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  1. They had plenty of options to accommodate Sharon Gabet without soliciting and then ignoring audience input. If they didn't want Brittany to go to prison, they could have just written her acquittal. Letting the audience find her guilty and then hand-waving the verdict away as irrelevant because it was being appealed (plus layering on top of it a happily-ever-after where she and Catlin and their baby moved to Montana) felt like one of those Choose Your Own Adventure books where option 1 takes you to a dead end where the only option is to go back to the previous choice and choose option 2 anyway. Who knows what they would have done if Thomas Ian Griffith had not been ready to leave anyway. But Brittany was handled terribly and ruined Catlin -- if I recall correctly he didn't keep Kevin, just handed him off to Aunt Liz.
  2. I would love to know what they thought they were doing when they decided to let the audience vote on the verdict in Brittany's trial, and then essentially ignored it to have Brittany and Catlin leave the state (!) together while Zach appealed it. Regarding whether Britt was conning Peter, there was no doubt that she deceived him into thinking he was the father of her baby. I wonder if Nancy would have lasted longer if any of her boyfriends had been tied to other core families. Perry was Donna's stepson and Carl's son but Chris and Greg and Tony were all outsiders. It wasn't long after Nancy left town that they SORASed Amanda to fill that slot.
  3. I loved Ed Fry so much in the role that I find it hard to agree that he was unnecessary. At the time there was a void in the place where Jamie had been. Both he and Sandy had been gone for a year or so. I don't think they could have rebooted MJ and Jamie's relationship with the prostitution storyline. The new MJ paired with a new Cory with no baggage made sense.
  4. This whole discussion makes me wish for a graph showing the number of family members in the cast for arguably core families and how it changed over time. My sense is that the Frames gradually swamped the Matthews, and maybe also families with more women were at a disadvantage -- Alice and Sally used Frame; Julia was Shearer; Rachel and Ada and Nancy get lumped in as if they were Cory. One thing I thought was shabby about DePriest's conception of the core was that she essentially obliterated black characters from the scene. In the early 1980s we had Henrietta and Roy, Leo Mars/Abel Marsh, Quinn, Lily, Grant, Carter, and Thomasina.
  5. It was Wayne Addison, not Dwayne. This reminded me of the Soaps & Serials novelizations. Another World volume 2, "Love's Destiny", included the murder of Wayne Addison. He dated Aunt Liz! I also see among his credits Horatio in Richard Burton's Hamlet. I have been failing to watch that DVD for too long now -- I should get it out.
  6. Zane was much more appealing than Mitch. (Or perhaps I should say that Patrick Tovatt was a more charismatic performer than William Grey Espy.) Zane was also a much better friend than Brittany deserved. Zane was killed off almost immediately after Mitch came back to Bay City. It seems likely that they thought that, as Matthew's father, Mitch had ties to the Cory family that would serve their priority of focusing on their idea of the core families. I had forgotten this but according to the Another World Home Page synopses, Mitch was also secretly working for Reginald Love at the time. It's really weird reading about all of Mitch's villainy when my memory of the character at this point is just as an emotionless blank consort for Felicia.
  7. Carl's plan was to kill only Mac. He was very particular that he didn't want any harm to come to Rachel. But the plan didn't really have any safeguards to protect Rachel or anyone else, and it dragged out over weeks. Nancy bought the jar in Egypt as a present for Mac. Carl filled it with toxic "tomb dust". One of the maids at the Cory mansion opened it and died. No one suspected the jar had anything to do with it so the jar floated around to different people and places for a few weeks before Grant breathed the dust in. And no one suspected the jar in Grant's illness either, so Nancy just incidentally recognized it and took it back to give to Mac again. By the time Mac got the jar, since it had already been opened twice, its poison had been diluted, so he wasn't as badly affected. Also I believe Dr Chris Chapin was able to use what he had learned from Grant's illness to cure Mac.
  8. I thought that MJ and Jamie were much better suited than MJ and Larry. There wasn't much soap-level drama in their relationship and that was probably what I found refreshing in it. Larry spent a lot of time supporting Catlin's murder trial and I think there must have been a about a year between the time MJ moved on to Jamie and when Larry's Plains Motel story started. Larry was sort of undercover and I remember he was in a position where Clarice thought he was having an affair because the wife (girlfriend?) of the head criminal thought he was available.
  9. I think from a story point of view, when MJ was introduced she was dealing with not being perceived as sufficiently feminine because police detective was "traditionally male". So the little detail that she had been saddled with a masculine name was to flavour that. In the May 4 1984 episode which is on YouTube, when MJ arrives at Larry's dressed for the party, he makes a comment about how much of a sensation she would create if she dressed like that at work.
  10. Cass was always a lawyer from day 1. He arrived in July 1982. According to the synopses on the Another World Home Page, he came to town to work for Cory Publishing and within a few weeks he had agreed to represent Cecile in her divorce. He didn't think of poaching Felicia until January 1983.
  11. I have no idea who it is, but if it helps the scene where Mikey's parents meet Michael and Donna is in an ep online here (at about 21:45):
  12. The Loves and McKinnons existed and thrived before Margaret DePriest started in 1986. What she did was create characters for Donna, Peter, and Nicole's dead father and MJ and Kathleen's dead mother and bring them back from the dead to create a vast historical family entanglement. And she completely rewrote MJ's backstory with the recast. I guess she also made the decision to create the character of Cheryl. In theory she could have recast Ben and made Mary and Reginald's adopted child a female love interest for Ben. It was certainly odd that Ben never came to see his mother.
  13. The scene with Scott physically restraining Cheryl comes across as creepy to me even though we're clearly supposed to be thinking about how erotic Cheryl finds it. Scott was not written as a creep but he does seem too old for Cheryl. Not as much too old and as creepy as Chad Rollo, Cheryl's sister's former pimp, though.
  14. Based on what I see in the synopses and character guide on the Another World Home Page, Donna saw the photo and went mad in November 1986. She came home from the hospital in February 1987. Donna couldn't remember what had been in the photo but for some reason she and Michael and Nicole knew that a photo had triggered her illness and spent a lot of time trying to find it or help Donna remember what had been in it. (That's why she started seeing Dr Glaser.) In March 1987 we found out that John had had a younger brother, John, who was missing and presumed dead in Vietnam. Someone had sent a photograph to Michael's mother that appeared to be John alive in the present day, so Michael (followed by Donna) and Mitch (who invited Felicia to meet up with them) went looking for John. They found him in April 1987 and around the same time Dr Glaser helped Donna remember that John had raped her and that the mystery photo had been of John and the infants Marley and Victoria. Rhonda Lewin played Victoria from Jake and Marley's wedding until the end of 1986. There was no Victoria in Bay City when John was brought in in April 1987. Vicky was brought home, played by Anne Heche, in July 1987, and introduced to John in the Love Mansion, so there wasn't really any opportunity for her to flirt with him unknowingly. Peter stoked her suspicion of John and Donna for months and she disliked John for Michael's sake. The triplets were never canon. The photo was "mysterious" because the audience hadn't seen it and Donna couldn't remember it. I seem to recall reading that they were planning on doing the triplet story until they cast Philece Sampler and decided that she seemed too young to be Scott's mother (or indeed Marley and Victoria's mother, which perhaps should have influenced them to cast an actress with a more appropriate age?) and changed it to the John story. Of course Clara and John didn't quite fit with the info Marley found when she had first gone looking for the Garrison family and found out that Michael had changed his name to Hudson. I have no memory of Nicole wanting to go to medical school. I remember Anne Howard's Nicole being a fashion designer. I don't remember if Lauri Landry's version was supposed to be doing any type of work (either modeling or design) but I have a dim recollection that she sang. Based on the synopses she didn't seem to have any type of storyline of her own -- just support for things either Jamie or Michael were doing. I wonder if she talked about med school with the Doctor version of Jamie Frame (Laurence Lau). I also don't remember any details of Reginald not being Donna and Nicole's father. There wasn't any follow up to find out who their father really was (unless it was supposed to be Jason?), so it might just have been a mind game (he loved psychologically abusing all of his children) or a way to excuse his infidelity and treatment of their mother. IIRC they showed photos of Elizabeth Love using Anne Howard as a model, but I remember very little of Nicole's relationship with Reginald.
  15. Donna's mother was supposedly in Europe during her pregnancy with Marley, I believe. I think people in Bay City were supposed to believe that Donna was with her. When they layered on the story of Reginald and Mary/Marissa that really did limit the window in which Reginald could maintain control of Donna in Marley's early years, but even before that I think they wrote it that Donna's father had died when Marley was still very young. Bridget was calculating only in the sense that her allegiance was to Victoria. Once Victoria was accepted as a member of the Love household she was loyal to the Love family. The Carsons (Victoria's adoptive parents) had supposedly been rich long enough to employ Bridget. By the time they died Bridget was emotionally invested in Victoria and therefore stayed with her even though the money was gone. I don't think Bridget was (at least originally, before Reginald) supposed to have known that Reginald was separating twins without Donna's knowledge or consent. If the family didn't want the baby and Bridget was making sure that the baby was well cared-for then she wasn't to blame for taking her away. And when Victoria revealed herself in time for the bone marrow donation she had a fake story about where she had been raised that didn't include Bridget. I'm not sure what you mean about Perry's death being out of the blue. It was a sudden tragic accident, but the setup was there in that Perry had been suspicious of Jake and Bridget and was trying to find out what they were up to. Victoria arranged to meet him in the stables as Marley but when he wasn't taken in by her impersonation she told him that she was Marley's twin and just wanted her fair share. He refused to believe that she was a legit twin and insisted that she must be a scam artist who had had plastic surgery, and accidentally fell. Victoria spent quite a while worried that someone would find out that she had been there, and Nancy in particular was suspicious -- but when the Loves were so kind and generous to her (Marley voluntarily splitting her trust fund), Vicky eventually admitted to them that she had been in the hayloft when Perry died. (However she did lie and tell them a version in which Perry had been totally fine with her as Marley's twin, not that he had been threatening to expose her as an imposter.) Since Victoria hadn't killed Perry, just been present when he fell, there wasn't really anything more to it. I don't remember whether Carl ever found out -- he was into all the Egypt/Arizona/Chapin stuff at the time, and Nancy was dependent on Ecstasy and falling in love with Chris Chapin.
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