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  1. This is good news. Kim is a waste of airtime.
  2. Why can't Rolf just perform a miracle for Julie?
  3. This cracked me up because it's so true. Or at least BB coming back as Stefan's twin. This is why it sucks that they tape so far out - BB actually worked and made Stefan a viable character, but his death was probably already filmed before he ever even aired.
  4. Who is honestly going to buy Corinthos Coffee baseball shirts or any of that stuff?
  5. I feel like she's the only person who could really pull that outfit off, too. She looks good in EVERYTHING.
  6. GH's numbers are well deserved. You can't revolve the show around RH's Franco and expect numbers to do anything but plummet.
  7. A Chet sighting! I hope they're showing him because we'll be getting him with Maxie when she and Peter inevitably break up.
  8. So no joke, I work in a hospital and any time we have a pregnant woman 35 or older, the word "elderly" gets used in their diagnosis. Like "pregnancy in elderly female." It makes me laugh every time.
  9. It doesn't make a difference what his name is or if he has some small connection to the show's history. The character will be a fail regardless because he's being brought on for Franco.
  10. I really like the actor but it's time for Shiloh to go.
  11. God I hope so. The actor is boring, the character has never caught on, and neither has the pairing with Maxie.
  12. Jennifer being held in the blue room is so lame. And how dumb that Dr. Shah is now a kidnapping psycho.
  13. If an actor playing a gay character isn't willing to actually kiss another guy on the lips, it's time to recast. It's not like Freddie and Chandler are anything special in the acting department anyway. Will and Sonny have horrible chemistry and the chin kisses make it even worse.
  14. Goodness. WilSon are so embarrassingly bad. How can anyone think they have chemistry?
  15. He still would've been horribly written and played by a horrendous actor, so not really.
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