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  1. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    Heather Tom has been gone almost 15 years. Can we please give it (and her) a rest? Amelia Heinle was great in those scenes with TL. She is Victoria. AH was also very good in those scenes where Ashley put Victoria in her place. HT would have given Ashley a run for her money? That wasn’t in the script. HT is a good actress, but since all she’s done lately is wail and sob as the tears stream, I hardly think she’s Meryl Streep.
  2. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    And if that’s true, it’s why soaps are in such trouble.
  3. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    Watching Sonny being taught, step by step, how to use a gay dating app was CRINGEWORTHY. I hope to God they were embarrassed to shoot those scenes, because they were awful. No one in this day and ag3 is that clueless. Who wrote those scenes, some 80 year old? Ron C needs to turn in his gay card. And no, no one wants to see Greg Rikaart added as a love interest for anyone.
  4. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    A sign of just how bad DAYS is? We all want more of the bartender.
  5. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    This ^^^ You had me until you said B&B is the best soap.
  6. General Hospital March 2018 Discussion

    How many boring conversatios at a bar between Anna Devanevand some guy do we have to see per week?
  7. General Hospital March 2018 Discussion

    I cant think of a single must-see episode out of those 15. Starting in NEXT week is soon enough.
  8. B&B March 2018 Discussion

    Exactly. I swear Brad Bell tells the writers he’s going on a vacation so they should “stretch and tread water for awhile. Use the scripts from the last whodunit shooting we did while you’re at it.” There’s been no reason to watch this crap every day.
  9. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    I enjoyed the hell out of Wednesday’s episode. It all worked for me. Arturo and Nikki? LOL I thought it was fun and crazy and that it worked. Let Nikki get her groove back! Arturo seems to be enjoying himself as much as Nikki is hehe Eileen Davidson has been doing great work the past couple weeks. No one better on daytime.
  10. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    And you care why, exactly? Look, I’m sorry I bother you. It’s rich, though, that you’re doing the very thing to me that you accuse me of. Don’t like my tone in my posts? Move on. Nobody’s forcing you to read them.
  11. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    I just asked a question. Who pissed in your Wheaties?
  12. Y&R March 2018 Discussion

    These attacks on Amelia Heinle go too far for me. We want actors to open up to us, but when AH admits in an interview that she struggled without Billy Miller, it’s “How dare she?” Make up your mind. And this story about her looking “repulsed” by DT in some scenes? I call bullsh_it on that. That’s a review from someone who hates AH and nothing more. It’s absurd. I’m reading here about the crazies in the Lane fan club, but I think it’s just as crazy to go after Heinle like this. The supposed power she has over casting? The supposed revulsion on screen? Uh...no. I understand criticizing actors. I’ve done it myself, most recently with Cait Fairbanks, because I think she’s lousy as Tessa. I just think you can criticize an actor without resorting to “stories” about what AH said and did with ZERO evidence.
  13. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    OK, I’ll bite. What is there to love about Stefan?
  14. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    It is INSANE to give MM THREE characters to play when she struggles with even ONE. I’m sorry. It’s just ludicrous.
  15. B&B March 2018 Discussion

    And why is Katie AGAIN sobbing uncontrollably? Because Bill was shot??? Huh??? What crap this show is.