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  1. I'm here for Anna stabbing Stevano with her heel. I'm also cracking up at Leo in that suit. Seeing Daniel in a promo got me feeling a bit sick, even knowing that it's just for one episode 😅
  2. I work at a hospital in Michigan. We desperately need PPE. Each employee gets one surgical mask - not one mask per patient or per day - just one mask. We wear it into every patient's room for days or weeks until it gets soaked with bodily fluids. Under normal circumstances, we'd get a new mask every time we enter a patient's room. We're out of our normal hand sanitizer and have started using sanitizer that Amway made this week for the sole purpose of donating it to hospitals. We're also almost out of cleaning wipes. The numbers keep growing, so the shortages are only going to get worse in the coming weeks.
  3. The show is so bad right now that I don't even care if he comes back. Whatever takes the focus off of Ben and Ciara.
  4. For real. I work at a hospital and we're reaching out to churches to see if anyone wants to sew masks for us.
  5. I have no idea how to do the tweet thing, but a 1-month-old has tested positive in my state. 😢 https://twitter.com/wzzm13/status/1241544898110685185
  6. I don't think he knew Portia was Trina's mom at the time, just that Taggert was her dad (and that he and Jordan knew each other way back when).
  7. My fast forward button will be getting a workout next week.
  8. It makes me laugh that a few weeks ago we had Curtis asking Jordan if she was Trina's mom, but it's probably going to turn out that Curtis is actually her dad. I also laughed at Brooklyn accidentally hitting Chase again today 😄
  9. Ciara suddenly crying over Hope rings so hollow considering she didn't give a f-ck about her mom for the past year since she was too busy obsessing over a serial killer.
  10. Oh, so now they'll only be 2 years and 51 weeks ahead instead of the usual 3 years? 😂
  11. Will to Evan: You're a murderer. It was only like 2 minutes into the show, but I shut it off. I can't take this ridiculous writing.
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