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  1. At first I was I don't care, you brought it on yourself. It could have been avoidable. What if this is a lie to distract? Then I read: To paraphrase Mark Twain; I have never wished COVID on any man. But I have read some medical reports with great pleasure.
  2. Of course Trump knew of Covid 19. His supporters will still support him. UGH!
  3. Having no Sam would have been better.
  4. So are the players going to wear masks? This is going to be really strange without the fans.
  5. To recent. Show early Sonny. That way I can get to see the other characters.
  6. The are going to try to remove the confederate flag from tv shows. Dukes of Hazzard is going to be one of many. https://tasteofcountry.com/imdb-dukes-of-hazzard-confederate-flag-debate/
  7. I saw the 10 pm SNL with Madeline Kahn and Carly Simon. omg, Carly's hair. She did You're So Vain.
  8. BREAKING: President Barack Obama will address the nation at 5pm EDT today (livestreamed on http://Obama.org) regarding George Floyd’s killing and the ongoing protests around our country.
  9. The looters are bringing what they stole home. If there are any parents, they need to step up and turn there child in. I saw a guy in a wheelchair, I mean really.
  10. For the first time since 1975, I'm not watching or recording episodes of GH. These are not classics and they weren't all that great. ABC needs to step up and show the real classics of GH.
  11. I will forever hate the comparson of soaps with OJ. and with who shot JR. I always wanted to know who shot Peter Campbell on SOAP, which they left out of primetime soaps. SOAP is never mentioned because of Dallas. And Dynasty was better.
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