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  1. I feel bad for clowning the Liam/Bill dialogue then.
  2. “I’m going to remember those who were with me... and those who were against me....” What are YOU gonna do, Erika? Put a hit out on someone’s mama? Have *several* seats, lady. Can’t stand this wannabe thug...
  3. Definitely would be good physical casting. Has she left acting? Seems like she’s become an athletic wear entrepreneur.
  4. Solid choice for a temp. Hope Mishael recovers well.
  5. It’s just funny to me how all the bad press gets swept under the rug, and commentators are so joyful and gushing about him coming out. “Oh we have a gay Bachelor! We’re so happy for him! Giggle giggle!” What happened to “accountability”?
  6. There’s so many more coming too. I always wanted an adaptation of Octavia Butler’s Kindred, which is a sci-fi time-travel novel about slavery that I read in college. But now that there’s an actual adaptation of it coming in the next year or so, ugh, now I don’t want it. We don’t need 50,000 slave narratives.
  7. I’m assuming you didn’t watch Them? I was aghast when I read what happens in that show. No way am I going there...
  8. Liam is unwatchably annoying right now. How much are they paying the writers to write the same dialogue between Bill and Liam every damn day? It must be a copy-and-paste job...
  9. I like how Sally stood up on the step to level up to Phyllis. I wonder if Sally will play on Nick’s already-voiced insecurities about Phyllis’s relationship with Jack and weasel her way in. To me, their rivalry is the only story the show has with real tension.
  10. Amazon has dropped the trailer for the 10-part series from Barry Jenkins, based on the Colson Whitehead novel. It premieres May 14.
  11. I hate to say it, but Cynthia sort of needs Nene to be relevant.
  12. I like the black outfits... I guess? I dunno... this season started to really pick up and then just petered out. I can’t get that excited about it. After a few good seasons, Cynthia has receded into the background again.
  13. Dan Evans beat Novak in straights. Novak has really declined on clay. Not even close to a threat to Rafa.
  14. A lot of people just want Colton and Gus to hook up.
  15. Not a single line reading feels natural. Not one.
  16. Oh dear. Sharon’s popping by Bill Maher’s show on Friday.
  17. Where is someone saying that he’s lying? On social media?
  18. Carrie Ann stays sick. I feel bad for her, as I know she has a ton of autoimmune disorders. I do wonder if the stress of the show is a bit much. Just cancel it.
  19. I love this commercial from his pre-DAYS days...
  20. Y&R is dusting off old Phyllis/Abby antics for this Phyllis/Sally feud. With Sally’s threat to hit Phyllis “where she least expects it,” it appears they’ll pivot from Sally pursuing Jack to Sally going after Nick. Nick doesn’t have a story beyond Faith, and Sally/Jack has been poorly received (due to their own poor execution, of course—you can’t play a May/December romance like that these days without playing the necessary beats, or people will be grossed out). Clearly, folks are getting vaccinated (?) or guidelines have been loosened, as we’ve now seen Billy/Lily and Devon/Amanda
  21. I can’t with Victor. Can he just keel over?
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