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  1. Alan is a know it all at times. Exactly. But why haven't we heard Budig is back as Hayden? Did I miss that? I don't disagree this is the goal though. It's clear as day. This wasn't a hard 'story' to tell. Clearly this is on purpose. I recall as well it felt very much like Laura was being shamed. Lucky was awful. I love me some Gladys. Bonnie Burroughs is fabulous.
  2. Right? Ron Carlivati Not to mention Disney+. ABC has no excuse Paramount can't do squat with ATWT or GL. Isn't Telenext/P&G the issue? Maybe if CBS had been allowed to buy those shows from them ... siiiiiiigh.
  3. Freddie definitely seems like he'd change his mind. My initial thought to his 'never' was 'yeah right'. Same for Kristian Alfonso 'retiring' from the show. She'll be back someday.
  4. So much potential. The reality is, these soaps do well on streaming platforms. And it's time they took advantage of it. Good way to put it.
  5. My excitement is dampened by the concern over budget and how the show will look as well as how the CIN stans have already made it all about them. I cringed seeing their involvement. Other than that, I think this is a great idea! More of this please! Lisa Rinna is a bit of an odd choice to focus it around but whatever, it's still nice to see her. Billie doesn't feel as needed anymore without Bo or Hope, or even Austin around. Yeah there's Lucas and Kate but meh ... I'd rather see Shane Donovan. Anywho in the context of a limited series It's nice to see her. It bodes very well IMO. I like this a lot. I know we had the Chabby and Last Blast webseries' as well but this seems more ... official? I wonder if it gets coins thrown at it and it's not just re-dressed sets and filming in the local woods. I LOL at Deadline "from it's launch in 1992". No, Lisa Rinna joined the show IN 1992. Sorry, I'm nitpicky and petty.
  6. Sorry, I meant 1998. I had 1999 in my head for some reason! lol And thank you for the photo. Such a shame Julie never returned regularly. Not that they'd probably write her well at all ... I liked her as well. It felt like a very different Lily but it *worked*. I noticed they seemed to play her a bit more with Iva/Lisa Brown even though Lily was in the business world (though I was only able to watch so much on YouTube so ...). But I really liked her in the role honestly.
  7. Right? It actually makes sense to go in that direction. So of course we'll get Nicole staring at the bear, Rafe looking constipated, Ava stirring the pot (get it ) and then going nuts over Rafe. I already see the writing on the wall here. Ron makes a lot of bad choices. Who asked for Rafe/Nicole/Ava? Albert Alarr? LOL I would love to be wrong of course. I'm now kinda all in on the idea of Philip and Nicole hooking up. With the canvas Ron has, the show could be so much better if better choices were made and things didn't feel so slapped together.
  8. I LOVED Horita. I say that as an old school Wilson fan. I dunno what happened to them but it became Paul and Will all the way for me. Sonny has potential on his own, IMO. They could turn him darker but Freddie didn't play darker all that well. I like Freddie too but I'm open to a Sonny recast. And we can't have nice things I guess. Not sure why they haven't gone there with Adrienne/Bonnie. It made sense. I see no point now I guess so that's probably why. Bonnie is basically turning into Adrienne so what was the point? Another of Ron's "shock" moments that means nothing. I also wanted to randomly add it pisses me off that Ron only sees Claire and Theo as Cin plot devices. Especially Theo. And Claire dates a crazy rapist with mommy issues and it becomes about Claire supporting Ben? Like ...
  9. He's making that YouTube money LOL But he seems pretty happy and content in his life at the moment. He seems settled in Florida. Sonny can be recast (or killed off). I always kinda thought it would have made more sense for Sonny to die, allowing Will and Paul to be free and move on. And it would have impacted Justin, Adrienne, etc. But we got what we got (Adrienne dead and Bonnie playing 90s Adrienne) ...
  10. It's so bizarre to me that, and as much as I love Finola, they have Anna as some romantic heroine but have Felicia latched onto Mac when she too could be just as involved (same for Lucy Coe). And viewers love seeing Mac. So we see neither of them. It's so bizarre. I know Kristina has had some losses and took time away but is she just done with GH or are they not interested? Why is Felicia not there for Maxie? Hell, why don't they use Mac more? They could do better. It's not hard. They prove they can when I see them use Monica effectively this month. It's really crazy seeing the stanbases of different couples and actors lose their minds. It's time to stop catering to them and it seems GH got the memo. Meanwhile, Ron continues to cater to the Cin stans ... The Bechtel stans border on creepy to me. Let it goooooo .... I think Chavez has the energy of Spencer down. I'm happy so far. It's hilarious seeing the Jasam fans think they are the 'foundation the show was built on' ... like .. get out of here with that nonsense! But after the Phelps/Guza years of endless Sonny/Carly/Jason/Sam, their stans can't bear it when they aren't on everyday doing the same thing. I include Fanna but really I don't see many stans for them, just a general 'EVERY COUPLE GOT BROKEN UP THE SHOW SUCKS' (when most of those couples SUCKED). The FRIZ stans were the worst. They already stan Austin and Liz. Like ... LORD. What they really are is a stan of Howarth. I also don't understand the stans clinging to Julian either. Like they think the 'show sucks now' because he's dead. Some crazy stan even wants Sonny to be DREAMING all of this. Just because they're unhappy they aren't being catered to. "Everyone is acting out of character" ... lol. You can't make this stuff up. I think it was just blatantly clear they needed Spencer and Bechtel can't pull it off. I think his appearance last year was a 'test' that failed and Frank finally had to accept it. Especially when, for years, Spencer and Cam were 'rivals' as kids. They really had no choice.
  11. Especially since Freddie isn't interested in returning. Time for Will/Paul again ... I'm really liking Dan as EJ. It's different yet it works for me; like Brandon as Stefan, it does help me ignore the messier aspects of the character and give him a fresh chance. I agree on James Scott. It often worked because of him. I think that's the only reason EJ gained any traction was because of how popular Scott is. And he and Sweeney seemed almost obsessed with working with each other and it weirdly worked? But EJ/Sami as 'endgame' was never something I bought. It definitely didn't help different regimes did different things with him. Dena was the one gungho about EJami wasn't she? (Yet she's the one who finally paired Lumi - so Tomlin? Yet he busted them up with Abby and had EJ shot like he was a nothing character) I know Hogan started it though and we had the dumb letter storyline. Ron seems to definitely be playing up Lumi. It's about time. LOL. But with Ron baiting me on Phloe, I can't say I trust him 100% to do the right thing with these couples LOL. Look at Ericole ... he only seems to care about Cin and THANKFULLY Jarlena. LOL.
  12. Kirkwood could be dark, twisted and go way too far (and was very kill happy ... several mistakes made here) but he did seem to love the show. You can see while the structure of the show feels the same, it's less dark. Not a bad thing. I'm still interested in what's going on. So the take on Lucy Allan seems like she'll do a good job continuing the same pace/feel of the show but how is she regarded generally? I don't feel like I've familiarized myself enough with her. Clearly she's responsible for bringing back Donna-Marie, Zara and Prince? I'm good with that. Hopefully some more returns to come. Too bad Kirkwood killed so many characters LOL they have to go back 16 years ... I LOVED Aedan as Olli. He looked perfectly cast as well as Luke's son. The new Olli works but it just isn't the same at all. I'm sorry I'm unaware of why the change took place? I didn't look it up. Did Aedan leave so they recast or was it a choice? Speaking of Tony/Mercedes, it does seem quite often they forget or ignore places where history should be mentioned and used. I love Hollyoaks but it can definitely put plot over character.
  13. Julie appeared too? Wow. I had the same memory as others that she was off-screen and 'dying' or having cancer. I guess I didn't pay much attention at the time. I didn't have the appreciation for the character then I do now that I've watched more of her so I guess it was easy to forget. I definitely remember her 1999 appearance. How easy she fit right back in. I don't think 1999/2000 are appreciated enough considering what came after LOL
  14. I've long wanted this! lol I loved seeing Philip and Nicole in scenes together again.
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