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  1. If only his dad’s ghost would take over his body!
  2. I would take a return from the Scofields and Molly rather than these two.
  3. Wasn’t she carrying around that urn when they were looking for Stefano, that was before Ron wasn’t it?
  4. So sad that the writers had Craig sleep with Dani, a girl he once thought was his daughter. Who was writing at this time?
  5. I was thought Jim set of Matthews had the better stories than Bill & Liz’s children. They killed Bill Jr. early on and was Aunt Janet seen or mention ever again?
  6. Hell I thought this was about Stephanie E. Williams as Dr. Simone Hardy!
  7. Maggie should have went back to the bottle back when Mickey died, not rushed into a Victor love story or given a son and an annoying granddaughter!
  8. Two African American characters gone in the same day! 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
  9. Julia Barr as Dr. Sandy Horton Kathleen Noone as Jo Johnson
  10. Max & Chelsea Brady Max & Stephanie Johnson Many of the Brady/Horton pairings after Bo & Hope
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