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  1. And no word from Scotty after this? Like who doesn’t want to know their brother?
  2. Days- Melissa Anderson is definitely needed! She was needed when Victor starting seeking interested in Maggie, could have played with the history of Ivy/Pete/Melissa during that story. Now that Hope is gone Melissa needs to be there and Sandy Horton a blank ass slate to work with and tested with Roman. Too bad they killed David Banning and Bill.
  3. But why do they make it seem like he was gone for years... wasn’t he gone like a year and came back as Mark Valley’s Jack?
  4. They got rid of Marlena’s late in life kid because it was Roman’s.
  5. Since when has he been in a retirement home?
  6. She basically made a cameo as Naomi Harper
  7. Bill Hayes (Doug, Days) Renee Jones (Nikki Wade; Lexie Carver, Days) two roles, one soap.
  8. And instead of creating Daniel as Victor’s Godson, they could have brought back his actual Godson, Charlie Jannings.
  9. Allie is around there age anyway giving she and Ciara are close in age. Tyler Kiriakis is her Cousin...
  10. So basically she is finish up her stint because she was still taping before production shutdown.
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