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  1. Austin Peck is aging sooooo much better than his predecessor. 50 looks good on him. CC looks good, too.
  2. Go Portia! I love that she shows backbone with Stella. Go somewhere else with that mess. I am a GROWN-ASS woman! IMG_1758.MOV
  3. Something always happens to Nishioka when he plays Jack Sock. Retired a set up but down 0-4 in the second yesterday.
  4. London, a trainer from NYC
  5. The pornstache doesn’t help. Otherwise I think he still looks decent.
  6. Is she really?! She’s gorgeous, but I don’t think she’s personality plus.
  7. Where’s Khan? He loves this kid and the whole Tinker family.
  8. Roger Howarth’s presence on this show is absurd, pointless, and a drag. It really does feel like a thumb in the eye. A total f*ck-you. LMAO.
  9. 9th week at No. 1 for “Butter.” The Kanye-produced Lil Nas X/Jack Harlow collaboration debuts at No. 2.
  10. Who is this masked man?
  11. Atsushi Arai, Olympic water polo player from Japan
  12. LOL Brooke’s stories in the ‘90s were comical and humiliating. It always felt like someone high up hated Julia Barr yet the writers were still directed to write for her. As a teen, I appreciated JB, but I always rooted against Brooke (whether it was against Dixie, Erica, or Maria or anyone). She was a sopping wet blanket.
  13. Yeah, is he on a break or something? Just odd to not see him. I thought they were foreshadowing Sally going after Nick to solely to spite Phyllis. (There was a scene at the Grand Phoenix where Sally vowed revenge on Phyllis a few months ago, and Nick just happened to walk in afterwards. I was ohhh, they’ve dropped an anvil that they’re gonna go there with a Jack/Sally/Phyllis/Nick quad. But then Faith needed her kidney, Nick took off to Kansas to find Adam to be her donor, they teased a business story with Victor and Adam, then Nick left to be with Summer in Italy, and no Sally/Nick affair. I’m assuming that if they keep Courtney Hope, they’ll get around to it, but just odd they’ve essentially dropped Nick entirely.) The show feels aimless, as if they are hedging bets on stories because they aren’t entirely sure which actors will be around due to budget, contracts, or unexpected departures. We know that to be the case with Mealor and King, and it had been the case with Donny Boaz.
  14. Thank you for this. What a tired list at the top.
  15. Shomari Francis, model from Los Angeles
  16. I liked him and Michael Dietz a lot together. I read they were extremely close IRL and he was the godfather of MD’s daughter. Saw this photo Kin Shriner posted last year with Jay and Michael. Super sad.
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