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  1. Yeah, I agree. GH didn’t do well by him.
  2. I was thinking the same thing! These women who exist only to “stand by their men” are just pathetic.
  3. Someone put Maxie out of her misery.
  4. Early numbers from last night were *gobsmackingly* awful. They are likely to go up a bit, but still. Abysmal numbers. I knew a lot of people who didn’t realize it was on, since it aired almost two months late, and it didn’t have an NFL lead-in to inflate numbers. http://www.showbuzzdaily.com/articles/the-sked-sunday-network-scorecard-2-28-2021.html
  5. Good to know on the above LOL! That’s Vinny! Joe LoCicero.
  6. Just another reason for the internet to hate Gina Rodriguez.
  7. Yeah lol. I saw those. I was like, “Hmmm, people can post bare butts on Instagram. Can we post them on SON?”
  8. Jackée at the end (like Sami last week) was the saving grace of this episode...
  9. I never want to piss Richard Shoberg off.
  10. Agreed. He still looks fantastic.
  11. Thyme Lewis/Jonah Carver on DAYS was another hairy-chested hottie:
  12. 1997 almost miraculously brought me back as a loyal viewer of GL (after JFP and McTavish drove me away), but the 1-2-3 punch of Clone Reva, the Santos crime family, and San Cristobal cut the cord for me. Even though there were things I enjoyed about the final decade of GL (GT’s Dinah being first and foremost), the spell had been fully broken and I mostly watched GH (even though it was rough as well).
  13. He’s got a whole bearskin rug on his chest there. Wow. I appreciate when soaps allow their men to be fully hirsute. I was trying to find a shirtless shot of William Bumiller, who played Sean on GL (who found Reva on that deserted island after Annie sent Reva to her “death” on that airplane). His hairy shirtlessness was the only watchable thing about that era of GL.
  14. And they aren’t being as blunt and transparent about the age difference as they should be, maybe to protect PB’s ego? But they should be more upfront about the elephant in the room. More people should be commenting on it from afar.
  15. In true 2021 Y&R form, they’ve done zero to set this up properly. Just scenes of light flirtation and minor mentoring from Jack. I could totally see someone as ambitious as Sally going for the Big Daddy instead of a second stringer like Billy/Nick, but they haven’t played the beats to get there at all.
  16. DAYS won this sweeps by miles, which is sad because it was a C+ at best. (That is mostly due to standout actors who rose above the material like Emily O’Brien, Marci Miller, Lindsay Arnold, and Cady McClain. The stories themselves were pretty bad.) GH is probably a D, and the Bell soaps will have to repeat the semester.
  17. Big Sky, the David E. Kelley drama that dealt with human sex trafficking in its first story arc, has been a big success (mostly on streaming) for ABC this season, so I’m curious if that’s the tone they’ll aim for. It has a mild Twin Peaks feel to it. I can’t imagine Pine Valley being *that* bleak, but who knows?
  18. The thing is, in the very unlikely event MB, IR, and SBu all go, GH would simply elevate Roger Howarth, Michael Easton, and James Patrick Stuart. The bland leading the bland.
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