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  1. Dana also had a walk-on on Ryan’s Hope in the late 70s. Definitely a “blink and you missed her” situation. Too bad - she might have been a good Mary recast. Certainly better than the ones we got.
  2. LOL @ that Steve and Alice scene. I’ve never seen that Alice before and David Canary has an awful dye job. It’s as if they brought Luke and Laura back, but now they were portrayed by Monte Markham (with a perm of course) and Karen Morris Gowdy. “Guess what, fans? Luke and Laura are back!”
  3. I love St E and am rewatching it on Hulu for the first time in years. It looks pretty good but it’s probably not HD. I would love to see Family on one of the streamers. It is on Decades, I believe, but I don’t get that any more. I did get to see some episodes when Decades still had a local affiliate. On my wish for a DVD release: the scenes with “second Nancy” Jane Actman, who shot a handful of episodes of season 2 before being replaced with Meredith Baxter Birney, who reshot all of Actman’s scenes before the season premiere.
  4. I’m actually surprised that Warner Bros went to such lengths for China Beach, which was not a major ratings success in its original run and has only been seen intermittently since. I’m guessing that the creators, who own a piece of it, had a lot to do with the effort to have it properly released on DVD with not only the music mostly intact but lots and lots of extras too. Clearly a labor of love.
  5. Yep, in the US. The CBS Drama channel in the UK has broadcast it within the last 10 years, I believe.
  6. James Douglas didn’t do the MIPP movie in 1977 (his role was recast with David Hedison) but did agree to PP: TNG in 1985. Perhaps he was worried about typecasting in the 70s, and then he realized in the 80s that it was too late.
  7. Yeah, I’ve never bought the music excuse for the lack of KL on DVD or streaming. Warner just hasn’t done a great job with the old Lorimar titles, particularly the hour-long shows. The Waltons and Dallas both got DVD releases but they weren’t remastered and looked pretty bad relatively speaking. The Waltons has since gotten remastered, but Dallas is on imdbTV and looks worse than ever. Eight is Enough finally got a DVD release after many years, but most of it was manufactured on demand (burned) rather than pressed, and that show has been absent from broadcast/cable for 20 years and isn’t streaming. There are other shorter-lived Lorimar shows - Flamingo Road, Our House - that have sat in the vaults for years. And the longer they are unseen, the less demand there is for them. Whoever is in charge of the Warner Bros library just doesn’t care about these shows.
  8. Yeah - I agree about Terry Lester. He had the same twinkle in his eye that Larry Hagman’s JR did. I never put Victor and JR together, because Larry Hagman can act and Eric Braeden…can’t.
  9. When Jacqueline Courtney returned as Alice in the 1980s, didn’t they have a story where Alice was now Rachel’s doctor? RIDICULOUS. The writers clearly didn’t care about history. Given what those two characters went through, there is no way that would happen. Rachel extends a Christmas invitation to Alice in another scene from the 80s. Also crazy. They should have been stiffly cordial at best, which is how they played it during the 25 anniversary episodes.
  10. Slezak is a good performer but sometimes she needed a good director to tell her to rein it in. She could be hammy, in the same way that some of her peers (Lucci, Strasser, Walton, Seaforth Hayes et al) could be at times.
  11. The blonde at the end of that commercial was superfluous. “Here’s a young lady because these two can’t possibly be gay!” They should have just ended it with Geoffroy and John making out.
  12. Another World 1967-75 so we could see the Alice/Steve/Rachel triangle in its entirety, plus Rachel’s redemption. Would make a great companion for The Doctors on RetroTV. But I know most of those episodes don’t exist anymore. However the whole run of Days of Our Lives supposedly exists, so a more realistic ask would be for the 30 min episodes of that show. And they’re all in color, back to 1965.
  13. I think I saw a few of those from March 82 - I know that Soapnet stopped a few months short of Ilene’s return in its regular rotation but they ran a few post-1981 episodes during some St Patrick’s Day marathon. It was odd seeing Ilene Kristen’s Delia running the Crystal Palace but I don’t think that lasted long. I would have liked to have seen more, plus her final stint on the show.
  14. I think the real issue for Delia is that true character progression would have led her away from her dependency on the Ryans, and ultimately out of the show. So they had to regress her a bit to keep her involved with the main characters, Agreed that Ilene Kristen’s Delia was a more desperate character. It would have been challenging for another actress to succeed IK with the same type of characterization. So the writers wisely pivoted Dee into the type of character you might have found in a screwball comedy from the 30s. She was still an antagonist but less of a emotionally damaged one. I didn’t see the episodes after IK returned in 1982, so I’m curious if they pivoted back to Dee’s original characterization.
  15. I loved Catherine Hicks as Faith. She was more the typical ingenue. Faith Catlin’s Faith was interesting because you really didn’t see those kind of awkward people you actually run into in real life as major soap opera characters. But she was a little tiring, and frankly, I watch TV to get away from those people. Nancy Barrett was simply too old - she was older than NAA - and it was too jarring to have her pop in after Faith Catlin’s completely different portrayal. Her first appearance as Faith was like an alien landing from another planet. I know Karen Morris played Faith the longest but I never liked her. Her Faith was cold and judgmental. If Catherine Hick’s Faith was the girl from English class you’d like to date, then Karen Morris’ Faith was the aloof girl who would never give you the time of day.
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