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  1. The script is a real treat! Thank you for sharing all your goodies, Jason! That said, I got a kick out of the tape date versus air date. It was only 8 DAYS! (No pun intended! LOL!) Now it is 6 to 7 freaking MONTHS. Way too far ahead, especially if things need altering!
  2. Wendy

    Carpenters discussion thread

    Back when the alternative radio station (I believe it originated out of Philly, but it must have syndicated, because we had a channel for it here in NY) WDRE was on, one of the songs it would play was another by Sonic Youth from that very Carpenters cover album. I'll be the first to admit that the Carpenters were not something I really liked much, though I have a small soft spot for "Merry Christmas, Darling" which is now playing on many radio stations. But Sonic Youth's take on "Superstar" was quite odd - and I liked it. Even if the line, "Your guitar, it sounds so sweet and clear!" was almost drowned out by amp/reverb. LOL!
  3. Wendy

    The Politics Thread

    Dementia will do that! More and more, I do think this POS has it.
  4. Wendy

    Even Popeye Gets A Reboot

    Oh, God. I'm so tired of reboots!
  5. Wendy

    Netflix: Daredevil

    According to Alan Sepinwall, that is not happening. And clarified further:
  6. Wendy

    Netflix: Daredevil

    And Netflix has axed Daredevil after 3 seasons.
  7. Wendy

    Have Reboots & Reality TV reached saturation point?

    No more freaking reboots! And if Reality TV died, too, even better.
  8. To those celebrating, Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. DRW50


      Happy belated Thanksgiving. I wonder what the Capwells were doing yesterday.

  9. I'd forgotten how Neil left. He pulled a Don Craig? And hey, just think, just a year or two following Evan's demise, "Don" gained "Evan" as a black-sheep son...in California, so to speak. 😉
  10. Wendy

    The Politics Thread

    Yep. And rude is still not cause for spitting on Acosta's First Amendment rights as part of the free press. How I love the suffering this trash heap administration is experiencing!
  11. Wendy

    The Politics Thread

    In today's "Lawsuit Follies", CNN and Jim Acosta are suing the Trump Administration. Yeehaw! And Maryland is filing for an injunction against Matthew Whitaker's appointment to Attorney General.
  12. Wendy

    The Politics Thread

    Trump skipped visiting a cemetery in France honoring our dead soldiers - because it was RAINING. His BS administration is claiming "security", but past administrative folks are calling it bull schitt, as they should. Love the first paragraph of this WaPo article about it. About time they call this POS out. Our world standing is deservedly in the sewer. But then, what else should the military expect from a five-time draft dodger?
  13. Wendy

    The Politics Thread

    Except it's the House that controls the purse strings. So if/when the House does keep Mueller, should the DOJ play games, well...another loss for Trump there.
  14. Wendy

    The Politics Thread

    Trump can fire Mueller. And come January, the Democratic House can - and likely will - reinstate him.
  15. Wendy

    Looking back...Primetime Ratings from the 80's

    What's jarring is seeing the ratings for the shows at the bottom rung of the ladder, so to speak, and realizing they are still triple (or greater) the current numbers that constitute a "hit" on broadcast TV today!