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  1. The perspective of a literal serial killer is valued on DAYS more than the black scion of two core families. Ain’t that something? Theo is always being subordinated to the hot white dude du jour—even when that dude literally shot and nearly killed him.
  2. I get Aunt Stella’s anger at Shawn, but she was obnoxious today.
  3. Sometimes Y&R actually remembers Lily isn’t just a generic, ethnically ambiguous Rashida Jones character. This is what, the second time she’s hung out with Moses?
  4. I love seeing Ciara pop Claire. It’s pure sadism, I know.
  5. This couple from Brazil
  6. I wonder if this spectacular NBA Finals performance from Giannis Antetokounmpo will inspire his friend and compatriot Tsitsipas.
  7. Eboni is cynical, careerist, and full of sh!t, that’s why. Can’t stand her. What did she say about giving Bershan “black extra credit”?
  8. I just don’t think it was the right venue for that chat at all. They were woefully unprepared to have that conversation. LOL at Luann saying that Sonja cracking the fire extinguisher glass was worse than Luann drunkenly attacking and threatening a police officer. The séance elicited some real meaty stuff, especially from Sonja and Ramona. God help them if they think this show will work without Ramona Singer.
  9. Already the most watchable and compelling episode of the season for RHONY. But really? They edited down the Bershan/Sonja chaos to a flashback? (They were probably protecting Sonja.)
  10. LOL. Trina/Spencer might be my favorite part of daytime right now. But they are already planting the seeds for effing this all up, so I’m treading carefully.
  11. I hated this story. Everything is so womp-womp, so maybe it’s best that they quickly scrap it. It’s just all that build-up… for that? And Victor saves the day… again? It’s sort of like the Chelsea “reveal” (with MCE chewing the scenery) in that same room IMO. Very unsatisfying.
  12. This is old but Kelly should really do more baby-making-style R&B. Like slinkier than Meaning of Life even:
  13. Ah cool, thanks! Jack Landron will probably get a Guest Actor Emmy nomination for his performance as Sutton today, but I hope this isn’t how they are wrapping up this story.
  14. Is Camryn Grimes on leave? Is that why we don’t see Mariah squirming, bound and gagged or tied to some bed with Stitch as her masked caretaker, in some abandoned cabin somewhere? JG might be overestimating how much we’re invested in these “reveals.” He’d be better off showing his hand.
  15. What’s the point of Nikki right now? She’s the matriarch of the show’s leading dynasty, which actually has big story, and she’s basically “the help.” We see MTS quite a bit; they just aren’t giving her anything substantial to do.
  16. Where was Nicole’s bestie Ava? Did they fall out? (I know everyone can’t be present.)
  17. Yikes at Andy’s neck beard.
  18. Mike, a producer for Morning Joe
  19. I *wish* she had fücked off to DAYS circa ‘98 or so to avoid her trash OLTL and GH stints (which weren’t her worst work ultimately but still she shouldn’t be anywhere near a “traditional” soap).
  20. And they’re putting him in scenes with Ava to capitalize on RH’s old rapport with MW. It’s just kinda lame because even though the part is different, they are slotting him into familiar places. And they aren’t acknowledging him as a Franco lookalike in spite of some odd exchanges of glances with Liz. I can imagine someone who hasn’t watched GH in a while being really confused.
  21. He loves to drop F-bombs on this show and gets away with it (Connie Fückin-hairy).
  22. Is it just me, or did I hear Maurice Benard say, “We’re gonna fûck this cancer together!”? It sure sounded like that.
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