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  1. Wendy

    The Politics Thread

    I wish I felt more sorry for these farmers. But they probably mostly voted for Trump, and worse, even knowing what they know now, they will probably keep voting Republican. So my sympathy is drying up.
  2. Wendy

    OLTL Vet to DAYS?

    Oops! My bad!
  3. Wendy

    OLTL Vet to DAYS?

    And the hilarious part is, Karen Moncrieff, who played Eve's mom, was only about 4 years older than Charlotte Ross! (Ross was born in January '68 and Karen Moncrieff was born in December '63.) I know a lot of actors playing parents to the actors playing their kids often aren't too far in age, but 4 YEARS? It's ludicrously hilarious.
  4. Wendy

    OLTL Vet to DAYS?

    I'd say a big no to Lee Dumonde if just because of the BTS stuff surrounding her quick exit. Seems...disrespectful, somehow. The other characters, though? Who knows. But I'd think she is far too old to be Donna Craig (wasn't she Don's daughter, Marlena's stepdaughter? No way would that fly with Strasser in the role!)
  5. Wendy

    The Politics Thread

    Gabby Giffords' hubby, former astronaut Mark Kelly, is running for Senate to unseat Martha McSally in Arizona. His new ad is awesome. Too bad I can't vote for him as I do not live in Arizona:
  6. Wendy

    The Politics Thread

    Maybe the Trumpkins will let some light into their head where their brains should be when they get sucked dry when doing their taxes. But keep believing your dear leader is for the little person. Idiots.
  7. Wendy

    The Politics Thread

    David Pecker picked a pack of pickled Bezos... And has likely scuttled his immunity deal to hell and back again! Never extort the richest man in America. (REAL wealth!) It will not end well. And do not tell me Donnie is not somehow mixed up in this. Jeff Bezos detonates his own bomb and turns the tables on David Pecker and the National Enquirer/AMI.
  8. Wendy

    Y&R: Potential Neil Recasts?

    Why is this even a question. Some roles can be recast, true. But then there are roles with only one actor playing them for decades - in that that character becomes identified by the actor. This is one of those times. It would be like recasting Erica Kane or Marlena Evans. No. I was in grade school when this occurred, but I have read enough about it. Days once wrote out Lee Dumonde, played by the late Brenda Benét, who sadly committed suicide not long after the death of her 6-year-old son with actor Bill Bixby (of Incredible Hulk fame) by having her character leave a letter. If the show does not want the tragedy of art imitating life, I suppose that can be done. But either do that or kill off Neil Winters. A recast is a non starter.
  9. Wendy

    Y&R: RIP Kristoff St John

    NBC News just had a story on this. Not often you see the death of a soap star make the national news.
  10. Wendy

    Y&R: RIP Kristoff St John

    He was so troubled especially after the loss of his son. I hope he has found peace. RIP, Mr. St. John.
  11. Wendy

    RIP: Candice Earley

    Wow! She wasn't that old, either, was she? In any case, may Ms. Earley rest in peace. She was great as Donna Beck!
  12. Yeah. They were very open about their issues in that joint Soap Opera Weekly interview (done when Lane Davies joined GH as Cameron Lewis). And I think the separation in LD's final year on SB was indeed because of said tension. Hence, why that saying of not schitting where you eat applies. At least they were professional on screen 'til LD left! And at least they seemed to bury the hatchet.
  13. I think, even though Robin Wright was young, Kelly was obviously older. But - maybe aside from Eileen Davidson - the timeline never worked for any actress playing Kelly!
  14. I loathed Reese. But the character - and Kari Wuhrer - did the impossible (this was circa the whole Sonny/Carly vs. Sonny/Alexis crap, even after Alexis was with Ric and the pairing proved popular): She got them to band together in mutual hatred. It certainly didn't help that Wuhrer was reportedly trash talking both characters at appearances and bragging that Ric should stick with Reese, etc. When you get Carly and Alexis fans doing kumbaya and "the enemy of my enemy is my friend", well...Reese was not long for the world. And I loved how people just stepped over her dead body after the train wreck like she was a speed bump! LOL! I remember reading Wuhrer tried to use soap magazine polls in her lawsuit for wrongful termination, of all things.