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  1. I wonder if he is still married to another ex-soap actor, Susan Walters?
  2. The Politics Thread

    Funny how those 18 months of hearings WITH OVER 160 GOP AMENDMENTS for the ACA are CONSTANTLY ignored by the Trumpkins. No regard for educating themselves. Bigly sad.
  3. Mark LaMura passes away

    Wow. May he RIP.
  4. I feel vindicated in dropping this sh1tfest ages ago. I fell into a coma just trying to read those "spoilers". And who the hell are 90% of these people?
  5. The Politics Thread

    When did we leave AMERICA and THE FIRST AMENDMENT? Jesus.
  6. Another Days Return

    OMG. This legit made me LMAO. So, thanks for that.
  7. RIP Richard Anderson, 91 (Oscar Goldman)

    I remember him from that very brief (corny but entertaining) CBS show, Cover Up, the show that lead Jon-Erik Hexum accidentally killed himself on while waiting for the next scene on set. May Mr. Anderson rest in peace. He lived a long life and had a great career. Can't ask for much more than that.
  8. Another Days Return

    Eh, I never cared for Billie. ANY Billie. I guess it makes sense to come back since Kate and Lucas are around. I guess I should be grateful Bo is dead, (Unless Ron does the impossible?) and we won't have more Billie/Hope cat fights over Bo. I know. They moved past that. But, hello! This is Ron Carlivati. Tell me he wouldn't love to go back there.
  9. Wow. Make it a table of two. I know, Robin Wright originated her, and she WAS talented (even with her soap-shaming attitude), but I really loved CG's version.
  10. The Politics Thread

    Thanks to lazy-a$$e$ who couldn't be bothered to vote at all and the 30% or so "base", the US is now a complete joke around the world. Can't blame them. If I had enough cash and the means to do it, I'd haul a$$ to Canada right now.
  11. GH: August 2017 Discussion Thread

    I hate myself for saying this because he was completely obsessed with Jason (and also Sonny and Carly, but never as deep as Jason!) and could be a petty hack in his own right, but... This show sucks so horribly right now that I'd ALMOST accept Guza back. At least under his regime, we had some superfluous explosions and such and it kept folks awake. Usually. This is what Shelly Altman has reduced me to. And I hate myself. Of course, most of the writers that knew the show were tossed for Frankie's pets, so we'd need better staff writers, too. Ah, pipe dreams.
  12. The Politics Thread

    That's not AT ALL suspicious. Look, SQUIRREL!
  13. The Politics Thread

    What a little insecure child, still having rallies after he has WON. I'd say for him to get his fat orange ass back to DC to do some WORK, but we're better off with him doing his little ass kissing tours. And if he pardons Arpaio, I hope it's just another notch in his washed up administration and it bites him. Hard.
  14. Licensed music and daytime soap operas

    "Tonight, I Celebrate My Love For You" by Roberta Flack and...I think the guy was Peabo Bryson.
  15. The Politics Thread

    Alas, I don't see the walls closing in since it is the Democrats calling for this (needed) mental health evaluation. Now, if the Republicans grow a spine, a set of [email protected], and a conscience...we'll see.