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  1. I don't even see how that would pique the interest of the audience that JFP was allegedly trying to get. I wonder how far removed from the show the promo designers were. Minimal suggestion of any character's personality, mostly a slurry of sex! Sex! Sex! Was there a time when AW promos were really on point?
  2. I was watching an episode from 1981 where Pat and Olivia are talking about a fundraiser and one of them suggests approaching a station with the call letters WCCB for help with a telethon. A few years later Mac's TV station was KBAY. Even with the Michigan/Illinois confusion I don't think anyone has ever intended to depict Bay City as west of the Mississippi. It never occurred to me before but KBAY is a bit of an anomaly.
  3. I went to YouTube to see if I could find any evidence one way or another. I haven't spent enough time on the reveal that Donna was digging up the dirt on Sally, but I did find both May 4 & 7 1984 and they show Alice's return and David's murder. At this point Alice already knows Sally is Kevin's mother and she is eager to meet him and completely nonjudgemental when Sally talks about having given him up and kept his birth a secret. Mary Page Keller's Sally was certainly a far cry from the Sally who pursued Joey Perrini or committed crimes with Phil Higley or wondered why Steve cared about his stepdaughter Diana's reputation more than hers. However I find myself willing to forgive the change because the balance of the relationships between the characters and cast involved worked so well: Sally, Peter, Donna, Cecile, Cass, Felicia... Moving Sally into the more virtuous column left more room for Cecile.
  4. Did Alice "slut shame" Sally? I don't recall her being around between the reveal that Sally was Kevin's mother and David Thatcher's murder, and she seemed to be nothing but supportive of Sally throughout. After Sally's death, Aunt Liz took Kevin out of town, leaving Catlin at a loose end to protect loathsome Brittany. When they left town there was no indication that the Ewings also took Kevin. I have always assumed that Liz and Alice raised him.
  5. Thanks (and to @Forever8 as well). My work schedule would make it difficult to watch at 2pm so I just needed to make sure I wasn't going to have to lie to get out of a Skype call to be able to watch it.
  6. Will the reunion only be shown live or can it be watched later?
  7. My understanding was that Robyn Griggs was generally difficult and it wasn't just one innocent interaction with Bobbitt that got her fired. She was there for nearly 2 years. I liked her in the role though. Jodi Lyn O'Keefe was on until November 1995. The first episode of Nash Bridges aired March 29, 1996. It seems more likely that O'Keefe quit AW to work on Nash Bridges than she was fired from AW and subsequently hired immediately on Nash Bridges which would have needed some time to film, edit etc. before airing.
  8. Thanks! Wow, that never even crossed my mind as an option. I think seeing Brett made me think it must be someone relevant to her storyline. The only thing I remember about Marley and Dennis was that I found Chris Bruno dull and thought Marley should wind up with Byron.
  9. Who are the couple in the coat closet in the first scene turning Brett away? It's so dark I can't make out their faces and I don't recognize their voices.
  10. Alice ran away from Bay City and got hired by Eliot Carrington as Dennis' private nurse under an assumed name. Iris was maddened by the idea that Alice and Eliot were romantically interested in each other and schemed and connived to keep them apart. Iris found out who Alice really was and that her brother was a doctor, and I guess there was also something that suggested he had expertise in Dennis' specific heart problem, so she made an appointment for Dennis with Russ. Even before that for some reason Eliot took Dennis and Alice to St Croix when Steve and Rachel were also there. I had always associated St Croix with the Mitch/Janice storyline years later but for some reason it was already a place that featured in Another World even this early.
  11. Based on what is in the Soaps & Serials novelization (book 4, "Love's Encore"), Iris thought poorly of Rachel and was only interested in how she could use her to influence Steve to take Alice away from Eliot Carrington [Iris' estranged/ ex-husband], and Rachel wanted to social-climb Iris. They didn't actually like each other and they didn't really have the same goals. Iris on Rachel: "She's not the brightest creature you'll ever meet, but she is actually pretty in a common sort of way, and she's also extremely sexy." "Iris found Rachel an unbelievably ignorant social climber of the worst order." Rachel on Iris: "Because Iris could introduce her to all kinds of people, all kinds of important people, she very much wanted Iris as a friend." Iris offered to take Rachel to NYC for a shopping spree after Rachel and Steve's honeymoon in order to leave Steve at home alone on the theory that he would then be in contact with Alice. She had Louise eavesdropping on all kinds of conversations and when there is info about the possibility of Steve meeting up with Alice in Rachel's absence she maliciously wishes she could tell Rachel about it. In general it seems like Iris actively dislikes Rachel and Rachel is just incapable of liking anyone, she only thinks in terms of how they benefit her.
  12. Was the koi pond incident Rachel describes a real on-screen event?
  13. Bridget was certainly always a supporting character, never really had any desires of her own. I don't know if it was ever clearly defined when Vicky's adoptive parents (Grace and Philip Carson) were supposed to have died. On the one hand it was supposed to explain why Vicky had been raised poor and was so close to Bridget, but on the other Vicky treated Bridget more like a servant than a parent. That suggests to me that Vicky must have been old enough to think of Bridget as an employee before she lost the Carsons. Ada was a more fully-realized character and had her own storylines independent of Rachel from time to time.
  14. The link @DRW50 provided to the AWHP does talk about JFP's treatment of older characters:
  15. I believe he was born (Larkin Douglass Watson III) with the extra S but some of his early credits are without it for some reason, either his decision or the unwillingness of someone to believe in non-standard spellings.
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