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  1. kalbir

    Y&R: Old Articles

    One LOL moment was when Esther was on a health food kick and Brock snuck into the mansion a bucket of fried chicken. Does anyone else remember that?
  2. kalbir

    Y&R February 2019 Discussion Thread

    I'm hoping Eric gets a similar episode for his 40th anniversary next year like Melody got. My biggest soap wish is to see Eric's first episode.
  3. kalbir

    Y&R February 2019 Discussion Thread

    Four more cast milestones are coming up the next year: Joshua Morrow's 25th year in April, Sharon Case's 25th year in September, Peter Bergman's 30th year in November, and Eric Braeden's 40th year next February. I wonder if there will be any special episodes for them.
  4. kalbir

    Empire: Discussion Thread

    Well there goes his career.
  5. kalbir

    Y&R: RIP Kristoff St John

    I can't believe it's been two weeks. It doesn't seem real.
  6. kalbir

    Celebrities on Soaps

    Usher on B&B in 1998. Bob Barker on B&B in 2002 and 2014.
  7. kalbir

    Empire: Discussion Thread

    What a mess this whole thing is. I don't know what to believe.
  8. 🤣 See also Nate, Jordan, Tyler, Mason, Detective Webber, Damon, Wesley. Am I missing anyone? Eddie Winslow doesn't count.
  9. kalbir

    Best/Worst Network Promo Campaigns

    From what I remember, this was the first CBS promo that used a pop song. CBS had the best promos back in the day.
  10. kalbir

    Y&R: Potential Neil Recasts?

    An F bomb-filled rant.
  11. kalbir

    Y&R: RIP Kristoff St John

    Those made me tear up even more 😢 I didn't watch Charlie and Company when it originally aired; I learned about it years later.
  12. kalbir

    Y&R: RIP Kristoff St John

    Jeanne Cooper, but she had been ill and off Y&R for some time before she passed away. I tore up watching that.
  13. kalbir

    Y&R: RIP Kristoff St John

    So did I. RIP. I'm sure current and former Y&R cast members will be paying their respects on social media throughout the day.