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  1. Shocking Deaths and Surprises

    (Y&R) When Ashley went bonkers and was put in an institution the first time. Jill getting shot in the shower. Lauren & Sheila lab catfight (Dallas) When Sue Ellen tells J.R. she's pregnant and she said all he cared was about was that precious Ewing heir no matter's who's it is. He jumps up out of the chair and slaps the piss out of her. This was 1978, there would be no way they would let him do that on TV now. I thought J.R. causing Pam to fall from the hayloft and miscarry was sick. It looked like an accident, but he was walking her towards the edge on his knees. He knew what he was doing. J.R. knowing Kit was gay and insisting he marry Lucy anyway. Pam's fireball car crash. (Knots Landing) Sid's death. Jill forcing Val to overdose on sleeping pills at gun point. (B&B) That bad story were Stephanie had been keeping her and Eric's bed ridden daughter Angela in a house for decades.
  2. A lot of people who knew him said he was also involved in the late 60's/early 70's drug scene, especially when he moved to L.A. It looks like her when she turns into the Nun. According to the check date, this was done back in 1997. I remember back in the WOST days, they did an interview with her and she came across really nervous and eccentric. She also kept saying she didn't realize till now how sexy Joe Gallison was at the time.
  3. Worst fictional primetime couples in TV history?

    LOL......Yes Kit Mainwaring. I bet he was still cruising Studio 54... er I mean Jimmy's Disco. Since the writers had a hard time making up story for Lucy, I think it would have been interesting to of have had Kit go through with the marriage and have him conflicted, bringing home men he had picked up etc...and lying to Lucy. I always felt he was the original Steven Carrington and Aaron Spelling ripped him off along with the entire show Dallas. Fallon was a rip off of early bad girl Lucy.
  4. Worst fictional primetime couples in TV history?

    He looked like a slut. Someone posted in the youtube comments that they wonder how Angelica wiped her self with that get up on. Then they said they maid or the butler would do it......LOL
  5. Retconning: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Exactly. They had Val making him ice tea and tuna fish sandwiches and waiting on him like a maid in her own home. J.R. in Dallas would went after Karen with both barrels and foreclosed on Gary and Val's house and sold it for profit. The Lucy episode was fun.
  6. Worst fictional primetime couples in TV history?

    Yes...exactly. Pam went from looking classy like Jaclyn Smith circa 1978 to Rick James circa 1981. I wonder if Jhirmack was responsible for that ? Another favorite was the caption "Peter's lack of fabrics". Muriel just gave me the creeps.
  7. Retconning: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    David Jacobs said when they told him what they planned to do to bring Bobby back, he told them it was a mistake. He also said the same thing when Dallas characters crossed over into Knots, it never really worked. J.R. was realistic in his bigger than life persona on Dallas, but on Knots he came across as a mustache twirling villain. Remember the second episode of Knots "Community Spirit" ? I always thought it was silly how he came across and at the end Gary and Valene just laughed at his antics. What ?
  8. Jerry's daughter Laura played Paul's secretary Lynne for years. Jerry died in 2009.
  9. Worst fictional primetime couples in TV history?

    Dallas.....Lucy & Mitch..Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Actually Lucy and any pairing she ever had. The same for Jenna Wade. I though she was boring.
  10. Days of Our Lives General Discussion

    I read that David and Valerie only kissed 4 times in 2 years. The actors (Tina Andrews & Richard Guthrie) complained to the press that when they received their scripts, it would be heavily underlined they could not touch.
  11. Y&R: Old Articles

    I wish Bell had kept Tom Ligon on the show. He had more storyline in him. I could see him hooking up with Ashley or Nikki at some point. I was a little kid watching at this time, but only remember bits and pieces. I don't remember Joe Blair being such a prick, but he seemed to change rather quickly. I wish an episode would surface of Ashley with her first pairing Brian Forbes. That was being built as a big thing, then boom he was swept under the rug and disappeared. Ashley's early pairings were always a miss till Victor. It's always funny to see Danny looking more ivy league preppy in his early days before his Rock On period with the mullet etc...
  12. Y&R: Old Articles

    Thank You.