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  1. Well, I’ve already shared my belief about Charlie (and Evan), but all this just happened way too quickly. Instead of doing these mini stories like with Jan, they could have stretched out these longer running stories a little more. Rushing something always ruin it in most mediums, not just on daytime soaps.
  2. Yeah. I've seen a lot of posts and comments in a lot of places. Some people want Charlie gone, but want MM to stay. Some want Charlie completely redeemed, but most agree that he was a really good actor that's been wasted. And yes, I find him hot lol but I would still think that MM was wasted even if I wasn't attracted to him. For me, it does depends on the acting too. I've always thought RSW was hot af but if Ben was killed off tomorrow, I wouldn't shed a tear.
  3. Well, in that case, this is for you
  4. Maxie is a clown. Her downfall is going to be just as good as Peter's
  5. I do think the recast is hot, but for me, there's always been something about Ryan
  6. Idk. I guess it was just too much, too fast. Rushing something always ruins it. They were so determined to further ruin Charlie that they just shoved it all into the one episode instead of providing us with any kind of motivation or understanding of what drove this to happen. And I do see lots of wasted potential. Probably the most I've seen from any actor or character in a while. Overall, I just don't get it. Why is he being killed off when there are other rapists and even murderers running around Salem playing the victim? I mentioned my suspicions about it a few pages back in th
  7. Yeah that was it. Sami was devastated because she lost Lucas, and because Roman and Marlena were "dead" , and she wanted revenge on everybody, especially John and Kate. And some random guy just showed up at her apartment and turned her into Stan.
  8. I hope Mike Manning knows how disappointed everybody is about him being written out. He deserved so much better than what he got. Those eyesss
  9. I usually don't say this that much, but today's episode was BAD. The acting was good for the most part, but everything else about it, particularly the writing was ridiculous. And with I fear that tomorrow is going to be just as bad as today. Yet at the same time, I feel more determined than ever to keep watching, no matter how bad it may get.
  10. Not bad at all lol I really liked that first Brady/Kristen storyline in 2012-2013, but I don't see them as this endgame couple that they've been portrayed as these last few years. If they broke up for good, I wouldn't have a problem with it. And agreed on Paul. The retcon was stupid, but I accepted it because he was such a good actor, and the chemistry he had with both Wills, and a lot of other actors was great.
  11. I am. I really like it. Casey Hutchison is a pretty good writer. And just like with you, the problem with me is the actors. Some of them still sound so robotic. These last few episodes called for some pretty emotional performances, and I just didn't really feel it for some of them. And I do like the character of Lucinda. I hate the way she pronounces "Gunnar" though (Goonar)
  12. Yep. She was going to be his new mommy. Now, she'd rather wipe away something else You're not alone
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