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  1. Was in the store earlier and saw that just about all of the cleanser was sold out. Hand sanitizer and hand soap was all sold out at the Dollar Tree. It's like people just figured out the cleaning your house and washing your hands is a good idea.

  2. Some cases don't even get to trial for 6 months to a year, so it's totally absurd that the writers had Ben up for executions so quick. All Carlivati wanted was a overly dramatic execution scene where Ben was rescued. In fiction it is necessary to take some liberties with realism, but there is a limit and this story clearly crossed it.
  3. Jordan probably is alive. Evan said the baby is in good hands and I have to imagine he means Jordan. As obsessed as she was with getting rid of Ben she probably cut a deal with Evan to fake her murder to frame Ben. That seems like a plausible route for this show.
  4. Biden has really surged in post-South Carolina polling. He looks really strong for Super Tuesday
  5. This episode was quite ridiculous and rushed.
  6. Klobuchar and Warren could take a number a delegates on Super Tuesday which would reduce Sanders' chances of running up a sizable plurality of delegates. Sanders' supporters include a lot of oddballs who have no real ideology other than liking any candidate who talks about revolution and change (some of them used to support Ron Paul who is the polar opposite of Sanders).
  7. You're welcome, lol. In post-South Carolina primary news, Biden is picking up donors from other candidates. This is big because he has been low on cash.
  8. Joe Biden had his Susan Lucci Emmy moment tonight. He has run for President four times over 36 years and this was his first primary win. That aside, his strategy to bet on South Carolina paid off and will give him a boost into Super Tuesday.
  9. That's not racist at all. Agricultural and domestic work is mostly done by immigrants now. And before immigrants, it was black people who were mostly doing that work. There as a bill that as passed in Alabama that was supposed to curb illegal immigration and free up agriculture jobs. Well once it was in place there were some legal citizens who signed up, but most of them didn't show up for work and lots of produce ended up rotting on the vine.
  10. Love those sort of old ads. It's a throwback to when the telephone was the internet of it's day.
  11. It is hilarious that that dress was considered inappropriate at the time. These days it would be something a girl would wear to a funeral.
  12. Is that really anyone's business though? You sound evil as hell with your response.
  13. Freddie was better than he was in the scenes where Adrienne died.
  14. Steyer released at least one negative ad against Sanders, so I don't think he's trying to help him.
  15. He's stuck in the same mode that he was in for writing his plays and he very much prides himself on lifting himself out of poverty with his work (he was living in his car at one point years ago), so I'm guessing that gives him an elevated view of his writing. Wigs are a big part of theatre, but on stage props like wigs are a lot more common as they are used there to hide microphones and to better help transform actors in their characters. Television and film is a lot different, but he doesn't seem to get that. Or maybe he really is trolling, which would be absolutely hilarious.
  16. Matt Cedeno (former Brandon, DAYS) will be playing a cult leader in Tyler Perry's Ruthless. And he'll be wearing one of the wigs that some many people make fun of Tyler Perry for using in his productions.
  17. Russia was boosting Sanders in 2016 and now they are doing it again. One of Sanders' main surrogates, Nina Turner campaigned for Jill Stein in 2016 after Sanders didn't get the nomination. Jill Stein has ties to Russia and has been on RT more than once, so who is to say that Nina Turner isn't getting a check from Russia under the table? She originally supported Hillary Clinton but flipped to Sanders after Clinton wouldn't hire her, so clearly she is play for pay. Then there is his press secretary, Briahna Joy Gray who admitted that she voted for Jill Stein. Honestly it's not unbelievable to believe that more than a few people on the Sanders campaign are in league with Russia.
  18. Warren could have a surprisingly good showing in Nevada thanks to her debate performance and her calling out Bloomberg might have helped Biden a lot on Super Tuesday. I'm not sure how it will actually go over with voters, but Sanders' comment about having a summer camp made him seem a lot more out of touch than he portrays himself. He's not a billionaire, but he is still much more financially secure than most working and middle class Americans.
  19. Guess there is limited money for wardrobe so he had to wear his own clothes on the show. ROFL.
  20. I watched the show for a short time in the last few years and can't speak to everything that occurred, but there was this one scene where Susan had it out with Kim about Chris locking Alison in a room.
  21. Happy Valentine's Day weekend, SON.

  22. Not a slap, but a full on punch. Donna Krebs wasn't having Bonnie's crap.
  23. I'm starting to think Freddie thinks he's really cute. Those shaving pictures seem like a thirst trap of sorts.
  24. The origins most certainly have played a part in how much respect the genre gets. I think from the early 80s and on up to the early 2000s that the genre did gain a little more respect from the networks. The Daytime Emmys were a prestigious event like other awards, you had some soaps get primetime specials and Disney created Soap Net.
  25. That line that Stefano had asking Hattie (who he thought as Marlena) if she wanted to taste what it was like to be with a DiMera was so nasty, but I laughed at it. I don't think I've heard a nasty line like that on a soap opera for a while.
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