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  1. reallyhateskateonlost

    What Are You Listening To?

  2. reallyhateskateonlost

    What Are You Listening To?

    Rod Stewart and Dolly Parton need to go on some some like Ellen, The Tonight Show and sing this song!
  3. reallyhateskateonlost

    What Are You Listening To?

    5 September 1946 – 24 November 1991 ❤
  4. reallyhateskateonlost

    R.I.P. Little House On The Prairie's Mrs. Olsen

    I only watched LHOTP because I had a crush on Michael Landon. But I liked Mrs.Oleson....lol
  5. reallyhateskateonlost

    Megyn Kelly Melts Down

    Looks like she's gone. Enough with the news and talk shows. NBC can put on the old soaps.
  6. reallyhateskateonlost

    The Politics Thread

    I can't believe people are believing that the Democrats are sending the bombs to feel sorry for them. Now anyone who's against Trump should be worried. And if this was the Republicans receiving the bombs, Trump would be blaming he Democrats!
  7. reallyhateskateonlost

    AMC Tribute Thread

    AMC Reunion! There's an All My Children reunion coming and all the fans are going to love it. On this morning's episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan, Kelly Ripa, former Hayley on AMC, revealed that there will be a Pine Valley reunion on the show. Her good friend, Eva La Rue (ex-Maria) among others are set to be present when the episode airs on October 31. It's the show's annual Halloween episode and Susan Lucci (ex-Erica Kane), AMC's leading lady will also be present as Ryan Seacrest plays her on screen love, Jackson Montgomery (formerly played by Walt Willey). Be sure to tune in to see all the happenings and the suprise AMC guests. No David Hayward!!
  8. reallyhateskateonlost

    Elections and politics on Soaps

    GH: Ned is Mayor of Port Chuckles.
  9. reallyhateskateonlost

    NYPD Blue sequel in development at ABC

    UGH. You can't do what they did then now. People didn't want to see Dennis Franz naked butt, today it's nothing.
  10. reallyhateskateonlost

    Y&R Casting New Female

  11. reallyhateskateonlost

    The Politics Thread

    If your happy about him winning, then good for you, all I can say is wait till something happens that will effect you.
  12. reallyhateskateonlost

    Eric Braeden interview

    He can take off as much time as he needs to.
  13. reallyhateskateonlost

    The Cher Thread

  14. reallyhateskateonlost

    Burt Reynolds dead at 82 ->>>>>>>

    RIP "Which One Is The Slut?"