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  1. danfling

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    Dorian was a physician who moved into town. Blair was a reporter who moved there. Dorian did get inheritance from her first husband, Victor. (I am assuming that she and David Reynolds/Renaldi were not married, although I may wrong.) She owned a television station. Did Blair receive any money from other sources other than being a reporter?
  2. danfling

    OLTL Tribute Thread

    Dr. Dorian was not the richest of the family members? If not, who was? Claire Labine wrote a storyline about the Cramer family, but the story was sped up to a conclusion when Ms. Labine was replaced as the writer. Perhaps this storyline would have shown the family's moral values and traditions had it been allowed to come to a more natural conclusion.
  3. danfling

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    When Nicolas Coster returned to the show (as a second character) and Lisa was attracted to him, the writers should have had the widowed Ellen also be attracted to his character. That would have revived the Lisa/Ellen rivalry which went back to the days when Ellen was sueing the Betty and David Stewart over custody of Jimmy (Danny).
  4. danfling

    Soap Hoppers

    I well remember seeing Toni Darnay on Search for Tomorrow (probably in 1972). I cannot remember her character nor tell how her character was related to the rest of the characters. She was only on briefly. Terry Logan is a favorite actor of mine. I have often wondered what had become of him. I seem to recall that his father was the sheriff of Tangapahoa Parrish in Louianna. I have asked numerous people who live there or live near there about his father, but no one remembers a Sheriff Logan; I suspect that his last name Logan may not be his actual name. (His wife later used the name Nataiie Israel, so I wonder if Israel could be his actual last name.) I did see a Canadian movie that had "Terry Logan" in the cast, but the Terry Logan in the movie was not the one who appeared on Love Is a Many Splendored Thing and other shows.
  5. Actors Jaimie Philpot (Mark Sanders on One Life to Live) and Paul Joynt (Greg Huddleston on One Life to Live; Brian Emerson #2, Search for Tomorrow) were gay.
  6. danfling

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    When Susan Burke Stewart had her self-induced miscarriage (by jumping off the chair), what actress was playing Susan?
  7. danfling

    Soap Hoppers

    I don't know what page that this was on, but you published a list of roles for actress Linda Watkins with the final one being on One Life to Live as nurse Robin Crossly. An actress named Linda Watkins did play that role of Robin (a nurse who was mutually attracted to Dr. Will Vernon). However, I don't think the same Linda Watkins played the other roles and that that there were two actresses by that name. The only other roles that I saw Linda Watkins (the one who played Robin) was in a cheap low budget movie and on a commercial (I think for Woolite).
  8. Curt Dawson acted in As he World Turns (I think as Elizabeth Talbot Stewart's brother), The Guiding Light (maybe when Dr. Werner was working in England), Another World, Search for Tomorrow, and The Adams Chronicles. I don't know about his sexuality, but Larry Riley (from The Doctors) also died from the AIDS virus. Howard Rollins (from Another World) did also. And Gene Lindsey (Dark Shadows, The Doctors) was also a gay actor.
  9. Ben Piazza (Jonas Falk on Love of Life, and he was on The Doctors) was bi-sexual. (He was also a novelist and a playwriter.) Also, David Rounds (Love of Life and also a writer) was gay. I have also heard that Peter White (The Secret Storm, Love Is a Many Splendored Thing, All My Children) was gay.
  10. danfling

    Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread

    I am confused about who Ed Evanco played on Ryan's Hope. Was he Jack's friend who moved to New York City?
  11. danfling

    The soap opera writers' discussion

    What storylines on Search for Tomorrow were created by Ralph Ellis and Eugenie Hunt?
  12. I had not heard of the Dennis Parker-Joey Alan Phipps connection before. Thank you for sharing about it. Porn star Jerry Butler (husband of Lisa Loring of As the World Turns) said that there was an actor who played Dr. Will Vernon on One Life to Live and that this actor promised him the role of Brad Vernon on the same show. I cannot remember why Mr. Butler said he did not pursue this. I am not sure if this actor was Farley Granger (#!1) or Anthony George (#3). And, this does not have to do with homosexuality, but the porn star named John Seamon was on One Life to Live. His name was listed in the closing credits. I think I read that another pornographic actor also appeared at one point, but I cannot remember his name.
  13. This thread has really enlightened me. I had no idea about either Dean Santoro or John Collenback (both of whom played Stewart brothers on As the World Turns). I had long wondered about Robert Gentry (and Dennis Cooney). I also have wondered about (these have not been named) Michael Lipton and Ron Tomme. Two from Dark Shadows that I had wondered about were the late Craig Slocum and also Humbert Allen Astredo. (I think that the latter's obituary listed a daughter.) Two more actors who are my friends are together. I will not name them. James Coco (The Edge of Night) was gay. I don't know his exact name, but the first actor who was cast as Kelly McGrath on The Edge of Night (Joey Phipps was his name, I think) was supposedly spotted in a gay bar and was released from the show based on the morals clause.
  14. I have heard that the late Magaret Barker and also Terry Crawford of Dark Shadows were lesbians.
  15. danfling

    AMC Tribute Thread

    Chuck was the biological father of Palmer John. Palmer was not Palmer John's biological father, but he was not Andrew's either. I had been hoping for many years that someone would have rescued Palmer John from the fire, reared him, and that he would return to Pine Valley.