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  1. Days: The Johnsons Bo & Kimberly Bo & Isabella Mike & Melissa Sami & Eric Toxic as it was, Mickey & Bill Lexie and EJ Lexie and Chad
  2. Oh ok. I just always loved her as Amy and Simone Hardy. Never got into her Sheila Price character on OLTL.
  3. I wonder why they never kept Amy around for a triangle with Olivia and Nathan or even Dru and Neil.
  4. Days: Maggie & Marlena Caroline & Frankie ( Celeste) Melissa & Hope Kayla & Mike Lexie & Hope Jack & Diana Jack & Isabella Jack & Billie Jack & Kate Jennifer, Kristen, & Billie Bo & Marlena Roman & Abe AW: Cass & Felicia Rachel & Donna Matt & Josie GL: Roger & Maureen Alan-Michael & Gilly Josh & Bert Fletcher & Alex The Four Musketeers
  5. Now they could have given us That Lillie Mae Barber and Drucilla Episode this week.
  6. They were thinking of recasting Iris again?
  7. Days - Kate Roberts (Deborah Adair) and Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford): those two had a chemistry and it seem they were heading there but stopped. Nicole & Roman: they flirted a bit and she apparently went to bed with him before leaving town a few years ago. Kayla & Stefan (Tyler Christopher) - just for the hell of it Kayla & Marcus - they would have been much better than that Kayla/Shane story. Hope & Eric - it seem they were testing it during that Prison escape storyline. Abe & Maggie Roman (Drake) & The original Lexie
  8. I wouldn’t say it is better this way...
  9. Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t Orpheus beef with Roman Brady, and not John?
  10. AW- Robin Strasser’s run as Rachel, Jackee’s and Howard Rollins’ debuts. OLTL - Gillian Spencer’s run as Viki, Dixie Carter as Dorian Days- Any of the 60s & 70s stuff, Catherine Mary Stuart as Kayla and the first Brady/Horton pairing (Kayla/David), Neil & Maggie’s affair. Generations - The entire run.
  11. With Abe tied into this story, Dr. Raynor should have been Dr. Karen CARVER-Raynor.
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