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  1. The soap opera writers' discussion

    I am in the minority, but I feel that Mr. and Mrs. Dobson ruined The Guiding LIght. (I wonder if they had been hired by Luci Rittenburg Feri to write this show? I suspect that they were not.) Two many new characters were introduced at one time. Also (and I could be wrong), weren't they the writers who killed off the show's major character Leslie?
  2. The soap opera writers' discussion

    In the Dick Cavett clip above, Jack Wood is mentioned. I don't know much about him. Does anyone the can share information post about him?
  3. OLTL Tribute Thread

    My understanding during the years was that actor Don Blakely had created the role of Frank. Lisa Wilkinson left the role of Nancy and was replaced briefly by Avis McArter. (Avis McArter had earlier played a role on Love Is a Many Splendored Thing.) Lisa Wilkinson learned that Nancy was expecting a baby, then she learned in real life that she and husband John Danielle were expecting in real life.
  4. OLTL Tribute Thread

    No, I forgot to mention Loving, but I was thinking about the Debbi Morgan character as I was posting. I don't think there were any African-Amerians in the premiere cast. John Daniele and Louise Stubbs were later added.
  5. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Just to be thorough, All My Children did have an African-American character in its original cast. Hilda Haynes played nurse Lois Sloan. I never saw her, but I understand that she was Ruth's good friend and confidant during her marriage (or part of it) to Ted. She may have also done some protesting with Amy's group. I think that all the new ABC soap operas after the introduction of One Life to Live featured African-American characters. (All My Children, The Best of Everyting, A World Apart, Ryan's Hope, etc.). ABC's final soap opera which was MOSTLY white was Dark Shadows, and even that show featured at least two African-American characters for brief times.
  6. OLTL Tribute Thread

    I think that he left the show three different times.
  7. OLTL Tribute Thread

    She is a beauty! You should see her in the movie Take a Giant Step! She plays a party girl type and is stunning!
  8. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Yes, that is Carla. Carla, Wanda, and Vinnie #3 were all on these episodes. (not sure about Ed) Also on these episodes were Mick (one of my favorite characters on the show), Johnny, Tina, and Samantha. I remember that Tina was trying to get Mick in a compromising position (at a bribe from Asa) in order to break up Mick and Samantha and to leave Samantha to Asa. Brad, however, was wise to what Tina was doing. Jeffrey's uncle was introduced into the show on the next-to-the-last or the last episode. Some mention was made of the uncle's sister and the mother of Jeffrey.
  9. OLTL Tribute Thread

    to DramatistDreamer : I thought that Jeffrey was the son of Allison Perkins.
  10. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Olivia and Drucilla are two that I do not remember. I think that Frankie Faison did appear on One LIfe to Live. He was also on The Edge of Night.
  11. OLTL Tribute Thread

    On All My Children introduced Opal's biracial child, the father was shown. I was hoping that the mother or the grandmother would be shown and Ellen Holly would play his relative. She could have also played the grandmother of Reggie who comes to Pine Valley to milk the Montgomery family for money. I have no idea who Lillie Belle Barber is.
  12. OLTL Tribute Thread

    According to the Wikipedia, the O'Neill family (all except Pete) was introduced by Sam Hall and Peggy O'Shea. Pete was introduced solely by Peggy O'Shea. Mr. and Mrs. Corrington were there for such a short time, I am not sure if they introduced any character (except maybe Alex Crown/Coronel and Rob).
  13. Soap Hoppers

    Slick, I am POSITIVE that Harris Yulin played a small role on One Life to Live. It was in the middle 1980s (1984-1987) during the Rauch years. Also, David Pendleton played another on The Edge of Night. This was attorney David Roper, a suitor of Didi Bannister and foil of Det. Calvin Stoner.
  14. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Yes, that is Thom Christopher (Carlo and Mortimer)! I think that Pamela Lincoln was also in the same commercial.