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  1. Even in the last episode, it felt like they only included her to appease longtime fans of the character, not because she's one of she show's biggest characters. She felt like such a dayplayer/afterthought. I knew Fulton could be "difficult," but she did maintain a consistent presence on the show until Goutman, I just don't think he cared for her/Lisa.
  2. People, it's Dennis RICKMAN, not Watts. You may go back to your regularly scheduled programming now. :-)
  3. I hate her (both actress and character). A lot of my least favorite storylines during periods where I loved the show involved her. While her relationship with Carol is relatively unexplored, I think Sonia was burnt out by the time she left and there's nothing left to explore with her at this point. I guess the upside is that we have someone with the Fowler last name on the show again...
  4. Come on YRBB, her album covers have never been great. But this is probably a marginals step up from the atrocity that was the Born This Way album cover. My fav parody so far is the one where someone superimposed Miley Cyrus on the blue ball, like in her Wrecking Ball video. It was probably done to throw shade at Gaga and her fanatical fanbase - since Miley and Katy Perry have been kicking her ass on the pop charts (both US and worldwide) lately.
  5. Now you know her ass doesn't have an acting career to get back to, LOL.
  6. David's return is pretty decent so far, he's seemed to fit back in almost seamlessly. I did like that little scene with Sharon and Carol in yesterday's episode, it was the most in-character I've seen Sharon from the stuff I've seen of her return too. I don't know if they're going to attempt David/Carol again. I don't know if I could ever see those two long-term given their history, and they're not really in the Pat/Frank vein.
  7. This could either be a good thing, or it could be another Eddie Royale situation. If this couple has no chemistry with each other, or with the wider community, the whole thing would be a gigantic flop. Other the other hand, if it works, it could be the kick on the arse the show needs. I don't mind Shirley, but she's always squarely a supporting character, I really don't see the point in tying her to the new owners. They seem to be casting loads of family around her, I don't think she works as a front and center type character, but will have to see to judge.
  8. I've not found the show to be amusing in like 15-20 years. It's painful for me to sit through an episode these days. Like, really painful.
  9. Newman's era just seemed deathly boring with a series of really terrible new characters. I don't know what it will be remembered for in the long-run, or if it will be a completely forgotten era of the show. It's a shame she never worked out given her long history with the show. I didn't want her stuff consistently, I think she made an effort, she just didn't know how to properly execute some of her ideas. I did notice that Kat was more like her 2000-2005 self in the episodes I recently watched (and Jessie is back to her 2005 hairdo), and there seemed to be more of an effort made for diver
  10. I think the exit was planned and written before DTC was hired. The fact that the character lasted this long is purely down to Gillian Wright, IMO. Jean was never supposed to be a permanent character, but each regime seemed to take to her (even if they considered writing her out at one point or another).
  11. I was surprised and happy to see they actually bothered to give her a happy exit, complete with a Julia's Theme ending! She was easily one of those supporting characters they could have given a rushed exit too (or not bother to give her one at all), so it's nice they gave the character a fitting exit.
  12. I see very little difference in this than say what Lady Gaga has been passing out for some of her music in the past 5 years. EDM is very popular right now, especially as many of those EDM DJ's are becoming more and more mainstream. This single isn't starting any trend, it's riding the waves of one. Rihanna is not an albums artist, TTT gave her the biggest hit of her career and another single was a top 5 hit. Her career has been inconsistent if anything else, but in less than a decade, she's still managed to equal Madonna for #1 singles, and has already racked up more #1's and top 10
  13. I do not understand this, there is nothing innovative about this single and nothing Will.i.am hasn't been dishing out for years, both solo and with BEP. God bless Britney, but she's never been in complete creative control of her career. She only got saddled in with Will.i.am because Scream & Shout became one of her biggest global hits in years (it was the first time she had part of a #1 single in the UK since 2004, for instance, though it wasn't really HER song). As I said, she's an aging pop star at this point in her career (though she's only in her early 30's). She's still you
  14. Even though he's EP, apparently, this is the only song he has actual producing/writing credit on. I actually appreciate Blackout more as time goes by. It really is the soundtrack to her breakdown - sex crazed, flippant, and unapologetic, yet she's literally a ghost in the machine on it. I felt like the writers and producers on that album were intentionally giving her material that they wouldn't give to her if she was in her right mind. They knew she out of her mind at that point and they didn't have to produce a typical Britney Spears record, and they could get away with it. If her li
  15. I will never understand how anyone can find Andy Samberg funny or deserving of his own show. Meh!

    1. Cheap21


      He's hilarious and SNL losing him was a big loss

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