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  1. That Nicole was Kristen is a cliffhanger? You mean the thing we’ve all known for WEEKS? Tragically bad soap. P.S. Please do something about Sarah’s awful wig.
  2. Except that it was so poorly acted and directed. Nothing about that fight looked real, and Shiloh never raised a hand to Robot Jason. Meanwhile, Sam lies there like a dead fish — her usual state. Then we get ANOTHER Sonny threat, glaring at Shiloh. This show sucks HARD. Btw, the Ava/Ryan stuff was bad, too. All so predictable.
  3. Today’s U.S. show was awful — the worst of JG so far. — The outfits Ana put on Tessa were clown clothes. Just ridiculous. And who makes these decisions alone away from the place of business? They’ve made Ana a stupid person. Tessa? She can be tough confronting a stalker but is afraid to be honest with Ana til Mariah shows up? And Cait Fairman is still a terrible actress. — Speaking of stalkers, WTF was that? Out of nowhere this guy confronts Mariah in the coffee shop and she just sits and listens? Those scenes were just stunningly bad. — The Faith stuff with Rey didn’t work. They avoided the cliche with the angry daughter fighting the coupling, but this was worse. Boring. — Kyle and Lola aren’t happening for me, no matter how many cute domestic problems they have. Seeing them in a bed is not hot or interesting. Smiling Lola makes me want to gag, and Kyle has been neutered. Kyle is mad rich, and they’re living in a dump. OK then. — Mark Grossman is very good in the role, but I agree that it’s a mistake to turn Adam into a complete nightmare. All that chemistry with Sharon Case, yet today Adam blew Sharon off. I know now I said Josh G should be given time, but there’s no excuse for the sh_it I saw today.
  4. I thought you stopped watching Y&R long ago.
  5. I agree that nuAdam is great. But getting out of the hospital that quickly? Really? And Victor is so on top of things yet has no idea Adam is being released. Right. i have problems with Dina’s story too. A wealthy family like the Abbotts would have a nurse with Dina 24/7. Instead, the woman is wandering around the mansion alone. Ridiculous.
  6. The whole format at the ball is ridiculous. Someone sings a song, and then....intermission. That’s after every performance for days. Can you imagine a real event like that with long breaks between songs so that people can walk aro7nd and talk? Cant believe no one’s mentioned how awful Maura West was. Her singing and performance were just terrible. The girl who plays Joss wasn’t good, but maybe it’s because the song was so bad. Franco? Terrible. The guy who plays Valentin was good, and so was the kid playing Cam. Josh Swickard was good, and really entertaining.
  7. That scene was SO bad. Both Chandler and Freddie were awful, which is par for the course. Their hair follies were the only thing worth focusing on. Freddie was his typical 50 year old Andy Garcia greaseball self, and that bumpit in Chandler’s hair was hilarious. Then the camera moved behind Massey, and we could see that the hairdresser was working that brush and giving it a real diva turn LOL This show is a disaster.
  8. @Chris B That’s pretty much how I feel. I enjoy the show right now, so I’m not going to let the flaws ruin that. It’s the best soap on the air by far, and I’ll take what we’re getting for as long as possible. We all know the show has been s much worse, top to bottom. I look forward to it every day right now.
  9. I agree that Nick and Victoria had more or less made peace with Hartley’s Adam. The writers are ignoring that, but I’m ok with it. nuNate is definitely a good recast. I feel bad that the last actor was let go, but this guy does bring something more to the part. Also, the writing for Nate under Mal was awful. im giving them a short leash for Abby turning down Nate. Enough already. It’s starting to make me wince. I don’t want to see Nate groveling for a date with her. Btw, I never said I thought Josh Griffith was oh so special. I complained about his last stint because it was too dark. Still, he’s a VAST improvement over Mal Young, and the entire cast seems energized under him and Tony Morina. Yes, daytime recycles head writers to a bewildering and pathetic degree. That will never make Josh Griffith as bad as Dena Higley. I just don’t think it’s fair to put him in the same category as the woman I consider the worst HW in soap history.
  10. People who think everything on the show is bad right now should take a break. Quit watching. And no, Josh Griffith isn’t Dena Higley. Not even close.
  11. I don’t think nuAdam is a fail at all. In fact, I think Mark Grossman was great in this first week of episodes. Seamless recasting with good family character interactions. The show looks great great and sounds great, too. i see some viewers are already here with the “Josh Griffith is boring” crap. That’s how they sank SSM. Those two write character and not plot. Viewers were tired of plot garbage with Mal, and now it’s time to rip on Josh for strong character writing. There is no winning with some people. Btw, you had a big plot moment to end Friday’s show when Adam was shot. If we didn’t know about it ahead of time because of damn spoilers and Twitter and social media, that would’ve been a huge surprise. i am in favor of returning to the no spoiler days when everything was a secret until it aired. We know way too much before we see it.
  12. I agree that Justin Gaston was stilted and robotic on DAYS. Great looking guy, but no actor. I hope Abby is about done turning Nate down, though. That’s getting ridiculous and awkward. I don’t agree at all that Amelia and Thad were lousy together. I thought they had great chemistry. Victor? I like the way he’s written under Josh, and his scenes with Adam are great. Braeden is still needed. I think Beth Maitland and Daniel Goddard are working just fine, and I’m willing to give them a chance. There’s so much DG hate here, but I think it’s over the top. Maybe I’ve softened towards Goddard a bit because he was so genuine and sad about Kristoff’s death. I think he’s a decent guy. He’s not the greatest actor and he’s had some bad writing, but he’s not the disaster so many say he is.
  13. Yeah, I seriously doubt that Tom Welling was ever really interested in a role on Y&R.
  14. Nicole’s return is wretched, no matter who the hell she is. The anger and constant tears are ridiculous.
  15. Zach Tinker (Fen) claims he’s not written out, although he hasn’t said when he’ll be back. I do like the actor and what he brought to the role. Also liked how he played against Kyle. I see the Ana and Tessa thing, too, and I don’t like it. I might feel differently if they paired her with Mariah, but Tessa? Ugh. I still hate the character and the actress, and I don’t think she’s any better under Josh. What’s Ana falling for — her voice? The Mariah/Tessa coupling is poorly written, too. I’m against another gay pairing because Y&R doesn’t know how to do it. They’re awful at it, probably because they’re afraid of scarin* off the blue hairs. I don’t want Ana wasted on a lesbian trip to nowhere. A Tracy and Cane pairing is fine by me. I’d like to see Traci find love again, and having her on the canvas is great. Had to laugh today when Cane said he wants to sell the house for something smaller. LOL Yeah, that huge kitchen is too much. Also, did Cane have to meet the woman he wants to work for at Crimson Lights? And can’t he do that kind of work while he runs Chancellor? It makes no sense.
  16. Nicole’s anger and tears are BEYOND annoying and irritating. I was ready to turn off the tv, because every scene with her was filled with screaming and crying. I cannot believe Ron is writing her this way AGAIN. Victor is truly ridiculous, and it’s past time that Maggie leaves his wrinkled old ass for good. No one would put up with his sh_it. Besides, we’ve seen this all before.
  17. There’s no way that list includes every Daytime Emmy winner who won only once. You’re saying every other winner has at least 2 Emmys? No way.
  18. Don’t sweat it. I thought the same thing. I’ve always liked Milo’s looks (yeah, the body, too) and seeing him with Shiloh was pretty hot hehe
  19. i hate to be mean, but the kid playing Oscar is just awful. I’m not sad because a teenager is dying — I can’t WAIT for him to die. He has no charisma, no presence. He cannot emote. To me, the actress playing Joss is meh. She’s ok, but I find her lacking in scenes where she’s supposed to play softer and quieter. The Cameron actor is decent, but the writing for him is meh. He’s really being wasted. The old TJ and Molly were really good together, but I’m not seeing the same from this new TJ. NuValerie is just a completely different character and she doesn’t fit with Kristina at all. I’ve said many times that NuJordan doesn’t work for me. The whole persona spells model more than PC. Sam’s scenes at DoD were hilarious on Monday’s show. In this digital age, they keep all their records in old file cabinets? With written notations on the backs of photos that NO ONE would ever have a reason to take? Just ridiculous.
  20. I think it’s clear that Eileen left because of wretched Mal Young. I hope she’s back to stay. The tribute episode is just perfect, and I can’t delete it yet either. I want to watch it again in a couple weeks, even though I’ll cry through the whole thing again. I had to rewind the DVR when I heard the Doug Davidson quote from Pearl Buck. It just broke me in its simplicity and depth. Y&R showed love to Kristoff with these episodes, but they also showed love to all of us. They really understood how much we loved and cared about Neil Winters and KSJ, and they reminded me why I’ve loved this show for so many decades.
  21. Xander saved Monday’s entire show. I’m so tired of Eric and Nicole crying and grasping onto each other. Gag. But then Xander appeared. My God.
  22. I agree. He’s absolutely awful, and it’s jaw-dropping that Frank would give so much story to someone who’s this bad. He cannot emote, he can’t play sick, he can’t play anything.
  23. Youre putting words in my mouth. I NEVER said GH planned the Oscar death scenes to air against the KSJ tribute. I said it’s UNFORTUNATE that the Oscar stuff is airing at the same time. Why? Because it looks shallow and minor, and it’s not because the Oscar actor is bad. It’s because KSJ really did die — and that’s impossible to match in importance and sadness and feeling. If you’d read my post any way but carelessly, you’d understand what I meant. I’m not a heartless person. That being said, I don’t like the Oscar story at all. The kid can’t act, and the story is buried in cliches. Awhile back, he needed a lawyer to become emancipated. Then he needed a lawyer to write a will. Then he needed Cameron to video his goodbye. It’s all cliche and it’s all bad. Ripples coming for a long time? Doubtful. There won’t be any meaningful story generated from his death. It does feel wasted on those two. I don’t think it fits in with the rest of the house, either. It seems to be a kitchen remodeled without looking at even one room or element in the entire house.
  24. ajsp, please understand that my post was not directed at you or anything you said. I don’t think you’re someone who would say that to me or anyone. i guess I felt the need to double down on everything I said and to make sure I communicated my point clearly. I’m a white male, but I’m aware of white privilege, and I just want people of color to feel that I do get it, and that I am trying to make things better. I thought that if I “complained” about the “mediocre white man” comment and said nothing else, I’d look like a stupid, ignorant white man. The result was a post that went on forever. Again, ajsp, my post was not about you.
  25. SO unfortunate for these Oscar is dying scenes to air the same week as the KSJ / Neil Winters tributes on Y&R. GH is just embarrassing itself.
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