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  1. The actor playing Papa Rosales is TERRIBLE. They hired an AWFUL actor who spends his time grinning.
  2. We’re back to the repetitive scenes after one week of good story.
  3. I tweeted that I was tired of the masks, and Camila Banus gave me a LIKE.
  4. I’m tired of the masks. Enough already.
  5. I’ve just seen the Friday US show, but again it was a “Lola is so wonderful” lovefest. Just awful. We’re told over and over how great she is, but never shown it. That’s why all the nice wedding touches meant so little to me. The actor cast as Papa Rosales? Not very good. I know it’s just one scene, but that was weak. All these actors in California and that is the best they could find?
  6. I think the actress playing Stella got a prime time series.
  7. AN was awful, and JMW’s face doesn’t move. 0 for 2.
  8. JMW has had too much done to her face. When Steffy cried today, her face never moved. Then she cried harder, and her face still never moved.
  9. Maxie is a mess of a character, and K Storms looks so matronly it’s unreal.
  10. Yeah, when I think of Ciara, I think of her in Ben’s bed. Period.
  11. Why’d they give away so much in the promo airing at the end of Monday’s show? I can’t believe this story has moved so slowly, and then in one 30 second promo, they blow through a bunch of secrets.
  12. Jack has been written as a MAGA clown.
  13. I liked Loren Lott as Ana a lot, and she got a raw deal. For that matter, so did Zach Tinker as Fen. Those two were good together. Zach Tinker is a better actor than the guy who plays Theo. I’m ok with Theo, because a bad boy is needed, but he’s honestly not the actor Tinker is. Apparently Josh G doesn’t care. Kyle and Mariah in a relationship? No. I don’t see it at all. They belong as friends.
  14. I could stare at Chase all day long.
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