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  1. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10212342012093547&set=a.10202005081516743.1073741825.1476967632&type=3 Is this Adam Wade the same one who appeared on Search for Tomorrow?
  2. "Secret Storm" memories.

    When Allen Dunbar returned to Woodbridge in the 1970s, how was his not being with Ann Wicker explained? Had she died, or had the couple divorced?
  3. Characters with multiple backstories

    No romantic scenes were ever shown. Willie had this girlfriend he mentioned named Roxanne. However, it was in the 1970 regular time (not the parallel) in which Barnabas and Willie found Roxanne Drew. Barnabas was immediately attracted to her, and Willie did not mention his girlfriend Roxanne. This Roxanne may have become a vampire (I cannot remember exactly), but she was seen on the show prior to trip back to 1840. In that time, Roxanne was the sister of Randall and Samantha.
  4. Characters with multiple backstories

    I stand corrected. Also on Dark Shadows, Roxanne was named as the off-screen girlfriend of Willie Loomis. However, when Barnabas and Willie found the girl in the woods, Barnabas was instantly smitten with her and learned that her name was Roxanne. I thought that the show was leading to a Barnabas-Roxanne-Willie triangle, but Willie seemed totally disinterested in Roxanne.
  5. Characters with multiple backstories

    Also: on Dark Shadows, the younger sister of Tom and Chris Jennings was called Molly several times prior to her introduction. However, on the first episode on which she appeared, her name of Amy Jennings. I guess the show did not want to foretell that the trio were the grandchildren of Molly Collins (daughter of Quentin and Jenny the Gypsy).
  6. Characters with multiple backstories

    Cordero Roberts (on One Life to Live) grew up in Texas with a Caucasian father and a Latino mother. Surely, he knew Spanish, and I think that he spoke it onscreen at one time. Yet, when his step-sister Jessica had Latino boyfriends, he never even greeted them once in Spanish.
  7. "Secret Storm" memories.

    This memo was directed to Tony Converse. He would be the father of future-actor Frank Converse (One Life to Live).
  8. Soap Hoppers

    I know that I have already asked about Sylvia Field and her roles on radio soap operas. May I also ask about William Griffis. One obituary title mentioned that he was a radio actor. Could you list his radio roles (if any)?
  9. Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman Discussion thread

    Actor and singer Tab Hunter, who played the father of Mary for a time, has passed away.
  10. Somerset Discussion Thread

    She was also in the cast of CBS's The Ted Knight Show.
  11. Love Is a Many Splendored Thing

    I believe that CBS had a hidden same sex romance on The Edge of Night in 1964 with the characters of Eve Morris and Kitty de Sena. Eve was a theatre owner who was in love with Malcolm Thomas, a reporter for the Monticello News. Malcolm met and fell in love with Elaine "Cooke" Pollock. They decided to marry, but they kept it a secret. Each was allowed to ONE other person. Then, when they decided to let everyone know, Malcolm had to tell Eve. She grabbed a pair of scissors and stabbed him to death. Cookie came into the room after Eve fled, and she was accused of killing him. Kitty was an actress who worked in Eve's theatre. She cooperated in every way with Eve in trying to conceal the crime. Later (after a trip to Mexico and a marriage for Eve), the truth was revealed in court. Eve said that she had killed the wrong one, grabbed the scissors (a court exhibit), and tried to kill Cookie. I believe that Kitty was in love with Eve, and that was the motivation behind her being an accomplice. Constance Ford played Eve; Valerie French played Kitty; Edward Kemmer played Malcolm; Fran Sharon played Cookie.
  12. The soap opera writers' discussion

    When did he write The Doctors?
  13. The soap opera writers' discussion

    One of the very best writers (Strange Paradise, Another World, For Richer, For Poorer/Lovers and Friends, Guiding Light), Harding Lemay, has passed away. What are your opinions of him? His son, Steven, also was a writer of Another World.
  14. AMC Tribute Thread

    I remember as a fourteen-year-old that a lady who was visiting in my house argued that she had listed to Dark Shadows ON THE RADIO as a youngster!
  15. Guiding Light discussion thread

    He won an Emmy award for his writing Guiding Light. Here is his New York Times obituary: O "May you celebrate a life well-lived and cherish the many..." - G.Guest Boo bituary Send Flowers LEMAY--Harding. Harding "Pete" Lemay, born March 16, 1922, died peacefully on May 26, 2018 at 96 years of age. The many friends and colleagues from his long and storied life mourn his passing. We knew him as a gentle and loving man of remarkable accomplishment and humanity. And we knew him as a great romantic. Our hearts go out to his beloved widow, Gloria Gardner. Playwright, teacher, memoirist, editor, and an early pioneer of television soap operas, he is said to have single- handedly written almost every episode of Another World from 1971-79 as head writer. He won a Daytime Emmy for that show and another for Guiding Light. Born into rural poverty, as the fifth of thirteen children near his mother's St. Regis Mohawk Indian reservation in North Bangor, New York, he escaped his parents' alcoholism and his father's suicide by running away to New York City at age 17, finding early refuge at the famous Brace Memorial Newsboys' Home. After Army service in World War II took him to France and Germany at the end of the war, he entered the Neighborhood Playhouse on the GI Bill to become an actor. By the mid-fifties, he was deeply ensconced in the world of books and publishing, He was co-host with Virgilia Peterson of a WNYC radio program Books in Profile leading to working at Alfred A. Knopf in 1958 as Publicity Director. He became Vice President and editor working with Elizabeth Bowen, John Updike, John Cheever. His ground-breaking memoir, Inside, Looking Out, Harper's Magazine Press (1971) was dubbed "an American classic" by Newsweek and "a literary event" by Saturday Review. It was nominated for a national book award for biography. A second memoir, Eight Years In Another World (Atheneum) was published in 1981. His deepest passion was for playwriting. He entered New Dramatists, the NYC playwrights laboratory, in 1963 along with John Guare and Lanford Wilson, where he became a long-serving board member. His 13 plays were first presented in readings and workshops at New Dramatists and featured his longtime friend and collaborator Marian Seldes. A devoted teacher, he taught literature and drama for many years at Hunter College and The New School for Social Research. As part of the Pen American Prison Writing Program, he read dozens of plays a year by incarcerated men and women. His first marriage, to actress Priscilla Amidon, ended in divorce. His second wife, Dorothy Shaw, died in 1994. He is survived by his wife of 20 years, Gloria Gardner of New York City; his son, Stephen Lemay and daughter, Susan Pain, and son-in-law, Kevin Pain; and three grandchildren. Published in The New York Times on July 4, 2018