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  1. Soap Families Who Actually Look Related

    Yeah. As for Drake's Roman, I think he and Bo had a "something" that made them believable as brothers, even if the resemblance wasn't as strong. I don't think he looked mush like Kayla or Kim. In that case, I think that chemistry you mentioned helped make that recast work, too. (And now, as things go, the lack of resemblance works for obvious reasons.)
  2. GH Recasts Teen Role

    Kristina was born in 2002 Cam was born off screen in 2004 Molly was born in 2005 Spencer was born after Courtney (Who?) had a literal 3-month pregnancy with him in 2006, during Monkey Virus Follies in which Courtney mercifully kicked. Jake was born in 2007 (Not sure when Aiden was born...anyone?) Emma was born in 2008 Joss was born in 2009. So, yeah, Cam is the oldest of the pack (minus Kristina, as said!).
  3. The Politics Thread

    I think it's already toast. Bet Manafort walks. And there have been numerous reports about this judge's bias. While it is not supposed to sway a jury, let's be real. That bias will have some influence.
  4. The Politics Thread

    Trump blasts the D.C. mayor - who brilliantly blasts right back - after poor toddler's military parade goes bust and Spanky the Treason Yam (not my creation, but brilliant!) gets a case of the madz and sadz.
  5. Days actor exit!

    I must disagree with whoever said Stephen Nichols was not a leading man. He was one half of a pairing that took Days to #1 when Steve/Kayla married, knocking, I believe, Y&R out of the top perch for that week. Sure, maybe it was just a week, but the truth is, his character - and his pairing with Kayla - started with the character as a dayplayer hood. So, apparently, some thought the character could lead. And he did. Maybe he overestimated his worth in this day and age, but then, soaps stopped hiring actors and went for pretty boys and girls that couldn't act if their lives depended upon it ages ago. Good luck to him. Just sucks that Jack and Steve won't be on screen together.
  6. The Politics Thread

    Pearl Jam poster has Republicans clutching their pearls. (Pardon the pun.)
  7. The only sad observation I have from those ratings from January 1995 is that, by today's standards, the bottom 3 would be at the top in terms of current ratings. I knew viewership had eroded badly. I just never realized by how much until looking at these. Adding to that, the budgets for the remaining soaps - GH especially - look especially cheap. How long until the scenery will be drawn by crayon with a single light bulb to light the scene?
  8. The Politics Thread

    I'm a Prime member, but I don't have the Fire stick. I have Roku. And at least that tells you what is free and what isn't.
  9. General Hospital August 2018 Discussion

    Actors shouldn't dictate stories but, on GH, it has been done for ages. Maurice Benard has dictated story, Anthony Geary has dictated story...heck, ironically, Tyler Christopher who likely had Carly/Nik pulled because Maurice dictated story was rumored to have requested to be paired with then-girlfriend Natalia Livingston, thus putting the kibosh on Zander/Emily and the quick exit of Andrea Pearson's recast Gia Campbell. So I really don't feel for any of them. I do agree they should just STFU and act and let the writers write.
  10. When real life gets in the way

    OMG, the comedy. Still as funny as I remembered. Thank you!
  11. When real life gets in the way

    I was beyond thrilled when Leyla croaked. But it was even more memorable when Jason Cook's Matt Hunter (Patrick's brother) yelled, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" (Yes, just like that!) when she kicked. Which was hysterical since Matt barely knew the chick. Oh yeah, and we saw some new fiancé of hers that came to GH all distraught, probably trying to make this a tearjerker. But honestly? I don't recall too many caring at all about her death.
  12. As awful as the story was, this ironically seemed to happen during the Eden/Lisa mess.
  13. Start TV Network

    And the weekend before Hunter was Wiseguy. I watched an episode or two, but the episodes I saw did not deal with the arc with Kevin Spacey's Mel Profitt, which was arguably the best arc of the series. Makes me wonder if Decades showed any of that or skipped it - for obvious reasons.
  14. I mean no disrespect, as I love(d) soaps (back when they had good writing, etc.), but with only four left and not even televised, do you really think NATAS gives a damn if they boycott or not? Not saying they shouldn't at all, just that I don't think NATAS would see it as a big deal. Maybe if there were still 10 to 12 on the air, but 4...well, I'm not so sure how successful this will be.
  15. Facts of life Reboot

    Well, I'm sure Molly Ringwald didn't cry about it. :-)