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  1. Paul was very seductive. I can see why Will cheated.
  2. Agreed. I despise politics with a passion, and all this preempting is making me despise them even more.
  3. I actually can see Will doing that. I don’t want him too but I can see it lol. But a Will who was more like Sami or Lucas, no chance
  4. It would be a classic Ron twist. I hope Judi Evans knows that. I know in the interview that she gave, she said she was sad but deep down she has to know that she probably will be back. I hope so. Cause all of that would destroy Maggie. And actually, Freddie Smith did say on his podcast that another twist was coming
  5. That's what I was thinking too; that at some point Rolf switched Bonnie and Adrienne's memories
  6. Is he supposed to be the rival mob boss?
  7. This really was a great week. Sucks that this probably won’t do anything for the ratings.
  8. I'm probably gonna be one of them.
  9. Well, if it gets nominated for an Emmy, I'll take back what I said lol
  10. I heard that the Achille Lauro hijacking was the reason why the Egypt shoot was cancelled. Makes you wonder if the story and everything that happened (Carl kidnapping Marley, Kathleen becoming paralyzed) were part of the original plans or had to be rewritten too. And I agree with you about how this messed up AW. This was like the first time the show veered off into unrealistic plots and it messed it up badly.
  11. Agreed 85 started well, but once Hall and Spencer became headwriters it just fell apart. The revamp started in May 1986.
  12. At least they actually hired a stunt woman to take the fall down the staircase, as opposed to Jen's wack fall from the balcony. True, Freddie is still lacking in the acting department but I thought he was better than usual this week. Good to see you posting again @Soapsuds
  13. Which is sort of a problem with soaps in general nowadays. Things move too fast, and things that the writers want to drag out just become boring because they don't know how to drag it out.
  14. No. Except for a few years at OLTL, Dena pretty much spent her entire career with DAYS
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