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  1. Trump visited Louisiana to campaign for the Republican candidate for Governor, but it turns out it didn't really help because the Democrat just got re-elected tonight.
  2. The public has been intelligent enough to process this even before the public hearings, so perceptions are baked in for the most part.
  3. JJ looks like he smells like cigarettes and booze.
  4. For me, it's less about specific things and more about where to shop. My favorite stores to buy gifts are Burlington and Marshalls, because they have all sorts of odds and ends that can make for unique and practical gifts.
  5. I like the time jump so far. It certainly has generated more discussion because there have been more posts in this thread than there usually are in a day or even two days so that is one positive. Having something to discuss is fun.
  6. Campaigns are paying close attention to this. It's part of the reason why Democrats flipped every congressional seat in Orange County. Asian-Americans voted 77% Democratic last year which made them the most Democratic voting demographic behind African-Americans.
  7. Entering the presidential race in November is too late without question. Focusing on a state that is later in the primary while ignoring the earlier ones is exactly what Giuliani did in the 2008 GOP primary and he ended up being irrelevant before that state came up (Florida was where he focused on).
  8. They are light skinned Creole blacks /sarcasm
  9. The medicare for all plan by Warren is problematic, because it does increase middle class taxes and what is left of the middle class can't afford that. People simply aren't going to buy that the tax increase is really a savings because you aren't paying for private health insurance anymore. That is an extremely tough sell for voters. Out of who is left, I think Biden and Harris have the best chance of winning (Biden provided that he can stay on track and avoid unforced errors).
  10. The networks want to draw in viewers by covering the impeachment inquiry hearings, but they should realize that people are just going to rely on social media for the highlights.
  11. For a gay person to get elected President it would take urban and suburban areas increasing their percentage of the statewide vote in swing states (which isn't impossible since rural areas are declining).
  12. I think Gabi is going to try and help Eli pick up the pieces. The way she was rubbing on his head looked like she was moving in on him.
  13. White Midwesterners aren't exactly that enlightened either and probably are worst. Some of these truck driving, supposedly patriotic rural types would beat up a gay person if they could get away with it, but a religious black southerner would bandage, protect and feed the same person. There are some black people who are quite socially conservative, but there are many more socially conservative whites who control the electorate.
  14. I don't know why, but the way Jennifer fell made me laugh. Obviously that's not supposed be funny, but the direction made it look that way.
  15. Buttigieg could pull off a win in Iowa, but the problem for him is that he has no path forward on Super Tuesday because he has no support among black voters. Harris is the candidate that I believe could also pull off a surprise win in Iowa and be able to push through into Super Tuesday. She's taken an interesting strategy of going to some voters homes to cook them dinner in Iowa and has been practically camped out there and in South Carolina. Strategically focusing on a couple of early states is for the best.
  16. If Sanders does not win NH then he has no real path to the nomination. If Biden can get out of IA and NH at least a second place finish in one he can win SC and make it to Super Tuesday to close things out. I don't see an actual floor fight happening. With that said, someone not in the top three could sneak up and win Iowa, which would give them momentum moving forward. If that doesn't happen I have a really hard time not locking things in on Super Tuesday (barring any unforced errors or gaffes on his part).
  17. https://www.amazon.com/Buff-Bernie-Coloring-Book-Berniacs/dp/1530297443 When I first saw this it was hard to believe it was real.
  18. That's certainly why he moved (it's more likely just changing addresses).
  19. Cult mentality is never a good thing in politics. There is actually Sanders fan fiction and it's no secret how weird fan fiction of any kind can get at times. Someone even created a coloring book with his head superimposed over a muscular body. The number of young people who seem to really think that he has given their life purpose is really disturbing and he does nothing to discourage it.
  20. NJ-2 voted for Trump, but not by a wide percentage and it's hardly as supportive of him as some rural areas are. Plus in redistricting it probably will end up dropping the redder parts. Jeff Van Drew had a reputation of being a moderate Democrat in the New Jersey State Senate and he's trying to duplicate that record in Congress, but voting against an impeachment inquiry when there really is evidence of wrongdoing makes no sense.
  21. Tamron Hall dressed up as Dominique Devereaux on her show today.

    1. YRBB


      Wow. She killed it. Loved the "burned champagne" reference too!

    2. SFK


       She looked amazing. 

  22. It's not surprising that Sarah will supposedly steal Kristen's baby, because that's a story that is a repetitive go to. At least they aren't having Kristen steal a baby because that's too predictable.
  23. That makes 19 Republicans leaving the House so far.
  24. The trolling is very passive aggressive. Some trolls will outright insult people and call names, but others are just annoy and pretend like they are sorry.
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