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  1. I don't know about "Lieutenant" but ran across this 1985 credit for *Dr* Edwards.
  2. I'm trying to find more information about the music that was used as Catlin and Sally's theme in 1984. Who wrote it and who sang it? It's the piano music playing behind the scene below. Based on the information on the AWHP, I believe its title was "When". And I believe (but have not been able to find) that there is a scene with Catlin and Sally dancing to the full version with vocals. http://www.anotherworldhomepage.com/music.html
  3. The special "bitch" exemption was when Cecile left Cass in Mallorca to marry the king of Tanquir in 1984. The kidnapping was from Cass & Kathleen's wedding in 1986. Calling Cecile a bitch in 1984 was meaningful because up until then Cass had been singing her praises to Kathleen. In 1986 he was already over Cecile.
  4. MPK was fantastically appealing but I think there is also credit due to the writing and the casting. Sally might have been the heroine but her relationships with other characters were well-delineated and multifaceted. Cecile's storylines were strong at the same time: where they overlapped with Sally's they complemented each other but each had a separate focus. Likewise Donna's interest in Catlin and her secret room were leading to the reveal that she was Marley's mother. The world didn't grind to a halt every time Sally needed something.
  5. I wonder what the plan for the Ewing family was, but I imagine they let it get derailed when they decided to fire Laura Malone. In 1983 Blaine had a lot going on with Alma Rudder, her mother Jeanne, and of course her wedding to Sandy. Jeanne told them about Catlin on her deathbed in August and it was at least 6 months before "Josh Peterson" turned up around the time Alex was born. During those 6 months they introduced the story of Sally's secret child Kevin Thatcher and broke up her engagement to Peter. My guess is that they primarily intended him for Sally and his link to the Ewing family was
  6. I never knew before that Hogan of Hogan's Heroes was named after this Robert Hogan. https://www.metv.com/lists/8-actors-who-almost-played-significant-roles-on-hogans-heroes I liked Hogan as Vince.
  7. Glad you recognized him. I watched the clip several times trying to understand whether he was supposed to be young Michael or young John. On the one hand Donna says Michael's name, but on the other his hair is so dark and it's John's flashback. Per the AWHP, Brad Pitt's role was a couple of days in May 1987.
  8. For some reason the name Michael Palance is associated with the clip of Brad Pitt which includes a flashback to a basketball game. Might Palance be the player in the flashback? This couldn't be before 1987 though.
  9. There were No Wigs apparent in the Ellen Wheeler days. Marley wore her hair very neat and straight, and Victoria's hair was typically tousled and wavy, although sometimes she would do it up in a very tight knot. Regarding The Plan, it is difficult to say how well-developed it was since we only got Step One: Jake records video of Marley for Vic to study and learn Marley's voice and mannerisms and Step Two: Bridget Infiltrates the Love household. Since Bridget was on the spot she could have facilitated borrowing any ID Vicky needed to move money around as Marley. Of course transferring large sum
  10. The twins turned 18 in 1985. On Marley's 18th birthday she was supposed to receive her inheritance. Victoria had intended to impersonate Marley, claim the inheritance, and leave town. However when Marley needed bone marrow Vicky revealed herself and derailed the impersonation plan. And sweet innocent generous Marley voluntarily said they should split the money anyway. However on their 18th birthday (July 19, 1985 according to the AWHP) it turned out that they would not receive it outright -- they would get an income until they turned 21 when the rest of the money would be released. But soap ti
  11. I remember "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" in flashbacks as well.
  12. "Love yacht" didn't sound quite right to me -- I think it was a [house]boat that John was living on. And IIRC it wasn't so much that *they* stopped but that John nobly rejected her because he could not betray Michael or something. I remember liking Forsyth on SFT and I never had a problem with his performance on AW as such, but John as a character wasn't appealing before Sharlene. The bitter war vet part was fine, but retroactively forcing him into the role of spoiler in Donna and Michael's past and waffling on whether he had been truly bad or if it was really all Donna's
  13. Reading the AWHP summary reminds me of how gross it was when John first came back. http://www.anotherworldhomepage.com/donnal2.html I had forgotten or perhaps never knew that Donna and John had slept together after Sharlene was presumed dead and Anna Stuart was back in the role.
  14. Thanks. I probably discount all of the longing panting "summer ... is ... so ... hot" Donna and John got up to because I was so disgusted by the handling of the question of whether or not he had raped her when she was a teenager.
  15. The promo suggests that Vicky confirms Donna and John are having an affair but they didn't, did they? I thought Peter planted evidence but nothing actually happened.
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