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  1. The Politics Thread

    Cheer up. Alexa tells me there is only 752 days until the 2020 Presidential Election! It feels like it has already been 752 YEARS since the orange POS took office and ruined this country.
  2. Days:October 2018 Discussion Thread 🍂 🎃

    In all seriousness, if true, that's probably exactly what he did.
  3. Days:October 2018 Discussion Thread 🍂 🎃

    I saw a rumor that SN is actually back...
  4. The Politics Thread

    Judge T.S. Ellis (who showed bias against prosecutors) orders a hearing regarding the "unusual timing" of Paul Manafort's plea deal. It's set for October 19th This POS needs to be thrown off the bench..
  5. On the latest episode of "Faded Rock Stars Acting Like Children", Lindsey Buckingham is now suing Fleetwood Mac.

    1. Vee


      Thunder only happens when it's raining!

    2. Khan


      Dear God.  I'm done.  I'm just done.

    3. Ryan Chamberlain

      Ryan Chamberlain

      Lawsuits only happen when it's raining. 

  6. The Politics Thread

    Republicans May Be About To Steal An Election In Georgia. - WaPo.
  7. Days: RIP Peggy McCay

    How sadly ironic that Ms. McCay passed away so soon after Frank Parker. So many older soap vets are leaving us now. So sad. May Peggy McCay RIP. On a sort of morbid note, I wonder if Days will now kill off Caroline off screen as it killed off Shawn Sr.?
  8. The Politics Thread

    This is not a popular opinion. But, while I do understand the need for youth and fresh ideas, the fact is, Trump and his ilk have damaged this nation so phenomenally that we will likely need someone with experience to even start cleaning up the enormous amounts of messes the current GOP has created. And, like it or not, that translates to someone "old". Add in that our respectability and standing around the world is also below sewer level, and that needed experience will be needed all the more to repair our image. I'm not saying there should never be another Obama or someone else equally young and dynamic down the line, but right after Trump, sadly, is not the optimal time.
  9. Days:October 2018 Discussion Thread 🍂 🎃

    John/Isabella were also very popular. I recall SOD saying it was inundated with mail for Marlena/Roman and John/Isabella, wanting those couples to remain together. John as Roman and Marlena were popular in the '80s, but I think that was in part due to the built-in history established by Wayne Northrop's version of Roman. And as for John not being interesting without Marlena, he seemed to do fine when she was gone. RoJohn had fans with his pairing with Genie Francis' Diana (as a matter of fact, I recall a SOD cover with them in wedding garb; apparently, they were to marry but it got scrapped. Maybe because of the '88 Writers' Strike?), his flirtation with Yvette (remember her?), and so forth, including as John with Kate - and the mini meltdown that followed I can still remember. I think both Drake and Deidre were lessened a bit by having their characters solely defined by the other, losing their individualism. But they still have a following. Maybe because of their long history.
  10. The Politics Thread

    Rudy looks more and more like Nosferatu every day.
  11. The Politics Thread

    Susan Collins is getting roasted on Twitter for whining about needing security on 60 Minutes, and it's beautiful.
  12. Ryan's Hope Discussion Thread

    I'll forever associate David Rasche as Sledge Hammer (the spoof of Dirty Harry/Rick Hunter cop types in the '80s which aired on ABC).
  13. The Politics Thread

    Put it this way: If potential Dem voters don't vote, we deserve every awful thing we are getting and will get. We don't need a blue wave next month. We need a blue TSUNAMI.
  14. The Politics Thread

    Collins and Flake can phuck right off. I tried Collins' opponent fund site and got the 503, too. That's GREAT! At least Murkowski had a spine. November is coming, beeyotches. Enjoy winning the battle while you lose the war.
  15. The Politics Thread

    Sen. Steve Daines (a Republican) is saying "peace out!" on Saturday's vote to attend his daughter's wedding.