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  1. The first actress to play Viki also originated Niki and that performance was said to be good. With that said, Niki was written more and more over the top over time. When Erika Slezak first played Niki in the 80s the writing and performances were more subtle.
  2. The vibe of the trailer seems to indicate that this might be for a Halloween episode.
  3. On this day 20 years ago thousands of people had their lives stolen. As a nation we have to continue to wrap our arms around the families who still grieve the losses of their loved ones.

  4. Can't think of anyone to add to the list, so I'll just say that it wasn't just that the soaps copied Alexis, they copied the money and power structures from the primetime soaps. Sure there were some characters with money on daytime soaps before the primetime trend hit, but most of the soaps were still middle class oriented.
  5. I meant Victor, because he can get fairly bitchy when it comes to Jack. But you have a point about how Sue Ellen treated Pam, I haven't seen Dallas in a long time and I had forgotten about that.
  6. Sue Ellen Ewing was a victim, it was JR who was the bitch. But that aside, some of my favorites are Lindsay Rappaport Dorian Lord Gabi Hernandez Stephanie Forrester Victor Newman
  7. They will have to increase the amount of uploads at some point because one episode a day is not enough for a soap opera with so many episodes. Fans like to relive their shows, but not in real time.
  8. Somebody hung a noose at the bus stop that I use nearly every day. The police was looking for information and asked me, but the day it was put up I had used another bus stop. Something told me to use the other bus stop that day and I'm glad I followed my intuition. Lord knows what could have happened had I came upon whoever put it up.

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    2. I Am A Swede

      I Am A Swede

      What the hell is happening in the world?  :ph34r:

    3. SFK


      I am so sorry you had to experience this. Don’t you live in the D.C. area? I hadn’t heard about this and it deserves news coverage.

    4. ReddFoxx


      I'm in California just outside Los Angeles.

  9. Madison was in the house with Jeffrey and David when it exploded so he was a casualty too. I wasn't surprised he ended the show like this because he did the same thing with If Loving You Is Wrong except with fewer characters dying. Not even Tyler Perry would hire Crystal Hunt, lol. That would be a nightmare on set.
  10. A chocolate penis was sent to the home of my local county supervisor who is facing a recall election. The right-wing Trumpsters are so out of control.

  11. Wow, incredible. It takes a real talented performer to pull off a scene like that.
  12. At the BET Awards the camera panned to Cynthia Erivo giving Jennifer Hudson the evil eye at Jennifer talked about the movie Respect.

  13. There definitely wouldn't have been a response if fans had not pointed out the mistake because the Emmys would not have ever realized the mistake. They probably just searched for Mamie on Y&R and selected the first picture they could find.
  14. Oh, ok, got it. Black shows have definitely not been a part of the reboot wave. House of Payne only got a reboot because Tyler Perry can shoot at his own studio and reduce the costs to BET. There are fewer black sitcoms on the air now than there were in the past four decades so a degree of bias does still exist.
  15. Sanford is probably the first example of a successful black sitcom getting a reboot, but that didn't last long at all and failed to get the attention that Sanford and Son did. Then there was What's Happening Now!! and one could say that What's Happening!! was moderately successful. With that said both of those revivals where in the 80s so there really has been no successful black sitcom that has received a reboot in recent times.
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