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  1. AMC- Trevor, Natalie, Edmund. Trevor in the freezer is still especially egregious to me. What was the purpose of that? AW- Frankie, Ryan. Both go without saying However GH totally owns this topic. AJ, Alan, Georgie, Emily, Tony, and I'd even throw people like Stefan and Rick in there too. Emily and Georgie were shortsighted. AJ was just a waste both times. Alan was completely cruel and unnecessary. I get why they killed Tony but it's sad it ever came to that point. Killing off Stefan and Rick both were ridiculous stories that I could have done without, especially since
  2. I've started a vault for GH episodes and I'll do the other ABC soaps, Another World, and some Australia/UK/South Africa soaps too. You'll be able to stream and download the episodes, just like the Y&R one. I'll post the link to the vault once I have some actual stuff in.


    I'll still post the US soap episodes on youtube too for as long as that lasts.


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      Awesome!  I remember seeing your videos years ago on youtube.  Thank you so much!

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  3. It wasn't from ABC, at least for me. It was because some episode had three Chris Isaak songs playing in the background and I got it with a music copyright thing. I never had an issue with episodes. I'm just going to start another channel and I'll look into the archive.org thing but it might be US only.
  4. I'm going to upload them again soon. I wasn't paying attention to my copyright strikes and got hit with like three in day from some old GH episode so oops lol. But what can you do.
  5. I'm sure I'm probably more to the left of most of the people here (just by virtue of my location and whatever), so I'm not trying to sound ignorant when I ask this, but what's the deal with the AOC hate from the liberal side of things? I'll admit I've only see her on twitter and CNN and she seems aggressive but relatively harmless. However, I see so much dislike here and from in the news and that also seems really valid, so I'm just left confused. I get the issue with Bernie, but she seems innocuous to me so I feel like I'm clearly missing something. I get the Democrats are the left wing party
  6. This one is going to hurt Trump for a long, long time. I'm too frightened to really look but I know the Jewish Trump supporters have probably just lost it at this whew.
  7. Just woke up but celebrating here in Sydney! I think a lot of people around the world let out a sigh of relief. Good on ya America!
  8. The clip @Vee posted a few pages back of the Trump supporters waving flags and dancing to Rage Against the Machine without a shred of awareness or hint of irony has ruined me. Why don't these people ever listen to the lyrics of these songs lol. Scott Morrison was just on the news talking about how excited he is to started working with Biden, so clearly the rest of the world leaders got tired of waiting for it to be called and has just called it themselves. The Prime Minister of Fiji did the same thing.
  9. So Biden is going to win Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Nevada right? BBC news seems to think this should be called any time now so I'm guessing places feel good about those four. Is that all that's left?
  10. This should be over anytime now right?
  11. They really need to go ahead and call this is minute Biden pulls ahead in Pennsylvania. The longer this goes on, the worst Trump supporters will get.
  12. So all the violence people thought would happen is coming directly from Tump supporters? What a shock.
  13. This speech from Trump is low key insane wtf.
  14. I'm confused on how Biden was polling so well in places like Florida but loses? Same with some of these other places.
  15. Watching from over here and praying that the Democrats have a good night across the board! About how long till they start having some ideas of where it's going?
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