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  1. @FrenchBug82 We hold Y&R to a higher standard, but yes Bill Bell did have some missteps and he wasn't immune to following trends (Dallas/Dynasty and action/adventure), although one has to wonder how much of following trends was a CBS mandate. Also thinking about the time Y&R reached #1 (the height of Cricket eating the show) I think was more due to maintaining the audience it had during the writer's strike, whereas other shows lost viewers during the writer's strike. I don't think Y&R was drawing new viewers of the middle school and high school demographic back then. N
  2. @Soapsuds Mark Grossman as Nick would be UnSORASing the character. MG is 34, in real time Nick would be 33 this year.
  3. I think I can guess why some of those years were selected. GL: 1983 - Reva arrives. ATWT: 1994 - Douglas Marland passed the year before so all his story outlines are over by then. DOOL: 1983 - Supercouple era starts. Y&R: 1986 - Cricket becomes a full-time character and proceeds to eat the show for the remainder of the decade.
  4. The Weeknd is the 11th male solo artist and Ariana Grande is the 11th female solo artist to reach 6 #1s on the Billboard Hot 100. The Weeknd is also the 11th artist not from the United States and 3rd Canadian artist to reach 6 #1s on the Billboard Hot 100. The Weeknd has moved past Lionel Richie, Prince, Diddy, Ludacris, Eminem, Justin Timberlake in the male solo artist list. The next male solo artists to catch are Elvis Presley (if we do not count the 11 pre-Billboard Hot 100 #1s), Phil Collins, fellow Canadian Justin Bieber. Ariana Grande has moved past Barbra Streisa
  5. Also of note is that Victoria Rowell praised KB on Twitter years ago (I think it was during VR's 2012 Twitter rants about her former Y&R co-stars but there were a few she praised) and KB had a part on VR's series "The Rich and the Ruthless" in 2018.
  6. Well JR did pave the way for Victor. Bill Bell introduced Victor as a billionaire businessman that owned and lived on a horse ranch and had a long-suffering younger wife.
  7. Trying to figure out the Spectra relationships here. B&B's OG Sally has a sister Shirley. Sally 2 is Shirley's granddaughter. So Shirley's child(ren) are first cousin(s) to Macy and CJ.
  8. Are you referring to the Leslie/Lorie/Lance triangle?
  9. If we do not count Elvis Presley's 11 Pre-Billboard Hot 100 #1s, Bruno Mars is the 7th male solo artist to reach 8 #1s on the Billboard Hot 100. The male solo artists with 8 or more #1s on the Billboard Hot 100 are Michael Jackson (13), Stevie Wonder (10), Elton John (9), Usher (9), George Michael (8), Drake (8), Bruno Mars (8). If we do not count Elvis Presley's 11 Pre-Billboard Hot 100 #1s, Bruno Mars is the 17th artist to reach 8 #1s. Of the artists with 7-9 Billboard Hot 100 #1s that had #1s from 2010-now (Usher, Katy Perry, Drake, Bruno Mars, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift
  10. I thought Lil Nas X was going to be a one hit wonder after Old Town Road. His Billboard Hot 100 history is 2 #1s, 1 Top 5 (Panini), and 2 Top 40 (Rodeo, Holiday).
  11. How many Alexis clones were on daytime dramas in the 1980s? To me an Alexis clone would have the following elements: - Mother that abandoned their family to live a jet set life. - Wealthy widow that runs their late husband's business. - Foreign diva. - Lives in a luxury penthouse. I can understand Alexis clones coming on around 1983, 1984 when Dynasty was at the height of its popularity, but by 1987, 1988 Dynasty was way past its prime.
  12. This was the yacht explosion that Y&R copied in 2005. They probably thought the audience wouldn't notice 23 years later.
  13. Today (April 3) is Eric Braeden's 80th birthday. I love how he keeps it real on Twitter. Plus he can still wipe the floor with guys half his age.
  14. Y&R should just hire Justin Gaston as Chance. He did good work during the wedding and honeymoon episodes.
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