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  1. Demetrius, a model from Los Angeles
  2. Very off-topic but I thought it was relevant to Housewives, considering how closely we parse character motivations and dynamics on these shows:
  3. B&B has done some relatively recent location stuff: Australia in 2017 for the last Liam/Steffy wedding, I believe.
  4. Are all these people playing? That’s actually a good bit of the top players—not necessarily a sure thing for Novak: Berrettini out, Fognini seeded:
  5. It’s hard to imagine anyone being worse or lazier than Brad. RC can be plenty lazy himself (more in repeating plots like the masks and DID), but perhaps the half-hour format might tamp down on some of his excesses? I wonder if CBS would let him get away the gay content, but who knows? (Has anyone ever asked Brad Bell about his show’s lack of LGBT representation in portraying the fashion industry? Maybe around the time of the Maya reveal, or was he just patted on the back for his “bravery”?) If RC had his druthers, he would definitely made Vinny gay, but that would have been just as offensive as what Brad did (making a sidekick gay and obsessed with his straight/bi buddy, then potentially killing him off).
  6. Suave, a podcast host from TX
  7. Jeremy, a fitness model from ATL
  8. He’d love those comic sidekick characters like Pam and Charlie, too, and he’d make Donna wacky again. He also loves rape, so Thomas would totally have had sex with one of Hope’s alters.
  9. He would definitely have gay characters and I fully believe he’d have Quinn fully off her rocker again. Paris would either be killed or in a coma right now and she’d wear a Brooke mask to seduce and screw $Bill.
  10. In the GL thread, several posters speculated about how Nancy Curlee would have written GH had she succeeded Claire Labine in the mid-‘90s as planned. Lots of comments about how well she would have carried the baton with the female characters, the Bobbie/Carly relationship (parallels to Holly/Blake on GL), and navigating Luke’s nefarious history (similar to Roger). That inspired me to start this thread, which is a game we’ve all played over the years in various discussions: imagine how certain HWs would have tackled stories on a soap at any particular point in time. Which characters would they spark with or have trouble with? Which problems would they have solved or potentially made worse? You could, say, envision what Kay Alden would have done with AMC (had she taken over as HW in the mid-2000s). Or, more fantastically, how would a still-living Doug Marland write GH if he were to return to the show today, with the characters currently on the canvas? Which characters would he do well with (certainly Brando might leap out as a classic Hutch-like himbo)? Who would be his Lily or Nola? Joss? Sasha? (God help him if those were his choices.) Trina? Maxie/Brook Lynn? How would he rehabilitate his (now totally gutted) Quartermaine family, especially with the dubious introduction of Austin/RH into the fold? What would a Megan McTavish (shudder) Y&R look like if she were Josh Griffith’s clean-up woman and still had to keep a slim budget? An Agnes Nixon B&B (which I can’t wrap my head around—Jim Reilly, sure)?
  11. Was when Marlena was clinging to life after Kristen shot her the last time this happened?
  12. Duy Hai “Seven” Nguyen, a model from Vietnam
  13. Way more interesting than anything on the show.
  14. There had been some false reports about his passing a few weeks ago. Sad.
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