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  1. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    Laura the gatekeeper This storyline is HORRIBLE.
  2. General Hospital March 2018 Discussion

    Me too, though I wish they'd just give up on JaSam. I was kind of dreading Mike coming back because it meant more story for Sonny, but the actor has been a highlight since he's been on.
  3. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    Anyone else think Abby/"Gabi" looks way better with the dark hair? Gabi was just going to throw everything away in a dumpster? What a moron.
  4. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    Claire has become super annoying, and I'm liking Ciara a lot more now than I did when she was first brought back. I cracked up at her punching Claire.
  5. General Hospital March 2018 Discussion

    I love how the preview for Monday was literally just a repeat of today's cliffhanger.
  6. GH February 2018 Discussion Thread

    This bugged me more than it should since I work in radiology, but you don't need to take off your watch and put on a gown to have a CT scan of your head. I guess I shouldn't expect medical accuracy from this show. I do like the actor playing Mike though. I forgot Olivia existed.
  7. DAYS: February 2018 Discussion Thread

    I didn't realize this was supposed to be February sweeps until I read the thread. Yikes. The show is boring. The Andre murder storyline is a complete snooze. The next most boring storyline is Lani's pregnancy. I just do not care about any of it, other than I feel really bad for JJ. I don't know what the hell is going on with John, but I just hope Will doesn't get his memory back. I like Will as he is right now and I like him and Paul and I don't want all of that to be thrown away for some insta-reunion with Sonny's boring ass. Chad and Abby talking for a whole episode was definitely a snooze. Abby is very dull. Ciara and Tripp could work, but I don't really care.
  8. GH February 2018 Discussion Thread

    I thought Nathan's funeral was nice, though I could've done without Danny Boy at the end. And I'm glad that Maxie is going to blame Lulu. The rest of the show is a snooze. I've said it before but I'm SO tired of Carly and Jason having the same conversation every time they're in scenes together. We get it, Carly. Jason needs to go fight for Sam and Sam is lying to herself about being happy with Drew. Enough already. Crazy Nelle? YAWN. Sonny getting MORE story with Mike being back? Come on. Nobody is here for this. The worst of all is this Franco nonsense. Absolutely nobody cares that he pushed Drew down the stairs when he was like 4 years old. It's ridiculous and I don't get how it's even a story.
  9. GH January 2018 Discussion Thread

    Obviously Paevey is no great loss, and neither is Nathan, but I think his death has been pretty sad so far. It's the most emotion GH has gotten out of me in a long time. I mean I'm sure I'll be tired of Maxie blubbering by the end of the week, but today was sad, especially when she saw the bloody ultrasound photo at the end. Michelle Stafford can go away though. This Peter dude is awful and so is the story with him being Faison's son. Nobody cares.
  10. Days Feburary Sweeps

    I had no clue Billie was returning. Who's playing her? I'm not feeling the Lani story. Lani's always been kind of a blah character to begin with, and I'm not into watching her be miserable about her pregnancy. Looking forward to Paul/Will. I have no idea where this poisoning story is going.
  11. GH January 2018 Discussion Thread

    Poor Vanessa. My sister has suffered a similar number of losses. It's awful.
  12. GH January 2018 Discussion Thread

    Sure, but why bother to write in something about Spencer breaking his legs to begin with? This completely came out of nowhere.
  13. DAYS: January 2018 Discussion Thread

    Stefan: "Abigail and I do have a certain amount of chemistry." Who are they trying to kid with this?
  14. Days Promo Week of January 15, 2018

    For real. This promo is a week too early.
  15. DAYS: January 2018 Discussion Thread

    The show is utilizing flashbacks way too much. We know that Eli and Lani slept together. We don't need to see the flashbacks every day. I swear that one of them went on for like 3 minutes today.