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  1. Concerning Dr. Clader: He began on the show in 1975. I wonder what storyline was his first. Was he the doctor of Erica Brent when she lost her baby?
  2. I think that Ruby Dee appeared on One Life to Live, her son had already been written off the show. Robert Hooks also played a doctor on All My Children early in its run - probably around 1971. (He was billed as Bobby Hooks, I think.)
  3. When Ruby Dee appeared as the judge on One Life to Live, it was during the Paul Rauch era of the show. Valerie Harper has passed away. Do you know the name of her character on The Doctors? Do you know the name of Warren Beatty's character on Love of Life?
  4. Valerie Harper, actress who appeared on The Doctors, has passed away at the age of eighty.
  5. One more request: Julienne Marie.
  6. I don't know much about Love of Life,, so please forgive me. I read on another thread that Bernard Hughes played Dr. Otto Kreisinger on Love of LIfe. It this the neighbor who developed an obsession with Barbara (played by Lee Lawson)?
  7. What roles do you know that were created by one performer to play, but they were eventually created by another performer? Here are two examples from All My Children: Kate Martin was created for late Kay Campbell to play. However, she had retired (from The Edge of Night), and the role was played by Kate Harrington. Judith Sawyer was created for Carol Burnette to play. It was eventually played by the late Gwen Verdon.
  8. Concerning Harris Yullin (and you may be aware of this), he played a visiting doctor at Llanview Hospital on One Life to Live around 1985 or 1986. He was a friend of Dr. Dorian Callison.
  9. I have several questions concerning the character Kelly Cole Tyler and her storyline: 1. Were the type of drugs to which she was addicted opiods? If they were, then Agnes Nixon was ahead of her time. 2. Is the actor who played Eddie Dorance for the longest period (Warren Burton) still living? 3. Did Francesca James herself compose the song "Colored Lights"? 4. Is the actor who played Freddie still alive? 5. It was Myrtle who first found Kelly after the death of Kitty. Was it said where (geographical spot) she first saw her?
  10. Some of the other soap operas airing at the time would have been blessed to have her on their shows. Sy Thomashoff, who designed the sets for Ryan's Hope, has passed away.
  11. Yesterday as I was watching the CBS Saturday show, I noticed that Glen Zachar's name was in the credits. (I think that he was credited as working on the audio.) Mr. Zachar appeared as a child actor on both Another World (as Michael Ranolph) and Somerset (as Skipper #2).
  12. I never knew before now that the contract of Sarah Felder (Siobhan #1) was not renewed. I think that show made a grave error in not renewing it. Jose Aleman later returned to Ryan's Hope in a day role of a young pedestrian. Kaye deLancy's role (Amy) was the type of crazed character that Claire Labine enjoyed adding to the show. Another one was Kenneth Castle. I had always felt that much of the Ryan's Hope cast was comprised of people who knew Claire Labine and Paul Avilla Mayer (the show's original owners) or who had worked with them on Love of Life and Where the Heart Is. Both John Scanlon and Diana van der Vlis had appeared on Where the Heart Is. By the way, I saw that production of Camelot in New Orleans.
  13. Here is a list of some early characters on As the World Turns. Do you have information on who played them? Al James (was this Donald May?) Tom Pope Greg Williams Julie Spencer Burt Stanton Laura March Phil Banner Ed Richardson Dr. Joe Meadows Anne Meadows Thelma Turner (I should know that, but I do not) Joe Wipple
  14. Actor Robert Milli, who was in the premiere cast of Love Is a Many Splendored Thing, has passed away. He also appeared on Another World, One Life to Live (2 roles), The Guiding Light, and All My Children.
  15. Actor Rpbert Milli replaced Robert Gerringer on this show as Adam Thorpe. He has passed away.
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