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  1. No joke. The President does not practice social distancing! There are to many people around him. And it's not just him, it's the Governer's and whom ever else speaks at the breaking news.
  2. In NY you got until 8pm tonight to see a movie , go to a bar, or eat out! Take out ONLY and delivery. I take it you all have DVD's that have been gathering dust for years.
  3. People these days are going to get more crazy without their sports. If they were around during the Depression or WW2 they wouldn't last!
  4. Lassa Fever It can never be shown today:
  5. If people can't go out to events and are going to be stuck at home, it will be like a science fiction movie and people will start shooting.
  6. There's a channel that has OLTL Mitch scenes. He was so good at what he did.
  7. I do not know what to say. Just sad to hear. It's like I've been watching him for ever. Mitch on OLTL was one of my favorites.
  8. If she comes on as Dr. Maria from AMC, will she see Martin Grey as Tad Martin. Why can't GH get Vincert Irizarry as David Hayward. It's the last soap he has't been on.
  9. So sickening. Has everyone in Genoa City forgot what Victor Newman has done to them? Victor is not a good man!
  10. We just have to have a new bad guy. It couldn't be someone from Sonny's past like Faith, Alcazar, Anthony Zacchara. He'll probably end up the same way they did.
  11. The pilot should have never been allowed to fly. I don't care how much you have or who you are, if other flights were grounded, then the helicopter should have been too. I'm sure law suits are coming.
  12. Originally released January 26, 1970, Simon & Garfunkel's iconic album, BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER, celebrates its 50th Anniversary this week
  13. With so many channels now, even over the air, the networks don't have to do this. In the 70's it was Watergate with only 3 channels. Then it was OJ. UGH!
  14. Nell marrying Shilo was not a shock!! Viewers already guessed it!
  15. Thank You Tumblr GH hasn't been gifable in a very long time.
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