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  1. Can we just stop with Ben and Ciara? It is time to put both of these characters to rest.
  2. We have Ben on the show as the hero of Salem. They can find a way to keep Charlie around.
  3. I like Kate and Jake as well. I don't think that's an unpopular opinion. I have zero interest in seeing Jake with Gabi. I don't ever need Missy Reeves back. Cady McClain has been a great Jennifer. I forget that she's even a recast - she fits right in.
  4. What a boring Friday episode. I was expecting followup with Rafe showing up at Charlie's door, Ava telling Kayla she has another son, etc. Instead they totally killed the momentum with that story and we got Kristen in prison being jealous over Chloe and this stupid baby snatching story.
  5. I just watched the last couple of episodes. Anna has been the highlight. So fun. I want Kate and Jake to work things out Will's return was really pointless lol. The thing people would've cared about most was seeing him with Marlena, and that was likely cut.
  6. Literally last week on GH when they revealed that Cyrus and Martin are Laura's brothers that she never knew about. So random and unnecessary.
  7. So bizarre that we got Will/Maggie but not one scene with Will and Marlena. I also was thrown that Will got to interact with Jennifer. I'm still really liking Cady in the role. The less said about Sonny's Zoom return, the better. I'm cracking up at that one unfortunate screen cap that someone posted. Sami's Zoom appearance was way better.
  8. 47? She looks amazing. I'm not upset if the show is splitting up Curtis and Jordan. Curtis has chemistry with pretty much everyone who's not Jordan. I honestly forgot about the whole Molly/Brando/TJ story (the show did, too). I wonder if we'll see any followup now that Molly told TJ. Like, will we ever see TJ confront Brando? Will we see Molly and TJ work on rebuilding their relationship? Probably not. I don't get why the show pretty much refuses to write for them. This Sonny stuff is so dumb. Not one viewer believes they're actually going to have Sonny die,
  9. I was thinking the same thing, haha. Where's our big New Year's reveal I love that Anna has been back for all of 5 seconds and already has Gwen figured out. And I feel bad for Jake in the promo, I sure as heck wouldn't be embarrassed by him lol.
  10. I got the Moderna vaccine today. When will I start feeling the effects of the microchip?

    1. Juliajms


      Never. Those of us in the deep state wouldn't be doing a very good job if people could feel the microchip, now would we? Seriously, are you feeling ok? I've read it can be rough, but obviously worth it.

    2. AlexElizabeth


      I've felt completely normal since getting the shot, besides my arm being a little sore for a day or two where they poked me, which obviously is to be expected. We'll see what happens after I get the second/final dose next month, but so far so good.

    3. Juliajms


      I'm glad you are feeling well!

  11. Will disappearing was so bizarre. Something had to have been cut. He had no purpose today. He showed up at J&M's, said hi to Brady, and vanished. Didn't even get to say hi to Marlena. WTF? They're putting Charlie in those glasses more and more and it makes me happy.
  12. This doesn't surprise me. The hospital system I work for has 30,000 employees (at least 75% of which have signed up to get the vaccine). This week only 400 employees were able to get vaccinated because that's all we were given. So now we're waiting to get Moderna vaccines so we can hopefully get more people (myself included) vaccinated.
  13. I'm glad that Laura is front and center, as she should be, but Cyrus and Martin being her brothers feels so random. Digging into Laura's history is nice, but now she has these nobodies as brothers. Cyrus is lame. I wouldn't mind MEK's character if they had him drop that horrible accent. Julian's exit feels like it's been going on for years. These shootouts get so old. It was very disappointing that Real wasn't there for the reunion with Trina. I can't believe they temporarily recast Taggert instead of just waiting to film those scenes. They really thought it was a good
  14. Okay, so we kinda figured that Charlie would be the rapist, and it's all predictable, but I kind of like this dynamic where Ava obviously favors one son over the other. Who will Charlie's dad be? Maybe Ava had a secret affair with Stefano and Charlie is a yet another long-lost DiMera? TB is entertaining as Ava. Hard to believe that not too long ago I was bored to tears with her on GH as Kim. Keeping Ava around for awhile and finding a way to keep Charlie around would make the canvas more interesting. Tripp will be cleared obviously but wanting a relationship with Ava will cause i
  15. LOL. I'm glad Joey is out of prison, but he can go move to South Africa with Theo and JJ as far as I'm concerned. The actor is not good.
  16. Fraternal twins, just like any full siblings, share 50% DNA. I'm guessing the DAYS writers never took any kind of basic anatomy & physiology or biology class where that sort of thing would be covered. Or there will be some plot twist that Charlie switched the test to say that Tripp was the father. Or they'll say that Charlie and Tripp are identical twins but Charlie had plastic surgery. lol I like Charlie and the actor who plays him so far, so hopefully there's a way that Charlie won't be completely be written into a corner and can stick around as a viable character.
  17. I'm just going to keep saying it. Charlie looks adorable in the glasses. I feel better after googling the actor and seeing that he's 33 - older than me. I thought I was creeping on some 21-year-old kid.
  18. I agree - no to Kate and Roman. I get that they're probably supposed to be close in age, but that's not how they come off at all. I'm a 29-year-old straight woman and I think LK is sexy. Josh Taylor, uh, not so much. Kate needs a way better screen partner than Mumbles. I'm liking Cady as Jennifer. I wouldn't mind if this was a permanent recast. Rafe's return has been boring as can be so far.
  19. It's funny because Curtis has chemistry with literally every other person on the show.
  20. Yesterday's episode giving a shoutout to porn star Alexis Texas is the most random thing imaginable.
  21. Every time this nuClaire is on, all I can think is that the scenes would be so much better if we still had the last actress. She brought life to Claire. This new girl is dull.
  22. I like Sarah but I feel like she's become an airhead valley girl with the way she talks. I forget that she's supposed to be a doctor.
  23. Can Chloe stay this time? It's been so nice having Shawn, Belle, and Phillip on the show and actually getting airtime. Chloe is needed too.
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