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  1. Great night for the GH character actors.
  2. Frank Valentini may be a terrible EP, but man, is he a dish.
  3. I love Alex Trebek. There’s not been a celebrity who has been more present throughout my life.
  4. Yeah, we didn’t need all that. Even Judge Judy, whom I respect and can be funny, gave a pretty long, flat speech.
  5. She left the Today show. She’s not dead.
  6. Hoda seemed like she legit loathed Kathie Lee, and her tearful “You’re my best friend” bs always rang false.
  7. I do wonder if these kids are being shortchanged by these current shows, with their lack of rehearsal, etc. They don’t get the opportunity to really develop as much anymore.
  8. Yeah, it was pretty good. Good speeches (James Reynolds, Deidre Hall, Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes). Had pacing issues, but that’s typical for these streamed ceremonies.
  9. He is stunning. He should star in some Patrik-Ian Polk production now that Jussie is persona non grata. Just keep him away from Lee Daniels.
  10. Patricia Bethune (Nurse Mary Pat) won Guest for GH. I thought she was very good.
  11. I was wondering if my Apple TV just effed up.
  12. I think these baby Emmys are silly. The very best Younger winners could have competed with the old folks. They are the only major acting awards that do this.
  13. Kyler? Really? He’s gorgeous, but beyond flat.
  14. I wonder if TPTB feels their absence is to blame for the tanking ratings. There was a reason they were featured so much.
  15. So they can eat the show again while ELani get paid in dust?
  16. Nam Thanh Vo of Frankfurt, Germany
  17. Timothy Joel Wright in Los Angeles (partnered with actor Sachin Bhatt)
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