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  1. 1979 commercial with Erin Gray & Peter Bergman.
  2. I ran across this video from the late 90's or early 2000's a while back. It's pretty popular for people into ASMR. When I first saw it I kept waiting for Fran Drescher to come out and yell " MA !"
  3. Frank Bernard (Marc Mergeron) commercial 1984
  4. He comes across a self important and conceited. Most people found his writing terrible.
  5. https://interviews.televisionacademy.com/interviews/james-lipton?clip=111887#show-clips You can click on the tabs at the bottom to go to the soap discussions. I went back and watched a bit more after I posted and he tells the interviewer " I implore you to move on and and ask more important questions" He does go into Guiding Light with more depth and about Irna". I don't know if he was just getting bored talking about soaps, embarrassed, wanted to brag about what he considered his big projects or was on a tight schedule. It just a comes off kind of snotty in places for me.
  6. I ran across James Lipton's interview on the Archive Of American Television site, and I could not sit through it. He was pretentious and arrogant when asked about his time on soaps. The interviewer wanted to go in depth and Lipton quickly cut him off and said " Your spending too much time on this subject and that when he was in daytime he felt he gave it his all, but he has done far greater things compared to that. He did talk a bit about Irna and that she knew how to plot out storylines better than anyone, but said she could not write dialogue to save her life. He then mentioned how she taught him the ropes and was training Agnes Nixon and Bill Bell.
  7. I remember when Lorie returned in the early 2000's and someone commented on the message boards that she was still sauntering her tired old ass like she did back in the 1970's.......LOL I always wondered why Bill Bell had Lucas talk like the guys on 70's Mod Squad " Lorie I have something heavy to lay on you, real heavy".
  8. This may have been posted before:
  9. Pam's second miscarriage on Dallas. She had already had the first one when she fell from the hayloft. Then a year later she was pregnant again and was thrown from a horse. Why ??? They did that neuro fiber whatcha-ma-call-it story that amounted to nothing since she was not Digger's daughter. They then spend 9 years with Pam wanting a child, then not wanting a child, then wanting a child and going crazy trying to kill herself by not having a child. Then when she get's fried in the car accident, she was on her way to tell Bobby she could....guess what ? Have a child.
  10. He just posted another video titled " Channel Surfing" 1971 and it had another Secret Storm closing and a Where The Heart Is opening. He probably has complete shows, but wants donations or purchases to make them happen. If he would at least show a few complete scenes from these shows, I would consider making a reasonable donation with the stipulation he has to upload the full episodes on youtube (maybe on a hidden link) that I would make available to all of us here at SON. Then hopefully someone with computer skills would grab them and add them to the vault. He has a internet archive with that Y&R episode, but that page format sucks.
  11. I wondered the same thing too. In a lot of her guest shots she played younger than she actually was. She was already about 26 in that 1969 Medical Center episode and had a daughter and was playing 19. In 1973 she did a backdoor pilot with Ken Berry on The Brady Bunch. It was called Kelly's Kids and was going to be a spinoff. I assume the network passed on it. She may gave gotten tired of the rat race and wanted a regular steady gig. She continued doing guest shots even after she started in daytime. She now teaches acting the last I heard about her. She is nearly 80 now.
  12. I decided to post this here in case anyone is interested. This is a 1969 episode of Medical Center with Brooke Bundy (GH & Days) guest starring. Carolyn Conwell (Y&R) plays her mother, Peter Donat (Flamingo Road etc...) plays her father, and Michael Brandon plays her boyfriend. Donat was married to Michael Learned (The Walton's) and Brandon was married to Lindsay Wagner (Bionic Woman etc...) at one time.
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