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  1. Somebody actually let deVry get in front of the camera with that hair today. Wow.
  2. "December preview" - most of this promo happened on today's episode.
  3. JJ leaving already is definitely disappointing. Now we have Rafe instead. I actually let out a groan yesterday when he showed up. He doesn't add anything to the canvas and is simply not needed. It didn't affect one thing when he left.
  4. LOL. A while back in Michigan, when restaurant lobbies were open, they wanted each customer who dined in the restaurant to provide their phone number for contact tracing purposes. People were in an uproar about how they have a right to their privacy and won't be giving out their phone number. These are the same exact people who jumped at the chance to join Parler and give out their SSN. Idiots.
  5. The Brooklyn recast was great. I'll miss her. I was completely taken aback by Lucas randomly being recast. Especially since you know we'll still never see him.
  6. Michael and Willow are SO BORING. Zero chemistry. I like Michael, but he's not exactly the most exciting character and Willow is as bland as it gets. Can the show stop pushing so hard for them?
  7. How am I supposed to go to bed when Biden is so close to taking Georgia?! I can't wait to see what's happening when I wake up tomorrow. I think it'll be a good day.
  8. Over 5700 new cases in Michigan today. Our previous record was about 4100, which was just yesterday. It's getting horrible here.
  9. Yes. This. I feel like this isn't too much to ask for. Trump is just embarrassing.
  10. Rylan surprises me. There are a lot of people who needed to go before her. Hallelujah about DeVry though. He's needed to go for years.
  11. I love love love Nikolas and Ava. I can't remember the last time I was excited about a soap couple. They have great chemistry and I love this actor playing Nikolas. I agree that Joss is boring - I'll take Trina over her any day. Speaking of boring - Michael and Willow zZzzZzzzz
  12. The actor who plays Evan is really hot, and that's about the only interesting thing in this promo.
  13. I just love living in West Michigan where a lot of people think like this. https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/14/us/michigan-sheriff-militias/index.html
  14. It's stupid. I can't believe nobody is suggesting a DNA test on little Henry. That is all it would take to determine who is telling the truth. I am glad that Tripp is back though.
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