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  1. I remember Sunset Beach and they had two companies: the Liberty Corporation and Richards Communications Group. What did the Liberty Corporation do and what did they own in Sunset Beach? What did Richards Communications Group own in Sunset Beach? What was Gregory Richards' source of money? Chancellor Industries seems to be a defense contractor with defense and engineering interests. In addition to operating a factory in Genoa City, Chancellor later diversified in construction, media, and other businesses. Its founder, Garfield Dandridge Chancellor, fo
  2. It just came to me, and I wanted to share storyline ideas Another World could have capitalized on that would have lengthened the show's run on NBC: Mary Matthews should have never been killed off. She was the core of the Matthews family. As matriarch, Mary still had life in her, and could have had many years of being a sounding board for not only her family but friends as well. She was similar to other soap matriarchs like Alice Horton and Nancy Hughes. Mary deserved a story where she feuded with her sister-in-law, Liz, over Mary's husband, Jim, whom Liz had fallen in love
  3. Another World could have lasted a lot longer. Here is my take and what writers could have done to facilitate the show's longevity. It all goes back to the 1970s. Ada should have been given a teenage son who would of course be Rachel's younger brother. The storylines a SORASed Jamie Frame, Rachel's son, played during the seventies and eighties should have been given to that younger brother. Ada would have still been an essential character with her son playing out Jamie's adult storylines, and Big sister Rachel being there as her brother's confidant. Aging Jamie like that back then pushed Rachel
  4. Tommy and Linda appeared to have potential. Here's an idea: Tommy gets involved with dying, single mother Joanna Barnes and her young daughter, Janice. Tommy and Joanna become an item and marry, and Tommy becomes a stepfather to Janice. Tommy moves on with Linda following Joanna's death, and Linda wants to have a family with her daughter, Melissa, and Tommy, excluding Tommy's foster daughter, Janice Barnes Horton. Linda could have been the wicked stepmother, putting a wedge between not only Janice and Tommy, but also Janice and Melissa, who would have been as close as sisters.
  5. Tommy Horton could have been kept around Salem during the early eighties as the mentor of Dr. Evan Whyland, who was engaged to his daughter, Sandy. When Sandy became involved with Chris Kositchek, Tommy would have strongly objected due to Chris' history as a ladies' man. Back in the 1970s, Julie operated Doug's Coffee House, a precursor to modern day Starbucks. When Doug and Julie left Salem in 1984, it would have made sense for Julie to amass a fortune in Europe, following her divorce from Doug, through a chain of coffee shops, Cafe Julie, which could have been a succe
  6. It makes sense. I also have the idea that a core family similar to the Hortons, Bauers, Hugheses, and Martins, should have been established at Y&R from the very beginning. In 1973, the Henderson family should have been established on the show. The father was a physician like a Tom Horton. The son, Mark, fell in love with Lorie, who ended up being the daughter of the father, Bruce, instead of Stuart Brooks. Mark & Lorie's relationship wasn't like Tommy & Marie's relationship on DOOL because Tommy had amnesia and extensive plastic surgery who was not aware that Marie was his sister.
  7. John Clarke retires from his role as DOOL's Mickey Horton in 2004, and Emmy-Award winning actor Jon Voight is the new Mickey Horton! Guess what, movie superstar Angelina Jolie joins DOOL as Mickey's daughter, Sarah Horton. Oh, there's more! Friends superstar Jennifer Aniston wraps up her run on Friends and joins her real-life father, John Aniston, on DOOL as Victor Kiriakis' daughter, Victoria Kiriakis Clarke, who has married billionaire Jefferson Clarke, played by Brad Pitt. Jefferson is the son of the influential Jamison Clift played by Robert Redford. Jamison is married to the b
  8. With Pacific Lives about to go into production in 1990, what age-appropriate actor from either daytime or primetime would be right for the new Bill or the new Tommy?
  9. Did you know that Grandpa Brady almost became a Horton? In 1965, Frank Parker auditioned for the Bill Horton role, but Edward Mallory, who was also Parker's pal, was chosen for the part. Twenty years later, Frank got the opportunity to be on DOOL, playing Shawn Brady, Sr.
  10. Days: David Banning (suitable actors to consider-Gregg Marx Dirk Benedict, Timothy Gibbs, Steve Guttenberg, Barry Van Dyke, Tom Eplin, Jon Hensley, Michael Park, Henry Czerny, Tim Daly, Michael E. Knight, Christopher Kennedy Lawford, Robert Newman, Sam Behrens, Bruce Boxleitner, Hunt Block, Jeffrey Meek, Scott Bryce, Ben Masters, Grant Aleksander, Laurence Lau, James Hyde, Todd McKee, Martin Steinmetz, James DePaiva, Bradley Cole, and so on) Sandy Horton (suitable actresses to consider-Ellen Parker, Ellen Dolan, Anna Holbrook, Connie Sellecca, Lynda Carter, Lindsay Wagner, Peggy Lipt
  11. Gregory Harrison as DOOL's David Banning or GH's Jeff Webber Barry Van Dyke as DOOL's David Banning (or even Dougie LeClair) or GH's Jeff Webber Dick Van Dyke temporarily subbing for Bill Hayes as DOOL's Doug Williams Or even Dick Van Dyke could come on DOOL as Tommy Horton Hal Linden temporarily subbing for John Aniston as Victor Kiriakis Does Gregory Harrison look mature enough to be a Bill Horton recast? Is he better suited to be Steve Olson?
  12. When As The World Turns (ATWT) premiered in 1956, Ellen Lowell, who was at the time being played by Wendy Drew, was 16 years old. In a few short years, the Lowells would be phased out in favor of the Stewarts. When the story bible was written, the Lowell family should have had more male Lowells (i.e. brothers and uncles for Ellen) to carry storylines and prolong the family's longevity, but I digress. Anyways, by 1958, 18-year-old Ellen Lowell had an illegitimate son, Dan Stewart, adopted by the relatively older David and Betty Stewart. Going back to my earlier statement, instead of SORASing Da
  13. Christopher Cazenove was too young to play John Forsythe's brother. Other actors closer to Forsythe's age such as Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., Robert Stack, Gene Barry, Cliff Robertson, David Hedison and Stuart Whitman would have been more believable as Dynasty's Ben Carrington. Any objections?
  14. It's hard to imagine anyone other than Ted Shackelford or even David Ackroyd (who was the original Gary Ewing) playing Gary Ewing on Knots Landing. I couldn't buy Ted Shackelford as Charlene Tilton's father because he was too young. Does anyone agree that Roy Thinnes would have made an interesting Gary Ewing and be more believable as Lucy Ewing's father?
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