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  1. Agreed. Much better. I also dig Robert as D.A., at least it keeps him active. Jordan and Curtis should form a husband and wife P.I. team. NuJordan is too blah. Agreed @AlexElizabeth on Shiloh. The hoops they're going through remind me of JER's Days and Passions when the dialogue was so awful you couldn't believe the lengths they go through. Sigh. The actor is good but Shiloh's already tiresome. Anyway ... this psychic [!@#$%^&*] with Ava? Lord make it stop! They just love to pile onto the character. They seem to get off on dumping all over her. Of *course* sanctimonious wonderful Kiki still hates her EDIT: Aww, a Nikolas mention. Ava/Nikolas had loads of potential. I'm tired ...
  2. Preach. I don't care at all about Celeste or Lola. Lola also really needs to be a bitch. The actress seems like she could really play it much better. Lola's a waste and a lost cause. Agreed on Celeste not being utilized properly but then we'd be bitching she never had any scenes with her kids so ... but there can be a better balance. I just don't care about the Rosales. They're blah, the writing is blah ... I wish I cared. It was nice to see Faith again. I had to roll my eyes though with how much Chelsea and Adam are on. Lord. Make it stop! It's a shame too because I like Mark Grossman. But Adam already feels tired and played out. They should have gone in a different direction.
  3. I'm glad they're trying to rectify it. I don't think the writing is all that interesting but I do think the current HW's try. I do. Frank and Varni are the bigger problems here. I agree on Mac, Felicia and Scott. Felicia seems to be on a break at the moment. I notice too the long absences. But it's been better this year! I'll take it. I can't believe some fans on Twitter were hoping Phelps would "Save" the show. I mean, that bitch gutted the show of it's total core. She nearly destroyed it (it may have looked good and things were happening but lawd ...). No thanks, as bad as Frank is ... no thanks. I'm sure Gary Tomlin is praying for the job and Barbara Bloom is probably praying for the writing gig. The consistency remains the problem. They do well for a while (Milo suddenly popped up in the DoD story; I've noticed Epiphany is again being used more and they remembered Felix exists) but then they all vanish ... so, we'll see. LOL. Meanwhile, again, that top 10 is tragic for the month (minus Donnell Turner and maybe Chad Duell). No wonder the show is so uninteresting.
  4. Agreed on EVERYTHING! Agreed on it needing to leave CBS. I do think they should do a regime change. The ratings are sinking and fans have been bitching for years and years now. It's time they listen to us. I agree on BBCAN. But I wasn't as big of a fan of BBCAN5 as some were.
  5. Canada's been slipping. I've been slowly losing interest (at least their host is a true fan, and engages with fans on Twitter and truly deserves the support she gets) but even their douchebag alpha males are like 1000x more tolerable. And their house isn't always plagued by racists. I still enjoyed BBCAN1 and BBCAN2 far more than the more recent outings though. But I'll take a 'bad' BBCAN season over the last 11 seasons of BBUS. EDIT: Sadly though, this last season kind of lost me because it was run by alpha males all summer and everyone fell over themselves to cater to them. It was eerily similar to the recent trend on BBUS and I just can't stomach BBCAN turning into what we have to sit through. It brought back memories of BB12 and they were not good memories. I agree on those who run the show being arrogant and out of touch. Really sums it up, honestly. Agreed on the minorities. Most are often targeted first. The boot history speaks for itself. The only thing I ever see them doing to 'address' any of this is end the live feeds. But with ratings this summer so blah ... I feel like the clock is ticking on BB. They need a massive overhaul, but I've been begging for that for years and years now. Grodner HAS to go. And they need fresh casting. And everytime I check on the live feeds it's all drama about who's kissing who, etc. and I mean ... what the [!@#$%^&*] happened to Big Brother? All they care about is hooking up and who likes who. It's gotten worse over the years but this season is really taking the cake. I miss the days when showmances were targeted, not catered to and carried through the game or considered a "requirement"
  6. lol Vee! I agree on Adam but I'm not 100% sure either.
  7. She's not really exposing what we don't know but it's nice to see someone saying it. I keep up with the show too out of habit but I saw the writing on the wall and this season is the pits. Camp Segregation is a bust and the cast, minus one or two, sucks. Robin and Alison clearly have the hots for pigs like Jack and Jackson and past pigs like Mr. Pectacular, etc. I used to be able to brush some things under the rug but this season is the pits. Grodner's been the problem since Season 8. It's been a downhill slide since then. BB10 was the exception. And agreed with social media it's all over Twitter and everywhere. TMZ seemed to enjoy pointing out anything they could but no one really paid attention (and I don't think they seem to have any interest in this season, but they're all over it if a finger goes in the butthole, but they won't point out the racists ...). It never changes anything. I'm glad Audrey's speaking out but it won't do anything. And to be fair, Audrey has had actual interaction with Grodner, we haven't. I can believe she's inept, lazy and also vengeful. She knows what fans want and she does the opposite. The house is always decorated like recycled trash. It's really time to cancel the summer season or get rid of Grodner and Kassting. Ratings aren't great. And CBS being misogynistic and racist sadly isn't anything new. What I don't get is why, each season, do we have casts of losers who worship the assholes? I mean, I just don't get it. It's like they all trip over themselves for Jack and Jackson and I just ... why? How? What's the allure? I truly do NOT get it. And holy cow, even the 'superfans' are dumbasses. No one really plays the game anymore. It's all about being a popularity contest, hooking up, and collecting a check. The "Celebrity" edition is far better, because it isn't about hooking up and playing summer camp, it's actually about playing the game. It's kind of ironic CBS launched Love Island because that's what they've been trying to turn BB into for the longest time. And they share Kassting yet so does Canada and they still have better casts, even when douchebag men run the season they're STILL more appealing than the trash we get on CBS. Grodner and CBS have final say in casting.
  8. PREACH! LOL Totally agreed on the sexual chemistry I hope this goes somewhere ...
  9. Same. I had a hunch he was gay so I'm not at all surprised. I watched him on DWTS too and it ended up clicking then, for whatever reason. He was one of the best things about Fuller House.
  10. They're really beyond stretching it now with Shiloh. The actor is good but they need to move on.
  11. Yep. Flat is a great word for it. Reminds me of all the other soaps that were slowly reaching their deaths. Just basically surviving at this point. There's no momentum, no energy ... and I could say that about all the soaps, truthfully. Sigh.
  12. Jill's just a prop at this point. Stafford does feel off and a bit lost at times but I'm so thankful she's no longer on GH. Cynthia Watros is so much more likeable and watchable, even if Nina remains one of THE MOST POINTLESS CHARACTERS EVER. Griffith REALLY sucks with the young adults on the show. It's just so typical boring writing. I loathed Mal but I thought he did a better job with the younger crew (dodges bullets and darts and the pitch forks). I mean, look at Kyle and Summer. Went from actually being interesting to snoozeville city. They finally have a Kyle who works in the role and they waste him in this ridiculous pairing. Such a shame. And it's sad that fans pretty much embraced Tinker as Fen and the show has no interest. Yet here comes hunky Theo. Noah's off when he should be getting most of Nick's stories. The show is a mess. Too many BTS agendas, too, like most soaps. What happened to Lauren/Jack? Was that dropped? I don't hate this chick he's talking to, but what's the point? (I've missed numerous episodes ...) Why not bring back Janice Lynde and Leslie if she's willing and put her with Jack? Why is Lorie not stirring [!@#$%^&*] up? Oh, that's right. They're older women. And it still irks me they shipped off Dina. FIX IT!!! Instead it's now 'The Adam Show' again and they care more about bringing back Chelsea, Kevin, Avery, etc. .... I love all three actors but those characters shouldn't be a priority to bring back. I was really surprised they gave Christine and Paul scenes together and they had a POV for a change. More of that, please. That has been SEVERELY lacking for years now.
  13. God the Lola propping is gag worthy. Make it stop!!! Sasha Calle would do so much better, IMO, if Lola were a bitch. But nope. Of course not. Thanks Anjelica. It's time for McDaniel to hit bricks. What has she really even done? Meanwhile, Eva La Rue looks [!@#$%^&*] amazing! I was LOLing as the four women were trying to traipse around the clearly small set. The Lola propping is so obvious too. "No I can't I'm such a modest woman" the tokens then encourage her. She stumbles but then of course becomes a star. Spare me. I love seeing Jess Walton and Jill and I'm happy she's semi-retired and enjoying her life but I'm getting tired of the pop ups. It's better than nothing but at the same time, she should be on the canvas regularly mixing it up. If Braeden and Bergman can lead stories and have romances than so can Walton and Jill. But I know the situation with Jess. It's just slightly annoying in a very selfish way
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