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  1. I don't know what Bell was thinking by obliterating the past. I guess he felt by the 90's the show had picked up way more viewers along the way than what was watching 1973-1983 and they would have no knowledge of Patty/Cricket and Nikki/Eve interaction and could retcon to suit his current storyline. He sometimes would throw stuff out there that would surprise me. One day when Nikki and Brad were planning to wed, Jack walks in talking to Ashley and Jack blurts out Nikki Reed Foster Bancroft Newman Abbott soon to be Carlton......it had been years since they even mentioned Nikki's early marriages
  2. That's hilarious, since she and Nikki got into it at one of Victor's early fake funerals.....LOL
  3. I wonder if the master tapes of this soap exist ? I think GH saved all their episodes and since this is the sister soap, maybe those episodes are in the vault. Yes Marlo had her father's nose. The first time I saw her original nose in a 1950's photo with her Dad I didn't recognize her. When I see her today on TV, she doesn't even resemble the way she looked on That Girl in the 60's. I know it's been decades, but she looks totally different. Some guy commented on youtube a few years ago about her recent work on her face. He said she was on a talk show and he couldn't u
  4. Yes, those other 2 episodes are crappy quality almost unwatchable. What I have looked up, Les Jr. followed in his fathers footsteps and became a musician. I found this photo of him and Marlo Thomas pre-nose job. A lot of people speculate that it was what gave her that nasally voice " Oh Donald"
  5. It looks like tape decay in several spots and the film jumps. Les Brown Jr. (Buzz) is the son of big band leader Les Brown who's lead singer was Doris Day back in the 40's. Les Jr. appeared as one of the Mosquitos in the classic episode of Gilligan's Island " Don't Bug The Mosquitos"
  6. If it was Conboy's decision to show Lynde the door, I wonder how Bill Bell felt about that ? They said Bell would call Conboy in the control booth when he saw something he did not like and blast him. I wonder if they had an argument over this ? Conboy later tried to get CBS executives to remove Bell from his own show in the early 80's. Bell was pretty much over the Leslie character when Mallory took over. He focused more on Lorie. He also seemed to do the same with the Chris character when Trish Stewart departed. He never really knew what to do with Peggy.
  7. I wonder why Trish left acting ? Someone said she was heavier because of post pregnancy weight, but i have no idea if that's true. Joel Higgins had several flops series till he hit pay dirt with Silver Spoons with Ricky Schroder & Erin Gray.
  8. I wish Bert had a sister that could have been introduced after her death. I picture Sada Thompson from Family playing the role.
  9. I knew she was on T.J. Hooker at the time (I was kid in the 80's) that explained the pop in and outs on Dynasty, but I wish Dallas had snapped her up before Aaron.
  10. What if Heather Locklear had played Jamie (as J.R.'s daughter) ? That would have been something. She popped in and out of Dynasty so much it got crazy at times.
  11. I felt Sasha Mitchell was all wrong in the role as his illegitimate son. Maybe could have been an early role for Rob Lowe if the character had been brought on around 1983 ?
  12. Allan J. Kayser played the role of Bubba (Mamas grandson) on Mama's Family 1986-1990. He must have tested for Y&R before he won his role on MF. Photo Craig Gardener who may have played Brent circa 1973/74:
  13. It would have been funny if she married Jeremy Wendell who was old enough to be her grandfather. If that had happened though, I picture her getting on his nerves big time. He would be trying to make a phone call while she was trying to be all lovey and smoochy with him. He would then tell her he bought a present for her and it's hidden somewhere in the house and she would go off on a scavenger hunt while he is scheming against the Ewing's. They could have also introduced a scheming son of Jeremy's that Lucy marries. I could picture someone like James Spader in the role.
  14. That interviewer Mike Jerrick is still around and acts the same as here. There are clips from recent years where he is making fun of guests like Ryan Lochte etc...He also invited Tiffany Brissette from the 80's sitcomSmall Wonder on and surprised her with her old co-stars from the show. Things got awkward and she looked like a deer caught in headlights.
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