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  1. The SON Daytime Drama Video Archive Collection

    I would also do a ATWT DVD collection of the Bob/Kim romance starting in 1972 to the end of the show with all the obstacles in their way. Kim falling in love with Bob when she comes to be a maid of honor at her sister Jennifer's wedding. Then Bob getting Kim and Jennifer pregnant. Kim being forced to marry John Dixon and him raping her etc....
  2. The SON Daytime Drama Video Archive Collection

    Yes. I agree. Leslie had a mental breakdown and was put in the psych ward. Lorie wrote the scathing manuscript " In My Sisters Shadow". I would also do a small batch of shows of how awful Victor Newman is and start from the beginning when he was an emotionally abusive SOB to his first wife Julia and the dungeon in the basement.
  3. The SON Daytime Drama Video Archive Collection

    I agree. I also vote for the Leslie/Lorie/Lance/Lucas storyline that lasted for years. Vanessa killing herself to frame Lorie was one of Y&R's most memorable scenes.
  4. Y&R: Old Articles

    I know. Terry was awesome in the role. Jack became neutered with PB.
  5. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    Kevin Conroy left SFT to join Dynasty and we kind of got side tracked.
  6. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    Yes Steven did later on briefly. Sammy Jo first hooked up with Bart's brother Clay played by Ted McGinley. He was also seeing Amanda at one point. When she and Steven started living together again, it was a platonic relationship. She then fell in love with that football player, played by Tom Schanley. He died after like 5 episodes of an OD. Steven left the show soon after.
  7. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    I googled and it said Robert Brian Wilson also played the part. So assume it must have been during the final year of the show. Kevin played Bart Fallmont during the 1985-1986 season of Dynasty. I think the network got nervous with his storyline with Steven and it was ended abruptly. Conroy is best known today for doing the voice of Batman.
  8. Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    Kevin Conroy who played Chase was on Dynasty by the time SFT was cancelled.
  9. Y&R: Old Articles

    Yes you can see the transition. I emailed the uploader to see if he had the full episodes of this and Y&R. Here is another clip circa 1982 of John Gibson who played Cash on Y&R.
  10. Y&R: Old Articles

    Y&R discussion 1982 with brief clip at end. He jumps around throughout talking about Y&R and reading fan mail from viewers.
  11. Soap Opera Pet Peeves

    Like Christine/Cricket on Y&R. That's why they have her raped/attempted to be raped repeatedly over the decades.
  12. Soap Opera Pet Peeves

    It seems like 1979 was a big year for rape storylines on daytime TV. Here are a few off the top of my head. I am sure I have forgotten some. GH: Laura The Doctors: Carolee OLTL: Karen GL: Holly Y&R: Nick Reeds attempted rape of his daughter Nikki.