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  1. @WhiteDressGhost: Bernau was incredible as Alan. He gave what could have been a one dimensional character so much range. Unfortunately, that's what ended up happening with Raines in the role. I never figured out who could ever take over adequately in the role. Zaslow was definitely correct - it would have been way too awkward for him to portray Alan. Someone mentioned to me almost two years ago that they wondered how George Reinholt would have fared as Alan Spaulding. At first I dismissed it, but then I thought about how Steve Frame definitely had some similar characteristics to Alan. Maybe it could have worked. I wonder if TPTB would have even considered Reinholt... If you are referring to the Alan/Roger scenes when Roger comes back to Springfield in December of 1979 and stays at the Spaulding mansion while spying on the Bauer house, Zaslow and Bernau knock it right out of the park. My favorite moment is when Roger first sneaks into Alan's house, grabs some spare cash from a desk drawer, then casually offers that SAME money to Alan when Alan comes in and finds Roger in his home ("Alan, do you need some money?") As for the Bauers, I honestly think Gail Kobe had some sort of directive from P&G to do away with the Bauer family. Apparently Marland had been given the same directive when he assumed writing in 1980, but he managed to keep that directive at bay. Roussel (Hope) either quit or was fired, depending on who you ask, Stewart was out and out fired by Kobe, and Marsha Clark was killed off to bulk up the Susan Piper/Brandon Spaulding storyline. I think Kobe felt as long as she had Charita around, things would be fine. That didn't work out too well... I wonder if that would have worked. Elizabeth (at least how Dalton portrayed her), was meek. I suppose in the almost-20 years since she was away from Springfield, she could have gotten a backbone. With Collins in the role, that would have been a SERIOUS backbone!
  2. Bert Bauer's passing was handled POORLY, considering TPTB took over a year to figure out what to do after Charita had passed away. As you correctly stated @vetsoapfan, no appearance whatsoever from her son, Mike, who she was incredibly close to? Yes, Mike got mentioned in passing, but to not at least try to get Don Stewart to return was ridiculous. I think that Stewart would have returned out of respect for Charita, but I'm guessing no one even tried to reach out to him. For Nancy...I've given Chris Goutman probably too much sympathy on this, since I'm thinking there was not enough time (or a proper budget) to get a proper service put together that would have included the extended Hughes family. Maureen...that was all JFP, as I assume @DRW50 was alluding to - it was to prop up Ed, but then nothing came of it for Ed at all. One of the best funerals TGL ever did was the funeral for HB Lewis. That was how you did it - invite former cast members to come back and honor the actor (yes, that even included Rebecca Hollen returning as Trish!!!). Another good one was for Alice on DOOL, although there could have been/should have been even more Hortons that came back for her service (again, I'm guessing budget was an issue?).
  3. @vetsoapfan - I can think of at least three that are supposed to exist: 1. 1940/07/17: Reverend Ruthledge chats with Ellis Smith ("Mr. Nobody from Nowhere") who has been blinded. 2. 1940 (unknown exact date): Ellen, the Ruthledge's housekeeper, is upset and wants to leave the parsonage. She speaks with Reverend Ruthledge and then leaves. Mrs. Martin later comes in and she and Reverend Ruthledge talk about Ellen and also about Ellis Smith who was, at that time, going through surgery to correct his blindness. 3. 1944/06/07: D-Day episode (Reverend Ruthledge sermon). There are probably more, but these are the only ones I have notes on that are supposed to feature Reverend Ruthledge.
  4. Agreed. I too, gave the writers a pass on the Meta/Bauers/Rev. Ruthledge connection exactly for the reasons you stated, @vetsoapfan. Side question - did Irna decide to kill off Reverend Ruthledge when Arthur Peterson Jr. decided to leave the show so that the character of Reverend Ruthledge had no chance to ever return (because Irna wasn't happy that Arthur wanted to leave the show)? I remember reading that somewhere, perhaps in either "A 50th Anniversary Celebration" or "The Complete Family Album"?
  5. In my opinion, the damage had already begun the prior year, 1984. Oddly enough, the show seemed to spiral out of control the moment it hit #1. Gail Kobe, for whatever reason, had already let go of long-time favorites Tom O'Rourke (Justin) and Elvira Roussell (Hope), then continued the purge with Don Stewart (Mike) and Marsha Clark (Hillary) in 1984 before the biggest purge in 1985. As stated above, some of the actors left by choice, others did not (O'Rourke, Roussell, Stewart, Clark). I agree with @Khan - I think most of this was due to Gail versus Pam Long. Long's writing was strongest when characters simply interacted, versus trying to do things like "The Dreaming Death", "Susan Piper/Barbados" and the Largo organization. Denise Pence was fantastic on TGL (I'm biased because I had a crush on her as a kid). I have a feeling that if the Dobsons (who created Katie and Floyd) had stayed with the show past 1979, they would have eventually introduced Katie's parents, further solidifying her in Springfield.
  6. Agreed. I just have a copy of the script from the first episode of GL on radio in 1937 (which was available for a time, I think, on the GL website?).
  7. I believe that is the earliest *known* surviving episode.
  8. Was Judith accepted in the role of Liz as well as Jane was?
  9. Thank you! Was the Tracy/Charlotte reveal around 1968 or 1969? I'm trying to piece together if the reveal came when Victoria Wyndham was leaving the role of Charlotte. Any idea on that one?
  10. He was gone in 1973 and 1975, I believe. I don't remember him being gone for any extended time at all in 1974, but I could be wrong. I definitely remember him leaving in mid-1977 shortly after his affair with Rita was revealed, and him not returning to the show until a year later.
  11. Very true, @Soaplovers. Marland was a better fit on ATWT versus TGL. Holly *should* have become a stronger person post-Roger, not weaker. I really wanted to see a storyline after Roger's death where a proactive Holly aids Mike in trying to uncover what evidence Roger had on Alan. This would bring Mike and Holly closer together, which in turn would make Ed jealous (at the same time he's trying to reconcile with Rita).
  12. I was actually surprised that Marland let Steve Jackson go. I figured that Marland would have kept Steve Jackson around, not only from a legacy standpoint but also because of his connection to Bert as a peer.
  13. Lenore Kasdorf was asked to return in 1989 along with Michael Zaslow and Maureen Garrett, but she declined. I believe the reason was that she would have had to relocate back to New York. However, I think Pam Long would have written Rita very well, and would have definitely found ways to distinguish her from Reva. It would be hard for me to visualize Kasdorf with Simon's Ed, of course. And yes, Kasdorf left in 1981 because she didn't think that Marland had a good handle on her character, and she was probably right.
  14. I guess I was one of the few who liked Josh with Harley, though that pairing was very brief. As far as Reva...for a romantic pairing, I never did have a favorite for her. Very well said regarding Bill Bauer, @vetsoapfan. I also wish they would have explored Ed's hypocrisy towards Bill in more depth after Bill returned from the dead. For the most part, Ed ended up being EXACTLY like Bill. Actually, both Bauer boys were philanderers, although Mike didn't seem to loathe Bill the way that Ed did. Bill remained pretty much the same meek character, whether played by Sudrow or Bryce. Whenever I see old footage of Ed Bryce and Charita Bauer arguing as Bill and Bert, it reminds me of my maternal grandparents - they would argue and bicker just like Bill and Bert. I always wanted to see TGL move forward with Steve Jackson and Bert. I wonder why the show never went there during the 1970's...
  15. Like @Mitch, I wasn't a great fan of Fletcher, either . I did like him in the very beginning when he was introduced, but as 1984 progressed he seemed like he was in every storyline in some capacity. I also agree that he never really clicked with any of the women they tried to pair him with. I think on a friend basis, Fletcher and Hillary clicked. I would have loved for them to have eventually become partners in a PI firm in Springfield - Fletcher shifting focus from reporter to PI, and Hillary abandoning her nursing career to do something completely off the beaten path (against her family's wishes). I think Marsha Clark could have pulled this off. As @vetsoapfan states, Brandon Spaulding definitely died on screen in 1979 (September or October?). For those who have the German TGL DVD set which has November and December 1979 episodes, the David Thomas version of Brandon Spaulding appears in a dream sequence that Lucille has in one of the November episodes included in the set. It may even be up on YT at this point? And like @Soaplovers, my personal favorite era of TGL was the Dobson era, exactly for the reasons written in their post above. The interesting thing about this TGL thread is that it made me reevaluate the Marland era - I didn't care for it as much as I thought I did. Marland's era was "cold and depressed" for the most part, which is why I don't think Marland could have written for Rita, or could have ever come up with a character like Reva. @j swift - I would have never paired Bill again with Bert. In fact, if Bill were to have been given some sort of redemption storyline, it should be just as you stated - Bert forgives Bill, but she doesn't forget. The divorce sticks. In fact, I wish the Dobsons would have just paired Bert with Steve Jackson after the "Bill is back from the dead" story imploded.
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