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  1. It’s funny how you’d say that, but in my case, your analysis doesn’t fit. i don’t care much about either actor returning in the coming weeks from the 2013 era. I didn’t hate them, but don’t see the reason to bring either back. But all day long I’ve read bit_ching about 2013, and to me that’s tiresome. Has Mark Grossman been on a lot? Yeah, and tbh, I have no complaints even if “he is eating the show.” Why? Because he’s a great Adam and I love looking at him. That’s my truth. I said I was exhausted with all the complaining on Twitter. I didn’t attack or insult anyone here. All I did was give my opinion, and I’d like to think that’s ok. Do I bitch on occasion? Yeah. I guess i just don’t understand why my posts bother you so much. If I overstep or get too aggressive, I don’t mind or blame you for coming after me. In this case, though, I don’t think I said anything that deserved a smack down.
  2. Just hold up a sign that says HILARY NEVER DIED. That’s it. Done. I don’t care how they bring Hilary back or how messy it is. Having her back matters more.
  3. I honestly don’t care if JG takes us back to 2013 or 1990 or to last month. I wish we got no spoilers and no casting news, tbh. All it does is lead to bitching about everything, and to plots being ruined in advance. I’m already exhausted with all the complaining on Twitter.
  4. LOL I know you accused me of being Morrow because I defend the guy, but I really have to wonder why you hate him so much. He’s not the greatest actor in the world, but he’s certainly not the worst, either. No matter what he does, you trash him in the ugliest way. Just odd as hell.
  5. Well, I have to once again disagree with you. I thought the Nick/Victoria scenes were good and thought the Nick/Victor scenes were exceptional. Braeden and Morrow both gave emotional, genuine performances in those scenes.
  6. Lifeless? Sorry, I disagree vehemently. I thought the show was excellent, start to finish. The actors haven’t even rehearsed? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I think the Summer/Phyllis scene was awkward because Summer had 80% of the dialogue. Phyllis didn’t want to tell her she was kidnapped, so she was close- mouthed while Summer rambled. I didn’t see any awkwardness between the actors.
  7. Mark Grossman is great as Adam. I don’t give a crap about his age.
  8. Really? Are you just guessing about this? Because we’ve seen nothing that indicates any problem like this.
  9. And Emma deserves what happens to her for being THE worst driver in the world. Boy, those scenes were poorly directed and produced.
  10. And what about Nate moving out THE SAME DAY that Adam said he’d buy the penthouse? I never knew you could close on real estate in a matter of hours.
  11. I don’t care how definite her death was. I want MIshael back as Hilary, and I don’t care how implausible or ridiculous it is, They can hold up a sign that says FORGET HILARY EVER DIED for all I care.
  12. So great to see that Emma was wailing and screaming about the stolen baby as much as Xander and Zoe have. It’s so normal when outsiders yell and sob about someone else’s baby.
  13. I agree with you. I thought the whole thing was awful, and nothing about it moved me in the slightest. Will’s quick visit to the other side had nice mood lighting. Wow. Give it up for mood lighting. Meanwhile, Chandler walked through the scene like a lost and bored deer. Then he he wakes up in the hospital bed and TA DA! He’s cured! GAG ME. It was so, so bad.
  14. The wedding was awful, and Will doesn’t look like he even has a hangnail. Freddie tried, but Chandler couldn’t get through his vows without breaking into a grin. He sucks.
  15. Xander should be killed off for the horrendous acting.
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