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  1. Absolutely. Everything is through the lens of how she has to fight him for alimony while he's making good money. And to be clear, the "horrible" behavior in the flashbacks of the marriage is generally selfishness and lack of consideration. Coster and his wife were in this Geritol commercial:
  2. Looking for information about Nic Coster's memoir, I discovered his ex-wife's: The Odyssey and The Idiocy, Marriage to an Actor, A Memoir. She is extremely bitter about their relationship and he (under the pseudonym Richard Forest) is portrayed as horrible. So far there haven't been any mentions of Another World backstage or his costars. However there was a chapter about how Jacqueline Kennedy engaged him to teach JFK Jr to scuba dive.
  3. I don't recall any specific source. I think it was supposed to be Old Money. Donna's income seemed to come from investments and property. I believe she owned the hospital, for example.
  4. Speaking of hair, I remember being extremely disappointed in Rachel's makeover in 1986 when the return of Mitch had made her peevish and discontented and she went to a famous hairstylist. I hated that ultra-straight look.
  5. Tastes vary, but I have to say that I thought Alice's style was beautifully modern and appropriate for her as the mature and confident doctor she was. She could however have had a more interesting storyline than her relationship with Mark Singleton.
  6. In what sense? Steve was Jamie's father, so wouldn't he and Mitch be even in that respect? At least Steve never plotted to kill Mac (although I suppose Rachel had an extraordinary capacity to tolerate that in a suitor, all things considered). I never much cared for Mitch and would rather have let Felicia keep Zane, at least until Lorna and Lucas showed up.
  7. Thanks. Did they present Rachel and Steve as if their relationship had been and was now true love or was it a mess of motivations? I was just watching Oct 1 where Mac told Rachel he was engaged to Alice and Rachel was completely ungracious about it. I assumed that we were seeing that Rachel was not perfect and that Mac was right when he said he didn't think Rachel was unbiased about Alice. That seems more interesting than the idea of the perfect love story of Rachel and Steve after years of cruel and unfair separation.
  8. Thanks. Was it a good idea to resurrect Steve and pair him with Rachel? My recollection of that period is dim, and I just remember feeling more comfortable when Rachel was with Mac.
  9. Frame Harding Construction seemed much smaller than Cory Publishing, but what was Blackhawk? I was under the impression that Steve came back from the dead wealthier than he had been.
  10. Sure -- but they didn't give any of them to Judy Dewey. She seemed to exist only as a supporting character in Sandy's life (with a little bit of supportive sister to Larry and Catlin). She didn't have any personal goals or desires separate from the Corys, as far as I remember. If they liked Judy Dewey as an actress rather than just a tool for keeping Chris Rich on the show they could have given her all kinds of opportunities. Did Laura Malone's Blaine interact with Donna? I remember Donna clinging to Sandy as a protector and Judy Dewey's Blaine seeming peeved about it, but not any other k
  11. She didn't really have any relationships to other characters or role other than Wife to Sandy.
  12. Nancy Frangione was great but they did a good job replacing her with Julie Osburn as Kathleen. Sometimes replacements are too obviously pale imitations but she fit in with Felicia and Cass without being a Cecile clone. I remember Hunter Bradshaw. I thought although he was superficially someone Donna would think suitable for Marley, there was more potential for something interesting between him and Thomasina. He didn't last long though.
  13. Thanks! I really only saw her in the 80s.
  14. Glad to see that it appears she did continue to work during her marriage after all. I know Alice didn't have any bio-children but Courtney had a daughter. Did she take a mat leave? Sad to hear. I liked her as Maggie.
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