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  1. From Miami 🇺🇸
  2. Someone mentioned that three actors have won Emmys for Billy Abbott: David Tom, Billy Miller, and now Jason Thompson.
  3. That Billy episode seemed written solely to get JT an Emmy, and he got it.
  4. Mo and JMW aren’t social distancing!
  5. Kelly Clarkson is just a Broadway musical and a Best Original Song co-credit away from her EGOT. James Reynolds introducing the clip of Al Freeman, Jr.’s 1979 Lead Actor win was a nice touch. Al was a cool cat. Wow, Y&R really milked the eff out of KSJ’s death for Emmys. Very unseemly, considering how they treated him in life and how they’ve erased his legacy. Fitting that Bryton was the only one who won an award for those funeral episodes so far (although Best Drama is still to come).
  6. Ah yes! Duh! Thanks for the reminder. Sad that no soap actors were in that BLM segment. (Unless I missed one?)
  7. While Eric’s tribute to Aretha was airing, he was on Twitter railing on Mike Pence. He’s clearly not following along lol.
  8. It just takes the spontaneity out of the night, which is part of the fun of an awards show. This is barely better than the year of the writer’s strike when the Golden Globes just listed off the winners. But I don’t think CBS would have taken this on otherwise. Just too much hassle trying to make sure everyone’s tech setup was ok to do a live broadcast. Filler programming. LOL at Olivia Rose Keegan’s acceptance. She looks like she and her family have been imbibing.
  9. Yeah, it’s pretty low energy. Even braying Sheryl and Mario would be preferable. I’m multitasking so have it on in the background. I didn’t notice that lol. But it’s always interesting to see winners no longer with their shows, either voluntarily or otherwise.
  10. Bryton James (!) and Tamara Braun taking home those second Emmys.
  11. Dropping this here...
  12. From Miami 🇺🇸
  13. Lol and there was this: And years later the freakin’ Academy Awards were like, hold my beer...
  14. Lol. She was so hood. There are times in this clip she reminds me of Drita from Mob Wives.
  15. I feel like that clip even left off some good moments. But just his building from Devon’s earnest appeal to Carmen on Dru’s behalf, his frustration with not being able to hear her as well not being understood, up to the amazement and rage at Carmen’s twisting of the situation. It’s just a really great performance. I remember people being outraged that he beat GL’s Tom Pelphrey and ATWT’s Jesse Soffer that year, as if he wasn’t half the actor they were. In some ways, that outrage was understandable: Soffer and especially Pelphrey were leads on their shows, opportunities only offered to white (or very rarely Latinx) dudes on daytime, and the Emmys just reward a few good scenes out of a year. But Bryton never got the chance to shine as much as they did. He was a grown man playing a children’s illness story, completely emasculated and a secondary presence on his show. (But again, it’s funny: when Bryton appeared on Vampire Diaries, people thought he was wonderful.) I will never blame Bryton for what happened with Devon. It’s been the writing 100%.
  16. It’s funny: with all the dismissals Bryton has received as a performer over the years, his scenes were the only ones thus far that have stood out as an Emmy showcase IMO.
  17. Hey, I can’t get the perverse yet poetic justice of MR replaced with a WOC (when the other way around has been so commonplace), BC/GA would be awesome.
  18. Amid the reflection on America’s racist history sparked by the police murders of black citizens, a few country music artists have been taking controversial Southern cultural references out of their names. Lady Antebellum became “Lady A” and now this:
  19. I was also trying to think of frontburner Black villains on soaps who lasted more than a few months and didn’t merely exist just to make a white/Latino character look good before being disposed of (à la Taylor on AMC or Keri on OLTL). Would Liz on Passions and Virginia on SuBe count? (Edit: forgot Lexie’s turn to the dark side on DAYS.) It’s crazy that, in all their years on the show, neither Dru nor Olivia on Y&R ever really had a Sheila/Phyllis/Isabella-type character to go up against. (I know Dru tangled with Phyllis but that was long after Ms. Summers had become a heroine.) Carmen was the closest Dru ever had, and that character was not particularly well-crafted, to say the least.
  20. Mo’Nique would be a fascinating addition. A total loose cannon.
  21. From Los Angeles 🇺🇸
  22. Sending good thoughts to your family, @Soapsuds.
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