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  1. Thanks for posting! The article was great.
  2. According to Wikipedia, Genie Francis made her debut February 8. Kin Shriner made his on August 2. The Head Writers were either Robert and Eileen Pollock or Richard and Suzanne Holland. There's no dates telling us when the change of writers happened or when Leslie Charleson made her debut. There was one more team in 77, Irving and Tex Elman and then after them, finally Doug Marland took over later on in the year.
  3. It did kind of seem like they were teasing a Brady/Gabi pairing when they started to work together
  4. JJ and Haley are boring. Sad to see Tripp, Eve and Stefan go, but something tells me that Eve and Stefan will be back. But I’m glad to see Chad and Abby again. Any word on Austin Peck or is he just part of the web series?
  5. You're welcome. Neil pretty much went from woman to woman throughout his entire time on the show.
  6. From what I've read on Jason47's site, there always seemed to be a flirtation between them but they never actually were a couple. Neil was a bit of a cad at that time too.
  7. DAYS' mistake became GH's gain, and in the 80's, DAYS seemed to be doing their best to copy them.
  8. Wow, they actually fired Pat Falken Smith in 1977. How stupid were they. I'm beginning to think that there might have been a lot of panic at NBC around this time. They saw how GH and the other ABC soaps exploded, so they just panicked and ran with any idea that came to mind, not giving enough thought as to whether their ideas were good or not. Sometimes new characters do save a show, but sometimes new characters mess it up even more. That seems to have happened a lot on the NBC soaps, particularly DAYS and AW. I think a lot of that depends on the writer too. Laemmle might have been a failure (which the exception of Liz, from what I've seen of her, I really liked her too), but look at PFS' second stint. She was there only six months and she created some of DAYS' most iconic characters. I believe if there was just more thinking and less panicking by leaderships, producers and writers, DAYS might not have plummeted in the ratings like it did. I also find it hilarious that the writer that broke up Doug and Julie was SSH's own mother. Was she trying to say something to her son in law lol
  9. Great episode! Thanks for posting! What was the reason for the 1980 cast purge? Did NBC think that completely changing Days would have better results then when they tried to completely change AW?
  10. Sounds like they were smart back then. If only they were as smart now. Btw this Dranco crap is definitely making me wish for Phelps and Guza again.
  11. We could only hope. I thought Liz and the real Drew would have actually made a good couple, but that's not happening.
  12. Like they say during hurricanes, Khan "Hope for the best, Prepare for the worst"
  13. That seems like the biggest flaw in the current regime. They hire big names to get people watching but they squander them or make their characters insufferable.
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