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  1. Days! Temp Stand In!!!!!

    I hope Tyler gets the help he needs (if he needs it; maybe it's medical? I don't know and haven't kept up with the gossip) but I wouldn't be opposed to this being permanent. He was miscast as a DiMera. But I don't mind Tyler being on DAYS. The Tale of Two Stefans? LOL (I'm so joking)
  2. Days! Temp Stand In!!!!!

    It just feels destined to happen LOL. I'm not against it either, it's just a tad predictable. Nothing builds up a couple like shooting one's mother and waving guns in each other's faces. True Love So it's totally happening.
  3. It drove me off too. I started watching again with Kristen's return and the wedding but even now I'm struggling to stay with it. For me Ron is a lot of missed potential. That should be DAYS motto "lots of missed potential". It was all so awful. And a terrible way to introduce Stefan. Immediately killed him as a character. And I knew Marci would be his Bree Williamson. OK but dull as a good girl. So he DID's her up. It's so trashy. I'm not really mad because I totally figured he'd do it. He's lazy.
  4. Claire vs Ciara has NEVER made sense. It's awful. I agree on Joy.
  5. Days! Temp Stand In!!!!!

    I wish Kate Mansi were staying longer (mostly due to Matt coming back as Jack) but I'm good with what looks like a Chabby break (I'm assuming ...). And I'm glad Mansi is the one taking Abby off the canvas. I'd like them to revisit Stefan/Chloe personally (though if Shawn and Belle were better established characters at this point I'd have preferred him as angst for them). I imagine Chloe will eventually be moved into the Brady/Rex orbit, no? Indeed curious where it leaves Stefan. Wonder how long before Stefan and Kate are hitting the sheets? That would be a sight for Vivian to walk in on (if she ever comes back)
  6. OLTL Tribute Thread

    Also happy to see you back @EricMontreal22
  7. Days! Temp Stand In!!!!!

    Agreed with everyone; I wish this were a permanent recast! Talk about a missed opportunity. Barash is more DiMera. Christopher was always more Alamain to me.
  8. Sooo not the thread for this, lol, but what happened with the two Jennifers? I always hated them killing her too. Such a waste.
  9. Yes! I hated that decision to kill Bryant as well. ATWT was so poorly run. So many missed opportunities. And then Alison was miscast (I was so confused at the time why Dunphy left). Marnie should have been Lucy, not Alison. Sigh.
  10. I was always so disappointed ATWT tossed away DeFreitas, Lawlor, Holroyd ... but I don't want to veer the topic too far off ...
  11. LATEST RATINGS: August 27-31, 2018

    What's ABC's plan? Sabotage it? Zzzzz. If they want it dead so bad just yank the band-aid off.
  12. Days: Two Returns

    Bingo. I expected it. Especially since it was left up in the air if Kate killed Ted and you just knew Will and Sonny wouldn't be murderers (though why not?). Of course they're both alive. It's Ron He'll milk this back from the dead thing like he milked the villains to death on GH. Wash rinse and repeat. Oh. Ted makes more sense. Leo seemed pretty dead but this is Salem
  13. Vet let go at Y&R

    Very much agreed. You just can't do that. He gave them a reason to dump him. Not saying that's why, but I surely don't think it helped him in any way. Looking at it from a purely business decision, he was expendable and running your mouth on Twitter just plants the target even bigger. Never give them any reason to get rid of you.
  14. General Hospital September Discussion

    Yep. Sadly many writers are guilty of this.
  15. B&B September 10 Discussion Thread

    I've long felt the same, just cross out their names for Brooke, Ridge and Taylor. It's all just wash, rinse and repeat for years on end. While I think the show has struggled for a good long time with not telling more than one story, really, they at one point did manage to involve a lot of characters. You can still have a well flowing show and not have a zillion stories on-going. I feel like the show's been on autopilot for a while now. And as you said, losing people like Susan Flannery hurts more than I think is realized at the time. I know she retired (who can blame her? Stephanie became the Victor Newman and Stefano DiMera of B&B) but the loss matters. Also having a bunch of recasts on soaps doesn't help. Sure, characters are there in name, and sometimes an actor can win us over, but it's still not the same. Who cares about Thorsten's Ridge beside Brad Bell? I was never a Ronn Moss fan but I'd take his Ridge back in a heartbeat because he's familiar and the history is there. Anyway, just rambling like I usually do