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  1. Happy aniversary, THE EDGE OF NIGHT/EDGE OF NIGHT!
  2. The late Agnes Nixon was known for instilling humor into her shows, going all the way back to when she was writing Search for Tomorrow. I did not watch Another World when she was the writer, but I am told that Robin Strasser, Ann Wedgeworth, and Audra Lindley were used effectively for comical scenes. Her One Life to Live and All My Children were filled with comic scenes. Yet, when she was writing The Guiding Light, there were few scenes that utilized comedy. I realize that maybe because this was a 15-minute show could be a reason, but so was Search for Tomorrow.
  3. This article about Irving Vendig fails to mention his contributions to Morning Star on CBS and Paradise Bay on NBC.
  4. Adding to the list of performers from The Edge of Night who died of AIDS is Amanda Blake.
  5. This may have been mentioned, but in the episode of Richard and Becky Lee's wedding, her parents were being played by Addision Powell and Sasha von Schurler. Ms. von Schurler had played the friend of Julie (Beverly McKenzie) on Love Is a Many Splendored Thing and would later play Brook's mother Jane on All My Children. The role of Ramona Gonzalez R. N on Ryan's Hope (a character in the very beginning of the show) had been created for her to play. Her husband Paul Avella Mayer was a co-created of Ryan's Hope. Mr. Powell had played Dr. Eric Lang on Dark Shadows.
  6. I think that part of Carla's feelings about Josha and Cathy may have had to do with class. Carla was very upset during part of the time that her mother had neglected her to instead take care of members of the families for whom she worked. Perhaps she was afraid that Josh and Samantha may have faced problems in that she was the daughter of a doctor and Josh had an impoverished background.
  7. I am watching the episode (I think that it is the first) of the wedding reception of Larry and Karen. The actress playing Cathy Craig is NOT the one who played a brief role on Dark Shadows (and had played Tango on The Edge of Night). This was Jennifer Harmon. Ms. Harmon is a New Orleans native who began her career as the heroine (Chris Kirby) on NBC's How to Survive a Marriage. She later replaced Dorrie Kavanaugh as Cathy. (The late Ms Kavanaugh departed as she was editing a magazine and also wanted a career in opera). That is not Neail Holland, the actor that
  8. I always felt that many of the people who were killed by Barnabas were actually evit in their hearts and that Barnabas was able to sense that they were not all that good.
  9. I liked Mary Carney as Mary, but my favorite recast was Kathleen Ryan Tolan. I adored her portrayal of Mary. Mary Carney was very refreshing. She reminded me of the young Debbie Reynolds, and I was sad to see her departure, even though I liked her replacement better. I HATED Nicholette Goulet in the role!
  10. I am under the impression that Ms. Burns did not appear in many acting roles. She did created the role of Cathy Craig, and I do not think that she was in role all that long. (I cannot specify the length.) She did appear in the movie Last Summer and was nominated for an Academy award. I was not aware that she had been on Adam-12, and I think that her television roles were few. She later became a writer.
  11. I think that Alexandra Moltke Iles (Victoria Winters on Dark Shadows) would have been a terrific Jillian Coleridge on Ryan's Hope.
  12. Twenty weeks? I think that, just as the 1960s series did, the show should keep going without reruns.
  13. Two very good child actors who appeared on soap operas are ones that I have failed to mentioned: Timmy Michaels (All My Children) and Frankie Michael (As the World Turns).
  14. I did not realize this until tonight, but Lelia Martin appeared in a television production of Philemon. I was in college in 1975 when this aired. The great Norman Lloyd directed the show. It was a musical written by the same team who had written the tremendously successful The Fantastics. The play had an off-Broadway run, and this was a television version of that play. Ms. Martin is also credited with a weeklong role on The Doctors.
  15. Ellen Holly, the actress who created the role of Carla Gray Hall (also known as Clara Bonarri) left the show in 1980s. The role was not recast, and the character left town. Ms. Holly had also written (without onscreen credit) for the show. She returned later and was involved in a storyline with the late actor Roger Hill (as Alec Lownes). They were, or later were, a real life couple. He left the show, but she remained. Her character had become a lawyer, and she worked for the District Attorney. She also wrote a mystery for the show which was never us
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