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  1. Of course there will be a vaccine for Corvid 19 by the end of the year. Just in time for him (Trump) to get re elected.
  2. If it's from a few years ago, they need stop saying it's classic.
  3. Not watching these "flashbacks" until they are from the 70's or 80's.
  4. We should be prepared , because of Corvid 19, this might be the end for the daytime soap opera.
  5. Theme song for the Corvid 19. I thought of this and so are other people.
  6. Wouldn't most viewers rather see the older eps on all the soaps?
  7. It's another soap site. Or just goggle it. ABC needs to show this again. The Stand Chapter 8:
  8. Bold and the Beautiful viewer frustrated with soap opera interruptions. In these trying times, many soap opera viewers are seeing their daytime shows interrupted for federal, state and local news briefings. One woman had enough and complained to Illinois governor JB Pritzker about the constant briefings, which were affecting her ability to watch The Bold and the Beautiful. Pritzker, in one of his news conferences, apologized to the woman and said he too looked forward to the days where they could return to their regularly scheduled programming.
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