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  1. There is little to no mention of her brother who appeared as Billy on The Guiding LIght.
  2. I remember Nell Carter on the show. She should have been allowed to sing! The article above mentions that Robyn Millan played Delia, but the show did not like her in the role. They called another actress who was not available. I wonder who the actress was that was called and was unavailable?
  3. I adored Kathleen Maguire (pictured above). I read that she was a heavy smoker, and that was tragic.
  4. Actress Denise Nickerson, who created the role of Liza Walton, has passed away. Her brother, Shane, appeared on The Guiding Light as Billy, the son of Peggy and Marty who was later adopted by Dr. Johnny Fletcher. I am attaching the following, courtesy of CBS Los Angeles. AURORA, Colorado (CBSLA) — Denise Nickerson, best known for her role as Violet Beauregarde in the 1971 film “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” has died. Nickerson was 62. Denise Nickerson, who played Violet Beauregarde in the original film, attends the 40th Anniversary of Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory at Jacques Torres Chocolates on October 18, 2011 in New York City. (Getty Images) Her son and daughter-in-law — who had been her caretakers — made the announcement on Facebook with a post that read, “She’s gone.” Nickerson suffered a severe stroke in June 2018. Violet will always be remembered in the classic film for being spoiled and obsessed with chewing gum. In addition to being remembered for “Wonka,” Nickerson was also known for being a member of the Short Circus on the kids show “The Electric Company.” The New York-born Nickerson left acting in 1978 to become a nurse and that’s how she’s made a living the past 40 years. Her other credits include “Search for Tomorrow,” “Dark Shadows,” “The Brady Bunch,” and the TV movie “The Dark Side of Innocence.” Her son and daughter-in-law set up a GoFundMe to help cover end-of-life expenses. The fundraiser has garnered more than $10,000.
  5. Martin Charnin, husband of actress Shelly Burch (Delilah Garretson) passed away.. Martin Charnin (November 24, 1934 – July 7, 2019) was an American lyricist, writer, and theatre director. Charnin's best-known work is as conceiver, director and lyricist of the musical Annie. Ms. Burch appeared in the original Broadway production of Annie prior to appearing on One Life to Live..
  6. Yes, a number of writers donated their writings to libraries, as did some performers.
  7. Do you know of any radio roles for Allen Norse?
  8. I felt that when SoapNet was in business, that that particular network devote one night per week (probably Saturday) to performing old scripts (presuming that they could be located) of The Doctors (episdodes which were self-contined) produced in New York and cast with soap opera veterans whenever possible. Also some of the shorter serials, such as Our Private World, Today Is Ours, Golden Windows, The Greatest Gift, A Woman with a Past, Full Circle, and Ben Jarrod, Attorney at Law..
  9. Sad news to report. Joel Aronowitz, Associate Director for The Edge of Night (1970-75) has died.
  10. Another performer who appeared on The Edge of Night has passed away. Chevi Colton played THREE roles on the show: Gigi Magagnoli (a major role in 1962), 1979's Mrs. Fenner, and 1980's Dr. Buckley. She passed away last Monday (the 24th). Her late husband, Joe Silver, also appeared on the show and other soap operas. Ms. Colton also appeared on Guiding Light in 1992.
  11. What writer created the character of Dr. Joe Werner - Irna Phillips, Agnes Nixon, or someone else?
  12. How long were Ellen Lowell Cole and Dr. Tim Cole married before he passed away (from leukemia)?
  13. What was the name of the character that was played by John Fink? He was on the show around the same time that Kasey Arnold and Donna Mills were on the show.
  14. II had forgotten that Cookie had been living with Bill and Martha (and still do not remember it), but I am not surprised since Cookie and Martha seemed to be best friends and had worked together for a long time in the police department. I think that Ron had been giving her troubles. This was probably during one of the times that she (Ms. Sharon) and husband Edward Kemmer (Malcolm) were expecting one of their children. I remember that Cecila Burns was a character that she met in a sanitarium.
  15. I think that the show was keeping the character of Greg around for a future storyline. It would have very possible (since Greg called Shelia the wrong name when they were together in bed) that Sheila could have left town and had the child of Greg. This child could have returned with or without his mother.
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