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  1. Cranes is rumored to be gay, but Parry Shen, who plays Brad is straight. Regardless, they’re ACTORS. It shouldn’t require two gay actors to play a gay couple realistically. The problem lies with Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith —. and a directing and production team that allows them to get away with crap.
  2. That clip is really sped up — that is not what aired, and it actually played pretty well.
  3. I completely agree with you. It’s laughable to say that a lot of straight guys kiss this way when they play gay characters. That is just not true. Any self-respecting show would have directed them to kiss like real people kiss or fire them. GH is a mess, but have you noticed Lucas and Brad kiss? It looks real, and passionate. They show affection to each other with subtle, meaningful touches. Will and Sonny? There’s nothing. They may as well be strangers.
  4. GH needs a complete lighting overhaul, I know that much. The HD with this bright lighting brings out the worst in every cast member over 45. I mean, some of these people look really rough.
  5. I loved Justin Hartley as Adam, but I LOVE Adam Grossman. Gotta admit it.
  6. SOOOO TRUE about the song they used. My GOD, that was awful. Will and Sonny — the most boring gay people in the world. Will has the smiling smirk thing down, and Sonny looks like every reject on Jerry Falwell’s dating list. They aren’t funny, they aren’t campy, they are interesting, they aren’t anything.
  7. Wardrobe for the party is excellent. Every woman looks incredible, and the guys do, too. Sharon Case in that yellow? Wow. i thought Case and Sean Dominic were THE highlights at playing wasted. Both made me 😂
  8. How many times will we see Monica talking to a different person she thinks is her son? Just awful writing.
  9. Yeah, I’m fine with Theo and Zoe, too. The problem is a couple like [!@#$%^&*], not Theo and Zoe. Btw, The Grand Phoenix just isn’t grand enough. That’s their main lobby? Sorry, not big enough and not expensive looking at all. And the pool table? Please.
  10. MB forgot more lines today in his scene with Carly about adopting Dev. Painful.
  11. I’m not feeling Robin Strasser either. Louise S is sorely missed.
  12. I agree with you. Blaming Mark Grossman and Michelle Stafford for the ratings drop is ridiculous, especially when you’re absolving the Rosales family at the same time. i have no problem with complaints about Y&R, but when they come from someone who constantly posts “I watched 2 minutes and changed the channel,” I have to give a side eye.
  13. To me, that’s just bullshit. They get so little airtime and have no story, so a quick kiss is meaningless to me.
  14. And notice how styled Vinnie’s hair is LOL The whole thing is like bad gay porn.
  15. The actor playing Papa Rosales is TERRIBLE. They hired an AWFUL actor who spends his time grinning.
  16. We’re back to the repetitive scenes after one week of good story.
  17. I tweeted that I was tired of the masks, and Camila Banus gave me a LIKE.
  18. I’m tired of the masks. Enough already.
  19. I’ve just seen the Friday US show, but again it was a “Lola is so wonderful” lovefest. Just awful. We’re told over and over how great she is, but never shown it. That’s why all the nice wedding touches meant so little to me. The actor cast as Papa Rosales? Not very good. I know it’s just one scene, but that was weak. All these actors in California and that is the best they could find?
  20. I think the actress playing Stella got a prime time series.
  21. AN was awful, and JMW’s face doesn’t move. 0 for 2.
  22. JMW has had too much done to her face. When Steffy cried today, her face never moved. Then she cried harder, and her face still never moved.
  23. Maxie is a mess of a character, and K Storms looks so matronly it’s unreal.
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