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  1. This one I was watching today and it really drew me in. I don't think I've seen a talk show portrayed on a soap opera before.
  2. Haven Marlowe The responsibility of being a matriarch of the family came too soon for Haven. Her parents passed away in a tornado that devastated Conroy Valley and heavily damaged the family dairy business. Haven was in her 20s when she had to rebuild the family business and raise her young brother and sister. More than 30 years, one divorce and two children later, Haven still has not found time to breathe and be her own person. Love of family is first for her, but she’d still like more than one sort of love. Greg Marlowe Greg took it the hardest when his parents died and Haven responded by always keeping him close to her as he grew up. This has caused tension between Greg and Haven’s eldest son, Stephen. Greg is only 7 years older than Stephen so there was almost a sibling rivalry of sorts that turned into deep rooted tension when they became adults. Greg has taken the high road and treated Stephen like a brother, but Greg’s emotional problems are aggravated by the tension. Greg continues to reach out to Stephen because of fear of loss. He suffers from chronic depression and anxiety that nearly cripples him to the point of not being able to get out of he bed in the morning. But he struggles through to help Haven run the dairy. Alicia Marlowe Although Haven works hard, Alicia is the workhorse of the family. She spends almost every waking hour practicing her art of hand crafting artisan cheeses that sell in some of the finest markets on the East Coast. Being the youngest she doesn’t remember much about her parents and was mostly insulated from the hurt. When she was first old enough to understand losing her parents she firmly grounded herself and refused to become like Greg. To Alicia emotions are something that you control and not something that you let control you. Stephen LeBas Stephen is Haven’s first born and her biggest handful. Her younger son Seth is attending college overseas, but Stephen has always stayed close by to make sure that he secures his place in the Marlowe legacy. The problem for Stephen is that he doesn’t much want to work for it and merely expects a crown of sorts just for being part of a prosperous family. He has a good mind for ice cream flavors, but he never follows up on any of his idea and instead spends most of his time traveling or attending parties. Because of his strained relationship with Greg, Haven doesn’t pressure Stephen about his lack of drive and ambition. Spoiling him has been her way of showing him that she loves him since he has always felt overshadowed by Greg. Stephen’s worst quality is his mean sense of humor at Greg’s expense. He mocks Greg’s emotional problems mercilessly.
  3. ReddFoxx

    Anatomy of Life

    Anatomy of Life is a modern telling of the age old chore of living life. Rural Conroy Valley, Maryland is home to several generations of the upper class Marlowe Family, the middle class Wright Family and the working poor Hayes Family.
  4. Rep. Norma Torres delivered quite a message to anti-choice men on the House floor
  5. Just saw a news report where two owners of sushi restaurant that burned down got into a big fight outside while the news crew was there. They took a firefighter down with them. It looked like a soap opera brawl.

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      I saw the videos this morning and just crazy.

  6. Chua is nothing but a madam. She taught women how to dress to appeal to Kavanaugh and get work with him. Nothing but dirty.
  7. Trump trails Biden in Texas and only very narrowly leads everyone else. https://poll.qu.edu/texas/release-detail?ReleaseID=2625
  8. I can understand why he would do it. He's polling very low and needs the exposure to Democrats that might tune in to Fox just to see a Democratic candidate.
  9. Usually I don't approve of people intimidating politicians, but Nigel Farage is so disgusting that I really cannot feel bad for him. Pelosi is deliberately pushing Trump's buttons. The things that she says sometimes are worded to set him off and it is incredibly hilarious. Saying that you'll pray for someone is a good way to set them off.
  10. Ben Carson and Betsy DeVos make Rose Nylund look like a Rhodes Scholar.
  11. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/russian-documents-reveal-desire-sow-racial-discord-violence-u-s-n1008051
  12. In an interview Thaao once called the actor who played Bart "delicious". It was in the context of acting, but I still think only a gay man would call anyone delicious in any context.
  13. With Biden's issues with Anita Hill think it's a little problematic that a woman of color is being asked if she will back up an elderly white man on the ticket so far in advance of the voting. I think the response was more to the reporters asking the questions more than an actual swipe at Biden. He wouldn't pick her anyway. He'd pick some generic white man that supposedly would not threaten white working class men who don't like the idea of a woman or person of color with too much authority.
  14. That opening looks like something a fan would make. It looks so unprofessional. I don't watch GH, but I saw the discussion about a cheap opening from the side bar and had to come see for myself. Seriously, there are amateur people on Youtube who could have done a better job with an opening.
  15. The whole thing with him kissing and hugging women makes me very reluctant to vote for him if he's the nominee. Besides that I think he'd find a way to lose since he's always been incredibly inept and gaffe prone.
  16. Wendy Vitter's husband is a whore who slept with prostitutes and has a diaper fetish. I take consultation in the fact that she was cheated on and humiliated by his antics. Yes, that is petty, but at this point it's hard not to be petty. And I'm sure the Pentagon had to be sprayed with Lysol. Gene Simmons looks like he smells like a dead skunk.
  17. B&B: Nick Marone. He was onscreen a lot for years and now it's like he never existed. Although I expect that Bell will make use of his son with Brooke and Taylor at some point.
  18. It was a few years ago, but she got into a fight with a woman in a bar and ended up breaking a glass on the woman's face. She got probabtion and had to pay $3600 in restitution.
  19. Crystal Hunt was supposedly a nightmare on One Life to Live. Considering that she cut up a woman's face in real life it's not really surprising she was not a good person to work with.
  20. A lot of Trump voters will not support him again. Some of them were actually conned and had to learn the hard way. The Democratic nominee has to have a strong rural recovery plan to win back some Obama-Trump voters.
  21. DeSantis won't disclose which counties were hacked which says a lot. He trailed in every poll last year but he somehow managed to win. It's true that polling isn't always accurate but it wouldn't be surprising if he got a boost from Moscow. I still believe that evidence will turn up that voters were actually tampered with in 2016 but it's hard to believe that Russia didn't go that far to assure that Trump would win. If that isn't true then it surely will be true next year. Just wait for precincts to mysteriously have their ballot boxes go missing or for votes to be destroyed in "accidents".
  22. I've never heard of Flannery being a diva either. The only thing that could come close to that was that she had regular vacations and controlled her wardrobe which is more than most actors or actresses could get, but those things were reasonable.
  23. BarBara Luna was supposedly very difficult to work with on One Life to Live
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