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  1. Pat was originally supposed to be the quiet, introspective Ryan brother, in contrast to his charismatic politician brother Frank. The problem was: the original Frank was a block of wood. And Malcolm Groome, as Pat, was more happy-go-lucky. So they wrote the roles to Groome’s strengths. By the time Groome left, they actually had the charismatic Frank they always wanted, so they went back to the original concept of a more introspective Pat when they hired John Blazo. But it was too jarring, to go from Groome’s version to Blazo’s. I think they had more misses (Andrew Robinson, Carrell Myers, Ann Gillespie, John Blazo, Robert Finnocolli. Patrick James Clarke, Kathleen Tolan, Nicolette Goulet) than hits (Daniel Hugh Kelly, Geoff Pierson, John Sanderford, Marg Helgenberger) when it came to recasting the Ryan children. There were several successful Franks and a couple of Siobhans, while Pat and Mary were never successfully recast. I did think that Barbara Blackburn, the final Siobhan, had a lot of potential but the show ended before she could realize that potential. Clearly done to wash the bad taste of the awful Mary recasts out of our mouths.
  2. Senior Executive Producer John Conboy. He had that silly vanity credit in large font at the end of the last scene of the day, like it was a primetime show.
  3. I remember watching Berenger’s in first run and I recall liking it, but you’re right. Way to many characters. And the “help” characters weren’t really connected to the family, so that also made it complicated. The initial setup of Dallas was straightforward - the Ewings and two Barneses. Same for Knots - four couples. Falcon Crest, too - just the Giobertis and the Channings.
  4. And there wasn’t! Good article - thanks for posting.
  5. I thought Nicolette Goulet was a striking-looking woman, just ultimately dull on RH. Certainly better than Kathleen Tolan but not nearly as good as Kate Mulgrew or even Mary Carney. She had no spark. And Mary Ryan was supposed to be a spark plug.
  6. I don’t get why Ann Gillespie left but I really loved Sarah Felder, so it was hard for me to see someone else in the role. ABC wanted Mary Carney to go. RH actually handled her recast as well as possible. Carney was physically right for the role, and after she showed up, Mary went on the back burner for six months. Smart. The new Mary wasn’t shoved down our throats and viewers were given some time to adjust. But when Claire Labine was ready to bring Mary back to the front burner, ABC got nervous that Carney wasn’t “glamorous” enough and ordered the recast. Too bad, because I think she could have really grown into that role. Her immediate successor, Kathleen Tolan, is one of the worst recasts of all time. She wasn’t particularly attractive or charismatic, and worse, she could barely get her lines out without stumbling over them.
  7. Definitely a test to see if original, daytime-serial-type content can attract eyeballs on Peacock. If it works, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the mothership eventually move over there. Scripted entertainment on broadcast TV is dying. I wouldn’t want to be in the broadcast network affiliate business these days.
  8. Ha - glad to be of service. And Richard was a great character!
  9. He was stepping in to be one of the male leads on a nighttime soap. There was no way they were going to let him appear as he did on Kojak (and he probably even had less hair four years later). Back then, baldness was reserved for villains, or for sniveling little weasels like Richard Avery. Not leading men.
  10. I’m sure most of you have heard the story about one of Victoria Wyndham’s early scenes with Constance Ford, where Ford told her after the scene was shot, “Rachel would never say the lines that way.” LOL. And Wyndham to her credit retorted, “This Rachel does.”
  11. That floors me. AW was one of the most popular soaps just 10 years earlier. The Alice-Steve-Rachel triangle was iconic.
  12. And he got it. The problem was with the next tier down. When Patrick Duffy returned, he doubled his salary to 75K per episode (big money in the mid 80s) plus a signing bonus. Victoria Principal asked for salary parity with him and she walked when she didn’t get it. and I’d argue that Pam was even more important to the story than Bobby was. There was a greater ratings drop for the show without Pam than without Bobby.
  13. The problem with Alice is that so much of her storyline revolved around breaking up/reuniting with Steve. And when they Jacqui Courtney back, Steve was gone, as was most/all of her family. What ties did she really have to everyone? That’s why we got silly scenes such as when Rachel invited Alice to spend Christmas with her. Yeah, like that should ever really happen.
  14. I vaguely remember a scene where Mason was analyzing the family and referred to Ted as the “runt of the litter”. LOL - truer words were never spoken. I think it was in front of Ted too. Ted was actually well-written and cast - this soft, eager beaver type who seemed desperate to be liked.
  15. Julie Ronnie had all the charisma of a wet paper towel. But the characterizations of her successors were worse.
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