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  1. Did Mary ever recover her memory? I thought they avoided dealing with any of that by keeping her in a state of amnesia.
  2. Christine Tucci was a much better actor than Sandra Ferguson and much more convincing as an intelligent professional woman. I never thought of Vicky/Grant/Amanda as a love triangle because it was so much about Grant's need for power and control. And as such Amanda wasn't losing to Vicky (or later, Lorna), she was another woman Grant was abusing. I didn't need Amanda to be a romantic heroine.
  3. Was making him Shane the mechanism to introduce Lila?
  4. I don't mind a return from the dead if they can make the case for how it was faked and why. But in the case of a violent onscreen death it's hard to swallow. I was recently watching the scenes where Cass meets Kathleen in New Orleans after realizing she was alive. Kathleen blamed him for not having tracked her down after the accident and he never pointed out that he had been a prisoner of his evil double Rex for months. On the whole though Kathleen's return from the dead was pretty successful. Was Mitch the earliest back from the dead character on AW? Was his resurrection planned all along? Some characters are introduced as dead with the intention of revealing them as alive as part of that storyline. For example, Brittany, or John Hudson. In other cases the character was introduced as dead but the idea that they could be alive seems to be retconned in for a new storyline, e.g. Mary and Reginald. The classic back from the dead storyline is more like Kathleen or Sharlene where a living character was killed off and when the same actor is willing to come back they go for it. I feel like those are more likely to be successful than the ones like Steve Frame when they also recast, but maybe I don't have a statistically significant sample on which to judge.
  5. Hear, hear! He has been curating the Another World Video Library since before YouTube existed, as well as documenting all kinds of show history. Julie Poll mentions him in the acknowledgements of her 35th anniversary book.
  6. Wasn't Mary McKinnon's "death" also from falling off a boat?
  7. I'd be very interested in hearing which actors people would most like to see interviewed. Assuming that it would be with a competent interviewer, who would you choose and what would you most want to hear about? (Stipulation: actors must be currently living.)
  8. He's had Linda Dano, Steve Schnetzer, Alicia Coppola, Amy Carlson, Alice Barrett, Anna Stuart, and Kale Browne off the top of my head -- all worthwhile IMO.
  9. Peggy was before my time. But Harding Lemay mentions a fight he had with Irna Phillips over a scene in which a secretary comes across an incriminating letter in Walter Curtin's papers. I suppose the secretary was Peggy? Looking Micki Grant up, I learned she (among other accomplishments) wrote Pink Shoelaces.
  10. I wasn't sure exactly which HW was the target of the Culliton shade. And of course flesh doesn't have to be in the form of tragedy, which I thought was part of Culliton's point. I haven't followed the Cullitons to other shows so I don't know how this has played out in practice, but it sounded like Culliton saying that his intention is to respect the history of existing families and characters and not go wild introducing too many new ones. He didn't comment on anything to do with recasts for example where playing to the strengths of a new actor might shift things though. Only imagine if TPTB had been able to come up with a sweetheart deal such as Jensen Buchanan or Sandra Ferguson got that could have persuaded her to change her mind, though. I don't remember the timing, but wasn't there a whole storyline where Grant was Kathleen's secret source (with some kind of code name) and it would have put someone in danger if/when Carl found out?
  11. This is an interview from last year (pre-pandemic) with Stephen Schnetzer. Nothing about AW, but a little about his stage work (since he was doing a play in MA) and his personal life. Not to mention the Sin Stalker in general and specifically Lisa's (horror shock) *not* being a virgin. And the retcon that John had raped Donna before she ever slept with Michael (but he was justified because Michael was a prim straight arrow and both he and Donna were tempestuous sexual beings!). And that MJ had been lured into prostitution because the johns told her they loved her (!).
  12. Thanks for the correction! I was looking at the "About Julie" tab where she lists some highlights that don't mention AW. Glad to know that she has not completely scrubbed AW from her CV. The AW homepage doesn't mention any writing credits for her either. Kathleen was a great character and I would have loved to have her stay in Bay City longer. However she wasn't a great fit with the DePriest era IMO which tended to be unnecessarily sexist and weird about women's sexuality. I was just watching some scenes from when MJ confessed to Mary that she had been a prostitute and that was why Adam had cancelled the wedding. I remember SOD at the time praising MJ for taking responsibility for her actions, but nobody seemed to think that Chad needed to face up to his role in any of it.
  13. Julie Osburn has a website on which she does not mention anything about Another World, so she might not have any interest. She does mention a historical novel she has written but I have not been able to find it available anywhere so far.
  14. If you're prepared to wait to see if a better price comes up, you can create saved searches to get an email notification when there's a listing on abebooks.com. But there's no guarantee.
  15. It's a broader perspective in relation to the show for sure. One thing that Richard Culliton mentioned was that he appreciated coming in to write when the characters had been well-defined. He also mentioned how much he had enjoyed writing Felicia/ Cass/ Wallingford/ Kathleen/ Cecile and that he had thought it wrong to retcon a tragic past for Felicia. If he considers Lorna to be a mistake I would disagree, but stuff like Derek Dane and Noah Grady I could take or leave alone.
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