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  1. Favorite TV Themes/Openings

  2. What Are You Listening To?

  3. As usual, family members had no idea what was going on. He got guns, planned this out without no one knowing about it. It makes me sick. And he kills himself. He could have done just that and leave everyone else alone.
  4. B&B Recasting Major Role

    GH strikes again.... So Thorne will have an accent now,
  5. Are You Ready For The Eclipse?

    Do you care...lol If you don't have any glasses, you can try a shoebox.
  6. What Are You Listening To?

  7. GH: Actor Fired

    Amother Q gone...
  8. NBC Also Rebooting Miami Vice

    You can't do this without the music. Todays music sucks! I'm waitng for Night Court.
  9. Days cast GH vet?

    I googled search and the only site I found with this news was blastingnews.com.
  10. Days cast GH vet?

  11. Y&R Actor Possible Return

    That didn't last long....
  12. GH Return

    meh. Wish it was Tristan Rogers.
  13. I must have been the only daytime viewer who didn't watch. I wanted soaps not reality tv. Soaps were never the same after that. I did see the car chase and the vedict. Networks are fascinated by him but I'm not.
  14. Days Actor Out

    Come on Ron, 2 left.
  15. GH: Fave Returns

    Whats one more dead person when we can't have a live Robert Scorpio!!