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  1. GH is giving us a low-budget, slapdash version of a traditional soap right now, with meek nods to both the Guza and Carlivati eras, and thus we’re getting a watered-down, Saturday-morning-sitcom version of mob life. GH kind of wants to have its cake and eat it too by making Sonny the “cuddly mob boss.” There’s no credible way for the show as it’s currently imagined to commit to the moral ambiguity that a mobster lead would require. So they play him as the great paterfamilias.
  2. 1996 was the infamous Stern/Black year for ATWT. To be honest, not a great year for most shows.
  3. He thinks Sonny = Walter White from Breaking Bad? If so, he’s delusional. I know Guza thought he was making a groundbreaking prestige cable drama where villains were the protagonists and dodged justice season after season, and MB definitely drank that Kool-Aid. Although scouring his Twitter, I did find this oldie but goodie. Real hasn’t aged much.
  4. Just on the tweet, I thought maybe he’d been ill, as he had stepped down from Zappos. This is just sad and shocking. Injuries suffered in a house fire?!
  5. That is wild! Certainly if they ever do Abby/Chance montages or flashbacks down the line with MO and DB still in the roles, they can’t use any of the footage from their own wedding lol.
  6. Exactly. He has no sense of when he’s got gold. Just when things go in a newsworthy or revelatory direction, he smothers it like a wet blanket. It’s great he does these chats, and most of them are worthwhile viewing, but they could be so much better if he got out of his own way, and we’re not the only people who’ve pointed this out.
  7. Limited in the sense that she’s not given much to do. She’s either in lawyer mode or butting her nose in Lily and Elena’s relationships. She does loosen up around Devon, but that story feels like it’s stalled. I actually don’t feel like she’s stiff. I think she’s enlivening a character that would be totally forgettable without her natural presence.
  8. Hilary was poorly written, certainly, but she was dynamic. I just want Mishael to have opportunities to show what she can do, because we all know she’s spectacularly talented, and I’m not seeing that right now. Just a blah, very limited character. Only her charisma is saving her.
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