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  1. Haha Yours, mine and @Soapsuds' similar taste strikes again
  2. Lmao yep And the woman who's grandson you thought you murdered will become your bff
  3. I've always wondered what Sonny's illegal business is too. He doesn't move drugs, and I don't think he moves guns either (Didn't Rudge or somebody try to do that and Sonny wouldn't allow it/) I always assume it's more like racketerring and extortion, forcing all the business of Port Charles to sell his crappy coffee, otherwise he'll have somebody come around with molotov cocktails or something lol
  4. For one thing, he would've brought on a ton of new characters lol
  5. Well, we all knew he wasn't dead. But I'm curious about what they're going to do with him now that Peter and Franco are dead
  6. He's consistently been the best part of this storyline, which overall, I'm enjoying. Michael and Willow are boring but this is like a classic soap scenario and it's far, far better then the fake affair/forced marriage stuff that we had to endure last year.
  7. Haha I miss him too Just felt like sharing
  8. I miss that handsome face and... other things
  9. Hmmm... everybody in Salem was horny today. Was there a full moon or something?
  10. Well, there's always primetime lol What soap did you intern at?
  11. Sounds pretty good! Lmao I got the same problem. I was writing so much during the pandemic, but even though I'm glad that things are getting back to normal, it really has cut into my writing time lol
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