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  1. Geoffrey Scott with John Beck in the Pabst ad.
  2. On Dallas, Pam leaves Bobby to get away from Southfork when Cliff is accused of killing Julie, she has her long hair she wore most of the season. The next episode she has that 1979 awful Jhirmack shag without explanation. Her hair looked so good before. It proceeded to get worse as the years went on with weird hairstyles and dye jobs. Remember her 1981 Rick James do ? It was a don't !
  3. Greg Wrangler (Ex-Steve Y&R) and various other soaps (Edge, GL, B&B, AMC etc...) in a 1980/81 Three Musketeers ad. He became famous for the Folgers Christmas commercial as Peter that ran for decades starting in 1986.
  4. I would like to see Y&R 1973-1979. Especially Leslie's complete mental breakdown caused by Lorie who had little remorse and the Jill/Phillip/Kay triangle unfold. We have seen clips, but I want the whole run. Early Nikki killing her father, messing around with Paul, marrying Greg Foster etc... Another World 1964-1975 Guiding Light 1967-1978. 1979 was uploaded and was so fun to watch. As The World Turns 1967-1978. I especially want to see dastardly Dr. Michael Shea and Kim/Bob/Jennifer/John. Lisa's phantom pregnancy.
  5. Sandy Dvore did a lot of titles for shows over the years, like the Partridge Family.
  6. One of the biggest hair blunders occurred on Peyton Place in 1966. At the beginning of the episode Mia Farrow(Allison) had her long trademark hair with bangs. Later in the episode she has a short cropped haircut. In the middle of an episode, Mia became angry and asked for a pair of scissors in makeup. She began cutting off all her hair in a fit of anger. She was dating Frank Sinatra and he told her she could not come to his 50th birthday party because his ex wife would be there and it may come across disrespectful. Mia also wanted off the show and hoped this act would get her fired. The hair team had to fix her hair and a quick rewrite was done to write the new hair do into the storyline.
  7. In the Knots reunion, the Laurie character was a strange addition. At the anniversary party at Val's house when Karen said Hi to her, she made a face and then Diana walked up and it cut to their conversation. At the end Laurie is pregnant. Her character really was a nothing burger.
  8. I think this is actor Philip MacHale, the second actor to play Tony Lord after George Reinholt was fired.
  9. I think the first one " J.R. Returns" had huge ratings, but the second " War Of The Ewings" tanked.
  10. If Brooks Prentiss were brought back, who would you like to see in the role ?
  11. It was a bit too soon. If they had waited till the 10 or 15 year mark it may have had more of an impact. Since Dallas had done their reunion film the previous year, they thought they should strike while iron was hot. A lot of people still hold out hope for a reboot, but I doubt that will ever happen. It is way past the point where that would even be possible without having an entire new cast of youngsters to play the children/ grandchildren. Kevin Dobson is gone and Ted looks in bad health.
  12. Thanks for the 1997 Reunion pics. Kim Lanford looks a bit like Wendie Malick....LOL I remember several interviews around the time and Donna Mills saying when she walked onto the set of the re-created Ewing living room, she got emotional. I don't remember how well it did in the ratings. I assume if it had been a complete success, they would have done more. Maybe 1 a year or every couple of years.
  13. I remember watching the Reunion film the 2 nights it aired back in 1997, but I don't recall a special. Maybe I have just forgotten. Wasn't the original plot script going to be about a Sid look a like played by Don Murray showing up to come between Mac & Karen ? I think I read that somewhere online.
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