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  1. The cliffhanger was fun, but yeah, I'm glad that the mask stuff (hopefully) seems to be coming to an end. I don't care about this Haley PTSD stuff at all.
  2. Ciara literally exists to follow Ben around. It's sad.
  3. I love how they keep bringing up that "Drew" thinks it's 2012, yet Oscar was 15 or 16 when he died 🙃
  4. Are you guys convinced that Franco is a hero yet???
  5. Sarah is boring. Sarah and Eric are boring. Sarah and Rex were boring. If Sarah is going to stick around, she needs to be with someone with an edge like Xander, who's the only person who has made her interesting so far. Sarah is bland and while I like Eric, he's also on the bland side and he and Sarah make one hell of a boring couple. It's just as boring as he was with Jennifer.
  6. I love Xander and "Mags" together.
  7. The usual. He was at Rolf's warehouse.
  8. How many times can we see Sam in danger and have to get saved by Jason? It's so tired.
  9. Yeah, I really haven't cared about Hayden's return at all.
  10. Does Ciara do anything besides hang out in Ben's bed all day? PLEASE give this girl some kind of life outside of him. Literally all she does is follow him around and f-ck him. Just get rid of her if this is all the character is going to amount to.
  11. When will we be rid of the trolls with the weird avatars? It's so obvious.

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    2. Cat


      Thank you for pointing out the avatars. They creep me the [!@#$%^&*] out!


      Now we have bots clogging up Off-Topic and Spoiler sections!

    3. DramatistDreamer


      I just saw it.  Looks like a spam-bot.  Seems like one nuisance begets another and another. 

    4. Errol


      Thank you for the notification. The matter has been dealt with.

  12. I loved the stuff with Xander and the mask so much. Brady's reactions were hilarious.
  13. Aren't you glad they recast her so she can continue to NEVER be seen? I'm done with these psychics. Enough already. I did love Michael dragging Shiloh into the elevator 😂
  14. While I still don't like Nina, I have to say that the character is a lot more watchable with CW in the role. I literally would let out a groan when I would turn on an episode and see that Stafford was on that day. Nina is starting to feel more human and less cartoonish. The writing helps a bit too with her apologizing to Willow and not being a huge bitch and horrible step mother who enables Charlotte being a bully. Sometimes when Nina is on now I just imagine how annoying Stafford would've played a certain scene, cringe, and then feel thankful that she's gone. Watros is such an improvement even though I still want the character gone. I'm a little late to commenting on it but the stuff with Bobbie having diabetes felt so random, though I'm not complaining about her suddenly getting a bit of airtime. I'm also really loving seeing Lucas more. He should get way more airtime and always be involved in a big story. Unfortunately I'm sure we'll never see him after the truth about Wylie comes out. I really hate Franco/Liz together and him being the greatest step dad to her kids. Puke. I'm really not sure what the point of Dev is or where this story is going. I'm already pretty over the "who pushed Obrecht" stuff, though I enjoy Obrecht. I hope we get to see more of Mark Lawson's character with Lulu now that she's gotten divorce papers.
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