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  1. Days Marlena/Laura Belle/Mimi Belle/Chloe Jen/Kristen/Billie Hope/Jen I know they cuzs but their friendship has been a defining point on Days through decade's Marlena/Early Kate GH Anna/Felicia Monica/Bobbie Brenda/Lois Robin/Brenda Dominique/Lucy Maxie/Lulu Liz/Emily Alexis/Diane Lucy/Felicia Anna/Jordan(VA)
  2. I was just about to say Guza & any legendary, legacy character that wasn't the Unholy Trinity esp the the young ones starting with Liz & down
  3. Really? Now that's unpopular & I have never heard that one before.
  4. Worst GH Mikey/Willow/Sasha/Chase 1. It's Michael he can't light a match if his life depended on it. 2. Everyone but Chase is lifeless, boring & annoying as [!@#$%^&*] in this quad. Chase has sparked with other females Maxie, Both Brooklyn's, Krissy, Alexis so it ani't him 3. No wants to see this [!@#$%^&*] 2. Philip/Belle/Shawn Days You would think this would work since the very foundation, history & idea goes straight back to Shililp beginning in 99 but it never has. Chemistry, Writing, Characterisation & wrong actor's. First off both pairings have to have chem the 1st go around with Faux Phil(KB)he never had chem with anyone other than Alexis Thorpe. Also Martha didn't have chem with JC either. There's the writing nothing legitimate keeping Belle with Phil & away from Shawn. Presumably his baby? Stupid Sexist as hell as it was 2006 & woman didn't need to stay with a man they didn't luv just cause they have their baby. Insulting + as soon as Shawn moved on to Mimi, Belle was real quick to want to get away from Phil & get back with Shawn. Enter BB as Shawn & JKJ the Real Phil back Martha finally has chem with a love interest. Problem still exists only one pairing/actors has actually chem & that's JKJ/MMMM/BB don't & still don't have sexual or romantic chem. You can't play, create a triangle where the chemistry only exist on one side. Days knows it too cause they have leaned heavily towards dabbling Phelle since the Affair. Lord knows they mention it enough. Never mind the lack of rootabilitly factor. I liked The Affair it was entertaining but that's all it was. The lack of build up to the actual affair based on what transpired before it(Claire Kidnapping)didn't help. Brady/Chloe/Philip Days I'm one of the few days fan that has never liked this. I felt Phil/Phloe were thrown under the bus for to redeem Brady wretched ass. I also hate how he talked to Chloe diminished her feelings because she was young & teenager so she couldn't possibly know her own feelings. He did the same [!@#$%^&*] with Belle irked the [!@#$%^&*] out of me Sam/Jason/Liz GH I don't know if this was ever a real triangle but 2 women fighting over a piece of [!@#$%^&*] who would never put either one of them 1st, who isn't a man, is still Carson Bitch & they can do 100% better wth more chem with each other then him Liam's Dick/Steffy/Hope Don't watch but I know About it & still don't know how this became a thing & for the love of Jesus why in the hell is this still a thing
  5. The thing about Scheming Bitchy Maxie it worked, KS was good at it but then Guza decided he wanted to live out his HS fantasy of the "Ugly Geek when mind you that wasn't even Spin's character(he was a geeky misogynistic criminal who worshipped a hitman)get's the "Hot Girl" which isn't even Maxie & she was gone. She became strictly quirky comic dumb helpless relief to Spin's baboon. The scabs writing for Maxie was a curse I to this day think it's the best individual focus/writing that the Character has gotten since she became of age(Teenager)but they started the Spixie [!@#$%^&*] friendship & Guza took it & turned into something it should have never been a Romantic Relationship Toxic Co Dependent at that. I like your somewhat Lucy model for Maxie & I had hoped when she went to deception, this show would form a relationship btw the 2 the history is there but GH routinely ignores Maxie's history so. As far as GV goes I understand do you think if he had better writing, NotGuza or chem with TG/GF & TG wasn't a [!@#$%^&*] he might have fared a lot better in the sense of his Lucky in comparison to JJ Lucky, there wouldn't be such a contrast? I'm fan of his LL2/Lucky & I get the night/day diff btw 90s Lucky & his I felt like there was some underhanded BTS in place when it came to his Lucky. During ER run as Lulu, Maxie had 1 love interest for 4 yrs until GH stupid happy asses decided to kill Nathan for no damn reason other than to Give PLP/WR a story/on Maxie. No one asked for or wants to see. Lulu had Lante her & 1 of GH defining pairings(Long term pairing)besides the Unholy trinitys that GH has that goes beyond 5 yrs particular from Guza's run. She finally got Dustin but they ani't doing nothing wth it. It's better than what KST/Maxie got though Lulu isn't being assassinated or destroyed as a character on the alter of Lustin. PLP/Paxie are universally despised yet CVE/FV continue to shove it to keep PLP on the show & WR employed. I'm assumed wrongly on this one my bad
  6. Not necessarily just cause you're given a iconic character to play doesn't mean you're automatically going to be successful or it's going to go your way or fans are going to take to you to a point whether you considered Beloved/Iconic in the role. Especially when you're replacing a actress that grew up in the role & was beloved by fans who then was fired. She never had it easy it wasn't her replacing Danica Stewart like MM replacing CR. It's not even in the same league. ER/Lulu is one prime example of that, I liked him GV but I know he is a mixed bag. Look at NL as Emily just cause you play one doesn't mean you're going to be accepted widely. Then there is Carly but the character is polarizing period so despite the heads in tails diff btw 1/2-4. JT as Patrick iconic as Pattycakes but not as Billy. Same for Billy Miller, SB on GH/YR How many who have played more than 1 iconic character on more than 1 show have built a character from the ground up that either no one has played or ? Very few. Naturally I feel differently & it's pretty much a testament to her, her acting, what we know she is capable of that frankly Maxie is still even hugely popular given GH doesn't a [!@#$%^&*] about the character. It ani't the writing. I can honestly tell you the last time Maxie got it was 2 damn near 3 yrs ago when Nathan was killed. I wish someone gave a damn about the character let alone her family(Jones).
  7. I like to add Kirsten Storms as Belle on Days & Maxie on GH Greg Vaughan Lucky GH/Eric Days I'm not sure if he was mentioned Stephen Nichols as Steve Days/Stefan GH Mary Beth Evans Kayla Days/Sierra ATWT
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