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  1. Narcissistic abuse is possibly the worst thing ever. 


    Just being controlled for for no reason at my age. I show any emotions I get yelled at. I try to take action and do something. I get told I'm a failure. 


    And, I try to have friends and get back in contact with people I used to know and "everyone is gonna hurt you and they are all druggies" 


    my stepdad literally cares about no one but himself. And, he damn well knows how to prove it.

  2. Y&R July 2018 Discussion Thread

    I wanted to see Mishael's last scenes. But, I don't have a way to tape the show and I am extremely busy with my mom. I hate to ask. But, If anyone wants to slip me a link or something to where I can watch YR without having to pay for it. Please do.
  3. YR: JT Reveal

    This isn't GH. New writers please. Stat!
  4. You guys. We took my mom to a better hospital. 


    They diagnosed her with what I was pretty sure it was anyways. She has Delirium. Not dementia. Delirium is a reversible condition. 


    Please pray and think good thoughts that she comes out of this soon. 

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    2. Juliajms


      That's wonderful news.

    3. Ryan Chamberlain

      Ryan Chamberlain

      They still haven't found out for sure what the underlying condition that is causing it is. And, this is driving me into a deep depression.


      i just want my mom back to normal. That's all I want. There has to be a way to get it reversed quickly. Has to. 


      Everything points to being the mix up in meds at the end of June. But, they are still running MRI's/Cat scans/X-rays just to see. Because the doctors and all my family both would have thought she would have come out of it by now if it was just the meds.

    4. Juliajms


      I'm really sorry this is happening to you and your mom.  I'll keep you in my thoughts.

  5. GH Actress could be leaving

    I figured that casting call that came out about two weeks ago was probably for a Jordan recast.
  6. Guys. My mom probably has dementia.


    I am so depressed right now. Why the hell is this happening. I just want her mind back. I want my mom back. Not someone I cannot even talk to. Not someone who is so paranoid that they put shoes in the sink and cannot barely remember her own daughter's name. She called me "Sarah" yesterday. My name is Selena. I want my mom back goddamnit. 

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    2. Ryan Chamberlain

      Ryan Chamberlain

      They messed up her meds when she was in the hospital for the high blood pressure thing. But, after 2 weeks we would have thought what they gave her there would have worn off by now. 

    3. ChitHappens


      Lack of sleep can also add to mental instability so she really needs to be diagnosed as soon as humanly possible. I'm rooting for you guys.

    4. robbwolff


      As I messaged you last night, from my experience, it does sound like delirium (my mom had it in 2015). Things like sleep deprivation can bring it on as well as medical procedures that involve anesthesia. My mom's symptoms were even worse after a medical procedure. I strongly suggest raising the possibility of delirium with her physicians. My mom's medical team automatically diagnosed her as having dementia even though she never exhibited any symptoms prior to the confusion and hallucinations that set in after her surgery. Delirium was never suggested by the medical team. Had we known then what we know now about delirium, my brother and I would have questioned her recommended treatment plan. I truly hope all goes well with your mom.

  7. What Are You Listening To?

    This song resonates with me so much right now. As does the next one.
  8. Ooooooooooh. GH may have finally made my viewership worth it. 

  9. GH: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    Ok. Finally a storyline I can get totally behind. I have been wanting this. No, needing this for ten years. I'm pumped!!!
  10. GH: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    The only thing I am totally behind right now is the fact that Jon (Kevin) is getting a f.uck ton of airtime.
  11. Y&R actress out

    This sucks. She's one of the few characters on there that has any life to them.
  12. Y&R June 2018 Discussion Thread

    Canadians. Any changes to the credits for the episode that is supposed to air here tomorrow?
  13. Y&R June 2018 Discussion Thread

    Maybe they are new. The show don't air till one here so I'll watch the opening. If if they are maybe some of the newer cast members will be added in tomorrow. EDIT: Yep. Those are new. Hopefully some of the more recent cast additions will be added tomorrow.
  14. Y&R June 2018 Discussion Thread

    Hunter already had a clip taken (She was in that opening when they first started airing it) and the others don't.
  15. Y&R June 2018 Discussion Thread

    Jack's life is already bad enough and now his son goes and shows his dongle on live tv. Good move Kyle. Good move.