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  1. The issue has always been that he never should have been Franco in the first place. I don't care what kind of chemistry he had with people. It was absurd from day one, and it got even worse when they tried to hand wave away everything he had done. I'll admit he was great with Becky chemistry wise but they never should have gone there. There were literally 7 or 8 different characters they could have had Roger play, but they insisted on him playing. Even all these years later, they did the right thing by finally getting rid of him. Roger should have just been Tom Hardy or some new Quartermaine f
  2. Perhaps in the US, but I just on the telly that William and Kate have a 75% approval rating. Even among my friends who dislike the royals (both in Australia and South Africa), William and Kate are liked. This is definitely a case where the internet gives off a different impression than real life tbh. Yes, this. In the UK, this will really only have an impact on younger generations. Everyone else already made their mind up a long time ago on how they felt.
  3. Yes, one of the main takeaways I'm seeing here in Australia is that heaps and heaps of people think the whole interview is rude. I'm not taking a side, but its definitely playing one way in the US and differently in other parts of the world. I have a lot of friends who don’t normally care about the royals but are saying they think Meghan and Harry are being "impolite". Nobody cares about Charles or Camilla really, but William and Kate are still very popular. There is definitely some anti-American feelings seeping into this as well.
  4. It is in a lot of ways. As I guess one of the few (maybe the only one?) posting here who technically lives under the monarchy, all I'm going to add to this conversation is that a lot people here and in our press seem to be on the royals' side this time. I'm surprised tbh with the support I'm seeing, not so much from the more traditional side, but also from people who normally don’t care for the monarchy. I'd say its about half and half and that surprises me. I think this will ultimately only end up being damaging in the US. I think a lot people in the rest of the world
  5. These were the first two I thought of when it came to being overdramatic lol. I feel like both the actresses and the show knew when to tone down the theatrics however and it was played for laughs. Lucy got completely overdramatic in the vampire years of Port Charles though. Like what are either of them going for here lol. Awful. Between him turning into the vampire and the loud af breathing and her rubbing his head while yelling/comforting him, it's too [!@#$%^&*] much. I can't find the scene now, but wh
  6. So sad. I loved him and Tiffany on GH as a kid. Neither of these were great, but sadly, a lot of that was probably due to the fact that everyone that really knew Lee and Gail are marginilised or gone from the show. There just wasn't a lot to work with (that doesn't excuse how half arsed it was though with flashbacks and story beats). At least this time, they have Anna, Monica, Robert, Laura, and Mac as fairly active characters. Felicia and Bobbie are around. There's also Tracy, Lucy, Scott, and Kevin. There's actually enough people around to shore up a decent tribute epis
  7. AMC- Trevor, Natalie, Edmund. Trevor in the freezer is still especially egregious to me. What was the purpose of that? AW- Frankie, Ryan. Both go without saying However GH totally owns this topic. AJ, Alan, Georgie, Emily, Tony, and I'd even throw people like Stefan and Rick in there too. Emily and Georgie were shortsighted. AJ was just a waste both times. Alan was completely cruel and unnecessary. I get why they killed Tony but it's sad it ever came to that point. Killing off Stefan and Rick both were ridiculous stories that I could have done without, especially since
  8. I've started a vault for GH episodes and I'll do the other ABC soaps, Another World, and some Australia/UK/South Africa soaps too. You'll be able to stream and download the episodes, just like the Y&R one. I'll post the link to the vault once I have some actual stuff in.


    I'll still post the US soap episodes on youtube too for as long as that lasts.


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  9. It wasn't from ABC, at least for me. It was because some episode had three Chris Isaak songs playing in the background and I got it with a music copyright thing. I never had an issue with episodes. I'm just going to start another channel and I'll look into the archive.org thing but it might be US only.
  10. I'm going to upload them again soon. I wasn't paying attention to my copyright strikes and got hit with like three in day from some old GH episode so oops lol. But what can you do.
  11. I'm sure I'm probably more to the left of most of the people here (just by virtue of my location and whatever), so I'm not trying to sound ignorant when I ask this, but what's the deal with the AOC hate from the liberal side of things? I'll admit I've only see her on twitter and CNN and she seems aggressive but relatively harmless. However, I see so much dislike here and from in the news and that also seems really valid, so I'm just left confused. I get the issue with Bernie, but she seems innocuous to me so I feel like I'm clearly missing something. I get the Democrats are the left wing party
  12. This one is going to hurt Trump for a long, long time. I'm too frightened to really look but I know the Jewish Trump supporters have probably just lost it at this whew.
  13. Just woke up but celebrating here in Sydney! I think a lot of people around the world let out a sigh of relief. Good on ya America!
  14. The clip @Vee posted a few pages back of the Trump supporters waving flags and dancing to Rage Against the Machine without a shred of awareness or hint of irony has ruined me. Why don't these people ever listen to the lyrics of these songs lol. Scott Morrison was just on the news talking about how excited he is to started working with Biden, so clearly the rest of the world leaders got tired of waiting for it to be called and has just called it themselves. The Prime Minister of Fiji did the same thing.
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