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  1. Classic SOD Tumblr Goodies

    It's hard to believe the babies from the real life pregnancies we saw on screen in the 1980s and 1990s are all adults, and some of them are now parents themselves. Yikes, where has the time gone.
  2. Y&R October 2018 Discussion Thread

    This entire week has been garbage time. I feel like someone at CBS/Sony is trying to tank the show.
  3. Greatest Soap of All Time?

    You didn't like Robert Calhoun's run at GL (June 1989-July 1991)? Also, where would you rank B&B among CBS's long running daytime dramas?
  4. Greatest Soap of All Time?

    Impact on the genre as a whole: Y&R Pop culture impact: Days Global impact: B&B
  5. SOD

    I think the Cole character served their course during the original run. Can't see how an author would fit in the current canvas, unless maybe it's for a true crime book on JT's disappearance. Sort of OT, but I saw on posted on another board a while back that J. Eddie Peck was mentioned as a potential Ridge recast. I have no idea if B&B actually approached him in 2013 or if it was a Y&R fan wish.
  6. Y&R October 2018 Discussion Thread

    Billy turns to Summer, quelle surprise
  7. Major Y&R actress out!

    Does everyone think ED is heading to the retirement home, in the sense that she's done w/ daytime for good?
  8. Y&R Casting New Role

    Oh snap, I was hoping for a Victoria recast.
  9. Y&R: Old Articles

    Please do not give Mal Young any more ideas. There have been way too many parentage rewrites already.
  10. Y&R: Old Articles

    CBS/Sony have no idea what a gold mine they're sitting on w/ respect to 1970s/1980s Y&R. YRfan23, the quality of that episode is amazing.
  11. Eric Braeden interview

    I'm shocked he didn't rant or drop an F bomb.
  12. Thanks for answering my question and I agree with both your replies.
  13. Vet let go at Y&R

    I just checked SOD and SID Twitters and nothing there yet. I think Doug Davidson has been on the chopping block for the last 15 years but he was spared until now. This doesn't bode well for any of the other 25+ year vets. When Jeanne Cooper passed away, Doug became Y&R's longest running cast member. He also has the longest run on the show as Jeanne passed away some six months before what would've been her 40th anniversary on Y&R. I guess this means that Melody Thomas Scott is now the longest running cast member; her 40th anniversary on Y&R is March 2019.
  14. Going back to the 2004 Super Bowl, I always thought it was unfair how Janet Jackson's career never recovered while Justin Timberlake got off scot free. Ponder this: Suppose the halftime show that year had 50 Cent exposing Britney Spears. Do you think he would've gotten away with it and her career would've been ruined?
  15. Y&R September 2018 Discussion Thread

    @Paul Raven Do not give Mal Young any ideas :shudder