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  1. Jeanine Pirro was drunk on her show last night.


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    2. Khan


      Wow!  At least Jessica Savitch's hair stayed in place!



    3. KMan101
    4. ReddFoxx


      Is it wrong that I heard a laugh track while listening to the clip of Jessica Savitch? That aside, Jessica did at least still look neat while being a mess. Pirro was broadcasting from home which explains a lot.

  2. This seems more like trying to gain attention than anything else. A soap was trending so what better for a her to get attention? Outside of soaps no one knows or cares who she is. It just seems like her motives are not good.
  3. With those robotic expressions the actor playing Chad could easily play the robot in a remake of Deadly Friend.
  4. It really is a shame that public safety is now a matter of partisanship. Even ten years ago every state would have complied with shutting everything down. This is all the result of not having proper leadership in the Oval Office. Some of these Republican Governors are blindly following an idiot over a cliff and jeopardizing the safety of their residents.
  5. An ad has to be completely false for television stations to take it down and nothing in that ad is false. Ads rarely get pulled.
  6. I hope that is true. It was frightening to see entire shelves empty.
  7. Went to the store earlier today and everything was wiped out. Milk, cheese, eggs, butter, etc. This situation is completely out of control and I'm worried about what is going to happen over the next month. My family should be ok for the next couple of weeks, but if the stores haven't replenished by then it's really going to be a problem.
  8. Did they seriously show a close up of Ben's abs? Really? The actor is a nice looking man, but that was just ridiculous.
  9. Not one Republican in the Senate challenged Trump on calling the virus a hoax and now we find out they were selling stock which indicates they knew how seriously this was. Then you have Republican Governors not shutting down things because they don't want to upset business donors. The Governor of West Virginia was telling people to go to Bob Evans which is a restaurant that has a mostly older clientele, so he was basically telling the most vulnerable to put themselves are risk.
  10. I'm of the mind that soaps should have reduced their schedules a long time ago to fit with reduced audiences. One soap doing three episodes a week and another doing two would be much more sensible considering that there is so much filler with five episodes week. Not to mention it would cut the budget.
  11. Debbie Allen did a free dance class today on Instagram. I followed along and felt like I was going to collapse, lol.

  12. Daniel Goddard lasting for 13 years on Y&R was hard to understand considering that the character wasn't that great and for the fact that he not an extraordinary actor.
  13. What he was really trying to do is find a way for his companies to profit from any medication to fight the virus and secure the patent for it.
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