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  1. Have any favorite Holiday episodes ? Post them here.
  2. That sounds more realistic than when Dylan was crammed down viewers throats as Nikki and Paul's cult baby.
  3. Jacobs and Hamner were incredible writers. I have been watching some episodes of Family on youtube that an uploader has kindly been posting every few days and David Jacobs wrote a lot of them. The memorable 2 parter where Willie marries his dying girlfriend was written by him.
  4. She was hit by a car if I remember correctly.
  5. David Jacobs said that when he was approached with the" Bringing Bobby back from dead as a dream storyline", he told them "It was a bad idea" and that" viewers will eventually bolt". Patrick Duffy's wife actually came up with that idea. Victoria Principal and her character became bit of a laughing stock. Even the Newhart show made fun of it by having that show all be a dream. In 2019 people still talk and joke about it. I also hated the way they wrote off Pamela Barnes Ewing and then getting a look a like actress to have her die off screen. People had invested 10 years in the show at that point and it was a big let down. Having Pam away working in Paris or wherever with phone calls would have been better than what they came up with.
  6. I think Victoria Principal was right to ditch Dallas in 1987, especially after that stupid dream reveal. Patrick Duffy coming back really messed things up a lot. Principal really wanted to leave a season or two prior and gave the show heads up. The writing was on the decline and she has stated that she feels the first 5 seasons are the best. She's right. Those awful later years was like watching a train wreck. Most of the original cast was let go and stupid characters that nobody cared about came and went.
  7. I thought Heath Kizzier resembled William Gray Espy. How about calling Dr. Chuck Foster ?
  8. Mr. Baker Ron's Boss is actor Stanley Grover. His daughter is actress Cindy Grover who was on Love Of Life in the early 70's.
  9. Thanks for the info. They kept Moss around for decades and people complained he was wooden. I think Clayton was fine in the role. Norcross has carved out a career in Italy. If you google him, most of the stuff that has been written about him is in Italian. I remember when Macy first met Thorne it was still Norcross in the role. Then Trachta came on and Thorne and Macy became the singing couple ala Steve and Betty Jo Elliott on Petticoat Junction. Speaking of Moss, I read that article done a few months back that said the real reason he left B&B was because after an auto accident, his ability to memorize lines was shot. He also said he wished the show had left his character remain without a recast. The show also dumped Stephen Shortridge as Dave by the end of the first year. They could have used him in other pairings. Maybe Dave/Macy/Thorne ?
  10. Ronn Moss seems to still be close to Clayton Norcross. Here are some pics of them in recent years.
  11. I never understood why Judith Baldwin was replaced so quickly after the shows premiere. Does anyone know why the switch ? I wonder what Constance Towers would have been like as Beth Logan ? I don't think there was ever a reason given for the switch from Clayton Norcross to Jeff Trachta.
  12. Larry Hagman as J.R. Ewing on Dallas would spew some hilarious lines. In one episode he was confronting Val. She asked him how he found her and he said " When I found out you were back in town, I had my people check out some of the cheaper motels. Figuring you were living the life your accustomed to. Sure enough here you are. He would also refer to Pam as " That Barnes Girl" and told Sue Ellen " Nothing is uglier than a woman who can't handle her liquor". Calling her slut, tramp etc a lot of times when she was passed out... He also was annoyed about Bobby's friend Guzzler showing up and talking non stop. He went upstairs to bed to get away from him and muttered under his breath " That actress Farrah Fawcett Majors could become Farrah Fawcett Guzzler.......LOL
  13. I saw that Beir died in 1980 of cancer. He also appeared on Days circa 1978 as the guy who raped Julie. He was on Dallas in 1979 for 3 episodes. His character was set up by J.R. and a prostitute played by Veronica Hamel. They got a photo of him in bed with Pam while she was separated from Bobby to make it look like a sex scandal. Everyone in the family knew it was a scheme of J.R.'s and it pissed him off when she came back home to Southfork with Bobby.
  14. I saw he is listed on Y&R starting in 1980, but I though Mitchell started appearing on the show in the 1970's.
  15. On the show in the first episode Snapper tells Stuart it was because of his disposition. He wants to become a doctor to live like the Brooks do because he see's them as wealthy. Bell said the real life kid named Snapper was snotty and bratty.
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