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  1. I'm not sure where DaytimeFan is from, but I echo what they said. I can only speak for Australia, but I only see compassion and worry for the US and the people there. There is ire perhaps for some of the politicians but only genuine concern for the citizens and for how horrid the numbers are.
  2. I don't remember a single thing about him really except that his singing was annoying af and that the backstory was really convoluted. Like I think his mum was a friend of Felicia's grandmother and there was something involving Sean and a mask maybe? It's probably just me but I always found both Felicia and Sean's Mexico/Texas backstories to be messy and not really make sense. I remember him being around for a while though, like at least through maybe the end of 1992? I think he was long gone though by the time Dominique died and Felicia fake died at that was early 1993. I don't even remember when he showed up but Sean and Tiffany been married for a while when he did.
  3. I'm sure I'll regret asking, but can someone tell me who Matt Gaetz is? Googling him just tells me that he's a Republican congressman which isn't much help lol. Is there a particular reason this is a big story?
  4. I can't wait to see Susan Haskell in a blonde wig while they try and pretend she's Brooke.
  5. I loved Kale Browne on AW as a kid but he was horrendous on OLTL and then the GH stuff just got laughable. I always liked Robin Christopher on all the ABC soaps but I can see why people didn't. Did anyone like Alicia Leigh Willis either time? GH definitely tried to make her a thing and for someone who ate up so much airtime, she's basically forgotten on the show. I don't think people really hated her, but I don't think anyone was sad to see Mary Beth Evans leave GH. Jensen Buchanan was of course also awful on GH. It's not the exact question being asked but GH history is filled with characters the show trie to make happen that never took off. Some of them even had big names in the role.
  6. What press? Certainly not the international press and not from any of the US reporters I'm seeing on twitter. I'm watching CNN right now and they're just totally ripping him to shreds over this and saying how damaging this whole this is. Literally the only people still okay with him are right wing people and they were never going to abandon him. Also, speaking as a person in one of the countries that was supposedly laughing at the US, I can confirm that we've been inspired by the protestors and are only laughing at him. Even the Trump sycophants here are laughing at him and calling this a complete failure for him.
  7. Geraldine Page on a soap would have been everything. Somebody like Sandy Dennis would have been great too, but they were both two "big" I guess for any of them. Can someone point me towards where I can see Kim Hunter on The Edge of Night?
  8. Everything about this is brilliant.
  9. Happy 22nd anniversary to this glorious moment!
  10. She came back for one of the anniversaries too- either the 25th or the 30th. It's the one where they also brought back Mark, Donna, Chuck, Daisy, Benny, Cecily, Nina, etc and they had a party at the Martin house. I loved them and their wedding at the time. I'm sure it was probably irritating to some how prominent they became in such a short amount of time, but they were so good together at the time. I still hate how they killed Edmund off for no reason.
  11. I think Jason threw him off the roof of GH. Like most Guza era villains, the Manny saga went on forever. In addition to the train wreck antics, there was also when he shot up the PCPD, shooting Sam (and I think Lucky too at some point), holding all the women in town hostage, and some absurd plot point involving him escaping out of custody on a plane. It was just all ridiculous. It had nothing to do with actors and everything to do with the fact that Jason and Sonny always had to be the "good" guys. Just skimming through that train wreck clip remind me of how horrendous that era of the show was. Reese!, Skye and Tracy fighting over Luke, Manny, Courtney, Sonny and Jason 24/7. I don't even remember that Jesse dude that I guess is with Maxie. This was all right after Nikolas's look a like raped Emily and that horrible story with the Corinthos children, Michael "dying", and then him supposedly killing AJ with a pillow. I'll admit that I mostly still really liked GH up until around this era. This is around the time it really started pissing me off. I think we also had the replacement Felicia at this point because Brian Frons and JFP had decided Kristina Wagner was "matronly" and ran her off the show. I did remind me though that both Julie Berman and Laura Wright did hit the ground running as Lulu and Carly. Berman definitely got...less impressive as time went on and Wright has gotten kind of lazy but, at the time, they both were doing very well right out of the gate.
  12. I barely remember the specifics of his introduction but he was part of some mob family that came to Port Charles to kill Sonny and Jason. That never happened obviously and then at some point he became obsessed with Sam. At some point after all this, he had an identical twin brother show up who was a priest and was there during the hostage crisis.
  13. It was something to do with Liz and Lucky's wedding I think. Maybe they were all going to a party afterwards? It just also happened to be the train that Sam and Jason were on and Manny showed up to stalk Sam. Then somehow Carly escaped from jail or the psychiatric hospital and also ended up on the same [!@#$%^&*] train. None of it ever made sense.
  14. Whether she made decision to kill Frankie or not, she is the one that started the serial killer story and the one that conducted the focus group that lead to her being murdered. I loved Frankie but I'm not going to sit here and say that that single event brought down Another World. However, it certainly didn't help things, especially the way the death ended up playing out. I don't think people would have such an issue all these years later if it hadn't played out it in such a demeaning and crass way. Wasn't JFP there when Justine happened and when Ryan was killed? If so, she deserves to be called out for those too cause those stories didn't help things either. And sorry to anyone who enjoyed John and Felicia but that was rubbish too. I can't speak for GL but she absolutely deserves all the heat she gets for Alan and Georgie. I still don't know why either one of those happened. I didn't like it but I get why they killed Tony. I think killing Emily was shortsighted but whatever. There was zero reason for Alan and Georgie. I feel like they killed Georgie only so they could have Spinelli all for Maxie and so Maxie could humiliate Felicia. I'm also going to say that I grew really tired of her yearly events on GH. The Port Charles Hotel fire was good. Once it became a yearly thing, it was tired. There were just so many of them- the train crash with Alexis having Molly, the monkey virus with Holly the bio-terrorist, the hostage crisis, the one where someone swallowed toxic balls, the carnival with drunk Edward, the ball where Diego killed Emily. It was just like enough after a while and they never gave us any good long term stories. I agree with @titan1978 that's there definitely a pattern in the women that she dislikes or lets be humiliated on her shows- Sharlene and Frankie on AW. Cassie on OLTL. Laura, Felicia, Bobbie, Georgie, and Emily on GH. I do think she's unfairly blamed for letting Sonny, Jason, Carly, and the mob take over GH, as well things like Luke being a drunk deadbeat or the dismantling Quartermaines. That stuff was already in motion before she got there. She just let them continue and take over the show.
  15. This has been posted many, many times but I'll never get over it. Who hired him and then let this air on GH whew!



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