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  1. SORASing: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    The Ugly - Jamie Frame. It aged Rachel too early! Much similar to Julie Banning on Days and Ellen Stewart on ATWT
  2. Days: May 2018 Discussion Thread

    A wedding in the town square?!?! ??‍♂️??‍♂️
  3. Days: May 2018 Discussion Thread

    I can’t get with Eve and Brady. I need Frankie Brady to come to town or something.
  4. DAYS: Actress Back?

    I didn’t know Ron was a fan of Days. Mimi is a horrible character to bring back, why not Calliope Jones or Larry Welch? ??‍♂️
  5. Days: May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Exactly! I went back and watched 3 times to make sure I heard correctly.
  6. Days: May 2018 Discussion Thread

    Question, When did Kimberly become Abigail’s aunt? She said today “my Aunt Kimberly had that.” In reference to Chad telling her she had DID.
  7. Anniversary Books You Wish Existed

    Was it the As The World Turns book?
  8. Days: April 2018 Discussion Thread

    What was the other time he mentioned? I must have missed it. I never heard Marlena discuss with anyone before, I found it interesting.
  9. Days: April 2018 Discussion Thread

    I was ok with the character just wouldn’t have made him (or Stefan) Vivian’s children. It take away from who her character was and why she was so obsessed with Lawrence and Nicky. It was something she said on Thursday’s show that made me feel as if Quinn doesn’t exist. Something along the lines of she didn’t want to lose Stefan after finding out she had a son.
  10. Days: April 2018 Discussion Thread

    I am playing catch up, are we to forget Vivian’s other son Quin?
  11. DAYS Promo: Week of 4/16/18

    I guess Kate is joining Marlena in the tunnels
  12. Days: April 2018 Discussion Thread

    I don’t know what’s worst: Vivian’s atrocious return or her hideous hairstyles!
  13. Blind Items

    ?????? right!!
  14. Days: April 2018 Discussion Thread

    ?????? Will gives me Bottom... Power Bottom!
  15. Blind Items

    Wasn’t Adrienne an architect at one point or owned a construction company? They could have revived that story or even do a story around the spectator, with an actual set.