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  1. Yes the DiMera mansion set was once that of Donovan manor. On GH, the old Webber home became the Scorpio home, and the set is now being used as the Brownstone, which is being renovated by the Scooby Doo Gang, aka Kiki, Morgan, and Michael.
  2. Claire Labine stated in an interview that former ABC Daytime President Jackie Smith insisted in the early 80's that the network's soap incorporate more current pop music into their shows. Those songs are what caused SoapNet to shy away from broadcasting Ryan's Hope episodes past 1981.
  3. SoapNet only played Ryan's Hope's episodes from 75-81, running them several times. They stopped with the 81 episodes due to high fees that would have to be paid for all the pop music used in the post 81 shows.
  4. Loved WOST! Having been obsessed with tv themes all my life, and especially soap openings and closings, I visited the site daily and was there until the very end. The community of posters was the best then and hasn't been matched since IMO. Spirited, passionate, and educated commentary that is sorely missed.
  5. The Young and The Restless - Bombshell

    They hooked up on screen and one gave the other a VD.
  6. Won't happen..that half hour belongs to the affiliates, and the ship sailed along time ago. Once the network gives timeslots over to the locals, they NEVER get them back.
  7. But is it not easy to see that the treatment she received from TPTB BEFORE Rauch that she described was in her eyes racism, and she had done the research that proved she was receiving treatment different from her white co-stars. So it was the sum of all those experiences that I am speaking of, and Rauch continued the shallow tacky mistreatment that had been established, and took it to a cruel level. Not saying that he wasn't an [email protected]#$%^&*] to many, but it the vast majority of stories of his terror behind the scenes always invariably begin with his handling of Hayman and Holly, who were treated and dismissed more in a much more public and nasty manner than anyone else. Maybe it is a sensitivity to the issue, but that is how people who know firsthand how it feels and the backlash that seems to come these days to anyone who dares call out racism ("they are playing the race card!") has led to an more intense defense of those who dare to speak what they feel has happened to them.
  8. I think it does a disservice to Miss Holly to just dismiss her claims of being the victim of racism so casually. When you experience the ugly treatment and nastiness of racism, it's unmistakable. And especially back in the days she was speaking of, it was not hidden, and equality, while achieved in the courts and law, did not just erase the horrors of racism instantly from society. Yes all the actors were paid poorly. BUT Holly was paid even less than the sorry going base rate. She was not the only person of color...it was happening in all sectors of society. So just to assume that she was mistaken or taking how she was treated too personally is disrespectful to both her and other people of color who were still fighting for equality. Before making such judgments, look into the true story and circumstances and don't be so quick to pooh pooh the real hurt and struggle that so many went through. It was real, and it should never be forgotten, nor repeated.
  9. The Doctors

    I believe Alec Baldwin had kicked the habit by the time he went out to Hollywood (thank goodness)...a few years ago he ran into the clerk who used to run that arcade and the man told him he was for sure Alec was going to end up dead because he was so far out at the time.
  10. The Doctors

    THE DOCTORS was just like other shows before cancellation. With most long-running soaps that were victims of the ax,those who had been with the production and developed strong ties and allegiances and fought until the day it went down to keep it going loved the show. Those who were new kids on the block, mostly younger actors who didn't quite grasp what was being lost, just looked at it as another gig and were just as content to move onto the next one...and if the dark cloud has been hanging over a show, it is easy for those with no real investment to later look back and claim that the production was"Toxic" "Like a noose hanging around our heads" "Unpleasant" "Had the smell of death". In regards to TD specifically, the morale on any show on NBC at the time had to be piss poor, day or night, as the network itself was in such a free-fall (SUPERTRAIN or HELLO, LARRY anyone) plus the embarrassment and misfortune resulting from the 1980 Moscow Olympics. In addition, Alec Baldwin has admitted that he was in the depths of cocaine addiction at the time, staying up all night high and playing pinball games in a seedy arcade in Times Square, and Kim Zimmer is the type of woman born to complain about anything!
  11. Any Capitol Fans Here?

    I LOVED the first theme....it was so thrilling to hear and see the stark images of DC. I was a little kid who watched the soaps with my nanny, and Mrs. Rice was a huge ATWT fan. When it went off at 1:30CST she usually was cleaning up after lunch and would be out of the room, so I would get to see the opening act of CAPITOL and the thunderous credits before she came back into the room and switch over for the last half of ONE LIFE...but the images of CAPITOL have stuck in my head forever, and it to this day is one of my favorites.
  12. Dynasty Discussion Thread

    Just finished the second half of Season 5, which I hadn't seen since I was six years old...and I must say that it was a pretty crisply written season! Will review more later, but I was impressed, as was much of the country, with the buildup to Moldavia...
  13. Recasts

    Hello! We're talking about DAYS! You know the same show that brought Wayne Northrop back as the husband Marlena FORGOT, even though she went on to marry another man who looked just like him. This is the show that killed off half the cast and brought them back to life with the most inane twist that wouldn't even fly on the old BATMAN series! Making Kate Roberts Kate Winograd would have paled in comparison, and would have been welcome among longterm viewers. LMAO!!!
  14. Recasts

    In the words of DeeDee..pretty much.
  15. Recasts

    That is incorrect...TPTB at the time stated in an interview that Kate Roberts WAS NOT Kate Winograd.