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  1. SoapDope

    Shows You Are Sick Of In Reruns

    I know what you mean. I was born in the 70's and syndication was full of 50/60's/70's series. Back in the 80's there was a cable channel called CBN and they reran a lot of classics shows along with game shows. One show they ran was a Screen Gems series " The Farmers Daughter" from the 60's. That show has not been seen in syndication since. Other SG series have been reran over and over except that one.
  2. SoapDope

    Soap actors who did soaps on both coasts

    Rod Arrants Meg Bennett Janice Lynde William Gray Espy Ted Shackelford Jerry Lacy Terry Lester Jane Elliot
  3. SoapDope

    Shows You Are Sick Of In Reruns

    I saw some episodes from seasons 3-5 of Family surface on youtube. I don't know if you could search ioffer and see if someone taped the entire run from the Decades channel etc...and have them to buy. It may be the best you can do since there will probably never be a complete release. A lot people have also complained about the series B.J. and The Bear.
  4. SoapDope

    Unflattering Photos/Articles Of Soap Actors

    I agree. Several people commented on how Wings looked when he returned. I always picture Jim Houghton in the role when I think about the character of Greg. JH and Melody Thomas Scott would have made a stunning soap couple if he had continued playing the part.
  5. SoapDope

    Unflattering Photos/Articles Of Soap Actors

    I agree about Wings. Linda Blair seems to hook up with the wrong men. At 15 she was with the much older Rick Springfield, she then moved on to Tommy Shaw of Styx, Rick James (I bet that was a nightmare), then crazy Wings Hauser.
  6. SoapDope

    Guiding Light discussion thread

    Watching some 1977-1980 GL makes you wonder why they never brought back Elizabeth Spaulding. I liked Lezlie Dalton in the role. It would have been nice to see her come back in the role for at least some guest appearances.
  7. SoapDope

    Unflattering Photos/Articles Of Soap Actors

    Yes. I think he was let go on that show. He comes across as egotistical. He has mainly made a career out of playing psychos after leaving Y&R. He was so miscast as Greg.
  8. SoapDope

    Unflattering Photos/Articles Of Soap Actors

    I recall Wings Hauser did an interview around the 25th anniversary of Y&R and about his time on the show, he said something like " I learned to never do soaps again. Any actor who says they are hard work is full of it. It's a hair show. Years later he sucked it up and reappeared as Greg Foster during that awful story of killing off Liz to make Jill a Fenmore. Melody Thomas Scott never mentions him in interviews EVER.
  9. SoapDope

    Guiding Light discussion thread

    That would have been interesting to see Trudy come back homeless, especially if they could had gotten another soap veteran to play Trudy. I also noticed over the years reading synopsis a lot of writers seemed to want to kill a lot of Bert's family off, which had never been seen onscreen.
  10. SoapDope

    Unflattering Photos/Articles Of Soap Actors

    😄 I remember seeing a biography of Genie Francis and they showed an early photo of her she submitted to get acting jobs and she had a unibrow. Meredith Baxter gave a recent interview on youtube where she was asked about doing a soap (Y&R) and she made the comment that it was hard work, but she felt the soap acting technique with the long pauses etc...was just bad acting. Victoria Principal rarely comes across good in interviews.
  11. SoapDope

    Guiding Light discussion thread

    I was looking back over some early GL stuff and wonder why writers never did much with Trudy Bauer ? Meta was on and off the show over years, but Trudy was written out by 1959.
  12. What unflattering photos or articles that still stick out in your mind that you remember seeing of actors from soaps/prime time soaps ? You can include producers, writers etc...
  13. SoapDope

    Celebrities on Soaps

    Brooke Shields and Tony Randall appeared on The Doctors in 1982 and Wayne Grezky appeared on Y&R around the same time.