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  1. I agree with all you said, KMan. The Tamara Braun character NEVER worked and actually got WORSE as the months passed. It's all awful. And although I hate to be superficial, I never understood why TB's appearance was always so thin and waiflike, weak, stringy-haired, and no makeup. I don't think women on soaps need to be glammed up, but please. She always looks ill. Watros isn't working either. I know she's done great work on other soaps, but this isn't that. Yeah, the writing is crap for a crap character, but she hasn't elevated the material at all. For all the criticism Stafford took in the role, she was better than Watros. Neither TB or CW gets a "gifted actress" nod from me. I fully agree that Stitt was terrible as Oscar, but tbh, this Dev actor isn't cutting it for me, either. In his first weeks, I thought he was interesting, but that's passed. He's just THERE and looks blank most of the time. I also think it's ridiculous that Sonny has invested SO much in this kid.
  2. So we get a sad goodbye scene with Gabi and WilSon -- except Chandler Massey has to suppress a grin throughout the entire scene. My God.
  3. Can’t believe no one has posted that according to Daytime Confidential, Tamara Braun is OUT as Kim. if it’s true, good riddance. Terrible character, horribly written.
  4. That’s pretty much the way Chandler grins through every scene.
  5. Bergman doesn’t seem to be the type to me at all to spill the tea and gossip about what happened behind the scenes. For one thing, it’d be career suicide to do it while he’s on the show. It’s irrelevant anyway — I don’t think he’s that guy.
  6. The gay boys aren’t shirtless very often. I don’t know what show you’re watching.
  7. I’m glad Nina is finally out of the damned wedding gown.
  8. Can you imagine the blowback Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu would face if they ran a series with those Gabi and Lani scenes? There’d be major media coverage the next day. Horrible optics and tone deaf writing.
  9. Am I the only one who doesn’t think Cynthia Watros is doing a good job playing Nina? I’ve liked her in everything else, but this just isn’t working for me.
  10. Yep. I keep reading “Oh, Heather Tom is so incredible! Give her the Emmy!” as if we haven’t seen this before — way too many times. It’s the same sobbing, tear-drenched crap we get every year when HT is in her Emmy bait scenes. Sorry, no one thought Katie was going to die.
  11. I loved Gina Tognoni but I think Michelle Stafford’s return has been terrific. I love her energy, and Phyllis is definitely needed as a character.
  12. I’ll sign on with the others calling the writing for Julie as atrocious and disgusting. it’s not who she was, but Ron C didn’t care, and carried out the horrific bigotry for months and months. Did no one on the set complain? Did SSH ever say “Wait a minute”? Every time I saw her, my mind immediately went to “She’s a racist.” i had had the same problem with the writing for Jack. Going full blown MAGA for all that time? Seriously? It was just sh_it.
  13. I’m not opposed to seeing more of young John Abbott, Dina, and the kids as part of the story.
  14. The Valentin karaoke song was a disaster. WAY out of character and absolutely the worst song choice for a man like Valentin. Frank let the actor choose his own song, apparently.
  15. They could have slowed the Victor reveal a bit, but I’d rather have this than to drag it out for 2 months with a lot of beats played repeatedly. i thought the Victor and Adam dream scenes were superb. Both actors were great.
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