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  1. I remember the info that HWs had this incentive to create new characters coming up in the mid-80s. It seems rather perverse since on the one hand viewers seem to crave familiar characters but also it is so easy for a show to completely change almost everything about a character -- usually with a recast -- other than the name. I'd be curious to know whether this really means for example that when Maggie Cory was played by Robyn Griggs, Jodi O'Keefe, and then Lisa Brenner in the early-mid 90s, did Corinne Jacker receive a residual just because she was the head writer when Maggie was born?
  2. Tom Eplin and Ellen Wheeler left in September. Their storyline spun its wheels for a little while first though with Marley out of town and their engagement in doubt. Anna Stuart left in November and Donna was off the canvas until February. Donna and Michael did get married before she was hospitalized. Stephen Schnetzer and Julie Osburn left in December (at the same time as Duke Stroud when Vince had to go on the lam), after Kathleen had had some time with her returned-from-the-dead mother Mary. Sharon Gabet left the following January with Thomas Ian Griffith. Brittany's storyline was about trying to figure out how to escape from her abusive marriage with Peter with her baby, and then of course she shot him, was found guilty, and left the state intending to appeal the verdict. Basically all of their storylines had the underlying theme of Reginald Love's villainy. I'm not sure that any storylines at the time managed to avoid it -- even the return of Mitch touched on it since Mitch was secretly working for Reginald and Reginald had killed Felicia's husband Zane, making her available to spend time with Mitch while writing a series of exposes on Reginald Love. I guess Nancy dating Greg had nothing to do with Reginald, so that's something.
  3. Dana Klaboe played Amanda until 1986 before she was aged to blonde Sandra Ferguson. I liked her a lot as Amanda and Mac's daughter. It seems likely that they chose the dark colouring to emphasize that she was Rachel's, especially if Mac was engaged to Alice. The hair colour was one superficial reason why I was disappointed in the first adult Amanda. When they cast Christine Tucci she felt more like the grown up version of the dark-haired little girl.
  4. Interesting article with some fascinatingly dated language. Thanks. Does anyone know who the performers were who went on David Frost and what they bitched and moaned about?
  5. Speaking of changes in history, the Another World Homepage gives Stacey Winthrop and Mark Singleton's daughter's name as Megan, and I know that is the name they used when Hilary Edson played Stacey and Mark and her daughter were said to have died in a car accident. However in the Christmas Day episode from 1984 when Felicia comes to celebrate Christmas with Cass he clearly comments that one of the presents looks like Marie wrapped it herself. Did Cass misspeak in 1984 or was the Hilary Edson era changing history?
  6. 1987 was a time when Margaret DePriest ignored huge swaths of history for sure. I was looking at the Soaps & Serials books from the 1980s as well as the Kate Lowe Kerrigan novelizations from the 1970s to see if those could shed some light. Rachel has some thoughts about the population of Bay City being 50,000 people which is consistent with the real Bay City in Michigan. And she and Russ discuss eloping to Illinois, which suggests it's not the state they're in. Missy was on trial in Chicago, and Aunt Liz flies there (rather than drives) to talk her out of marrying Bill.
  7. Some random googling led me to this Dark Shadows blog with some snarky remarks about Another World and Somerset. Apparently Julian Cannell was very handsome? "Another World takes place in Bay City, which everyone refers to as fictional even though it’s sitting right there in Michigan, and there’s no use pretending that it isn’t." I don't know whether they ever specified that our Bay City was in Illinois, but they certainly talked about Chicago a lot and rarely if ever Detroit.
  8. I'm not surprised they waited until after they had Iris back on the canvas to bring Dennis back though. They could have created any old part for Chris Bruno if they wanted him. Adding Dennis without Iris would have left everyone wanting Iris. Beverlee McKinsey was such a powerhouse I never really got used to Carmen Duncan as Iris and thought of her as a different person. If they had recast Iris sooner though we might never have had Donna Love, which would have been sad.
  9. I just need to sit and admire your phrasing for a moment. When I first saw photos of Robin Strasser's Rachel I was amazed by how much she reminded me of Erica Kane. This also reminds me of the SCTV soap parody "The Days of the Week" with blonde socialite Mrs McKay and her half-witted maid Mojo. I always thought they were Iris and Vivian but then I found out about Kay and Esther on Y&R.
  10. This post re James MacDonald in the Soap Hoppers thread reminded me of a pet theory I had at the time when he appeared as "Blade" on Another World in 1986. Blade was an ex-con who hung around with a gang of creeps who menaced Nancy and kidnapped Victoria (thinking she was Marley). Michael hired him to help protect Donna when he knew Reginald was on the verge of coming back from the dead, and then Quinn hired him with Mitch to renovate the Cory mansion because they needed employment as conditions of their parole. He seemed to just disappear after that, but I think there must have been something in the soap press at the time hinting that Jake might have a brother because I really thought it was possible that it would turn out that that was the case, since he seemed to keep having significant interactions with Jake as well as other people. Nothing ever came of it and if it was the idea it was dropped and Jake left town with Marley soon after.
  11. Based on the Another World home page synopsis for 1981 it sounds like Jerry sustained some kind of brain injury that made him stalk and rape Clarice. The synopsis uses the word "schizophrenic" but it's not clear whether they portrayed any symptoms of the disease like hearing voices or suggested anything like a split personality (which back then was the popular conception of what schizophrenic meant).
  12. That doesn't sound impossible, but from a story perspective it feels as though the creation of Lorna broadened the story opportunities more. Lisa already had a close family relationship with Felicia, so making her her daughter would serve only to add Lucas to the mix. It seems more likely to me that Lisa was replaced by Jenna in Felicia's life. If Jenna had not been there Lisa would have been the obvious character to feel pushed out by Lorna's arrival.
  13. Denny Hobson and Sally were married, which somehow never came up after she got involved with Catlin, even though he talked a lot about his misspent youth and even when she felt betrayed by the fact he had been married to Brittany. Clarice's father married Ada as well (wasn't Ada using the Hobson surname to the end of her life?).
  14. I'm curious in what sense it fell apart. This is well after the expansion to 90 minutes and the spin-off of Texas, both of which are discussed as the beginning of the end. Was there a major change in the writing or in the cast that made the wheels come off?
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