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  1. As I said in my post with KeMo's tweet, air BTS instead. Bet it would get better ratings.
  2. Kelly Monaco has tweeted about Billy Miller's exit. Don't know if she is just being emotional/a drama queen or not, but this almost sounds like Billy Miller was fired and did not choose to leave as first speculated: I say air BTS instead of the show.
  3. Please. Right-wing loons gave up "sense" and critical thinking skills ages ago. The Clintons have lived in their brains rent free since the '90s and now have the Obamas to keep them company. The tinfoil is strong with that crowd.
  4. I don't think this investigation will necessarily stop, even if this pig is blessedly gone. There is still his girlfriend/procurer, Ghislane Maxwell, not to mention the big names in that book.
  5. Ah, not step. Half. Hope and Julie are half sisters, which means David was Hope's half nephew, making David's son, Eli, her half grand nephew! (Step/Half get confused a lot. Step applies to by marriage, usually, and people with no blood tie. Half implies...well, half a tie. ) But I agree, cousin is a lot easier.
  6. A nation held hostage by the NRA and the GOP.
  7. Ah, okay. I have a very hazy memory of Flame down in the Bayou.
  8. Rutanya Alda was on soaps? Never knew that! (And I watched SB during the time she was said to be on.) I recall her mainly from the Law & Order franchise. She was on the Mothership and she had a memorable turn as a woman on Criminal Intent whose character carried a "stone baby". Creepy episode! As an aside, I did look to see if she was related to Alan Alda and his family once. Nope! Who says this thread isn't educational?
  9. He really did great. As much as I hated this Jack/Eve crap, I do like he is not being written as a damned clown this time around.
  10. This thread is making me feel old. But I agree with the Gen X sentiment, being a Gen-X'er, myself. (Born in 1972.) I recall the big deal when Bill Clinton was elected in '92 (the first presidential election I voted in) and MTV, before it was trash, had town halls and other such things with him, and Gen-X'ers were credited in helping to get a "younger" president elected. If only we had such power now. How far this country has fallen.
  11. Steven Mines, who played David Martin on Days in 1966 and Dr. Paul Stewart on ATWT from 1966-1968, has died. He was 80 years old.
  12. And in other news, pedo Jeffrey Epstein was found in his prison cell injured and in the fetal position. It was believed to be a suicide attempt.
  13. Rand Paul and Mike Lee are pieces of s-h-i-t. Just your daily reminder! And this picture circulating on Twitter, as Evil Turtle passes a smirking Jon Stewart before the 9/11 vote says it all:
  14. A young Jess Walton is on a 1975 episode of Cannon on MeTV. Wouldn't recognize her except for the announcer saying her name.
  15. So, I am guessing Goddard was the answer to the SOD BI that said a "fan favorite" did not like his new story?
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