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  1. I got to see the first three episodes at a press thing and it's good stuff. I won't spoil anything too much but I was really pleased. I thought they really got going fast and it wasn't bogged down in nostalgia and fan service right from the bat except for two minor things. Patrick Stewart slipped back into the role really easily. Also, the plot is going somewhere I totally wasn't expected and draws on TNG history in a very clever way. FWIW, also, Seven isn't in it till the 4th episode and Riker, Deanna, and aren't in it till at least the 5th or 6th episode, so it definitely has time to breathe and gives Picard and the new crew a chance to shine before the old crew joins in.
  2. Hope you and your family are staying safe and are out of any direct danger. I'm on the beach in Sydney and it's been unbearably hot here the past few weeks. The wind, air quality, and smoke are of course horrendous. How are the conditions where you are?
  3. twitter.com/RohitKachrooITV/status/1212703474422550528 Here's our Prime Minister being his usual caring and compassionate self while our country basically burns to the ground.
  4. Can someone explain the Bernie cult to me? I see his very loud supporters on CNN and twitter and I'm truly baffled as to why he is the one and only for them. Just from what I catch on the news, I think Elizabeth Warren is the most compelling and thoughtful of the candidates, followed by Beto and Harris. Also, in Australian political news, I apologise for the fact that Scott Morrison tried to bring his mate Brian Houston the evangelical cult leader to the White House. Truly horrifying that Hillsong is expanding to other parts of the globe.
  5. I'm just going to ignore what that rant was about and say that I'm hyped and think it looks excellent. Seven with the two phasers! And the Troi, Riker, and Picard reunion looks lovely.
  6. Just shocked to learn that Scott Morrison is now somehow deeply involved in this mess.
  7. I second this request. Aussie news presenters seem to be under the assumption that Mike Pence is probably going down too and are saying that would mean Nancy Pelosi somehow ends up in charge? Like how soon are we talking that this would happen and does this have an effect on the election? Also, can someone give me a brief summary of how this is different than the Richard Nixon situation? I had assumed he was removed but apparently he quit, so was that different than what's going to happen here or did he just quit before it got to this point?
  8. Sorry our horrid Prime Minister has been over there tainting and sullying everything for a week now. Trust me, most of us our just as embarrassed of him as you all are of Trump! https://twitter.com/zalisteggall/status/1176420798174650368 Words fail 😑🙄
  9. Oh whew, absolutely not. Don't waste your sympathy on him. He deserves everything that he's gotten so far and anything else that's coming for him.
  10. Some sleuths on Reddit and Twitter found this about someone that is more than likely making an appearance: https://twitter.com/AleSTrek/status/1170840036385972226 https://twitter.com/AleSTrek/status/1171126170789842944 (for those who can't read Spanish, some of the main and returning cast that filmed on the last day of shooting signed a card for the crew and people have basically matched one of the signatures to Michael Dorn. That goes along with someone letting it slip during an interview a few weeks ago that he'd been on set.) Also, the same people have been snooping on the IMDB page, and found some interesting names/characters have popped up on the cast list: -Graham Shiels as Tal Shiar agent (Tal Shiar is the Romulan intelligence agency) -Barbara Eve Harris (from basically every show under the sun) as Captain Emily Bosch -Lulu Wilson (from Annabelle and The Haunting of Hill House) as Kestra (which given her age and the fact that Kestra was Troi's dead sister's name, she's probably Riker and Troi's daughter) Chelsea Harris doesn't have a character name yet but looks like she's playing a Trill who is involved with the main girl Picard is helping. There are also several younger versions of Picard's new crew so they're presumably doing some flashbacks to fill in the gaps for some of their backstories.
  11. I grew up watching TNG every week so that trailer and news has really took me back. Awesome trailer. I don't know anything, but I assume at least Dr. Crusher will make appearances in the first series. Vee is right that they're married with a child in the books and possibly the comics that are going on right now too? I'm not sure. (I'm pretty sure they're married in that MMO Star Trek Online game that is ongoing too). I'd guess it's more of a case of them holding off on announcing everything at once and them wanting to have some surprises. With that being said, I have a feeling they're going to slowly share news up to the premiere and they wanted to show off Seven of Nine and Data, which is why they used them in the trailer. I'm a little surprised they went ahead and announced Troi and Riker too, unless they felt it might be too much to try and hide if they're appearing in a lot of the episodes (I know they didn't say how many, but I got the vibe that them, Data, and Seven of Nine are in a fair amount). Plus, I think someone spotted them together onset and took a photo that they tried to brush off as her visiting the set while he was directing but it was obviously what was going on. I wonder how much of their story- if any- from the books they'll keep. Geordi and Worf, I can them holding off with until the second series, but I'm sure they'll appear too at some point. I think the urge to get all of them back together will be to much too resist. I could see them bringing on Kate Mulgrew for an episode or two as well.
  12. https://www.polygon.com/2016/12/1/13814948/nolan-north-performance-matters-voice-actor-strike Sounds to me like Nolan North thinks that his salary is just fine.
  13. I don't know about pay wise, but fame wise, Nolan North and Brian Bloom have careers most soap stars would kill to have. Nolan North is probably the biggest voice actor in games right now. He's basically given a good sized role in most PS4 exclusive, and is in Destiny 2 and a lot of the Ubisoft titles. He's also one of both Marvel and DC's go to voice guys. Bloom has Wolfenstein and Bethesda, Call of Duty, and also does a lot of Marvel and DC voice over work. If you're into video games or cartoons, you know them. I don't know how Brian Bloom feels but I think Nolan North has made his feelings on soap work well know, and fwiw, I heard they were thinking of approaching him for something Ron wanted to do on GH back around the 50th and were told to not even bother because he has zero interest in soap work, even though it was going to be like a two day appearance. Neither of them need soaps or are going to come back.
  14. When I was staying in the US, I heard a lot of the "go back to where you came from"/"speak English"/"you're so lucky we even we let you in here" stuff even though I was suppose to be one of the immigrants they like (white, there legally, well off). It always made me feel completely unwelcome, humiliated, and awful. I can only imagine how bad it is for POC and people who hear it everyday. I can't speak to the political side of things with the four of them, but they have my sympathy with the racist comments. From the outside looking in, it seems like this latest event has made things significantly worse and that there's no going back. I just feel sorry for the US. Also, I find US politicians using Israel and the Jewish people as a shield disgusting. I'm Jewish and proud to be so, but there are legitimate criticisms of Israel and Netanyahu to be had and pointing them out does not equal anti-Semitism. I find the fetishising of Israel from right wingers everywhere to be so gross and disingenuous, especially since from I can tell, most of them only care about it because they claim it'll bring upon the rapture (in which all the Jewish people will be sent to hell or left to fight giant rapture bugs- I'm not sure which is the official story these days). Ugh.
  15. AMC- Greenlee and Leo, OLTL- Jared and Natalie, Markko and Langston, and GH- Georgie and Dillon, Zander and Emily Greenlee and Leo were probably the last great couple any show managed to create, at least IMO, but the others were all really good in their own right. I love Robin but I never liked Patrick and or her and Patrick as a couple and everything post her "dying" just ruined it.
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