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  1. I still think Chandler and Freddie are barely trying. They’re awful, and both actors should have been fired or had their characters sent out of town.
  2. Why isn’t it enough around here just to ignore or block posters? What’s the good of labeling people as trolls and troublemakers and saying Errol has to do something??? That complaining is more ruinous to th3 board than these supposed trolls are. There aren’t that many people posting here, and it seems counterintuitive to chase people away. I’m not sure everyone called a troll here is actually a troll. Does it it really matter if Jonny or whoever has a new account or ten new accounts? As long as the posts are about the soap, so what? This shouldn’t be a place where people are afraid to post for fear of being called a troll.
  3. Yeah, the psychic stuff is cringeworthy bad.
  4. God love you, Fevuh, but tbh, you’re always staying away from the show, fast-forwarding through the hour in 10 minutes, or watching 5 minutes before turning it off.
  5. I like Watros a lot, but I don’t see much in her Nina so far. It’s pretty much a non event to me. I love Gina Tognoni, but Stafford has been strong in her return, in my opinion. I’m enjoying her.
  6. I cannot stand Lola the character or the actress. Terrible storyline, and the actress has the fakest smile I’ve ever seen. She plays it so often it’s pathetic, and I never forget that she’s ACTING. God, she’s terrible. Adam has been on a lot, but I’m a big fan of Grossman and the character. He was featured throughout today’s show, but I never felt Adam took over and hijacked the show. I've seen gross on daytime, and Mark Grossman isn’t it. And where’s this coming from about Eric Braeden and another romance? I’m not seeing anything like that on my screen.
  7. Yeah, they were rude, but I liked it anyway. Julie is a ridiculous Puritan, and they should have told her to go pound salt. I wanted them to fire back at her old ass. Wiil and Sonny were again a total snore. My GOD, they’re boring as hell.
  8. I thought the Kyle pool party scene inside the Abbott house was ridiculous. All those wet bodies? They climbed out of the pool and walked dripping wet through the house? Just no. Either have a pool set or have a party without swimming. The whole thing was stupid. The drama started by Mama Rosales is so lame. They can’t tell this woman she can’t live with Lola? Or to stop talking? I also don’t understand her designer dresses. i absolutely love Gina Tognoni, but I’m enjoying Stafford in the role. She’s chewing scenery, but so what? She chews it well, and that scene between Phyllis and Christine was gold. I think her return has been a success. Chelsea and Nick aren’t exciting, but I don’t LOATHE them the way so many people do. I honestly think the hatred for them goes too far when the Kyle and Lola coupling is so much worse. Continued good work done by Eric Braeden and Melody Thomas Scott.
  9. If YR is 99% ff material now, the other 3 soaps are at 100%. I’m a big Gina Tognoni fan, but I don’t think Michelle Stafford is struggling at all with her return. She doesn’t seem off to me. The cooking show stuff with Lola was trainwreck bad, and Mama Rosales shouldn’t look like one of the owners of a grand Hotel. Jack and the lady who lost her dad to Alzheimer’s...I mean, WTF was that? I care about her less than I care about Chelsea’s dead husband. Good to see Jess Walton back.
  10. The actor playing Xander should be killed off for being so terrible. What an awful actor.
  11. And why can’t this DAYS source tell who it is BTS who’s cutting storylines short? Why the secrecy? It’s the same with these stupid Blind Items — I think most of them are created from nothing. For so many , there’s no reason for mystery. i get why so many are upset with Ben being treated like a good guy, but face it, Eve is written as a Trump loving MAGA racist. Ron has erased any chance that I’ll feel sorry for her or side with her.
  12. I like Jackie Zeman and Kin Shriner, but my God, their scenes were painful to watch. Zeman is an actress from another time, and she just can’t do it. I’m sorry to say it, but she’s not a good actress.
  13. Backburning Kyle and Lola? Sorry, that’s not going to happen. I don’t like their story, either, but they’re not going away. I do give Michael Mealor credit for not checking out during his scenes. I can’t imagine he’s happy with his character, but he’s still working hard. This Sasha who plays Lola? Just not a good actress. She seems fake to me. i don’t care that Mama Rosales looks the same age as Rey. We’ve dealt with this age thing a dozen times on the show, most recently with a Lily and the twins. We’ll get used to it. i enjoyed Thursday’s U.S. show. Only mentioning it because others didn’t like it. I’m just enjoying the show a lot these days, flaws aside. The carnival set is terrific, and the scenes shot there have been really well-directed and produced. A lot of money went into that set and on extras, and it paid off. I did expect some bigger plot element there, but that aside, I still loved it.
  14. Hope really is stupid and deserves what she gets. i actually enjoyed today’s show with Thomas’ kid presenting the ring, because it was all so awful. This kid who barely talked had 4 paragraphs of dialogue, offers Hope a ring, and Thomas has a look on his face and shrugs as if he has no clue what’s happening. it was HILARIOUS!
  15. This show is a mess, but Thomas does look good with his shirt off.
  16. Greg Rikaart was in the opening credits one day last week.
  17. Just great scenes with Chloe and Adam and great scenes with Chloe and Esther. The ending with Billy and Chloe was also packed with emotion, even though no words were said.
  18. I have to agree. I gave it a chance because I love Maitland, too, but it doesn’t work at all. I don’t dislike Daniel Goddard, either, so he’s not the reason. They don’t have chemistry, and there’s no spark. I hate the “Feel sorry for Traci until Daniel realizes he LIKES her!” writing. The black and white scenes were novel until the accents went all over the place and the story was banal and boring. The novel Traci finished? Lousy. I know I’d never buy it, and Cane sweetly saying “Incredible” was absurd. I just have zero interest in them as a couple. Traci works better as the emotional center of the family, the glue that pulls everyone together when things start to fray. She works better as someone we want to find love but doesn’t. It happens, you know. if Josh Griffith is wise — and I have my doubts — he’ll end this mess sooner rather than later,and I mean the whole romantic element. It doesn’t work.
  19. It’s funny how you’d say that, but in my case, your analysis doesn’t fit. i don’t care much about either actor returning in the coming weeks from the 2013 era. I didn’t hate them, but don’t see the reason to bring either back. But all day long I’ve read bit_ching about 2013, and to me that’s tiresome. Has Mark Grossman been on a lot? Yeah, and tbh, I have no complaints even if “he is eating the show.” Why? Because he’s a great Adam and I love looking at him. That’s my truth. I said I was exhausted with all the complaining on Twitter. I didn’t attack or insult anyone here. All I did was give my opinion, and I’d like to think that’s ok. Do I bitch on occasion? Yeah. I guess i just don’t understand why my posts bother you so much. If I overstep or get too aggressive, I don’t mind or blame you for coming after me. In this case, though, I don’t think I said anything that deserved a smack down.
  20. Just hold up a sign that says HILARY NEVER DIED. That’s it. Done. I don’t care how they bring Hilary back or how messy it is. Having her back matters more.
  21. I honestly don’t care if JG takes us back to 2013 or 1990 or to last month. I wish we got no spoilers and no casting news, tbh. All it does is lead to bitching about everything, and to plots being ruined in advance. I’m already exhausted with all the complaining on Twitter.
  22. LOL I know you accused me of being Morrow because I defend the guy, but I really have to wonder why you hate him so much. He’s not the greatest actor in the world, but he’s certainly not the worst, either. No matter what he does, you trash him in the ugliest way. Just odd as hell.
  23. Well, I have to once again disagree with you. I thought the Nick/Victoria scenes were good and thought the Nick/Victor scenes were exceptional. Braeden and Morrow both gave emotional, genuine performances in those scenes.
  24. Lifeless? Sorry, I disagree vehemently. I thought the show was excellent, start to finish. The actors haven’t even rehearsed? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I think the Summer/Phyllis scene was awkward because Summer had 80% of the dialogue. Phyllis didn’t want to tell her she was kidnapped, so she was close- mouthed while Summer rambled. I didn’t see any awkwardness between the actors.
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