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  1. Nikki Newman has been married to many men, killed several people, been kidnapped or terrorized by psychos, duped into many scams etc....since 1978. Lather, rinse, repeat.
  2. SoapDope

    Elections and politics on Soaps

    On Dallas Bobby was a senator. The Ewing's were often involved in politics, especially Donna.
  3. SoapDope

    Family (1976-1980)

    Thanks for finding that. It seems the show had random writers that submitted storylines and collected a paycheck. I read that Mike Nichols production company produced the series and was given onscreen credit, but he had no personal involvement in it. David Jacobs was considered the new hot shot writer because of Family and was courted to join Lorimar Productions where he submitted Dallas. Bill Blinn who had created Starsky and Hutch left Spelling/Goldberg productions for Lorimar too and directed Eight Is Enough. Writers for Eight also wrote scripts for The Waltons. I remember seeing an interview with Blinn and he said he never would have cast Dick Van Patten as the father, but Fred Silverman at ABC wanted him because he thought he was funny. The actor Blinn wanted for Tom Bradford was a stage actor and when he came to test, he was a mess on camera. Blinn also went on to say he felt bad years later after the kids turned out to be messes, especially Adam Rich who played little Nicholas and said he would never suggest a child be and actor. Interestingly, when Jacobs wrote the script for Dallas in 1977, it was originally titled "The Linda Evans Project". In 1981 Spelling would rip off Dallas with Dynasty and cast Evans in the lead.
  4. SoapDope

    Family (1976-1980)

    It seems like I recall reading that. Aaron Spelling has said he and Leonard Goldberg came up with the idea in his kitchen. I think there was also a lawsuit brought by Robert Wagner who said he and his then wife Natalie Wood were the ones who pitched the idea for Charlie's Angels.
  5. SoapDope

    Family (1976-1980)

    I just happened to run across those. I wish they would release the entire series on DVD. Another writer on Family was David Jacobs who created Dallas in 1978 and Knots Landing in 1979.
  6. SoapDope

    Family (1976-1980)

    I found this page with several season 3 episodes of Family uploaded from the Decades channel. The quality is good. One episode features Dinah Manoff as a crazy friend of Kristy MicNichol. 10 years later they would be playing sisters on Empty Nest. Another episode features Linda Lavin (who also did a film with Kristy around this time in 1978 called Like Mom, Like Me). Linda plays a client in this episode who tried to seduce Doug Lawrence.
  7. SoapDope

    Paul Rauch & others in a #MeToo #TimesUp era...

    The Y&R clips were featured in Mr. Mom because Aaron Spelling (who produced the film) was a huge fan of Bill Bell and Y&R. Years later when Aaron came up with Sunset Beach, he said he wanted the show to be something similar to what Bill Bell would do. Aaron would often borrow ideas from other creators and do a version of it. David Jacobs who wrote for Spellings series Family in 1976-77, created Dallas in 1978. Spelling ripped it off with Dynasty in 1981....LOL
  8. SoapDope

    Kelly Clarkson Talk Show picked up by NBC

    How many talk shows do we freaking need ? It's getting old. Bring back soaps and game shows.
  9. SoapDope

    Y&R 1980s Character returns

    I prefer the original actors when they bring back characters, but in some cases it can work. I could picture someone like John Beck being Matt Miller even though he is about 10 years older than Parucha. If they wanted keep him around the same age as before, maybe Greg Evigan ? If they ever brought back Casey Reed as a recast, I could picture someone like Lindsay Wagner being the new Casey.
  10. SoapDope

    Y&R 1980s Character returns

    I always wondered how Braeden felt about Parucha. Has he ever mentioned working with him in interviews ?
  11. SoapDope

    Y&R: Old Articles

    Sorry. Y&R will probably be dead in 10 years since CBS is bound and determined to kill the last 2 remaining soaps it has.
  12. SoapDope

    Paul Rauch & others in a #MeToo #TimesUp era...

    I also know CBS Television City was very primitive during that time. They were building on and one scene with Kay and Brock you can hear hammering in the distance. Vicki Lawrence said when she was doing the Carol Burnett Show that there was only one main tape machine with all the cameras ran into it. All of the shows had to wait their turn to tape their shows. The Burnett show taped next door to Y&R and across the hall from The Price Is Right.
  13. SoapDope

    Paul Rauch & others in a #MeToo #TimesUp era...

    The reason I asked was, EB did an interview and said when he first started he had a problem with the EP of Y&R and he said they fired him and got a new one. I assumed it was JC.
  14. SoapDope

    Paul Rauch & others in a #MeToo #TimesUp era...

    Conboy was said to of had a thing for blonde guys and often cast them. Did Eric Braeden have a hand in getting rid of Conboy ? Wes Kenney was brought in 1982 and Conboy moved over to Capitol. I also read Conboy felt Y&R was getting stale and in a power play tried to take control of the show away from Bill Bell and tried to get CBS to fire him.