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  1. ReddFoxx

    B&B December 2018 Discussion Thread

    It was almost like Katherine broke character for a second and was like "Yikes". Hunter can definitely do better than that.
  2. ReddFoxx

    The Politics Thread

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/nc-election-officials-plan-hearing-over-fraud-concerns-in-us-house-race-raising-possibility-of-new-election/2018/11/30/d1fc0450-f4b7-11e8-aeea-b85fd44449f5_story.html?fbclid=IwAR3CW69BINlJd7Za1tEVpwNwTen80gmc2DJTE7zSzhFItJd94nvTe2qSoXM&utm_term=.65a54deb6099 It was only a matter of time before someone decided to actually tamper with votes. The good thing about this is that the bipartisan board of elections was unanimous in refusing to certify the election and wants the investigation.
  3. ReddFoxx

    The Politics Thread

    Speaking of fraud there is an issue in North Carolina that could be a huge case of voter fraud perpetrated by behalf of a Republican. This is felony level fraud. https://twitter.com/jimmorrill/status/1068226208738017290
  4. ReddFoxx

    Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Tracy Melchior (Tracy, B&B) did an episode of Dr. Phil because her mother is a hoarder.
  5. Had to be evacuated at 2 am on Friday because of a fire. It was burning right on the hill not far from my complex and it was scary.

    1. DRW50


      So sorry to hear this.

  6. ReddFoxx

    The Politics Thread

    Thank you. It's really stressful on the community, but people are stepping up to support the victims. There was a procession for the sheriff's deputy that was killed and a lot of people were on the corner as it drove by on it's way to the freeway.
  7. ReddFoxx

    The Politics Thread

    That shooting happened in my city. It's absolutely crushing since this is a fairly close community and nothing like this has happened here before.
  8. ReddFoxx

    The Politics Thread

    B&B alumni lost their congressional races. Kimberlin Brown lost by 12%, while Antonio Sabato Jr. lost by a wider 19%.
  9. ReddFoxx

    The Politics Thread

    Democrats taking the House means that ACA repeal is off the table and that is extremely good. Moving forward into 2020 the good news is that Democrats performed well in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin which are states they need to win to take the electoral college.
  10. ReddFoxx

    Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Melissa Fumero (Adriana - OLTL) is in a political PAC ad encouraging voting.
  11. ReddFoxx

    The Politics Thread

    Kim must have finally convinced him to take his meds.
  12. ReddFoxx

    The Politics Thread

    Any changes to the constitution would have to go through the states and as right-leaning as the court is it is hard to see Roberts approving of a change to the constitution by executive order and he is probably the most likely contender for swing vote moving forward (at least for some things). As for the scheme to set up Mueller, that has a potential to backfire in the election. After how much Republicans attacked the women who accused Kavanaugh it's going to be quite telling that they were the ones trying to set someone up and pay people to do it no less.
  13. ReddFoxx

    The Politics Thread

    Just returned home not too long ago from a candle light vigil at the temple nearby where I live. There probably over a hundred people there and that was a good turnout. The Rabbi was clear to point out how hate is a real problem and didn't talk around it.
  14. ReddFoxx

    The Politics Thread

    It terrible how hard it is to feel safe anymore. And this arm everyone nonsense is just irritating.
  15. ReddFoxx

    Megyn Kelly Melts Down

    NBC only hired her because of Trump's attacks and because of sexual harassment scandals at Fox News. It seems as if they believed they could somehow capitalize on that by gaining her Fox News viewers and perhaps build more of a following. Megyn Kelly is a partisan hack that doesn't appeal to anyone but extremely conservative people who are always angry (she seems angry all the time herself). When she went off on Jane Fonda they should have fired her, because that was an absolutely insane display for television.