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  1. The Victor/Jill hookup was unexpected, maybe that's why it grossed out viewers. I'm surprised viewers thought Jill was too old for Victor, considering JW is 5 years younger than EB. I guess viewers at that time were used to seeing Victor with sweet young things and not with someone closer to his age. The Victor/Jill hookup lead to speculation for years that Billy was Victor's child and not John Abbott's. Look at the timeline: Victor/Jill hookup October 1992, Jill learns she's pregnant March 1993, Billy born July 1993 and was not premature. Given the storylines of the last decade, t
  2. Yes to all of these! I'd add B&B: "Why doesn't my CBS station air this show?!!?" Days: "The supercouple era is over." All: "Jackie Collins casts daytime drama stars in her latest miniseries."
  3. Who Shot Victor was a clever way to accommodate EB's filming his part in Titanic. Victor gets shot and lies in a hospital bed for like a month. The hospital scenes were probably pre-taped and thus the audience couldn't tell that Victor was MIA.
  4. Have a good Thanksgiving everyone. Stay safe out there 🤗

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      Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 🙂 I hope you guys enjoy yourselves today. 

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  5. The aftermath of OJ was not a good time for Y&R. Nick and Sharon ate the show from Fall 1994-Spring 1996. Then there was the lull from Fall 1996 through to the first half of 1997. In that same period, Reilly's Days had a huge rise and almost knocked Y&R out of #1 in June 1997.
  6. New doctor in town Casey has a troublemaking younger sister Nikki. Bill Bell would reuse that element 12 years later with the Barber sisters, Olivia the new doctor in town and Dru the troublemaking younger sister. There was another parallel with early Nikki and early Dru. Both got involved with shady characters when they tried to start modelling careers. Nikki joins Rose DeVille's "agency" which was really a front for prostitution. Dru signed up with "agents" that tried to feature her in a porn film.
  7. Most Y&R fansites have Lucas arriving in 1978, that's what I was going by.
  8. The big arrivals that year were the Reed sisters, Paul, and Lucas. In that 1978 episode, was Nikki's boyfriend that Casey was talking about Paul? I don't believe Casey and Nikki's mother was ever shown, but their father arrived the following year. Lucas was the younger of Vanessa's sons, but IRL Tom Ligon is four years older than John McCook. Crazy to think in that 1978 episode JM was younger than his current B&B co-stars Darin Brooks and Scott Clifton.
  9. Agree, that's weak. Even if there are Christmas classics this year, watch them be repeats of some of the 2010s episodes from the spring/summer classics.
  10. Sorry Soaplovers but I don't get John McCook's appeal. To think if JM hadn't left Y&R in 1980, we might not have gotten Eric Braeden.
  11. CBS/Sony are not playing, taking videos down with the quickness.
  12. @YRfan23 Thank you for the episode. Hopefully more from that era surfaces.
  13. @Soaplovers Yeah come to think of it, 1980s Jill was Bill Bell's version of Abby Cunningham. I've read comparisons of 1980s Jill to Alexis mainly due to Brenda Dickson's acting style but you're on point in that 1980s Jill was written more like Abby. So who would be Bill Bell's version of Angela Channing? I guess the closest would be Stephanie, but I always thought Bill Bell wrote her as a Jennifer/Katherine/Vanessa hybrid. Also primetime soaps weren't that big a deal by 1987 compared to 1980-1983, so there was no need for CBS to cash in on primetime soaps at that point.
  14. @Legacy So little of Vanessa's storyline is online, that's why it was such a treat to see her in the 1981 classic episode. Vanessa stole the show from Victor, and that is no small feat. I'm also hoping any Vanessa/Katherine scenes and Vanessa/Victor scenes surface. One has to wonder though, if Bill Bell kept Vanessa and evolved her during the 1980s, would he have reused elements of Vanessa for Stephanie? Of the big four primetime soap antagonists, Bill Bell had his versions of JR Ewing (Victor) and Alexis Carrington Colby (Dina), but as far as I could tell he didn't have his own ve
  15. @Legacy I'm trying to imagine what storylines Bill Bell would've written for Vanessa past her original run. Could you see Vanessa becoming more involved with Prentiss Industries and Bill Bell turning her into his version of Angela Channing?
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