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  1. YR: JT Reveal

    LAWD. Is this for real? So embarrassing on many levels. Mal's turned desperate. Should we start the countdown to "Mal Young Out?"
  2. Days actor exit!

    Why can't he and Matt Ashford ever be on the show at the same damn time again? I'm disappointed but Ron didn't seem to know what to do with Steve and Kayla. I don't think he dislikes them but they're sort of just existing; though he seems to use Kayla better, and I think Steve works as a supporting character, too bad they rarely, if ever, had him share scenes with his sister, or Hope, or Jennifer, or JJ or Abby .... It's a shame. I think Steve and Kayla have had some nice scenes but I'll give that credit to Sheri (same with any Doug/Julie, or John/Marlena romantic scene, which is of course rare) I know Stephen wants more but if you truly want to be on the show, take the deal and wait it out. IDK. I'm a bit torn on this. Pretty much this, I believe. They seemed to lowball Reckell, too. Even though I think he was more ready to move on. Ugh. The Tomlin years. Sweeney and James Scott couldn't run away fast enough either (and Kate Mansi had one foot out the door as well)
  3. I like her. Good for her! Run far away from GH, Vinessa. You'll be better off. It sounds like maybe she'll be recurring? Or are they recasting?
  4. LOL Sarah Brown I wanted to be "Jamie Caldwell" with a new identity. She was all in Sami's orbit at the time. But yeah, she would have worked as Sarah too. I thought Jade Harlow was wasted and wish she had stuck around. She would have made a great Taylor. I'm dead. LOL. Please don't give Ron any ideas! lol lol, that's true. I really can picture her working well with Greg Vaughan or playing off Jay Johnson's Philip (not that that will happen of course). She'll fit on the show, IMO. Just not who I wanted/pictured as Sarah. I guess I'm set on a fiery redhead giving Mags hell.
  5. Possible "The Nanny" revival in the works?

    I've been on a bit of a social media/internet break ... lol and not watching the soaps. Sorry for such a late reply. But yeah I liked the Brady Brides. I thought it had some potential. I'm dead.
  6. Happy she's joining the show. Not happy she's Sarah. Another miscast. Kudos DAYS. You had the perfect Sarah in Melissa Archer. But, no, you had to make her "Serena". I think they want to pair Godfrey with Greg Vaughan so they probably felt Archer failed that before. Maggie's daughter should not be 15 years too young and a blonde. Godfrey would make a perfect Stephanie or Abby. I've long known it, but DAYS is massively disappointing most of the time. It rarely lives up to the potential it has. Such a shame.
  7. Corazon Que Miente

    Jesus. Guess I'll be trying to watch Thanks for thinking of me @Soapsuds
  8. Days- Popular Character Recast!

    Sigh. I wish Eileen were playing this upcoming storyline.
  9. GH: Former OLTL actor joins the show

    This. Frank loved him some Sam before he loved him some Spencer Cassadine.
  10. GH: June 2018 Discussion Thread

    Same The whole show otherwise isn't "awful" or "bad" (nor is it great, either) per say but I can't say the characters they focus on interest me much. It's often pet after pet sharing scenes together with a side dash of someone else. Same. I'm so sick of Frank/Varni's pets. And characters that exist simply to prop said pets. I don't mind the Carly story but it's all so blah and boring to me. I jumped back in last week and I have to ask myself "why"? lol
  11. Possible "The Nanny" revival in the works?

    I saw Fran on GMA. She sort of sidestepped it quickly. I didn't feel like it was an outright denial, or that she'd never be up for it. Guess we'll just have to see. Has her "special project" been revealed? (I don't mean her animated movie that she's a voice in). She kept teasing that and that the fans would be happy. Sort of reminds me of when people deny things when already working on it. Again, guess we'll see.
  12. Possible "The Nanny" revival in the works?

    I'm with you. (I enjoyed the show as well but felt the last season or two it was time to go; having watched it a lot again now that it's on LOGO I enjoy it still). I think the woman who played Fran's mother did a guest stint a few years back on her TV Land sitcom but that was of course a few years ago now. I'd hope so. I don't necessarily see the appeal of a series again. But I guess many could say that about all of the revivals. I'm not totally against revivals, honestly. I enjoy seeing the casts get back together. But I also understand those sort of exhausted by the idea. We are so used to living in a world where, when a show is gone, it's gone and I think many still live in that mentality. It's hard to come back around. Imagine in the 90s if Three's Company came back? or All in the Family. It's weird to think about. But "back in the day" there was The Brady Brides, The Bradys, Gilligan movies, The Munsters and Addams were rebooted with new and less than stellar casts, Leave it to Beaver reunited for a revival ... we went back to Mayberry a few times. I guess revival series are the new reunion movies. (Oh, Green Acres, I Dream of Jeannie, Dallas until it became it's own revival ...) lol And to be fair, Growing Pains, Facts of Life, etc. all had reunion movies. Hell, remember the trash that was Mary & Rhoda (nothing against MTM and Valerie Harper, but lawd I hated it)? Now they'd all be reboots on television or streaming. It's really no different. I'm kind of stuck on this thought too. I'm not against, like a movie, but I don't really care about a series again, as much as I did enjoy it. It seems they took the idea of a reunion movie, like back in the day, and now everything becomes a revival series, lol. lol Personally I'm shocked it's taken this long. I actually never even thought about The Nanny being revived when I was thinking of reboots. Meanwhile I'm still waiting for my Family Matters and Sister, Sister revivals ... and no one but Paul Reiser is waiting for a Mad About You revival.
  13. Days Actor returns - again!!

    I hope he is as well. And at the last part.
  14. GH Actor out!

    He's been wasted for a long time now. Can't say I blame him. I liked him too. There's many others I'd rather see exit GH before him though.
  15. Days Actor returns - again!!

    Ron must be in heaven at DAYS. He can pretty much do anything because we've seen just about everything at this point. lol lol, the possibilities are endless! Like I said in my post above your quote, Ron must be in heaven, lol. I think he's finally settling in ... meaning he's likely learned more about the history, etc. Where's the Oprah gif? YOU GET TO BE RESURRECTED! YOU GET TO BE RESURRECTED! RESURRRRRRRREEEEEEECTED!