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  1. The Tennis Thread

    Now Kerber has ditched Fissette. There’s got to be an issue with this guy with all of these players firing him even after banner seasons.
  2. Empire: Discussion Thread

    Why is Jamal so dry and boring? Jussie is a decent actor, and there should be a number of interesting directions for his character. Not that Hakeem is much better. He should have been killed off a long time ago. Time for a long-lost son (or daughter) for Lucious. Trai Byers is one of the most beautiful men on the planet.
  3. Daily Hotness

    Happy Naughtiben Day!
  4. Y&R October 2018 Discussion Thread

    A shame. Stacy Haiduk isn’t working at all as Kristen for me. The Abbott fallout has been better than the Shick wedding, I suppose. Mostly because the actors involved have felt more committed to the story over time. I actually think Mealor/Kyle has done a really good job.
  5. Doctor Who

    Ugh. Chibnall. My fears in terms of his writing were well-founded. This is just uninspired in terms of execution of story, and the dialogue is super clunky and expository. Moffat was up his own ass, but the guy knew how to pen a witty line. The show looks good, though. The production values have improved by leaps and bounds for the most part. It doesn’t have that campy, jaunty feel of RTD and Moffat. But it doesn’t feel super distinctive either.
  6. LATEST RATINGS: October 1-5, 2018

    An unusual dip for DAYS. Wonder what happened.
  7. Doctor Who

    Very cool new opening credits. Plus, a tour of the new TARDIS.
  8. The Tennis Thread

    That’s really sad and unfortunate for him, especially with his renewed form after his wrist injuries. Sometimes sport can be cruel. Isner and/or Nishikori will likely get into London. Still no status update on Rafa? Novak is thinking about playing a tournament in addition to Paris and the WTFs. Clearly he’s in dominating form, but I hope he doesn’t get greedy and push his body too far. No. 1 isn’t worth it if you’re saving yourself for the biggest tournaments and trying to prolong a career.
  9. It’s just sad if they have to de-Abbott Traci to do it. Why bother when they aren’t going to use her in longterm story? It feels like another character assasination à la JT.
  10. The Tennis Thread

    Interesting. I thought folks were saying Shanghai was playing faster than normal. Quite a feat for Novak to win repeatedly and decisively on all speeds of court over the years. Even I wasn’t getting up to watch Novak/Sascha, but that score line stunned me. Didn’t expect such a rout. I watched a replay, and Sascha’s attitude on court sucks. He’s just sullen and loses all confidence. Certainly Novak pummeled him, but that’s just disappointing to see. I don’t know how Lendl puts up with it, even after dealing with Andy. Federer has lost just seven times this year, but it feels like more because he’s played so little. His form has been not that great since last fall really. Even his three titles (AO, Rotterdam, Stuttgart) felt scratchy. The second serve and his ability to defend it have dropped precipitously, particularly around Indian Wells. Kei wasted a lot of opportunities yesterday, but he probably wouldn’t have beaten Borna in today’s form.