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  1. The substation of Jordan Charney as Danny Fargo is not the only time that Antony Ponzini and Mr. Charney played the same role. When Mr. Ponzini departed One Lfe to Live as Vinnie Wolleck, Mr. Charney was hired as his replacement.
  2. I meant to post Lynne Adams, not Brooke. I am surprised that I made that mistake.
  3. I heard that The Secret Storm was to bring back the presumed dead character Jill Stevens Clayborn; however, the show was cancelled prior to the return. (Barbara Roddell was free to rejoin the show after Brooke Adams returned to The Guiding Light as Leslie. The dismissal of Ms. Adams from The Secret Storm had been the result of the return of Jada Rowland's return to the show. However, another actress could possibly been hired to play Jill. I also heard that the show was toying with the idea of bringing back Kip Rysdale.
  4. He was named Ken George Jones, and he was played by Trent Jones. Mr. Jones also wrote some music for Ryan's Hope as well as later writing for the show.
  5. Does anyone have anything to say about the recast of Andy Hurley on Love Is a Many Splendored Thing? Don Scardino (who had earlier played Johnny on The Guiding Light) created the role. When he left the show, Russ/Rusty Thacker played the role until his half-sister's death.
  6. Probably with Scott Phillips. As I recall, he had been to Viet Nam when he was introduced on the show.
  7. I can tell that is Willi Burke in the bottom picture (from On Golden Pond - written by Somerset's Ernest Thompson).
  8. I don't think that is Willi Burke, but I could be wrong. She played Ruth on All My Children during a Christmas episode. She may have appeared during the next year, but Ruth was quickly written off the show for a while. I thought that she had also appeared on Love of Live.
  9. That is the same way that James Lipton wrote Another World.
  10. One would think that John Conboy, after having worked with Irna Phillips, would have a great grasp on Guiding Light. If he did not, I attribute to his age.
  11. Concerning Dr. Clader: He began on the show in 1975. I wonder what storyline was his first. Was he the doctor of Erica Brent when she lost her baby?
  12. I think that Ruby Dee appeared on One Life to Live, her son had already been written off the show. Robert Hooks also played a doctor on All My Children early in its run - probably around 1971. (He was billed as Bobby Hooks, I think.)
  13. When Ruby Dee appeared as the judge on One Life to Live, it was during the Paul Rauch era of the show. Valerie Harper has passed away. Do you know the name of her character on The Doctors? Do you know the name of Warren Beatty's character on Love of Life?
  14. Valerie Harper, actress who appeared on The Doctors, has passed away at the age of eighty.
  15. One more request: Julienne Marie.
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