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  1. I have to agree about Marcy Rylan. She’s just terrible in this role, and her voice is the worst — grating, unmodulated vocal fry. She’s not believable in any romantic scene, either. I remember liking her a lot when she played Abby on YR. Maybe I was clueless, because she’s awful.
  2. Darin Brooks (Wyatt) must have gone to the Chandler Massey school of acting, because his smiling and smirking through serious scenes is annoying as hell. He ruined his scenes with Quinn, I know that much. Discussing relationships with your mother brings smirks? Just awful acting. Those scenes also reminded me that BOLD never gets tired of parental involvement— interference— in their kids’ love lives. It’s disgusting.
  3. We might get MONTHS more of this crap? GAG ME. Gotta love the way the Soap Central article pretends this is great and fascinating television.
  4. live been complaining about CM’s smirking for so long that I can’t remember when I wasn’t. He ruins just about every scene.
  5. I don’t think he is. Not at all. Chandler smirks but I never thought he was awkward or looked uncomfortable, especially with Christopher Sean. Freddie’s not only a weak actor, but adding discomfort in scenes requiring affection, kissing, or more is dreadful.
  6. Agree about the Gladys stuff. Get her off my screen. Dev might become interesting if they do a gay storyline with him. If not, they can ditch him, too.
  7. You’ve also said multiple times that you quit watching the show. So there’s that.
  8. And they agreed to not have sex until Sonny’s divorce is final? GMAFB DAYS is where young gay people go to die.
  9. So agree with you about those scenes. That was Genie’s best work in forever — just amazing — and you’re right about Marcus C playing opposite her. His eyes alone gave Genie so much more to work with. One more thing: I could look at Marcus C all damn day. Nik has never been this hot.
  10. The writing is deadly for them, and Freddie Smith nails that coffin shut. The guy playing Evan is incredibly good looking, and if FS can’t do gay chemistry with him, he can’t do it with anyone. Just once I’d love to see the gay boys in Salem ACT like gay boys — energetic, fun, sexual, and even horny. Sonny and Evan act like they’re ready to do some quilting.
  11. Losing weight was great for him, and he does look good. That accent is tragic, though. They should have killed it with fire.
  12. Disagree completely about the NYE episode — A LOT happened. I’ve been highly critical of the show lately, but this was a great episode that was well-written, well-directed, well-produced, and had storyline turning points. I enjoyed it immensely.
  13. I agree about Kristen going crazy again. I hate it and was so disgusted watching those scenes today.
  14. Zach Tinker was so good in his first return episode. It’s not easy to play emotional scenes like that and make them work, especially after a long absence. Give him a contract. The Billy storyline with Amanda is terrible. Nothing about it works. Yes, Amanda has chemistry with Nate. Btw, Billy has this new job...and he handles everything about it on the phone. Ok then. Stafford has been really good, and I think Phyllis is getting more direction as a character as of late. MS is much better here, and I doubt very much that she’d want to return to GH as Nina. My guess about the shocker in Michael and Lauren’s life? That it has to do with Kevin and Chloe. Oh, btw, did you know that Elizabeth Hendrickson is pregnant in real life?
  15. LOL Agreeing on Evan and Sonny is a start. You are so right about FS playing the same with every scene partner. It’s not only dry and boring, it isn’t real. I don’t feel that real people act that way or talk that way. To show so little emotion or interest or excitement when a guy like Evan is clearly interested in you? I don’t care if he’s married — it’s just not human. it isn’t just about looks, because I don’t know what Evan is supposed to see in Sonny. No idea. These are young guys who should care about having some FUN. Instead, they’re like two senior citizens discussing where they can get 10% off on a pancake breakfast at Denny’s.
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