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  1. Why don't these people just do curbside pickup so they don't have to wear a mask inside the store? I swear these anti-maskers have zero brain cells.
  2. I know it won't happen, but I'd love for it to turn out that Ben is framing Claire to make it so Ciara continues to not have any life or friends outside of him. Bonnie being so thirsty over Lucas has me LMAO. I have no idea why she's back though.
  3. You must have missed the episode where Will say that he would be "honored" to be Ben's best man and that Ben murdering him is "water under the bridge." 🙄
  4. Gabi annoys me a lot, but she's not someone that I hope to see go because I think the show needs someone like her. She works as the town bitch.
  5. BYE!!! She's a talented young woman who had a ton of potential when she first came on, but Ciara the Ben cheerleader is unwatchable. I can barely make it through episodes where she's on (which isn't her fault, but the writing for Ciara is just horrendous).
  7. I freaking love Gwen. I hope she sticks around. The writers can't honestly think people like Ben. He is so damn annoying to watch.
  8. Ben on Days. They are willing to make every single character on canvas look ridiculous to try to prop him. This week they literally had Will, who Ben attempted to strangle to death, say that the whole incident is just "water under the bridge." The whole town has to prop up this serial killer, and people who don't like Ben (like Eve, whose daughter he murdered) are looked at as the bad guys.
  9. Whaaaaat. I didn't mind Marci as much as some people did, but after seeing Kate Mansi again, I'd rather Abigail just stay gone unless she's portraying her.
  10. I was LMAO when Xander screamed, "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?" when Ben/Ciara/Jake were fighting him for the book. 😂 I also cracked up at the unexpected twist with Brady not being able to get it up for Sarah. 😆
  11. They actually had Will say that Ben trying to kill him is "water under the bridge." What the [email protected]$%^#[email protected]!% 😡
  12. Michael Easton. I honestly can't even keep all of his GH characters straight because there have been so many and they're all interchangeable.
  13. I don't care about Rafe, but I actually felt bad for him today. How lame that he lost David.
  14. Good lord. This woman has had a hell of a year. I can't even imagine.
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