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  1. Stop Trying to Make ... Happen!

    Robert Urich series: Bob, Carol, Ted, and Alice (1973) S.W.A.T. (1975-1976) Soap (1977) Tabitha (1977-1978) Vegas (1978-1981) Gavilan (1982-1983) Spenser For Hire (1985-1988) American Dreamer (1990-1991) Crossroads (1992-1993) It Had To Be You (1993) The Lazarus Man (1996) The Love Boat: The Next Wave (1998-1999) Emeril (2001)
  2. Stop Trying to Make ... Happen!

    There was an actress in the 60's named Debbie Watson that Universal tried to make happen as a contract player with several failed series and films. She first starred in a series called Karen from 1964-1965. It got cancelled and she was back in the 1965-66 season as Tammy (a series based on the Tammy film series). It was cancelled in spring 1966. Universal then dumped Pat Priest from the Munster's series as Marilyn and replaced her with Debbie for the summer film flop Munster's Go Home. Then in 1967 they stuck her in a campy film flop called The Cool Ones. They then edited several episodes of the Tammy series together as a feature film called "Tammy and the Bachelor that was a flop. She finished out the rest of the decade guest appearing in Universal series and episodes of Love American Style till she gave up and retired from show biz.
  3. Becker.......I agree about Terry Farrell being let go. They brought on Nancy Travis who has had several short lived and failed series. I'm sorry, but I never got her appeal. It as if the networks tried to make her happen and viewers weren't having it. She reminds me of Robert Urich in the fact that they would stick him in a series, it would last one or two seasons. Then it would get cancelled and the following fall he would be back in an all new series they had created to keep him on the air.
  4. Brown also did several movies in the 80's where he played the young naive boy who is seduced by an older woman. I guess he was typecast in film roles.....LOL.
  5. Bionic Woman & Six Million Dollar Man......The final season of those shows were awful. BW had been picked up by NBC because of Fred Silverman at ABC dislike for it had it cancelled. Lee Majors as Steve no longer was allowed to cross over even though Oscar and Rudy continued to co-star. Jaime had a new love interest Chris (played by Christopher Stone). The whole premise of Steve and Jaime getting together never happened. Jaime never got her memories of Steve back. Silverman had transferred to NBC at that time and when he saw BW on the schedule, he cancelled it again. Years later (1987) they tried to (fix things) by doing a reunion film where she got her memory back. I think it was 9 years too late. If you read or watch interviews with actors, producers, creators etc....from the classic TV days. 9 out of 10 times Fred Silverman's name is brought up and he is often not painted in the most favorable light. He would often cancel hit shows because of his dislike for them and would often put on crap that didn't last. His tenure at NBC was horrible. He is famous for the CBS rural/family show purge of 1970-72 where he got rid of shows like Petticoat Junction, Beverly Hillbillies, My Three Sons etc....in favor of urban based controversial shows like All In The Family, Maude etc...
  6. Y&R: Old Articles

    Thanks for the recap. I hope the episodes make their way to youtube so we can see them. The blonde guy he mentions talking to Sebastian about a South American project sounds like Lucas Prentiss. I remember reading something about that storyline. One poster on another board made fun of that story and said that Bill Bell was trying to bring the mob to Genoa City. Leslie and Jonas were also involved in all that. This was when Leslie had amnesia and she bleached her hair. The same poster who made fun of that also use to rag on the Peggy Brooks character when she was brought up. The Greg & Nikki scenes sound great. Nikki's first marriage has long been forgotten.
  7. Miss Mahoney played by Jenny O'Hara in the 1979 episodes of Facts Of Life. When the show took a break and came back to finish the first season in spring 1980, she gone without a mention. The same can be said about Mr. Bradley (played by John Lawlor) who disappeared in season two. John Lawlor said he was upset when he was canned from the show.
  8. Y&R: Old Articles

    I remember reading that when the show went to an hour, it voided all the contracts the actors had signed for the 30 minute show. Several of them opted not to re-sign like Beau Kayser, Brenda Dickson, John McCook etc...Beau stayed for a little while beyond the 1 hour expansion.
  9. Empty Nest........the show lost a lot when Kristy McNichol let the show as Barbara. In the final seasons they added Marsha Warfield and Estelle Getty to try to liven things up. They also brought on that daughter Emily for a while to try to replace Barbara, but it didn't work. Dinah Manoff said that her character Carol lost half of herself without Barbara. Barbara & Carol were like Laverne & Shirley.
  10. Y&R: Old Articles

    I wish we could see all of 1979. As you said that was a great year of drama. That was also when Lorie found out her sister Leslie was pregnant with her husband Lance's child. Leslie married his brother Lucas to hide the fact and Lucas claimed he was the father. At one point those scenes of Lorie/Lucas/Leslie was posted here.
  11. Dallas......The later years were a snooze fest. After Victoria Principal left, I was done. One Day At A Time........I never knew till years later Ann remarried in the final years to Johnny Fever form WKRP. The Facts Of Life........After Mrs. Garrett got remarried, I lost interest. I did see some episodes of the final seasons with Cloris years later. I also have the complete series on DVD, but never watch the last 2 seasons without Mrs. G. Lost.........I got lost after a while.
  12. Y&R: Old Articles

    I think that clip of Snapper and Chris wedding was taken from the Y&R 20th anniversary. I agree about $ 1,000.00 being outrageous and the risk of it being a scam. There are a lot of vintage soap episodes listed in the UCLA film archives, but they will probably never get around to transferring them to media for public viewing. They figure it's not important.
  13. Your daily (or nightly) thought

    Reliving one of my favorite childhood series on youtube: This is the 1983 opening. The series first started in 1979. Glenn Scarpelli from One Day At A Time alternated with the redheaded boy in season 1.
  14. Y&R: Old Articles

    Sounds awesome. I wonder if those episodes will also contain early Victor and his abusive relationship with Julia ? I wish Nikki and Greg's wedding from 1979 would surface someday. I saw fragments of it on MTS Lifetime bio.
  15. TV commercials we hate

    Me either. When I was growing it up it was mostly grocery items like food, gum, soda, dish detergent, laundry soap, furniture polish etc...now it's mostly car insurance 24/7. I read that after it was mandated that every driver by law had to have insurance, Geico amped it up doing their stupid little comedy ads and all other insurance agencies jumped on the bandwagon to compete with them. I hate how Geico claims they will save people 15% or more on their insurance. All insurance companies follow a set rate and they will not cut their own throat just to get you as a customer. I still say Geico will have a scandal at some point. I also hate now in every commercial they have some dork looking at and swiping their phone showing a downloadable app or saying hashtag this and hashtag that. Most of the time spokes person doesn't even look up. It's just a camera pointed at them looking down at their phone. People are too connected to that thing. No wonder there are so many car accidents. I have almost been killed several times because people are playing with their phone while driving.