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  1. Won't happen..that half hour belongs to the affiliates, and the ship sailed along time ago. Once the network gives timeslots over to the locals, they NEVER get them back.
  2. I believe Alec Baldwin had kicked the habit by the time he went out to Hollywood (thank goodness)...a few years ago he ran into the clerk who used to run that arcade and the man told him he was for sure Alec was going to end up dead because he was so far out at the time.
  3. THE DOCTORS was just like other shows before cancellation. With most long-running soaps that were victims of the ax,those who had been with the production and developed strong ties and allegiances and fought until the day it went down to keep it going loved the show. Those who were new kids on the block, mostly younger actors who didn't quite grasp what was being lost, just looked at it as another gig and were just as content to move onto the next one...and if the dark cloud has been hanging over a show, it is easy for those with no real investment to later look back and claim that the production was"Toxic" "Like a noose hanging around our heads" "Unpleasant" "Had the smell of death". In regards to TD specifically, the morale on any show on NBC at the time had to be piss poor, day or night, as the network itself was in such a free-fall (SUPERTRAIN or HELLO, LARRY anyone) plus the embarrassment and misfortune resulting from the 1980 Moscow Olympics. In addition, Alec Baldwin has admitted that he was in the depths of cocaine addiction at the time, staying up all night high and playing pinball games in a seedy arcade in Times Square, and Kim Zimmer is the type of woman born to complain about anything!
  4. I LOVED the first theme....it was so thrilling to hear and see the stark images of DC. I was a little kid who watched the soaps with my nanny, and Mrs. Rice was a huge ATWT fan. When it went off at 1:30CST she usually was cleaning up after lunch and would be out of the room, so I would get to see the opening act of CAPITOL and the thunderous credits before she came back into the room and switch over for the last half of ONE LIFE...but the images of CAPITOL have stuck in my head forever, and it to this day is one of my favorites.
  5. Just finished the second half of Season 5, which I hadn't seen since I was six years old...and I must say that it was a pretty crisply written season! Will review more later, but I was impressed, as was much of the country, with the buildup to Moldavia...
  6. Hello! We're talking about DAYS! You know the same show that brought Wayne Northrop back as the husband Marlena FORGOT, even though she went on to marry another man who looked just like him. This is the show that killed off half the cast and brought them back to life with the most inane twist that wouldn't even fly on the old BATMAN series! Making Kate Roberts Kate Winograd would have paled in comparison, and would have been welcome among longterm viewers. LMAO!!!
  7. That is incorrect...TPTB at the time stated in an interview that Kate Roberts WAS NOT Kate Winograd.
  8. DAYS stated that Kate Roberts was a new character and not related to the former Kate Winograd, even though such a tie-in would have been historical genius.
  9. Okay...I had read sources that claimed the ratings for TEXAS inched higher following the move to mornings, but you know how sources can be...Anyway, a solid block of soaps would have been more effective with the audience than a soap here, a game show there, a rerun over there...and yanking soaps after short periods and multiple slot changes.
  10. NBC just never had real affirmative leadership in daytime. It would have made more sense to pair SEARCH and THE DOCTORS in the 3EST/2CST hour and drop CHIPS. I understand that TEXAS was moved from that slot due to the heat from GENERAL HOSPITAL, but its move to the early morning was met with better ratings. Perhaps the two half-hours, coupled with a stronger block of soaps (which would have called for improved writing and consistency in cast and production) from DAYS and AW, with patience, would have resulted in better returns.
  11. Audrey on ONE LIFE was also the character who introduced Mari Lynn to her favorites bar that was in Philadelphia near the FRATERNITY ROW studios (the show as taped in Philly until the studios burned down, at which point the show moved to the studios of WVLE in Llanview)). The bar was called Speakeasy, and was the newly=acquired set from the cancelled RYAN'S HOPE..Ryan's Bar! Subsequently, Max bought the bar and turned it into Max's Place.
  12. From what I've gathered, despite some issues, the show was improving and could have succeeded, but when Lin Bolen took over as head of daytime, she wanted her pet project on the air PRONTO, so she swung the ax at RTTPP to give the timeslot to her concept drama.
  13. Actually the period piece created by John William and Joyce Corrington was called REUNION and was set in the antebellum South during the period of Reconstruction after the Civil War. Due to the runaway success of DALLAS, NBC had the Corringtons to morph their creation into what was supposed to be a daytime version of the primetime hit.
  14. I remember distinctly that the tenure of Fran Sears was greeted with positive praise from both the soap press and many fans. Sears helped to bring a tighter focus and personality to the show. It was under under Sears that the show suddenly blossomed into a highly entertaining and downright hilarious daily must-see. The antics of Gwyn and Norma as partners in crime were LOL funny, as well as Ava's battle with Shana for the affections of Leo Burnell had me falling out laughing every day. It seemed as if finally LOVING was about to gain real momentum as buzz began to build, but just as soon as it did, Sears was dismissed. Haidee Granger took over and instantly gutted the structure Sears had set up, and the crackling humor that had set the show apart and gained positive raves was gone overnight.
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