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  1. i can handle it just fine. I handle it by answering back.
  2. You offer pretty much nothing but ugly criticism of Stafford and King, and your posts read like a Mean Girls Diary. That’s your business, of course, but it doesn’t make you a good judge of talent. Same. I can see slamming a character, or criticizing an actor’s approach to a role, but when it gets personal — and ugly — I’m calling it out. Stafford and King are both doing fine considering what’s been written for them. Do I miss Gina Tognoni? Yeah. I loved her. But I love Michelle Stafford, too. When I hear anyone discuss Phyllis, I picture MS in my mind. Some p
  3. What is your problem with Michelle Stafford? Did she do something to you? Because your posts on here about her are vile and border on unhinged.
  4. I agree. I don’t know what universe people are in when they don’t call Brandon Beemer good looking. Andyou know, we just went through all this negative talk about Martha Madison a few short month ago, didn’t we? I don’t think the girl gets that kind of airtime to deserve all this negativity, frankly. I think she’s fine in the role.
  5. Yeah, Maxie is way past any expiration date. I can’t take her any more.
  6. Eric Martsolf last appeared on Passions 23 years ago. He turns 50 in July. The guy looks incredible for his age — or any age. And honestly, I think he’s in better shape now than he has been for a couple years.
  7. So which is it? She’s phoning it in or trying to be a comedian? Again, I’d like to ask what exactly Stafford is supposed to do with that stuff they give her? What would make it interesting? If you don’t like her, fine, but pretending she’s failing because she’s lazy or doing it wrong doesn’t make sense to me. BoldRestless, do you have Comcast? Because my DVR skipped the same exact shows on Y&R and B&B, including Monday’s Y&R.
  8. I have to agree with you. So stupid I laughed out loud when I read it.
  9. Agree to disagree. I don’t know what you wanted to see in those scenes.
  10. She sure gets a lot of airtime for someone production thinks is dried up. Look, I loved Gina Tognoni, but Michelle Stafford doesn’t phone it in.
  11. Stafford is fine. She has her acting tics, but they’re much more controlled than in her last run. I really don’t get the complaints about her.
  12. There’s far too much Kristen and Susan. It’s annoying as hell.
  13. Really bad. Surprisingly, Victoria Konefal was worse than Robert Scott Wilson — much worse. Really didn’t expect that at all, but she was horrible.
  14. Why so hard on Hunter King? I can understand hating a character, but you’re way into mean girl territory with those personal attacks.
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