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  1. 2 hours ago, Khan said:


    It's funny how soap fans say that whenever their favorite actor or couple have returned, are being featured every episode, or are being criticized by others online.  Otherwise, they're all too happy to join in on the spoiling and bitching.


    It’s funny how you’d say that, but in my case, your analysis doesn’t fit.


    i don’t care much about either actor returning in the coming weeks from the 2013 era. I didn’t hate them, but don’t see the reason to bring either back. But all day long I’ve read bit_ching about 2013, and to me that’s tiresome. 


    Has Mark Grossman been on a lot? Yeah, and tbh, I have no complaints even if “he is eating the show.” Why? Because he’s a great Adam and I love looking at him. That’s my truth. 


    I said I was exhausted with all the complaining on Twitter. I didn’t attack or insult anyone here. All I did was give my opinion, and I’d like to think that’s ok. Do I bitch on occasion? Yeah. 


    I guess i just don’t understand why my posts bother you so much. If I overstep or get too aggressive, I don’t mind or blame you for coming after me. In this case, though, I don’t think I said anything that deserved a smack down. 

  2. 8 hours ago, Soapsuds said:

    The Joshua Morrow and Michelle Stafford scenes were brutal today. 


    LOL I know you accused me of being Morrow because I defend the guy, but I really have to wonder why you hate him so much. He’s not the greatest actor in the world, but he’s certainly not the worst, either. No matter what he does, you trash him in the ugliest way. Just odd as hell.

  3. 8 hours ago, Soapsuds said:

    The Nick and Victoria scenes were so bad. And how EB cried was beyond me...maybe he was crying at how Joshua Morrow acting hasn't approved after all this time. Because JM gave Eric nothing to work with in those emotional scenes.


    Well, I have to once again disagree with you. I thought the Nick/Victoria scenes were good and thought the Nick/Victor scenes were exceptional.


    Braeden and Morrow both gave emotional, genuine performances in those scenes. 

  4. 8 hours ago, Aback said:

    I caught up a few scenes with NuAdam and Original Phyllis. Plus a couple of scenes with Teriah and Devon's sister (?).


    I was shocked at how LIFELESS the whole show felt.


    The scenes have no crescendo. No tension. No pace. You can't tell the actors have not even rehearsed the script, let alone do the blocking.


    It's just a whole lot of people sitting around talking about stuff happening off camera. All the actions is elsewhere. It's being talked about. Compare this to the scenes that are popping up on YT, with 2000's Diane Jenkins plotting her revenge against Victor and you can picture a pretty disheartening scenario.


    Lifeless? Sorry, I disagree vehemently. I thought the show was excellent, start to finish. The actors haven’t even rehearsed? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

    5 hours ago, Faulkner said:

    Whoever said that the Summer/Phyllis scene today was awkward...wasn’t lying.



    I think the Summer/Phyllis scene was awkward because Summer had 80% of the dialogue. Phyllis didn’t want to tell her she was kidnapped, so she was close- mouthed while Summer rambled. I didn’t see any awkwardness between the actors.

  5. 1 hour ago, AlexElizabeth said:

    This Will story falls so flat because:


    1. Will and WilSon are BORING.

    2. Freddie and Chandler suck.

    3. Will just came back from the dead, only to get a story where he might die again.

    4. Even if Will dies, we know he'll just come back. There are no stakes here.


    Just awful on every level.


    I agree with you. I thought the whole thing was awful, and nothing about it moved me in the slightest. Will’s quick visit to the other side had nice mood lighting. Wow. Give it up for mood lighting.


    Meanwhile, Chandler walked through the scene like a lost and bored deer. 


    Then he he wakes up in the hospital bed and TA DA! He’s cured! GAG ME. It was so, so bad.

  6. I’m enjoying the show right now. Problems remain, but overall it’s much improved.


    i do wonder what people want to see on the show. I read about what’s not working, what’s expected and boring, etc., but I don’t see anything here on what we should see instead except for saving Dina.

  7. Josh Morrow doesn’t seem burned out to me at all. I think he was great this week, and seems energized performing with Mark Grossman.


    i don’t agree at all that JM half-asses his performances at all, let alone 90% of the time. Nick is sometimes written as a dick, but that doesn’t mean Morrow gives less than his best.


    Grossman has had a strong first month, and his scenes with JM had both actors delivering the goods.

  8. They won’t replace JM because he’s good in the role, and because he is Nick. Some people want to replace half the cast, as if that will work. 


    Grossman has has been great as Adam, and Morrow did just fine opposite him yesterday and today. I realize I’m an outlier on him here, a board that hates JM in general. 


    I think it’s stupid to give Mariah such a role in Devon’s company, just as I think it’s stupid to believe she could so easily. Leave a contract job at GC Buzz.


    Tessa singing at Society like it’s some coffeehouse? Gag me. I think it was lip sync, which makes it even worse. I want her gone. Maybe she and Lola can ride the food truck out of town.

  9. The Collonade Room is not coming back, and neither are any 1day sets.


    Today’s U.S. show was great, start to finish, except for the Kyle and Lola scenes. All the actors did great work, and Gina T is going out like fire. Damn, I will miss her. I’m critical of bad stuff, but today was incredibly good.


    Jill was missed, but we all know Jess Walton doesn’t want regular work. Yes, they could’ve thrown in a line of dialogue, but I can’t make a big deal about it.

  10. It’s ridiculous that Society is this first class restaurant with an awesome chef — but then pushes the tables out of the way to turn into a nite club after hours. So does the restaurant close at 9? 10? Never mind. It’s all crap.


    Speaking of never mind, the same goes for Jabot Collective being this HUGE online success on frickin DAY ONE. I mean, really? Who writes this stuff?


    Gina Tognoni and Mark Grossman were fire together. I do not want to see the brittle overacting that Stafford will bring.

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