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  1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjoFtwSdRCzzv4olRU-_Tgg/videos This channel has almost all the Judith Krantz miniseries (half of Scruples is missing).
  2. Wow, three of the big four 1980s fiction authors are now gone: Judith Krantz, Jackie Collins, Sidney Sheldon. Danielle Steel is the only one left.
  3. When adult Adam was introduced in 2008, his age was given as 27, so he would be 38 now. Victoria, Nick, Adam, Abby real time ages in 2019 are 37, 31, 24, 19 respectively, but inconsistent SORASing messed up the timelines.
  4. The new Adam looks like a little boy next to Michelle Stafford.
  5. Bill Bell also used elements of the Brooks family with the original Spencers. Although they were not original Y&R characters, there are elements of the Chancellors and the Prentisses in the Forresters.
  6. Over the last few months I've been watching Fall 1992 through to Summer 1993 that have been uploaded on YT. Fall/Winter 1992 was alright but after Maureen's death it's been a chore to get through the episodes. I'm planning to watch through the end of Summer 1993 as I want to see the storyline surrounding the episode that got Michael Zaslow (RIP) his long awaited for Lead Actor Daytime Emmy. Does anyone know what Michael Zaslow's second episode for his 1994 submission was? I know the episode who's clips were shown on the 1994 Daytime Emmys was rebroadcast in December 1998. I think the second episode might have been when Roger visited Maureen's grave but I could be wrong.
  7. Joshua Morrow has been employed for 25 years. Let that sink in.
  8. If Billy was a Newman it would've been discovered during the DNA tests for Faith and Katie.
  9. Wow, has it been 30 years already? I started watching GL around this time (spring 1989) as well. I didn't watch GL for very long (spring 1989-summer 1992) but I'm grateful to have experienced those amazing years as much as I could live and later online.
  10. Y&R: Cricket. Basically ate the show in the late 1980s then all but disappeared 20 years later.
  11. Yay, another All My Children leftover 🙄 How many does that make in the last 15 years?
  12. The Bells need to step up and protect Bill Sr.'s greatest creation. Too bad Bradley Bell didn't inherit his father's talent.
  13. The list are those who won in the main acting categories on their first and only nomination. There are Emmy acting winners with single wins but they also have multiple nominations.
  14. Kids born in the 2000s still have to win in the Younger categories first
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