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  1. Daytime Firsts

    I got to thinking, on Y&R in 1978/79 Casey Reed started having nightmares about her father and had a fear of being intimate with a man. She then confessed to Brock that her Dad came into her room at night. Nick Reed arrived in town and had an unhealthy attachment to Nikki. He became jealous of Nikki's relationship with Greg Foster. He tried to rape her and Nikki killed him by hitting him in the head with a lamp. I read that Katherine flirted with Jill in 1974 while drunk, although it has never been confirmed by a viewer. Kay later started being attached to Joanne Curtis and gave off lesbian vibes. Viewers balked and the storyline dropped. In the late 60's on Days, Marie Horton fell in love with a guy that turned out to be her long lost brother Tommy. Bill Bell wrote that story and later on he did it again on Y&R. Lorie Brooks fell in love with Mark Henderson who turned out to be her half brother. In 1979 on GL Holly Thorpe charged her husband Roger with raping her.
  2. Daytime Firsts

    On Y&R in 1973, Chris Brooks was brutally raped onscreen by George Curtis (played by Anthony Geary). I read it was the first time that a rape was played out onscreen instead of a fade out and then later implied with dialogue. I think Vicki Lord on OLTL was the first character to have been sexually abused by her father. Some say Lisa on ATWT was daytimes first Bitc*. Millions of viewers loved to hate Lisa and tuned in to see what she would do next.
  3. Somerset Discussion Thread

    Rare Somerset footage in this ad break.
  4. Daytime Firsts

    I read the first erotic scene was on Y&R in 1974. Lorie Brooks took a hot steamy shower with Jed Andrews (Tom Selleck). Nude bodies were partially visible through the glass doors. I remember it being said that the first time the word Bitc* was said on daytime was also on Y&R. Leslie screamed it at Lorie right before the commercial break after taunting her in the mental hospital. Jennifer Brooks on Y&R had a mastectomy in 1975, but I don't know if it was the very first on daytime, but was one of the earliest. Lisa on ATWT was the first to have a phantom fetus. Bill Bauer had a heart transplant on GL in 1968. Bert Bauer had uterine cancer on GL in 1962.
  5. Y&R: Old Articles

    LOL......There was a country singer back in the day named Faron Young. It may have also been a play on Farrah Fawcett. Most of the strange names Bill Bell used on his shows came from people he knew in real life.
  6. When real life gets in the way

    Nikki was also seeing Andy around the time of the stalker storyline and Greg still had feelings for her. So who knows how things would have went without MTS real life pregnancy effecting the story.
  7. Facts of life Reboot

    RIP Mrs. G. She was a part of my childhood.
  8. Facts of life Reboot

    Nancy was on the Phone with Roger during the storm. Blair was in the stable with Mr. Bradley and was crushing on him while he was wearing a tank top.....LOL That attempted Rape of Natalie was a creepy and remember it from childhood too. The modeling session was a guy who wanted to make Tootie the face of the 80's and wanted her to pose nude and told her she needed to lose weight. The bong one was Blair and Sue Ann being asked to join a group of popular girls which one was played by Helen Hunt). Sue Anne is pressured into smoking dope and gets high.
  9. When real life gets in the way

    Patrick Duffy leaving and returning screwed up Dallas. Victoria Principal leaving was the final nail in the coffin for the decline. Jim Davis death also was a blow to the show. That storyline where they toyed with the idea of Wes being Jock didn't sit right. I think Jock should have died and a proper funeral be done, not that crap they tried to milk.
  10. Facts of life Reboot

    I bet they couldn't get Michael and settled......LOL
  11. Facts of life Reboot

    I say not. Originally I read that Felice Schacter's Nancy was supposed to be the main focus, but Lisa Whelchel's Blair stole the show. If you notice most of the first seasons episode revolve around Blair.
  12. When real life gets in the way

    On Y&R in 1980, Julia Newman's story was rewritten when Beau Kayser left the show. Julia was supposed to end up with Brock, but they had to bring on the character of Michael Scott. I wonder if Bill Bell intended to have Brock be the one locked in the basement at the ranch ? Melody Thomas Scott got pregnant in real life in 1981. Bill Bell had to quickly write Nikki meeting Victor and getting pregnant on the show. It turned out to be a hit with viewers. Now we have been paying for it nearly 40 years.....LOL On Days Of Our Lives Brends Benet committed suicide and her character Lee had to be written out quickly.
  13. Facts of life Reboot

    I loved Facts Of Life growing up and have the entire series on DVD. I just can't get behind a reboot. They all come across as desperate and usually have no connection to the original. The original show did seem to have several different reboots. The first season in 1979-1980 really didn't click and they trimmed the fat by getting rid of half the cast. Season 2 really was the shot in the arm with the arrival of Nancy McKeon as Jo. The Edna's edibles phase was good too, but I never really got into the Over Our Heads era too much. I rarely watch those seasons. The episode listed above are some of my favorites too. One of my least favorite episodes was the episode "Starstruck" when Tootie goes ape over Jermaine Jackson and how she freaks out on Mrs. Garrett. Mrs. G. pretty much had her in a head lock to calm her down. I saw that episode when I was like 4/5 when it came out and it freaked me out.
  14. Y&R: Old Articles

    Thanks for letting me know. Rick Darros should have shaved his back and shoulders before wearing that shirt. Loved the flashback from Kay to the 1970's and the scenes between Kay & Jill snipping at one another. Kay was trying so hard not to tear her throat out.......LOL I miss all the vintage background music.
  15. Snapper and Greg were on till mid/late 1982. Liz stayed on recurring till about 1986. I know Liz was at Nikki & Victor's wedding in 84.