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  1. Eden is funny, lol, I laughed at Esme being in the trunk. I have to say that I enjoy how the GH teens use social media. No politics, no drama. They just post fun stuff about the show and support each other. Some of their older coworkers should take note.
  2. You're trying way too hard to start drama on this board. Who's being cranky in this thread? The overall response to this promo has been positive here. Time to go back to your other superior soap boards that you keep talking about.
  3. He's the cutest. I love that they're on social media. Bill looks like he's having a blast.
  4. I won't even watch their videos for free. Freddie really thinks people are going to pay a fee to listen to him talk about his pet's bladder infection? He must be desperate.
  5. Another day with decent stories on. I definitely prefer this group of characters instead of the episodes where we get nothing but Ciara/Ben, Brady/Chloe/Philip, Ava/Nicole/Rafe, and Gabi/Jake. Man, I'm loving this stuff with Doug and Julie. Doug is 96 and in a front burner story. How awesome. Bill Hayes is KILLING it, too. I really love him. I'm also glad that this isn't going to be a depressing Alzheimer's storyline. They're giving this man something fun and crazy to play. Doug saying he locked that bitch in the freezer on purpose and it was so fun. LMAO. And his little sh!t-eating grin when he says "I'm not Doug." I'm cackling. The end gave me chills Is Doug gonna levitate soon Kate's finally on! With Lucas! Not really here for Kate/Roman though. I love Johnny/EJ scenes. LOL at Johnny just being like, "I can easily write you out of the story. Lucas is the love of her life." Chad/Abby scenes were totally forgettable. I kept forgetting they were on until EJ showed up. The EJ/Abby hug was awkward LOL.
  6. This looks good for the most part! A storyline involving Cin f-cking some more... how fresh. Marla Gibbs is back! Yay! And VICTOR! Finally. Bring on Nicole and nuEJ. I've been asking for this. Get her away from that bore Rafe. I'm excited to see what kind of chemistry AZ and DF have. I know the possession stuff is silly but honestly, it's fun and entertaining and it's a desperately-needed shot in the arm right now. The show has been so boring lately. We need something crazy happening. Marlena levitating has me howling!
  7. Totally. It's like watching two different shows sometimes. We had several days of Bonnie/Justin/Calista nonsense and the stale Brady/Chloe/Philip triangle. It was a complete snooze and I kept saying that they needed to put Johnny/Chanel in these episodes to spice them up, lol. Then today we had far more interesting people on with the quad, a surprise Will appearance, Doug/Julie, and Paulina telling Marlena the truth about Lani. I like this show better.
  8. Finally, a decent episode. I liked the surprise appearance from Chandler. He looked hot, lol. Johnny's movie should bring Will (and Sonny!) back to Salem. I kept hoping Zack Tinker would show up in the background of Will's video call. Marlena looked lovely in that shade of blue today. I can't with all the Abe/Paulina marriage talk. Sorry Abe, but you've got competition now with Doug! LMAO! That was too funny. So glad that the quad was finally on today. The actress who plays Chanel is so gorgeous. More Chanel/Johnny please.
  9. I see that Jason's kids didn't get an invite to the wedding. This wedding is so cringy and dull. I don't care about the drama with Vincent Novak. And we have Spinelli giggling like a schoolgirl as Carly walks down the aisle. Yuck. Nixon Falls was much more interesting today than the wedding. Things are happening. Nina is totally in the wrong but I'm not even really that mad at her because Cynthia Watros is just really good. It was good to see Max Gail. LOL at Sonny's first memory being him smashing barware. He's back, now let's get him to the wedding ASAP so we can have a hell of a Friday cliffhanger tomorrow.
  10. Hopefully this means Zack Tinker isn't far behind Come on Days!
  11. This is the same reaction daily viewers of the show had, lol. Calista is Bonnie's never-mentioned former sister-in-law who came to Salem to get revenge on Bonnie for killing her husband, Harrison. The whole silly back story was told in yesterday's newly-created flashbacks. Riveting stuff. So yes, these characters are named Calista Lockhart and Harrison Lord. Hilarious, right? Calista was thankfully killed off after a week of being on the show. A totally random and pointless storyline.
  12. Oh lord... I'm not watching that. Is he mad that ZT was instantly popular as Sonny?
  13. I don't get why the writers are so insistent on giving us Rafe/Nicole. They're boring and I've never seen any fanfare for them. They just have the same scene over and over again and it's not at all interesting. I'd rather see them test out Nicole with nuEJ or even write her out (and I say that as someone who likes her!).
  14. There was a definite shift with Jason/Carly/Britt. We went from Jason pining over Britt and constantly looking miserable with Carly to him falling back in love with Carly and wanting a real marriage basically overnight. It makes absolutely no sense. Jason/Britt slept together almost four months ago so at this point I'm assuming we're not getting a pregnancy storyline, which I'm okay with. There really was no point to Jax and Britt hooking up, lol. I really enjoyed Jason and Britt but now I'm basically wondering what the point even was. They could've spent that time showing Jason falling in love with Carly and have this current story actually make some sense. Instead we have Jarly in love overnight because they want maximum drama when Sonny returns soon. Horrible writing.
  15. Today's episode is terrible! Recreated flashbacks of Bonnie, Calista, and Harrison Lord? Talking about the stupid "buddy's burger bucks" or whatever? Are you kidding me? I don't get why Ben and Ciara get airtime. They don't have anything resembling a story. Making out nonstop is not a story. It's time for them to ride off into the sunset. Brady/Chloe/Philip is so stale. Gabi manipulating Philip is at least kind of funny because Philip is just such a loser at this point. I'm only halfway through this episode and I'm not sure I can even finish. Awful!
  16. Jax not immediately telling Sonny everything and dragging him back to PC is ridiculous and hard to believe. It's like the show refuses to do drama. We just have Jax keeping his mouth shut so this can be dragged out longer. We're really supposed to believe that Jax isn't rushing to drag Sonny back in time to stop the wedding? And to make his daughter happy? Okay.
  17. Joss has never been my fave but I do enjoy her friendship with Trina. Loved her telling Spencer that if it came down to it, she'd easily choose Trina over him. That's right girl, let Spencer know he ain't sh-t! I also love how much it bugs Joss that Eczema says "Spence." Same, Joss, same. I quite enjoy Joss being bitchy and annoyed with Enema. I did laugh at how Joss was going on and on tearing into Spencer and all he cared about was that Trina liked him. Too cute. What wasn't cute was Elmo nibbling on his ear (or whatever she was doing) at the end - soooo weird and awkward. Joss knows something is off here too. I really hope they let Mo keep the gray hair once he's Sonny again. Why doesn't Jax just tell Sonny the truth Poor Phyllis is having such a bad month. I really hope she comes to PC and Sonny takes good care of her. Sam actually has a little energy with Dante and I like it. Wes Ramsey looked like he was having fun today. That's all I'll say
  18. At this point I have to assume that the lack of chemistry is intentional here because otherwise... lol.
  19. I'm still rewatching Leo scenes, lol. I miss Beyond Salem.
  20. I had a feeling with Jordan being sent off to Camp Kidney. I'm not too sad about it.
  21. I'm thinking that after yesterday, Phyllis can be Sonny's new enforcer when he returns and is mad at Jason.
  22. ACTING!!!! I'm just waiting for him to say, "And I would've gotten away with it if too it weren't for you meddling kids!" What a cartoon.
  23. During the Johnny/Marlena scenes. Don't tell me you were sleeping through Carson Boatman's scenes Johnny is hoping to use Will's script about Sami for his movie.
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