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  1. "Former GH Star joins AMC (Genie Francis)" "Generations: Thoughts of first episode?" "How does VCR Plus work?" "I miss Ryan's Hope!" "Y&R topples GH in ratings" In reality back then Usenet was how soaps were discussed on the early internet and most people only had access from work. I recall reading that soap operas got their own Usenet group because primetime viewers became irritated at seeing topics about soaps posted in the TV group.
  2. That foolery deserved status update too. Not everyone reads this thread, so it's good that you posted it so that people could laugh at this idiocy, lol.
  3. Parler is the right-wing alternative for Twitter where conservatives can say whatever they want. Parler requires SSN and identification numbers for registration and that information was hacked too.
  4. Marty Saybrooke (OLTL) comes to mind. She was somewhat of villain for telling that lie on Andrew Carpenter. This sort of storyline always makes me uncomfortable because rape shouldn't be used as a plot device in such a manner. On edit, another storyline that was somewhat like this was with Brooke on B&B. Stephanie's character was damaged by her part in practically sending Andy after Brooke.
  5. It's more than likely that production companies have people watching these boards so they can find out where content is and take it down. With so much binge watching during this pandemic the production companies are going to be really on the lookout for uploads.
  6. And how much of that job planning is Trump helping her with? She wouldn't be doing this if Trump hadn't offered her something because these sort of bureaucrats cannot afford to play games like this and remain employable. There is likely a Trump Organization job lined up for her.
  7. That's like a crazy man spelling out "I am still your husband" weeks before the divorce papers are finalized.
  8. Pompeo was disliked even by some in his own party when he was in elected politics, but that's another story. Republicans have tried to undermine democracy for years and Trump has simply given them the opening to be more bold about it. Intelligent people will often engage a useful idiot.
  9. America = Stephanie, Trump = Brooke Although that's an insult to Brooke. She just screws married men, not the country.
  10. It wouldn't surprise if he tried to burn down the White House. Anything is possible with this loon.
  11. It is petty, but I can't help but hope that Trump is watching all of the jubilation and feeling humiliated. The fact that people are elated about basic normalcy returning goes to show how terrible the past four years have been. Of course there are still two more months to deal with this disaster so the chaos is not over yet.
  12. CNN called the presidential race for Biden.
  13. News outlets will prolong declaring the race as long as possible for ratings. They won't have the constant stream of drama to cover in a couple of months and they will get as much out of it as they can before it is.
  14. It most certainly will not be close. If anything any polling errors are probably in Biden's favor.
  15. And Beto O'Rourke lost by just over 200,000k votes two years later. Republicans are worried about Texas and it really would not surprise me if it flipped tomorrow night.
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