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  1. Garbiñe is half-Venezuelan. Maybe Sabatini before that? Sakkari choked the French Open semi away to Krejcikova. (And probably would have won the title against an injured Pavs.) Today she got steamrolled IMO. These young ladies are very smart players.
  2. Raducanu vs Fernandez. U.S. Open women’s final. Who had that penciled in two weeks ago? They just outclass their competitors.
  3. Emma Raducanu is making a very good player look pedestrian.
  4. Sabalenka just ain’t got it mentally.
  5. Fernandez did it again! Wow, did Sabalenka unravel in that final game.
  6. Trainer Jordan Morello 241082605_227628395964736_8569488416393337008_n.mp4
  7. She’s so smart, Leylah. And some of those returns were like what Novak was producing against Berrettini last night.
  8. Sabalenka is also zoning. She could easily get frazzled or unfocused and start making errors. But right now, man, she’s blowing the teenager off the court. OK, these aces from Leylah. Problem solving. Mess. I like Sabalenka, but girl can lose her cool quickly.
  9. Aryna is just another level for Leylah. Maybe Leylah will adjust to the power, but she’s struggling at the moment.
  10. Cynthia Watros is showing out. And IR is doing great too admittedly. The judgmental jerk we see in his anti-vax videos serves him well in these scenes. Still want Jax dead, though.
  11. The mothership is unwatchable right now to me. I’ve tuned out.
  12. Potomac is so expertly produced (and the cast members are so watchable, complicated, and charismatic) that its problems are easier to ignore, but you are right. Not sure what the answer is, though. Eventually the show will go completely off the rails like the other franchises.
  13. Carlo from Washington, D.C.
  14. Ok officially good with whoever wins lol. The teenagers would be cool, but Sakkari or Sabalenka would be worthy champions.
  15. Maria Sakkari looks GOOD this tournament.
  16. The men’s side has lost a lot of steam aside from FAA’s great run and Novak’s hunt for the CYGS, but we got some popcorn matches and surprises there too (not to be all Rothenbergy, but it’s much harder for lower-ranked challengers to maintain fitness enough to make a deep run in a Bof5 tournament, especially in today’s extremely physical sport. They’re just not conditioned enough or used to it.) We really lucked out in the past with the Big 4 and players like Delpo and Stan.
  17. The gorgeous and talented Jonathan Majors, who played the younger version of MKW’s character in When We Rise as well as co-starred with him in Lovecraft Country, wrote a tribute in Variety.
  18. “I’m sure you’ll get over it. I know I will.” Go Trina! SM delivered that line perfectly.
  19. One can dream… Plus he needs to lay off the tanning/bronzer like his hero. He’s just icky and charmless now. I definitely see the Fire Marshall Bill in Ava today. The sound folks can’t handle all this shouting. The audio gets shrill and distorted. Jeff Kober had that problem a lot when he started bellowing.
  20. If Nina had Peter kill Jax, that would make Peter’s return so worth it.
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