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  1. I don't think so, but I do recall that Tori was supposed to remind Mason of Mary. I have read over the years that TPTB realized they screwed up in killing Mary, but Harley Kozak did not want to come back, so it seemed like, for a while, they tried to "Mary-ize" (yes, my term!) any woman Mason got close to except Julia. Hell, I remember when the Dobsons returned for Round #2 in the early '90s and their plan was for GT's Mason to become enchanted by the Capwells' German house guest, Katrina, and have her...you guessed it...remind him of Mary. It was in some SOD issue. I guess the audience had well moved on, because it never happened. And thank God. Maria Ellingsen looked like Gordon Thomson's daughter. Of course, Katrina ending up with rapist Dash and defending him to the Capwells did the character no favors.
  2. Maybe simply have Mason realize that, while a part of him would always love Mary and be grateful to her for making him realize he could love and be loved, time has changed him and he was IN LOVE with Julia. (Assuming it would be a back from the dead deal.) I could see Mason at first choosing Mary, but still feel intellectually/emotionally drawn to Julia [M/J had the wit/intellectualism and their profession as lawyers in common to keep them in each other's orbit naturally, not to mention Samantha!], and have to fight to win Julia back. Heck, I could see Julia involved with Michael and Mason having to compete. Then, when Julia and Mason reunited, Mary and Michael could at first just commiserate together, and have things progress from there.
  3. I preferred Mason and Julia by a mile, too. But I didn't hate Mary. I think she and Michael Donnelly may have been interesting to try, especially since they both had the religious backgrounds, with Mary being a former nun and Michael being a former priest. And the fact that both were involved with the respective halves of Mason and Julia, it could have been a jumping off point into their own stories. And Michael, while a good guy, did seem to have a darker streak (see his involvement with Flame, his career as a cop), so there was the possibility of conflict, etc.
  4. Well, the whole concept changed - from daytime to primetime. Maybe the network didn't like it. Been ages.
  5. The actor playing Johnny just got married.
  6. Maybe, but Mason or not, aunt or not, she didn't have to give Samantha "Eden" as her middle name (when Eden was thought dead), but she did. That was nice. And there were great, heartfelt scenes between the two that I can still remember right after Dash was acquitted of raping Julia, with Eden checking on he, bring Julia and Samantha a bunch of Christmas presents from the Capwellsr. Eden was in her reporter phase then, and I recall her being almost as devastated as Julia. I realize part of that has to do with Eden's own history with rape, but she was also clearly sad for her friend. I think they may have started to be friendly through Cruz and Mason but made their own friendship along the way. The Dobsons talked up Julia with David Raymond in their second tenure. Trouble is? He had all the charisma and personality of dirt. And before the story went south with the rape, the show did have Dash pursuing Julia. I recall, at one point, the show also throwing around Mac Blake (Gina's brother) and Julia. Pre-Mason, there was also Jack, played by Joel Crothers. For good or bad, Julia's best chemistry was always with Mason, no matter the actor, and the audience responded. And it forever will piss me off that Cassie was never exposed in meddling with Julia/Mason. At least Mason dumped her asssss for Julia and she was left to chase her own nephew versus Angela and went nuts. Karma.
  7. Should have named the character something else, though since the show had just came out from under with Eden/"Lisa". Not to mention, Julia and Mason's law office secretary, Lisa DiNapoli. The writers should have picked up a baby names book and branched out.
  8. It wasn't, as far as I know. I do know I read past rumors that EDEN may have had a flirtation with Lionel. I also read (had serendipity with Cruz not happened) that Eden/Warren was being considered. As already stated, early on, I guess the pairing was supposed to be Pearl for Julia, but then she was put in Mason's orbit and voila! Serendipity, part 2.
  9. The Orient Express was basically replaced by The Oasis set, which Mason ran.
  10. Yeah, another vote to NEVER, EVER recast Robin. Robin was also never that interested in hospital politics, so she and Patrick in Cali is fine with me if KMc will not return (and probably won't - at least as a regular! - since her directing career is going well!).
  11. That's weird! Since I don't subscribe and I saw it... Here is a long copy/paste: ************************** Tributes poured in online after the news of Stuart Damon’s (ex-Alan, GH) passing was announced. Former co-stars and executives shared memories of working with the actor. Steve Burton (Jason): Stuart Damon. What a loss. The Angels are singing! One of the greatest guys ever. I was so blessed to have this guy play my tv dad. He was so kind, generous, giving, funny, selfless and just an awesome guy. He taught me so much.. I know everyone loved Stuart as Alan Quartermaine, who wouldn’t…he was amazing. But I just want people to know what a great husband and father this guy was. I’m sad beyond words. My prayers go out to his family. Love you Stuey D! #stuartdamon #gh #alanquartermaine #rip Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie): God Bless you #StuartDamon You are and always will be so very special to all of us who were lucky to work + play with you over the years. You will be missed but never forgotten. Your spirit will shine eternally in heaven. Maurice Benard (Sonny): When I heard the news today it hurt,I always wanted Stewart to be Sonny’s long lost dad. He was so classy, real, and.always made me feel safe,Great Man Scott Clifton (ex-Dillon; Liam, B&B): In my early days at General Hospital, I had a scene with Stuart in which his character would learn that a beloved family member had died. He understood the gravity of the scene, how historic it would become, and yet during the countdown to “action,” he still turned to me with a wry smile and whispered, “Watch and learn, kid.” Then he winked. Within seconds, he was no longer Stuart, and he began to sob. The man was, and is, royalty. Rest In Peace, Uncle Alan. Genie Francis (Laura): I am so grateful to have had this wonderful man in my life. I am very sad today. #StuartDamon #HG Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis): What a lovely, funny, talented Prince of a man. He truly was Charming. What a pleasure it was to work with his iconic self. Condolences to his family. RIP Stuie. Michael Sutton (ex-Stone): My @General Hospital cast mate @StuartDamon may you R.I.P. He was a great man and so amazing as Dr. Alan Quatermaine especially in the Stone aids storyline w/ me & @MauriceBenard @kimmeabreak Amber Tamblyn (ex-Emily): Broken hearted to hear of the passing of Stuart Damon. He played my adopted dad on General Hospital for 7 years and he was the most kind, wonderful, loving, supportive person. He always made me laugh and made me feel safe on set. I love you, Stewy. Rest well now, my friend. Finola Hughes (Anna): #StuartDamon master of funny, as you can witness here w me and the sweet #ShellKepler. Stuart lived to make you laugh, but he was also a very caring individual who was happy to have long conversations about life, family and his wife whom he adored. His favorite thing was to say ‘stethoscope’ several times before a scene with as many sibilant ‘S’s’ as humanly possible. Needless to say, that scene would have entailed a couple of takes if I was involved! #ripstuartdamon Sending much love & condolences to his family Stu-ey, a true gentleman. Sean Kanan (ex-A.J.): I am saddened to have learned that Stuart Damon has passed. Although we had lost touch over the years I will never forget his kind soul, zany sense of humor and talent. RIP Stuey Damone. @1SteveBurton @lesliecharleson #StuartDamon #GeneralHospital #Raimondo Jon Lindstrom (Kevin/Ryan): R.I.P. Stuart Damon. Or “Big Stuey” as we lovingly called him. The world will be a much less colorful place without him. #Love #GH #ATWT @GeneralHospital #StuartDamon Kimberly McCullough (ex-Robin): Stuart Damon… I called him my “building” mainly because he was so tall and I was so short. But also because he stood so strong and I could rely on him as the steadiest of scene partners. He handled the AIDS story with such grace, when Alan told Robin she was HIV positive was one of my favorite scenes I experienced as an actor. His true essence as a compassionate, stand up gentlemen really came through in that story. And I wouldn’t be describing the whole person if I didn’t mention how damn funny he was as well. My heart goes out to his family. Thank you Stu-y for blessing us with your performances. RIP Former Executive Producer Wendy Riche: RIP dear Stuart your talent inspired &delighted .You poured your heart and soul into @GeneralHospital &always delivered your best. I am honored to have had the privilege to work with you. Sebastian Roché (ex-Jerry): #StuartDamon was such a gentleman when I met him in 2006 on #GeneralHospital . A wonderful man and actor. Sending love to his family. Wally Kurth (Ned; Justin, DAYS): #StuartDamon was such a gentleman when I met him in 2006 on #GeneralHospital . A wonderful man and actor. Sending love to his family. Tristan Rogers (Robert): It is with much sadness I heard of Stuart Damon’s passing. He brought a real steadiness to the Quartermaine family. I enjoyed my scenes with him. Rest easy my friend. Kin Shriner (Scott): So sorry to hear Stuart Damon has passed he and David Lewis [ex-Edward] made @GeneralHospital the show it became .R.I.P. Stuie Tamara Braun (ex-Carly; Ava, DAYS): My heart is heavy. Stuart was such a kind man. He was genuine and warm. He was funny. He always had a smile and open arms. He gave the best hugs, called me Tubby and I was always happy when I saw him. I knew him as Alan Quartermaine before I worked with him. Then I knew him as someone I was ALWAYS happy to see because he made my day a bit brighter. I think he made everyone’s day brighter. He was so incredibly full of life. Full of good life. We lost a beautiful human being today. I was so lucky to know him. My heart is sad. Rest peacefully kind soul. You will be greatly missed by so many. #rip #love #gh Michelle Stafford (ex-Nina; Phyllis, Y&R) Stuart Damon and I lived in the same neighborhood years ago. I would see him at the local coffee place almost every morning. He was always so warm and filled with funny things to say. He was so kind to me. Such a loss. Godspeed Prince Jason Thompson (ex-Patrick; Billy, Y&R): Stuart Damon. One of the loveliest people I’ve ever worked with. He was funny, sweet, charming, a comforting soul. And a GH titan. My heart goes out to his family. Miss you and thank you my friend. RIP” Executive Producer Frank Valentini: On behalf of everyone at #GH, I want to extend my deepest condolences to Stuart Damon’s family and all who loved him. Stuart was an absolute legend of our industry and he’ll be sorely missed. @GeneralHospital Laura Wright (Carly): Stuart was the sweetest man. He loved playing in Port Charles. And I loved sitting on stage watching the Quartermaine’s rehearse and bicker!!! The BEST behind and in front of the camera John J. York (Mac): Oh my friend, my golf buddie, my dressing room neighbor, how you made me laugh, I LOVE YOU Derk Cheetwood (ex-Max): RIP to a great actor and even better person. Prayers to his family. Gods speed!
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