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  1. These Cam/Joss scenes are so bad. Makes me yearn for the days of Jonathan Jackson and Amber Tamblyn. LW is learning firsthand how awful her SO is.
  2. Roberto is certainly no pushover. There’s a reason why he troubles Medvedev so much.
  3. And Bradley Whitford. Those end credits are so ‘80s it’s sickening.
  4. Ratings were *huge last night for the SVU/OC episodes with Christopher Meloni returning. *For 2021 live viewing, that is. 1.6/1.5 in 18-49, around 7.6 million total viewers in early numbers.
  5. Got an HBO Max series order: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/head-of-the-class-reboot-series-order-hbo-max
  6. Wow, Hurkacz just beat Tsitsipas. This is when things get really interesting. Stef was EASILY the favorite with Daniil out.
  7. Just when I was singing William Lipton’s praises, today’s early scenes between Cam and Joss are a rare miss from him. Yikes.
  8. Yeah, I changed the channel to Y&R, which shows how bad it was.
  9. I am liking how smug and smirky Sally is to Phyllis. She’s so unbothered.
  10. I hope I love anything in life as much as Bill De Blasio loves sh!tting on Andrew Cuomo in press conferences. The gleeful schadenfreude is just palpable.
  11. This guy’s from I-don’t-know-where, but who cares?
  12. I’d be all for Phyllis and Amanda’s friendship being tested too. I don’t mind Michelle/Mishael, but their chemistry isn’t as good as Mishael and Gina Tognoni.
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