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  1. Some hot dude. American.
  2. Roy from Chongqing, China
  3. Face mask changes height, voice, mannerisms, body, etc.
  4. Askhab Sulimanov from Moscow
  5. Kanan Hasanaliyev from Azerbaijan
  6. That was the night of my high school graduation. I think I was about as happy about that as I was for my diploma.
  7. André Baliera from Brazil (who seems incapable of taking a non-sexy photo)
  8. Steve in L.A. (and I already know he’ll be popular with a certain poster)
  9. Jamie Foxx was funny and nails some of Sherman’s mannerisms, but I don’t feel he was really present with other cast. I love Kerry Washington. I think she’s very talented in spite of the flak she got for her performances on Scandal. She was a surprisingly great SNL host years ago. She should do more comedy. Loved seeing Jackée and Marla together. I understand why they did it in today’s climate, but it’s BS they repeatedly bleeped out the N word. In the context of the show, we needed to hear the weight of that word. As already said, Tomei was brilliant and deserves to add an Emmy alongside the Oscar on her mantle.
  10. “Grippin Body” from... somewhere in America
  11. “Fitness King” from Baltimore
  12. Vladimir Castillo from the Philippines
  13. Fahed Hussam from Syria (by way of Germany)
  14. Shivy Singh from New Delhi
  15. Isha Blaaker from Rotterdam
  16. Nattapong Promsing (Dew) from Thailand
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