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  1. I think Carrington Garland was a better Kelly Capwell than Robin Wright. Yep! I said it! The Dobsons firing Garland for Eileen Davidson was a huge mistake.
  2. Astronaut Michael Collins, best known from the Apollo 11 mission, has died at age 90. His daughter is Kate Collins who, of course, played Natalie Marlowe (and sister Janet). Condolences to her.
  3. Huh? KMc's tweet a page back said otherwise. I think the post you quoted was referring to Kristina Wagner and why she was gone for so long.
  4. If anything, I could see the show canceled from broadcast NBC and moved to Peacock.
  5. About Don, his non-exit off to mail that damned letter on Days was probably the best thing that could have happened to Jed Allan. After all of the trouble TPTB had at establishing C.C. Capwell on Santa Barbara, he was a revelation in the role and gave the character the kick in the ass he so sorely needed. And his interactions with Lane Davies as black-sheep son, Mason, were golden. Don would have always been B/C-level at best. C.C. was better in terms of "meat" for Jed Allan in the long run.
  6. Makes me wonder why Marlena and Roman would name their kids after a sister that kidnapped the babies' mother and took her place and a great uncle [to said twins] that molested his niece [Kimberly Brady]! (Although, in the case of Eric Brady, Sr., maybe that wasn't known when the twins were born. But the Samantha stuff would have been remembered!)
  7. Twitter being Twitter, #boycottjetblue is now trending. (I approve, but it won't do anything realistically.)
  8. I must disagree. He even talks of his own voting history in the Op-Ed, voting against different things, etc. that other Dems vote FOR. If it did not give control back to Toxic Turtle, I'd tell Manchin to just stop pretending to be a Democrat. His obstruction is 100% GOP. And he is even in a red state.
  9. No April Fool's joke. Yet another mass shooting, this time in Orange, California:
  10. So Republicans again are (likely) guilty of heinous s-h-i-t that they continuously accuse Democrats of. Shocking. I say let Matt Gaetz and Tucker Carlson cannibalize each other. It's like watching dueling piranhas.
  11. And not just that piece of s-h-i-t but Epstein's procurer and galpal, Ghislane Maxwell. I recall seeing a photo with Andrew smiling with the both of them. And yet Fergie was considered the troubled half of that duo. Okaaaaaay.
  12. From what I've read, we're not rid of Kristen anytime soon. She is LONG past her expiration date. But Ron wants to be the new James Reilly, so here we are. Sigh.
  13. I didn't read the article, because I was in the middle of something, but a headline on my home page said Joe Manchin "throws water on gutting the filibuster". So apparently, Manchin and Feinstein and Sinema prefer Dems lose because they could not get s-h-i-t done because of that roadblock.
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