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  1. DAYS: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    So we're already going back to Will/Sonny? Just like that? Boring. Wahhhh, Ciara is having the worst day ever because mommy took her bike
  2. DAYS: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    A whole episode of Rafe and Hope in bed. Ewww. I get that Ali is leaving, but Will/Sami already making up is so lame.
  3. GH: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    Nelle is such a lame bitch. Not entertaining or rootable in the slightest. Just annoying.
  4. DAYS: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    Chandler has so much more chemistry with the dude who plays Paul than he does with Freddie. I don't care about a WilSon reunion, plus it would be funny as hell if they put Will with Paul instead. I can't wait until I don't have to hear Sami try to justify what she did to Will. I mean I understand her POV but she needs to shut up. How long is Belle back for?
  5. DAYS: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    Acting wise no. Seems like they're trying to make the character some kind of badass bitch though and it's already failing.
  6. DAYS: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    lol she's an annoying brat! I'm not going to be able to handle seeing her multiple times a week. Revenge or whatever against Claire? Next!
  7. DAYS: December 2017 Discussion Thread

    So over nuCiara already.
  8. GH: November 2017 Discusion Thread

    Andre created a program to put one person's memories inside another person. Is that really the best they could come up with? It's like they're not even trying. And Jason having a twin, and everyone suddenly talking about different new Jason is... it's so lazy.
  9. Days: Actress leaving...

    I cannot believe we knew about this exit almost 8 months in advance.
  10. DAYS: October 2017 Discussion Thread

    On one hand I'm kind of tired of the Bonnie stuff, but I'm loving her awkward interactions with everyone. "Adrienne" and Victor are hilarious.
  11. DAYS: Wedding Crasher Reveal

    Crazy Ben was fun so I'm looking forward to this.
  12. GH: August 2017 Discussion Thread

    I'm totally here for Ava and Griffin. Finally something semi-interesting on this show.
  13. Michael Fairman gets into the music biz....

    I literally had to turn it off after 1 second. Awful.
  14. GH: Actor out?

    NOOOOOOOOOOO! He stinks.
  15. DAYS: August 2017 Discussion Thread

    Hope and Rafe are sooooo annoying. Leave Eli the f-ck alone.