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  1. This is going to be a new trick in a lot of places. Republicans floated the idea of overturning the Kentucky gubernatorial results, but backed off when it was clear Mitch McConnell would not get on board. With this particular case in Mississippi the racial factor is clearly at play since Republicans are always accusing black people of committing voter fraud.
  2. I saw that on Twitter and got ready to post it to see what people thought.
  3. It's not so much of a verbal assault she should have done, but more so a better job of defining him in basic standards. He defined himself as being for the regular person so much to the point that there are people who believe he came from nothing and worked his way up into being wealthy. Trump defined himself and that is part of why he won. So many races are decided on how a candidate is defined. Having expectations of people not voting for Trump because of his terrible behavior was definitely something that the campaign relied on to much. The difference in 2020 will be that Trump has an actual political record to scrutinize and he can't run as outsider. Plus, a lot of people are more alert about the election than in 2016. There are new states in play that weren't in play last time and those states are more educated.
  4. Democrats took the high road in 2016 and it didn't work. Clinton's biggest mistake was not nuking Trump on the airwaves in swing states early. She could have framed him as a fraud easily by highlighting him not paying people, his bankruptcies, charitable fraud and so much more. She also should have ran an ad in Detroit, Milwaukee and Philadelphia reminding people of how he took out an ad calling for the death penalty for the Central Park Five, because if there was anything that could have gotten black voters to the polls it was that. Whoever is the nominee is in 2020 has to run against Trump's record and character, because the election is an indictment on Trump.
  5. That is way too well thought out for any soap writers to come up with. It is surprising to me that DJ Craig has never been resurrected, but if any of the writing team reads this board he might show up at some point.
  6. That is one of her best songs. That aside, Carlivati's motivation for redeeming Ben is probably looks motivated and nothing more. He tweeted a shirtless picture of Ben yesterday saying "caption this".
  7. IMO, Ben and Will are going to end up doing something and Clyde is going to go nuts even more nuts at Will for making his boy "swing that way".
  8. Rather than try and have Stefano live on forever they really should have another DiMera take over as the patriarch or matriarch of the family. This whole occupying another body is too much of a stretch even for a soap opera. Will doing all the whining was ridiculous. He's not that bulky in stature, but he should have been able to fight off a senior citizen who isn't that bulky either. Of course it was written that way so Ben could save him and gain more redemption points.
  9. It's good that she is being remembered, because she as quite talented and passed way far too young. One of the best things about TV One is that they often highlight people in the industry that would otherwise go forgotten.
  10. Your post was fine, I didn't take it the wrong way.
  11. An entire year was probably chosen for the dramatic effect. But then again I'm just speculating. It could be that it was just a gimmick to grab attention without much thought about overall direction.
  12. I think part of the purpose of the time jump was not to drag stories out and get to the repercussions quicker. Soaps often get bogged down with useless filler in order to make story lines stretch out over time and that gets boring. The meat of the stories at this point is in the flashbacks in between the time jump and that's an interesting angle.
  13. Agreed. You can't really say Gabe without gay, so why not?
  14. Don't post things like that because the writer might be reading this board for ideas. Now Ralph Carter might show up as Abe's half brother Gabe.
  15. I was coming to post about her running into the wall. That was a scene that requires oxygen to watch, because that was hilarious. Tyler Perry comes up with the craziest ideas. Of course, that's probably what Melania Trump does when he husband takes off his clothes.
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