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  1. I could have listened to this for twice the time they were both on. Both had great stories to tell, and Mart has amazing recall. Actually, Fran did as well, once her memory was jogged. Again, I wish Alan wouldn't have a tendency to talk over the guests, as there were times when Mart or Fran were in the midst of a story, and he would tend to try to push to the next question. I really want someone to interview these two again, as I wanted more questions asked and answered regarding writers, fellow actors, etc. At least they had time to talk about Charita. Mart was very nice in his re
  2. That's what I found unbelievable - TPTB replace Hulswit with a "younger" actor in Simon, who was essentially *3 years younger* versus Hulswit, and who eventually also had his own hair challenges!
  3. Mart had slimmed down as early as the spring/summer of 1980, as he appeared in some of the pool scenes at the Bauer house during that year shirtless. Speaking of Mart, @vetsoapfan- thank you for pointing out that the photo posted earlier was from 1974! I confess I thought Mart's hair was thinning a bit by then, so that must have been a careful combover. @bboy875, that is too bad about the show not wanting to bring Stewart back during 1997. As @Mitchstated above, it would have been much better during the mob storyline if Mike Bauer had been back in Springfield as "Mr. Law and Order"
  4. I really liked Yvonna Wright, but you are correct - there was no chemistry there with MOL, and they never really did anything with Mel. I kept hoping for a storyline, but...nothing. IMHO, Mart Hulswit was underrated as Ed. The warmth was always there in his performances, but he still had the temper that Robert Gentry's Ed possessed. I still remember when Rita told Ed that Roger had raped her, and Ed went after Roger like a man possessed. I wish that episode still existed out there... That makes me wonder who actually had the idea of bringing Stewart back fo
  5. That really shows the evolution of Mart Hulswit visually, and within the span of a few years. Actors certainly aged quicker at that time. Although the family photo would likely be from 1972, I assume the top photo is from 1971 or 1972? To be fair, Don Stewart also aged quickly from 1968 to the early 1970's, but by around 1975, he looked virtually the same moving forward (someone said hair dye helped with that ). Even when he came back in 1997 for Mike's brief cameo, Stewart's greying temples were the only notifiable difference . I still can't believe Rausch didn't try to keep Stew
  6. Just curious - any preference as to Lyle Sudrow or Ed Bryce for Bill Bauer? I always preferred Bryce, but I just thought Ed Bryce had better chemistry with Charita. Although Sudrow seemed to give some great performances in 1950 as Bill Bauer became more and more addicted to alcohol.
  7. Agreed - I have waited for someone to interview Hulswit for YEARS! I am very much looking forward to this one.
  8. I agree 100%. Diversity was always lacking on TGL (as well as most soaps), and the Dobson era was certainly guilty of it. I also agree with comments other have stated above - the era closest to any of us is likely the time we started watching and it "hooked" us in. In my case, it was generational. My grandparents initially watched it, and then so did my mother, and then my sister and I. The Dobson era is so clear to me because I remember those storylines and characters so well. I did watch during 1989 to 1993, and I would consider that the last, good, semi-consistent era of TGL. I
  9. This would be eerily close to my own opinion (again, I have GL going into 1984 as well as DOOL). I assume 1975 for AW was when both Mary Matthews and Steve Frame were both killed off, and Alice was recast?
  10. Honestly, for my personal best period, I have to go with the time frame between 1977 and 1980. By 1977, the Dobson era was more or less solidified, and there were a good mixture of established characters and new ones. The addition of The Spauldings when the show expanded to an hour in late 1977 only served to strengthen the show. The biggest "dud" during the Dobson's time frame (IMHO) was the botched return of Bill Bauer. It had so much potential, but it unfortunately failed to "stick the landing", as the saying now goes. The ending of my favorite era would be when Roger Thorpe fell to his "de
  11. Thank you for the clarification - my memory is certainly cheating lately. I'm going to make it a point to watch whatever earlier episodes are available on from all of 1983 and early 1984 on YT. Earlier this year I was watching the spring and summer of 1984, because I was trying to remember how the Alexandra/Mike/Lilian triangle played out. I'm thinking that Charita must not have been well during August, when the Springfield Founders Day Celebration was happening. In fact, it was jarring to see HB Lewis giving a speech about Springfield, when he had only been there for less than a y
  12. Bridget and Jerome Dobson are still my favorite writers for TGL.
  13. Thank you, @robbwolff - it *was* 1984, which I assume was because of Charita's surgery? Did they give any reason on-screen as to why? I'm now starting to think they never did address any sister of Bert's after all, and @vetsoapfan was absolutely correct!
  14. You are probably right. At first, I thought the show mentioned in passing that Bruce Banning had passed away (which would be an easy way to handle it), but then I read in other places like Soap Central (again, riddled with character and timeline errors) that Meta had divorced Bruce. I'm going to side with you in that the show probably never did address this at all.
  15. @vetsoapfan, "Elsa" was the forum member I was replying to above - Lisa's mother was indeed "Alma"! I am wondering if I am misremembering Charita being off screen in 1983, as your memory is so keen that I would trust yours more than mine at this point!
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