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  1. Yeah, he definitely gets petty on Twitter. He knows a portion of the fans hate Sonny. And yep. No, we haven't won. Well said.
  2. Right? Unfortunately, Facebook crazies are thrilled I've heard. Yeah, a lot of the 'drama' is dumb and feels like Ron pulled it out of his behind, honestly. Nicole and Rafe ... meh. They had a nice friendship once upon a time. I just knew they'd pair them though. It probably won't work but who knows? I'd much rather have pouty Eric. Why did you have to leave Greg Vaughan?? Sigh. We were FREE OF RAFE and ugh he's going to ruin Nicole and play daddy to Holly. No thank you. I'm sick of Lani and Kristen's friendship. They're written so ridiculou
  3. Yeah, I wasn't a fan of the song remix. It grew on me though, but the original is just so iconic.
  4. lol. Dev was such a throwaway, sadly. They aren't even trying. I do think Dev and Cam had potential. Dev should have been scheming to keep Joss and Trina away from Cam because HE wanted Cam. Definitely missed potential but we'd never get that kind of story. Exactly. Portia is fine but it's exactly like you say. There's no one there to have those reactions. They're just missing the point. They're handling some of it well, some of it not so much. And now we have a recast Lucas so the impact remains lost. Lucas feels like a stranger. He finall
  5. Yep. It's true and spot on. Vee is exactly right. Pretty much nails it on both counts
  6. I binged them all yesterday. I really enjoyed it. I like how they use the new kids from Douglas as the 'outsiders' to the world of Saved by the Bell in Bayside with the rich kids and it just works so well. You could tell it was made with love and care for the original. It found a way to make it bizarre, yet charming, timely, yet funny. Sharp dialogue. Witty nods to the past. I thought they did a great job. I loved Zack mentioning Tori. Kelly: "Who?" I thought Zack sometimes bordered on caricature/parody but it worked and we saw glimpses of Zack. Kelly seems
  7. lmao true "Friz" is a dead end. Happy gets you nowhere but the backburner on a soap. But I guess it's better than seeing Liz be trashed. It just feels like so many characters [many women] are secondary ... if that makes any sense I know just what I heard around the grapevine on soap twitter so who knows. I figured they'd find a way. It was too good to be true.
  8. Sorry. I am. It was just for a laugh and I could have done better. For what it's worth she looks madly in love with him and they are nice together. I feel like you were kind of looking to be irritated by my comment though it was harmless but I understand where you're coming from. You've known me on here long enough
  9. The pacing is bizarre on GH currently. Frankly on all the soaps IMO. I also think being shut down for months probably led to speeding things up a bit to meet November sweeps. It amuses me seeing folks thinking GH is fire all of a sudden (I'm referring to soap twitter). Sure, this week has been good ... when things happen, people respond, which I've noticed, but then it never lasts. I feel the same about DAYS. It has some fire weeks but then goes back into the doldrums. We can hope. Apparently Roger Howarth took a paycut so Franco's probably
  10. It does seem that way. It feels absolutely directionless. It's really sad seeing this show be a shell of it's former self. It took longer than the other soaps but it's sadly at the point many others have been at, or are still at. Sigh. It's also boring. But some fans think the opposite of that is Pratt and his plotty writing. It can be interesting and compelling without being plotty and damaging. IDK. A balance can be found. To be quite blunt, you shouldn't fix what isn't broken, and that's been a problem with all the soaps. I do wonder what a
  11. Finally. We got a name and that it's NOT temporary.
  12. I'm enjoying her as well. Cady's on contract now, for whatever it's worth. I love the veil and Jan clearly being under it (imo). I hope it's not another fantasy. I have to admit I've enjoyed having a few more dream/fantasy sequences like Philip imagining smashing Xander with the fire place poker and Jan bashing Belle over the head. I know some probably hate them. Funny how the Jan/Belle/Shawn wedding story was Ryan's idea ... it's the only thing I'm interested in. I just worry Ava gets watered down over time like they're doing to Kristen. The
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