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  1. I just watched. Can't stop the waterworks.
  2. Thanks again...

  3. Thanks so much, MontyB for posting The Doctor's storyline with Ann.  They were great.  I wish we could see them all but, I do understand you don't want any infractions.  

  4. FYI: That was me who posted those episodes. Those were too good not to share, but I won't be posting anymore anytime soon. I've had my YouTube channels for many years and I don't want any serious infractions. 😊
  5. Rest in Peace, Krisoff...😢
  6. Unpopular opinion here, but I like Emma/Zander/Zoe. (insert shrugs emoticon here)
  7. Totally agree. My question is, has Eva become that irrelevant? I can't understand why she agreed to be on this show.
  8. Wait! Did Kim Z. just imply the Kandi offered to lick her box?????
  9. Were the writers dreaming of Dark Shadows? Greta tries to summon Mike. February 1975 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1I2XkEOIyxM
  10. I think they did a magnificent job today, but that story needed to end. In fact, I don't think it should have been done at all. I want them to take Nicole and Zende in a new direction that doesn't revolve around RIck and Maya.
  11. I agree. I mean get where he's coming from and he has a right to have those feels, but it's totally wrong to act upon them. It guess he's still pissed at Myron.
  12. i don't get why anyone who has a functioning brain would follow Trump. Anyway, maybe what I read is not true. I have to block it from my mind and see where this storyline goes.
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