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  1. ALL: Fantasy Relationship Crossovers

    Which was strange to me since Mitchell Dru was a character on ATWT and The Brighter Day prior to coming to AW and Mike & Hope Bauer moved to AW from GL.
  2. DAYS: February 2018 Discussion Thread

    If RC can tell me in a big summer story how Stefano ended up with Marlena, Hope, and Steve when they were “killed” by Orpheus, Ernesto, and Lawrence, respectively then I MIGHT can get behind his Days. Lately it’s been a bore! Exactly!
  3. DAYS: February 2018 Discussion Thread

    This Steve poisoning story boils down to Ava! ??‍♂️ I would have rather it been Marina Toscano back from the dead! ??
  4. B&B Actor Returning for a Small Arc

    Can Bill Bell head write the show from Heaven?
  5. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Thanks for posting these! I have been up watching everything from Anniversary week in 1987 to HB Lewis’ funeral. Now if only I could find Anniversary week from 1997.
  6. ALL: Fantasy Relationship Crossovers

    Why didn’t that happen?
  7. DAYS: February 2018 Discussion Thread

    Refresh my memory on some their story, please. I remember them, but not much of what they wrote.
  8. ALL: Fantasy Relationship Crossovers

    I remember rumors back in 1993 after SB cancellation that Mason & Julia were going to AW, and I always wanted Lane Davies to return as Mason and link up with Donna Love and I pictured Julia in the Cass/Felicia orbit. During James Reilly time at both Days and Passions, I was hoping he would do a cross over Ivy Winthrop knowing Kate or Sheridan knowing Jennifer from boarding school.
  9. DAYS: February 2018 Discussion Thread

    After watching Friday’s “hour of scenes” I assume... Will was an important part Carrie’s life and they didn’t cross paths once. They were so focus on having her involved in this mess called “Rope”. It’s crazy both his Aunts are in town. ?Sheri Anderson this is when you step in, Pumpkin Pie!
  10. DAYS: February 2018 Discussion Thread

    Lord I forgot all about Steve and Billie dating. I wonder what Julie Pinson is up to now?
  11. What happened with Phylicia and Keshia?
  12. TV Character's that got the worst(or no) exit from their series

    Ken Berry looks good and aged well, but they can’t do any Reunion Episodes now that he has aged.
  13. B&B - Recast the Forrester Sons

    ???? then fire her and bring in Marj Dusay. Wasn’t Jaime Lynn supposed to be Stephanie anyway or was it Susan Seaforth Hayes?
  14. B&B - Recast the Forrester Sons

    I am hearing Robin Strasser in talks as a return from the dead Stephanie. ?