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  1. Ironically, one of Nina's BFFs was...Brooke, Erica's #1 rival. I think Nina was "friendly" with Erica, but I'm not sure they were actually friends, if that makes any sense. (It did in my head.)
  2. Trump's tweetstorm yesterday certainly didn't sound like he took it as a win. Because it wasn't. And most agree. So don't let the spin by a few get you down.
  3. I really have nothing nice to say about a child predator. Just reporting the headline. She apparently died of cancer. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/mary-kay-letourneau-teacher-jailed-raping-student-she-later-married-n1233133
  4. I mentioned this on another site, but I think the difference is, when Hope "died", soaps were still making money and had budgets. And had better writing. So money could be spent on Bo by bringing in Emmy (remember her?) and Carly and testing Peter/Bo with them. And the writing was there to help the audience. Today, the budget is gone and the writing sucks, so Hope was left adrift for whomever was also left hanging. So hello, Rafe. No thought at all.
  5. Sure, why not? Trump has the US on life support. Let this wacko kill us completely.
  6. TV Line says Y&R is pushing back restarting production from July 6th for one week to July 13th because of the uptick in Coronavirus cases. But it is being said that the July 13th date is also fluid and can change.
  7. With 120,000+ dead and climbing, the Trump Administration is urging the Supreme Court to strike down the ACA (Obamacare) entirely. Republicans are making the fabled death panels a reality! https://twitter.com/i/events/1276361569341849601 The Supreme Court is expected to decide this in the next term (October).
  8. Wonder what Stephanie Cameron is up to these days... Didn't like her version of Jennifer at the time, but I'm willing to reevaluate.
  9. Dan Rather, Shade Master:
  10. Shawn and Belle, IMO, suffered ever since being pre-destined as teens. It's clear the writers have/had no idea how to write for them once Cook/Storms left. And - to me - Beemer and Madison have no chemistry. And they were tied down with a kid WAY too young. And Martha Madison, who seems like a lovely woman, just seems miscast as Belle. She is too old for the role. Maybe not now with said kid now in her 20s herself (!), which is another mistake as great as Olivia Rose Keegan is, but she was, even when initially cast. Of course, after the disaster that was Charity Rahmer, Madison looked like Meryl Streep. But the point stands. Oddly, as he was born in 1987, Shawn seems to be around the right age. Maybe because the show aged him by small degrees and, so, it did not feel as jarring. (Don't forget, after little Scott Groff came tween Colin O'Donnell before Jason Cook, so his aging seemed almost natural for a soap even if still accelerated.) Long way of saying SORAS screws up EVERYTHING.
  11. I think this ad says it all:
  12. The successor to the time slot for "The Yellow Rose" was "Hunter". And even though that was a "Dirty Harry" Lite show to start with, I think it was around that era that even "regular" dramas like this one began using soap elements. In the case of "Hunter", a running arc in S1 about his being the black sheep of being related to the mob, Dee Dee's rape in S2. Soap story telling were not just for the "soaps" themselves by the 1980s, and that formula holds today. Maybe it's why fewer need to watch daytime soaps. Prime time uses the elements and people still get their fill.
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