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  1. Sean from Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 🇺🇸
  2. Prithvi from Mumbai 🇮🇳
  3. Gagan from Delhi 🇮🇳
  4. Thank you, Stefanos Tsitsipas.
  5. I’ll take a Wimbledon trophy saving two championship points over an ATP Finals RR match anytime. The media is already trying to paint it as some kind of redemption, pandering to Fedfans who are still not over 40-15.
  6. Never seen such a half-assed performance from Novak.
  7. Matchups are fascinating. Djokovic and Federer dismissed Berrettini with ease, yet they both lost to Thiem. Meanwhile, Thiem just lost to Berrettini in straights. (Domi was probably tired from the stressful match against Novak, but he has also struggled against Matteo before.)
  8. Manjeet from Delhi 🇮🇳
  9. Mike from Lanarca, Cyprus 🇨🇾
  10. 1amliuk from China 🇨🇳
  11. Because their news teams are more important than their daytime divisions, and no one wants to feel left out of a historic moment. They see it as a showcase for their news personalities, reporters, and commentators during breaks, and they can push to coverage during their morning newscasts.
  12. Spoke too soon. Medvedev might mess around and lose this match...
  13. What a mess from Rafa. Maybe he should have sat this tournament out?
  14. Zoss from Dakar, Senegal 🇸🇳
  15. Video of the Rafa/Ubaldo exchange.
  16. Vladimir from Parañaque City, the Philippines 🇵🇭
  17. I’ve seen people who’ve said they’ve never seen Rafa play worse. I find that a touch hyperbolic. That he managed to win four games in that second set is saying something, I guess.
  18. Well Sascha just beat the brakes off Rafa.
  19. Q from Raleigh, NC 🇺🇸
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