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  1. Billie Hayes passed at 96. She was O Riley on GH and Witchie Poo in HR Pufnstuf Tristan Rogers Honors Late General Hospital Co-Star Billie Hayes (soaphub.com)
  2. And Lauren never got that phone call from Eric Forrester who told her that Sheila is alive.
  3. THE ADDAM'S FAMILY! Watch on MeTV
  4. Just no, Dan Fielding will be a part of METOO. You can't do the same jokes.
  5. Marvin Gaye died on April 1, 1984, April 2 would have been his birthday.
  6. Happy Birthday To The Queen Of Soul Aretha Franklin
  7. The Best Of The Ed Sullivan Show: Watch The Ed Sullivan Show on MeTV beginning March 21
  8. CBS can't decide. I'll decide for them, cancel it!
  9. OLTL-To much Rex and Gigi. Came back when A Martinez joined. B&B-To much Hope. Came back when Thorsten Kaye joined. Stopped again. Came back when Vincent Irizarry was for a few episodes. Just watch bits and pieces now.
  10. I can't believe Franco is dead. And Peter isn't. And No Todd. Not unless it's Trevor St John.
  11. Didn't he do Sliders? It was on for 5 years.
  12. So there probably won't be a Another World reunion with Aunt Paulina and Vivian.
  13. Nick sees Sally as a younger Phyliss. If Nick and Sally were to happen, wouldn't they be called Sick....lol
  14. On Demand: The Food That Built America on the History Channel.
  15. RIP Cloris Leachman. She was great in Young Frankenstein
  16. Truly Disgusting. Why wait until 6pm for curfew. Get control now! If the was BLM, tear gas would have been used already.
  17. CNN had Jimmy Carter: Rock and Roll President on. It's worth watching just for the music.
  18. Because of Covid, Kennedy Center Honors won't be seen until March.
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