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  1. Just watched today's episode. Loved the flashbacks, esp. from the 1980s. One of the best episodes in a long time. Can't believe they showed the clip that lead up to Victor and Jill's brief relationship (and for years the speculation that it resulted in Jill becoming pregnant w/ Billy, which thankfully did not happen). Jess Walton was rocking that big ass hair in the early 1990s I would've liked to have seen clips from Eric's first episode, which I don't believe has surfaced anywhere online. I think Victor and Katherine's first meeting was shown once, maybe during Jeanne Cooper's tribute episode? Did anyone else notice a bit of a resemblance between Matt and Adam? That Miller/Newman DNA is strong haha.
  2. Soap Opera Digest didn't put the Newman gala on their cover story this week. I'm not impressed 😠 OTOH, CBS Soaps in Depth gave their cover story to the Newman gala 😀 I can't wait for the Newman gala episodes next week. Here's hoping for lots of 1980s flashbacks.
  3. On Friday February 8, 1980, Victor Newman arrived in Genoa City. Happy 40th anniversary Eric Braeden SOD didn't have Eric's anniversary on their cover this week. Maybe next week's cover story will be the Newman gala/Eric's anniversary. BTW, why aren't Victor and Nikki on the cover as part of the greatest soap couples of all time feature 😠
  4. 40 years ago today (Feb. 4), CBS aired the first 1 hour episode of Y&R.
  5. Today (February 3) marks one year since Kristoff St. John passed away. RIP.
  6. Aww, thanks 🤗 EB is scheduled to be on The Talk on Friday February 7.
  7. I'm probably the biggest EB fan on this board 😊
  8. EB's 40th anniversary gets the CBS SID cover story. I'm guessing SOD will cover his 40th anniversary next week. If it were up to me, EB's anniversary episode on Monday February 10 would be full of 1980s flashbacks.
  9. I wonder if any past characters will be returning for the Newman Gala.
  10. Looks like the Newman Enterprises 50th anniversary celebration is going to lead up to a Victor-focused episode for Eric Braeden's 40th anniversary. Hopefully there's lots of 1980s flashbacks during Eric's anniversary episode.
  11. So it looks like CBS Seattle aired Search for Tomorrow. I wonder if CBS Seattle aired Capitol or if their noon news became one hour after CBS ended Search for Tomorrow. I know B&B didn't air in Seattle until 1994 so it's possible their CBS station had a 1 hour noon news from 1982-1994. Interesting that your Western Washington listings also included nearby Canadian cities and their network affiliates. No Y&R on the Vancouver stations back then. I know Another World was huge in Canada for a long time (the cancellation was even covered on CTV's national news) but I'm guessing Y&R overtook it in popularity sometime in the 1990s. I'm curious to know if viewers in Buffalo/Niagara Falls could pick up Global Toronto and watch the day-ahead Y&R.
  12. OMG I just realized that 1990 was 30 years ago! Where has the time gone :lol:

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    2. dragonflies


      Nope it was 10 years ago. I'm in denial LOL

    3. YRfan23


      don't remind me...LOL...I'll be turning 30 September 1st this year... :D

    4. kalbir


      @I Am A Swede Yes, it is.


      @dragonflies I think a lot of us are in denial :lol:


      @YRfan23 Don't be scared. 30 is the new 20 😁 

  13. I've gotten through all of 1993 and I'm planning to watch 1994 until Nancy Curlee leaves the writing team. I know Alan returned in summer 1994, and Annie Dutton arrived in fall/winter 1994, but are any of the post-Curlee 1994 storylines worth watching?
  14. B&B in the Northwest states is interesting. As far as Washington goes, Spokane and Yakima aired it from day 1 it seems (there was a 1990 episode posted in the B&B old articles thread that was recorded from the CBS station in Yakima) but Seattle didn't air B&B until 1994. I think Portland was another city that didn't air B&B until the mid-1990s, but I'm not sure about the rest of Oregon or even Idaho.
  15. Y&R gave MTS and PB special episodes for their 40th and 30th anniversaries this year, so they should also give EB a special episode for his 40th anniversary. So you won't be watching on Monday February 10?
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