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  1. "Did AW's purge of half the cast help or hurt the show?" "Soaps doing less love scenes due to the AIDS epidemic" "Iran-Contra hearings to preempt soaps" "Has your soap become better or worse during the Writer's Strike?" "SHOCKER: Douglass Watson dead at 68" "DOOL: Roman is not Roman? WTF?"
  2. I'm indifferent to Rafe. I had no problem when he left but I also have no problem now that he's back. I'm hoping that they don't pair him with Nicole. I like them better as platonic friends. And JJ definitely should have stayed. He needs to be a part of this whole Gwen/Abby storyline. It would have been great to get his perspective about everything that's been happening and will happen as opposed to it just being centered around Abigail. I always said Xander should have become bi-curious after his experience with Leo. He had chemistry with him and now he has similar
  3. IMO, the biggest problem with current GH is that Sonny is being written as the epitome of reason and morality. The patriarch of Port Charles. And that's what hurting the show the most. At least under Guza, as much as Sonny ate the show, he was written as he is: a murderer, a glorified pimp (as Anthony Zacchara would say) and an all around scumbag lol Look at the way the Judge speaks about Sonny and everybody in this scene. You'd never see something like this on current GH. GH: Carly Scenes on 5/7/10 - YouTube Yep. The local mob boss is not only bes
  4. Sonny walked in on Will with one of his brothers? It’ll probably be that they were finally able to adopt a baby
  5. Knowing Ron, on New Years Eve the big reveal is going to be someone coming back from the dead. Or someone returning to Salem for revenge
  6. Lmaooo I can see Scott doing this That’s what I’ve been saying. Phelps/Guza decimated GH, but the writing (and even the acting in some cases) was so much better. This is going to make no sense whatsoever, but it’s like Phelps/Guza’s GH was better then current GH but at the same time it was worse then current GH lol
  7. Damn Liam, with brains like that, it’s a wonder how you manage to feed yourself
  8. Thanks! I figured that might be one of the reasons why we weren't seeing any flashbacks. I read somewhere that most of the early years of GH were saved and archived somewhere, but the early to mid 70's is really spotty.
  9. Also, keep in mind that production might not have saved those episodes. Aren't there some years of GH that are missing/lost?
  10. This was also around the time that Wes Kenney left and Al Rabin came in as co-EP. It does seem like NBC was trying to expand their control over DAYS and give less control to Betty Corday. I can't help but wonder if she supported all of these changes or was against them. Reminds me of Daniel Jonas lol
  11. Agreed. Soaps need more bisexual characters, and it's well past the time for an actual bisexual love triangle.
  12. But how's he gonna do it? The doll isn't anatomically correct
  13. I liked him too. He had much better chemistry with Joss and with Cam than Oscar did. I would have loved to have seen a Dev and Cam pairing lol But they botched him completely. The constant changes in his character really messed him up. And now that he's dead, it's like his character never had any purpose at all. He was practically a non-player. To me, it seems like the actor was hired before the character was even created which usually turns out to be a problem. It should be. I know it's usually posted on ABC.com around this time, but I'm not completely sure a
  14. Just when they finally figured out what they wanted to do with Dev... Tbh I have been waiting for something like this for a long time. The cast has been wayyyy too crowded for too long, but at the same time I feel as though they're getting rid of the wrong people again. Some characters who haven't been used well in years are still hanging on, while other characters who have potential are being squandered and then killed off. And I think we can finally confirm without a doubt that Frank Valentini has no identity except to be Mo's little bitch. Clearly the role of Sonny
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