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  1. I'm happy for Jon Lindstrom. That's about it. Oh and Mishael and Beth Maitland deserve the recognition so I'm happy for them as well. And also for Martha, just because she's such a daytime supporter and seems cool and supports DAYS even though they never keep her around. (oh and Max Gail too, he's very very good, along with the stellar Vernee Watson) LOL at DAYS' nominees being just about everyone who's left or leaving. Tyler, Billy, Marci, Kate, Kyler (he's been gone since 2017 but with their taping he aired into 2018), Olivia, Lucas, Greg ... lol
  2. so much truth!!! God that's true. There's just nothing interesting here. We all know how it ends. We know she will look like a fool. And adding Willow REALLY doesn't help. It was decent and Tamara's good but I still don't give a flying [!@#$%^&*] about Oscar or whether he dies no matter how much they shove a crying Tamara Braun in my face. And Billy Miller has much better chemistry with Rebecca Herbst. And imagine instead playing out the angst between them as Drew is torn between Liz's kids and Oscar and through Oscar he and Kim grow closer. It's not hard to write a much better or interesting story. I know they want Kim to be sympathetic but not everyone can be a good guy either ... anyway ... I still also wish I lived in a world where AJ was alive and him and Liz struggling would be far more interesting than Franco's pouty face and Howarth stammering and stuttering and slobbering and chewing the scenery. I'm glad Dante's back too and that reaction is so sweet but it's mostly I'm glad because it's a familar face and not a soap hopper/pet wasting my time.
  3. It does have some potential. But they have got to work hard on Lola. I do agree Summer is more tolerable now. I think she's sort of being written how she should be. So there's that, I guess. I agree with you too that I'm glad they're actually writing for the younger crowd. Shame Fen just up and disappeared.
  4. I kept waiting for Tony to stroll in during the Andre murder story and when Anna was running around with his urn, but, nope I feel like something changed directions around the time Andre was killed last year and then Vivian was "killed" ... I feel like Ron was going to do more there but then ... didn't I miss Tony.
  5. lol so ironic. I mean if people like them for more than just "Kyle's having SEX!" that's cool. I've just never been onboard the Summer train. I find her annoying and useless. But they do have a (small) history and I do find them more interesting than Kyle and Lola. EDIT: And it works far better than Billy and Victoria's forced relationship ever did, lol so there's that ...
  6. Most of his points get lost but I agreed with a lot of it too. And of course in the comments a slew of people defend Netflix. I've never been gaga for Netflix like some are.
  7. True. It's funny how Kyle stans are all pro Summer now because he had sex. Just like all of a sudden so many are pro boring ass Willow from GH because Chase was half naked. I guess it follows the same trend of "I really like him because he's hot so I don't care if the character killed three people" ... ah soap fans. lol
  8. I don't find anything about Summer and Kyle romantic. LOL. I think Kyle's stans were just excited his character had sex.
  9. Yep. I'm not forcing anyone to watch the show either but it's a bit bizarre we can watch the same thing and have two totally opposite opinions, lol. And at the end of the day, it's a sitcom. Of course some things will be a bit hammy. But that's not really this show.
  10. lol that's true. The gay men on soaps tend to be doused with an extra dose of boring and sexless qualities. I agree. Chandler perks up around just about everyone BUT Freddie ... but I agree they're overblowing it. But I think it just proves how checked out he usually is with Freddie if it's noticed that much ... LOL
  11. And Bell somehow had no interest in Jacob Young either. But man, Darin Brooks and Scott Clifton dominate the airtime. It's definitely mind boggling. I think Brad projects himself onto Liam, personally.
  12. But gays are more than cliches too. I'm as boring as they come and would definitely be a Will, Luke, Noah. I know it's not entertaining but I got tired of every gay being shown as flamboyant and extra (pick a sitcom from the 70s and 80s). Gays come in all forms but yes, soaps tend to basically neuter their gay men. Leo is refreshing for the reasons above. He's allowed to be apologetically gay. I love it. But men like Will, Luke and Noah, etc. exist We'd be bitching if they were written as flamboyant bitchy cliches. I don't know what would make us happy. I guess I've just learned to not set any expectations when it comes to gay men on soaps. But yeah, they're all mostly the same, which is ultimately boring. But I know many Lukes, Wills and Noahs. I don't really think he ever perked up around Banus. He actually seemed to perk up around Christopher Sean. I know some people seem to really believe that Smith and Massey have contempt for the gay stuff but I don't see it like that. I really don't. I just don't think they're very good at playing them. I actually like both guys but they are lazy actors.
  13. Aw I thought it was a great show. Each their own and all This. She's excellent.
  14. Exactly. There are a lot of problems on this show. Giving Jon Lindstrom airtime isn't one of them. She is well integrated. I do agree they could have used her a tiny bit more though. But she's used well. Better than being trotted out for sweeps and discarded. lol, is he? I had no idea. It makes sense I guess. They haven't used him. Shame. But he was kind of checked out at this point (not that I could blame him; the Kiki/Griffin "love story" was a total joke) Kelly Monaco and Roger Howarth should NOT be leading the monthly counts. Lawd. Who finds them fascinating or interesting to watch? I really, truly, don't get the appeal of either.
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