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  1. Must have been a glitch, because comments are back/loading and the scathing ones are still there. (Good.)
  2. I'd wish for Santa Barbara, but I know that will never happen for a host of reasons. If not that, I'd love to see Days of Our Lives, from the '60s (before my time) until the early '90s. Considering what Ron Carlivati has done to it, I'd like to remember when the show was worth watching.
  3. It was a minor role, but K Callan also appeared in the episode "Rich Girl" on Hunter in Season 2, all the way back in 1985 as lawyer Mrs. Jorgensen (no first name given), and mother to her own secretary, played by none other than a young Tonja Walker as Claire Jorgensen (who was more than happy to flirt with Hunter) and played into busting the perp, played by yet another soap-connected actress, Dorian LoPinto! Just figured I'd add this for all of the soapy connections.
  4. UGH. Whether Stacy Haiduk or Eileen Davidson, Kristen is PLAYED OUT.
  5. And nothing continues to happen. Meanwhile, 2022 approaches...
  6. Of note in that ruling, the DOJ has until Tuesday to respond to that court. So I guess it is a temporary stay, but I do not hold out much hope. Unless the "Supreme" Court stops the shadow docket BS and take some sort of position. Which is probably why they will hear a similar case in Mississippi this December.
  7. The 5th circuit has reinstated the Texas abortion ban. Surprise, surprise. NOT. The 5th circuit is the GQP on steroids.
  8. Sorry, but Brenda kissed another man (and her fiance's hated rival, at that!) just before her wedding. I don't feel sorry that Jax dropped her. (But I'm sort of mad at defending Jax here, considering how turned off I am by IR now. Oh, well!)
  9. And, per Wiki, he was on the 12th season of America's Got Talent as...a singing Trump impersonator (and eliminated in the quarterfinals). Umm...yeah.
  10. Elon Musk, narcissist extraordinaire, is moving the Tesla HQ from Cali to Texas, because he has the madz over Cali's COVID restrictions. https://www.washingtonpost.com/technology/2021/10/07/musk-tesla-texas/
  11. Surprise, surprise. And, as I said, you just know the other Trump scum will ignore the subpoenas and Dems will STILL want to color in the lines. Get the damned Sergeant at Arms to haul these wastes of skin IN. Fight, for God's sake.
  12. One edit: The headline I saw said the GOP Senate voted against the debt ceiling. Other news sources now have it still in talks. But the rest of the sucktastic news stands.
  13. Let's see, today's news dump: Quinnipiac has Biden's approval at 38%. AT&T is funding One America News Democrats have a voter registration problem per NBC News Glenn Youngkin is gaining on Terry McAuliffe in VA governor polls And Republicans have voted against raising the debt ceiling again. What a "great" day.
  14. If ANYTHING requires support from those two DINOs, forget it. It's already toast. Not just pessimism, but knowing their record/history thus far of obstruction...
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