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  1. Justin Gaston is hot and looks to be quite tall. Danny who? Not that it will happen, but I wonder how MO would feel about a permanent change. Some people don’t like having to always work with their spouse.
  2. This guy sort of reminds me of David Tennant.
  3. Diane Jenkins and Hilary Curtis - Y&R I mean, there are almost too many to list. Soaps can often be so short-sighted in their search for big climaxes to stories (for ratings), and one decision made by a single reckless regime can hobble a show for generations.
  4. Nick and Phyllis are a waste of time. They could have kept those scenes of Nick trying to convince her to attend the wedding. I’ll always be happy to see Nina and Jill on my screen. Bryton is the only actor on Y&R in his age range who has the gravitas to be in that scene with all the vets.
  5. I stopped watching. I can’t with the “idiot plots,” which B&B loves. And that Steffy/Liam/Hope merry-go-round just isn’t engaging. Steffy has barely gotten to know Finn.
  6. Yeah, for me, charts need to accurately reflect what people are consuming, and streaming and radio are the ways most people listen to music. And the industry wants to incentivize revenue and reward fandom. But how many people beyond the small-set of BTS fans are listening to “Life Goes On”? That’s really the No. 1 song in America now? The charts have always been an imperfect way of providing a snapshot of what’s popular, but I can’t see how Billboard’s current situation does anything other than accelerate their march toward total irrelevance.
  7. Eva Marcille’s Tyra was more obvious, and they even made mention of it, but I did think they gave DM lines and a sort of attitude that would have matched VR.
  8. Totally. And you could say Debbi Morgan’s YoHarmony was an attempt to replace VR’s Dru.
  9. Sonny tapping his little finger on that guy’s head while Jason holds him down is ridiculous. This is supposed to be menacing? At least threaten to gouge his eyes out or something... Nice to see Tracy again, though.
  10. In the GH thread, there’s discussion of the development of Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) as one of the many attempt replacements for Vanessa Marcil’s iconic Brenda Barrett. What other obvious attempts have soaps made to replace a popular departing character? Roles that may as well have been simple recasts?
  11. BTS fans have learned how to game the system so well that BTS is going to end up with the most No. 1s in history if BB doesn’t significantly change methodology.
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