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  1. Does anyone know, at all, what Robin Christopher is up to these days? I know she's long since retired from acting, but it's as if she doesn't exist on the internet. No social media presence whatsoever, that I could find. Just curious if anyone knows anything about what she's up to. She is so talented - shame GH wasted her and that she walked away from acting.
  2. First and foremost, helllloooooo to all of my old friends here! It's been a long time, but I am always around peripherally and still enjoy reading your posts! I haven't done much soap watching over the past few years, though I keep up minimally with GH and Y&R. However, in my personal life, I have been doing a lot of writing recently as I prepare to release my second book this fall (shameless plug -- sorry), and the "stories" have been on my mind. Ever since the news first broke about Kelly and Mark's potential "Pine Valley" reboot, the gears have been turning in my head regard
  3. Hellooooo, old friends! ❤️ 

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      What is your book?


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      Welcome Back! :)  

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      Bitch!! Welcome back. Nice to hear from you.

  4. Love her! Always liked Adreienne Leon in the role though so that's mildly disappointing. I'm surprised Amanda is back on soaps. I really thought her career was gonna take off.
  5. Thanks. I wasn't watching then but I remember tuning in bc Bobbie was on around that time when Joss threw a party she wasn't supposed to or something. No idea how the name Trina stuck with me.
  6. This is really what we are using her for?! She's been a lot of fun in her scenes but we couldn't find something better for her?
  7. Thanks John. The new opening is atrocious, other than the final shot of the hospital with the logo over it, which I like a lot. I am liking Trina but I feel like the last time I watched years ago she was like...asian? Am I making that up? Was that another friend of Joss'?
  8. Just watched Monday's episode. Are they putting recurring people in the opening powerpoint now??? I noticed Bobbie and Epiphany were in it.
  9. I just turned on Friday's episode. WTF with this powerpoint opening?!?!?!? Faces of the Heart would NEVER!
  10. This is probably an off the wall choice considering she has been long forgotten and was significantly less scary towards the end, but Cynthia Preston's Faith Roscoe on GH sent absolute chills down my spine. When she first showed up in town there was just something about her performance and her style that was terrifying to me. It's a shame that they quickly diluted and wasted her and then killed her off for no reason. She's one random return I would not be upset about and I hate that CP never popped up on another soap.
  11. I think I'm about to start watching GH again for the first time in years, I'm glad even if it's a disaster I'll still get to see Bobbie. As for JZ and her appearance, I think she is looking great these days. Obviously there is residual damage or whatever. But think back to this scene with Alexis a few years ago as compared to now. I really think being sidelined and dismissed fucked with JZ's psyche. It's very sad. I'm glad they are utilizing her again in any capacity.
  12. Damn, I thought Bobbie was getting a real story. Sounds meh. But at least she's being used. Thanks PJ
  13. I heard Bobbie is getting a diabetes story? And she's back with Scotty? Can someone fill me in?
  14. Very sorry to hear about Vicki. She is not just the original RHOC, but the ORIGINAL housewife! Sort of feel like she should always just be there. Haven't regularly watched OC in a while though, so maybe I'm wrong.
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