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  1. Oh I totally agree. I just feel like people hoping for some great fantasy storyline where Liz, Sarah, and Hayden are all onscreen together are fooling themselves. As long as Hayden is around and onscreen, she's going to be Liz's sole adult family in town, even if they have no relationship. They could have basically told the exact same story with Sarah that they did with Hayden but they didn't because they just don't care. Like you said, they've heaps of chances to get a solid Sarah and they didn't. They had years to either bring back Carly Schroeder or get a good recast and they didn't do that either. They brought on Hayden and any number of interchangeable 20 somethings instead. At this point, you just have to assume it's disinterest. As for people who want Dev to be Brenda's son, I just have to ask- why? How on earth would Brenda's son ever become a homeless teen who is a pickpocket? It's as absurd as the rumour that they're going to recast Robin (which will never happen) or the idea that Willow will turn out to be aforementioned Serena. How is exactly is that going to work out when Lucy, Kevin, and Scott have seen and interacted with Willow? They don't know what their kid looks like or where she is? I'm all for history but come on now with some of these ideas and suggestions. He was awful as Lucky and GH needs to be losing cast members, not bringing back old ones in new roles.
  2. I don't hate Budig like a lot of people but no, there is not room for both. We never needed Hayden in the first place. She should have just been Sarah from the start. Vee is right however that Sarah is cursed. She's like Serena; the show has thousands of chances to go there but they haven't (no matter how many times fans try to fancast it into happening). I don't know if it's backstage politics, disinterest, or both but it's, imo, never going to happen. Hayden basically made Sarah redundant. And no, Dev doesn't need to be Brenda's son nor does he need to be Sonny's son via Angel (really with this?). History and legacy characters are great and yes, the show could use a few more but we don't need to make every random person connected to history. That's tired. Or he's just Dev.
  3. He was never going to be Brenda's son and Vanessa never said no. Let's not give credence to rumours that start on anonymous gossip sites where anybody can share their fanfic and claim it's fact.
  4. It's been almost 20 years and I still want to fight whoever allowed this to air on GH.



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    2. Vee


      This was JFP.

    3. AdelaideCate007


      This was definitely the beginning of JFP.  She'd been there since January I think at this point. I do agree that a lot of what Wendy Riche let start towards the end of her run (nonstop Jason/Carly/Sonny, Luke the deadbeat dad, the Quartermaines being clowns) are things that continue to hurt the show today.


      Never forget though that another subplot going on during this Nurses Ball is Lucy, Kevin, and Scott learning Serena had been in a damn train crash. Despite thinking her kid might be dead or hurt, Lucy has time to go and encourage Luke and Felicia to perform this abomination. I've just been baffled by this whole thing since it aired.


      The Chew poisoning was definitely another all time low. Oof.

    4. BetterForgotten


      Thanks, that whole time is a bit of a blur to me. GH had been awful to me starting somewhere in late '98.

  5. Some new photos that were uploaded (or reuploaded possibly in some cases) to Getty Images in their big soap photo dump. I'll post more later and as I download them-
  6. For some reason, heaps and heaps of old soap photos got dumped on Getty Images (mostly all from NBC and ABC). Im going through downloading all of them now and I'll post them in the threads.
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