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  1. On Search for Tomorrow, Mr. Simon played Scott. When I was watching the show, he learned that he was the son of Doug Martin, met Laurie (who had a son and a grandmother), and married her. I think that he met Courtney Simon on the show, and they fell in love and married. This was after I had started watching A World Apart and, later, Split Second. Ellie (Billie Lou Watt) was his relative, but I forget how. Vera Allen (Another World) played his grandmother.
  2. I thought that Dyan Cannon had appeared on The Guiding Light.
  3. Procter and Gamble had this policy of not allowing two of its shows in the same time slot. (up until 1975 when The Edge of Night and Somerset both aired at 3:00 CT). Expanding both Search for Tomorrow and As the World Turns to 45 minutes was considered, but the decision was made to keep the local time slot for local programming (also, Somerset was aired by NBC during the noon CT slot) and to expand As the World Turns to a full hour. With Another World airing at 2:00 CT and Somerset being offered for the second time of the day at 3:00 CT, there was no where to put The Edge of Night when Guiding Light was expanded to a full hour. I am not sure why Procter and Gamble decided to end that policy when The Edge of Night was moved to ABC (which did mean that two of its shows were airing against each other). Also, when Texas premiered, it also meant that Another World (moved a half hour earlier to 1:30 CT and reduced from 90 minutes to the former length of 60 minutes)), the first thirty minutes of Another World was airing during the final 30 minutes of Guiding Light.
  4. I think that the perfect time slots for the afternoon (at, perfect for me, a fan of The Edge of Night) would have been to move General Hospital to 1:00 (Central Time), air One Life to Live for 45 minutes (1:30-2:15), and expanded-to-forty-five-minutes The Edge of Night from 2:15 until 3:00. 3:00 to 3;30 a game show. (possibly Concentration, Password Plus, or Jeopardy).
  5. "Here's a thought: what if NBC, rather than ABC, had picked up EON?" NBC did give serious thoughts about broadcasting The Secret Storm. Had the network not decided to air its own How to Survive a Marriage, The Secret Storm was under consideration for that network. NBC purchased the rights to both The Secret Storm and Love of Life from American Home Products (although it was at different times).
  6. My feeling is that very few performers are not replaceable. The character of Tony was an important part of the One Life to Live story. Tony should have been cast with other actors after the departure of Mr. Reinholt. I suspect that the show thought that, maybe, Mr. Reinholt would later return, but that did not happen. Why did Mr. MacHale leave this show? Was it his choosing to leave, or did the show not want him any longer?
  7. In my opinion, Philip MacHale was EXCELLENT as Tony, although I admit that he was very different from George Reinholt. I, too, was not aware of Jimmy Jontz's time as Tony on the show. I had not thought of Michael Zaslow as Tony. I think that David/Pat would have made more sense than David/Jenny. Unless I am mistaken, Jenny was written out with Mr. Zaslow. Pat could just as easily left with him. I suspect that it had to do with contracts. Maybe Brynn Thayer contract was to expire in a certain amount of time, but Jacqueline Courtney's was expiring around the time of Michael Zaslow's introduction. The show could have signed Ms. Courtney for additional time, but perhaps that would have been too expensive. Ms. Courtney was, in my opinion, simply AWFUL in the Pat/Maggie storyline! I suspect that this may have contributed to her contract not being renewed.
  8. Mr. Orbach, by the way, appeared on Ryan's Hope.
  9. Khan, I was going to point out that Ms. McLauglin was on the show for twelve years She was written off during her early years, but Irna Phillips (upon returning to the show) suddenly brought her back.
  10. ABC, at the time of the network switch, wanted to run both The Edge of Night and the serial General Hospital during the late night hours. However, Donald May (Adam) insisted that a new contracts be drawn with additional pay. ABC was not in favor of that, and the plans were dropped.
  11. Carol Deming Hughes was an important character on As the World Turns for many years. Do you feel that, at the time of Rita McLaughin Walter's departure that a recast would have been successful in that role?
  12. I have known for a long time that The Thin Man (created by Dashell Hammit) was on the radio, on movie screens, and on television. However, I did not know until tonight that there was also a series called The Fat Man (also created by Mr. Hammit)!
  13. I read that Vicki Viola appeared on this show in 1970. I was thinking that it was probably a mistake and that she had played the mother of Jock (John Karlen) in 1967. If not, who did she play?
  14. also asking about the late Ed Bryce, the late Conard Folkes (may be misspelled), John Karlen, and Ann Flood.
  15. I am requesting radio roles (if any) for Christine Thomas, Kate Harrington, Lillian Hayman, Rosetta Lenoir and Hugh Franklin.
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