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  1. Well, if Bernie is the nominee (UGH!), at least when he loses, maybe his little followers will FINALLY STFU. And we can blame them for when this country finishes its journey down the toilet. Cold comfort, I know.
  2. Wendy


    So it will be Watergate Redux. (I was only 1 when that happened, but my parents told me how that positively DOMINATED TV.)
  3. There are a number of YouTube accounts that visit graves of celebrities. (Everyone has to have a hobby, I guess!) One of those, Hollywood Graveyard, has a video up from last September and one of the gravesites he visits is the grave of Kristoff St. John. It starts @ 09:26 in this video. ETA: Per the video, his son, Julian, is also buried there:
  4. Remember that old quip attributed to Trump about Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yuvanovich and how she'd be "going through some stuff"? Well, some documents were released regarding Giuliani associate Lev Parnas and other criminal GOP elements tied to Trump...alluding to her being assassinated. And THAT is likely why she was given a heads up to leave ASAP. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/ukraine-prosecutor-offered-information-related-to-biden-in-exchange-for-ambassadors-ouster-newly-released-materials-show/2020/01/14/cc45d19e-371e-11ea-9541-9107303481a4_story.html#comments-wrapper And wisdom has it that it was Pelosi that released this. Unsure if this is really the case, but if so, a smart move. Because this bombshell now it puts McConnell's sham trial at risk.
  5. Does anyone give a rat's ass about Summer? As far as I'm concerned, Sarah and Melissa are Maggie's ONLY children. All other interlopers, exit stage left.
  6. I know pop is more popular here, but it just broke that Neil Peart of Rush, considered to be one of rock's greatest drummers, has died of brain cancer at age 67. Here's what is probably their most well-known hit, "Tom Sawyer":
  7. I remember him from Grease - and had seen him as Kookie once or twice when Me-TV used to run 77 Sunset Strip. May he RIP.
  8. F-u-c-k Donald Trump and EVERY last Republican. War-mongering pieces of schitt. So, where are all the red hats?! Off to war you go! Take your Evangelical buddies with you while you're at it. And don't forget Donnie Jr. and Eric!
  9. Dear Ron Carlivati: You are a lazy hack, and trying to get around nonsensical schitt via a time jump because you cannot write the journey has bombed. Steve-ano and Gina redux (extra creepy since the real Gina and Stefano are both DEAD) SUCKS. Kayla/Justin SUCKS. Will cozying up to his would-be killer SUCKS. Ciara ruined to stay in wuv with said killer SUCKS. The rumor of the Adrienne death [look it up] SUCKS. Not ONE thing on this show is working. As there are no more soaps as a safety net, Ron, should you get the axe, maybe reconsider your career choice and return to law. Bye!
  10. Having not watched in literally years, I like Jane Elliot rocking the gray hair. She looks terrific! But Leslie Charleson needs to lay off the plastic surgery once and for all. She was on old episodes of Cannon and Barnaby Jones in late night over the last couple of weeks, and even as it has been decades, it's hard to believe it is the same woman. I know...Hollywood ageism. But I REALLY wish she had allowed herself to age naturally.
  11. Not inherently political, but he did sing one political ditty for the 1970s "Schoolhouse Rock" educational cartoons! Singer Jack Sheldon, who lent his voice to "I'm Just A Bill", as well as "Conjunction Junction", has died. He was 88. As it is the political thread, here. Maybe this should be played again for the current Senate, to remind Toxic Turtle and the rest of what their job is supposed to be. This Generation X kid thanks you, Mr. Sheldon!
  12. Yeah, but Paul was an obvious retcon, so I tend to ignore that. LOL! Interesting to note, as far as John/Marlena go, that when John/Isabella were on the cover of SOD in November 1991 (so when Roman I/Roman II were heating up and all the various romantic geometric shapes were looming amongst Marlena/Isabella and "the two Romans"), SOD claimed their mailbags were mainly pro John staying with Isabella and Marlena with Roman. Not to discount John/Marlena's massive fanbase (even if I'm not one of them as I'm not big on Marlena as a whole), but I found that surprising. Especially since, I believe, that was just prior to the pregnancy announcement with Brady. Then I'd get it, even if I do think John really did love Isabella and wasn't there just for the kid, etc. I wondered what would have happened in that regard if the rumor that John were to cheat on Isabella with Marlena happened (instead, Staci Greason decided not to renew, so we got the cancer story). I wondered if the loyalty would have just shifted to J&M as it did now or - because of Roman and Isabella - if there would be blow back. Especially when you consider how good Isabella was portrayed and how John was also a "white hat" character, etc. I guess we'll never know. Frankly, as a John/Isabella fan, I'm glad they got the ending they did. Because, with Reilly so "black and white and no shades of gray" character wise, I could see him doing to Isabella what was done with Kristen and, no thank you.
  13. Rafe/Hope strike me as a "we have no other men to put Hope with, so here!" type of pairing. I hated them and while they have fans, I have not seen any great clamoring for them to reunite. Surely there are age-appropriate soap actors out there looking for a job...
  14. That's my affiliate! And while I never watched GL, my grandmother (RIP! ♥) was a CBS soap devotee and she hated that move. I had to set her VCR for her to record it after that change. I will note that - years later - it was moved to 10:00 a.m. (not much difference, I know) and remained a day behind to the very end, at least around here.
  15. My God, this is still on?! I watched the very first and second seasons, as I was the target audience way back in 1992 (at 19/20). Now, maybe it was ALWAYS staged, but at least S1 and 2 gave the impression of being more off the cuff than staged from the never-ending draaaaaaaaaaama the ensuing seasons had. Probably why I quit watching so long ago. But I'll forever have a certain fondness for the original [as I read it went back there] NYC crew of Kevin, Heather, Norm, André, Eric, Julie, Becky - and Gouda, the dog!
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