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  1. I just Googled Chris Hubbell and did not know he married Monie Ellis who played Gidget in the 1972 TV movie " Gidget Get's Married". I tried looking up what happened to her a while back. Talk about a small world. Monie is the daughter of the late Mona Freeman who was in tons of film and TV shows in the 40's, 50's, 60's.
  2. Ouch !!! That would sting to be dissed like that. David Jacobs (Dallas creator) said the same thing about Charlene Tilton (Lucy) in his Archive Of American Television interview.
  3. Thanks. Who's the guy in the scene ? He looks familiar.
  4. I think it would have been funny if Nikki had hooked up with Lucas Prentiss pre-Victor and drove Vanessa crazy with her trashy ways.
  5. In this news story from 1975 they show a soap at the end. It looks like maybe Ryan's Hope, but I can't be sure since I never really watched that soap. Can anyone ID it ?
  6. Early TV commercial with Pamela Bellwood for Pepsodent.
  7. Silent news coverage of Morgan Fairchild circa 1968. Starts at 4:17
  8. 1990 episode with the cast of Eight is Enough
  9. In an interview with Kay Alden she talked about how thorough Bill Bell was in introducing characters and storylines. She said in the original Y&R bible, it clearly is written that Katherine Chancellor will make her first appearance in November 1973 and Lorie Brooks in December 1973.
  10. I have seen a color copy of that same 1974 cast photo with Tom Hallick between Lee Crawford and Donnelly Rhodes. He must have shown later for that photo shoot and got his pic taken.
  11. Rare original Dallas Bumpers from September 23, 1978. Bad Quality
  12. It has a Dynasty rip off thing going on. Even Craig Sheffer looks like a rip off Al Corley.
  13. Does anyone remember this short lived series by Gloria Monty ? I don't remember it.
  14. Robert Parucha (Matt) always reminded me a bit of John Beck who played Mark Graison on Dallas.
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