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  1. I'm sadly at the point where at least something is happening and we aren't mourning and crying over Oscar's meadow.
  2. Definitely seemed like a mistake to dump him. But "out with the old" ... And then they recast in 1990/1991 and the guy felt like he should have been a Mike recast instead, lol
  3. It's already better than what's been aired the last few months on-screen. The timejump was a wasted opportunity and I'd rather watch all of this play out instead. IMO. lol truth! And it's a real shame we finally see Will and Abby working together and it's in "flashbacks". The show in the flashbacks is what I want to be watching! lol
  4. All of this would have been possible. I think we're past that point, for the general audience, but who knows? I'd write it in a heartbeat, so they'd want nothing to do with me, lol. I'd be bringing back Hortons left and right. Roman could have been viable but JER had a ... unique ... way of looking at his canvas. He explains it. I'd love to find those articles, probably buried in here. I think it's short sighted. He's not a character driven writer, yet he gives the characters motivations. He's always been fascinating to me, honestly. And I think frustrating because he can structure a story, he learned from some of the best. But he's so outlandish (especially circa 2002-2007) and it's annoying because it always felt like he "had it in him" to do better than he did. A *real* writer who cared about the fabric of the show and the characters would have written exactly that: Roman and Marlena find out, painfully, that "you can't always go back again". It really pisses me off we couldn't correct course in 2004/2005 when Wayne was back. But ... Reilly. And Corday's hard-on for Josh Taylor. I agree with you, just have them both re-assume the roles as if nothing happened. It's DAYS. We accept people donating organs and coming back from the dead so ....
  5. My God I hope this is true! lol I want this to happen so very badly (as do all of us!). I'd subscribe in a heartbeat if this became a reality. Yeah, they'd definitely put the soaps on Hulu
  6. Yep, it would be so much better this way! I hated seeing them throw Roman under the bus when they didn't have to. But JER was single minded at times and didn't see a 'place' for Roman on his canvas. I disagreed with it then. Of course he then used Roman as angst in 1997 and Wayne was on Port Charles. I'm also furious Wayne finally returned and it was for that Alex North bullshit.
  7. Yeah that's been my guess as well Same. I get there's a lot of red tape and music rights, etc. but man, why can't we get old episodes? They are leaving money on the table, but then how much would it take them to make them available ... I wonder if Sony is a problem here.
  8. It was never Marie Wilson for me, though I know some don't like her. Summer's unnecessary. Just like Daniel was. But Maggie having egg-babies wasn't the worst idea, the execution was awful. It just felt blatantly like: "well here's some kids for Maggie but we still aren't bringing Melissa or Sarah back ... oh, here's Serena, who really should have been Sarah ... " just a ... not very good time for the show quality wise. Awful. And fans were furious they wasted a beach shoot on her, which I agree with.
  9. Varni is awful. I don't think Frank is much better ... but the shift is apparent. Still a very long way to go though. If you aren't watching and have your mind made up then 🤷‍♂️ I've never said it was good. I some changes and subtle improvements I like that you can only see if you watch every day. I mean, it's not a fluke when you have several of us noticing. The problem is the show has been pure [!@#$%^&*] for years so any little difference is an improvement Do you not see most of us still bitching about Frank and Varni and me saying flat out they're still an issue? lol. I have said pets still exist. Franco has aired once this month, though. Just saying. The show could easily go back to unwatchable garbage. I take what I get at this point. We're never going back to what the soaps really should be. I mean, I could write an essay on what's wrong with this show. But I'll take the little differences right now. It helped this week was Tracy and Brook Lynn heavy.
  10. Glad I'm not the only one to notice the subtle, little changes. I can see they're trying but yeah, a looong way to go. Frank and Varni are still there and pets are still around so ... time will tell. At least it's becoming watchable and almost entertaining.
  11. Same. I love her for that and she's talented so that helps
  12. lol yep lol I know. it would never fail. It still has faults but I find it far more watchable and I see little improvements. Lots of work left to be done but I see potential. I'm crossing my fingers. Pets still exist, unfortunately. It does feel like they dropped the Sonny and Carly are matriarch and patriarch of Port Charles [!@#$%^&*]. So just lots of little things I see being addressed. And they're actually wrapping up stories and moving things. It feels slightly more cohesive. I do see a difference but it was getting pretty bad so we had to go up ... right? lol
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