's Trump and Republicans that start all this mess. Anyway, you can't have Capitol 2.0 without the opening that uses the 80s orchestral style theme.
  11. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    Watched last night's episode and it was all right. Some of the acting leaves a lot to be desired, though.
  12. Kimberlin Brown is apparently running for Congress.

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    2. MissLlanviewPA


      Doesn't she primarily live in central CA? That's a FAR more Republican area than most of Southern CA (outside of a few places like Orange County), so she might actually have a chance. 

    3. ReddFoxx


      She's running in the Palm Springs based district that Sonny Bono and then his widow, Mary occupied. It's less Democratic than California as a whole, but still voted for Hillary by 10%.

    4. Hunk Chandler Massey

      Hunk Chandler Massey

      And this can be her campaign ads on tv to get those votes out!



  13. Soap Stars who did porn/posed nude

    They weren't in that one and I'm not sure if Jeff did one, but Schae did do one.
  14. Soap Stars who did porn/posed nude

    It was quite awhile after B&B was on the air.
  15. Soap Stars who did porn/posed nude

    Katherine Kelly Lang did one of those Cinemax late night softcore movies and was topless.