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  1. These draws feel... curated. And it’s funny that after complaining about his seeding, Rafa is in Roger’s half but gets all of the most threatening players (including Tsonga, who nearly beat Fed in Halle) in his quarter. C’mon, Wimbledon, you don’t have to surround old Rog in bubble wrap. Gotta protect that cash cow/golden goose.
  2. Tate from California
  3. Speaking of that... Nadal’s path is BRUTAL, with a possible Kyrgios R2, and Novak opens against Kohlschreiber. Federer’s path is just eyeroll-worthy. The R4 is only potential challenge (on paper) until the semis.
  4. Joseph Tyshawn in Atlanta
  5. Ayan Roy Chowdhury from New Delhi
  6. Daniel Hansoe from Indonesia
  7. As long as they did a moratorium on major character deaths for a few years (doable), I’d be cool if Dru, Hilary, Brad, Colleen, and Diane’s deaths were all undone. All of them could have a vital role on the canvas. Well, maybe not Brad, and definitely not John Abbott. That moment has passed.
  8. Remember when Michelle Stafford was subtle and chilling? She was absolutely fantastic. And wow (almost) everyone was beautiful. The wonderful lighting helped, of course. But it was a sort of mythic, untouchable beauty. Diana Barton was a stunner in such an Old School Hollywood, film noir way. And it must be said that Peter Bergman was drop-dead gorgeous.
  9. Sabalenka got her first big win in a while today, even if Wozniacki isn’t the player she once was. Sabalenka has really floundered since her epic 2018. Her fall has been underreported because Naomi’s season has been even more disappointing since Melbourne.
  10. Oscar (ykfor) from Hong Kong 🇭🇰
  11. Fernando Borges from Brazil 🇧🇷
  12. Liam Jolley from London
  13. LMAO at Stephens/Ostapenko score. 6-1, 0-6 so far in Eastbourne. I’m not sure why the same formula isn’t applied to the women.
  14. Hwan from South Korea
  15. Whoever said that the Summer/Phyllis scene today was awkward...wasn’t lying.
  16. Annnnnd the New York and Brooklyn public libraries will end Kanopy access on July 1.
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