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  1. Doubt it but hell, why not? Beats Hope/Rafe and Ben/Ciara. 🤣
  2. Ugh, that means WilSon are still together in October. Zzzz.
  3. This Will story falls so flat because: 1. Will and WilSon are BORING. 2. Freddie and Chandler suck. 3. Will just came back from the dead, only to get a story where he might die again. 4. Even if Will dies, we know he'll just come back. There are no stakes here. Just awful on every level.
  4. I can take or leave Drew, but Kim is beyond pointless now that Oscar's dead and needs to go. I had completely forgotten that they were even on the show until they popped up the other day. Kim isn't even needed as an OB doctor, they can just keep using the day player Carly sees. Drew at least has connections to people on the show other than Oscar. But I don't really care if he leaves.
  5. I love the show's suggestion that all you have to do is call a hospital, give them the mother's name, and boom, you have access to someone's birth certificate. Has anyone who writes for this show ever actually worked in the medical field?
  6. Ciara looks beyond dumb trying to defend Ben to Rory, being all, "He wouldn't do that!!!" It's sad that she had to be turned into a complete moron to make this pairing work. Freddie was horrible in those scenes with Eve today. Sorry but he just can't play threatening. His hair looks 10000x better though.
  7. Ciara and Ben are horrible, and I hate that Ciara no longer has a life outside of him. Almost all of her scenes are either with him or her talking to someone about him. Begging Lani and Rafe to let him see David, trying to convince people that he's good, acting like Eve is crazy for hating her daughter's murderer. She has no identity outside of him. Does she work? Does she go to school? What does she do all day besides hang around Ben's house waiting for him to get done working so they can f-ck? Not to mention she looks like a moron going around town making sure everyone knows how good and changed Ben is, meanwhile he's threatening to strangle Rory. She looks stupid as hell. The actress is too good to be stuck on Ben propping duty.
  8. Then instead of this we'd be hearing complaints that it's a slap in the face to F&F fans that Frisco wasn't brought back for GH's 50th.
  9. Margeaux has a pledge though which is part of joining the trust. It makes no sense. I was confused by this as well. And they're not doing anything else with Margeaux - EH is done.
  10. Frisco isn't on the show and Felicia is. What exactly are they supposed to do?
  11. My goodness. I don't even care, but Rafe could be the one initiating the kiss (he seems to be the one leaning in for it) and Carrie could pull away one second after the 2-second clip shown in the promo. There's no reason to act like Carrie is tossing Austin aside to jump Rafe's bones based on a promo clip with no context. I mean that totally could happen but good grief.
  12. I actually laughed out loud when Sonny threatened to kill Eve. I'm sorry but Freddie is SO bad at trying to be threatening. At least his hair isn't slicked back. It's been great seeing Rory. He's funny and adorable.
  13. These promos are always way better than what actually airs, but I love Brady's reactions to everything. I love Eileen but SH has been a good recast.
  14. I enjoyed the Xander/Maggie scenes today. Brady walking in at the end was funny. I also enjoyed Julie and Jack. Not too bad of a show overall today.
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