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  1. His character should get a proper exit story. He was with the show far too long for his character to be written off as just having left town.
  2. Absolutely devastated right now. I saw this on Twitter and gasped out loud. Without a doubt his death is related to losing his son. Losing a child to suicide is a specific sort of pain and many parents do not survive it.
  3. This is probably somewhat anecdotal, but when I was at an immigration forum last year one of the panelist was discussing campaigning and said that younger Hispanic prefer communications in English while the older people are more partial to Spanish, so it's not like the younger people aren't learning English. With that said, the comment he made about people being worried about having brown grandchildren was even more terrible. People who worry about such a thing are truly racist.
  4. Trump has emboldened some dangerous people out there.
  5. The prospect of air traffic being halted at LaGuardia was likely a factor in his decision to end the shutdown. Travel being disrupted was always going to be a breaking point.
  6. Checking out the show again because I felt like watching at least one soap again. The innuendo was hilarious when Leo felt the champagne bottle and was all "someone is awake" lol. Other the Leo/Xander scenes I liked when Eve called Jennifer a school marm which describes that character perfectly.
  7. I thought that most here would appreciate this
  8. The theme song scared me so bad when I was young and so did Robert Stack's voice.
  9. A lot of people do not realize that Speaker of the House is an actual job and not a spokesperson just to go on television, but fortunately most of the Democratic caucus in the House understands that and that is why Pelosi was voted into the position again. You have to know how to maneuver to be Speaker.
  10. That table looks like gas and heartburn waiting to happen. He paid for the food himself, but it's a cheap spread for someone who is supposed to have so much money. And it's seriously worth pondering if he bit off of any of those burgers and put them back in the container.
  11. Jaleel White on Family Matters. When Urkel was part of the ensemble the show was okay, but when he was essentially made the lead it became terrible and his acting was so over the top idiotic.
  12. GL and ATWT won't due for that madness. You need 1995 OLTL theme for extra dramatic effect.
  13. One of the contestants on Worst Cooks in America said she once made a breast milk omelette. There are no words.

    1. dragonflies


      I know it's not the same, but cow's milk is breast milk too lol but yeah still nasty

    2. YRBB
  14. Live your best life and be your best self in 2019.

  15. Sanders' disturbing essay about rape is indicative of what type of mindset he has toward women and why certain types gravitate toward him. A whole lot of his support came from lonely outsider types of men who had supported Ron Paul (who is far different than Sanders). Some of them has even gone after Kamala Harris by saying that she slept her way to the top. An incredibly negative bunch of people, so it is indeed not surprising to read that there was harassment on the campaign.
  16. Spent part of Christmas with my dad's side of the family and it was a real down home black Christmas, like a Madea movie. My mom is more Family Matters black, whereas my dad is more Good Times black, so it was quite a contrast between the two celebrations, lol.

    1. Soapsuds
    2. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      It's only slightly the opposite for me. My mom's family is Sanford and Son/Good Times black while my dad's family tries to be Family Matters/Cosby Show black but for the most part aren't.

    3. ChitHappens


      Sounds like a lot of fun!  Wish I could have joined you :) 

  17. He doesn't fit that character at all.
  18. It was almost like Katherine broke character for a second and was like "Yikes". Hunter can definitely do better than that.
  19. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/nc-election-officials-plan-hearing-over-fraud-concerns-in-us-house-race-raising-possibility-of-new-election/2018/11/30/d1fc0450-f4b7-11e8-aeea-b85fd44449f5_story.html?fbclid=IwAR3CW69BINlJd7Za1tEVpwNwTen80gmc2DJTE7zSzhFItJd94nvTe2qSoXM&utm_term=.65a54deb6099 It was only a matter of time before someone decided to actually tamper with votes. The good thing about this is that the bipartisan board of elections was unanimous in refusing to certify the election and wants the investigation.
  20. Speaking of fraud there is an issue in North Carolina that could be a huge case of voter fraud perpetrated by behalf of a Republican. This is felony level fraud. https://twitter.com/jimmorrill/status/1068226208738017290
  21. Tracy Melchior (Tracy, B&B) did an episode of Dr. Phil because her mother is a hoarder.
  22. Had to be evacuated at 2 am on Friday because of a fire. It was burning right on the hill not far from my complex and it was scary.

    1. DRW50


      So sorry to hear this.

  23. Thank you. It's really stressful on the community, but people are stepping up to support the victims. There was a procession for the sheriff's deputy that was killed and a lot of people were on the corner as it drove by on it's way to the freeway.
  24. That shooting happened in my city. It's absolutely crushing since this is a fairly close community and nothing like this has happened here before.
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