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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. +1,000 Or I can see Trump offing himself if/when (PLEASE BE WHEN!) he loses in 2020, just like the President of Peru did a few days ago when cornered. Cowards never want to face consequences.
  2. Ah, Antoinette Byron. Maybe that's how/why Skye had her real name as...Antoinette. In any case, I knew she was on AMC, but per this article, she was also on Melrose Place (original) and B&B. Assuming these were small roles?
  3. Vanessa Williams (Valerie) is returning to the show in May. No idea if it is long or short term.
  4. BJ and Warren never made sense. And unlike many, I thought they had zero chemistry. I hated Cassie, but she and Warren (even with the later incestuous angle) had chemistry. Ditto Warren and Angela. So why the hell TIIC put Warren with BJ the drip mystified me. Well, I kind of know. To help Pam Long's pet Kim Zimmer's character's family get a foothold. Alas, the Walkers sucked. Every last one of them.
  5. The shooting dates are ironic, all things considered. I remember SOD even had Marcy Walker keep some sort of Paris diary for an issue (and even recall it having Mary Beth Evans and Stephen Nichols from Days on the cover).
  6. Sure, they need angst. But there was/is PLENTY of INTERNAL angst these two could have dealt with, including Jenn treating Jack like dog schitt the last time around because of Dan. Eve really sticks out like a sore thumb. She has never belonged in this story. And she is just pathetic. She should have been going after Ben all along and maybe she still could have mixed it up with Adrienne by maybe getting into some sort of legal trouble when going after Ben and maybe having Justin be her attorney and have them draw closer while Adrienne comes out fighting. Instead, Ron did...this. And the ratings are deservedly in the toilet. No one wants to see this - or half of the other so-called "stories" going on now.
  7. As everyone probably has heard on the news by now, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is burning down. I still remember the Paris remote with Kelly (or was it Eden?) mentioning it and seeing its glorious exterior. So sad to think it is now gone.
  8. Nina is beyond pointless. But I won't fault Cynthia Watros for wanting a pay check.
  9. And here is some scary-assed s-h-i-t straight out of Texas, which is pushing to pass the Abolition of Abortion Act - which would invoke the death penalty (!!!) for anyone who has an abortion. It is being argued this will make women "more personally responsible" for sex. And this would involve such a penalty for nurses and doctors who take part in the procedure. Oh, and it has NO EXCEPTIONS for rape, incest, or if the mother's life is in danger. Gilead is here. Sponsored by the woman-hating GOP.
  10. Just to go OT for a sec, I guess Vincent is the latest soap actor to transition over to real estate.
  11. Yeah, never look at the Capwell timeline too closely. Look at Kelly/Joe: Kelly is younger than Channing/Brick, Mason, and Eden, and was engaged to Joe in 1979. Yet the two most popular actresses to play Kelly were born in '66 and '64, and I assume the character was not meant to be much older. So she was engaged in 1979 at 14/15? Okay. Add in that Eden's Sirenas stuff was also given as 1979, when she first met Robert and - I think - Kelly and Ted were referenced as being fairly young, and...yeah. Like I said, just let it all roll off your back.
  12. Bernie is the Trump of the left, down to not showing his taxes with grandiose statements and ideas with no idea how to implement anything. We have enough of that s-h-i-t. And as for the "most electable Democrat"? Biden still beats him polling-wise.
  13. Do you mean Stacey Edwards? Not sure if she left voluntarily or was fired.
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