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  1. AlexElizabeth

    GH: February 2019 Discussion Thread

    I love how Kevin's super duper private room at Ferncliff has a window on the door that anyone can see through. Michael's on tinder! LOL at him and Alexis's therapist having the same date. I can't imagine telling a stabbing victim that she's remembering things wrong. Even if she is, lol. F-ck Nina.
  2. AlexElizabeth

    Days: February 18-22, Weekly Preview

    Wow, I have to say that the Claire thing shocked me. I almost wish that they didn't spoil it because I would've been surprised as hell to see that air without knowing beforehand.
  3. AlexElizabeth

    GH: Kristen Alderson tweet

    Who would want to see her as any character? She was fun as a kid but as an adult she has no business being on anyone's TV screen. Her acting has been horrible for years.
  4. AlexElizabeth

    Days: February 18-22, Weekly Preview

    I just can't bring myself to care about Chad and Abigail getting married again. I realize that they're leaving but it's happening so fast.
  5. AlexElizabeth

    GH: February 2019 Discussion Thread

    Liz and Franco are truly disgusting. Liz is so proud to be married to a serial killer and can't wait to brag to the world (and "their" sons) that she's married to this pig. Vomit inducing. Liz looks TERRIBLE in this story. Maxie figured out that Sasha might not be Nina's daughter in a matter of minutes. Maybe the PCPD should get her involved in the serial killer case. CarSon baby drama 🙄
  6. AlexElizabeth

    Days: February 2019 Discussion Thread

    If they're going to stick with boring WilSon, they really need to give Will some kind of story outside of that, because right now all he does is pine after Sonny and whine to various characters that he can't be with him because of Leo. It's beyond boring. Will is a bore, Sonny is a bore, together they're even more of a bore. Ben's holding Hope at gunpoint (and knocked out Eli) but Ciara will still go on and on about how he's a changed man and he's so good now. Jordan is clearly carrying around an empty blanket.
  7. AlexElizabeth

    GH: February 2019 Discussion Thread

    Carly's pregnant? 🤢 Why? Is Ryan going to cause her to have a miscarriage or something? Why would they write this? Franco and Liz getting married by Drew in the jail 🤢 Spinelli 🤢 Jason finally understanding Valentine's Day 🤢 What a horrible episode.
  8. AlexElizabeth

    GH: Actor returning

    This surprises no one but I'm glad.
  9. AlexElizabeth

    GH: February 2019 Discussion Thread

    It's just horrible that all Liz gets to do is prop Franco. Her son is standing in front of her with bruises all over his face and all she can do is defend Franco? I know we're supposed to find her loyalty romantic and think it's awesome how she's standing by her man, but she just looks stupid even though we know Franco is innocent.
  10. AlexElizabeth

    Days: February 2019 Discussion Thread

    Ben is a pariah because most of the town has a loved one who was murdered or tortured by him, lol. That's not redemption, that's simply how Ben deserves to be treated by the people of Salem. And day in and day out we hear Ciara going on and on about how he's a changed man and a good man. It's so over the top that we've heard Abigail, his victim, get told not once but twice now that she of all people should be able to understand that Ben is capable of changing. And I'm sure he'll be the one to save Ciara and Charlotte. It's all so forced. It's like Franco on GH, but at least with him they tried to explain his serial killing with a brain tumor (which is BS). They have done nothing to try to redeem Ben. Last time the character was on canvas he was a psychotic serial killer, and now they decided they want to bring the actor and character back so they had Marlena say, "Yeah he's sane enough to go back to the real world" and here we are.
  11. AlexElizabeth

    Days: February 2019 Discussion Thread

    I like Ben, but I don't see how he's been redeemed. He came back, Marlena said he's good to go, and we're just supposed to buy into it because the show wants him to be a romantic lead. That's not redemption to me. I agree that it's been forced and quite lazy, but I do like RSW and Ben, particularly when he's more gray and not being written as some good guy hero. I liked the scene where he was threatening towards Claire.
  12. AlexElizabeth

    GH actress to Y&R

    I can't speak to the story quality on Y&R but she literally only got 11 episodes on GH in 2018, so I would imagine she'll at least get more airtime on Y&R, so good for her.
  13. AlexElizabeth

    GH actress to Y&R

    I was hoping GH would actually get around to exploring Valerie/Kristina, but Valerie is so rarely on and that story has been all but forgotten. Can't blame the actress for moving on.
  14. AlexElizabeth

    OLTL Vet to DAYS?

    I love her.