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  1. Are You Ready For The Eclipse?

    Do you care...lol If you don't have any glasses, you can try a shoebox.
  2. What Are You Listening To?

  3. GH: Actor Fired

    Amother Q gone...
  4. NBC Also Rebooting Miami Vice

    You can't do this without the music. Todays music sucks! I'm waitng for Night Court.
  5. Days cast GH vet?

    I googled search and the only site I found with this news was blastingnews.com.
  6. Days cast GH vet?

  7. Y&R Actor Possible Return

    That didn't last long....
  8. GH Return

    meh. Wish it was Tristan Rogers.
  9. Deja Vu: OJ Simpson's Parole Hearing and tomorrow's Daytime schedule

    I must have been the only daytime viewer who didn't watch. I wanted soaps not reality tv. Soaps were never the same after that. I did see the car chase and the vedict. Networks are fascinated by him but I'm not.
  10. Days Actor Out

    Come on Ron, 2 left.
  11. GH: Fave Returns

    Whats one more dead person when we can't have a live Robert Scorpio!!
  12. What Are You Listening To?

    32 years ago Live Aid: Queen Mick and Tina: David Bowie:
  13. GH Drops Soap Vet

    It looks like GH is cutting cast members to make room for SB. I was kinda liking Hayden now.
  14. DAYS: June 2017 Discussion Thread

    What a rip off from AMC!
  15. Actor returns to GH