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  1. Nell marrying Shilo was not a shock!! Viewers already guessed it!
  2. Thank You Tumblr GH hasn't been gifable in a very long time.
  3. If the ratings are low maybe the networks won't air them. Not everyone has cable but still this isn't the olden days of Watergate where there were only 3 channels.
  4. I watched Ken Buns Country Music on PBS. From someone who never listened to country radio, I knew a lot of the artists.
  5. Won't VP Pence be President if Trump is impeached? It was different when it was Ford, but Pence UGH.
  6. He'll have a nice brother who looks just like him.
  7. GH messed up when they didn't hire Vincent Irizarry. How weird it would be if by some miracle he was on GH now with MEK.
  8. VI and TK still have that chemistry like they did on AMC. I'm dreading that shrieking shrink Taylor coming back.
  9. So I guess she won't be on the AMC reboot if there's one. I've been wanting A Martinez on Y&R like forever.
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