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  1. The Tennis Thread

    Bad luck for Serena to face Kvitova in the second round in Cincy. Serena looked more solid than she has all year this week, so maybe this provides something to build on in NYC (and she’ll be fresher with this early loss).
  2. The Tennis Thread

    Thiem withdraws from Cincy; Garcia-Lopez takes his spot.
  3. Y&R: August Spoilers

    Can they kill Jack? I’m sick of that guy.
  4. B&B August 2018 Discussion Thread

    Wow. They have a crawl during today’s show reading, “We want to know what you think of The Bold and the Beautiful. Go to cbs.com/daytime and tell us what you think.” They must be alarmed at the moment.
  5. Days: August 2018 Discussion Thread

    RSW is probably more conventionally attractive, but to each their own, right? We don’t all have to salivate over the same men. Some of us don’t salivate over men at all.
  6. The Tennis Thread

    More from Rafa:
  7. The Tennis Thread

    That was fast. I wonder how many others will announce they aren’t playing Cincy. Good quote:
  8. The soaps gave up a long time ago. They are just maintaining their dwindling, literally dying audience for as long as possible until they can’t slash budgets anymore. They are comfort food for folks who enjoy kitschy nostalgia while paying very trivial lip service to trends. Everyone can find a show for themselves these shows if they look hard enough, and we just don’t “need” Y&R or GH anymore. And you know what? That’s cool. I sometimes wish soaps had ‘70s-quality writing applied to 2018 issues and demographics, but “Insecure” is on tonight so... Really, who knows where broadcast TV as a whole will be in 10 years? Look how desperate ABC has been with the Oscars, forcing them to create some BS “Best Popular Film” award because of how ratings have trended. Live sports is hemorrhaging viewers. The whole ship is sinking, and daytime soaps just happened to be one of first parts to be submerged. But it’s always sad when these shared experiences die. I don’t like seeing everyone in their little bubbles.
  9. Best Soap Opera Opening

    I like the Titans opening because I love the theme song (“6 Underground” by Sneaker Pimps, which is about as ‘90s as you can get), but I don’t remember what happened on the show at all: The Pasadena opening used to crack me up, which all of the characters mugging it up like they were harboring Very Sinister Secrets: