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  1. *dead from laughter* Really though. This show is horrid. I have never seen Y&R this bad. Even in it's darkest of times before. I can't even watch anymore. Ok. I love Eric now. And Victor.
  2. Gah, this show is like watching wallpaper dry. also. [!@#$%^&*] them for hiring a Trump supporter. Bye Y&R just for that. This guy seems like a creep.
  3. YR is so skippable anymore anyways. And, with her back. Even more so. Thank God she's gone from my soap. Bye Nina. BYE!!!
  4. *claps* I'm a practicing Christian but with Jewish blood/heritage and anytime a Republican says they give a [!@#$%^&*] about the Jewish people I just have to roll my eyes. They still think they killed Jesus. When it was the Romans, and Jesus himself was Jewish.
  5. What about killing off Aunt Becky? Jesse could empathize with Danny now. *passes popcorn*
  6. I need good thoughts and prayers. I am up for something I consider a dream job for me. Interview was today. Won't know until late next week. 


    Nervous as hell. I really want and need this job.

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    2. Juliajms


      Sending good thoughts!

    3. ~bl~


      Wow good luck and good thoughts.

    4. Ryan Chamberlain

      Ryan Chamberlain

      Thank you everyone. (Im)patiently waiting for late next week. 

  7. Next on Lifetime. From Full House To Big House: The Lori Laughlin Story.
  8. I don't even remember Y&R without him as Neil. He was so talented. I loved him and his character. This is heartbreaking.
  9. Rewatching more of the original Ryan story from 92/93 GH and damn....there's a lot that I haven't seen. And, he was [!@#$%^&*] crazy. What's weird is how he just attacked Lulu on current GH and Lulu looks so much like Felicia did back then. More than her own daughter Maxie does.
  10. Dancing bad.....porn good-Republicans
  11. I'm just not that annoyed by the opening. I like that the recurring characters are featured.
  12. Me too. Like Georgie. Poor sweet lovely Georgie. i want this in my sig so bad. I have been binging GH and Frasier. Whipped this up.
  13. Ooooh. That would have been cute. This made me want to have seizures. [FLASH]
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