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  1. Sounded very much like a classic cue to me.
  2. Mala is WAY over the top as to how AMAZING Leo and Will were together. Yeah, it was interesting and Massey didn’t sleepwalk as usual, but this was still Boring Will. I dont exactly want want to see them again tomorrow with Leo as a bad boy and Will doing his Dudley DoRight routine.
  3. You’re right about the cult storyline— something is missing. They need to add some mystery or danger or SOMETHING to give it juice. Shiloh without the shirt? Big yes.
  4. Thanks for your post. Glad to know I’m not alone in thinking that Chandler Massey is just awful. Every scene he’s in is ruined because he takes nothing seriously, and it’s a shame he’s not called out for it. Actors who work hard are let go while his clown act lives on.
  5. nuThomas isn’t a bad actor. Just not true. I thought Atkinson did a really nice job on his first day, especially with such crap material.
  6. I actually liked her hair. Thought it looked great, especially with the dress she wore.
  7. And the smiles in that photo? Those are not guys who care about acting. They’re th3 smiles of guys literally laughing at the material — and that’s infuriating. They did a scene with Rikaart and pulled the same crap, while Greg was the only one to truly perform. And no, I can’t give them a pass because the writing isn’t up to their standards — whatever that is. If you’ve seen Riverdale, you know the plots are ludicrous, yet the actors play it straight and make it work. Chandler and Freddie are not serious actors, and they should both be fired for this garbage. When they leave Days, they’ll never work again.
  8. Makes no sense to write Jack and Eve as such awful, bigoted Trumpers. Yeah, soaps have villains and people who do bad things, but this makes me HATE the characters. I’m more likely to forgive a serial killer like Ben than to forgive a POS like Jack.
  9. That pantsuit on Christine is tragic.
  10. That door sequence was the best part of the episode.
  11. Could not be worse. We’re dealin* with this illegals problem every day in real life, and the last thing we need is a badly done soap version.
  12. I think Hunter King has been doing a much better job as Summer since she returned. The writing is different for her, and she’s made it work. Jordi is doing a really good job of being mysterious as to whether he loves Sharon or not — and ditto for Mia. It’s much better than an actor who’d give it away. i’m per Tired of the “Get rid of the Rosales family” crew.
  13. I think Kyle marrying Summer is great — a soapy old soap trope that never gets old. It’s ridiculous, but just have fun with it. It’s better than seeing him with sadsack Lola.
  14. Jordan’s hair sure looked good while she recovers from nearly dying from the car crush. LMAOOOOOOO
  15. The stuff is trainwreck-watchable. It’s just so,so bad. I don’t care about any of the four — at all.
  16. Completely agree about the importance of the sets. That cannot be understated.
  17. My DVR didn't record the show either. I had to watch it online. My cable provider is Comcast. I really don't understand why it didn't record or what kind of system they have.
  18. Also gone : the Jabot lab and Victoria’s Brash & Sassy office.
  19. I agree. I think all of February was a bust, and January wasn’t good, either.
  20. Ron is ruining both characters. Would Claire really be that hard on the undocumented? Freddie is disgusting looking. There’s no chemistry at all with Chandler. DAYS was bad this week. It’s falling apart again.
  21. Swimming pool set at the Abbotts is back. Phyllis’ apartment was used not that long ago.
  22. I don’t see what difference it makes.
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