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  1. That rings a bell but don’t remember…
  2. Seeing Jerry O’Connell and this other dude on the panel, I wonder if they’ll try one last desperate rebrand as a men-and-women-talk vehicle. One way to stand out against The View and The Real, but ehhhh.
  3. Zoe looks a mess with that three-headed serpent dress btw.
  4. BAFTA gets called out, and here’s the money quote:
  5. 1989-93 GL is my idea of soap perfection in the modern era. The community felt so textured and (somewhat) diverse, with Af-Am actors put forth in stories that didn’t tokenize or marginalize them. Not that representation is the *only* thing that makes a soap good, as we’ve all begrudgingly watched series that have erased POCs, but when I watch older classic eras of GL (like the Dobsons), the whiteness is glaring. But so were the times. Can’t always project backwards.
  6. Zzzzzzz. I can’t get invested in anything Adam. The character is a snooze to me. And adding Nick doesn’t help.
  7. I’ve been noticing a lot of little editing and compression errors with DAYS lately. Just a little sloppy…
  8. Wow, did Benoit Paire actually show up in a match, or was Niko simply tired after winning Munich?
  9. From the Philippines … brothers AJ and Vin Abrenica
  10. I only watched the first segment, and they were smiling and giggling like they were in love and didn’t have a care in the world. Did that progress to *any* kind of remorse or regret?
  11. Three series regulars will be women of color (along with a writer’s room that will be half POCs): https://tvline.com/2021/05/03/sex-and-the-city-reboot-cast-new-black-characters-and-just-like-that/
  12. What happened in 1968 to end that run? Edit: was it the expansion to 30 minutes?
  13. Keegan-Michael Key should be great.
  14. Dafuq are they doing with Cam?
  15. The Weeknd and Ariana Grande both have their sixth No. 1s.
  16. I think Adam was hiding out in Kansas, where Nick went to track him down. So I *believe* the tornado will happen there…
  17. Got my second Moderna shot yesterday. Shoulder hurts quite a bit and I feel a bit hungover, but that’s it for now. Taking Tylenol and fluids and resting.
  18. A really great review of an extraordinary album by one of my favorite artists (seen in my profile avatar):
  19. From North Carolina
  20. Of course Melissa had to be in front. And Ramona is so awkward. EDIT: saw it was Melissa’s TikTok.
  21. Dolgopolov is calling it a day on his tennis career.
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