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  1. I don’t think a Paul Telfer is a bore. The writing for him has been bad. He was more than interesting when he was written as a wild man who had a mean streak and used everybody. I actually like him with Sarah, but taking away his edge was a bad move. Tragic? Nicole’s hair. That brushed back look is HORRENDOUS.
  2. l’ve seen rumors that Amanda is connected to Hillary, but it’s sad that these exciting rumors never happen — or take so long to happen that we stop caring. Sorry, but Hillary has been walking around doing a lot of nothing, and MiM is being wasted. Donny Boaz is not only a MAGAt, but he’s also stupid. He deleted that tone deaf tweet, but it was up for almost an entire day before deletion. He’s an idiot. By then, he’d been DRAGGED and a lot of viewers who hadn’t heard about his politics turned on him in a minute.
  3. I agree with your take on all of these characters and their stories — or lack of them. Josh Griffith has the ability to make us like a character, but then does nothing with him or her, or certainly not enough. MiM’s return pumped me up because I love her, but I’m not happy with what’s been done with Amanda so far. If there’s a plan, it’s taking way too long to get to it. Nate and Amanda have good chemistry, but even on today’s show, we should’ve seen those scenes with Nate going before the medical board. Why write him in trouble if we don’t SEE the fallout? Hearing the characters practice their speeches and then report how great Victor was at the hearing? Ugh. And then Nate gets a phone call about reinstatement? Ugh again. Devon and Elena are going nowhere. The will? Devon would have a dozen lawyers working on it — not watching Chance make a stupid trip to the Maldives. Billy and Kyle are going nowhere, just in circles. Theo’s story got exciting for a minute when he was declared an Abbott relation. Now what? Boring talks with Summer and Lola while bad boy Theo seems to be gone. Nick was all guns-ho for a run for council — — and then he drops out? Huh?? Did JG switch course after only a week’s worth of episodes and drop that story? Abby again is googoo eyed over ANOTHER guy. No story there. Phyllis has no story. For a whole it looked like CLB would again be prominent. He’s disappeared. Lauren is nowhere in sight. Kevin and Chloe seemed important for a minute. Over. i love Mark Grossman as Adam, but he’s still not in a relationship of any kind? Huh? This is a SOAP, for God’s sake. Sharon is with Rey, but it doesn’t feel like she’s really in love. Josh Griffith DESPERATELY needs a co-writer. I still watch every day, but I definitely understand why viewers are dropping out.
  4. Yep, the Justin and Kayla stuff was so bad. I watched Justin cry over Adrienne twice just to get my WTF fix for the day. Evan is cute as hell, and Freddy is THE worst person to saddle him with — literally and physically. Freddy can’t get comfortable playing gay scenes after all this time. There’s never any spark or sense of heat. And Freddy and Will having that awkward prison conversation? Man, that was horrific. I’ve seen people who hate each other with more chemistry.
  5. Not me. I complain a lot about Chandler because of his smirking and lazy acting, but he’s better looking than Freddie by a mile. I don’t see this Evan being so hot for Freddie, tbh. I also think FS is a weak actor.
  6. I like openings on shows. I think they make a statement. The major networks lost something when they went to these 7-second bumper card openings. Look at the cable networks— they know a good open can define a show and lend prestige to it. GH’s present opening doesn’t work for me because the cast photos look as if they were taken by 5 different photographers. Some have weird smiles that look like the lips of the actor are distorted. Some actors are all teeth, painted with the whitest paint ever. Some of the photos are great, which makes the bad ones look even worse.
  7. I will never understand someone who delights in a show’s falling ratings. I can understand objections about the writing and everything else. I get it that some viewers are unhappy. But ENJOYING ratings that are falling? UGH.
  8. No way that “vat of acid” is really a vat of acid.
  9. LOL OK, I like Adam, Nick, and Victor.
  10. I agree. I cannot stand her and want Thomas to win bigly.
  11. That “Ave Maria” singing at the beginning of the wedding ceremony was just awful. So is the writing. Why did Lani wait until then to stop the wedding? Why hadn’t someone grabbed Gabi’s damn phone?
  12. Why is Nate so damn angry with Victor over his medical license? Victor didn’t force him or twist his arm — it was Nate’s own decision. His anger at Victor now seems really displaced.
  13. At first I thought it was brave of Jessica Tuck to go without makeup — but after 5 minutes, I got over that, and thought “Damn, get some foundation on her STAT!” She looked really rough. Kelly Monaco cut back on the makeup, but not completely. Smarter way to go. And yeah, I’m callin* Jessica Tuck stunt casting at this point. Frank V. NEVER knows when to get rid of a character. He keeps bringing them back, and it’s all forced and awful.
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