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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. Yes. Ashley was tossed around till she was put with Victor. Elieen said she also loved working with Rod Arrants who played her first husband Dr. Steven Lassiter.
  2. Around that time (1982-83), Ashley was paired with her partner in the lab Brian Forbes (played by Jay Kerr). I have yet to see any scenes/clips of that character. I was a small kid then and I have no memories of him what so ever. I have seen photos, but that's about it. Jay Kerr who played the role trashed his time on it. He said soaps were the bottom of the barrel and that actors would rather do anything else than do soaps. He also said he felt miscast and can't understand why people still remember him from it. He also said his character went to make a phone call and never came back and no one cared. I noticed the Y&R credit has been deleted from his imdb page. It's funny that he trashed soaps when he hasn't acted in years. So how did that work out for him ?
  3. She would have been a good re-cast for Roberta Leighton (Casey Reed).
  4. What if.......Bill Bell had decided to keep the Foster, Brooks, and Prentiss families along with the Abbott's instead of phasing them out in 82 ? What if.......Nikki had never met Victor ? What if.....Capitol had never been cancelled and B&B was added to the line up along with it ? What if.....Prime time soaps Dallas, Knots, Dynasty etc...had never ended and kept on running like daytime shows ? What if......Eric Braeden was shown the door ?
  5. Shelley had kind of Cheryl Ladd girl next door kind of beauty. I wonder how she would have been in the role of Chris Brooks after Trish Stewart vacated the role ?
  6. Cathy Lee Crosby Connie Sellecca (even though she was on the primetime Hotel) Latoya Jackson (see her playing a campy/quirky character). Melinda Culea (from A-Team) Pamela Hensley (from Matt Houston) Shelley Smith ( actress and known for her many game show appearances)
  7. I forgot to mention The Facts Of Life will celebrate it's 40th anniversary on August 24th, 2009. Hard to believe it has been that long. She said she did know Lori Loughlin, but not all that well.
  8. Meg Bennett always great hair. She started out with the 70's Cher look and when the 80's came she jumped on the perm bandwagon.
  9. Speaking of Steines, Lisa Whelchel said her son works on the Home & Family show in the interview asking her if she would take over Lori Loughlin's role.
  10. Maybe everyone on this board should join in and write Hallmark. Lisa is also set to host a collectors show on MeTv.
  11. Y&R flirted with a Katherine Chancellor and Joanne Curtis pairing in the 70's and the audience balked. Bell dropped the storyline and Katherine went after Derek Thurston. Joanne was written out. On Days the interracial Valerie/David pairing was met with a lot of hate in the 70's.
  12. I read fans are already bombarding Hallmark to replace Lori with Lisa Whelchel. Lisa said she would consider it if Hallmark came calling.
  13. Tom Ligon's (Lucas) hair improved a few years into the role and when he shaved the beard. Down towards his final months on the show (1982), he grew the beard back. He then shaved it again to do Loving (1983).
  14. Victoria Principal had beautiful hair when Dallas started in 1978. She got a perm in 1979 and it got worse as the series progressed. She went from looking like Jaclyn Smith to looking like Rick James. She was the spokes person for Jhirmack hair care, so I wonder if they were behind some of those awful hairstyles and dye jobs ? Charlene Tilton had great hair too. She and Cheryl Ladd had similar styles. Kin Shriner had a great late 70's and early 80's mop of hair. As he got older he started to bald. Genie Francis had great hair.
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