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  1. If there are any Georgians here on SON make sure you get out to vote.
  2. Not that this race is likely to come down to late mail ballots, but this might end up effecting Republican ballots more so than Democratic ones. Democrats have been extremely persistent about voting early and making sure that mail ballots are turned in immediately.
  3. If they actually raise the rent if Biden wins then the tenants have good cause to challenge the increase in court.
  4. Giuliani was elected to office along racially polarized lines and he appealed to the most racist New Yorkers. When conservatives go on and on about how liberal New York is it goes to show how uninformed they are. Staten Island and parts of Queens are as conservative as parts of the Midwest, but just urbanized.
  5. This is one of the most important things about this election that pundits and forecasters have not picked up on. Trump fatigue is real and it's driving a lot of people to the polls.
  6. Messing up a question like that in a farming state is inexcusable and it just might cost her some votes. Farming is literally life for many people in Iowa.
  7. I dropped my ballot off yesterday afternoon in an official dropbox outside of my city hall and I got a call at 11 o'clock last night saying that my ballot had been received and will be counted. Thankfully things are really together here in California and the votes will be properly handled.
  8. And since we are citing the Temptations I might as well predict how this election will end.
  9. Everyone got their seat belts?
  10. Small donations are quite valuable. They have really added up and helped build strong cash advantages for candidates.
  11. Harris' expressions reminded me of when Clair went on that public access show with those racist white men who wanted her to only discuss the black topics.
  12. Bernard was probably already gone by the time Lindsey got back home and didn't even leave a note. https://i.gifer.com/3VIv.gif
  13. Lindsey Graham finally goes racist. It was bound to happen sooner or later.
  14. He still went to a fundraiser knowing that he had the virus.
  15. Those jokes about Biden staying in the basement and wearing a mask are ten times as idiotic.
  16. She basically said "F Christmas". Imagine what if a Democrat behaved anything like this?
  17. The cast of Basketball Wives could have moderated that debate and it would have been more orderly. Trump had complete meltdown and the moderator lost control.
  18. There are an infinite amount of people out there working harder than he does and earning far less than he does, but are paying more than $750 in taxes.
  19. It's about money. She was probably paid well for the ad and with the inability to tour or do gigs right now she probably needs it. That is still no better than it being political because you should'nt do just anything for money.
  20. Dennis Quaid and CeCe Winans have involved themselves in a misuse of taxpayer dollars to spin Trump's failure on the virus. Dennis Quaid doesn't surprise me, but CeCe Winans should really be ashamed. The black community has been hit especially hard and she's going to use her influence to help with some trick like this. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/09/25/trump-hhs-ads-coronavirus-421957
  21. It is wise to be concerned about any tricks the might occur with the election results and I have concerns too. Thankfully voter registrations have gone up in the past week so hopefully that meant more voters to help put Trump out.
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