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  1. He’s no Zach Tinker. Freddie comes off too loud and assertive on the podcast, too in-your-face. I don’t like him here any more than I did when he was on DAYS. He’s clearly jealous of Tinker in the role, and I’m thinking he wasn’t asked back at all. That’s a good thing, because he’s a lousy actor. Saying they watched only the WilSon scenes of Beyond Salem was all shade, and ignorant as hell.
  2. Have to agree with you. The photo is a lot of fun and they look good. I don’t get the negative VK comments here. And sorry, this photo is no sacrilege, or near it. It’s a recreation of a soap couple, for God’s sake. There’s no DO NOT TOUCH here, people.
  3. No thanks. Not in this lifetime. — Shouldn’t someone get Mariah’s ass to therapy STAT? If she can’t even stop calling that baby Bowie, she’s over the edge. — They’re worried about dangerous Stitch? Is that why Abby went to the park with the baby BY HERSELF? — I’m ok with marital trouble between Nick and Phyllis, but this ain’t it. The way these two are talking to each other doesn’t make sense. There’s nothing organic about it.
  4. Xander would lose in a fight with EJ THAT BADLY??? That was not realistic in any way.
  5. I just think the whole thing is cringe. Respectfully, I don’t find anything about it affecting, and John McCook should be embarrassed. Putting Carter — a black man — in the role of someone who serves and services rich white people is disgusting as hell. I cannot believe this story ever made it to the page.
  6. It’s disgusting to treat a character this way, especially a black man brought in to a white couple’s relationship to provide the D. Victor doesn’t deserve love? A family? The whole thing is sickening.
  7. This entire thing has been incredible, and incredibly fun. It feels like appointment tv to me, where I can’t wait to sit down and pay attention while watching lol. I’d love to see Beyond Salem 3 or 4 times a year....talk about something to look forward to. I hope it’s a big enough hit to give us more. — So much comedy and so many laughs all week. A ton of gay stuff, and all done so well, including the drag. — WilSon is back. Chandler smirked about 80% less than usual lol and Zach Tinker is a perfect Sonny (and hot to death). They are CRAZY if they bring back Freddie Smith. — Billy Flynn has never been more appealing, and yes, Dat Ass. He leans into all the homoerotic moments and loves it. Great ally. — VK and RSW were great at the party, and they’ve been fun this week. What beautiful people they are. — Eileen Davidson can do no wrong. Period. Loved it all, and enjoyed Lisa Rinna, too. Peter Porte was fun, and he looks sexy, too. — Jackee was fun to have around, and the show did a great job with icons like Deirdre Hall and Drake Hogestyn. I could name more, but I’m just repeating what you’ve all said. One more episode. And yeah, the mother ship does pale next to this. It’s just been a real gift to soap lovers.
  8. It’s really not that hard to separate Days from Beyond Salem. Expecting timeline continuity is ridiculous. Just let it go.
  9. Same. Calista is a DUD. And forget this Ben and Ciara talk. They’ve been back together for about 10 minutes and already she’s talking about having a baby? I mean, WTF? I don’t know why soaps immediately saddle a newly married couple with a kid.
  10. Yep. I’ve seen everything, but that [!@#$%^&*] is definitely cringe. I don’t know how John McCook doesn’t die right there from embarrassment. That’s another thing. Having Donna reminisce about Eric and how she still wants him? GAG.
  11. There has to be a reason why Chance isn’t on our screens. Are they afraid to recast? Do they think Donny Boaz will for some reason file a grievance or lawsuit if they put another actor in the role too soon? I just don’t get it.
  12. Just FAR too many characters on this show, which is so bloated it’s ridiculous. A not-dead return of Peter wasn’t needed, but neither was the return of Cyrus, a character who was good only in his last few days before he left. Frank never knows how to get rid of villains. The ratings are hurting, and I think it’s the character bloat causing it. Just too many characters with too little airtime to do justice to any story.
  13. If this is going to be an Alzheimer’s story, I don’t want to see it. We’ve just been through two long stories on two different soaps. I’ve had enough.
  14. If they go there, it’s just embarrassing as hell.
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