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  1. Anna was great yesterday. That's the kind of campy humor that should be on DAYS, not stupid camp. And besides, Steve needs his patch. A Steve without his patch is unthinkable lol
  2. Just remembered another one If Tom Langan had stayed at DAYS, John or Stefano would have been Zack's father, not Bo.
  3. Once in another thread, some people were suggesting that the Marlena character should have actually been Sandy Horton and that Diedre Hall could have played a recast Sandy, and everything that happened to Marlena would have happened to Sandy. (Roman and Sandy, John and Sandy, Sandy possessed by a demon, etc.) That way the show could have been anchored by another legacy character. I heard that Timmy was supposed to come back as an angel. That was such a bad rewrite. Is it true that the only reason he changed it was because fans figured it out? IMO, it would have made more sense if Ron had changed Fluke to turning out to be Frank or Damian Smith, rather than giving Luke DID
  4. No. They have enough episodes to last til the end of May. They're probably hoping to resume production before they run out
  5. Frank's never gonna let Nicholas Bechtel go. Even if Chris tries again, it's probably going to get blocked
  6. I wish we knew. In every interview that Lemay gave, he never really went into detail about his 1988 return and departure. The only thing I ever heard him talk about from that time was the human trafficking story that he wanted to do. Imagine how different AW would have been had Douglass Watson never died. Rachel never would have married Carl, Paulina would have been a completely different character, or might not have even existed at all, anything to do with Ian Rain and his father never would have happened, Justine, Hadley Prescott, etc. So many things would have been different or wouldn't have happened at all. As for other soaps, I know DAYS had to end Lee's storyline after Brenda Benet's suicide, but I don't know if any others soaps had one of their leads pass away right in the middle of a storyline that they were featured heavily in.
  7. I'd love to know too. It's clear that originally, everybody was supposed to be dead. Whether Marlena was always supposed to be the killer, and what was supposed to happen had everybody stayed dead is a mystery. I guess Corday knows, but if you asked him he'd probably say that what played out on screen was what always was going to happen.
  8. I guess we were lucky that GH's anniversary is April 1st
  9. For me, it's sort of a love/hate thing with Brooke. But then again I feel that way about most of the characters lol
  10. I think it would have been different for Doug and Julie had PFS stayed. They might not have even been written out in 84. But it does seem kind of strange that at the same time Doug and Julie were being phased out and the younger characters were being built up, the Neil/Liz/Marie triangle was going on plus the whole Mickey/Maggie/Don situation. Two big stories were centered around somewhat older characters when everything was supposed to skew young. I bet it had nothing to do with carbonic snow lol. PFS was even quoted in saying that the whole freeze Port Charles arc was a crappy idea, which Racina borrowed from a novel that he wrote. I wonder if that means he received two paychecks for that story; his regular salary and the right to use the novel.
  11. I don't think it can be blamed on the preemptions because DAYS pretty much had the same preemptions and they gained in every demo. I'm glad for B&B though. I guess its true that all good things come to those who wait.
  12. I've often wondered what soap writers had been planning to write had they not left or been fired from their show. Would certain storylines have played out the way that they did or were storylines drastically altered by the new head writer? Would we as fans have liked the original projection better? Examples Had Douglas Marland stayed at GH, it would have been Laura and Scotty as opposed to Laura and Luke. Had Gary Tomlin and Michele Poteet Lisanti stayed at DAYS, Stuart Whyland would have turned out to be the Salem Strangler, not Jake Kositchek. Had Pat Falken Smith stayed at DAYS in 1982, Stefano's obsession would have been Julie, not Marlena. Had Harding Lemay stayed at AW in 1988, John and Sharlene would have been involved in a storyline about human trafficking. Had Dena Higley and Ryan Quan stayed at DAYS, Gabi would have gotten pregnant with Chad's baby. I, myself have a few questions that I'd love to know the answers to, such as What was Pat Falken Smith's original plan for the Ice Princess storyline on GH? What was James E. Reilly's plan for Hope looking into her four missing years on DAYS? Would she have become Princess Gina or did Sally Sussman Morina write something completely different then what Reilly had envisioned? Feel free to share any original plans that you know.
  13. She's aged like a fine wine. And you're right, DAYS does not need three EP's. More people always leads to more problems.
  14. She'd probably say no because of the interference that comes with it, but I've always been hoping that Lorraine Broderick would get promoted. Let her finally get the chance that she didn't get in 1999
  15. Steve and Jack's redemptions were done right, especially Jack's. It was more character driven and built around the conflicts that Jack had within himself. They really played up the fact that Jack felt like he, the scheming rapist, wasn't good enough for Jennifer, which would have worked perfectly for Ben, the serial killer. I'm still somewhat enjoying the show, but I think it's time for Ron to go. He always starts to burn out when he hits three years writing a soap.
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