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  1. The Carly vs. Nina was horrible. They talked to much and Carly couldn't get to punch Nina.
  2. What am I not getting? Why were 2 co hosts of The View be allowed to sit at the table in the first place?!
  3. Cher's sister played Heather on GH. Micheal Landon's daughter was on Days and ATWT,
  4. I remember this story like it was yesterday. You could see the wires.
  5. People who are not wearing masks and not getting the shots, is the reason why Covid is never going away.
  6. So sad about Charlie Watts. I got to see the Stones 3 times. RIP
  7. If only Trump would have done the same thing.
  8. There was suppose to be a Night Court reboot. RIP Markie Post
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