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  1. Vet let go at Y&R

    Oh for [!@#$%^&*]'s sake. Done.
  2. Soap Families Who Actually Look Related

    GH: The Davis Girls. Sam, Molly, Kristina. They all look like they could really be sisters. NLG looks like their mom. Julian and Lucas as well...Really do look like father and son.
  3. General Hospital August 2018 Discussion

    They should have used this to repeat the end of the original Ryan storyline.
  4. General Hospital August 2018 Discussion

    I just posted a status about that not seeing it here first. They are in money trouble more than likely. This kinda sucks. As much as I just hate watched or watched out of habit for a few years before Ryan returned from the dead. I still don't want the show cancelled.
  5. Not sure if it's true. Because I haven't seen it anywhere else. But, I heard on another forum that GH is gonna run reruns all the way from the 29th till Labor Day. That's crazy. 

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    2. Cat


      What? Why?

    3. ChitHappens


      And the rumor is gaining ground.  It's all over Twitter and other sites.  

    4. Taoboi


      Dead Man Walking.

  6. General Hospital August 2018 Discussion

    I'm pretty sure it's Ryan in the funny farm. He'll switch with Kevin eventually though. I know for sure that My psycho is back and I couldn't be happier if I tried right now. Woo hoo!!!
  7. Facts of life Reboot

    Nope. This is gonna suck. Personally. I still hated that the finale idea of the spinoff with Blair didn't work out. I thought she would have made a good Head Mistress for Eastland.
  8. GH: Back From The Dead

    Yep. She's definitely needed for this.
  9. GH: Back From The Dead

    I love him. But, I agree with this comment. He did not fit the role. At least he was better than Jeffrey Meek though. That guy was yikes.
  10. GH: Back From The Dead

    My main man Ryan Chamberlain lives y'all!!! It was revealed in the last 10 mins of today's episode. I believe that could be Kevin in Ferncliff though. Which means. Ryan is the one roaming around. Creepy! JL's back to playing the duel role. my theory is Kevin is the locked up one. And Ryan is now fixated on Carly because she's his type (blonde) and he ordered her to get electroshock therapy.
  11. Looks Like Crap

    Ronn Moss! I know he's no longer on soaps. But, damnation. He looks horrid.
  12. If you are a 90s GH fan. Watch today's episode. Even if it's just the last 10 mins. 

  13. General Hospital July 2018

    Seriously. Watch today's show. Even if it's just the last 10 mins. Watch it. Don't look at my spoiler till you watch. Haha.
  14. Overused and Underused Character Names on Soaps

    That's pretty cool that you were named after a soap character.
  15. Wigs, Comb Overs, Dye Jobs, Extensions etc...

    Biggest offender on GH. Mo Bernard! Lay off the Grecian 44, Sonny.