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  1. I’m in Armenia for a work trip (hence the lack of posts), so I was searching for hot Armenian men to post in my off hours, as there are TONS just walking the streets of Yerevan. But I inadvertently stumbled upon this Turkish actor Burak Özçivit. Forgive me if he’s old news, but he’s wow.
  2. Novak said nearly what Roger said verbatim and gets slaughtered. People are looking to use him as a punching bag. And it’s not as much about Gimelstob and his crimes as it is about Kermode. In fact, most journalists considered it a non-story until Kermode was voted out (in some sort of “nefarious” coup).
  3. It’s a tough one. Gimelstob had been an advocate for getting better prize money for lower-ranked players, which was one of Djokovic’s initiatives. I’m certainly not a JG fan, and he needed to go, which I think Novak knew.
  4. A.J. Ellison from Kansas City, MO
  5. Yep. Soap mags were totally fine with splashing very white Marcy Walker and very indigenous-looking A Martinez across their covers multiple times in the freakin’ ‘80s. Can you imagine them doing the same for Darnell Williams and Kim Delaney or to keep it Y&R, Phil Morris and Eileen Davidson? They wouldn’t have had the opportunity. Just like the Santoses (AMC/GL) or the Vegas or the Rosaleses, these shows are totally comfortable integrating Latinx characters into their shows in a way they’d never do for black families.
  6. I wonder if Y&R simply feels that the black audience is one they simply don’t have to “work for,” that they’ll show up in spite of lack of representation, while white viewers will tune out if the show isn’t overwhelmingly dominated by white faces. I don’t have any data to back that up, but I was reading a Hollywood Reporter article about the lack of Latinx movie stars and vehicles. The reason given? Latinx moviegoers already overindex, so Hollywood doesn’t feel the need to superserve or cater to them as much. It jibes with some stuff I’ve heard before. Basically, that minority audiences have been trained to not see themselves, while white viewers have been trained to be entitled to see themselves. However... this is a new reality. Viewers have so many choices now. But they may still prioritize the dwindling white 25-54 female audience over black folks.
  7. Alex Chee from Malaysia
  8. Yeah, I could see B&B figuring out some way to survive, albeit with some big shifts (fewer episodes, etc.). They already have a tiny cast, many of whom are just sitting on the sidelines. Y&R is trickier, but even if DAYS has finally reached its end, I suppose it has shown how low-budget you can go to survive without going to Wheeler-era GL lengths. Not sure if the DAYS model could apply to Y&R. Could Y&R and B&B ever get absorbed into one another if one goes first or both go at the same time? ATWT certainly tried it with AW to an extent, which clearly wasn’t successful. The TV landscape is just so unpredictable right now. Too many things up in the air.
  9. It wouldn’t surprise me if Days and GH are both gone before 2022, but Y&R and B&B will probably still be around five years from now. 10 years, with how TV as a whole is trending? No clue.
  10. Not that it matters, since all one needs is a good episode that works out of context to win, but those other shows were pretty fücking bad.
  11. Everyone looks so uncomfortable with Mal. PB has that pinched, polite smile. Oof. Mal is doing his best JFP impersonation.
  12. Bryton and Shemar were so sweet helping Marla on stage.
  13. Shemar commands a stage. He still can be kind of cringey and narcissistic, though.
  14. Way too long. It covers way too much ground. The soap viewers don’t care about the talk show stuff, whose viewers don’t care about the YouTube stuff, whose viewers don’t care about the list goes on...but this is a problem with all award shows nowadays in our fragmented world. There’s a reason the Grammys only hand out like 7 awards during their main telecast, filling time up with performances.
  15. Vernee made the joke about pronouncing his last name.
  16. Tyler looks very, very sick. I’m surprised he turned up.
  17. Loved me some Arthel Neville growing up. He is, but he is probably better off creatively outside of Days.
  18. Great speech from the After Forever producer. Kevin Spirtas is really leaning into life as an openly gay actor, and it’s nice to see.
  19. Gay men are representing with these Digital Drama nominations.
  20. Everyone thought Maura’s name was already printed on the envelope when we saw the Kiki scenes. I do legit love JMW, though.
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