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  1. LOL, my mom was saying Brenda Jenkins won too. It was good to see her win, because she most certainly can deliver great performances.
  2. Oh, yes it makes perfect sense now. The memo line on the check doesn't say "for fake attack" so he is now vindicated /sarc
  3. Cookie: I know Jamal done lost his mind marrying some old ass man. That man is older than us, Lucious! That's just nasty! Sorry, had to get that out, rofl. As far as recasts go I think viewers might be more accepting when the reason why the previous actor was fired are so public. Plus, Jussie is an adequate actor, but he's not so great where anyone else would not be accepted as Jamal (unless they are Charity Rahmer unskilled).
  4. LOL. Joking aside, I've noticed Jack Coleman seems to be typecast as struggling gay men. Maybe he could play new Jamal's older white husband that he met after losing his memory and ending up in Los Angeles 😄
  5. A recast certainly will sting and I think that would be a good punishment for Jussie. As long as the recast is not a terrible actor it shouldn't matter too much for viewers.
  6. I know this scrub did not bring the mayoral election into this. The more he fights this the more he increases his chances of going to prison. He can't win in court, so he should just plead and apologize for doing such a terrible thing.
  7. I think they will just make Jamal the one in the coffin and leave it at that.
  8. I know both Terrence and Taraji probably want to give him a real beat down. Both of them seemed geniuenly sympathetic in their statements and I don't think either of them are the types that appreciate being duped.
  9. It does seem like he's not playing with a full deck. Sending fake treats to yourself and paying to have people fake attack you is insane. He really is stupid.
  10. How in the world did he think doing this would get him more money? Now he'll have no salary at all.
  11. Considering that no one was falsely arrested he probably will be offered a plea with conditions. That is what happened to the woman who lied and said she was attacked by an Obama supporter. That was in Pennsylvania though and Illinois' laws might require something harsher.
  12. At this point FOX is just being cautious and not dropping him too quickly as to avoid a wrongful termination lawsuit.
  13. Alcohol wouldn't make anyone fabricate an attack. He'll have to claim that he's bipolar and was in a manic stage to avoid jail time.
  14. Julia flipping out like that was great, that scene never gets old. But as for Empire, Jamal can easily be written out and is expendable (he got annoying quite awhile ago). Not really. Smollett clearly has some mental problems, but considering that she indirectly defends mentally disturbed Trump it's a little hypocritical for her to call anyone crazy.
  15. Elections have consequences and any Trump voter that gets their land seized gets exactly what they voted for. It's unlikely they would prevail in a court challenge because of a conservative majority on the court. If they actually get their land seized they are pretty much out of luck.
  16. I can't remember. It's been many years since I've seen that movie and all I remember is him hiding under the car.
  17. I keep thinking of that scene in A Thin Line Between Love and Hate where Lynn Whitfield's character beats herself up to frame Martin Lawrence's character. There is definitely something wrong with Jussie Smollett to do something like this.
  18. There is absolutely no excuse for what he did, I was just wondering what his motivation was. Whatever it was it's likely that he will end up claiming that his mental state caused him to behave irrationally and say that he is bipolar or something like that.
  19. All of this is so bizarre. Fox has denied that he was being let go so if he didn't do this to keep his job there is still the question of why he did do this. Perhaps it was just for attention, but whatever the reason it really is crazy to stage an attack. Politically it won't have any ramifications because it's over a year from the next election and it isn't as if anyone was falsely arrested. It will be as remembered as Morton Downey Jr.'s fake attack.
  20. Karla Mosley can really sing. I just got back from a concert production of Dreamgirls where she played Deena and she was great.

  21. This certainly is not good. You can't stage this sort of thing and actually get away with it.
  22. It really took them too long to retire the categories, because some of the nominations in the later years were given to people who barely had any screen time.
  23. My grandmother's sister was named Mamie.
  24. A lot of companies love using family very loosely and I don't care for that either. Team is more appropriate for companies to use.
  25. IMO, it was better than the show has been in the past few years at least performance wise.
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