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  1. Australia votes to legalize same-sex marriage

    She's been all over the telly crying about how this is the end of Australia as we know it and that we won't have holidays anymore. I'm personally delighted that both her home district and Tony Abbott's overwhelmingly voted for it. I'm so thrilled that yes pulled it out in the end.
  2. Hollywood Sexual Harrasment/Assault Thread

    Glad to see Louis CK finally get what he deserved. I called that one coming out when this all started. It's been an open secret for years and I'm sure there are more victims out there who I hope will come forward if and when they feel comfortable doing so. Same goes for Brett Ratner. Since it's starting to gain traction around on social media and I've hearing rumblings of it finally coming out, I'll just say I won't be sad when A**z A***i gets outed for his behaviours as well. I also hope someone calls out the people who had both him and CK on their television show when there's no way they (especially two of them) didn't know about their behaviour. Also, it's from a few pages back but it's past time for R. Kelly to go down as well.
  3. Hollywood Sexual Harrasment/Assault Thread

    It'll blow up. There will as many stories for him as there were for Weinstein and James Toback. Everyone wants to say that Weinstein was an open secret or whatever, but this one- both his behaviour and him being gay- was an even bigger one. Anyway, back when I worked at a television station, he invited one of my work colleagues to his hotel room for a "private party" and then, not three days later, he tried to pull the same thing on my brother's boyfriend when we ran into him at a club. He's gross and everybody and their mother has a story about him. There's three or four other people in Hollywood that I know of who have to be sweating bullets right now.
  4. Justice League Movie

    I can't say a lot but I've seen this and it's not good. It's not as bad as Suicide Squad or Batman vs. Superman but it's pretty bad in a lot of places. The only good parts are Wonder Woman, Batman, and anything with Amy Adams and Diane Lane. Everyone and everything else goes from useless to awful. The Flash and Aquaman get special shoutouts for how bad they are in this.
  5. The Politics Thread

    This was a really great yet unsettling read. I had no idea so many Brits were involved in this mess. I thought it was just Milo. I know it really didn't fit in the piece but I wish they'd touched more on how gamergate played a big part in both making him famous and setting some of the alt-right in motion. I do have to ask though- who exactly are the Mercers? The others I know about the other main people but this is the first time I've heard of the Mercers.
  6. Soap Vets That You Never Got Their Appeal

    Coming out of my posting about soaps sabbatical just to tell you that we are so in a fight again over this. Leave Frankie and Luna alone! And the correct answers will always and forever be Anthony Geary, Roger Howarth, and Maurice Benard.
  7. The Politics Thread

    Just so you all know you're not alone when it comes to politicians making fools of themselves, here's our former PM Tony Abbott having a tantrum on twitter (naturally) about Macklemore performing "Same Love" at the NRL Grand Final: https://twitter.com/TonyAbbottMHR/status/912900163991162880 This is all because we're in the middle of a two month mail in survey vote about whether or not same sex marriage should be allowed. The yes vote is winning right now so we're being treated daily to these meltdowns from the far right side of Australian politics. The Macklemore row has resulted in the Immigration Minister demanding a song against gay marriage be sung also, Pauline Hanson whining about a "foreigner" singing a song at an Australian event, and Rita Panahi crying over how "rainbow fascists" are pushing the "gay agenda" on the poor right wingers. They've also pulled stunts like having a plane spell out no over Sydney in the middle of the afternoon, sending out robocalls to everyone in the country pleading for people to vote no, and having the ministers from Hillsong on the telly preaching about how this isn't what Jesus would want (or something). Pauline Hanson has also been going on about how this could lead to a ban on children calling their parents "mum and dad" for some reason no one has figured out yet. Like I said though, the yes vote seems to be the majority and even the current PM Malcom Turnbull and a lot of the Liberal party (the liberal party is the right wing part here) are for it. My husband and I both voted yes and mailed our surveys back so I'm hopeful that us down here will soon be joining you all in also having marriage equality.
  8. The Taylor Swift Thread

    I don't care about the song one way or another really but the music video is [!@#$%^&*] great.
  9. The Taylor Swift Thread

    Maybe for some of her more conservative/country fans (if she still has many of those), but other than those, I doubt it. I think the younger end of her fanbase is in the 12/13 range and I doubt this a deal breaker for them or their parents. My sister plays Top 50 nonstop and this is honestly sort of tame compared a lot of what's "hot" right now. Just from view, I'd certainly rather my sister listen to this than over stuff like that "Body Like a Back Road" song and Chris Brown (just for two examples). Can anyone explain to me why people think she voted for Trump? I'm seeing this everywhere today lol.
  10. The Politics Thread

    We have a few of them but they're usually kept to the fringes and out of the main parties. She's the most aggressive and has lasted the longest, mostly because of these stupid stunts and latching onto whatever the "fear" of the moment is (in the 90s it was Asians, then it was feminists, now it's Islam). She was in the Liberal Party (the Australian conservative party) for a while but then she just got too nuts for them and they threw her out her. Now she has her own party and just does [!@#$%^&*] like this. She doesn't care about representing Australia, she just wants to be on the telly and peddle nonsense. Yes it's the Liberal Party. Here the Liberal Party is the conservative party (along with the various smaller conservative parties) and the Labor Party is the democratic socialist (I guess that'd be the Democrats in America) along with the Greens. The Liberals did dump Abbott for Turnbull. He's not great or anything but he's definitely better than Tony Abbott.
  11. The Politics Thread

    Please ignore this toxic fool like most of us here try and attempt to do (even though she makes it quite hard). She wants to be our version of Trump so bad and thrives off attention which is why she's constantly pulling these idiotic and hateful stunts.
  12. The Politics Thread

    As an Aussie, I can promise you that most of us are pissed off with Trump and the conservatives in the US in general. For a very long time, the US was the leader of the free world (not any more obviously) and leading the way. The entire world has an opinion on the US and it's politics and outside of the likes of Pauline Hanson, Nigel Farage, and Geert Wilders, it's not a good opinion. He and the conservatives are embarrassing your country and are a disgrace. I was just in South Africa and while in a pub, Trump came on one of the tellys and the entire place burst out in laughter and boos just at a picture of him. When Mike Pence was in Sydney, his motorcade got booed whenever people saw it driving around. He went sightseeing in private (something no visiting politician ever does usually) just to avoid running into people and again being booed.
  13. Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev

    That Montenegro performance was something lol. Good lord.
  14. The Politics Thread

    They're refugees that we're brought here (I'm in Australia) before they could be properly vetted because they were trying to get them out of wherever before they got killed. They are currently being held in limbo at what are basically offshore detention camps while Australia tried to find places for them and get them vetted. Basically Australia doesn't want them so they're trying to force them to go other places. Obama agreed for some of them to be brought to the US. Trump said he'd honour the deal but now this is happening. I just don't even know what the [!@#$%^&*] to say about all this. Everyone I know and everyone here is just like WTF. EDIT: Basically what OzFrog also basically said below as well.
  15. The Politics Thread

    As a horrified outsider looking at this [!@#$%^&*] show happening, all I can only assume is these people won't be happy till America is purged of anyone that's not a lily white evangelical Christian and then they can have their desired society where people like Trump, Paul Ryan and Steve Bannon are in charge and women know "their place". Everyone not fitting into these specific parameters (i.e. Jews, Muslims, all brown people, the gays, the feminists, whoever) will just go back to wherever they came from. My step cousin (a blonde Jewish guy who was born in South Africa and raised in New Zealand and is a dual citizen of both) flew from NZ to Los Angeles during the chaos in US this weekend. He got flagged by TSA for extra questioning that went on for 2 hours and which basically amounted to "your Russian last name sounded sorta vaguely like the one the Boston Bombers had and maybe if strain our eyes you could maybe look a little bit like them too". He looks nothing like them and his last name is only similar in the last letter and the origin. I'm guessing this will start being the case of anybody from another country coming that doesn't fit into Trump's America.