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  1. And in poor taste since, by that time, Patsy Pease had done that SOD interview detailing her real-life horrific childhood. I believe it was after that, anyway.
  2. I'm with AlexElizabeth. Xander/Sarah are basically the only saving grace on this show right now. And I sadly have to include Jack/Jennifer in the "not good now" category since they are being held hostage soon in Gina hell. No. Xander may have been a homicidal sleazy kook, but I still find him more likable and less sanctimonious than Eric, who basically killed a man but saves all his hate for Xander while having a babynapper for his true love, and the kid she took being his own damned niece.
  3. That's not Stefano. It's [!@#$%^&*] Steve Johnson! Stefano is DEAD, no matter how Ron spins this schitt.
  4. Maybe you're right. But if there is even one voter that voted for this a-s-s-h-o-l-e who, say, may have voted Dem before (there were apparently such voters), this could still serve its purpose. We'll see, I guess!
  5. It's politics. Full of opportunism. Maybe Dems should take the high road. But let's face it: I think an ad like this may be the only way to break things down to the average Joe and Jane that may waver and be concerned about our country's place in the world. In short, I'm not at ALL opposed to this ad. It sucks, but our survival may just have to come down to fighting just as dirty as the Republicans do.
  6. And Darlene Love is also known from the Lethal Weapon movie series as Trish Murtaugh.
  7. I could have written this entire post. It's too bad Saturday morning cartoons are basically no more. Because Ron Carlivati should be writing those, not daytime dramas - and turning them into cartoons to fill the void. And you're right: Compare some of the truly classic clips on the DOOL app next to this schitt. The difference is night and day. Now, there is no sense of family, emotional weight, or heart. While I am glad the show was not cancelled, if this is the best it can do, maybe it should have been, especially if ol' Kenny is too lazy or cheap to try to make some real changes. His parents are probably doing somersaults in their graves. Sorry, Betty and Ted. Your son did not inherit your talents.
  8. Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized for possible infection. The article does state that she is responding well and is expected to possibly be released on Sunday. Hang on for just another year (at least!), Justice Ginsburg!
  9. That is the rumor. But Steve can do a number of things that don't involve this faux-Stefano schitt.
  10. Twitter can sometimes be a great thing. The infamous No Quid Pro Quo note, Ramones style and Morrissey style:
  11. Joe Mascolo is dead. Ergo? Stefano should be DEAD, too. It's disrespectful. But Ron is a hack, so I expect nothing less from him.
  12. Impeachment support has dropped. Trump's support is rising. America is becoming a lost cause. http://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/polls/ http://emersonpolling.com/2019/11/21/november-national-poll-support-for-impeachment-declines-biden-and-sanders-lead-democratic-primary/
  13. Wendy


    I know this will be unpopular, especially considering this is a soap board, but I do think - right now, for the sake of educating the public - these hearings are important. Yes, there are other channels. But having all of the broadcast channels air this helps reach that many more people. This is history. Especially since cable "news" channels seem to care more about drama than the actual events. Someone has to take up the slack. I love soaps, too, or did. But I think their future is already on borrowed time. But these events are far too important to not air as widely as possible.
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