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  1. Biden may not be optimal, but if he can choose a promising VP? I can see that helping him. Warren, I already said my problems about her. Bernie? Please God, no.
  2. I'll vote for ANY Dem at this point. That said? I don't really know if Elizabeth Warren really can win. Why? Because the free-for-all known as the Dem debate did highlight a problem: Warren has all of these grand ideas, including Medicare For All. But she still gets defensive and/or evades when asked just how it will be paid for. The average voter does not want to go too far left or right. And I fear Warren is too far left. And with that plan for MFA NOT allowing for a private insurance option? You'll see voters saying thanks, but no thanks.
  3. Dear future Trump: Stroke Heart attack Lightning strike while golfing Plane crash Anything else that would do what's necessary [except murder - I don't wish that on anyone, no matter how foul!]... HURRY THE F-U-C-K UP ALREADY!!!!
  4. I'm murky on the details here myself, @amybrickwallace! Sorry!
  5. But in this case, it isn't just the right. Trust me. My dad served in the military in in the '60s. He and my mother had some knick-knack of JFK/Jackie. In other words, as Dem as they come, and my father still hasn't - and never will - forgive Jane Fonda for that. He sees it as spitting on our troops. And based on the times, I can't blame his POV.
  6. I really do. Especially the eyes. And if I recall, Tina Sinatra neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, either. The side-by-side halfway down this page only solidifies it, at least for me. But your mileage may vary! https://www.eonline.com/news/642284/nancy-sinatra-opens-up-about-frank-sinatra-sister-mia-farrow-and-ronan-farrow-paternity-rumor
  7. Matt Lauer should be in prison. Filthy rapist pig. On a side note, no one will ever convince me that Ronan Farrow is Woody Allen's kid. Ronan has Frank Sinatra's face!
  8. I said at another site that what makes this worse - at least to me - is the fact that Gabi was made sympathetic as a character on Julie's back. As was said, Julie was no saint, of course. She hated people. She was devious at points. But she was NEVER so OTT hateful and vile. And it pisses me off that this behavior was used to sanctify Gabi. Sure, Julie treated Gabi badly, but again? That wasn't the Julie of yesteryear. And it just makes me resent Mary Sue-Gabi that a character LITERALLY on the show since Day One, if not SSH playing her, must be sacrificed for her. But Ron cannot write nuance. Subtlety? Forget it. He has his white hats and black hats and the end. It may not be right or fair as far as my issue with Gabi/Julie goes, but it's how I feel.
  9. Chrishell Hartley's face looks like it would melt if near a campfire. And she's not even forty. Sad. Even sadder is the return of the dumpster fire that is Princess Gina. Speaking of fire? Kill Princess Gina with FIRE, damn it. It was tired 20 years ago. Surely even an uber hack like Ron must be able to think of SOMETHING NEW for Hope? If not? He should resign and allow actual writers to take over.
  10. Alas, the Trump Admin is appealing and another judge has temporarily blocked the ruling to turn over taxes. But I do hope the same result comes each time they appeal. I think having to turn over taxes MAY be the catalyst to have Trump resign or whatever. We'll see.
  11. Boo hoo! You can always resign, you rotten, filthy, piece of s-h-i-t.
  12. Pence is also apparently up to his beady dead eyes in this mess, too. Which means? Republicans will likely stall, twist and contort the facts for as long as is humanly possible so the DEMOCRATIC Speaker of the House, one Ms. Nancy Pelosi, won't ascend to the White House. That being said, that's...kind of great. No, hear me out! Because Trump still being under investigation with impeachment hearing during an election year would suck for the optics - and other GOP candidates. The commercials from Democratic opponents write themselves!
  13. Trump can push the narrative, but the whole Biden deal where he wanted to remove a Ukranian official was backed by the European Union in 2016. From WaPo:
  14. And now "Chris Kositchek" (Josh Taylor) plays Kayla's brother. Thank God CMS isn't still playing Kayla! It'd be too squicky.
  15. Isabella is still dead! So, she's an anomaly. So far, Bo remains dead! The rest are all characters played by dead actors, so that's different.
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