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  1. Aaaaaaaaand Trump starts his Twitter tantrum.
  2. Oh, FFS. (Not directed at you, @Khan, but the whole Gina s-h-i-t and this rumor.)
  3. The GOP rep stating that whichever police officer searching for him had better be armed and single was a lovely touch.
  4. GOP lawmakers skipped town to avoid a vote. Then the governor called the police.
  5. I think it's a bunch of nothing. Everyone involved were adults. Was it seedy? Maybe. But nothing that the GOP likely hasn't done. And the GOP clutching pearls when all that would have to be said is, "President Dump on third wife, cheated on previous wives, five kids by three different women. The end." would highlight the hypocrisy beautifully.
  6. I LOVE(D) Santa Barbara except for its last miserable year. But even I concede it should no way be #1. On the list? Yes! But at the top? No.
  7. Good for him. He was one of the best damned writers that show ever had.
  8. Yes, Suzanne Rogers is wretched. Only a fan favorite for 45 YEARS. (I know, I shouldn't have responded. But yeah...) I am personally glad to see a vet like Rogers get another moment in the sun.
  9. Trash begets trash. Kellyanne Con-Job is trash working for Trump, Supreme Trash. All of this said, nothing will happen. Corruption from top to bottom. I would say I feel sorry for George Conway, but he stays married to the blonde bimbo, so...meh.
  10. Pretty much this. If the show wanted to keep the actor, make him a twin or lookalike. The town could still have issues with him because of his reminding them of Ben, but he would be innocent and could still be viably paired with Ciara. This pairing just makes her look desperate, naive, and brain dead.
  11. Sums it up. I despise this version of Eve. I mean, HATE. But let her go scorched earth on Ben's serial-killing ass. He killed her kid. And yeah, Ben/Ciara are not even close to the Bo/Hope dynamic. Bo was, at heart, a rebel good guy, and young Hope was spoiled like Ciara, but she also was smart and had a sort of moxie to her. Ciara not getting why Eve hates Ben just makes her look brain dead. REALLY?! I'm sort of glad Bo is dead so he doesn't have to kiss serial-killer butt as Hope has basically been forced to.
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