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  1. The thought did occur to me that they might have Joss being so interested in Trina/Spencer simply because she doesn't have anything else to do. She and Cameron have no story together. They're a couple now and that's that, but neither of them have a storyline. I genuinely don't know what else those two could have talked about today besides Spencer/Trina. So now Joss just gets to be all up in Trina and Spencer's business because they do have stories, lol.
  2. Hey GH, Nobody wants to see this dude naked and fooling around in bed. Especially not two days in a row. Especially not with Wallow. Watching them is like eating an unseasoned piece of chicken. I don't really get why Austin is involved in any of this (though I didn't mind him today tbh), but I was pleasantly surprised that Chase actually found out the truth today. I figured him going to the gatehouse was going to be another near-miss. Chase sure is recovering fast, lol. Dude went from being in a wheelchair to going up the stairs in mere minutes. I had to laugh - Chase found Michael's shirt and belt, then he hid in the closet while Michael and Willow came down the stairs, yet he still wanted more evidence. WTF was he hoping to find upstairs? Jizz stains? Austin sitting on the bed that Millow had just f-cked on "It's like I blinked and Donna became a teenager." LOL what. How old is Donna going to be if we ever see her again? LMAO at Valentin asking Carly if she's going to have kids with Jason. Does anyone care about the Curtis/Jordan divorce drama? It feels like the same scene over and over again, and I never cared about their marriage anyway. If you had told me two months ago that my favorite part of the show would be a potential teen pairing involving a kid who's never acted, I would've thought you were crazy. Spencer and Trina are just lovely One second he's being a dick to Cameron, the next second Trina shows up and he's the biggest softy ever and is even giving her good advice. They're so cute and they have good chemistry. I need moooooreeee. I hope that we never, ever have to sit through a Joss/Spencer pairing. She is so boring and has chemistry with no one. The boys always like her - Oscar, Dev, and now Cam. And now Joss is already fixated on Spencer/Trina. Please just let Spencer be into Trina and not go panting over Joss like every other teenage boy. Boring!
  3. Christie Clark doesn't appear to be aging, and Peck looks good too (much better than Muldoon). I'm getting excited about this!
  4. Yeah, I mean I was totally cool with a break from Will and Sonny, but all these characters should be on the actual show. We have Sami, Lucas, Allie, Johnny (soon), but no Will.
  5. Love it Also love Leslie Charleson having more episodes than Mo...
  6. What a boring episode today! Wiley's depressing birthday party and Nixon Falls. Seriously? Sonny and Nina talking about Lenny's condition is like a sedative. At least we didn't have to hear about Mike's special sauce today. Why didn't Nina just go outside to video chat? LOL at Jason just being like, "Aight Imma head out." He knew that birthday party was whack. Poor Wiley. Can't he just open his presents and have some cake? Not one viewer was asking for Willow's mom to come back. Not one! I honestly forgot that the character even existed. So, naturally, she's back on our screens. Why? Nobody is asking for more Wallow airtime. I love how they were trying to make her entrance into the Quartermaine mansion oh so dramatic. Literally no one cares about Willow's mom. Nobody cares about the drama with her and Willow. I can't believe how much airtime was spent on this today. Episodes shouldn't be centered around Willow. Michael and Willow not only are boring, but they're disgusting. I honestly find it disturbing that they get turned on by talking about a dead baby. Do whatever fans they have actually get excited about them f-cking after talking about a dead kid? I'd be so weirded out if a couple I liked did that. I did find a behind-the-scenes photo of Michael and Willow's love scene: Also, Howarth looks ridiculous. I feel like they're just trolling us at this point. The best part of the episode was seeing Trina and Spencer in tomorrow's preview.
  7. He's being forced into every story it feels like. Forced into the Quartermaine family. Forced into the Millow mess. Forced into Nik/Ava stuff. Why can't he just go away?
  8. Maybe Freddie and his wife can interview Zach Tinker for their YouTube channel...
  9. No idea who he is but he looks good. This is starting to sound more interesting to me now that we have Carrie, Austin, Anna, and LEO (!!!) joining. I'm assuming they meant to put Tony and not Andre.
  10. No way guys! The money couples are Jarly and Millow. Wasn't it HOT how Wallow and Mayo Michael got turned on by putting bows on Wiley's presents?
  11. Since we don't have a show to talk about, here's some "wisdom" from Camila Banus.
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