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  1. I've asked this before, but did something happen, in like the last 8 years or so that made soaps stop pushing the limits?
  2. It would have been great, especially if they had had a great writer to pen the story. I just looked it up. The porn producer heard Nate confess that he was the one who nearly killed Matthew.
  3. Yeah, the youngest one was blackmailed into doing a porno. I forget what he was being blackmailed about though. As for Will and EJ, it would have created some controversy but it would have been daring and groundbreaking and also something that soap viewers hadn't seen before. Doing something new, IMO, is always good for soaps.
  4. Imagine if it had been Will in the shower with EJ instead of Abigail? Everybody, myself included, would have gone crazy.
  5. I heard, though it's not certain, that the show offered RC a contract but for some reason he turned it down. But yeah, he's great and I wish he was on contract. I think I might have been the one who suggested the drunken hookup with Brando lol which would have really good, especially since it would have kept Lucas and ultimately Brad on the canvas as well, rather than having them just disappear once the truth about Wiley came out. Before the shutdown, it looked like Dan and Chris were going to have Brando run through the Davis girls (except Kristina), hopefully they changed that. I also suggested a Dev and Cameron pairing/experimentation too lol
  6. I actually was thinking of ATWT when I made the post. They pushed Maddie and Noah, but instead of trying to fight for him she just through up her hands in defeat and left town. Then again, I don't think Jean would have been able to write a good enough triangle for them.
  7. THIS! I've been hoping for a bisexual love triangle for years, not just some random short story arc where the guy or girl in the end realizes that they're gay. I think it would help soaps so much, and bring in new viewers. It would have been great. Plus, if the story had gone in that direction it could have created some good conflict with Lucas and Brad too.
  8. Will and Ben (DAYS) - Prison can get very lonely at times. Michael and Chase (GH) - I always felt that the chemistry was there, and it would have been quite a surprise twist if Michael had married him instead of Willow to get custody of Wiley.
  9. I'm liking what they're doing with John and Marlena too. They're still on the front burner, but they're there for family and friends, helping them out with their problems, etc. They need to stay like that for a while. They can only be kidnapped, held hostage or end up in the hospital so many times before you get tired of it lol. I think the lack of cohesive flow is more about episode guarantees than anything. One of the many things that they wouldn't have to worry about if they just had a little more money.
  10. You're right. I feel that way too. I've been enjoying a lot more, this past month or so, but I'm not gonna go rave on social media or on here about how wonderful it is. But then again that could just be me. The show has definitely seemed more character driven as opposed to plot driven, which works much better when you have no budget. And yeah, you're also right about Ron. But as long as he doesn't say that Adrienne has D.I.D and that the Bonnie personality took over, I'll be fine with the twist lol. He did something similar on OLTL with Gigi and Stacy.
  11. ^^Ugh... Princess Gina and Clyde?? Even though I didn't like the storyline and the way it played out, I'd much rather have had it the way that it was then to see Gina and Clyde working together. Gina wouldn't have even looked at that guy. If anything, he would have just been some errand boy for her. I do have to admit though that I'm really liking the show as of now. I thought today's episode was particularly good. The acting seemed on point for the most part. And it does seem like that the show is bringing back those family dynamics that soaps have. And this isn't a spoiler, but I'm sure we all know that in the end Bonnie is going to turn out to be Adrienne with Bonnie's memories. Thanks!
  12. Hope it works out this time for Zende. Its definitely time for a new triangle anyway. As for the hot Liberty Mutual guy, I always thought he'd end up on DOOL playing Ben's long lost twin
  13. I was thinking the same thing; where did that scene come from? I’m glad they did though. The set actually looked like a brand new one too. If it was actually a redressed set, I couldn’t tell which one it was
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