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  1. "Designing Women" reboot in the works

    This won't work. The other remaining cast members are talented in their own right, but Carter being gone makes it's impossible to duplicate the interactions that made the show funny. Julia responding to Suzanne saying something ridiculous was a highlight itself. Even Taylor being gone makes it not workable because of Anthony and Suzanne's interactions being so funny.
  2. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Been watching some episodes on Youtube when Tina was covering for Niki Smith and some of it is so hilarious, especially when Niki gets upset because Tina tells her that Viki would never wear party dresses.
  3. Fox's show 911 is filming less than a quarter of a mile from where I live. I spotted Angela Bassett and Rockmond Dunbar.

    1. ChitHappens


      I love this show and can't wait for it's return!  If I spotted Vampire Goddess Bassett, I would go ape chit!  

  4. I've never seen someone's lips that shiny. On edit I recall that he did look like he had on some gloss or something one time he and Ben looked like they wanted to make out (which was the weirdest scene considering they hated each other and are straight characters).
  5. Facts of life Reboot

    This one hit me hard like Florence Henderson's passing did. It's always really sad when the icons go.
  6. When real life gets in the way

    Alistair Crane had to be recast with John Reilly after David Bailey died unexpectedly.
  7. Facts of life Reboot

    This is something that I thought too, lol. Jermaine was undoubtedly cheaper than Michael.
  8. Best Soap Opera Opening

    The show had been pulled from the schedule for poor ratings and Welch was part of the revamped second season so it's probable that billing was part of the negotiations.
  9. Most Vicious Fandom Wars

    The hate for the Ford Family on OLTL was pretty strong from across the viewership, but some people took it to a crazy level. I recall someone posting photos telling the actors that they should go do porn and being incredibly hateful over all. Those characters were awful but attacking the actors was wrong.
  10. Most Vicious Fandom Wars

    This one wasn't exactly a fan war, but John and Marlena fans sent sheets to production because they wanted a bedroom scene with the characters. They flipped out when the sheets were used for somebody else (Steve and Kayla).
  11. Most Vicious Fandom Wars

    I wasn't watching at the time, but read an article about the craziness. Brown played a character that became involved with Jack and that set the Jack/Carly fans off.
  12. Most Vicious Fandom Wars

    Actress Sarah Brown received hate mail from Jack and Carly fans during her short time on ATWT.
  13. Best Soap Opera Opening

    That Another World theme was great, I love soap themes that have that lush sound. CBS' short lived primetime soap Central Park West had some interesting and sleek themes. The first one had a 900 number commercial vibe while the second was more upscale trendy business style.
  14. Best Soap Opera Opening

    Sunset Beach had a great opening sequence from the start. The music and the backdrop completely fit with coastal California.
  15. Uncomfortable/Awkward Soap Scenes

    The other day I made a joke to my mom about Charity Rahmer and she was like "who??". I spend so much time on SON that I actually made a joke in reality that only soap opera scholars would know. Another moment that was awkward was Bo and Nora on OLTL trying to dance to Snoop Dogg. Hilary B. Smith had a little more rhythm than Robert Woods, but it was still pretty much Mom/Dad dancing.