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  1. I am glad to see this photograph. They were New Orleans-based writers, and I returned from New Orleans yesterday. (The Tennessee Williams Festival is this coming Saturday, and I have enjoyed this for many years.)
  2. It seemed that Dark Shadows paired actor David Selby (Quentin/Grant) with every actress on the show other than Joan Bennett at one time or another. Are there any actresses with whom you think that he did not have any chemistry? Who was your favorite actress paired with him? I think that he and Donna McKechnie (Amanda/Octavia) were the best of all his pairings!
  3. Mr. Espel passed away in December 2015.
  4. Actor Jed Allen, who created the role of Professor Paul Britton on The Secret Storm, has died at the age of 94
  5. Kay Campbell, who had been the third actress to play his mother (and who was also his co-star on The Edge of Night) also was involved in an automobile accident. This caused her death.
  6. On The Secret Storm, I think that the murder of Willifred Hollister by his wife is a huge mistake. Wilifred died, but it was of natural causes ON SCREEN during an argument with Laurie. The character of Nola (his wife) continued on the show. Mary K Wells later replaced Rosemary Murphy in the role.
  7. I wonder how the story would have gone if Mr. Slesar had made Nicole a younger brother named Jody and Nancy a nephew named Kelly? (I know that Kelly was originally supposed to be a more grown-up Timmy Ferriday.) Also, if Lee Sheldon had made the character of Jeremy Rhodes as a more grown-up Timmy Ferriday that Kelly had been?
  8. Luke Perry (Ned Bates) has passed away at the age of 52.
  9. There was a girl named Sandy (I think that was her name - maybe Sandy Turner) who Tom took in. Was that Sandy with Cliff? (Actress Tracy Kollis played the role.)
  10. Following the departure of Laurence Lau, the role of Greg was recast - twice, I think.
  11. The music for The Secret Storm was, by this time, being provided by Carey Gold. The show did not use pre-recorded music but rather original music played by Mr. Gold on a variety of keyboard instruments. I think that Love of Life also employed Mr. Gold for its music. After Mr. Gold left CBS, he composed the theme song for Ryan's Hope. I think that he composed the musical cues for that show during its early years.
  12. I have been listening to a lot of radio drama, comedy, and comedy/variety since Christmas. For the last several days, I have heard a program called CBS Radio Workshop. The episode is called The Endless Road. I do not remember its author. A fable about a highway built in a circle, going nowhere! Then, one day, the road connects with the outside world. The Endless Road is a fable of a highway which was built to lead nowhere yet made everybody happy until one day it was linked to the outside world… It is a fable with music. The composer is Charles Paul. The cast consisted of: Dick Beals Roscoe Lee Brown Ralph Camargo (Another World, The Edge of Night) Ronald Dawson (The Edge of Night, All My Children) Ruby Dee (One Life to Live) Robert Dryden (The Edge of Night) Maurice Ellis Frances Foster (All My Children, Ryan's Hope) Pert Kelton Daniel Ocko Leslie Scott The producer or producer/director was Paul Roberts, who wrote Love of Live, and helped to created One Life to Live. A number of these performers were African-American, and they may have not been heard as frequently as the European-American performers.
  13. My understanding was that Mr. Born departed the cast of All My Children to concentrate on a musical career.
  14. Judson Laire's final role was on The Edge of Night as a judge. This role was not listed.
  15. Dorian was a physician who moved into town. Blair was a reporter who moved there. Dorian did get inheritance from her first husband, Victor. (I am assuming that she and David Reynolds/Renaldi were not married, although I may wrong.) She owned a television station. Did Blair receive any money from other sources other than being a reporter?
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