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  1. I've always been a fan. It's also been kind of fun spotting soap actors in the episodes too.
  2. My daytime lineup is work, work and more work. Thank God for DVR. But on days that I'm off from work it's usually 9 AM: Maury 10 AM: Rerun of Murder She Wrote 11 AM: Price is Right 12 PM: DAYS 1 PM: Nothing 1:30 PM: B&B 2 PM: Reading or finding something to watch 3 PM: GH
  3. If Eli and Lani actually do get married, I hope she sings at the wedding.
  4. Here's an example of what I mean when I said two different characters. I can't picture Eric Martsolf in this scene. Screaming and crying? No way, he'd be trying to fight the demons.
  5. 😂😂 Well, Will was already with Step-Uncle Paul, who's to say Step-Uncle Brady isn't next
  6. I hope this doesn't mean the Adrienne dying spoiler was actually true
  7. Yeah, they're cousins. But Brady and Will aren't biologically related, so you never know lol
  8. Am I the only one who thought that Hope was annoying af today?
  9. He's better off trying to get back on DAYS where he actually did play a legacy character. As a matter of fact, his character was mentioned yesterday.
  10. So the crazy Kendra girl has a revenge boner for Alexis, yet I bet she’s not gonna do a single thing to Mac.
  11. Well, Wesley was for Richard Chamberlin. As for Mike, we’d have to track down Linda Anderson, the woman who “made him a man” lol
  12. That's why I always called him Sleepy. Kid looked like he was gonna pass out in every scene he was in. Every time I looked at his face or heard his voice, I felt like falling asleep myself. Dumping them would save the show in general
  13. I like Dev, and I think he does have better chemistry not just with Josslyn but with Cameron and Trina as well. Do you think Ashton Arbab might have worked as a recast Oscar? As for RH, if him and TB were leaving together it would be like Christmas came early lol
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