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  1. Y&RWorldTurner

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    Even in the last episode, it felt like they only included her to appease longtime fans of the character, not because she's one of she show's biggest characters. She felt like such a dayplayer/afterthought. I knew Fulton could be "difficult," but she did maintain a consistent presence on the show until Goutman, I just don't think he cared for her/Lisa.
  2. Y&RWorldTurner

    NBC is reviving Murder She Wrote

    The sad thing is, Murder She Wrote (along with The Golden Girls) came along during a time when television was acknowledging there was a market for older audiences and they they mattered too. Too bad that all went away by the mid 90's, and yes, pioneered majorly by the idiots at NBC. With the exception of its last season, MSW spent its entire run within the top 10, and remains HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL in international syndication. As I mentioned in another thread, I think I've seen the show in every country I've visited over the past decade.
  3. Maxie feels like a dumb bitch to me, Gabrielle at least felt more intelligent.
  4. Y&RWorldTurner

    NBC is reviving Murder She Wrote

    If it's not Angela Lansbury, than no, it's not Murder She Wrote.
  5. Y&RWorldTurner

    Downton Abbey: Discussion Thread

    People, it's Dennis RICKMAN, not Watts. You may go back to your regularly scheduled programming now. :-)
  6. Y&RWorldTurner

    Big hits that are rarely seen today

    The show was never a ratings hit, and outside of the first season, it never ranked in the top 30 for overall seasonal ratings again. Christine Baranski MADE that show. It sure as hell wouldn't have lasted past season 2 without her.
  7. Y&RWorldTurner

    EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    I hate her (both actress and character). A lot of my least favorite storylines during periods where I loved the show involved her. While her relationship with Carol is relatively unexplored, I think Sonia was burnt out by the time she left and there's nothing left to explore with her at this point. I guess the upside is that we have someone with the Fowler last name on the show again...
  8. Y&RWorldTurner

    Big hits that are rarely seen today

    Candace was a pretty terrible actress, a lot of folks speculated that her wins were probably because of her father was the first president of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. Diane English actually wanted Cybill Shepherd or Heather Locklear for the role. The writing has just aged terribly for the show though, it could be so damn heavy handed an inorganic, it wasn't even funny.
  9. Y&RWorldTurner

    Big hits that are rarely seen today

    Not only that, MSW is a huge hit in international syndication too. Just about every country I've visited still reruns the show.
  10. Y&RWorldTurner

    The Lady Gaga Thread

    Come on YRBB, her album covers have never been great. But this is probably a marginals step up from the atrocity that was the Born This Way album cover. My fav parody so far is the one where someone superimposed Miley Cyrus on the blue ball, like in her Wrecking Ball video. It was probably done to throw shade at Gaga and her fanatical fanbase - since Miley and Katy Perry have been kicking her ass on the pop charts (both US and worldwide) lately.
  11. Now you know her ass doesn't have an acting career to get back to, LOL.
  12. Y&RWorldTurner

    'Lost' actress joins 'Young and the Restless'

    What I liked most about Watros' turn as psychotic Annie was that instead of going for outright camp, she often went for black humour instead. There was a real sincerity and vulnerability to her performances, which made it easier to root for Annie over Reva (even when the writing told you that you should do otherwise). She deserved that Emmy so bad.
  13. Y&RWorldTurner

    EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    David's return is pretty decent so far, he's seemed to fit back in almost seamlessly. I did like that little scene with Sharon and Carol in yesterday's episode, it was the most in-character I've seen Sharon from the stuff I've seen of her return too. I don't know if they're going to attempt David/Carol again. I don't know if I could ever see those two long-term given their history, and they're not really in the Pat/Frank vein.
  14. Y&RWorldTurner

    'Lost' actress joins 'Young and the Restless'

    It's probably a dayplayer role for 3 episodes, so I wouldn't get too excited. Watros is wonderful though, and probably carried GL on her back in 1997.
  15. Y&RWorldTurner

    EastEnders: Discussion Thread

    This could either be a good thing, or it could be another Eddie Royale situation. If this couple has no chemistry with each other, or with the wider community, the whole thing would be a gigantic flop. Other the other hand, if it works, it could be the kick on the arse the show needs. I don't mind Shirley, but she's always squarely a supporting character, I really don't see the point in tying her to the new owners. They seem to be casting loads of family around her, I don't think she works as a front and center type character, but will have to see to judge.