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  1. As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Even in the last episode, it felt like they only included her to appease longtime fans of the character, not because she's one of she show's biggest characters. She felt like such a dayplayer/afterthought. I knew Fulton could be "difficult," but she did maintain a consistent presence on the show until Goutman, I just don't think he cared for her/Lisa.
  2. October 14-18, 2013: Great Week For All Soaps

    Looks like child death paid off: 'The Young and the Restless' Delivers Its Largest Weekly Audience Since February
  3. NBC is reviving Murder She Wrote

    The sad thing is, Murder She Wrote (along with The Golden Girls) came along during a time when television was acknowledging there was a market for older audiences and they they mattered too. Too bad that all went away by the mid 90's, and yes, pioneered majorly by the idiots at NBC. With the exception of its last season, MSW spent its entire run within the top 10, and remains HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL in international syndication. As I mentioned in another thread, I think I've seen the show in every country I've visited over the past decade.
  4. Maxie feels like a dumb bitch to me, Gabrielle at least felt more intelligent.
  5. NBC is reviving Murder She Wrote

    If it's not Angela Lansbury, than no, it's not Murder She Wrote.
  6. Michael Saucedo returns to GH as Juan Santiago

    Absolutely no reason for this, other than to prop the useless atrocity that is Sabrina.
  7. Y&R Discussion Thread October 2013

    You never cease to amaze me or make me laugh, Jonny.
  8. TLC Biopic

    Sister Perri was one of Whitney's BFF's too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9Kfiw9qM2g
  9. DAYS: Actor returning

    I would just ship John and Marlena off the show again. Honestly, they aren't really needed and don't contribute much of anything anymore. I know some like Marlena in a supporting capacity, but I think guest visits for the character (without John) would do the trick.
  10. DAYS: SOD Cover

    Yes, it's the circumstances she's returned for. ‘Y&R’s’ Eileen Davidson: When Ashley Returns To Genoa City, She Is ‘Traumatized!’
  11. B&B is Getting Real Promo

    I'm always amazed and baffled whenever anyone defends Brad Bell. I'm sure he's a nice guy, but he's never been creative or particularly talented at anything. B&B has long been a rotting gutterhole, no amount of year over year ratings increases will change that. For whatever reason, B&B just doesn't attract the same kind of passionate response or criticism as other shows, so the show skates under the radar for the most part.
  12. GH50: October 2013 Discussion

    It's really going to be painful to endure a Robin/Patrick/Sabrina triangle that you just know is coming...
  13. Y&R Discussion Thread October 2013

    I don't even care that Delia died, honestly, the show has bigger problems that have existed for years. Delia might have died unnecessarily, but I won't pretend this was some important character that was well-established. Yes, her last name was Abbott, but so what? People are acting like this storyline is the only thing wrong on the show.
  14. Y&R Discussion Thread October 2013

    These problems have existed for years on the show, I don't understand why people are acting like this is something new or something that will change.
  15. DAYS: October Discussion Thread

    That's Eileen's own dress that she wore from her personal wardrobe, I believe. She's worn it out for an event before.