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  1. I TOTALLY disagree with ya'll that say they shouldn't have recast. This is coming from someone who will ALWAYS prefer Louise as Vivian and Eileen as Kristen, but you know what, if these ladies can't or don't want to be there, why should we go without? You'd all be bitching if she was playing a newbie, too. "Oh, Ron and his pet!!!" Eileen doesn't want to be on DAYS. Kristen should be stirring up drama, so we have Stacy. Louise was given way too short of a notice so here we are. And Robin is Louise's friend. Why is this SUCH a problem? It's just a visit. They didn't recast out of spite or for shits and giggles. I can understand the annoyance if they never bothered to ask Louise (but I do find it a tad fishy they gave her a week notice, as if they DIDN'T want her, but then again, I know a lot of things were scrapped or changed around this time so sometimes maybe we don't have all the facts ...) We're better off when Ron can tell the story he wants to tell. Otherwise you get [!@#$%^&*] like Dr. Shah likely holding Jennifer hostage and trashing the lab. When it should have been Peter Blake (who yes would be recast). We have too many soap vets sitting on the sidelines. I still want Erika Slezak as Laura Horton (and I wish JLB was on Y&R as Lorie ...)
  2. Ouch, 1 week notice? Seems fishy, I agree they maybe didn't want her. (Though, to be fair, there seemed to be a quick shift around this time in filming so maybe it really was quickly thrown together? I know some things were scrapped). At least Louise was called and she didn't necessarily balk at returning (right?) so there's that ... has she said anything about her friend Robin as the recast? I'm OK with Robin as Vivian (and trust me, I ADORE Sorel as Vivian, I'd always want her back, hands down but I adore Strasser too and it kind of is what it is at this point I guess). She seems a bit shaky and slightly rusty though. Guess I'm just glad to see Strasser so maybe I'm being less critical but I don't really agree with all the negativity surrounding her performances. She's not going to parody Louise's Vivian so she's doing her take. Whether some like that take on it ... or not ... lol
  3. It was definitely less Sonny centric. And Mo hated it. LOL. Ron's "the writer" for a reason, and the writer Mo got fired. Allegedly of course Ron has his own flaws and faults but I see a lot of the same [!@#$%^&*] now I saw back then when he was writing and it's clearly Frank. Something shifted at GH around 2014. Not that Ron's GH was super amazing but the first two years weren't as bad as when we got endless Franco/Nina, etc. Drew arrived ...
  4. They clearly don't. ABC is checked out and not interested, and Frank and Varni are probably enabling each other, so until they're axed ... Frank HAS to see the feedback and it's *not* good. I see very little praise anytime I read a tweet regarding GH. He knows. And we still get [!@#$%^&*] like Drew's memories in Franco, Kim whoring herself out to Franco, Julian and Finn wasting airtime ... Sonny and Carly's constant and never-ending scenes in their ridiculous kitchen ... sigh. The entire show comes across as so poorly put together. There are hardly no stakes. It's just people filling up airtime and filling guarantees. It's GH vets propping Frank's pets. I'd take Guza's trash over this. And I never ever thought I'd utter those words. But that said, I don't necessarily think the writers are total trash, it's more Frank, IMO. It's AWFUL. It's what we all call "propping" Frank uses GH vets to prop his pets. Anna props Finn. Robert the 'villain' for daring to question Peter (as he's propped with Frank's pet kid from OLTL), Maxie props Peter. Liz props Franco. Julian and Kim prop each other, etc. It's a massive problem when the only couple even likeable is made up of two newbies
  5. I'm sure this has been posted but I've been away and catching up. And yep Strasser seemed to have enjoyed herself and is more than willing to return. If Louise Sorel is done then I'm happy with Robin. Of course if OLTL is rebooted ... (I can't stand that Burke woman constantly teasing it)
  6. Will forever piss me off. Just like Rowell being blocked from a return (a real return). I wish fans would rally, truly rally, on both, but it likely wouldn't matter at this point.
  7. Yep. There's been lots of pushback recently on soap twitter about Mo's ego and how Sonny-centric GH remains. (and petty stans tagged Mo and he involved himself, proving his big ego very much exists) And then they come out with this. Coincidence? Maybe, of course.
  8. Seems like it. To be fair, I think the original story was Peter Blake coming back as a recast (I think Michael Lowery was up for it, but I could be crossing my wires) but that was axed, so here we are.
  9. I'd rather watch Miller than Howarth ... but that's not saying much 😕 I have about a month on the DVR .... says it all, no?
  10. Eh. To each their own. I like Ron mines history and pays homage to it. Not everyone's cup of tea, I understand. At least things are happening. At least for the last month and a half we've had almost daily cliffhangers. Yeah. It was just a driveby. Much like Xander and Stacy's Kristen did and then they ended up on contract .... so my guess is this was to deal with Vivian being alive, send Stefan out and see how folks react to Robin as Vivian. Unless OLTL gets rebooted ASAP I imagine Robin will be back as Vivian. I imagine Brandon Barash is already probably coming back as Stefan or his twin. I disagree. I see plenty of Vivian in her. And she's Louise's friend. It was the right move to have Robin take over. If Louise can't or won't, why should Vivian be forgotten? We have tons of soap vets out of work. I'm all for this. But yes, Louise is iconic as Vivian. No one can truly replace her just like no one can truly replace Eileen as Kristen, but I'll be damned if Stacy isn't doing a hell of a job. Kristen's a bit more psycho and crazy than I'd like, but she's doing a good job. I much prefer her Susan, though. I really think some of you go out of your way to find things to bitch about.
  11. At least it still visually looks like the same show ...
  12. AGREED. Kill Victoria off. Heinle is useless. Only reason folks don't want Tom back is because "they're used to Heinle" (I swear I've heard this multiple times as the reason, very few defend her) No one should be the center of the show. GL's devotion to Bradley Cole drove me away (that and a million other reasons) Let's be real, Katie on B&B would have been axed years ago if not for Heather Tom. Heinle and Tom should have switched roles YEARS ago. Boggles my mind they didn't want Heather's Victoria. Tells me all I need to know. Exactly what they should do. And they shouldn't have fired Loren Lott. You can have more than two black women on contract ....
  13. Yep. It's also what I feared would happen, and did. I hate to always be right ... but here we are. LOL. Adam and The Rest of Us .... This makes me wish even more that Heather Tom were still Victoria. SHE'S the true successor. Nick, Abby and Victoria are jokes.
  14. Same. Social media is also toxic but that's a whole 'other rant.
  15. Of course it is. The entire show is seemingly revolving around him. Good way to kill a well liked recast.
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