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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. The Ilhan Omar story has been in the news here a pretty fair amount. A lot of our right wing/conservative really love Trump and want Trumpism to spread down here so they bring up anything he's involved in or says and use it as an excuse to why he's right and we need to all follow his lead. We have a lot of fringe right wing crazies (like the shooter) and they've gotten very emboldened by Trump and the American Republicans.
  2. I like Rami Malek well enough but Bohemian Rhapsody was offensive rubbish so it winning anything was shameful. Green Book is also atrocious. Driving Miss Daisy isn't exactly some masterpiece and it's definitely aged but at least it has a very good leading performance from Jessica Tandy and a script based off a Pulitzer Prize winning play. Green Book has....nothing. I like Mahershala Ali but that wasn't his finest hour and Richard E. Grant would have been a great winner.The Favourite, BlacKkKlansman, and especially Roma were robbed. At least it wasn't Bohemian Rhapsody Olivia Colman winning was the best win in a long time. I think Marina De Tavira gave the best performance in supporting actress but I'm happy for Regina King. Glad Spike Lee finally won.
  3. I'm so glad to see this charade getting push back from everyone basically across the Jewish world. Extremely offensive and such a sham. I grew up Jewish and while I'm definitely more cultural/holidays only now, I've been really shook up about this the past few days. Like Vee, I'm just glad most of my older relatives who escaped the Holocaust aren't alive to see this.
  4. Absolutely not. The right wing media and conservative can not be trusted to have a truthful or nuanced view on South Africa so their views on the subject should be ignored. There's a reason it's gaining no traction in any reputable media. DramatistDreamer already beautifully covered the political and economic changes there and what they're going through in that area. The RW trying to compare South Africa to Rhodesia/Zimbabwe or anywhere else is a false equivalency and clearly racially motivated. I've said it here before, but I lived in South Africa on and off through a lot of my childhood. I'm a South African citizen, my mother and stepmother were both from there, and a lot of my family still lives there. My sister just moved back there. Right wingers have been pushing this myth of "white genocide" ever since apartheid fell. In almost 30 years, I've never known one person who was a victim of this. I know plenty of people who were victims of violence (which of course South Africa has a problem with) but never anything that was "white genocide". Yes, farm attacks are a big issue across South Africa (and a lot of other African countries as well) but they're not just going after white people. They're going after the farm and the land and it just happens that a lot of farms and land are owned by white Afrikaners. They attack farms own by black people on a regular basis as well. Also to add about why this how thing is mostly motivated by race and hate, my grandparents own a lodge in Kenya. The farms and land in their area get attacked on a fairly regular basis. This never seems to make it onto the right wingers radar since it doesn't fit their "white genocide" myth.
  5. Proving right wingers tend to be hypocrites everywhere, Barnaby Joyce 9the leader of the Nats- the second conservative party here) has been having an extramarital affair with a former staffer and that she is pregnant. He's now left his wife and moved in with his girlfriend. In another added wrinkle in the scandal, they're living in a million dollar townhouse which he was "given free" by a local business man and that he's declared as a "political gift". He was, of course, on the leading people during the gay marriage debate that bemoaned the loss of traditional values and that gay marriage would destroy Australia.
  6. I called this one coming a month or two ago. There are just too many stories and rumours about him. I hope more people feel comfortable coming forward in the next few days.
  7. Apparently saying Merry Christmas was banned in America? Can anyone explain this to me? lol.
  8. Marriage equality officially passed in Parliament today. Very excited and proud of Australia today. Of course Pauline Hanson, Tony Abbott, Margaret Court, Lyle Shelton, Rita Panahi, and the like are seething and apoplectic. Abbott even stormed off before the final vote.
  9. I'm not sure exactly when it aired because I just saw the snippet of it on CNNi newsroom but there was an absolutely insane interview on Anderson Cooper with Roy Moore's spokeswoman. I've never seen anything like it tbh. They're claiming that ten or eleven different groups are all conspiring to bring him down apparently. It's been getting okay coverage here but I haven't been exactly following it. Is he going to pull it out in the end? In Australian political news, our marriage equality debate has brought out some more insanity courtesy Bob Katter (a dusty old relic who had to create his own party after the Nationals basically told him to bugger off). He naturally represents Queensland.
  10. Yes, exactly. I'm almost positive it's not true and there's no way I believe it either, and with that, I'm done engaging with this person.
  11. So you're a black Jew? I grew up in South Africa so I know all about the communities of black/African Jews and I'm very curious about which one you're a member of. Sorry.
  12. Are you Jewish? Because unless you are, Im going to be honest and say your opinion on this subject doesn't matter. Also, I am Jewish and will tell you that Tel Aviv is the capital of Israel, full stop. Every Jew I know accepts this and recognises this. The only people who want to keep this Jerusalem stuff going are Zionists and right wingers fetishise Israel and use the suffering of both the Jews and the Palestines to pander.
  13. She's been all over the telly crying about how this is the end of Australia as we know it and that we won't have holidays anymore. I'm personally delighted that both her home district and Tony Abbott's overwhelmingly voted for it. I'm so thrilled that yes pulled it out in the end.
  14. Glad to see Louis CK finally get what he deserved. I called that one coming out when this all started. It's been an open secret for years and I'm sure there are more victims out there who I hope will come forward if and when they feel comfortable doing so. Same goes for Brett Ratner. Since it's starting to gain traction around on social media and I've hearing rumblings of it finally coming out, I'll just say I won't be sad when A**z A***i gets outed for his behaviours as well. I also hope someone calls out the people who had both him and CK on their television show when there's no way they (especially two of them) didn't know about their behaviour. Also, it's from a few pages back but it's past time for R. Kelly to go down as well.
  15. It'll blow up. There will as many stories for him as there were for Weinstein and James Toback. Everyone wants to say that Weinstein was an open secret or whatever, but this one- both his behaviour and him being gay- was an even bigger one. Anyway, back when I worked at a television station, he invited one of my work colleagues to his hotel room for a "private party" and then, not three days later, he tried to pull the same thing on my brother's boyfriend when we ran into him at a club. He's gross and everybody and their mother has a story about him. There's three or four other people in Hollywood that I know of who have to be sweating bullets right now.
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