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  1. I’ve had it with Kristen. They need to give that character a rest. Lani’s intense defense of her is ridiculous.
  2. i hammered yesterday’s episode, but I think today’s wedding episode was great. The flashbacks worked...maybe I was just in a bad mood when I watched it LOL Agree with you about Melissa Ordway — I do not want Emme Rylan back. The problem is not MO, but the writing for Abby. Today was good, though. And btw, Ordway said the 2 weeks working with her husband were the most fun she’s had on the show. I think they were great together.
  3. I hope Sonny pokes his fingers at someone’s head every day this week.
  4. That finger tapping at the head was completely absurd. I couldn5 believe he did it once, let alone three times. WTF??? I actually thought DeVry looked better with that hair than he has since he had a buzz cut.
  5. — Justin Gaston is a good chance and worked well with Tricia Cast and Melissa Ordway. Wish they’d keep him. — I usually love flashbacks, but the only ones that worked were Abby with her former partners. The others seemed forced. Abby’s wedding and we need to see an ancient clip of Jill and Katherine? With those flashbacks and the wasted scenes withNick and Phyllis, the episode seemed disjointed to me. — The social distancing on Y&R is still awful. Chance and Nina didn’t even touch let alone hug? It’s too unnatural. Same with Nick and Phyllis. Why have talk about rom
  6. I co-sign onto that and with the other comments here about the mob element. It’ll work in a movie or a miniseries, but it doesn’t work long-term on a soap, especially when we’re supposed to love and appreciate the main mob guys. Besides, I constantly ask myself who in the hell would live in that town? Your life would be a trip to either the hospital or the police station every month. Why would ANYONE go to the docks, even for a walk? Why would ANYONE go to a club or bar? Instead, GH doubled down by adding Cyrus, THE worst criminal I’ve seen on a soap in many years. He’s
  7. Why not just have Rafe tell Roman that he read all about what happened online? Or that someone in town told him in an email? Those scenes were beyond boring filler. I love it when characters return, but these really short stays don’t help the show and only make us think about what could have been. The return of Theo — for what, 3 days? Total waste. I don’t understand JJ leaving already. And why bring Gabi back the same episode as Rafe? Rafe did nothing and Gabi pretty much just rolled her eyes in every scene. All these ins-and-outs are giving me whiplash.
  8. The reason is because union contracts exist. You can’t pay people like paupers because you want extras on a set. Yes, the production in 1991 was incredible. It was also about 30 years ago, and the world of television is much different today. In ‘91, daytime profits bankrolled prime time, but that’s no longer true. I do miss the elegance and sheer size of the sets, which have been diminished to the point of absurdity. If GH can afford larger sets, so can Y&R. My problem with this choice of classic episode? They just ran it a few months ago. Why not run th
  9. So Australia is getting the same episodes we are?
  10. You contradict yourself. Here you blame MIshael for what we see, and a couple posts later you say the writers want her to play backup to Billy. So which is it? I don’t know how in the hell she could infuse more life into this character AS WRITTEN. She’d come across as a lunatic. MIshael Morgan has yet to have one exciting storyline since her return. Not one. And no, this offscreen hunt for her ancestors is not exciting.
  11. Dev was a throwaway because they never settled on who he was. Every time he appeared in an episode, he had a different personality. NuLucas seems to have a lot of fans, but I miss Ryan Carnes because he made that Brucas relationship believable. I really saw those two together, and the actors went out of their way with touching and affection and looks that went beyond their dialogue. I don’t see any chemistry between this recast and Parry Shen.
  12. Agree with you about Grossman, and his scenes with Braeden after the Biden break were great. It’s worth catching online. Have to also agree about MIshael. There’s just not enough personality there, not enough urgency. If she hadn’t played Hilary, I’d have no idea how good she can be.
  13. Oscar’s death and aftermath lasted FOREVER, yet Dev gets a “whatever” from Sonny and a fake ass sob from Joss???
  14. i like Gaston in the role. Ordway has chemistry with him, and their scenes worked. Also enjoyed the Adam and Victor scenes. Braeden and Grossman are very good together.
  15. The actress who plays Claire was terrible today. Those crying scenes with Charlie were awful.
  16. I actually think the Zende actor is pretty good, especially since he’s given so little in the dialogue.
  17. The painting thing made me crazy, and not only because Michael and Willow are so damn boring. She has this little cup filled with paint. OK, so then why is all the furniture in the room covered with sheets? And look at the floor? Shouldn’t the rest of the damn floor be covered, too, if you’re going to be ridiculous? Why is Willow dressed like she’s going out on a shopping trip? Those are painting clothes? She’s a lousy painter, too. Even with that little cup of paint and small brush, she couldn’t help but hit Michael with a big splat of paint. Because of course she did.
  18. And you’re always around to complain about my complaints. Sounds like we’re even. You can scroll on by,you know. There always that ignore button if I bother you that much.
  19. Uh...yeah. That was my point. I wrote the post and called an opinion worthless. It was my opinion. Who else’s opinion would it be? Don’t worry, I wasn’t speaking for you or anyone else on the board. Check out the episodes when Michael was working to break through the wall between his room and Christine’s apartment. He was hot, sweaty, and dirty, and definitely showed off a good body.
  20. You nailed it. The quad is a damn disaster. The dialogue is simple, generic, and lame. It’s embarrassing. Carter fell in love in 5 minutes, and he expresses it in such a laid back, mellow way that I want to zap him with a taser. He’s been awful. He also comes across as stupid as hell for not recognizing that Zoe MAKES UGLY FACES when he says he loves her or asks her to marry him. Zoe??? Talk about an actress who needs acting classes. Aside from her exotic looks, she has nothing going for her.
  21. Martha Madison is 43. Brandon Beemer is 40. But poster after poster is going after her for being too old? Huh??? i’m no huge MM fanboy, but this ageism is really unfair in my eyes. I do think she looks and is styled much better on this run than she has been in the past, when Beemer seemed like a reach for her. Now? I’m ok with them being together. As I’ve said before, I do think nuClaire is a complete miscast. She’s a new character, and that’s not what the show needed. I don’t see any chemistry with Charlie either — or with nuTheo. NuTheo has fans here, but
  22. Hey, I have no problem criticizing the show, but I admit I watch it in good times and bad. I’m sorry, but if you’re truly watching only a few minutes every week or so, your opinion is worthless. Either that or you’re just lying about how often you watch. FWIW, I don’t buy the deep Abby and Chance, either. It’s another relationship that seems superficial in every respect. When she stood at Chance’s bedside today, I wasn’t feeling it — partly because of their social distancing that wouldn’t even allow her to stand beside the bed. At the foot of the bed? Ridiculous. It was as bad as t
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