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  1. Even though I’ve enjoyed all these soaps, I’ve traditionally had more trouble connecting with daytime soaps set in California: Santa Barbara, B&B, Sunset Beach. They just don’t have the grounded, richly textured community feel that I’ve gotten from the Midwest/Northeast-set soaps. I don’t have the same issues with CA-set primetime soaps, but my expectations are different. I’m not looking for the same immersive experience.
  2. I came to enjoy and accept AM, but SMG was iconic and did benefit from *much* better writing for the most part. I would be curious to see how an older SMG would interpret the role.
  3. He’s got a great smile along with... everything else.
  4. I love the big ears too. Haha.
  5. LOL I’d never seen this before. This is why you don’t let random people speak!
  6. Rome Flynn (ex-Zende, B&B) will recur on the final season of Netflix’s Dear White People, which means he’s almost certain to be naked at some point: https://deadline.com/2021/02/dear-white-people-rome-flynn-netflix-series-recurring-fourth-final-season-1234699381/
  7. TK’s Ridge is like a whole other character, but I’ve accepted him begrudgingly as that new character, odd accent and all. In a weird way (for him, if not for B&B overall), it’s helpful that Susan Flannery is no longer on the show. He would be more jarring with her. TK is wonderful with JMW. I fully buy the Ridge/Steffy relationship.
  8. LOL. I’ve been thinking about Stan lately. I was sort of into him for the pseudo-gay content.
  9. They seem to have doubled down on the Below Deck series over the years, and those franchises now eclipse HWs in ratings if not in pop culture buzz. I suppose it’s an easier watch because it’s pretty episodic but with a few longer-term story threads. Not a great franchise during a travel-halting pandemic, though.
  10. Lol, I didn’t feel like pulling photos today.
  11. The demo number went up 0.16, which is about 44 percent.
  12. BIG bump in viewership for RHOA’s Sunday episode unsurprisingly. Similar to how BH jumped when the Denise story took flight.
  13. Claire is such an idiot. She couldn’t turn away from Charlie and stop the recording when the phone rang so he couldn’t see it? I’m glad it was Belle and not some dude who intervened.
  14. I’m digging Eric Martsolf’s brown, brawny body. That’s the saving grace of this nonsense.
  15. It’s kind of mind-boggling that’s it’s been allowed to go on this long. I just wonder what the dynamics are behind the scenes.
  16. This show is almost like anti-entertainment. It’s actually kind of fascinating.
  17. Been seeing a lot of tweets like this from right-wingers:
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