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  1. To really tackle that and dive deep into the issues in black communities regarding queer identifies would have been incredible. No other format gives you the time and space to really portray social issues as in depth as soaps. Thank you for sharing this, @Faulkner Patrick really highlighted some major issues in dealing with diversity in daytime. Not surprising that it's even more challenging now with the state of soaps.
  2. If it's fan choices from instagram then we're going to get a lot of Liam and Steffy.
  3. I was going to mention this one as well. Also, Susan Flannery is only 12 years older than Ron Moss. Although, the mother/son thing was more visually believable as Susan got older.
  4. Clearly this is a reflection of what was happening BTS and the views of TPTB at the time. Perhaps a fear that focusing too heavily on black characters might push away certain audiences, therefore having Vicki in those long shots behind Carla. I read on Wiki that Southern affiliates began to boycott the show when it was revealed that Carla was actually a light-skinned black woman passing as a white woman and not actually white. Which is funny because it was fine as long as they believed she was white, but once she wasn't it became an issue as if there weren't more scandalous stories on soaps before this. It also shows what a flimsy construct race really is and such a great storyline that OLTL decided to tackle. I'm not giving them a pass on those wedding scenes, but the race storyline seems progressive for the time and the fact that it causes uproar from affiliates proves that. Soaps wouldn't dare upset their affiliates nowadays.
  5. Kyle is such a punk. Everytime she's confronted she walks away or cries, but when Denise wanted to remove herself from the same stupid conversation about why she didnt want her kids around adults talking about sex, Kyle was telling her not to leave and to revolve it. These ladies really need three dinner parties to resolve something that should be a non-issue. It's beyond pathetic. Kyle is super insecure and these ladies are using this to bring Denise down. Kyle also keeps thinking she's doing something with those questionable outfits she keeps wearing this season, which is laughable especially since she has made several judgements on cast wardrobe in seasons' past.
  6. I don't know if I can say he stunk, but there was something about Jacob Young that rubbed me the wrong way on AMC, but I've enjoyed him on B&B.
  7. I think the name you were looking for was Patricia. I thought it was fine that he jumped in to defend his wife as long as he didn't get too crazy. I mean Teddi was sobbing at the one dinner party and her man was eating his soup and let her take it. Normally, I don't think the men should get involved, but if they're all seated together like that than I think it's fine as long as there are some boundaries. I'm so done with the repetitiveness of this whole storyline. I wouldn't be surprised if Kyle brought Brandi to bring down Denise so she wouldn't have to continue to get her hands dirty.
  8. Since the stay at home orders started Days remained above 2 million viewers. The week YR and BB start week long repeats is the first week Days dips below 2 million since the stay at home orders. Now the week GH starts weeklong repeats it dips below 1.9 million. I dont know about other markets but in the NYC area, the second half hour of Days competes directly with Y&R's first half hour. Besides that, the soaps do not compete directly. With the lack of soaps on air, I wouldn't be surprised if the 4 current soaps have an overlap of viewership - meaning some viewers may view 2 or more of the current soaps on air at least on a sporadic basis. So a Y&R viewer who isn't even watching the repeats may not bother with catching Days or GH as they only follow those shows casually. Again, just a hypothesis, because I thought it was interesting that Days continues to dip. It may just be that viewership is returning to pre-shut down numbers and my hypothesis my be wrong but just thought it was interesting that the decline was in relation to the other shows airing repeats when many thought the opposite would happen. They assumed that since the other shows ran out of new episodes, some may be curious to check out what was happening on Days.
  9. I was going to mention this last week, but decided to wait and see what the numbers looked like this week. Some thought that Days would see an uptick in viewers once the other soaps went into repeats, but it looks like the opposite is true. Since YR and BB have been airing repeats, the numbers have not improved and now with GH airing repeats, it seems like the numbers have dipped again. I'm sure there is an overlap in viewers for these soaps and if they're not tuning in to their favorite they're definitely not tuning in for the others.
  10. Can we get at least one 70s episode before this is over. Well two considering the time they have to fill. Something we can't already find online.
  11. Also, if you're going to show two episodes from 2003 on consecutive days why not air the January episode first. Not that those two episodes probably have much relation as far as story continuity, as they're most likely dealing with different storylines but all the other episodes for the week are shown in chronological order.
  12. I haven't watched GH much since LW took over, probably watched a solid year after she took over the role before I stopped watching and would only catch an episode or week here or there. I still don't think of her as Carly and when I do watch nowadays it still takes me a while to register that she's Carly and not some other random character.
  13. It's strange to think that LW has played Carly on GH now longer than she played Cassie on GL and Ally on Loving/The City combined.
  14. Meanwhile at Days the actors work for food
  15. I believe it. I was just curious as I knew she was doing both at one point.
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