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  1. I hope so too!! I need to check out the Y&R history(?) thread I have a lot of videos to catch up on
  2. Langan and Wyman loved their CGI [!@#$%^&*] ... just thought of them when you mentioned the CGI flames lol Marlena-O ... lmao
  3. LMAO I'm dead 💀 so scarily spot on to what I could imagine.
  4. LOL yep. I know Ron has to be itching to do it so I keep bracing myself. How he's held off for three years shocks me (unless he has proposed it and it's been nixed but considering it's still one of the most talked about stories, you know his ass is all over that)
  5. I so appreciate them going further back than the last year or two (I'm looking at you GH & B&B, but then folks would know how much better both used to actually be, not that Y&R is really any better than the rest but they're doing it right with the reruns)
  6. I'm good with this. She's livened up GH so ...
  7. Lol lord. I'm still waiting for his Possession nod at Halloween. Maybe that plays into it? LORD I'M GIVING HIM IDEAS. But the original "Queen of the Night" led to Marlena being possessed ... and I'm questioning some of the dialogue between Jarlena so ... yikes?
  8. That would be my hope. I think Martha suggested/thought Liz would do it after she saw how it worked for the first one so 🤞 (unless I misunderstood Martha, it was often hard to hear them talk at times) I always had a bit more attachment to GL than ATWT but I was so much more emotional seeing the ATWT people reunite. But GL's was SO entertaining. I miss them both so much.
  9. I think it's Ron's way of giving the character of Stefano a goodbye. You know how Ron is, lol. It was awful, however.
  10. True. He probably won't but who knows? This fall it's been 10 years since the World stopped turning.
  11. Don Hastings still speaks to/sees him so who knows? If Hastings can do it ... we need Liz Hubbard and Larry and Eileen.
  12. LOL even Liz's daughter knew Sherry was the better Blake 💀 She was the one I was the MOST excited to hear was participating in this. Adore her. Aww, they're talking about Betty Rea casting all of them. Pam Long didn't want Zimmer. LOL. I never knew that.
  13. I can't believe that either! So many of these great actors are just sitting at home. I know they have other interests, jobs, do other things, so they're not sitting there waiting for the phone to call but ugh. So many talented soap vets not being used hurts my heart. Nice seeing Jill Lorie Hurst, Mimi Torchin and others in the chat Stephanie Gatschet and Crystal Chappell are also in the chat LOL at Kim "time traveling through Crystal's boobs" and Maureen bringing up the children kidnapping storyline. OMG I'm dying. MORE OF THIS!!! Kim brought up Blake's twins. LMAO. Jerry brought up Jane Elliot/Carrie God this is so needed and so great. Aww, Marj Dusay. I liked Kim mentioned filling Bev's shoes and how the character was different.
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