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  1. Small things. Some of the focus feels different. It feels more like a soap again rather than a Hallmark movie. But it's also sweeps and there's some small momentum. But none of that is necessarily high praise, and YMMV. Plus we got Nikolas and Brook Lynn recast and back on the canvas. But lordy it has a long way to go. Still lots of dead weight to dump.
  2. lol. So spot on. This show is a hot mess. No direction at all. They brought her back simply to bring her back. That's great and all but .... Nate is a massive missed opportunity. You have a nice actor in the role who is sexy. USE HIM BETTER. I'm also guessing TLW has no interest in returning, if she's even been asked (and I doubt she has). Shame. Olivia would help IMMENSELY. But when I have stans on Twitter tell me Dru isn't relevant or needed anymore, do fans even care if Olivia comes back? I know *this* fan does.
  3. Took him literally no time at all. The fans on twitter were all over his ass from day one, lol. He won't last.
  4. lol I'd rather not Sarah and Eric don't need a baby that ties them together, Kristen and Brady DO. Ohhh. Guess my gay card needs to be revoked! lol Anywho ... Not the daily thread but how sad is it Ciara is working at Titan but it's ALL ABOUT BEN. Lord. I miss Lauren Boles as young Ciara who would tangle with Sami Brady and Kristen DiMera like a boss. Victoria Konefal is capable but they're entirely wasting her on fan baiting. Sorry just wanted to rant while it was on my mind. That said I much prefer Ciara and Victor interacting than Brady and Victor. Victor should be controlling Ciara's life, not Brady's.
  5. Ashame her first day was with Julian. Are they gonna pair them? I'm also sure it's because Olivia, her stepmommy dearest (don't forget Brook's history with Dante ...) and Julian had a kid together ... She's bitchy so that could be fun. 💀
  6. At least it's interesting and not as predictable as crazy Kristen kidnaps Sarah's precious spawn. I'm all for this one. And Stayla stans today. Hoooo boy. Ron clearly hates them.
  7. CBS really is a cesspool. I agree that the network soaps are way to restrictive on writers. We've seen so much talent just flee. We've also heard for years how many folks have 0 interest in head writing, one of the reasons we keep recycling the same hacks. You could see the care involved with the Prospect Park reboots of AMC and OLTL based on who was behind the scenes. I'd love them to simply move online and be given a bit more freedom. But if they're still under the network umbrella, wouldn't interference still exist? Just way too many cooks in the kitchen with soaps, honestly.
  8. Absolutely! I could almost always instantly tell it was her script (especially during the horrible days of Tomsell at their worst and any of Higley's reign). Same for the Cullitons. They aren't perfect but I used to be able to tell because the Cullitons and Salmons scripts would almost always "save" the day for me when the show was in the crapper. At least I could depend on an entertaining script and you could tell who cared. I'd dump probably three scriptwriters at this point. They were also a problem when Ron wrote GH and OLTL. He had weak script writers. Speculation isn't spoilers, Toups but if you think it's true, then maybe you were spoiled before this thread Relax. In my own defense, everything I'm speaking of, mostly, is speculation. I'm not up on all the rumors or spoilers. Just my own speculation. Again, relax. I respect the idea to hide spoilers, and I would have if I thought I was truly spoiling anything. I have 0 proof that 'Steve is Stefano' but come on, doesn't it all add together? How is that spoiling anything? I'm speculating and the story laid out seems to lead to it. What's the big deal?
  9. I didn't even expect anything good from him. I was down on his re-hiring from the start. I'd take a garden gnome head writing over him. And agreed on the casting department. Who the hell was calling for AARP Chance? They should have just brought back Jeff Branson's ass and put him back with La Staff and called it a day. Chance and Abby are boring and DOA before they even start. It's getting ridiculous at this point how she has a new love of her life every year.
  10. I guess Rolf wanted to punish Hope for the Stefano shooting debacle and he missed Gina? LOL. I guess he's a madman so his justification isn't needed? But ... yeah ... lol Just like Rolf is probably punishing Steve for pretending to be Stefano (or was that Shane?) to clear Hope. Now he's probably thinking he's Stefano. Lord. LOL. And yep, your Gina/Hope stuff is exactly what I wished was happening. It may still I guess? But that would be a better move. And to be honest, Gina/Hope hybrid is far more interesting ... lol. "Gina as Hope" had more life to her in the "flashbacks" we saw than Hope has had in like a decade.
  11. Yeah, we need to swap out a couple of the scriptwriters. Losing Melissa Salmons a few years ago was a big loss.
  12. "Who is Donny" ... oh EB, I love you on social media. And it says a lot the last few pages are nothing but wishful casting and complaints about AARP MAGA Chance. LOL. This show is in trouble. Who on earth thought hiring Josh Griffith for the third time would be a smart move? And why has Chelsea become the star of the show again? Lord.
  13. Agreed! It's basically saying "he's chunky again so why would anyone like him" and that says a lot about some people and personally plays on my own insecurities. Anywho ... I agree the Gabi/Lani rivalry falls flat. It's very plot driven and it just doesn't quite work. Lani could have recorded Gabi and exposed her. But then we'd have no story. Unfortunately also, Lani and Eli were poorly developed too so it makes it hard to root for them. I like them but I really don't care as much as I'd like to. Eli/Gabi have NO chemistry. I guess I can buy them getting together but it still feels plotty and filler. Like they needed to bust up Eli/Lani (and had no real good reason to bust them up, so the pacemaker thing came up) and give Gabi something to do (why I also think Chabby are back conventiently until Stefan comes back). I like Gabi better this way for sure but it's cartoonish at times. IDK. I want to love all of this more than I do. I agree I maybe judged Kayla/Justin too fast. I do think Wally and MBE have *some* chemistry. But it feels pointless because we all know Kayla's riding Steve again once he's himself (if that happens) .... also sounds like we'll get "Steve"/Kate ... I get Ron wants folks to be talking but none of these "couples" will do that and could have the opposite effect. I get what he's going for but for me, it's meh ... lol! Maybe Lani has ulterior motives. I can buy Kristen hiding out in the convent and turning to God. Reilly's Kristen loved her some church I believe before she went bonkers. I think both have pure and ulterior motives. It's also a convenient way to hide out and not be found, which is what they both want. It does sort of make sense the more I think about it. Still kind of out of left field but I'm surprisingly here for this.
  14. *NOBODY* cares about Eli/Gabi and Kayla/Justin. Chemistry free. Goodie. We time jumped for this?
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