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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. Oh for sure. I'm sure they'll be over as soon as the truth about her not being Nina's daughter comes out, and she'll probably leave the country. It's too bad as I think the actress has been a pretty good find so far. Had to roll my eyes at Franco the town hero getting recognized by the PCPD. 🙄
  2. Michael and Sasha are working for me so far. That's all I have to say about today's boring episode. I bet it's Ryan's hand in the box 😄
  3. Terrible promo. They need to stop promoting the disgusting pairing known as Ciara/Ben.
  4. Probably just back to break it off with Abe for good (are they still sort of together? Abe's hardly ever on so I can't keep track).
  5. It's SO bad. I can't believe how badly they've screwed up Jack's return (I mean I can, but...). The whole political angle is terrible, Jack looks terrible, and I love Kassie but Eve is completely ruined. Jack's return started off kind of promising with him getting close to JJ and everything before this mayor crap started, but it's all gone completely off the rails. I can't take another ridiculous rally with 10 screaming morons in attendance. Make it stop. When that random day player showed up and started talking about Jack and Eve's obvious love and then was tearing into Adrienne for being a traitor, then he happened to be a pastor, I was like WTF??? Sooo awful. As of right now, Jack could get killed off for the 500th time and I wouldn't really care.
  6. Ciara kidnapped/held hostage again?????? Are they serious?
  7. Have Nina find out the truth about Sasha and leave town. Quick and easy. This character never should've been recast!
  8. Laura Wright is the first person who comes to mind for me. Her hair is just beautiful. The girl who plays Ciara on DAYS has nice hair as well.
  9. Absolute shame that they're recasting. This character is beyond a flop.
  10. You could read Kristina's confession when she was signing it. I figured this is what it would be about...
  11. Hopefully the brain tumor makes him fall out of love with boring ass Sonny.
  12. Jack's return has been so bad. Not to mention I hate Eve now. But good grief. That "rally" with all of 10 people in attendance was laughable. At least Jennifer has been looking decent lately? I know that Claire set the fire, but I have to laugh at everyone being so suspicious of the lighter, as if no two lighters look alike. I like Sheila, but no to her and Abe. Just no. Baby David is cute 😍 But you know Rafe is going to decide to take him in without even talking to Hope about it. He is just the worst.
  13. Please show, don't tease us with the idea of Maxie/Chet just to end up giving us Maxie and boring ass Peter instead. Ugh. Can't believe we have to sit through this ridiculous meeting at the school.
  14. I'm really over Jack's return and this story has made me hate Eve. This story has been just awful.
  15. How in the world does Ben have a concealed carry permit? He's a convicted serial killer.
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