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  1. I will never understand the appeal of RoHo, and why any EP would want him on their show. His act is exactly the same for every character he's played. I didn't see early Todd. My first experience with him was as Paul on ATWT. Even then I wasn't impressed. That lack of impression grew to dislike when seeing him as Todd, which grew to flat out hatred after seeing him as Franco, and then fake Drew. IMO, recasting Franco and making him a regular character was one of the biggest mistakes GH ever made. It's up there with the firing of Stuart Damon, and Genie Francis' exit in 2002. I think DeVry is a good actor. It's just the character of Julian in general that I'm tired of. Have them only appear a few times a month lol
  2. Nothing’s been revealed yet, but earlier this week Victor and Xander were talking about someone that they framed and sent to prison. I think it’s gonna turn out to be Will because it’s too obvious to be Ben.
  3. Not yet. But I think there's a twist coming, that Victor and Xander framed Will.
  4. Even though he has reasons to, I'm not really a big fan of having Eric emotionally blackmail Sarah to get Xander away from baby Mickey.
  5. Great article @victoria foxton! Thanks for posting! I love reading all of these old articles about the big changes that soaps went through. Everybody always sounds so optimistic about how the soaps are going to end up, and so many times, there were either no changes or the soaps declined even more. GH's revival really did change the soap landscape forever, but it also does depend on the capability of the writer, something that Nina Laemmle was lacking in. And I find Al Rabin's quote hilarious. "We ran out of story possibilities" has got to be the biggest cop out ever.
  6. That would be the smart thing to do, but I don't see that happening. The only thing I could see them possibly doing is at least slowing down the taping schedule. Lmao don't give him any ideas. Bringing back DJ might be the biggest mistake they'd ever make. It would be up there with Erica's un-abortion on AMC.
  7. Sometimes new characters save a soap. Sometimes, they mess it up even more. It's crazy to think that out of all these new characters, Liz was the only one that had any kind of staying power, especially considering how Pat Falken Smith's new characters pretty much saved the show not even two years later. The early 80's was a really bad time for the NBC soaps.
  8. That is true when you think about it We have to believe that some sex starved con didn't try to get with a cutie like Will just because some hillbilly that think he's Tony Soprano told them not to? I don't buy it. I do think JR is a good actor, and has been doing a good job as Clyde though,
  9. Yes, it makes sense. Thank you. I think I was just explaining it the way that I explain my own family. (I've always considered my mom's first cousin, my second cousin and so on)
  10. Julie and Jennifer are first cousins, so doesn't make Abigail and Julie second cousins? Meaning that David is Abigail's third cousin, and Eli is her fourth? The family dynamics have always been confusing lol.
  11. It seems like they're stuck between the 12-17 and 18-49 demographics, and production doesn't know which way to take it.
  12. Yeah. He's her fourth cousin, I think. And I don't like the way he's treating her either. How dare Abigail have a private conversation with her husband lol it's ridiculous. That's why I'm kind of hoping that he's just pretending and that he knows all about Gabi's schemes.
  13. Today actually was a good episode The Kendra nonsense is over and the Brad/Lucas story finally reached a climax.
  14. Stefano had Stage 4 Cancer when Hope shot him? Is that a rewrite or did he really have it?
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