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  1. DAYS could romp over this? In what universe? How does that even happen? You need A LOT of changes to DAYS before it gets good, let alone romps over anything. And why not? Giddens did a great job on story with Ambitions, so I don’t know why he wouldn’t work at Y&R.
  2. So where are all the B&B stans who bragged last week about taking over the #1 spot from Y&R? Without pre-emptions and shortened shows, apparently they can’t lead the ratings two weeks in a row.
  3. I enjoyed Ambitions a lot, and think it deserved a 2nd season. Honestly, I think Robin Givens was a mistake as the lead. I’ve liked her in other roles, but as a lead here, she was just too much. The purring, campy voice came out way too often, and I think she hurt the show. i know I’m in the minority here, but she didn’t work for me.
  4. God, that’s an eye-rolling quote. And Chandler is a fun dude? I guess that means he smirks and grins through every scene.
  5. Y&R has problems, but it did not lose #1. Those ratings last week were worthless, because Y&R was pre-empted or shortened most days. The ratings that came out today showed a huge surge for #Y&R and it’s securely back on top. i don’t like the Adam/Victor storyline either. They’ve gone this complete ruination route too many times. I really think the writing has let down Mark Grossman. He’s a great Adam, but his first months were just incredible— there was this mystery and strength about him that’s now gone. This Adam seems immature and childish and selfish, but without that mystery and strength. I blame the writing.
  6. Yeah, crazy Sally is too much for me. B&B ruins female characters by the boatload.
  7. It was fun for about 20 minutes, but by then it was clearly an April Fools joke and grew stale. By the end I was annoyed. it just didn’t work.
  8. I agree. It’s just so damn ridiculous with all these guns. Also ridiculous? Characters having their minds taken over by someone else. This show has been a suckfest.
  9. I don’t like the way Rena Sofer is playing Quinn at all right now. I want her to be meaner, more serious, on a mission. Instead she smiles like a 10 year old mean girl who’s pranking the neighbor. It’s just awful.
  10. I repeat, the week’s ratings are worthless and I’m guessing CBS is ignoring them. There is NO WAY Y&R loses over 200k viewers in one week whole BOLD picks up over 400k. The only explanation is that Y&R was pre-empted or cut a most every day.
  11. Those ratings are worthless. YR was pre-empted or shortened 3 or 4 days, and one day it aired for only 4 minutes. The ratings show an enormous loss of over 200k for the week while B&B picks up more than 400k. Sorry, that makes no sense, and is proof the ratings for that week should be ignored.
  12. These ratings are completely worthless. WAY too many YR pre-emptions and interruptions to mean anything. You mean the same week YR loses 250k viewers, BOLD picks up over 400k? Sorry — that makes no sense. None. YR hasn’t been good, but I’ll still take it before B&B, which to me is a repetitive, ridiculous POS. If YR was written that way, people would lose their sh-it over how bad it is.
  13. It’s really bad. Adam would go through all, this to paint Victor as a murderer — after we just finished with a storyline where Adam almost killed Victor with drugs???
  14. Agree with you about Rikaart on DAYS. Kevin on YR is tired, but I’d hardly call him corrosive. I do think the criticism over his mean tweet is just ridiculous, especially since Rikaart has shown himself to be a pretty damn good person. As far as tired on YR goes, so is the Mariah and Tessa relationship. My God, I think it sucks, and these recent scenes made me cringe. i mean, Mariah walks on stage at a concert and outs Tessa for being cheated on in front of a huge audience??? THIS is a love affair??? Who DOES that? Just horrible writing.
  15. Donna was so ridiculous in her over the top reaction to seeing Brooke kiss Bill, and the entire scene with the changing photos on the scene screamed 2005. Awful. Also awful? Dumb looking Penny, who seems more like a girl on spring break than a doctor. Being so flippant about hating her career in medicine because she wants to be in fashion? Pitiful writing.
  16. Will’s smirking is awful, but Sonny is not hot.
  17. You should, because it’s terrible. At some point in every story, Brad Bell writes the female as a horrible piece of crap.
  18. Sorry, but Greg Rikaart didn’t kill anyone or ruin their reputation. He wrote a da,n tweet that was gay and salty. The End.
  19. I’m sick of people going to jail on this show. I mean, it’s just ridiculous. And the docks? People still go there to hang with all the shootings going on? Really? Cam and Trina look good together, but that first romantic kiss was a big fail. Both of them pursed their lips so tight I started laughing. They practically missed each others’ lips, too. Someone needs direction.
  20. It’s AWFUL writing, in my opinion. Why can’t a poorly treated woman on this show just walk out on a guy and give him the finger while telling him to kiss her ass? Women are always turned into horrible witches exacting revenge. This is not in character for Sally and makes her seem like a rotten person.
  21. Greg Rikaart is a good guy, and I have no problem with him answering a rude mean girl this way. She was bitchy and he responded. So what? He didn’t attack her personally, but made it clear that she was ignorant. Soap Twitter can get out of hand, so why shouldn’t he respond in kind. There is NOTHING here to fire him for, either.
  22. I still can’t make sense out of these ratings. In the 3 listed demos, YR shows a total audience gain of +4000. However, in total audience, it has a total of -55,000. So what demo has the big loss if those listed show a GAIN? Are we supposed to believe that all the loss occurred in the over-55 age demo??? And how does it make sense that only that demo would show huge losses? Sorry, I think their sample must be reall6 small, and it just doesn’t work.
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