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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. Everyone got their tissues ready for next week? I know there won't be a dry eye anywhere.
  2. Lauralee. I gave up B&B years ago so I haven't witnessed the worst of Bradley. As we all know, Bradley Bell did not inherit his father's talent.
  3. What if Y&R didn't become the Cricket show in the late 1980s?
  4. I agree. Brenda's Ashley came across as too sweet to be believable as the other woman in the eternal triangle. I think it was after this confrontation that little Victoria saw Ashley and called her the wicked witch that took my daddy away. Bill Bell's second worst nepotism.
  5. Someone at CBS/Sony must like AH, as she's been employed for 14 years. That's right, she's been Victoria longer than any other actress.
  6. That's because Bradley Bell did not inherit his father's talent.
  7. @YRfan23 I'm pretty sure JM's first episode was sometime in April. I remember he, Eddie Cibrian, and Shemar Moore all started around the same time. You posted Shemar's first episode from May 1994 in the Old Articles thread.
  8. Sally Spectra's first appearance is in late 1988. I don't remember the exact month but years ago someone posted Darlene Conley's first B&B episode on YT.
  9. Getting it ready for tomorrow. In an "I can't believe it's actually happening" moment, Joshua Morrow's 25th anniversary on Y&R is in April.
  10. There's more talk on the Jussie Smollett mess than there is on the actual show.
  11. The Heat of Heat was Summer 1986. Addicted to Love was Summer 1987. I didn't know until this thread that the Summer 1986 promos used an actual song. I thought it was a composition by the CBS music department. Shows how little I know about mid-1980s pop music
  12. I would say 1987-1999. I haven't watched on the regular since the Jabot/Newman/Forrester story wrapped up in spring 1999.
  13. @Cruising Soaps That should've been the first one mentioned.
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