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  1. This must have been Nancy Curlee's last major storyline https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1SsQHgcz2s
  2. Now we're at the end of the 1980s and getting to Y&R remaining at #1 until today. It's amazing that Y&R was in so much flux during the 1980s (1 hour expansion, time slot changes, 3 EPs, big cast changes) yet managed to survive and thrive.
  3. Keesha's race was never stated, but I'm sure it was implied that she was African-American, even though the actresses that portrayed her were of Puerto Rican and Italian heritage respectively.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Stay safe.

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      Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope it's a good one for all of you.

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  5. That scene was from 1993, so PB might have used it in his 1994 Emmy reel. The 1990 scene that was shown on the 1991 Daytime Emmy broadcast was a Jack/Victor confrontation that got PB his first win and the 1991 scene where shown on the 1992 Daytime Emmy broadcast was Jack confronting Nikki about her drinking that got PB his second win.
  6. What lead to H. Wesley Kenney leaving Y&R? I don't recall reading about him and Bill Bell having any type of falling out like Bill Bell had w/ John Conboy 5 years earlier. Like I've said before, H. Wesley Kenney is really the one who laid all the groundwork for Y&R as we know it today, but Ed Scott gets all the credit. Consider a couple of things. 1987-1990 B&B was head-to-head w/ supercouple era Days, plus B&B wasn't carried by all CBS affiliates until well into the 1990s. Sheila plus full affiliate clearance kept B&B going when it was head-to-head w/ Reilly Sci-Fi era Days.
  7. 1987-1989 Y&R was in a bit of a transition. There was the EP change from H. Wesley Kenney to Ed Scott, and three major cast departures (Brenda Dickson, Eileen Davidson, Terry Lester). While all this was happening off screen, Cricket was eating the show onscreen. Yet Y&R still managed to reach #1 and stay there until today. Having The Price is Right as it's lead in probably played a big part in Y&R's rise to and staying at #1. Bob Barker once said about TPiR being the lead-in for Y&R that "without us Young and Restless would be Old and Lethargic".
  8. And once again, EB is just keeping it way too real and I love it Do not give Josh Griffith ideas :shudder Oh hells yes that would so happen
  9. The first half of 1986 was probably the zenith of the Bill Bell/H. Wesley Kenney era. Then Cricket came on full time and proceeded to eat the show.
  10. Heads up, Peter Bergman is going to be on The Talk on Friday November 15. It's related to his upcoming 30th anniversary on Y&R. MTS was on The Talk for her 40th anniversary in February, but I don't remember either Joshua Morrow or Sharon Case appearing on The Talk for their 25th anniversaries in June and September respectively.
  11. @soapfan770 Silly me, why didn't I see that before I posted. Thanks On a different note, there had to have been some NBC stations in the 1980s and 1990s that aired Days in the late afternoon to get the kids coming home from school.
  12. @VanessaReardon The ratings posts are a great look back at daytime history
  13. I wonder how many other CBS affiliates aired Y&R outside the usual 12:30-4/11-3 block in order to beat Oprah. I remember reading during the New Orleans remote that their CBS station had the most Y&R viewers.
  14. Bill Bell used his first name and names of his family members for Y&R/B&B characters: ie. William (Bill) Foster, Phillip Chancellor II, Brad Elliott, Lauralee Brooks, Brad Carlton, William (Bill) Spencer, William (Billy) Abbott. I once read Bill Bell took the name Ridge from a college classmate of Bradley Bell.
  15. In an another I can't believe it's happening moment, November will mark Peter Bergman's 30th anniversary on Y&R. I wonder if we will get a Jack-focused episode around Thanksgiving.
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