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  1. Chandler is grinning in 2 out of 3 photos. I guess that’s an improvement.
  2. So who are you bringing in? They’ll just bring in the garbage they had before, and it’ll be worse.
  3. These classic episodes are awful choices, that’s all I can say. Unless I see Sally or Stephanie, I can last only 10 or 15 minutes before tuning out.
  4. The 0.3 demo rating and 3M viewers was much better than expected. When the ceremony was last carried in 2015, only 900k viewers watched. I can’t see dumping on the audience size or on the show itself. Yes, it was largely pre-taped, but it was without glitches and treated the genre respectfully. Hopefully we get a show next year and we’re all through this virus.
  5. There was no way to bring more energy to the show than they did. It was fine. Doing it live on Zoom would have been a damn mess.
  6. Next week looks HORRENDOUS. Give me a week of Stephanie and Sally and I’ll be happy.
  7. Why was Ashley SO concerned about Nikki? She was with Victor, and I really don’t understand her uber-concern over Nikki’s health, sleeping in, etc. This episode reminded me of how often Bill Bell’s writing frustrated me. All these scenes and conversations with Nikki, but no one tells her what they’re thinking? No one says “You were bombed and passed out”? Jack cried while saying he felt like hitting her, yet he couldn’t tell her what was going on when she was sober. Just ridiculous.
  8. I like EB, but those scenes did not merit an Emmy. Don’t they submit scenes from two different shows? Because those scenes with young Adam don’t do it, at least not for me. They were sweet, but that’s about it.
  9. And another show where I don’t see an Emmy winning performance. I like Rome Flynn — as I said about Clifton — but I don’t see the Emmy.
  10. I follow Clifton on Twitter, and he’s socially very liberal and really cares about people. I root for people like that. The same is true of Billy Flynn of DAYS. Good people.
  11. I like Maitland, but I don’t understand an Emmy for that performance. There just wasn’t anything special there, and I’ve seen BM do better dozens of times. Michael Damian is far from a great actor, but he was A LOT better than Beth Maitland in those scenes.
  12. I like Scott Clifton a lot as a human being, but an Emmy for THAT??? Sorry, there was nothing there that merited an award.
  13. Didn’t realize until today that the actress who played Carmen has had a nice role on Blue Bloods for years, playing Danny Reagan’s cop partner.
  14. Anthony Turpel, who played RJ until 2018 has a big role in the HULU series “Love, Victor.” He plays the comedic sidekick and is actually pretty good.
  15. I will say that cheesy or not, I always enjoy Josh Swickard in his NB performances. He’s not a great singer or dancer, but he’s hot as hell with some sexy moves. Yeah, I’m shallow.
  16. For the most part, these GH classic episodes are duds. i find myself playing the “Look at how short his hair is” and “God, she’s gained a lot of weight since then,” and “Gee, he had big bags under his eyes even then.” The Nurses Ball eps were fun for a couple days, then...just no. How many Wally Kurth songs can one sit through? Those singing kids were pretty awful. Oh, and that Maura West solo S&M performance was just flat out embarrassing.
  17. PB didn’t impress me at all with the constant yelling. I also thought he handled a Nikki awfully roughly — grabbing her, shaking her. Just overdone. Shemar did look amazing. Just dayum. Of course, KSJ also looked incredibly good. That Jeremy Ross actor was bad. I can see why he didn’t last. i LOL at Ryan’s phone and really wanted a closeup of him putting the phone back into his pocket. Jill looked great in the hat. Bill Bell gave Shari Shattuck a great sarcastic line with “Nice hat,” but Shattuck blew it and turned it into nothing. God, she was lousy. John slammed a Jill and a Katherine bashed her, too — and Jill just took it. So these supposedly classy people took the low road while lowlife Jill went high. Interesting.
  18. Those Ari scenes were horrendous. That little girl is an awful actress, and the best thing I can say is that she fit in with the performances of CM and FS. And in NO WAY do Massey and Smith portray real, loving parents. These scenes could not have been more awkward.
  19. Agree with you completely. Just a total mockery of the writing and incredible disloyalty to the show itself. Unbelievably bad. You’re right. I don’t know where people are getting these looks of lust and homoeroticism, because they weren’t there. Could the scenes have been played that way? Yes, and I truly believe RSW would have rolled with it. Instead, he was left with the grinning smirkmaster who ruined all of it. None of it was hot, none of it was believable.
  20. I don’t think Brian Gaskill was bad at all.
  21. Neither one of them is a good actor, although Moss is so much worse than Drake. Once in a while, Drake comes through with a decent or even good performance, but more often than not, he’s campy and awful.
  22. Sorry, but most people do not think Doug Davidson is gay.
  23. i think you’re right, but laying it on this thick makes it worse. It just dials up the negative response to Cin.
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