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  1. AArredondo02

    Classic SOD Tumblr Goodies

    With Pacific Lives about to go into production in 1990, what age-appropriate actor from either daytime or primetime would be right for the new Bill or the new Tommy?
  2. AArredondo02

    RIP Frank Parker (ex-Grandpa Shawn, DAYS)

    Did you know that Grandpa Brady almost became a Horton? In 1965, Frank Parker auditioned for the Bill Horton role, but Edward Mallory, who was also Parker's pal, was chosen for the part. Twenty years later, Frank got the opportunity to be on DOOL, playing Shawn Brady, Sr.
  3. Days: David Banning (suitable actors to consider-Gregg Marx Dirk Benedict, Timothy Gibbs, Steve Guttenberg, Barry Van Dyke, Tom Eplin, Jon Hensley, Michael Park, Henry Czerny, Tim Daly, Michael E. Knight, Christopher Kennedy Lawford, Robert Newman, Sam Behrens, Bruce Boxleitner, Hunt Block, Jeffrey Meek, Scott Bryce, Ben Masters, Grant Aleksander, Laurence Lau, James Hyde, Todd McKee, Martin Steinmetz, James DePaiva, Bradley Cole, and so on) Sandy Horton (suitable actresses to consider-Ellen Parker, Ellen Dolan, Anna Holbrook, Connie Sellecca, Lynda Carter, Lindsay Wagner, Peggy Lipton, Maureen Garrett, Susanna Thompson, Madeleine Stowe, and so on) Trish Clayton (suitable actresses to consider-Patty Weaver, Kim Zimmer, Andrea Evans, Beth Maitland, and so on. Savannah Wilder (suitable actresses to consider-Shannon Tweed, Nicolette Sheridan, Cali Timmons, and so on) Tommy Horton (proper actors to consider-Dick Van Dyke, Nicolas Coster, James Sikking, Bernie Kopell, Gavin McLeod, Brett Halsey, Jerry Douglas, Kent McCord, Don Hastings, Larry Brygmann, Michael Storm, Chris Robinson, Robert Colbert, and so on.) Steve Olson (suitable actors to consider-Stephen Schneitzer, Gregory Harrison, Justin Deas, and so on.) Bill Horton (proper actors to consider-Craig T. Nelson, Fred Dryer, Jeff Pomerantz, Jerry Ver Dorn, Robert S. Woods, Kale Browne, and so on.) Laura Horton (proper actresses to consider-Erika Slezak, Judith McConnell, Marj Dusay, Linda Evans, Susan Howard, Marie Masters, Kathryn Hays, and so on)
  4. AArredondo02

    Who would you Cast???

    Gregory Harrison as DOOL's David Banning or GH's Jeff Webber Barry Van Dyke as DOOL's David Banning (or even Dougie LeClair) or GH's Jeff Webber Dick Van Dyke temporarily subbing for Bill Hayes as DOOL's Doug Williams Or even Dick Van Dyke could come on DOOL as Tommy Horton Hal Linden temporarily subbing for John Aniston as Victor Kiriakis Does Gregory Harrison look mature enough to be a Bill Horton recast? Is he better suited to be Steve Olson?
  5. AArredondo02

    As The World Turns Discussion Thread

    When As The World Turns (ATWT) premiered in 1956, Ellen Lowell, who was at the time being played by Wendy Drew, was 16 years old. In a few short years, the Lowells would be phased out in favor of the Stewarts. When the story bible was written, the Lowell family should have had more male Lowells (i.e. brothers and uncles for Ellen) to carry storylines and prolong the family's longevity, but I digress. Anyways, by 1958, 18-year-old Ellen Lowell had an illegitimate son, Dan Stewart, adopted by the relatively older David and Betty Stewart. Going back to my earlier statement, instead of SORASing Dan Stewart during the sixties, if there were more male Lowells, like Ellen's brothers, written in the show's 1956 bible, any one of them could have just as easily been inserted in Dan's sixties and seventies storylines, preventing Ellen from being aged so quickly. Eileen Fulton, who was older than Bruder, incorporated a granny clause in her contract as a result of the out of control SORASing that took place on the show and remain a vibrant character.
  6. Christopher Cazenove was too young to play John Forsythe's brother. Other actors closer to Forsythe's age such as Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., Robert Stack, Gene Barry, Cliff Robertson, David Hedison and Stuart Whitman would have been more believable as Dynasty's Ben Carrington. Any objections?
  7. It's hard to imagine anyone other than Ted Shackelford or even David Ackroyd (who was the original Gary Ewing) playing Gary Ewing on Knots Landing. I couldn't buy Ted Shackelford as Charlene Tilton's father because he was too young. Does anyone agree that Roy Thinnes would have made an interesting Gary Ewing and be more believable as Lucy Ewing's father?
  8. AArredondo02


    Some of the actors were miscast on Passions. James Hyde looked too young to be the middle-aged Sam Bennett. Richard Steinmetz would have been an appropriate choice. Hyde was more suited to be Hank. Michael Swan would have made an interesting Martin Fitzgerald. The actress who played Rosa Andrade, the Capwells' housekeeper on Santa Barbara, would have been a more age appropriate Pilar Lopez Fitzgerald.
  9. AArredondo02

    Shortest Wait Between Roles?

    When bone tuberculosis briefly ended Bill Horton's medical career as a surgeon in 1966, Bill left Salem and moved to nearby Pine Grove. In addition to reuniting with his brother, Tommy, who was living there under the Mark Brooks alias, he befriended Mary McCall and her son, Tim McCall. When Mary died, Bill became Tim's guardian. In 1975, instead of aging David Banning and Mike Horton, DAYS could have brought Tim McCall back on the canvas with Wesley Eure playing him. Tim would have been age appropriate to play out Mike's 1970s stories. Leave Mike's adult stories to Michael T. Weiss and Roark Critchlow later on in the eighties and nineties. With the late Richard Guthrie playing Steve instead of David, Steve would have also been age appropriate to play out David's 1970s stories as well as Steve's late 1970s's stories to give Guthrie plenty to do. David would have never aged prematurely, and Doug and Julie would have never been pushed into grandparents' roles so soon. DAYS could have waited until 1989 to cast Rick Hearst as David instead of Scotty. Around the same time, Todd McKee, who was playing Ted Capwell on Santa Barbara, left SB. DAYS could have made an offer to him to jump ship to play David Banning instead of Bold and the Beautiful snatching him up to play Jake McClain. Just a possibility.
  10. AArredondo02

    Proposed Soaps Over The Years

    During the early nineties, there was supposed to be a Hawaii-based Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spinoff featuring Dr. Tom Horton, Jr. and his branch of the Horton family.
  11. AArredondo02

    They Almost Became

    I concur. Jeanne Cooper would have been miscast as Julie. The Laura choices are interesting. With the exception of Erika Slezak, the other actresses would have their talents better suited for Sandy. Julia Barr is definitely included in the list of Sandy choices. Kathleen Noone is a definite possibility. Oh, you know what, she would make a great Marie Horton recast if Maree Cheatham ever chooses to stop reprising her role.
  12. AArredondo02

    They Almost Became

    It would make sense since Bo has always lived in his big brother Roman's shadow, and his stepfather, Shawn Brady, favoring Roman over him. It seemed Shawn always had a bone to pick with Bo in the very early days.
  13. AArredondo02

    They Almost Became

    Peter Reckell was rumored to be up for the Pete Jannings role before being cast as Bo Brady. Hank Cheyne and Don Diamont were rumored to be in contention for Bo Brady.
  14. AArredondo02

    They Almost Became

    An interview on You Tube had the late Dack Rambo discussing being considered to be a Bobby Ewing recast after Patrick Duffy left. Starts at 0:45 and ends around 1:00 Considering Laura's history on DOOL, Jamie Lyn Bauer is not age appropriate for Laura. In hindsight, the show should have had her playing Dr. Sandy Horton during the nineties and give her a story with Roman. Marla Adams or Judith McConnell are two names I can think of who would be a more age appropriate Laura.