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  1. Sanders avoids socially liberal settings because he's one of those people who believes that the "Heartland" is put off by minorities and LGBT people. More than anyone he is trying to get votes from working class white voters who really don't vote based on their wallets, but on social issues over all. He's convinced that an economic message will get them to support him, but that's not at all accurate.
  2. There is an idea among the left that Trump being re-elected and destroying the country would push the country far left enough to elect the type of leaders that they want. The problem with that logic is that Trump being elected in the first place hasn't raised their political fortunes (almost none of the far left's preferred candidate's even made it out of primaries in last year's elections). A damaged economy and democracy being in shambles after two terms of Trump probably would give the Democratic Party an electoral realignment in 2024, but undoing all the harm Trump would have done would take decades.
  3. No one from that administration would ever reveal all about themselves like poor Karen Wolek did.
  4. I thought Guy Wilson was gay, but apparently he is straight. I think Chandler might be gay and just doesn't want it to be known publicly. And of course Freddie is straight so he might not feel comfortable making the kisses too realistic.
  5. Ford had to move before she even testified. The number of nutcases out there is countless.
  6. I wouldn't call that falling apart (although some people would love to say that). That's more like the woman is in fear of her safety and doesn't want to talk about what happened.
  7. The only way he resigns is if Trump is voted out, Democrats take the Senate and hold the House, then a thorough investigation takes place. He might be made uncomfortable enough to resign in the instance, but getting a Supreme Court judge to resign is like pulling a steak out of doberman's mouth.
  8. Protester throws red liquid at legislators, shutting down California Senate https://www.politico.com/states/california/story/2019/09/13/protester-throws-red-liquid-at-legislators-shutting-down-california-senate-1188537
  9. Will and Sonny are so poorly written. As gay men they should have been like "yaasss, honey" when Vivian walked in the door because she is really campy. That was just a joke. Seriously it did feel as if their presence was more like filler than anything else.
  10. That's an infringement on rights, but it's not an infringement on the 2nd Amendment so it's ok. The fact that this has even been proposed shows how backwards gun nuts are. Reasonable gun control is supposedly unconstitutional, but monitoring people because of a medical condition isn't.
  11. Mississippi's coast is probably about the best place in the state for any special events because of the beaches and the hotels. That doesn't make the state any better politically, that's merely a plus for the tourism side.
  12. Robin Strasser really played Dorian over the top on OLTL's later years and I feel like she's using that method here except it seems more restrained because Vivian is supposed to be nuts so it doesn't seem that over the top. I think she is doing a good job at being a villain but not making it too ridiculous.
  13. A record producer claims that Monica punched Brandy before a VMA's performance in 1998. The video of the performance is on Youtube.


  14. Plus, Florida is a swing state so he more than likely had that in mind when he decided to return.
  15. Georgia will have two Senate races next year https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/459104-gop-sen-johnny-isakson-to-resign-at-end-of-year
  16. *Stephanie Forrester voice* That man is married, Melania. You are such a slut! You made your filthy bed with that pig, now wallow in it! Jesting aside if soap operas weren't so looked down upon nowadays someone would have jumped at a Capitol reboot.
  17. Most people who watch news programming are older and older people of course tend to be more conservative. Conservatives also seem to need validation of their opinions from like minded people and that is what Fox News is there for.
  18. The tax cuts were a bust from the start for working people. Some folks got excited about getting bonuses at work but those were more like severance pay because they were let go shortly after. Businesses and the ultra wealthy definitely did put the tax cuts into the economy like Republicans pretend they did.
  19. That wasn't even something I thought of. It's crazy that most of the cabinet is acting. The state of our government is just terrible.
  20. The 25th Amendment should be invoked, because Trump is clearly slipping further down the drain mentally. Mike Pence really is an idiot in the fact that he hasn't pushed for this yet. If this was a soap opera the Vice President would have had the crazy President in a straight jacket already. Not that Pence would be better policy wise, but he'd basically be a lame duck with little power.
  21. The clip is available and it does appear he was drunk. It was a Fox News show.
  22. There is a fee that has to be if the celebrity is chosen, but there is a nomination and selection process by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Anyone nominated has to be in the entertainment field and Trump managed to get one from being on television. Reality stars have been told outright that they do not qualify for the walk, but Trump managed to get one probably because he was a producer for the Apprentice and that could qualify as a form of creativity. He likely knew people on the nominating committee (which is supposed to be kept super secret to prevent lobbying).
  23. Happy National Relaxation Day. Treat yourself well for the rest of the day and do something relaxing.

  24. Why would Netanyahu be afraid of Trump? Perhaps Trump has some information from Russia that could be damaging to him. The tariffs have done nothing to stave off a recession and the areas that will be hardest by one are areas that voted for Trump (in part because of tariffs already harming farmers). Trump would make a recession worse.
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