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  1. RC is pretty much writing a sitcom, which every now and then works due to some game actors (like PT and SSH) but often leads to some headscratchers. I suppose he got Jackée and said, let me lean into the wackiness.
  2. Characters have to die, but a lot of the deaths, especially during her run on GH, were gratuitous and really destroyed the fabric of the show. And for what? It’s absolutely transparent that a lot of the cuts were for saving some cash. It almost always felt that way. Aside from OLTL, which was terrible under her watch yet managed to not be *totally* gutted, there’s an emptiness to her shows by the time she’s done with them.
  3. I’ll definitely not look at Frances McDormand the same way.
  4. Scott Rudin sounds pure evil. This is the most stomach-churning article yet: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/movies/movie-features/scott-rudin-abusive-behavior-1234972177/
  5. Really? Not very promising if that’s his sense of rhythm
  6. Hey, sometimes these interviews are good in spite of him (especially with folks like Susan Pratt who will *not* be shushed, talked over, or shamed into silence). Nancy is a hero who I haven’t seen a lot of footage of, so I think I’ll actually tune in for this one.
  7. I’m not entirely sure about nuEJ, as they haven’t attempted to sexualize him yet, but Marci Miller, especially with her new fiery persona? Absolutely.
  8. I mean, it is the home of S*an C*dy and other similar studios. (Although I hear those guys aren’t as attractive in person.)
  9. Like “familiar” familiar? Like *Biblically* familiar? If so, you are #blessed…
  10. Yeah, I can do without Jax. They should just use him for drop-ins like Mac. (Or just kill him off, which I wouldn’t normally suggest, but I think it could have a lot of story potential, particularly if Sonny or Jason are involved and causes problems for Joss and Carly.)
  11. I don’t think we’ll see much improvement with Steve Kent still running things.
  12. When you put it that way, it’s kind of absurd we give this show that much thought lol.
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