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  1. Notre Dame is on fire. It's hard to watch the footage.

    1. I Am A Swede

      I Am A Swede

      I couldn't believe it when I heard about it. It's absolutely horrible.  

    2. DramatistDreamer


      I was hoping that it would not be as bad as what it has actually turned out to be.  It's so much worse.

      This is an interesting thread about why a structure such as the cathedral of Notre Dame would be such a challenge to put out the fire.


    3. I Am A Swede

      I Am A Swede

      I'm sitting here, watching the footage, and I still can't believe it. I'm not sure why this has affected me as much as it has. I'm not French, I'm not catholic, in fact I'm hardly religious at all. But Notre Dame is so much more than a religious building. It's heartbreaking to think of everything that has been destroyed in this fire.  :(

  2. Trump getting elected changed the career trajectory of a lot of people. Most of the candidates currently running had no intention of ever running or were looking forward to 2024.
  3. Not everyone evaluates all situations individually, though. You have a system of government, courts, etc. filled with people who are determined to use the actions and of one person as precedent to blame entire groups of people.
  4. Going to court and getting dismissed would have been much worse than dropping the charge. Had that happen he would have played the victim even more and create a publicity nightmare for the police department and state's attorney.
  5. Chris Brown had a fairly substantial base of over the top fans. Some girls even went as far as to say he could beat them and they wouldn't care. He still was able to make his label and other parties money. Rihanna also became involved with him again, so that diminished some of the talk of what he did. The issue for Smollett is that he made very serious accusations in a time when hate has dramatically increased and also made it political. He made a fool of a lot of prominent people. He doesn't have a huge fan base and probably wouldn't make anyone enough money for them to hire him.
  6. The state's attorney probably made some error that would have gotten their case thrown out. I cannot imagine anything other than that reason getting this case dismissed.
  7. It's a strong draw for the network so it's not surprising that they are pressing on with it. It is good that they because other people don't deserve to lose work just because of Loughlin.
  8. There was no way that Hallmark Channel was ever going to keep her on after this. It really would be unfortunate if the show got canceled because it's not fair for other people to lose their jobs for something they had nothing to do with.
  9. I doubt he has the sort of cash to pay to play, lol.
  10. You will definitely find those types. Sometimes when I hear some graduates of prestigious colleges speak I wonder how they got there because they don't speak that well and don't seem that smart. To an extent, education has become less about knowledge and more about social status and name dropping colleges.
  11. Charges might be based on who wrote the checks. If Huffman and Loughlin wrote checks off of an individual one as opposed to a joint one then it might be hard to charge their husbands even if they were on board. Looks as if Loughlin may have skipped town
  12. Agreed. It's fairly easy to cry and say that "I just wanted what is best for my kids" on Dr. Phil or perhaps on an Oprah special. Aside from casting some people who might have been on Cinemax late at night Hallmark casting is fairly squeaky clean.
  13. Living in a community with a sizeable wealthy population this doesn't much surprise me. My mom ran for school board and we met a lot of parents who are 24/7 invested in their kids education, especially the mothers. They bankroll whatever they can. The mothers who don't have much money are just as obssesive too and use organizing to gain power. So far no one around here has been caught bribing schools, but they have the same sort of ambition as Huffman and Loughlin probably have. I understand wanting to best for your kids but being dishonest really does nothing to help then in the long run and cheats honest families out of opportunities.
  14. https://amp.tmz.com/2019/03/12/felicity-huffman-lori-loughlin-arrested-college-admissions-bribery-scam/ They engaged in playoffs to get their kids into prestigious schools. There were donations made in exchange for fraudulent profiles that boosted admission chances. Huffman was actually arrested and is in custody pending signature bond.
  15. Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin have been indicted for bribery. They apparently were involved in a scheme to bribe their children into Ivy League schools https://amp.tmz.com/2019/03/12/felicity-huffman-lori-loughlin-arrested-college-admissions-bribery-scam/

    1. Vee


      Just saw this. Insane!!!

    2. YRBB


      This is EXACTLY the kind of thing Lynette would do!! :lol:

  16. That applause was part of the video. I thought it was from the crowd at first, but it was definitely in the video.
  17. That was the slideshow that was shown at the memorial.
  18. Since the church was only a couple of miles away from my home I felt compelled to stop in and show respect. It was more of a celebration of his life than a memorial because afterwards they had a small reception where people told stories about Kristoff and Dondre Whitfield was one of the people to talk.
  19. That is my tweet with the obituary. The service let out about an hour ago and a lot of actors who worked with him were there (MTS, Victoria Rowell, Shemar Moore, Peter Bergman, Amelia Heinle, etc) as well as some who didn't work with him. Kenny Lattimore sang a couple of gospel songs and there was a slide show with photos of Kristoff through the years. His father spoke and was absolutely devastated. He basically said he never thought he'd outlive his son.
  20. That's not far away from me. I think I'll go.
    1. I Am A Swede

      I Am A Swede

      Such a fabulous comedic talent. I wish they would re-run Soap sometime, instead of the endless repeats of "Two and a half men" and "The big bang theory" we get here....  <_<


    2. ChitHappens


      Jessica Tate will always be one of my favorite characters!  Helmond was casting perfection!  RIP Lady 🙏

    3. DaytimeFan


      I loved her so as Mona. RIP Katherine Helmond. A sparkling talent.

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  21. Joe Biden seems absent minded and even clueless at times.
  22. Are we going to count instances of actors having affairs? If so, then Melissa Reeves and Jason Brooks.
  23. What is in the check memo isn't vindication for him, so that's a dumb line of defense. He could have put groceries in there and the police would have drawn the same conclusion because they are going off of testimony.
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