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  1. I'd be all for a Stella/Phyllis scene. Today was the first time Liz has been on this month and it was so she could flirt with Finn. Lame! Their scenes were so cringe. "My lips... almost touching your lips." Really? Finn is 50+ years old and talks like this? The writers were totally trolling us with that line about how they're acting like high school kids. Can Liz please have a real story and maybe a love interest who isn't Michael Easton character #14? It's weird how Liz was involved in hiding Peter's body, but now she's nowhere near that story? And absolutely no involvement in anything going on with Nik, her nephew Spencer, or her son Cameron? She's not even involved in the search for her own sister. I don't get why they're doing nothing with her. We all know we're not going to be seeing Jeff Webber. The Austin/Olivia scenes are so repetitive. The Sonny/Carly/Jason scenes today had a whole lotta exposition about the Greece story that we already know all about because it's literally happening on the show right now. Was Jason recapping the story really necessary? "I hear you're taking Jason away from us." Lol what. Wasn't Carly just telling Britt last week that Jason is all hers now that Sonny is back? I can't tell you one thing that happened in the Mildew scenes today.
  2. Charlie and his cute glasses could be causing all kinds of drama with Tripp and Allie but no. Let's kill him off and have Tripp sew instead while Allie plays homemaker. The family dynamics with Charlie/Tripp/Ava had so much potential. There was also a ton of potential for drama if Charlie decided he wanted to be a part of Henry's life. Sigh.
  3. I like Allie but yeah, they've sure made her boring. It's all I could think about during her scenes yesterday. This is a girl in her early-mid 20s, and her biggest concerns are putting her kid to bed and what to make Tripp for dinner (while he's on the couch sewing). This is the best we can do with Sami's daughter? Allie and Tripp are only interesting when Johnny and Chanel are in scenes with them.
  4. If the show wants to keep Judi Evans around, I say they need to just make her Adrienne already. I don't care what stupid explanation they come up with. Just say that Bonnie is somehow Adrienne. Bonnie is so watered down and played out that she's not in the slightest bit entertaining anymore. Justin just looks stupid being with her. I have no idea why Bonnie is still on the show. Say she's Adrienne and use that as a way to get Sonny and Will back in Salem.
  5. Yep. This character needs a long, long rest. I'm still "recovering" from her latest stint on the show. All those damn masks...
  6. This stuff with the four musketeers in jail is awful. Bonnie and Justin are the most eye-roll-worthy couple. I enjoyed EJ/Nicole, and was really happy that Nicole finally had an episode where her scenes had nothing to do with Rafe. He wasn't even mentioned Kayla pretending to be drunk was fun. When she spilled that drink on EJ, I was hoping it would lead to him taking his clothes off (yes right there at Julie's Place), but of course I can't have nice things. Let's keep having Nicole mix it up with different people and get involved in some drama with EJ. She is so much better away from Rafe. LOL at EJ just being like, "God I hate them [Steve and Kayla]." Surely Kristen has been using a burner phone to contact EJ. How does Steve think he's going to get any info from EJ's phone?
  7. I enjoyed the Portia/Ava scenes today. I love that they have a bond because of Trina, but Portia is wary now that she's seen some of the Cassadine craziness. Portia's point of view is totally understandable and reasonable, too. Her not wanting Trina anywhere near Spencer will make for good conflict when Sprina inevitably get closer.
  8. I too had to laugh at Tripp sewing the whole episode. Poor Tripp. I like Lucas Adams, and I don't dislike Tripp. They just don't do anything with him, which makes for a really boring character. I really wish they had kept Charlie around. Imagine how much more interesting Tripp could be right now if he had a brotherly rivalry going on. Having Charlie around would also make Tripp and Allie's relationship more interesting. Their scenes today were SO boring. Talking about putting Henry to bed and what to have for dinner? Lord. Tripp/Ava/Charlie also had a lot of potential with their family dynamic, so naturally they killed Charlie off, Tripp is stuck sewing on Allie's couch, and Ava is trapped in Rafe's kitchen. They were totally just trying to meet Lucas Adams' guarantees today. That was me today when the episode started with Chloe and Brady lol. I did enjoy Kate's line, "Isn't Chloe aware that Brady's just the kind of guy that makes people want to punch him?" LMAO! Omg, Philip sees Chloe and Brady AGAIN. How many times can we see this scene?!
  9. I tuned in today thinking there was going to be follow up to EJ and Nicole's kiss. Instead I was treated to Bonnie in jail and the devil bitmoji. They teased me with Johnny being on, but he disappeared 10 minutes into the episode. Bonnie crying to Gwen in jail is painful. Who cares?! I too wish we were seeing Doug in Bayview. I did like the last scene with all the John/Marlena flashbacks.
  10. I never watched AMC, so I'm not really familiar with CM besides seeing the occasional clip of him on Entertainment Tonight. I was stunned to learn that not only is he 52, but he also dealt with kidney cancer in the last couple years. He looks fantastic. Maybe they can revisit Drew/Liz once he comes back to Port Charles. Liz needs some airtime and a man who isn't Finn.
  11. That was some serious Julliard acting today. LOL at that preview for tomorrow. Someone is watching Portia and Curtis. Yet another new character. Cameron Mathison is totally sculpted. I am liking him as Drew, not that we've seen him do much.
  12. Soapsuds, get back here! Who's gonna thirst over hot guys with me in the DAYS thread?!
  13. I hated Sonny and Ava having sex in the Quartermaine mausoleum. I always wanted Avery to be Morgan's (not that it would matter at this point since he's dead).
  14. I bet we'll get a Duke/devil bitmoji scene for November sweeps.
  15. I liked Ava and Spencer, but I was bored besides that. I love how Sonny's conversation with Carly was the same exact conversation he had with Jason yesterday. They couldn't have all just had this conversation together and save some time? I also laughed at Sonny being all, "Omg, I need a minute" when Carly said she was going to sleep with Jason. Uh, Sonny, you already knew this because Jason told you yesterday. But whatever. I wonder when Sonny will finally bring up the fact that he was trying to bang Nina in Nixon Falls?
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