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  1. I was coming to post about this because I just saw it. That was quite random.
  2. Her daughter is really making things worse for her.
  3. And the daughter is hiding behind the fact that Candace Owens is black to justify her mother liking the posts. How predictable. The notion that black people can't be racist against black people is laughable. Then she had the nerve to call people cowardly calling her mother out cowardly when her mother won't even step out and address the issue herself. Everyone is indeed entitled to opinion which means that everyone else is entitled to have their own opinion about a person's backwards beliefs.
  4. Just a little bit of context about why Reeves liking anything by Candace Owens is disturbing. https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/429180-candace-owens-if-hitler-just-wanted-to-make-germany-great-and Candace Owens is a full on white supremacist and if Reeves is a fan of hers then she probably is one too. This isn't a mere difference in ideology or opinion. It's the difference between sanity and hateful, dangerous racism.
  5. Reeves is definitely expendable since her acting ability is hardly of Emmy caliber. Liking posts from someone who has defended Hitler and called black people chimpanzees is unacceptable. Candace Owens is a cover for racist white people because she pushes their views. In this climate it wouldn't surprise me if Reeves was fired.
  6. His support is most certainly dropping off. There is now concern that Trump is losing evangelical support https://www.politico.com/news/2020/06/21/trump-allies-see-threat-biden-evangelical-support-330780
  7. What if one of the dolls pops while a scene is being filmed? Will the producers at least be generous enough to give us the outtakes so we have something to laugh at?
  8. Incorporating the virus into the storylines would make it much easier to pull off the social distancing guidelines. Kissing and bedroom scenes honestly aren't integral enough to go through such dumb filming tricks. If they are going to get creative, have some characters cheat over a meeting app. That would involve no touching and it could actually make for an interesting storyline.
  9. Thankfully he is no longer employed with the show so that will not happen. That would be stomach churning.
  10. Julie Olson Williams Rebecca Hotchkiss Blair Cramer Opal Courtland Alistair Crane Victor Kiriakis
  11. Alcohol and Drug Addiction - Some people relapse over trauma, but I think soaps use relapsing as a lazy device to further a plot. - Recovery is sometimes portrayed as being quick.
  12. Peter Bergman is a mediocre actor who has been treated as if he is a powerhouse, so he is privilege personified. Besides he can't call anyone crazy considering that fight he had with Eric Braeden. That's unstable.
  13. First off not everyone handles things the same. Some black actors and actresses will just refrain from saying anything because they want to work. Black people are always called troublemakers if they complain about anything. You being gay is not relevant here, but being white still comes in ahead of that. Your privilege is showing in your posts.
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