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  1. Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread

    I am assuming that she was replaced. The show was having a lot of cast changes at the time, and there were two more actresses to play Nancy after her. To me, Alexandra Paul(Diane Thompson) should have played Nancy, rather than Poppy Lincoln.
  2. Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread

    Here is a picture (in the peach color) of Lisa Sutton (Nancy Feldman #2).
  3. Mr. Pendleton played two roles on The Edge of Night: Dr. Neil Wellman and Julius Newcomb (an attorney). This was his first role. Incidentally, there were two characters on The Edge of Night named Neil: Neil Davenport and Dr. Neil Wellman. Both were played by African-American actors.
  4. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    I think that these commercials go back farther than 1979.
  5. Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread

    Her actions explain her true character.
  6. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Tom aged very rapidly, but he was seen as a youngster for several years (played by Tony winner Frankie Michaels), then as a high school student (played by Richard Thomas). I am not sure why, but Mr. Thomas was soon replaced. (I suspect that it was due to not being accepted by the audience.) Paul O'Keefe (who had already played Danny on the same show and then played Ross on The Patty Duke Show) replaced Richard Thomas and played the role (probably for several years). Tom was a high school student with a girlfriend, Sally (played by Kathy Cody). Then, Paul O'Keefe was replaced with Richard Link playing the role as an older person. The Hughes family was afraid that Tom would be drafted and sent to Viet Nam. Then came Peter Gallman and David Cherrill (writer C. David Colson) and Tom Tammi. That is as far as I viewed.
  7. "Secret Storm" memories.

    The clip above was written by H. Y. Bingham. I had never seen his name associated with the show, and I can find no information about him. Does anyone else know what else he wrote?
  8. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    And hopefully, these will be in chronological order. CORRECTIONS TO AN ABOVE POST (posted by me): IRENE KANE was not the original Jill Stevens on The Secret Storm. Instead, she played Connie on Love of Life. AUDREY JOHNSTON (mentioned above) was the original Jill, and she later returned to The Secret Storm as Martha Ann, who was a friend of Belle"s.
  9. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    Bonnie Bartlett was the second actress to play Vanessa on Love of Life.
  10. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    Humphrey Davis played Dr. Featherstone on The Edge of Night. Dr. Featherstone worked in Dr. Bryson's clinic. Irene Kane was, I believe, the original Jill Stevens on The Secret Storm. Abby Lewis played roles on As the World Turns (David's first mother-in-law) and Somerset. Rex Thompson later returned to The Doctors playing Dr. Steve Aldrich. That was near the end of the run, and he replaced the ailing David O'Brien in the role for about a week. He also played a role on Where the Heart Is. Len Wayland was on Love Is a Many Splendored Thing as Helen's first husband. Astride Lance played a role on The Edge of Night. Ben Piazza played a role on Love of Life. Dorothy Blackburn replaced Ethel Remy as Alma on As the World Turns following the death of Ms. Remy. Eleanor Phelps replace Marjorie Gateson as Grace on The Secret Storm when Ms. Gateson had her stoke (and never returned to the show). Patty McCormack was on The Best of Everything. She also replaced Kathryn Hays as Kim on As the World Turns during an illness. Georgeann Johnson, of course, had roles on Somerset and As the World Turns.
  11. Love of Life Discussion Thread

    Yes, I have heard of them. They were the creators and writers of both Concerning Miss Marlowe and From These Roots (until Procter and Gamble fired them.) These men were involved in a same-sex romantic relationship. I understand that Procter and Gamble learned of this and dismissed them. Afterward, hardly anyone would hire them. Roy Winsor hired them to write Love of Life. I do not know what happened to them after they completed their run on Love of Life. I have found pictures of their house online.
  12. Loving/The City Discussion Thread

    "Ned's sister Lotty was Lorna Forbes' cellmate, and later married Curtis (I believe when Burke Moses was playing the role) and dealt with her scummy common law husband Eban Japes (Matthew Cowles)." Lotty was also illiterate (which made her feel inferior to Curtis) and was taught to read by Lorna.
  13. Cancelled Soaps Cast Lists

    Tony LoBianco played a role on Hidden Faces. I also want to say that he may have been on Love of Life.
  14. Our Five Daughters

    One of the other ladies was the actress who appeared with Dick Smith in an early Charmin commercial. I wonder what her name is? Wasn't Frank Schofield in the cast?
  15. Golden Windows

    I felt that the late Barbara Cook would have been the perfect performer to play Natalie's grandmother on One Life to Live and that the show should have hired Ms. Cook to join its cast as the grandmother.