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  1. So I guess she won't be on the AMC reboot if there's one. I've been wanting A Martinez on Y&R like forever.
  2. And yet they fail to mention David Hayward who Anna was married to!
  3. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/peggy-lipton-mod-squad-twin-peaks-star-dies-031718572.html This hurts. The Mod Squad was one of my favorite shows and I really wished I was Julie.
  4. Bummer. Can't he make a special appearance to GH first.
  5. It is weird because these shows were both on CBS. Anyways, things being the way they are, can George Jefferson say the word honky?
  6. So he can give some money to Notre Dame but nothing to the people of Puerto Rico or Flint. And doesn't he have a wall to build...
  7. Get well soon Mick Jagger! I'm not ready for the Stones to end because that will be it for rock and roll.
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