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  1. September GH Thread

    Burton's return is already ridiculous. I laughed so hard when they zoomed in on his eyes. Lawd.
  2. The View

    I don't get Jed leaving. Weird. This table needs stability. They had a GREAT ratings boosting panel and now Jed's gone. Stupid.
  3. I'm fine with her coming back and playing someone else (Sarah Brown already did) but the last thing this show needs is more castmembers. Keep Braun and cut more of the pets and dead weight.
  4. Big Brother 19

    +1 to both of you
  5. The last thing the show needs is more castmembers.
  6. Y&R: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    I don't see much changing under Mal either (I mean, he's still been the EP over Sally). I'm with you that I hope he will surprise me, but I'm not holding my breath.
  7. DAYS: September 2017 Discussion Thread

    Not really bad. I see why he's a figment of Lucas's imagination. But it still doesn't negate him coming back alive. Regular fans will see him as a ghost and then bam .. alive
  8. September GH Thread

    Kiki as a doctor is just laughable. Seems like Andre/Anna is on hold. They had that dance scene and kiss (or near kiss) but where is he? Does Curtis fill their quota so they don't use Andre? They don't really bother much with Jordan either. She has spikes in airtime but never anything significant anymore. That little feud with Auntie Stella but still ...
  9. Another DAYS return

    +1 Wilson improved a bit playing psycho creep Ben but I've never understand why some go gaga over him. Must be because he looks great without a shirt on.
  10. DAYSL Sonny/Will/Paul

    Paul as the schemer wouldn't work either. He's been shown to be loyal and kind and I think it would be a bit out of character at this point. (Mark my words, I have no doubt we get a scene of him "stepping back" from Sonny to free him to be with Will). I'd love nothing more than for Paul and Will to end up getting together and it drives Sonny nuts. LOL That was a nice interview with Chandler and I really enjoyed the Bryan Dattilo interview.
  11. September GH Thread

    +1 Poor Finola Hughes wasted on Dawgy Daddy lol But that sure would be nice again. I have no idea why they felt compelled to keep Easton after dumping Budig.