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  1. Can it please be a new day in Salem so Nicole can lose that ponytail? I love Gabi and Phillip driving Kate crazy.
  2. Xander and Chanel were kind of funny, I was cracking up when she found the kilt and said, "Maybe I should've asked you for your pronouns." I know Theo is the "bad guy" for not being gaga about Ben/Ciara but I love having him around for this story.
  3. I thought so too. Not that Molly looks old at all either, but Kristina looked like her little sister today. They keep talking about how Molly will be done with law school soon and it's like sorry, I'll never buy Molly (who looks 18) as a lawyer LOL. Can you imagine her in a courtroom?
  4. Exactly. There's nothing wrong normal people loving their child. But good lord, Michael and Willow are boring. Especially Willow. She has no personality. She's just nice, and there's not really anything else to the character besides that. She's a completely uninteresting character and the actress is okay but very bland. There's also no chemistry between her and Michael. Michael is another relatively normal soap character and a good guy, which is fine but he needs someone with an edge to make him more interesting. You can't put two nice, boring characters together and expect it to be interestin
  5. Can they please stop trying to make Michael and Willow happen? They are beyond boring.
  6. Why? Who was asking for this? This show can barely write for the characters currently on canvas.
  7. Yes. People on this board have been complaining about ME's million characters for years. Go read the GH discussion thread.
  8. For a bit I thought he had been recast and I was like, "Oh, that's too bad." After a while I realized it was the same kid and I was like WTF? Has it really been that long since we've seen him?
  9. I agree that Howarth doesn't need to play yet another character on GH, but at this point I've lost count of how many characters Michael Easton has played, so I don't rule out the possibility that he's just going to be someone new/a Drew recast.
  10. The less said about the April Fool's episode, the better. Same with Nicole's hair today. Did we know Michael Lowry was joining DAYS as a doctor or is he just a day player? I was surprised to see him.
  11. I was wondering what the hell was going on with his hair. I'm watching today's episode right now and I can't believe "Susan" is on AGAIN. At least Paulina is on and she's fun.
  12. Yep. It's sad but amnesiac Ciara is way better than normal Ciara. I like Kate freaking out over Phillip and Gabi. It's way better than Kate being jealous over Gabi/Jake. Susan/Kristen/Chloe/Brady is awful, awful, awful.
  13. I kinda like Jason/Britt. I've liked having Britt back, I like how they've been using her this time. I can take or leave Sam/Dante but at least it's something different. Sam/Jason is just so boring and played out at this point and it's time for something new for both characters. I'm still trying to figure out the point of Gladys and Brando being on the show.
  14. Oh, for sure. Theo will be the bad guy for not trying to force the amazing psychic love connection of Ben/Ciara upon an amnesiac woman. Everyone in Salem is already going on about how sorry they feel for Ben since Ciara doesn't remember their amazing love story, so Theo will no doubt get tarred and feathered over this.
  15. I agree that the promo is embarrassing. The shortened version of the promo is actually just the April Fool's crap and I was cringing watching it. At least the extended promo has real storylines in it. Theo is my favorite part of the promo. Hell yeah!
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