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  1. Hunter King is killing it as Summer, though I hate this writing that has her keeping secret what Tara said to her. It makes no sense. Tired of Jack’s sanctimony as he talks about fatherhood to Kyle. He was a rotten and absent father, and now he walks around the park (on a shitty set) in a suit so he can brag about his grandson playing ball — you know, the cute kid who looks like he’s as quiet as a church mouse and who doesn’t get dirty. Very nice that Ashland Victoria could meet with Nikki and Victor in the Grand Phoenix lobby, which they had all to themselves.
  2. The star of the week was Josh Swickard. Emotional, grounded, genuine, heartfelt. Just an outstanding performance in every respect. To be that good looking and a great actor, too. Wow.
  3. The only problem is that I have no clue as to what the Amanda / Sutton storyline is about. It’s a convoluted mess of things that happened offscreen, and I just can’t follow it — so I have no reason to care. The entire story is a damn disaster.
  4. BD has the WORST hair of any male on daytime. It’s just so bad, so dated.
  5. i agree with you regarding Wes Ramsey. I understand why people mocked and hated his character and bad acting choices, but the abuse — and make no mistake, it is abuse — has been horrific. I hope Ramsey has stayed away from Twitter, which has been beyond ugly and vile. I’m not a fan of Peter is Dead parties, I know that. How long will the abuse continue? The character was poorly written, and Wes made lousy acting choices, compounded by his use of Juilliard in an interview. So now crucifying him is the way to go? Count me out. It’s so bad I feel sorry for the guy.
  6. Justin speaking to his client Liam — is that the way accused murderers have to meet with attorneys? On the other side of the glass? The whole thing was ludicrous.
  7. I agree with Paul on the location and sets issues. When you notice them, it’s bad. Speaking of sets, why was Jack looking up in the air as he surveyed Lily and Billy’s new apartment? What was on the damn ceiling? Because he looked at it — all around the cramped room — for a long time. Glad Jack wore his suit there, though. And Chance Comm....How desperate is this media company when Billy has no stories except about his own family?
  8. I am fine with Xander getting 5 days a week LOL
  9. Excellent insights, FrenchBug82. Your stuff is always on point.
  10. Hope is as dumb as Liam. Her tears because Liam is in jail are frickin pitiful.
  11. I’ll never accept nuClaire either. Just don’t like that actress in the role. That donut recipe was handed over far too easily to service a storyline that will probably look ridiculous. Allie and Chanel running a bakery? Uh...ok. Talk about random. And while I’m fine with Chanel being sexually fluid and flirting all over the place, having Allie show interest in her seems like game playing to me, and I don’t like it. Ron couldn’t write stories for gay males but he can do it for gay or bi females? Yeah, right.
  12. At least Victoria had an edge when talking to Lily and Billy, who are so frickin boring even before marriage. And those park scenes with Kyle, Tara, and Harrison were SO bad. They could not have less energy or urgency. Summer should run from all three of them.
  13. Wait — Laura is no longer his sister???
  14. Paul, where are you watching Peyton Place?
  15. i don’t think KM has been great at all. She might be a decent actress, but she isn’t Amanda. She smiled too much and there was no edge to her performance. Yeah, we know you hate Hunter King and Michelle Stafford. Next. Crimson Lights had a makeover, so don’t look for another one. I agree with you about the long shots, lack of extras, etc. The Grand Phoenix rooms are horrific. Motel 6 looks more luxurious. My fear is that they’re used to saving money on sets, extras, casting, etc. — and they won’t return to pre-COVID budgeting and prod
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