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  1. I agree. They should be using this as a 'relaunch' if you will. Have things HAPPEN. B&B sounded watchable, I didn't watch and forgot to set the DVR to check it out. They could have really promoted the return of new episodes. Yeah, I'm curious about Y&R too. I think they may have an uphill battle to reclaim viewers unless they make drastic changes. But they clearly don't seem to think they have a problem. None of the soaps seem to realize the problems they have that we see on a daily basis.
  2. I agree. An August/September launch would have been better. And it will be the same old crap. People hoping for them to suddenly be better are probably in for a load of disappointment.
  3. Thank you! I respect why people think it was bad. I get it. But some of us did like the first few years 🤷‍♂️ People also have to remember I was younger when it hit. It was perfect for me at the time. I was so into it. But I get why people don't like it. Of course I have a higher standard for soaps but I took the show for WHAT IT WAS.
  4. LOL. She's been checked out for years. She's rubbed me the wrong with how she's handled her exit. JMO. I feel how I feel 🤷‍♂️
  5. In your opinion it was bad. I liked it. It's subjective Of course it had bad dialogue. It was repetitive. Days lasted MONTHS. I watched Reilly's first and second run. I'm well aware of his faults. I enjoyed 1999-2001 for the most part. It's not for everyone and that's fine. I respect those that think it was bad. I get why. I liked it and I'm not sorry I enjoyed it lol. Does it stand up to other truly great soaps? No. It just happened to hit me at the right time and I enjoyed it for what it was Trust me, I remember the bad storylines, I remember the bad actors. But I think people forget it wasn't THAT bad in the first few years "Sheridan's death" was great soap, IMO. We all like what we like 🤷‍♂️
  6. Just hearing Pissy's name turned me off instantly lol
  7. And it's just one reason I can't stand him. The propping. It's ridiculous. It's ALWAYS "Poor Ben". Victoria Konefal's Ciara was WASTED on this man and now she's bolting, which I don't blame her at all for. She saw the writing on the wall, literally. He's either ReRon's pet with abs or it's dictated. And where did this "Rafe is amazing and wonderful and needs to be a father" [!@#$%^&*] come from? When is his last airdate?
  8. I agree. I'd prefer shorter revivals. Honestly with the other three soaps airing reruns in the summer this year I don't even think we need them all year long at this pont. JMO. I was encouraged when SyFy aired reruns of Passions years and years ago but it went nowhere. It's probably been a long time now. I can't even remember when they aired the reruns.
  9. Drew was often one note which could get grating. But Tammy Blanchard is damn talented, IMO.
  10. Oh yay 🙄 I wish they could have picked someone else or just had Tammy, Brittany, Joy and Paul. Hell bring in Paul Stewart for the millionth time again.
  11. lol It was nice seeing all of them except Paulo (lol sorry Paulo). All I got. GL lucked out with Brittany, Joy, Paul and Tammy. I always felt Drew should have been Stacy Chamberlain and Nola's daughter. They would have been fire together. I liked Tammy with Patti D'Arbanville but it felt like they slotted Selena in for Nola, JMO.
  12. I think it's prime for a revival. It could work. It gets some nice traction on social media. Like others have said, the tweens are now in their 30s. I agree on JER. I checked out around 2002, returned around 2005 but couldn't stick with it. It was soooo offensive, trashy, bad, etc. The list goes on. I was so turned off. Which sucked because I enjoyed the show FOR WHAT IT WAS, in the beginning, like you said. It was different. I think what frustrates me about JER is he can actually structure a story but ... you know ...
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