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  1. Nobody here has a comment on Zoe’s song? Her singing? Honestly, I thought it was cringeworthy. Zende was over-the-top in his praise of that mess.
  2. She really did, and even offering to wear that for Zende was weird. A fashion house has no models available? She’s nothing but a hoe. i still don’t get why Zoe went all the way over to Carter’s place to turn down his request that she move in with him. Witch.
  3. Dina’s exit was very well done, but I agree that one episode just wasn’t enough. I guess Covid is the reason for that decision. Marla Adams was excellent. It’s not easy to do these emotional scenes with no one even touching let alone hugging. Michael’s white hair was ok, if only because the dark dye jobs were so bad. He needs to cut it shorter, though.
  4. And Carter and Zoe standing 30 yards apart while they talk about moving in together? My God. Are directors telling the actor playing Carter to be as dull as possible? He’s a great looking guy, and he’s playing this as drily as he can. Making it worse? He doesn’t catch on when Zoe and Zende give looks of longing to each other RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM.
  5. Short answer, yes. The show has been better. There’s more drama, more conflict. There are fewer conversations that go nowhere and mean nothing.
  6. So change the way it’s usually covered. Show Steffy going through a process — not some ridiculous descent into addiction in 3 days followed by a warp-speed recovery. All that only to get to what we’ve seen before — Liam coveting the woman he’s not with?
  7. I don’t know why rehab is harder to shoot than anything else.
  8. According to Deadline, DAYS just shut down for 2 weeks because someone tested positive for COVID. https://deadline.com/2020/10/days-of-our-lives-production-suspended-shut-down-2-weeks-positive-covid-19-test-1234596014/
  9. Speaking of rushing, the Steffy storyline is traveling at about 150 mph. Addicted in 3 days, rehabbed in 2. Ridiculous, and such a waste to not play the beats.
  10. LOL If only Adam were the only problem with the writing and stories.
  11. Thank God that every soap character who’s done vile contemptible things isn’t thrown off the show. There’d hardly be any cast left.
  12. I feel like GH is written by a couple mean girls who have favorites, gearing every story towards them and making them the focus. Everyone else, deserving or not, relationships be damned, is ignored completely or given a couple lines.
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