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  1. The same thing is true for David Henesy. He is seen in the 1840 storyline, but I do not think that he was in the 1840 parallel time storyline. A number of other performers were not seen during that time: Virginia Vestoff (except for one episode), Donna Wandrey, James Storm, Terry Crawford, Hubert Humbert Astredo, Gene Lindsey, Clarice Blackburn (last seen during the future episodes). Keith Prentiss and Michael McQuire were added. Jerry Lacy returned. Tom Happer was in there somewhere, and I think that it was during the last part. When Joan Bennett disappeared
  2. I have been thinking for a number of years about the absences of some of the Dark Shadows stars, and I wonder if some of the stars we think of as stars of Dark Shadows actually were working on the show without formal contracts. These are the performers that I think were under contract: Joan Bennett, Alexandra Moltke, Nancy Barrett, Joel Crothers, Mitchell Ryan, Thayer David (later in his run), Grayson Hall, Jonathan Frid, John Karlen (after he was cast as Carl Collins), Katheryn Leigh Scott, Kate Jackson, Donald Briscoe, Christopher Pennock, Craig Slocum I am s
  3. Unfortunately the second announcer of Jeopardy (Alex Trebeck) has passed away. Name a former soap opera performer or a current soap opera performer who you think would be a good new host of that game show.
  4. I wonder if the actress playing Ruth is the same Anne Jones who appeared in Once upon a Matress in 1960? If so, two of her castmates (Janes White, Will Lee, and Patti Karr) were later on The Edge of Night. Odette Bossa, who provided the lingerie, is still making ladies' sleep ware in 2020.
  5. I recognize his voice, unless I am mistaken, from commercials. He is a very good character actor. Why did this show state that it had been pre-recorded? Was it not live?
  6. Didi Bannister (Marianne Alda) was placed under contract to the show while the show was being written by Mr. Slesar. Her contract was dropped and she became recurring on the show while Mr. Sheldon was writing it.
  7. I wish that child actresses Judy Safarin (Lisa) and Diane Dell (Lisa) from The Secret Storm could be located.
  8. The characters of Lily and Nancy Garrison were written off the show and seldom mentioned again. Also written off was Margaret Garrison (the legendary Flora Campbell). The writers should have kept her and introduced a sibling or two of Spencer.
  9. Was Lily's (Caroline Miner) last name Garrison on Love Is a Many Splendored Thing? I am thinking that she was the daughter of Spencer and Nancy.
  10. Two good recasts were the late Ed Zimmerman as Dr. Joe Werner on The Guiding Light and the late Bibi Besch as Iris Donnelly Garrison on Love Is a Many Splendored Thing.
  11. My understanding is that the creators of Ryan's Hope based the character of Dr. Faith Coleridge on Jada Rowland and that she was considered for the role of Faith when the show began in 1975, It was decided, though, that Ms. Rowland was too old for the role.
  12. I cannot think of a single way in which Keith Whitney/Jonah Lockwood story resembled Charles Manson.
  13. That man on the left does not even resemble Tom Ligon in my opinion.
  14. I recall the show and watched all of the episodes. The show was videotaped, which, in the 1980s in primetime, was odd. Gloria Monty was the executive producer, but the show's scenes were taped on the East coast. I suppose that the studio scenes may have been taped in California, but I cannot remember for sure. The actors seemed to be ones located in New York. Katheryn Dezina had completed her All My Children role (Estelle LaTour Sago) and was a major character on this show. John C. Reiley had left the role of Dr. Dan Stewart on As the World Turns. He was later hi
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