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  1. Hillary was the head of the state department, so maybe she knows some facts about Gabbard other than mere speculation. They probably will back away. She doesn't have a chance at the presidency and she might not retain her house seat. Her primary challenger is getting much attention early on.
  2. I feel like Yang's support is based mostly on his proposal of giving everyone $1000 a month. With soaps in the state that they are it's not surprising that a soap actor would support someone who could give them some income.
  3. That leaves only 6 out 15 of Trump's original cabinet members left in the administration. Most presidents see little turnover until their second term, yet Trump has lost more than half of his cabinet in less than three years.
  4. With Russia lurking about there is going to be much thrown at the nominee no matter who it is. Democrats could nominate Betty Crocker and Russia would say she slipped drugs into the cake mixes to get people hooked. The first vote in the primary is three months out so a lot can change and a front runner who no one expected could emerge (that happened in 2008 on the Republican side).
  5. The only candidate out of the top tier that I could see losing is Sanders and that is for a variety of reasons. Issues do matter a lot, but the general election is going to come down to rationality, temperament and pragmatism none of which Trump has. The ticket will end up being balanced out ideologically.
  6. It's going to be very, very hard for Trump to be re-elected. To be re-elected he would have needed to have started keeping a lower profile two years ago and started being more level headed. His biggest obstacle is that people are sick of hearing about him and will turn out to vote just to get him out of office. He's turned a lot of apathetic voters into guaranteed voters. That aside, the Ukraine phone has done irreparable harm to him. That pretty much backed up the Mueller Report and pushed any people who were skeptical about it into the impeachment camp. The call to Ukraine was made the day after Mueller testified, so it's almost like Trump became so overconfident that he was cleared (he really wasn't) that he committed a crime that he couldn't get out of. Having been elected with a plurality across three states that were quite unfriendly to Republicans in the midterms, it's hard to see Trump being re-elected.
  7. At this point it wouldn't be surprising if Trump beat himself up and said Pelosi did it. I'm only partially being silly because we no longer live in a normal world and should expect anything to happen.
  8. I wish somebody would leak his health records because not only is it clear that he has mental problems, it's clear that he has physical issues. Listen to how labored his breathing seemed. He sounded like someone about to faint.
  9. The Hortons are too entitled to do work like that, so Will wouldn't even be versatile.
  10. The best health care reform is to expand on Obamacare and create a public option that competes on the market with insurance companies. Raising the income threshold for Medicaid would also be helpful, because some people that are not below the poverty line truly do need it. After that, anti-trust laws should be used to break up health insurance companies and health care providers who keep prices high. Allowing for smaller hospitals and small health insurance companies to open up in lower to medium sized communities would create job growth as well as lowering costs.
  11. Klobuchar has some issues of being too difficult with staff, so that probably is a factor in why she isn't doing much better. She had a problem staffing her campaign because of her reputation. In a Democratic primary being abusive to your staff is pretty much a no go.
  12. I have a feeling that Chandler was enjoying the hell out of himself being that close to Robert.
  13. She had one of the best lines on that show ever. When Dwayne crashed Whitley's wedding she said "Die, just die!". There was also the episode where she went up against Dwayne's mother who was played by Patti LaBelle.
  14. I didn't think the scene was racist, but I did know that some people were going to think that it was.
  15. Arnold Schwarzenegger's term as Governor of California pretty much showed that being a businessman and being an elected official have no correlation. Businessmen are about making profit and government is not for profit. One reason that Clinton lost was because she played up experience so much and a lot of voters took that to mean career politician (which isn't necessarily a bad thing to have in a President). Voters are often far to obsessed with choosing outsiders over who is actually qualified.
  16. Most millenials do not have much to save and whatever they do save isn't enough to slow economic growth. CNBC posted a budget online to made it look like people making $500k a year struggle, so it's a fairly wealthy leaning channel.
  17. Not sure if this is just a joke, but if it's not it is worth wondering who smelled bad, lol.
  18. Much of the public doesn't understand this because they view everything in dollars instead of percentages. Republicans market as "oh, well people with less money are fine with their tax rate because they are paying only a few hundred dollars while the wealthy are burdened with paying millions" and lots of their voters believe this. There is also an idea that those too poor to pay taxes and who qualify for the EITC are somehow ok because they don't have to pay taxes at all.
  19. Seems to me like he is pushing these things through to make good on promises he's made to Russia before he's forced out. We know that the past couple of weeks have been terrible for him and what is going on behind closed doors is usually a lot worse than the public is made aware of. He is on borrowed time and needs to do what he can for Russia before he has to resign or is removed.
  20. I blame Trump less for this mess than I do establishment Republicans who allowed him to become President. They could have abandoned him in 2016 and just taken the loss in order to protect the country (and the world) from disaster. He demonstrated who he was over and over again in the campaign, but they chose to ignore it because they were so desperate for power.
  21. The few that Republicans who criticize Trump now could have done so in 2016 when it could have actually stopped him from being elected. At this point is too late.
  22. How Perry would be involved makes no sense. The Energy Department has little to do with foreign affairs that don't involve heavily oil producing countries. Even if the call was his idea he didn't make Trump say what he said on the phone.
  23. These fans sending hate tweets are disgusting. Unfortunately hate towards actors and actresses from delusional fans who think that the shows are real is nothing new.
  24. Is Julie being racist is something that the writers have added as of recent? I know she's been fairly salty toward people she doesn't like, but I don't remember anything racist since I've been watching (on and off since about 2004).
  25. Everyone has health issues with them sometimes being more serious than others and that's not something one should be criticized or judged for. But when it comes to the presidency these are things have to be considered because it is a high stress position that requires much travel. I'm not being mean, but Sanders looks far too frail to be President and this heart attack doesn't suggest that he is in that great of condition. It's also not great that the campaign tried to make it seem like something minor.
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