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  1. Today was a big improvement over the rest of the week. I was surprised that Paulina revealed her secrets to Marlena, but I’m here for it. Having Marlena know about Lani’s true parentage could be really big story wise. Always enjoy Tripp/Allie/Chanel/Johnny. All four actors work so well together. Were you surprised?
  2. He’s clearly not happy and regretting that he said no. You can see it on his face every time his wife starts speaking. On the bright side, he is lookin good though
  3. It happens every year. Things are going really well... and then Frank interferes. Remember last year with the Nik/Ava/Liz/Franco situation. It was built up for a few months, but then it suddenly got wrapped up in a nice neat little bow and the couples had no involvement with each other after that. I'm sure there are other times Frank interfered, but I can't remember them as of now. EDIT: Just remembered a few storylines that were built up, then went nowhere: Bobbie's diabetes, Baby Donna's spina bifida, Aiden's sexuality, anything to do with Dev.
  4. I don’t know the exact date, but it’s sometime in the spring of 1984, at the climax of the Salem Slasher storyline. Stefano loved to lead the orchestra
  5. I’m guessing somebody didn’t do their homework. That seemed to happen a lot on AW lol
  6. Thanks! And I suspect that in order to capture that younger demographic, there also would’ve been a huge focus around Alli and Shawn McKinnon
  7. Yep. It may have been campy and OTT, but every character involved was terrified, which was the way it needed to be done
  8. Does this fool not realize that there are other ways he could satisfy his wife I’m sure I don’t need to say what they are
  9. I just hope it’s done well. No stupid ass one liners as people are fighting a demon lol And at least let it drive other storylines and have long lasting effects on the canvas and everyone that’s involved in it.
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