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  1. Primetime shows that were cancelled too soon

    LOL.....Thank you for posting that.
  2. Primetime shows that were cancelled too soon

    I remember in the early 90's there was a hilarious comedy sketch show on FOX called The Edge with a pre-Friends Jennifer Aniston, Julie Brown, and Wayne Knight (from Seinfeld and 3rd Rock). It ended after one season because Fox thought it was too expensive to produce and wanted to cut the budget. I still think about some of the sketches and laugh, especially the Designing Women parody.
  3. Primetime shows that were cancelled too soon

    Matt Houston only lasted 3 seasons. It could have lasted longer. Married The First Year (1979). David Jacobs created this show prior to Knots Landing's debut. I have never seen full episodes, but figure since it was a DJ project, it could have had potential. There is a youtube channel run by Gilmore Box. He has LOTS of openings from short lived shows that have long been forgotten.
  4. Favorite TV Themes/Openings

    Dallas Knots Landing Hart to Hart Love Boat Dynasty Chips Magnum P.I. Family Ties Family Matt Houston
  5. Dallas: Discussion Thread

    Just watched this interview with Charlene. Man is she bombed out of her skull. Too many drinks in the green room or plane ?
  6. Family (1976-1980)

    I liked Elayne Heilveil as Nancy too. I think Brianne Leary from Chips looked like her and would have been a good recast. Briane Leary Elayne Heilveil
  7. Dallas: Discussion Thread

    Found this short film from 2009 on youtube. The principal is played by Mark Wheeler who played Lucy's short lived fiance Kit Mainwaring on Dallas in 1979.
  8. Family (1976-1980)

    I saw the Love Boat Reunion too and she seemed to be at peace. She also does fan conventions now and signs autographs. There are videos of her from those on youtube. Speaking of Family, I recently watched the David Jacobs interview at the Archive of American Television and he talks about writing for Family. It was his first big job. He said while working on that he was approached by Lorimar to do Pilot script and he came up with Dallas in December 1977. He then talks about on his break from Family having to go to Dallas in the middle of a bad winter in February 1978 and being in a flea bag motel doing rewrites on a daily basis to make things come together and going to the set. He said he had written the Dallas script to take place in warm weather, but didn't have time to change everything to adapt the unexpected snow. Which explains Bobby and Pam in the open convertible. He said his favorite episode of the mini series was The Barbecue.He felt episode two Lucy's Lesson was a mess.
  9. Family (1976-1980)

    Thanks for sharing. I looked high and low for a picture of what he looks like now and never could find one. Kristy McNichol was a recluse for quite a while, but she has started turning up at fan events and doing a few interviews here and there.
  10. Family (1976-1980)

    I loved that house too. I never can figure out what style it is. It has some colonial aspects.
  11. Family (1976-1980)

    WOW ! I had not seen this video. Thanks for posting it. He did a good job.
  12. Family (1976-1980)

    There is a uploader on youtube called vcrcooking that uploaded a few episodes from the later years. It is from reruns in the 80's on the Lifetime channel. The quality is so so, but still watchable. https://www.youtube.com/user/vcrcooking/videos
  13. Family (1976-1980)

    This show is pretty much getting lost with time. Most people under 35 probably have never even heard of it. I couldn't tell you the last time the series was seen in reruns. The 80's probably. If a network would take a chance and run it, it may develop a new audience.
  14. Family (1976-1980)

    I wish they would get off their duff and release the rest of the series. VEI picked up finally released the rest of Matt Houston and Hotel several years after the first season of those shows came out. Maybe if people were to write in and request/suggest, they may pick it up. Shout Factory is another. Eight is Enough was manufactured from Warner Bros. on demand. That could be another option from the copyright owners of Family. The only thing is those DVD's most of the time will not play on computer disc drives and have to be played on an actual player hooked to a TV. It's a protection thing to keep from bootleg copies being made.