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  1. I'm one minute into today's episode and I wish they'd recast Spencer. 🤣😂 This is amazing.
  2. Would be nice if we ever saw Ciara interact with her mother. Unfortunately Ciara's life is devoted to trying to save a serial killer from death row so she can keep riding his dick 🙄
  3. The actress has always been good but man am I tired of seeing Nelle. I know she's necessary for the Wylie stuff, but ugh. Still liking the new Nik. Love Maura West. Love that Genie Francis is being utilized. Love Tracy being around. Liking Amanda Setton as Brook Lynn so far. Hate that we're being teased with Spinelli being in Port Charles permanently. Please no.
  4. Pointless. I forgot this character ever existed.
  5. The sad thing is, it's still better than the weird chin kisses Chandler and Freddie were doing to avoid kissing each other on the lips.
  6. Hot Evan being so thirsty for Sonny is ridiculous. And good god is Will ever boring. Can we bring back the hot bellhop for Evan or something? Kate whining about how Will and Sonny need to be together makes me want to punch her.
  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought Dev might be gay. Only thing is I don't give about damn about Dev. And I definitely don't care about any of this Gladys drama. I do like the new Nikolas. Can't believe the actor is 41.
  8. The viewers who watch to see RSW naked. That's about it.
  9. Sonny: "Nikolas is a fugitive. Jax is helping him. That's a crime." Oh, f-ck you, Sonny.
  10. Too bad SN is leading the counts as "Stefano." Yuck.
  11. Yeah I'm surprised but I actually kind of like Trina now. I'd definitely rather watch her than Josslyn and Dev.
  12. I used to own the snake print dress Kristen was wearing today. It cost less than $10.
  13. lol when Jason said grandma was coming to get the kids I assumed he meant Monica. Alexis showed up and I was like what? Oh yeah, she's their grandma too. I honestly forgot about Sam being in prison. The break from her was nice. Does ANYONE care about this Gladys crap? I don't know who this woman is, I don't care about the drama with her.
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