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  1. Robin Strasser really played Dorian over the top on OLTL's later years and I feel like she's using that method here except it seems more restrained because Vivian is supposed to be nuts so it doesn't seem that over the top. I think she is doing a good job at being a villain but not making it too ridiculous.
  2. A record producer claims that Monica punched Brandy before a VMA's performance in 1998. The video of the performance is on Youtube.


  3. Plus, Florida is a swing state so he more than likely had that in mind when he decided to return.
  4. Georgia will have two Senate races next year https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/459104-gop-sen-johnny-isakson-to-resign-at-end-of-year
  5. *Stephanie Forrester voice* That man is married, Melania. You are such a slut! You made your filthy bed with that pig, now wallow in it! Jesting aside if soap operas weren't so looked down upon nowadays someone would have jumped at a Capitol reboot.
  6. Most people who watch news programming are older and older people of course tend to be more conservative. Conservatives also seem to need validation of their opinions from like minded people and that is what Fox News is there for.
  7. The tax cuts were a bust from the start for working people. Some folks got excited about getting bonuses at work but those were more like severance pay because they were let go shortly after. Businesses and the ultra wealthy definitely did put the tax cuts into the economy like Republicans pretend they did.
  8. That wasn't even something I thought of. It's crazy that most of the cabinet is acting. The state of our government is just terrible.
  9. The 25th Amendment should be invoked, because Trump is clearly slipping further down the drain mentally. Mike Pence really is an idiot in the fact that he hasn't pushed for this yet. If this was a soap opera the Vice President would have had the crazy President in a straight jacket already. Not that Pence would be better policy wise, but he'd basically be a lame duck with little power.
  10. The clip is available and it does appear he was drunk. It was a Fox News show.
  11. There is a fee that has to be if the celebrity is chosen, but there is a nomination and selection process by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Anyone nominated has to be in the entertainment field and Trump managed to get one from being on television. Reality stars have been told outright that they do not qualify for the walk, but Trump managed to get one probably because he was a producer for the Apprentice and that could qualify as a form of creativity. He likely knew people on the nominating committee (which is supposed to be kept super secret to prevent lobbying).
  12. Happy National Relaxation Day. Treat yourself well for the rest of the day and do something relaxing.

  13. Why would Netanyahu be afraid of Trump? Perhaps Trump has some information from Russia that could be damaging to him. The tariffs have done nothing to stave off a recession and the areas that will be hardest by one are areas that voted for Trump (in part because of tariffs already harming farmers). Trump would make a recession worse.
  14. There was a charity event on Sunday night and for the first time ever I sang in public. When I opened my mouth people started cheering and it really floored me even though I am a fairly good singer.

    1. DRW50


      That's great. I'm so happy for you.

  15. "In shopping, your eye will be drawn to the things you like". Profound advice like that is so priceless that you couldn't possibly sell it on a DVD.
  16. Right-wingers always portray Hillary Clinton and her husband as these super villains, but if that were really true she'd be in the White House right now because she would have used some unethical means to get there like Trump did. With that said Epstein was taken off of suicide watch and he was in federal custody which means that Trump's Department of Justice was in charge of that call. Somebody wanted Epstein to off himself and knew that he would do it.
  17. Not sure if anyone remembers that "I am delivert" video where that guy said he wasn't gay anymore, but that guy just got arrested early yesterday morning for busting some man's car windows out for rejecting him https://eurweb.com/2019/08/09/andrew-caldwell-delivert-internet-sensation-jailed-in-st-lous-held-without-bail/

    1. DRW50


      Isn't that also the man who was sued by Porsha's ex-husband?

    2. ReddFoxx
    3. DRW50


      He's a great example of why you shouldn't humor the mentally ill.

  18. Don't know if anyone else remembers this, but DHS early in the Obama Administration had warned against right-wing extremism, but was criticized by conservatives. It's really interesting that some conservatives thought this report was directed at them when it was specifically talking about radicalization and not regular conservatism.
  19. The Black Panthers were why gun control was pushed in California when Reagan was Governor. If they made a comeback and were armed there would be some conservatives changing their tune on gun control.
  20. Two incidents of white men gunning down people of color. Hate has been legitimized and escalated to the point of violence.
  21. This shouldn't be commonplace, but it has become that way. The only way to get some decent gun control into place is for non-voters to start voting. These polls of all adults always show more liberal numbers on issues, but polls of voters are less liberal. There is room to change business as usual, we just need to engage more people. This is literally a fight for our lives.
  22. The surefire way to deal with those sort of attacks is to call them trash and leave it at that.
  23. That will leave Republicans with zero black members in the House (which is pretty much where they usually are). Hurd would have had a challenging campaign at re-election, so it's understandable why he is retiring.
  24. The Off Topic Lounge and Spoilers Board have been heavily spammed. Which board will be attacked next? Figure it out. #SONDaytime

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      I hope @Errolis aware of this.  

    2. Errol


      Thank you for the notification. The matter has been dealt with.

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