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  1. https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/eileen-davidson-to-appear-in-beyond-salem/?fbclid=IwAR28j51D-xG_w2GNqNk2Z-uMxRuiquNoAcB08tOLSdxVLm8YuTZMmY2Jl4Y well she’s back!
  2. 227 Amen Sanford The Royal Family Sisters New York Undercover Knots Landing Dynasty/The Colbys Generations Gimme A Break Golden Palace Empty Nest Nurses Maude
  3. I know it’s not a proposed soap but whatever to SoapCity that was to come out around the time SoapNet debuted?
  4. & @Dr Neil Curtis: Belle never went into nursing; she was a Candy Strip She was also in school for nursing around the time when John was hit by the car.
  5. I was around the time John was hit by that car, 2007ish.
  6. Didn’t Belle originally go into nursing?
  7. Is that the one with the staircase?
  8. I hoping this is an annual “Plan to Save Days” with a head writer change! (Hello, Lorraine Broderick/Sherri Anderson, Bye Ron & Ben!)
  9. Though I would have loved to seen Robin Strasser’s Rachel on AW, I can’t see her as Redeemed Rachel
  10. Hey if by chance you run across that clip before I do, share it with me please. I remember that and it was a good scene.
  11. Though it was strange to me with all the crap with Sami, I loved Marlena and Kate’s friendship.
  12. I hope this isn’t to bring Missy ass back as Jennifer.
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