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  1. Y&R was never really known for discovering breakout talent and launching careers, but in recent years we've seen Max Ehrich, Loren Lott, Sasha Calle, Alyvia Alyn Lind all move on to bigger and better things.
  2. @YRfan23 I thought it was odd that Victor didn't make the connection that Nikki Reed of The Bayou was Dr. Casey Reed's younger sister. I think Casey was already gone by the time Victor saw Nikki at The Bayou, and maybe Bill Bell thought the audience forgot that Victor knew that Casey had a sister Nikki. Side note, why was Nikki using her real name at The Bayou, you'd think she'd have a stage name.
  3. Taylor the Desert Princess was not one of B&B's best stories. It was cheesy and offensive. Y&R cashed in on the Charles/Diana wedding hype with the London concert and ball in July 1981.
  4. Would we rather witness budget cuts, shrinking sets, hack writers, or have a show that we all love to end properly with some semblance of dignity?
  5. Bill Bell is spinning in his grave right now. It bears repeating: Bradley did not inherit his father's talent.
  6. At this point, I say Y&R should plan the end to coincide with the 50th anniversary. As March 26, 2023 is a Sunday, the 50th anniversary week episodes will be March 27-31, 2023.
  7. Today were the premieres of the 50th season of The Price is Right and the 13th season of Let's Make a Deal. I can't believe Drew Carey is now in his 15th season as host of TPiR.
  8. The current writers wouldn't be able to pull it off. Also the elements of Jack's character that we knew in the 1980s (playboy on the surface but was really a lost little boy with abandonment issues from his mother leaving the family that was always looking for his father's love and approval but messing up while doing so) were pretty much lost from the 1990s to now.
  9. If we do not count Elvis Presley's 11 Pre-Billboard Hot 100 #1s, Drake is the 5th male solo artist to reach 9 #1s on the Billboard Hot 100. The male solo artists with 9 or more #1s on the Billboard Hot 100 are Michael Jackson (13), Stevie Wonder (10), Elton John (9), Usher (9), Drake (9). If we do not count Elvis Presley's 11 Pre-Billboard Hot 100 #1s, Drake is the 14th artist to reach 9 #1s. Drake is the 5th artist not from the United States to reach 9 #1s on the Billboard Hot 100. The artists not from the United States with 9 or more #1s on the Billboard Hot 100 are The Beatles (20), Rihanna (14), The Bee Gees (9), Elton John (9), Drake (9). Drake has the most #1s on the Billboard Hot 100 by a Canadian artist.
  10. Bill Bell created his own JR Ewing with Victor Newman, billionaire businessman that owns and lives on a horse ranch and has a long-suffering younger wife. Y&R had wealthy businessmen before Victor (Phillip Chancellor II and Lance Prentiss) and Wisconsin has horse ranches, but Victor's introduction in February 1980 overlapped with Dallas at the height of it's popularity. In his early storylines, Victor was even dressed more in jeans, button down shirts, vests, cowboy hats than he was in suits. In 1991, B&B introduced Texas oil millionaire Blake Hayes, former husband of Dr. Taylor Hayes. Bill Bell was a decade late to the party there.
  11. 1970s Y&R had the Chancellors and the Prentisses. Both pre-dated Dallas.
  12. Victor and Malcolm met in September 1998 at the Chancellor Mansion.
  13. We know Vanessa was obsessed with controlling Lance's love life and she wanted to be the #1 female in his life, but I was not expecting her to entertain a dancing dream sequence with him. SOD was published monthly in 1977, so the June-September issues would cover the summer storylines.
  14. Heather Tom has played Katie for 14 years. That's one year longer than she was Victoria.
  15. Earlier in the thread a June 1988 listing for Seattle had Days at 3 pm. I'm guessing that it moved to 9 am after the supercouple era ended and the kids watching after school lost interest. I wonder if Days went back to 3 pm during the Reilly sci-fi era when the kids were watching again. So Seattle got B&B in 1992? I was so sure that B&B started in Seattle in 1994, or maybe that's when the CBS station started broadcasting it. We know Capitol did not air on the CBS station in Seattle so maybe an independent station broadcast Capitol there.
  16. 2006 onward are not classics. Y&R hasn't been the same since John Abbott's death.
  17. Thankfully we were spared 2007 during the classics last year.
  18. More like the 1980s. I say all the backstage drama began when Ed Scott took over as EP. He's always given me s--- disturber vibes.
  19. Yes it did look like Bill Bell was alluding to a Victor/Christine pairing but thankfully we were spared. Nikki was at her mid-1990s snooty lady of the manor peak when she confronted Christine about Christine getting too close to Victor.
  20. @yrfan1983 @BoldRestless @will81 Bill Bell lost interest in Nathan when Shemar Moore blew up in popularity. Today (August 18) marks 15 years since John Abbott's death. That was the end of an era and Y&R hasn't been the same since.
  21. It would be interesting to watch the Bill Bell years, to see actors that would later appear on Y&R/B&B and also to see Bill Bell elements that were reused on Y&R/B&B.
  22. Last year after Y&R aired the 1981 episode, I looked up some info on K.T. Stevens (Vanessa). I didn't know when the 1981 episode aired that Y&R was actually K.T.'s third daytime drama, she was part of the original cast of General Hospital and was also on Days. K.T.'s Days role was from 1966-1967 and 1969, so another actor that Bill Bell worked with on both Days and Y&R. Also K.T. Stevens was on Days the same time as Susan Flannery. Wow, Stephanie and Vanessa, the OG Stephanie; I wonder if their Days characters interacted. This blogger has a good write up on her: K. T. Stevens | Those obscure objects of desire (wordpress.com)
  23. So sad to read about Jess Walton's husband passing away. I'm sure she has lots of support from her family, friends, coworkers, and fans.
  24. You missed Generations in the NBC list. One could also say that ABC did not have much success expanding their lineup beyond their big three General Hospital, All My Children, One Life to Live.
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