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  1. All of this. It was painful, but I did like the idea of making her a bad girl and JS did her best. The writing definitely failed her. Reminded me of a bland Reilly quad.
  2. Kudos to her of course, she's extremely talented. I'm curious but don't think the show needs anyone else. At least she has presence, more than I can say for a few of the younger "leading" ladies they prop (and I like she pointed out Laura and Cynthia are on the show too lol)
  3. I think it depends on, like others said, when you started the show, etc. A few posters have clear and fond memories of the real early years lol and I can see why it was better. I have to admit watching what I could on YouTube and my interest wanes when it hits 1983/1984 and Kobe starts. I like Long more than some on here lol but it did suck to lose so many characters and it felt like a different show. Not *bad* just not the same (YMMV). Just my perspective on someone who started in the 90s and has tried to see what I could (I hate so much has been removed from YouTube).
  4. I have to admit, this Carly storyline is proving that Laura Wright is miscast as Carly.
  5. I would love it. LOL. I'm shocked he wants to talk to her. I'd love it but I don't see it happening. Everytime I see a Hillary scene now all I picture is Marsha Clarke eavesdropping on her co-stars and ratting them all out as she gets thrown at man after man. I liked her as Hillary too. They should have just recasted.
  6. They get hammered about Liz and her family on social media constantly, and rightfully so (especially when someone other than her gets a parent or sibling). I think they also realize a certain Harrison family should have been Hardy/Webbers (hence tying Chase/Finn/Jackie/Gregory together, which works, though Jackie is weirdly absent at odd times). I'm assuming Frank will find some friends to cast in those roles. I better not see Farah Fath playing Sarah. Sarah Brown or Tamara Braun playing this stuff as Carly would be amazing.
  7. Ron has the hots for RSW and Cin is his pet pairing. He used Ciara to prop a serial killer. I'm guessing that's why Konefal doesn't want to stick around. She saw the writing on the wall. Which is a shame because I really like her as Ciara. She just wasn't given enough away from Ben (Konefal joined as Ciara in Nov 2017, was paired with Ben summer of 2018 and it's been Cin hell since). Sadly, I thought it was an interesting idea at first but the writing of course was terrible (I had a feeling Ciara would be a prop and she was). And now Ron is hitting the beats that should have played
  8. Yeah, Duell changed around that time. And now he just feels dirty to me. LOL. I used to like Michael and Duell. I'm over it. I liked Watkins too, he was a little green at first but came into his own. They weren't overly invested in Dillon though (and Tracy was checking out). And I really didn't give a [!@#$%^&*] about Kiki. Looking back, GH wasted Matt Cohen, Watkins and even Hayley Erin.
  9. Seems shock value plots and misery are wearing thin Yes we do! Yeah, I think Ian's family is worn out. I have no interest in Peter. Bobby is .... and Lucy is dead. I'd keep Kathy of course. But you're right. They do seem to ruin them. I would dig deeper too.
  10. 2017 Dillon should be on the canvas. I'm tired of Michael and his chemistry free pairings.
  11. I think Ava and Rafe have some chemistry but Nicole feels wasted. It's nice having her interact with them but I'm annoyed Eric remains in limbo. I'm torn on this. I see some potential. But I don't see any chemistry between Rafe and Nicole, personally. They work better as friends, which I'm glad the show finally remembered. I can kinda see why. She may not be emotionally connected to the character yet. And it doesn't help she's just popping in and I believe by herself. It's awkward which leaves her looking awkward, IMO. lol.
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