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  1. Mitch from Australia 🇦🇺
  2. Wolfy from China 🇨🇳
  3. Zach from China 🇨🇳
  4. Daniel from Indonesia 🇮🇩
  5. Brian from Taiwan 🇹🇼
  6. Again, in the ratings that matter, it’s a virtual tie. 57k separates first and last place in W18-49.
  7. Lou from USA 🇺🇸
  8. T’Tao from Thailand 🇹🇭
  9. Xavier from Germany 🇩🇪
  10. I thought she and Ryan Carnes/Lucas were fire together. *hides*
  11. Yuhongtao_1998 from China 🇨🇳
  12. Fabien from France 🇫🇷
  13. Naijaking1 from Nigeria 🇳🇬
  14. I love her in Sister, Sister, a TV movie from 1982 with Rosalind Cash (RIP) and Irene Cara. All three are marvelous together, and Diahann and Rosalind have an epic knock-down-drag-out battle. https://youtu.be/YcflVFr0buA
  15. Thanks! Very happy that you’re enjoying it!
  16. I’d read it and I’m not even kidding. It might even be brilliant.
  17. Kamraan from NYC 🇺🇸
  18. Heavenly (with her pterodactyl scream) getting picked up by the nude model is about the funniest thing I’ve seen.
  19. Oussama from Lebanon 🇱🇧
  20. Well, that’s going to be a question for anyone, especially because he’s Russian. But you have to imagine he’s being tested a lot. The big, prolific champions have usually stated they are tested more. Until there’s a public announcement of a positive test (and if they can nab an iconic superstar like Maria, I suspect anyone can be caught), it’s all speculation.
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