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  1. Alcohol and Drug Addiction - Some people relapse over trauma, but I think soaps use relapsing as a lazy device to further a plot. - Recovery is sometimes portrayed as being quick.
  2. Peter Bergman is a mediocre actor who has been treated as if he is a powerhouse, so he is privilege personified. Besides he can't call anyone crazy considering that fight he had with Eric Braeden. That's unstable.
  3. First off not everyone handles things the same. Some black actors and actresses will just refrain from saying anything because they want to work. Black people are always called troublemakers if they complain about anything. You being gay is not relevant here, but being white still comes in ahead of that. Your privilege is showing in your posts.
  4. It's not like she's running around threatening to call the police on people for nothing or blocking people from going into their apartment buildings or coughing on people because they don't want to follow social distancing rule. She has real complaints.
  5. I remember City of Angels because it seemed like it had potential. About five years before that CBS had aired another attempt at a drama with a black cast with Under One Roof starring James Earl Jones. It lasted six episodes, but Jones managed to get an Emmy nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.
  6. There is also the fact that Tyler had an established audience from years of doing plays that were directly marketed to a black audience that mainstream writers and producers do not tap into for the most part. I say the most part because start up networks like FOX, UPN and WB had no problem flooding their schedules with comedies that appealed to urban audiences, but not any drama series.
  7. Rebecca on Passions was flat out racist. There was a scene where Pilar had collapsed in a bathroom and Rebecca tapped her with her foot and said hola. I know that the show went for comedy a lot, but this wasn't funny.
  8. Looks like Lindsey Graham is about to have some problems. This would explain why he made a complete transformation over Trump.
  9. Another one is Tanya Boyd playing Celeste who was Lexie's mother on DAYS even though she is only seven years older than Renee Jones.
  10. One of the silliest has to be Leigh Taylor-Young playing Katherine Crane who was mother to Julian Crane played by Ben Masters who is only two years younger. The writers tried to explain as Katherine having had plastic surgery, but it still was a fail.
  11. Kristen DiMera is the most recent one. It was even joked about when Kristen took offense to Dr. Rolf remarking that she was of advanced age to have a baby.
  12. It probably was seen as outdated by them because of the need to make daytime more like primetime.
  13. It would be hilarious if someone went live wearing a robe and it's possible that it will happen. I also wonder if anyone will be thirsty enough to go live shirtless.
  14. Olivia annihilating Keesha is one of the best confrontations. Tonya Lee Williams put some much force into it that you cannot help feeling what the writing was trying to convey.
  15. VCR recordings negatively effecting the ratings is something that I never considered. It makes a lot of sense, though. Soap Net was an attempt to accommodate viewers who worked in the daytime, but it came along too late. Pre-internet the networks would had to have used paper surveys among VCR surveys to collect data and that would have been tedious, but probably worth the effort.
  16. Like so many others, I got into soaps because of family. My mother and grandmother were ABC soap viewers, while my aunt was a Young and the Restless viewer, but I watched All My Children and One Life to Live with my grandmother.
  17. This is a hard one. I'm trying to think of soap stars who can sing, but the only ones I can think of wouldn't necessarily fit the parts. These are some people I thought of. Buddy - Wally Kurth (I could see him being able to convey Buddy's subtle desperation) Solange - Robin Strasser (Ah Paris! is perfect for an actress like her) Stella - Kim Zimmer
  18. It might help him turn out his base, but it will also insure that black voters turn up to vote. To get reelected Trump needs lower turnout among Democratic base groups, particularly black voters because they can make the difference in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.
  19. She put good messages about life in her music and there is a lot that can be learned from listening to it. Betty also sang background for a lot of people including the Miami Sound Machine (she wrote the harmonies for Coming Out of the Dark by Gloria Estefan) so she had much versatility and knew music quite well.
  20. It's confusing to understand how residuals work because there seem to be various ways that they are distributed. From what I've read residuals decline each time the show completes a run in syndication. https://www.backstage.com/magazine/article/calculating-sag-residuals-17706/ Some shows don't run in syndication all the time, so it's possible for some actors to not exhaust to 5% for a long time.
  21. There is a reason why none of the attorneys that MeToo recommended wanted to take her case and the only attorney she could get was a Trump supporting loon. She is not at all credible.
  22. Unemployment 14.7%. Highest since Great Depression.
  23. Kellyanne Conway's biggest gripe is not getting accolades for being the first woman to manage a winning presidential campaign. She is a career political operative and Republican political operatives only care about advancement. She made it to the Oval Office and if Trump disrespects her family that's just something that she will accept to maintain her position.
  24. He even took it down to better looking. That's going to really make Trump angry, because it really is true.
  25. Once Biden asked the National Archives to release any complaint that Reade made she backtracked and said that she didn't make a complaint of sexual assault in her 1993 complaint, so she is basically confirming that there is nothing there. She also claims that she lost her copy of the complaint. It's also been revealed that she lied about taking acting lessons from Robert Reed. Her story is that he was a retired actor and helped her at 18, but the problem with that is that he never retired and worked right up until he died (she was 18 long before he passed away).
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