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  1. Taylor Miller is a really distinctive performer with those patrician features of hers and her all-around screen presence. The second Nina was physically right for the role, but they saddled her with some pretty horrible material. The third, dark-haired Nina might as well have landed from Mars, she seemed so alien.
  2. I remember watching the Texas finale on our local affiliate which carried it “in pattern” at 11:00 ET. It was an hour long.
  3. That one promo - with the exploding boat - is weird. You have this explosion and Liza and Travis’ silhouettes behind the flames, while the lighthearted Search sax theme plays in the background.
  4. 1984 also introduced Cousin Lorena and her boring-ass spa.
  5. Tbh, I was not a fan of either. Rae was OK in small doses, but I found the actress one-note, and the character completely overbearing. The Kimberly character was so annoying, unattractive, and unappealing it was hard to believe that she lasted on the show as long as she did.
  6. LOL. That spa thing was really boring. To paraphrase Edward Q at the time: I’m not interested in watching women run, beaten, and tortured into shape. GH had a penchant for introducing dull, uncharismatic characters at the time: Tony, Ginny, Tanya, Lorena, etc. Tony eventually worked out, at least. I hated Mike. He made Anne Logan’s son Jeremy seem like one of the best child characters in comparison. “Doc Rick” and “Mom Lesley.” Ugh. I really didn’t like any of the Webbers at that time, with Rick doing his best Gary Cooper imitation, and Lesley always bordering on hyster
  7. I remember all of GH’s action adventure plots at the same time lasted six months each. The Prometheus Disc, the Treasure of Malkuth, the Oil Scam. And get me started on the Aztec Treasure, which dragged on for nearly a year. I don’t even think they planned that one out in advance - it just went on and on and morphed strangely.
  8. LOL - I hope he broke up with her for suggesting that ridiculous name. Reminds me of when Cliff on Cheers made up a fake girlfriend named “Tanya Cocoabutter”. Little Eric Farlow on Dallas was cute, btw.
  9. Some of this stuff is pretty catty. Why would Alec Baldwin care about acting abilities when choosing a romantic partner?
  10. Ellie inherited Jock’s Ewing 1 license plate at some point. I remember her driving her little Cabriolet with the Jock’s old tag on it and thinking how funny it was (Jock drove a big Lincoln IIRC).
  11. I wonder if she’s forgetting some details. It has been over 30 years after all. Santa Barbara premiered in the summer of 1984. The Princess Bride was filmed for four months in late 1986 and released in 1987. So if she originally had a two year contract, it would have been up before filming for the movie started. My guess is that she had a three year contract (more standard for a newbie anyway), and they agreed to let her out to film the movie in exchange for a one-year contract extension. That takes you to June 1988, when she left. And she was off for four months filming the movie, so they re
  12. I had never seen her before, but after seeing just a few scenes of her, I understand why she was so highly regarded. She has a commanding presence, and there is something just sinister about her Dorian. She’s kind of scary, and that’s a compliment.
  13. Yep. Because whatever they offered her didn’t give her salary parity with Patrick Duffy (which she deserved) and the producers wanted her to sign a two-year deal, and she only wanted to sign for one. Since then, Victoria has “massaged reality” and said that she always told the producers she would leave in two years after she signed a new two year deal in 1985 (she left in 1987). But she was willing to stay for the right deal.
  14. Kimberly returning from the dead, staring at Michael and Sydney from outside the beach house, is such an iconic moment. It was kind of shocking, because until then, we didn’t realize that MP was that kind of show. And after that, it was no holds barred.
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