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  1. Yeah, same, and I actually like Eric. But I'm really liking Xander lately and I love him with Sarah and as Mickey's dad. I don't think that Xander is totally reformed or redeemed or anything like that, but I do like this softer side to him. It's December and Gabi's wearing a crop top.
  2. Sarah and Xander 😍 Also Sarah's hair has really improved lately. It looked so bad for a while. Pretty boring show today.
  3. How many damn phone calls does Ben get every day? He has more of a social life in prison than I have in real life. Ridiculous.
  4. I'm watching today's episode and honestly, I'm embarrassed. This Stefano stuff is SO bad. The prison stuff is a complete joke. Kayla and Justin are boring.
  5. It's a shame but it makes sense at this point. The thing that really bums me out is that you know we'll never see Lucas once this story is over and Brad is gone. No husband, no kid. Just back burner.
  6. The little girl who plays Violet is beyond cute, and that's really all I have to say about the show right now because it's boring.
  7. I'm happy to see SN but... this looks terrible.
  8. It's weird seeing Steve without the patch. I'm with everyone who hates the convent stuff. And Eli is so lame as head of Dimera security. I don't blame Sonny bear for being thirsty for Evan.
  9. I never thought I'd see the day where I root for Xander over Eric and care more about Sarah/Xander being together than Eric/Nicole. I actually felt bad for Xander today? Like what is happening.
  10. This made me laugh because literally right now I'm watching the show and wishing he'd grow it back 😂
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this was ridiculous. Yeah, how dare a married couple be having a conversation in the house they live in. So suspicious of Chad and Abigail. 🤣 I'm here for Chad taking down Gabi, but not here for this Stefano (and Gina) stuff.
  12. ...because they don't need a child together. Eric and Sarah were a boring filler couple that they threw together because Ari Zucker wasn't on the show. I highly doubt most viewers care about Eric and Sarah together or them sharing a child, and I'm not sure what storyline potential there is with them having a kid. The baby being Kristen's is way more interesting. And if the baby really is Sarah's, honestly it'd be way better if the baby turned out to actually be Xander's. She and Xander at least have chemistry.
  13. Q's on canvas right now are Monica, Ned, Michael and Jason, and Brooklynn just came back this week.
  14. Chandler looks like he's actually asleep in this photo. And even with that in mind, they still have more chemistry just in this photo than Will/Sonny or Ben/Ciara do on screen...
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