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  1. Y&R: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    I think Graham is Brent's son and that he resents Dina for taking Brent from him and his mother. I think he also hates Jack and Ashley and wants to destroy the whole family. Why else would Graham have blackmail photos taken of Jack and Nikki? i have no clue how Graham hooked up with Dina in the first place lol
  2. Y&R: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    I don't blame Ordway. I blame the writing. They make Abby whiny and needy and desperate all the time, and she needs constant validation. MO is playing what's written. I don't want Emme Rylan back, either. I liked her previous run, but her stint on GH as Lulu has ruined her for me -- forever. It's a shame because TB has been good lately. Her scene yesterday in Jack's office was very strong. I just have have to smh at Brash & Sassy's numbers turning around in one week -- and all because of Fenmore's. This is how to write a business story? I don't enjoy storylines where babies are given serious illnesses or disabilities. Do you really trust this show to realistically portray a child with CF? I don't.
  3. Y&R: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    She is terrible. I've been saying it from the beginning. She can't play ANYTHING, whether it's sad or anxious or sincere or jumpy or loving. She is awful. Her eye tics alone quality her for the garbage pile.
  4. September GH Thread

    I'll save my lectures when you start saving yours.
  5. September GH Thread

    I don't know J-bro. I do know that the complaints about him annoy me MUCH more than he does. Do I agree with his posts? Almost never. However, that doesn't mean he's a troll. He doesn't attack other posters even when he's attacked, and he doesn't make fun of others' opinions. I know what trolling looks like, and that ain't it. You shouldn't have to tolerate his posts? No one is forcing you to tolerate anything. Just scroll on, for God's sake.
  6. September GH Thread

    I think Errol is absolutely right in refusing to ban posters because someone finds another poster "disruptive." Posters who who have been members here for a long time don't deserve veto power or special consideration. Someone with 100 posts shouldn't be on thin ice because another member with 50,000 posts has a problem with him. I'm happy with the moderation of this board.
  7. September GH Thread

    Jonnysbro, you really need to work on making your Jerry675 posts look and sound different from your J-bro posts. i mean, seriously, dude.
  8. Y&R: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    I not only don't care about Tessa, I hate her. I mean, I truly hate her. She's a lousy actress. She thinks blinking a lot and closing her eyes are Meryl Streep moves. She can't play moody or sincere or worried or anything else. Watching Mariah moon over her is painful. GAG ME with Mariah being so overwhelmed with desire upon seeing Tessa in her gym attire. Exactly. It makes no sense.
  9. DAYS: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    Sonny wasn't bad before he gained 60 lbs.
  10. Y&R: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    While I don't mind it occasionally, when it happens THIS often with SO many sets of females, I find myself yelling "In what world would these two even TALK to each other???" With Mariah and Hilary, I also hate the desperation Mariah shows -- initiating conversations to discuss Devon, showing off her photos with Devon, etc. It's just cringeworthy. Can ANY reason make sense out of Tessa and Zack knowing each other and keeping it quiet? Are we supposed to believe Tessa has no idea Zack is involved in the sex ring? And how bad off is this sex ring if Rainbow Girl Crystal is their best hooker -- you know, the one who runs off, gets scared, hates her job....yeah, those kinds of girls make awesome hookers.
  11. September GH Thread

    What a nightmare this show is. On top of everything else, every piece of greenery used in every set looks fake. I've never seen so much plastic in my life.
  12. Y&R: August 2017 Discussion Thread

    I love Gina Tognoni, but I gave to agree that her performance has been OTT in all the wrong ways this week. Made me cringe. Speaking of cringeworthy, MTS. Who is responsible for Nikki's nightmare pinkish outfit, bad hair, and drunk woman makeup? She looked awful on Friday's show.
  13. GH: August 2017 Discussion Thread

    These Morocco sets are putrid. Just awful.
  14. Y&R: August 2017 Discussion Thread

    Zach's connection might be interesting, but Zachary isn't, and neither is the actor playing him. I admit I love it when actors from the past return, but I think they'd redeemed Alice before she left. I doubt we'll get a reason she's turned bad again. Agreed, and Paul should be on a lot more, too. Again, do the story right or don't do it at all. Seeing that pimp walk into the GCPD and leave 40 seconds later with the jailed hookers made me realize no one cares about realism here.
  15. B&B: August 2017 Discussion Thread

    LMAO So true. I guess it's because Sanctimonious Sally touched the hot doorknob and poked her head into the smoke-filled room -- while no one rushed to stop her. Btw, how many episodes will end with $Bill GLOWERING into the camera? Today's glower was preceded by Scott Clinton's horrific scene chewing.