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  1. That shooting happened in my city. It's absolutely crushing since this is a fairly close community and nothing like this has happened here before.
  2. B&B alumni lost their congressional races. Kimberlin Brown lost by 12%, while Antonio Sabato Jr. lost by a wider 19%.
  3. Democrats taking the House means that ACA repeal is off the table and that is extremely good. Moving forward into 2020 the good news is that Democrats performed well in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin which are states they need to win to take the electoral college.
  4. Melissa Fumero (Adriana - OLTL) is in a political PAC ad encouraging voting.
  5. Kim must have finally convinced him to take his meds.
  6. Any changes to the constitution would have to go through the states and as right-leaning as the court is it is hard to see Roberts approving of a change to the constitution by executive order and he is probably the most likely contender for swing vote moving forward (at least for some things). As for the scheme to set up Mueller, that has a potential to backfire in the election. After how much Republicans attacked the women who accused Kavanaugh it's going to be quite telling that they were the ones trying to set someone up and pay people to do it no less.
  7. Just returned home not too long ago from a candle light vigil at the temple nearby where I live. There probably over a hundred people there and that was a good turnout. The Rabbi was clear to point out how hate is a real problem and didn't talk around it.
  8. It terrible how hard it is to feel safe anymore. And this arm everyone nonsense is just irritating.
  9. NBC only hired her because of Trump's attacks and because of sexual harassment scandals at Fox News. It seems as if they believed they could somehow capitalize on that by gaining her Fox News viewers and perhaps build more of a following. Megyn Kelly is a partisan hack that doesn't appeal to anyone but extremely conservative people who are always angry (she seems angry all the time herself). When she went off on Jane Fonda they should have fired her, because that was an absolutely insane display for television.
  10. The direction is just so varied. Why was Bill's landing the same as crazy Rick's fall years ago? ROFL.
  11. What is it with B&B and people falling from high places? That's is the go to form of injury for this show. I did see the promo and might watch when I have nothing else to do.
  12. As with anything on television, ratings is a motivation. Trump was good for ratings during the campaign and got more viewers to turn into newscasts that are normally not watched.
  13. How could I forget Capitol? That is the ultimate when it comes to soaps and politics.
  14. Trump has created this environment. That isn't to say that this people didn't exist before it's just that they have become more emboldened now.
  15. That Opal campaign ad was hilarious, especially that song. I do think that having Nikki run for office was not a good writing choice for that particular character. That would have been a better fit for someone like Jill who is more of a power character. And I do agree that not mentioning anything about political party is ridiculous. All television shows do that and I don't like it.
  16. Since election day is near I thought this would be a fun topic. Which soaps have had political story lines or had main characters hold office? I know some, but I'm curious about others. Y&R - Jack and Nikki ran for Wisconsin State Senate (which was a poorly written story line, IMO) OLTL - Dorian and Viki were Mayor of Llanview. Dorian was a Senator. DAYS - Abe was the Mayor of Salem Primetime Dynasty: Blake and Alexis ran against each other for Governor of Colorado Falcon Crest: Chase ran for Board of Supervisors and beat Angela's candidate (the direction in the scene were the results come in and Angela is listening is stunning)
  17. William Harper Jackson (The Good Place)
  18. That seems like a lifetime ago. It was really a stretch when that narrative was pushed.
  19. The person behind Black Americans for the President's Agenda is the insane Vernon Robinson who is actually crazy. He has called himself the Black Jesse Helms and he has failed multiple times at being elected to Congress with unhinged campaigning.
  20. This ad has been airing on the radio in Arkansas' 2nd Congressional district. Listen to it, because it is horrible.
  21. A Republican demonstrates that Hillary Clinton was right about civility https://twitter.com/mattmfm/status/1050779638463639552 https://twitter.com/mattmfm/status/1050779638463639552
  22. Kanye West is not far away from a fatal drug overdose or bizarre accident. I'm really not trying to be mean, but he's got mental problems and is the type that will eventually do harm to himself like other troubled celebrities have.
  23. The Midwest is always the swing region in midterms. It came through huge for Democrats in 2006 and will probably come through even bigger this year. One of the critical things about this midterm is that Democrats can secure partial (hopefully full) control of redistricting in key states like Michigan and Wisconsin, perhaps even Ohio.
  24. With the advanced taping schedule it will be well into next year before the show pays tribute. It's always sad to see the veterans go.
  25. Her audience is not primarily conservative and she is not exactly revered by country fans because of her switch to pop from what was already country pop.
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