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    Another day of Meghan actin a fool and getting her ass checked by Whoopi.
  2. Robin Christopher would have been a far better Blake than she was a Lorna, but even she wouldn’t have been quite right. I loved Sherry Stringfield.
  3. Matt from around Manchester, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇬🇧
  4. Simona saving that match point was pretty darn amazing. So many shots in that rally could have gone all kinds of wrong for her. Just saw the handshake. She did none of the fawning she did when she lost to Naomi. She was pissed about this match, maybe because her body was breaking down.
  5. Carlito from London 🇬🇧
  6. Atharva from Mumbai 🇮🇳
  7. Jan from Hamburg 🇩🇪
  8. Dipanjan from Kolkata, India 🇮🇳
  9. Laksh from India 🇮🇳
  10. What would be the point if they aren’t going to bring back some of the Brooks family? Sort of like how the show kept referring to Chance like this off-screen bogeyman with no intention of actually casting him. (Unless their pacing is really that bad and we end up getting a casting notice for a “30-something hunk” in the coming months.)
  11. Johnny from Virginia 🇺🇸
  12. Look how far up Jackie Zeman was that year. When did they really start phasing her out? EDIT: According to your Google spreadsheet, it was 2003 when she dropped episode count, and in 2009 she began to disappear completely. Not sure how that aligns with her cosmetic work.
  13. Someone is stealing Rafa’s moves.
  14. Oh Coco. so from left to right: Ymer, Humbert, Ruud, De Minaur, Shapo, Tiafoe, Kecmanovic, Sinner. Frances must have lost his kit. I like Denis’s. Novak has an absolutely brutal draw at the Paris Masters. Could face Bautista Agut, Tsitsipas, and Medvedev back-to-back-to-back.
  15. Jeremy from Costa Rica 🇨🇷
  16. Dr. Timothy from Omaha 🇺🇸
  17. Kyle/Kim jumping up in unison yelling “You better watching your f***ing step/mouth!” still gives me endless lolz. Nene’s “THIS IS NOT SWEETIE, OK!?!” comes close.
  18. I can’t stand servebots, but Reilly Opelka is picking up some decently impressive scalps in Basel. Meanwhile...
  19. LOL at this Debra/Megan feud. They both seem like a handful.
  20. Sean from Beijing 🇨🇳
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