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  1. Wonder why they're being so risky. What are the guidelines for filming during this pandemic in LA anyway. They're obviously able to do what they're doing, I don't think TPTB would be foolish enough to break any laws, but it does seem odd that they're taking these chances.
  2. Were these scenes possibly filmed before quarantine?
  3. I never thought of TP as a pretty boy. In fact, his look paired with the character he played and acting style always made me think of him as gross and creepy. I also liked the Danny/Michelle/Tony stuff at the time, but this is when I first started watching so I feel like there was a forced fondness but looking back I'm not sure I feel as positively about it.
  4. Thank you! What a disaster! A very rare time where GH could have shown true classics and this is what we got. All episodes from the past 2 decades, none early than 2003. 40 of the 58 episodes were from the last 5 years of which 27 were from the past two years. 15 of those from a few months ago. I was actually surprised to read there were 58 episodes. I haven't bothered to tune in besides for a handful of episodes.
  5. I really hope not. Sure, it may have been helpful for someone like me who wasn't watching and was out of the loop once lockdown started, but soaps are very repetitive as it is that you don't need all those flashbacks anyway. It was actually quite annoying trying to watch an episode with so many unnecessary flashbacks used to pad out each episode to stretch out new footage.
  6. I don't know what numbers I was expecting for BB, but this makes me worry. We are in the middle of summer and people want to get out more than ever, so I'm not sure why the rush to get episodes out.
  7. 😂 That's probably very accurate as to how they would do a school scene. I haven't watched today yet but this made me curious.
  8. Ari gon bring some tamales to school and the white kids are gonna be like ew what is that and she's gonna be embarrassed to bring in her ethnic lunch and make her momma buy her lunchables 😔
  9. Watched today after missing a few days and I have to agree, Sami and Lucas are great. They add so much to the show. I also want to take back what I said about the actress playing Ally, she's growing on me. I feel like there are so much potential with some of the stories and just so many directions things could go if they focused on "real" stories for a while and get rid of that Orpheus nonsense. Although, I'm not even sure what Orpheus is and that's why I'm completely uninterested.
  10. False. Look up the demographics of Latin America and you will easily discover you're statement is wrong. Yes. The Iberian Peninsula were dominated by Moors and Moorish culture for century. You'll definitely witness some with darker complexion who claim to be full Spaniard and Portuguese lineage but may have Moorish roots. Not to be confused with the many African people who hail from former Portuguse colonies now residing in Portugal.
  11. One factor may be that longtime fans know soaps in general are coming to an end and they rather they go out holding onto some nostalgia and familiarity with characters they know and love well and with actors that have been a part of the canvas for decades in some cases.
  12. Will and Ally's relationship is cute. Sad that they're getting rid of Will not that Ally is part of the canvas. Really loving Lucas and Sami as well. It feel likes Days.
  13. I think it's the new normal on soaps. I also started tuning in after a very long lapse (years) and I will say I was shocked by how bad things have gotten for the remaining soaps. From the aesthetic, acting, the stories and just general interest or feel just don't seem the same at all. Even Y&R which was never my soap, I could always appreciate for how great it was visually has started to look cheap and even other production areas are lacking. As for BB, I haven't watched since the recap episode on Monday, but I will try to catch up out of curiosity to see the new filming protocols in place.
  14. I loved it too. I wish we could get a few more 70s episodes.
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