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  1. Bill Bell reused elements of Jennifer Brooks's death 13 years later on B&B with Caroline.
  2. If this show was on cable/streaming, f-bombs and s-bombs would be dropped left and right.
  3. 5 episodes in and still not connecting with the characters/storylines. New episodes return November 9.
  4. The best part of it was the Jabot/Newman crossover, which to me was the last good storyline Bradley wrote.
  5. Anyone watch the first episode? It's very late 1990s/early 2000s.
  6. Don't leave, you're one of my favorite posters here.
  7. You are killing me BoldRestless. Keeping it real here, whenever any episodes from Summer 1986 to end of 1989 surface, I skip all the Cricket scenes.
  8. From what I've read online, Y&R began in Australia in 1974 and in New Zealand in 1977 and the episodes started from the beginning in both countries. Did the Australian broadcasts have breaks and that's how they ended up more than one year behind? Blog post about Y&R's broadcast history in Canada: MarkH's Soap Musings: Canada: Why does Y&R have a late timeslot and day-ahead episode? (markhsoap.blogspot.com)
  9. @yrfan1983 I think this was a rewrite so there would be a "who's the daddy" storyline.
  10. 1984/1985 season was the peak of the big four primetime soaps. It wasn't a good idea for CBS/ABC to launch any primetime soaps after that season. 1985/1986 was when the big four starting going down and they really should have been done by 1987/1988.
  11. @BoldKara If the YouTube videos you're watching have the CC option, the foreign language captions can be translated to English.
  12. Keeping with this week's episodes, some Y&R stars shared their real-life wedding photos. Exclusive Photos: Y&R Weddings In Real Life - Watch! Magazine Photos - CBS.com
  13. @YRfan23 Noah has been de-aged to pretty much his real time age (24).
  14. Congrats on 20 years, and best wishes for many more.
  15. You'd think Paramount+ would be the natural home for CBS's big three primetime soaps but for whatever reason that hasn't happened. Dallas full series is on IMDb TV, Falcon Crest first four seasons are on Amazon, and Knots Landing is nowhere to be found.
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