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  1. The character's name or the actor's name? Because both sound a bit porn like, lol.
  2. That's one of the better looking soap stunts that has been done in awhile.
  3. It was a good show and the story lines made you want to tune in next week. It should have been scheduled on the same night as a Tyler Perry show. Like his shows or not, he has a strong, loyal audience and Ambitions could have picked up some viewers from that audience.
  4. Sonny's crying reminded me of this Some other things about the show today. Sarah did hold her baby for awhile, so how could she not realize that Xander brought her another baby? Just an opinion, but that is a writing fail.
  5. We'll see what happens, but it seems as if the writers didn't think out the details of the accident.
  6. The Electoral College won't be abolished unless a Republican wins the popular vote but fails to secure the electoral vote. If that somehow occurred these Republican legislatures in red states would be tripping all over themselves to get rid of it.
  7. When you have Bernie Sanders practically hitting another candidate, I think it's perfectly relevant for his likeability among colleagues and others to be highlighted. In a general election these things would be a problem and make voters feel as if their choices are between two angry, elderly men with delusions of grandeur. Clinton merely voiced an opinion and Sanders supporters are angry because it was a valid one.
  8. The timeline on this certainly doesn't line up well since everything is supposed to be occurring at the same time.
  9. Marie Wilson looked great today and I think she did a great job playing that character. With that said it seems like that plot device was thrown together and quickly paced to make the elements of the time jump stories to work.
  10. He did send out a tweet days before the election saying that not everyone thinking about voting for Trump was racist and that seemed like a signal to his supporters. He never said anything to dismiss the talk by his supporters about the primary being rigged and that spoke volumes.
  11. ROFL! Dickmatized, you got me dickmatized.
  12. I will not spoil it, but Tyler Perry's A Fall from Grace is well worth the watch. If you have Netflix please watch the movie.

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    2. Khan


      You see, it's b.s. like this that keeps me from becoming a TP fan.  (Okay, you say you don't need other writers in the room.  That's your joint, so roll with it.  But, blaming them for the drop in ratings, and not your own inability to keep an audience interested in your crap?  If I ever wanted to collaborate with that man, I certainly would change my mind after reading this article.)



    3. KMan101


      At least he acknowledges the main argument is giving other folks opportunity in the writers room and being a showrunner. I'm guessing he's afraid of someone being better than he is.

    4. Khan


      Either that, @KMan101, or as @ChitHappens suggests, Tyler is "too damn cheap" to hire other writers.  (Plus, if he were to hire others to write his shows, he'd have to pay according to WGA guidelines, and we know how Tyler feels about unions.)

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  13. It's taken three years, but it has finally happen. This is the sort of situation that many feared on Election Night 2016, that Trump would trigger some sort of military conflict.
  14. Hattie: I thought we were friends. Gina: ...No, we're not. That was hilarious to me.
  15. Not sure if it's accurate, but I saw a spoiler that said that Evan is the father of Jordan's son.
  16. I do like Kristen and Lani as friends. Soaps often do not formulate female friendships well and this one is off to a good start (for now at least). I know that the Gina and Stefano storyline is ridiculous, but I couldn't but help but enjoy when they walked into the party. That was classic soap opera.
  17. Merry Christmas, SON Family

    1. DramatistDreamer


      Merry Christmas. And to those who, for whatever reason, may be having a hard time this year, I wish you Peace and Tranquility. 

    2. kalbir


      Merry Christmas 🎄

  18. I think that Evan is evil or at least working for someone nefarious. It's probable that Kate's line about him being a predator was intended to be a clue about what he is really trying to do.
  19. Bill Cosby is someone that I wish I could yell obscenities at, because he has no remorse and no self-awareness. Even before the revelations I never much cared for him because he was too pretentious. Eric Monte (Good Times) claims that the idea for the Cosby Show was stolen from him after he pitched it to a producer who would go on to produce the Cosby Show. I don't know how true that is but it wouldn't surprise me if it was true, because it was odd how Cosby finally managed to find a hit after other failed television comedy show and pitched idea can easily be stolen. Taking another black man's idea, making money with white producers off it and not compensated him for it seems more slave like than a silly joke.
  20. Bernadette and Ja'net looks amazing in that picture. Tiffany probably was not the right person to play Willona as I think someone who is not a comic would have worked better. I think Jennifer Hudson could have pulled it off, because when she sang Movin' On Up she was giving those 70s vibes that would have fit with Willona.
  21. Edward Albert, son of Eddie Albert was on Port Charles.
  22. No disrespect to Deidre Hall, but it seems like she is phoning in much of her performance lately. Even in the scenes where Hattie talked to Eve in prison it seemed like she was doing a very slightly animated version of Marlena and not really trying at all. Of course the writing does count and the scenes with the baby didn't give Marlena any empathetic lines, but Hall's performance was still quite low key.
  23. The coalition with the Conservatives most certainly ruined the Liberal Democrats.
  24. Sloppy work. But I guess if they think I line sounds snappy they will just roll with it.
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