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  1. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Wow. I never knew Drake was in contention for the original MacGyver! Cool.
  2. Guiding Light discussion thread

    Nice "home-style" commercial. Too bad Stove Top is nasty, though. :-P Give me the real deal.
  3. Soap Stars - Where are they now?

    Well, good for him! If you can get a bit of extra money, why not.
  4. What Are You Listening To?

    Great albums, one and all.
  5. What Are You Listening To?

    Going back to the days of grunge and am listening to the entire Ten album (their 1991 debut) by Pearl Jam.
  6. The Politics Thread

    Apparently, per Andrea Mitchell, McCabe can collect his full pension if hired to work for two days or longer by Congress as a workaround! One such Dem has already made an offer. :-) I love when other government officials give Lord Cheeto the proverbial finger.
  7. Stars that managed to have 2 (or more) hit series

    While it wasn't "his" show, he also had a recurring role on daughter Stphanie's show, Remington Steele, in the early '80s. He played Daniel Chalmers, con-man mentor (and possible father) to the titular Steele.
  8. Stars that managed to have 2 (or more) hit series

    From the other thread: David Boreanaz: Angel (although the character was prevalent on Buffy before the spinoff) and Bones. And maybe not a "hit", but he is now on a third show, SEAL Team.
  9. Days: March 2018 Discussion Thread

    The trouble is, Eve is NOT FROM KENTUCKY. Kassie De Paiva seems like a sweetheart, but as an actress? Meh. She needs a voice coach to learn to play characters without a Southern accent if the role calls for it, and Eve does. I really wish those rumored early talks with Charlotte Ross had not fallen through.
  10. Stars unable to have lightening strike twice

    In the most column, David Boreanaz had two big roles, Angel from Buffy/Angel and then as FBI Agent Seeley Booth on Bones. And while SEAL Team isn't a smash hit, it is still on the air, which means Boreanaz is still gainfully employed and has been for a couple decades now.
  11. Characters that survived multiple recasts

    You forgot Russell Todd following Lau. But that's okay. He wasn't that memorable, IMO. All I recall is, he was in a brief romance with Heche's Marley and then that drip, Kelsey.
  12. Characters that survived multiple recasts

    Well, in a way, some were unavoidable as the Capwells were the main family. And since a large part of the show was C.C. versus son Mason, well, you can't have that conflict without those characters, so their recasts were necessary. Kelly I think was also necessary as she carried some of the weight besides Eden in terms of the daughters. I don't think Ted was ever vital, though, to be honest. Kelly was doing very well under Carrington Garland; the final recast with miscast Eileen Davidson was, to me, about scoring a name than someone right for the role. CG was perfect. Why the Dobsons made that mistake, I'll never understand.
  13. Characters that survived multiple recasts

    Going back quite a ways, but almost any of the Capwells on Santa Barbara. C.C. had like two or three actors before Jed Allan. Mason was played by three different actors. Kelly was played by four actresses. And even Ted was recast once. Eden was the only one never recast. (Technically, Judith McConnell was Sophia #2, although the only one of the two to actually play Sophia since Rosemary Forsyth [I think she was #1] was still in disguise as other people before the Sophia reveal.) Come to think of it, Gina was played by two actresses. And Santana, god, I lost count. Hell, just say almost the entire show of SB survived recasts galore!
  14. The Politics Thread

    I feel like Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust" should be the theme/anthem of this wreck of an administration.
  15. B&B - Recast the Forrester Sons

    Drake was never Olivier, but he had charm, especially in his Roman days and interactions with the rest of the Brady family. Which, to me, why it was a waste that Wayne Northrop was found to be real Roman, didn't stay again, anyway, left the show, then returned again as some dumb retconned hubby of Marlena's allegedly before Don in her romantic time line. Drake should have somehow remained Roman, IMO. Still, I agree he is a natural at generating chemistry with most of the women thrown at RoJohn. Strangely (and it may be my bias as I find "Doc" cold, and always have), I think the least chemistry he currently has is with Marlena. I concede they were popular and maybe still are, so this is likely unpopular as all hell. But meh. As an aside, it's sad that Josh Taylor has played Roman longer than Northrop and Hogestyn combined. I still don't see him as Roman. Just Chris Kositchek.