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  1. EPISODE 130 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Billie pulls John aside into the alley behing Club TBD. Looking behind her left and right to ensure no one is around to hear, she speaks to him softly so as not to draw attention to herself, but with a great intensity. BILLIE: We need a new plan to stop Jordan and Sheryl. Like...yesterday. John holds his hand up in a stopping motion, trying to get Billie to cool off. JOHN: Woah, woah, woah, calm down. Okay, Shane told me the virus was halted, so what's gone down since then? Billie sighs, trying to retain a cool exterior as she relays the news onto John. BILLIE: Well, you know about the board meeting today, obviously. JOHN: Yeah. That's why I'm back in town. BILLIE: Well, Justin told me that Nick Fallon is using it as an opportunity to blackmail the board into giving him control over Titan. John looks at Billie, incredulous, and, quite franky, amused. He responds, trying to hold back his laughter. JOHN: Wait, what? He's a lab tech for MadWorld. BILLIE: The lead one. I mean, he HAS come up with some real moneymaking formulas for us. Particularly in the new skin care line, no question, but...(sigh) John, he's got something on each member of the board. And he's prepared to use it. John suddenly looks concerned. He sighs, contemplating what that could mean for him, and the rest of the board. --- Inside Jordan's office at University Hospital, Jordan is signing some paperwork, and hears the knock. She responds without raising her head. JORDAN: Come in. Nick opens the door to Jordan's office, and smiles like the Cheshire Cat. Jordan looks up, trying to hide the fear in her eyes. NICK: Hey Jordan! It's been awhile. Nick steps inside Jordan's office, and closes the door brusquely behind him. NICK: Let's talk. Jordan looks on, the fear plain in her face despite her best efforts. --- Will sits across from Kate at Club TBD, as Kate sips her martini. Will grasps his scotch on the rocks tightly, worry about what his grandmother is about to tell him. WILL: Okay...lay it on me. What's happening at Titan that I need hard liquor at 1pm? Kate breathes in, taking a moment to find the right wording before laying the truth on Will. KATE: Nick Fallon is going to use every bit of dirt he's been able to scrounge up about the Titan board to gain control of Titan today at the board meeting. And that includes what happened at the river. Will's face drops as he takes in the news. --- --- Sheryl sits at her computer, with headphones on. She hits "rewind" on the program playing the video of Valerie's interview with Nurse Crystal Clarke. Listening closely, she studies the cadence of Crystal's words. She mouths the sounds of Crystal's words, letting some slip out loud, not hearing the sound of the door opening behind her. SHERYL: ...thaaaynk yew, Dr. Graaaant. As Jerome steps into the room, he overhears Sheryl's overpronounciation of the southern accent, and observes her as she leans back in her chair, eyes closed. He tries to hold in his laughter as he listens in. SHERYL: Ya know you're a reeeeally niiice... Sheryl opens her eyes to see Jerome standing over her, giggling to himself. Sheryl's expression changes immediately to a sour one as she rips her headphones off her head, turning angrily to face a still-hysterical Jerome. SHERYL: Dammit, Jerome. Don't scare me like that! JEROME: (in between laughs) You know, you...you are...you, heeeee you need to spend some time in Georgia 'cos you not gone convince nobody like that! Jerome continues to laugh as he sets down the plastic bag containing the supplies Sheryl requested. Sheryl almost immediately snatches them from the table, as Jerome tries to contain himself. SHERYL: Ughhh...did you find everything I asked for? Cooling down, Jerome clears his throat before responding. JEROME: Yeah, I uh...(clears throat) I got the hair dye, the applicators, everything. SHERYL: Excellent. JEROME: I just hope you're not trying to trick anyone just yet. You need to take your time and practice before we do this. Sheryl turns to look at Jerome, annoyed. SHERYL: What do you think I've been doing. And quite honestly, I thought I was doing a damn good job, considering. Jerome starts to laugh again at Sheryl but contains himself successfully before continuing. JEROME: You uh...you know, for someone that lived in Birmingham so long, you really picked nothing up. Sheryl rolls her eyes at her accomplice. She grabs her headphones, preparing to put them back on. SHERYL: I think I've heard everything I need to. JEROME: That's fine. Look, I gotta get going anyway, so... Sheryl stops herself, turning back Jerome's way. SHERYL: Why? What the hell do YOU have to do? Jerome gives his best mockingly upper crust demeanour in response. JEROME: I happen to have a previous engagement with a young lady. Sheryl rolls her eyes, leaning back as she puts her headphones back on. SHERYL: (sigh) Typical. I'd tell you not to get attached, but I know you're allergic to attachment, so have fun. As she finishes her statement, she slaps the spacebar on her laptop, triggering the playback on the video. Jerome stops a moment, before shaking his head in amusement and walking out of the hotel room. --- John looks at Billie as they walk through Town Square together, a contemplative look on his face. JOHN: So, really...we have no recourse but to go along with this. BILLIE: For now. Billie and John stop as Billie turns to face John. BILLIE: Mom thinks that going along with Nick will be an opportunity for her. JOHN: I don't see how. BILLIE: Okay, come on. It's my mom. If she sees an opening to take power, she'll take it. John nods, understanding Billie's point. JOHN: Fair enough. BILLIE: But I think it's misguided, especially if it damages the company. I mean...how long is Nick going to run Titan into the ground before we get a chance to stop him. JOHN: You're probably right. But, okay, back up a little, going along with Nick...how's this tie into Jordan and Sheryl? Billie looks around nervously, trying to make sure no one is listening. BILLIE: I'm fairly certain that Nick was in cahoots with Jordan and Sheryl, but that Nick double-crossed them to gain power for herself. I mean...think about it. Nick's friend is that kooky owl watcher that EnerNext is trying to buy the land from for the oil sands project. They're like two peas in a pod. And we KNOW that that was Jordan and Sheryl's motive for coming to Salem. John nods, taking in what Billie's saying, before thinking of something of his own. JOHN: So you're thinking Nick's playing all of them? BILLIE: It makes sense. If Nick can use these people to get what he wants under the guise of helping them, they'll all be willing to do his bidding until he throws them under the bus. JOHN: And God knows who else he's already thrown to the wolves that we don't yet know about. BILLIE: Exactly. Which is why I think we need to make sure Nick gets taken out. The sooner we get him put in his place, the better. --- Will sets down his drink on the table after taking a big swig of it. He looks up at Kate, while still taking in the news of Nick's plans to take over Titan. WILL: So...what does that mean for you, Mom and Gabi? Kate swirls her martini about, looking down upon it as she casually explains the situation to her grandson. KATE: Well..I'm not entirely sure. But it's in his best interests not to expose us. If only because we know for a fact he still wants to have a chance with Gabi. And he's willing to do whatever it takes to have it. WILL: (sigh) Yeah, I know that a little too well. Gabi told us this morning that she'd been...drugging Nick to try to get him hooked onto his pills so that he'd go back to jail, but...apparently that backfired. Kate nods knowingly. Will looks on, a bit surprised, before realizing the truth. WILL: Wait...you...you knew about the pills. KATE: I found out about it the other day. I know she's very stressed out about it, because Hope won't arrest him, but...I don't know what she expected. I mean, Hope's his cousin, for God's sake! WILL: I know. (sigh) And it's getting worse. Kate looks up at Will, suddenly even more worried. KATE: What do you mean? Will hesitates momentarily, sighing before responding to Kate, dreading her reaction. WILL: EJ is so worried about Nick and his...state of mind that he bought Gabi a gun today. Kate's eyes widen, suddenly horrified at the prospects of what could come of it. --- Nick steps into Jordan's office and shuts the door quietly behind him. Jordan draws herself up in her chair, clearly very tense. JORDAN: Wh-what do you want, Nick? Nick laughs at Jordan's fear, stepping casually toward her. NICK: Oh my GOD! RELAX, Jordan! I mean, come on, we're partners in all this, aren't we? JORDAN: I don't know what you're talking about, Nick. Look, as far as Sheryl and her plans go, I am no longer associated with her, okay? So... NICK: That's fine. But I expect she's still going to be trying to contact you. Jordan looks up at Nick, trying to put on a steely reserve. Her voice continues to tremble slightly. JORDAN: I'm sure she will. But I want nothing to do with her. So whatever you want from her, talk to her about it. Jordan turns toward her computer, but Nick walks over, and sits down in the chair opposite Jordan's at her desk. NICK: I don't think that'll be very easy. Jordan sighs, turning back toward Nick, exasperated. JORDAN: Look, Nick, I've had a hard enough day today, so whatever you're trying to say, just spit it out, and go, okay? Jordan tries hard to ignore Nick, turning back to her computer work, but Nick leans in and stares almost without blinking at her. His intense gaze makes Jordan extremely nervous. NICK: Alright, I'll get right to the point. You know your little virus? I was the one who stopped it from going through last night. And the folks at Titan know that Sheryl's the one that was trying to put it there. Jordan turns to look at Nick, contempt in her eyes as she tries to hold her emotions in. JORDAN: And just how do they know that? Nick smiles evilly, never moving his gaze, making Jordan even less comfortable. NICK: I told them. See, I've been monitoring every little thing that's been going on in that building for months now. And I have the evidence to back up everything I claim. So Sheryl's probably on her way out of town as we speak. Nick lets out a little chuckle to himself before continuing, standing up to sit down on Jordan's desk, leaning in even closer to her, never once breaking their gaze. NICK: At least she better be. Jordan sighs, worrying about her own fate now that Nick knows their connection. Nick puts his hand up to Jordan's chin, and casually caresses it, causing Jordan to flinch. NICK: But don't worry. If you keep your nose out of where it doesn't belong...I'll let you keep your life here with your little boyfriend, the cop. Just remember...I know who you really are. So stay out of my way. Nick gets up from his perch on Jordan's desk and walks slowly out of Jordan's office. Just before stepping out the door, Nick turns back toward Jordan with another ominous warning. NICK: Oh, and if Sheryl does try to contact you...do me a favour and let her know about our little chat, yeah? Jordan glares at Nick and he smirks, before turning around and leaving her office. As the door closes, Jordan sighs in relief. She looks down at her phone as sees another call from an unknown number. Jordan doesn't answer, contemplating whether to refuse the call or not. ... Outside Jordan's office, Nick is hit with a sharp head pain yet again. Holding his hand up to his temple, he quickly opens his bag, digging to find his pills. Upon finding them, he stumbles down the hall toward the water fountain. As he approaches it, Maggie turns the corner and sees Nick struggling. She calls out to him. MAGGIE: Nick? Nick, in his haze, doesn't hear her. Maggie walks over, as Nick clasps both hands on his head, as the pain intensifies to an unbearable pressure. MAGGIE: Nick! Are you okay?! ---
  2. EPISODE 129 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Billie sits across the table from Kate at Club TBD. She's stunned by Kate's reticence to take on Nick Fallon at the upcoming Titan baord meeting. BILLIE: Mom...I can't believe what I'm hearing right now. Kate casually sips her martini, trying hard to hide her fears about Nick. KATE: Believe it. BILLIE: I mean, this is not you. The Kate I know would have the jump on a louse like Nick in a heartbeat. You'd be eager to knock his arrogant behind down a few pegs. KATE: Billie, sometimes, it's best to play your cards close to your chest. As far as I'm concerned, we need to let Nick fall on his own sword. Billie looks at Kate, still incredulous by her mother's seeming willingness to allow Nick to take over Titan. BILLIE: Mom, isn't that exactly what we were trying to avoid? Nick destroying this company. Kate casually places her empty martini on the table, before looking back at Billie calmly, a wry smile painted on her face. KATE: Billie, have you never heard of the Dunning-Kruger effect? Nick's arrogance and incompetence is going to destroy him long before he can destroy Titan. And I, for one, welcome the chance to have a front-row seat. Billie glares at Kate, annoyed by Kate's nonchlanace and cynicism. BILLIE: Okay. So we enjoy Nick fall apart in slow motion. Then what? Kate leans in close to Billie, and responds softly, but firmly. KATE: That's when I make my move to take over Titan for myself. --- John saunters toward Kim and Roman, and Marlena and Sami, who are gathered around the booth where Kim and Roman are sitting. The group have turned around after hearing John's voice call out to them. They're surprised by his arrival, and Marlena, in particular, is unhappy to see him. MARLENA: John. JOHN: Hey Doc. Sami steps in, immediately hostile towards her ex-stepfather. SAMI: You have an awful lot of nerve showing your face in here right now. Marlena immediately chastises Sami, stopping her from continuing. MARLENA: Sami, stop it! Marlena turns back to face John, still an icyness between them. MARLENA: I wasn't expecting to see you. JOHN: Well...there was an emergency board meeting called at Titan today, and...Justin made it seem urgent that I be here, so...I decided to pop in and grab something quick to eat before heading over. MARLENA: I see. Well,it's nice to see you're still at least committed to your business affairs. John, stung by her stuble dig, looks away in frustration. JOHN: Doc-- MARLENA: No, I mean, really, John. I know you're hurting from Brady's death, but to divorce me, after reaffirming your love for me? I don't believe any of it. Something is going on and I want to know what it is. John attempts to reach out to touch Marlena, but she steps back. John immediately backs off, but responds emotionally. JOHN: Doc, I'm sorry. And I know this doesn't mean much to you right now. But I have my reasons. I think you'll come to understand them one day soon. MARLENA: Like Hell. I will never believe for a second that your feelings for me have changed yet again. John sighs, trying to avoid any further emotion. Marlena steps toward John, speaking softly, but emphatically. MARLENA: I know you inside and out. If someone put you up to this, you need to tell me. John looks over at Kim, Roman, and a glowering Sami, and nods cordially to them. JOHN: Look, I made a mistake coming here. I'm sorry if I upset any of you. I'll head over to TBD instead. John steps out, leaving Marlena visibly drained. She turns back toward the others, who look on sympathetically. --- Sheryl sits at the desk in her darkened hotel room, curtains shut. In the room, the main source of light remains the glow of her laptop screen. She pours over articles discussing how to successfully dye auburn hair a strawberry blonde colour. She grabs her phone to quickly text Jerome the shopping list she'll need to successfully pull off Nurse Crystal Clarke's hair colour, and fool Valerie, and the University Hospital staff. SHERYL: Okay...I'll have to get Jerome to buy...bleach, reddish blonde dye, ruby red dye...and a mixing bottle. As she sends the text, and puts her phone down, her e-mail notification goes off. Hastily checking the message, it's from Brady, requesting she phone Anita's home to set up a meeting time to test drive and potentially purchase the blue SUV. Sheryl smiles as she reaches the end of the e-mail. SHERYL: Okay, here goes nothing. Sheryl picks up her phone, but stops herself, and heads over to the hotel landline. Hesitating momentarily, she breathes in deep, psyching herself up to take the call. SHERYL: Alright, Sheryl. Your first big test as Nurse Crystal Clarke. Let's see if we can pull this off. Sheryl picks up the receiver, and puts it to her ear, before beginning to dial Anita's number. --- --- Nick walks off the elevator at University Hospital. Almost ready to take on the Titan board, he steps out into the lobby, and spies Maggie stepping into Victor's hospital room. He smirks as he steps toward the nurses' station. He catches Maxine's attention. MAXINE: Yes, can I help you with something? NICK: Uh, yes. I'm here to see Jordan Ridgeway? Do you know which is her office? MAXINE: Her office is down the end of this hall, but I don't know if she's in her office. Did you want me to page her for you, Mr...? Nick smiles in gratitude to Maxine before stepping away. NICK: Oh, don't worry, I'll wait for her. Nick walks over toward Jordan's office, as Maxine looks on, slightly uneasy. Nick makes his way to the end of the hall, and knocks on Jordan's door. Inside, Jordan is signing some paperwork, and hears the knock. She responds without raising her head. JORDAN: Come in. Nick opens the door to Jordan's office, and smiles like the Cheshire Cat. Jordan looks up, trying to hide the fear in her eyes. --- Billie looks on, irritated by Kate's intentions, as Kate looks over her shoulder, attempting to get T's attention for another martini. BILLIE: I cannot believe you're using this as an opportunity to seize control at Titan. Oh, wait! No, I totally can. Because you're my mother, and that's all you do is look for tiny openings you can use to make a power play. KATE: Billie, you of all people should know that business is a dog-eat-dog world. Billie rolls her eyes, thinking back to her own past dealing with Kate in business. She responds sarcastically. BILLIE: Oh how could I forget? It's not like my own mother stole my company away from me or anything. KATE: You of all people know that was nothing personal. That's just how it works, Billie. Those are the rules. Catching T's attention, Kate smiles his way, and he winks back, knowingly. She then turns back to Billie, and finishes her thought. KATE: And if I don't play by those rules, I'm going to get eaten. And I refuse to allow that to happen. As Kate responds to Billie, Will walks into the room, dressed professionally for work at the Titan building. He spots Billie and Kate and walks over to greet them. WILL: Grandma Kate, Aunt Billie, how are you doing? Billie and Kate look up at a smiling Will, and Billie stands up to give Will a hug. BILLIE: I'm great, Will. How are you, honey? WILL: I'm good! I haven't seen you much since you've been back in town! Will and Billie separate from their hug, and Billie takes Will's hands in hers, as they smile warmly at each other. BILLIE: I KNOW! I feel terrible about it. There's been a LOT going on, but...I promise, we'll catch up soon, okay? WILL: Alright. BILLIE: Look, I gotta go, but...Mom...think about what I'm saying, okay? Don't let your need for power cloud your judgment, okay? Kate looks non-plussed as she looks up at her daughter from her seat. KATE: My judgment is fine, Billie. I think you're the one who's in a panic. Billie sighs, frustrated by her mother's obstinance. BILLIE: Mom... KATE: Billie, I know what I'm doing. Billie says nothing, but sighs again before grabbing her bag and marching out the door, leaving a confused Will behind. He looks down at Kate before sitting opposite her at the booth. WILL: What was that about? KATE: You don't wanna know. WILL: Try me. Kate thinks it over a moment, as T steps over with Kate's drink. Will looks up at T with a smile. T: Here you go! Will, nice seeing you, man! How's the corporate life? Will smiles awkwardly as he answers his friend. WILL: Ahh well. You know...I haven't been fired yet so...it's a start. Uh...can I get a...uh... Kate interrupts, using a very firm tone as she gives T the order. KATE: Scotch on the rocks. Kate looks over to Will, realizing she has to tell him what's going on. KATE: You're gonna need it after I tell you what's happening at work. Will looks back at Kate, puzzled and concerned. ... Outside, John approaches the door to Club TBD, when Billie steps out. Noticing John, she grabs him by the arm and steps in close to him. BILLIE: We need to talk, NOW. --- Marlena and Sami stand before a seated Kim and Roman at the Brady Pub. Roman looks puzzled by the goings-on around him. ROMAN: Doc, you wanna explain to me what da hell's going on with you and John? Marlena sits down next to Kim, smiling wistfully. MARLENA: Don't you worry about me. I am here for YOU, Roman. ROMAN: Now, come on, Doc. Stop that. I know you're hurting from Eric marrying Nicole, and your divorce from John, but I'm here for you too. Roman reaches across the table, and takes Marlena's hand in his. Squeezing it gently, he looks deeply into her eyes. Marlena looks back, still emotional from her confrontation with John, and appreciative for Roman's comforting words. KIM: Roman's right. You're still family, Marlena. We'll always be here for you. MARLENA: Thank you. As Marlena tears up, Kim reaches over as well to put her hands on Marlena's shoulders, giving her a comforting embrace as well. --- At Anita's cabin, the phone rings. From Brady's perch at the computer desk, he calls out to Anita. BRADY: I got it! Brady walks quickly over to the rather anachronistic wall-mounted corded phone. Picking it up, he adopts a phony, chipper expression for the caller. BRADY: (into phone) Hello! ... In Sheryl's hotel room, Sheryl stands by the nightstand, clutching the cord from her landline phone. She clears her throat before speaking in an overt, but authentic-sounding southern accent. SHERYL: (into phone) Uh...hayyy it's uh...I'm callin' about the truck you had for sale? ... BRADY: (into phone) Oh! Yes! Hi! Ah...well, it's all ready whenever you'd like to come down to see it...again, the brakes work but they're not the best, so I can't let you test drive it off the property or anything but, uh... ... SHERYL: (into phone) Oh, that's fine. I can just fix it up at my local garage, you don't have to do nothin' for me. But, uh...I don't have a car, exactly, so...can you meet me out near the Floatin' K truck stop on Route 15 for say....five? I can catch a taxi out that far. ... Brady checks his watch, then shrugs, as though Sheryl were in the room. BRADY: (into phone) Uh...sure! Yeah, that works. I'll see you then? ... SHERYL: (into phone) That's great. I'll be there. Thaaaanks. Sheryl hangs up the phone, breathing a massive sigh of relief. Resting her hand, and most of her own weight on the receiver, she takes a second before pulling herself back up, a serious look on her face. SHERYL: Well...I guess it's time to test out the new look. Sheryl walks over to the mirror on the oppsite wall. She looks into it, intensely. She pulls her hair back, and looks up at herself, all the while maintaining an air of confidence. SHERYL: Goodbye, Sheryl Connors. Hello, Crystal Clarke. Letting go of her hair, Sheryl continues to look into the mirror, she begins to chuckle. At first, quietly, but soon growing into an almost hysterical, sinister laugh. ---
  3. EPISODE 128 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson Kate and Billie sit at a booth at Club TBD together. Sitting stirring her martini as she chews solemnly over what Billie's told her about Nick's plan to take over Titan. KATE: Billie...are you absolutely sure that was Justin told you is the truth? Billie looks at her mother, unflinchingly. She nods her head before responding. BILLIE: Yeah. I'm almost certain of it. Justin seemed...(sigh) he seemed...more than flustered, he...he seemed petrified, really. That's why it's so important that we vote him down. Kate looks down at her martini, before looking back up at Billie. Kate's expression remains solemn. KATE: We may not be able to do that, Billie. Billie frowns, a clear, pressing worry on her face. BILLIE: Why not? I mean, the ball's in our court, Mom. You know he's just bluffing... KATE: No....Billie, he's not. We'll have to go after him some other way. But....for now...you're going to have to let him have what he wants. Billie looks on at Kate, stunned. --- Anjelica steps into the DiMera living room, and is greeted by a warm embrace by Stefano. Nick stands back, looking on as the other two greet each other. STEFANO: Ahhh Anjelica, it's so good to see you again, my dear. ANJELICA: Thank you, Stefano. It's been far too long. Stefano breaks their embrace, but guides Anjelica toward Nick, one hand behind her back as she steps toward Nick, extending a hand in greeting. STEFANO: I would like you to meet our very loyal liaison in our mission. Nick Fallon, meet Anjelica Deveraux. Nick extends a hand in return, smirking as Anjelica returns a wry smile his way. NICK: Pleasure to meet you, Ms. Deveraux. ANJELICA: Likewise. And please, call me Anjelica. We're about to get very familiar, you and I. --- Anita steps into her living room, as Brady sits at the desk in the corner, typing away. ANITA: Brady. BRADY: Yeah! Anita! What's happening? Brady stops typing and turns to face Anita, who leans against the frame of the doorway into the room. ANITA: I had a favour to ask you. BRADY: Okay. ANITA: Well...you know that old blue truck you were using to head over to the general store for groceries. Brady nods, knowing which one she meant. BRADY: Yeah, the one I nearly crashed into that guy with. Anita walks into the room, and sits down on the couch as she talks with Brady. ANITA: That's the one. Well...I was thinking...you're relatively handy. If you can do a bit of work on the brakes...I was thinking of selling it, and using the money we get to buy a replacement for you to use. Brady shrugs, feeling reasonably confident about the idea. BRADY: Seems reasonable to me. You want me to set up an ad online? Anita laughs heartily. ANITA: You know, crazy old me was thinking of asking you to call the Salem Spectator and place an ad that way. I completely forgot about the internet. BRADY: You're living in a new age, Anita. ANITA: Ain't that the truth! Anita gets up from the sofa, and walks over toward Brady. ANITA: Well, listen. You set the ad up, we'll put it up for, say...$1500 or best offer, and we'll see if we can get anyone to come in and look at it later. Who knows? Maybe we can get rid of the damn thing by tonight! Anita pats Brady on the shoulders as she passes by. Brady turns around and looks back at his computer, ready to take on the task. --- --- Marlena and Sami walk over to Kim and Roman, who are sitting at a booth at the Brady Pub. Roman and Kim are stunned by the news that Eric has married Nicole. ROMAN: Now wait just a minute! Eric is marrying Nicole? I thought he was a priest! He can't... Sami looks on at her ailing father, worried by his mental lapses. Kim takes Roman's hands into hers, settling Roman back down into his seat. KIM: Roman...Eric was defrocked. It wasn't his fault, but...Nicole helped him through it. Sami snorts, folding her arms as she looks down, embittered. SAMI: You could say that. ROMAN: Well...so...Nicole married Eric...I mean...their relationship didn't cause Eric to be defrocked, did it? Kim shakes her head, still looking at a confused Roman. KIM: No, Roman. No, she just helped Eric deal with some problems that happened. The important thing is that Eric is happy. We should all remember that. JOHN: I'll go along with that. Everyone turns as John walks toward the group. Marlena looks on, a deep pain on her face as she looks at her now-ex-husband. --- Nick and Anjelica sit in the DiMera living room, chatting with each other, as Stefano puts away papers at his desk. As he struggles to get up from his seat, Nick and Anjelica's focus shifts to him. STEFANO: Alright. Now, I am going to head out. Nicholas. I want you to keep Anjelica abreast of any problems you encounter. Make sure that your plan goes right today at that meeting. NICK: Absolutely, Mr. DiMera. STEFANO: And Anjelica, I would offer you to make yourself at home, but... Anjelica raises her hand, stopping Stefano midsentence. ANJELICA: Not to worry, Stefano. I have a wonderful suite at the Salem Inn, and of course, for my campaign, obviously it's best that we keep our little connection private. STEFANO: I'll leave you to it. Stefano heads out of the room, leaving Anjelica and Nick in the living room. Nick looks over at Anejlica, intrigued. NICK: Campaign? You running for office or something? ANJELICA: You better believe it. State governor. Nick's face lights up at the news. NICK: Ahhh, so I see. So I guess it's important to keep our rather...unethical connection private, hm? ANJELICA: Absolutely. In fact, the best thing we can do is make sure that no one can connect me to DiMera Enterprises, or Stefano, at all costs. --- Brady walks into the cabin, a digital camera in hand. He walks over to the desktop computer in the corner of the room, all the while opening the flap of the camera holding the memory card. He carefully places the card into a slot on the computer, and prepares to upload the pictures onto the computer, as Anita walks in from the kitchen. ANITA: Any luck? BRADY: Yeah! Just uploading the pictures now, and it'll be up in just a second. ANITA: Wow. Technology these days, hm? BRADY: Tell me about it. As Brady types up the last of the ad, Anita walks over and puts a hand on Brady's shoulder. ANITA: You know, it's been a real help having you here, Brady. It's hard being an old woman separated from her family like this, and my family doesn't come around like they used to. I can't do all the things I've been wanting to do. So, I really appreciate the help. Brady hits send, then turns around the look up at Anita, a warm, caring expression on his face. BRADY: You know...Anita...you're the one who's helped ME. I needed a refuge from...everything that went wrong in my life up to now. I...I truly haven't had it easy in a lot of ways, but...I almost feel guilty for feeling that way. So many people have it so much worse than me. Anita smiles, looking back at Brady lovingly. She sits herself down in the chair by Brady, taking his hands in hers. ANITA: Never compare your struggle with someone else's, Brady. You've come a long way in a short amount of time. And, no, I don't know a lot about you, but I know that you're a kind, gentle man. A man who's been hurt a lot..and needs to do a lot of healing. I know you'll tell me about what's happened to you in your own time. Don't feel you need to rush. Brady looks at Anita, smiling sheepishly. BRADY: You know...I have been feeling so...so down about everything...I just don't wanna burden you with my stupid....stories of self-inflicted wounds. But it comes so easily with you. I feel like...like I've known you all my life. I want to thank you, Anita. You've been a big help to me. ANITA: Anytime, Brady. After a moment, Brady turns to look back at the computer, and points to it, looking back at Anita. BRADY: The ad's gone live! ANITA: Fantastic. Thank you, Brady. Brady looks back at Anita, smiling genuinely for the first time in a long time. --- In her dimly lit motel suite, Sheryl sits at her laptop, blinds drawn. She sits alone, going through ads on an online classified site, when she spots an ad for an older blue SUV, $1500 or best offer. Intrigued, she opens the ad. SHERYL: 1995...in good shape but brakes will need replacing soon. $1500, or $2000 with brake replacement included. Lakeview Drive. Sounds perfect. Sheryl clicks to send off an e-mail about the truck. She smiles her devious smile as she starts her e-mail to come view the truck at Anita's home. --- Billie looks on, stunned by her mother's sudden cowtowing to Nick's blackmail. BILLIE: Mother...I have known you a lot of years, and you've never been one to back down against the likes of Nick Fallon. KATE: Well, there's a first for everything, isn't there? Billie looks at Kate, puzzled. Her voice taking on an incredulous tone as Kate takes a sip of her martini. BILLIE: I'm sorry, am I talking to Kate Roberts right now? What is it about Nick that's scaring you right now. Kate puts down her drink, noticeably agitated by Billie's pressing of the topic. KATE: Look, Billie, you know my history. And you know yours. There's all kinds of skeletons Nick could dredge up at that meeting. None of which you would want exposed. So I think it's best that we play along, do what he says so that we don't alarm him, and build our case against him until we're able to put him away. Billie shakes her head, in total disbelief about what she's hearing her mother say. ---
  4. EPISODE 127 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson John and Anjelica sit next to each other in First Class on the flight from Paris to Salem. John sits, looking at the Salem Spectator headline displayed on Anjelica's tablet: DEVERAUX KICKS OFF CAMPAIGN: DISGRACED SENATOR'S EX-WIFE ENTERS GOVERNOR'S RACE He looks up at Anjelica, as she looks back, a wry smile on her face. JOHN: Governor Anjelica Deveraux, hm? John hands Anjelica back her tablet, as she moves to put it away in her bag. ANJELICA: That's the plan. I mean, I could've done with a slightly less antagonistic headline, but I'll take the free publicity. JOHN: Well, these days, is there really any such thing as bad publicity? Anjelica points John's way playfully. ANJELICA: Touché, Mr. Black. John laughs at Anjelica, as the flight crew make an announcement through the loudspeaker. FLIGHT ATTENDANT: (via speaker) Attention, passengers. We are commencing our descent into Salem International Airport. Would all passengers please take their seats, and fasten their seatbelts as we prepare for landing in Salem. Anjelica looks John's way, a broad smile on her face as she buckles her seatbelt. ANJELICA: Well. Look out, Salem. Anjelica's comin' home! --- Billie walks into Club TBD, finding Kate sitting at a booth alone, sipping a gin martini. Billie sighs as she looks at her mother, heading over to sit with her. Kate looks up, a half-hearted smile on her face as she sets her drink down. BILLIE: Isn't it a bit early to be drinking, Mom? Kate sets her drink down on the table, choosing to ignore Billie's comment. KATE: You were looking for me, I presume. Billie crosses her arms as she stops in front of Kate's table. BILLIE: You're damned right, I was. Mom, I was worried the way you just...ran off like that after talking with Rafe. KATE: Well, it took you awhile to find me. Kate looks up and gestures to Billie to come sit with her. KATE: Well, don't just stand there glaring, come sit. Billie sits down across from Kate in the booth. She leans in toward her mother and speaks to her sternly. BILLIE: I figured you went to the office, so I went there. KATE: I couldn't focus. I just needed some time alone. You know, just to...process everything that's happened. Billie looks down, then nods her head in understanding. BILLIE: I get it. But you need to understand, you played a part in creating this situation, Mom. Kate rolls her eyes, immediately retorting to Billie. KATE: I know, I know, you can blame it all on me. I should've vetted this woman better before inflicting her and her psychotic best friend on all of Salem, I get it. Alright? Billie sighs, looking down again with regret. BILLIE: I'm sorry, Mom. I shouldn't have said that. KATE: It's okay. I know you're just trying to help. But I need to understand there's no way to fix this. Billie nods, before looking up at her mother, who finishes her martini. KATE: Now...let's focus on things we CAN control. You were just at the office. Any new developments? Billie sighs heavily as she gives a worried look Kate's way. Kate catches this and her face echoes Billie's. KATE: What happened? BILLIE: We may not have as much control over what's happening next as you think. --- Kim and Roman sit in the Brady Pub at a booth. Kim leans in toward Roman, her hand cupping his across the table. Roman looks at Kim, a grave sadness in his eyes. Kim looks back at him, a deep concern in hers. KIM: Roman, I don't want you to think that I'm trying to push you to retire...or to do anything you don't want to do. But... ROMAN: But you think that these...memory lapses I'm having are starting to affect my ability to do my job. Kim looks away from Roman for a second before slowly nodding. KIM: Yeah. I do. Kim's eyes looks back into Roman's, an earnest concern still plain in her eyes, as Roman looks back, disappointed by his sister's assessment. --- --- Roman looks on, as he contemplates what his sister has told him. He sighs before responding. ROMAN: Look....Kimmy, I know....I've been having some...lapses in my memory. But you need to understand...I need this job. It's the only thing keeping me going every day. I... Kim squeezes her brother's hand. She looks deep into his eyes, and nods before answering her brother. KIM: I know. I know, you're...you haven't had an easy few years, but...Roman, your line of work, it's...(sigh) people's lives are on the line here. I don't know how responsible it is for you to carry on working on the police force on the front lines making decisions like that. ROMAN: Kimmy, I... Kim interrupts Roman, trying to clarify her position. KIM: I know. But...I had an idea. And...jJust....tell me you'll think about it. Roman sips his coffee, unsure about what his sister's about to suggest. ROMAN: I'm listening. KIM: Okay, well...ma's...not doing so well...and you know...I've been struggling since Theresa's been in the hospital. I'd like to help ma out. You know...try to...handle the pub for her. I'd like you to help me. ROMAN: Kim, that's a...that's a really important thing you're doing. And I think it's great that you want me to help you out, but... Kim smiles, holding up her hand to stop him from continuing. KIM: Roman...just...promise me you'll think about it? I just...I want you to try to take a step back from the force before you hurt someone, especially yourself? Roman smiles, still holding his sister's hand as he nods in understanding. As they complete their exchange, Sami and Marlena storm into the pub. Recognizing Roman and Kim, they make a beeline for their booth, which catches both Kim and Roman's attention. ROMAN: Doc! Sami? SAMI: Daddy, we have a huge problem. Roman looks on, brow furrowed, as Marlena and Sami stop in front of their booth. Kim looks up at them, also worried. KIM: Why? What happened? Is everyone okay? MARLENA: Depends on what constitutes 'okay'. Eric just married Nicole Walker. Roman and Kim both look on, stunned by the news, as Marlena and Sami look down at both of them, distinctly unimpressed, and aggravated. --- Nicole and Eric burst through the door of his suite at the Salem Inn, Eric carrying Nicole into the room, deep in an intense liplock. Breaking momentarily from their kiss, Nicole giggles gleefully, opening her eyes slightly to look at her new husband. ERIC: Welcome, Mrs. Brady. NICOLE: Mmm, you know how I love to be called that. Eric and Nicole kiss again, laughing happily. ERIC: Yeah, well...you'd better get used to it! NICOLE: (laughs) I think I can manage that. In fact, I will. Gladly. Nicole looks into Eric's eyes as they kiss again, deep in their newlywed bliss. ERIC: Great. Let's start now. Where to, Mrs. Brady? NICOLE: Ohhh I'm sure you know where, Mr. Brady. Eric smiles as he and Nicole stop momentarily before walking over to the hotel room bed, where Eric lays Nicole gently down, as Nicole wraps her arms around Eric's neck, never allowing him back up. They continue to kiss deeply as Eric carefully leans forward into their kiss and lays down on the bed with Nicole. --- Billie and Kate sit at their booth at Club TBD. Kate looks at Billie with concern. KATE: What do you mean, we won't have as much control as we think? What aren't you telling me? Billie sighs as she sips her drink. Billie puts her drink down before responding. BILLIE: Justing came to see me this morning. Kate raises an eyebrow as she raises her own cocktail. KATE: Oh? Billie looks at Kate, knowing what she's hinting at. BILLIE: Don't. Kate puts her drink down and raises her hands, feigning surrender. KATE: I'm just saying, Justin is a great guy, and definitely a step up from our spray-tanned surgeon friend-- Billie rolls her eyes, cutting Kate off before she starts a full-on rant against Daniel. BILLIE: ...Mom! Stop. I don't get to judge you on your partner choices, you don't get to judge mine. Okay? KATE: I'm just looking out for you. Now, come on. Tell me what Justin said to you. Billie sighs, taking a second to clearly tell Kate her story. BILLIE: He told me that Nick Fallon is planning a coup. He has all kinds of...dirt on every member of the board, and he's planning to use it to take control of Titan at today's board meeting. And if we don't do something about it, Mom....he could very well succeed. Kate looks away, stunned by the news, and trying to figure out how to deal with it. --- Nick and Stefano stand in the DiMera living room, as Nick looks amused, enjoying the new tidbit of information Stefano has just given him. NICK: John Black trying to save Roman Brady, hm? I don't exactly see Roman in any imminent danger. Stefano snaps, holding a finger up to Nick's face, making his previous point extra-clear. STEFANO: NO QUESTIONS! You do NOT get to find out anything more than what I give you. Do you understand? NICK: Oh, I understand. Stefano backs down slightly, but still glares unflinchingly at Nick. STEFANO: Good. Because I will not be able to tell you anything. Don't try to squeeze even a DROP more from me. You will not get it, Nicholas. You just keep your head down, and do as I say. As Stefano finishes his sentence, the doorbell rings. Stefano's demeanour changes slightly with the arrival of their guest. STEFANO: Ah! Our partner has arrived. Harold opens the doors to the living room, as Stefano and Nick turn to face their guest. STEFANO: Ah! Welcome! Anjelica Deveraux stands into the doorway, smiling widely as she slowly steps into the room. ---
  5. EPISODE 126 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson Stefano sits in his living room on the recliner, as Nick sits on the adjacent sofa. Stefano looks intensely at Nick, who listens attentively. STEFANO: I need to be clear with you about this, Nicholas. This woman is MY partner in this plan. You are only privvy to this information to assist me. You will not hold any sway when it comes to decision making. Much like things stand now. Do you understand? NICK: I do. STEFANO: Good. After a moment, Nick leans in, giving Stefano an intense, confident look as he continues. NICK: But I think it should be made clear that I don't intend to remain silent forever. I want to work hard for you and prove that my ideas are just as valid anything you or your partner come up with. Stefano laughs, shaking his head. He leans over and pats Nick on the hand. STEFANO: You impress me, Nicholas. That will be very useful to us going forward. Stefano leans in a little closer, holding a finger up as he becomes increasingly intense. STEFANO: But...do not overrule me...or there WILL be consequences. Nick looks back at Stefano, unflinchingly. --- On a flight high above the Atlantic, John Black sits in his First Class seat next to Anjelica Deveraux. Both of them returning to Salem. John sits back in his chair, his head tilted toward a smiling Anjelica. JOHN: You know...we never really talked much when you were in Salem before. ANJELICA: That's because you didn't have anything I needed then. I think it had something to do with you claiming to be Roman Brady. I didn't have much use for policemen when I was engaged in dalliances with heirs to multinationals, and doctors and the like. John laughs quietly at Anjelica's comment, nodding in response. JOHN: Yeah, that might have something to do with it. John stops a moment, before looking back Anjelica's way. JOHN: A lot's changed in all those years. ANJELICA: Tell me about it. I hear Victor's stepped down from his pedastal as Big Bad of Salem since I've been away. JOHN: Yeaaah that's mostly true. Anjelica retorts, a quick roll of the eyes as she shoots out a pithy remark. ANJELICA: How noble of him. JOHN: Well, it hasn't hurt him business at all. He's still a very powerful man in Salem. Anjelica stays looking focused on John, as though trying to carefully read him. ANJELICA: So I heard. And likewise, I've heard the same about you. John looks at Anjelica, an eyebrow cocked, unsure what Anjelica's getting at. --- Billie gets up from behind her desk at Titan and steps toward Justin. She looks flustered at Justin's news. BILLIE: I'm sorry, what? JUSTIN: Nick Fallon...is the one that halted the EnerNext virus last night. Billie nods, contemplating the ramifications. BILLIE: Okay...so what does that mean? JUSTIN: It means we need to take action, and fast. Billie narrows her eyes, unsure what Justin means. BILLIE: Wh...why? Justin sighs, looking down away from Billie as he chooses his words carefully. JUSTIN: Apparently...and...I don't know how he knows this, but...Tyler came around this morning, and...Nick has somehow managed to dig up information on the entire Titan board. BILLIE: How? JUSTIN: That I can't say. But it means that he'll be at that board meeting this afternoon, and he will use what he knows if he has to. That's why I need your help. Billie looks at Justin, concerned and surprised. --- --- Kim walks into the Brady Pub, excited to find her brother Roman waiting in one of the booths. Roman lifts himself out of the booth and gives Kim a tight hug. KIM: Ohh Roman. It's so good to spend some time with you. As they separate from their hug, Kim holds onto Roman's arms, looking warmly at her brother. KIM: How are you feeling? Roman nods, smiling as he responds to his sister. ROMAN: Well...you know...I feel a heck of a lot better than I did the other night, that's for sure. Kim laughs at Roman's answer, and Roman joins in, as they both sit down in the booth. Their waitress comes by, and they both look up at her, responding before she has a chance to speak. KIM: I'll have a cup of coffee, please. ROMAN: Same for me. Turning back toward Kim, Roman smiles at his sister, eager to catch up with her. ROMAN: So! How's things going with Theresa? Kim looks down, a bit wistful as she answers Roman's question. KIM: Still nothing. Roman looks back, puzzled. ROMAN: Nothing? I thought she was coming home for... Roman catches himself, realizing his memory's slipped again. His face drops. ROMAN: She's had that accident...I forgot. Kim looks over at her brother, taking his hands in hers across the table. KIM: Trust me, I wish I COULD forget. ROMAN: Kimmy-- KIM: No, no, Roman. It's okay. Listen, Theresa's in good hands. And as soon as there's any changes, I will let you know. Roman smiles, squeezing his sister's hands. ROMAN: I appreciate that. Kim smiles back at Roman, not letting go on his hands. KIM: Roman. ROMAN: Yeah, Kimmy. Kim looks down, trying to tread carefully with her next statement. KIM: Look...I know this isn't my place...and I think that it's really important to keep your mind active with everything going on. Roman looks over at Kim, expectantly. ROMAN: But...? Kim hesitates a moment, closing her eyes as she finishes her thought. KIM: I think you might need to...take a step back from the force. Roman looks at Kim, stunned. ROMAN: Wh...Kim...Kim, I can't do that. Kim looks back at her brother, a deep concern in her eyes. --- Billie leans against the front of her desk, with arms folded, as she takes in what Justin's told her. BILLIE: So, wait...Nick Fallon...he stopped the virus from being implanted...how would he know it was even being put in? JUSTIN: I have a few ideas, but no evidence to back it up. Billie walks past Justin, pacing the room in contemplation. BILLIE: I can't see any other way than... Billie looks up, spying a small security camera in the corner of her office. She looks on, having a moment of realization before turning suddenly toward Justin. BILLIE: Of course. JUSTIN: What? Billie laughs to herself, almost amazed that she'd overlooked the obvious. BILLIE: I should've know, paranoid Victor has this place rigged up like Big Brother. Nick would've have to have been tapping into Titan's server, not to mention the surveillance system. If we can prove it... JUSTIN: I'm sure you're right, but that's not gonna stop the board from panicking and giving into his demands. Billie turns to face Justin, curious about his last statement. BILLIE: What do you mean? JUSTIN: Well, Tyler told us about a run-in he had after the virus got taken down last night, and...he says Nick knew a lot...specifics about things, information that needs to stay private. BILLIE: Okay... JUSTIN: Tyler was under the impression that Nick is going to use that at today's board meeting as blackmail. Billie looks incredulous. BILLIE: To what end? He's gonna get laughed out of that board room. Justin looks back at her, less than amused. JUSTIN: I wouldn't be so sure. And by the time we get concerte evidence that Nick's been performing corporate espionage to blackmail the board, it'll be too late. That's why I need you to promise me, you'll get your mother and your brother to form a voting bloc against Nick today. Billie nods, still frazzled by all the information coming her way. BILLIE: Naturally. Do you think that'll be enough? JUSTIN: Well...between you three, myself, and John...that should be enough people with clean hands that we should be able to stop Nick from taking us all down in one fell swoop. Billie raises her eyebrows, arms still folded. She looks at Justin with concern. BILLIE: Well...we'd better, and we'd better find out exactly what Nick's doing and where he's getting his information from, or else we may not have much of a Titan left to save. --- John sits in his seat on the plane, chuckling about Anjelica's statement about his riches. JOHN: You know, you don't mess around, do you? Anjelica looks back, a self-satisfied grin on her face as she looks John's way. ANJELICA: After this many years? Why start now? JOHN: Good point. ANJELICA: Thanks. I try. You didn't answer my question, though. John shakes his head, looking straight ahead before responding seriously. JOHN: I've been fortunate enough to have resources I never imagined I'd have. Through family, business...but I've lost a lot too. Anjelica looks thoughtfully at John. ANJELICA: You're talking about your son. JOHN: Brady, yeah. ANJELICA: I'm sorry to hear. I don't know what I'd do if I lost Alexander. John nods, not looking Anjelica's way as he responds. JOHN: Let's hope you never have to find out. Anjelica smiles, showing rare genuine concern for John's situation, as John crooks his neck to better look at Anjelica, he looks at her curiously. JOHN: So, tell me...what's brought you back to Salem after all these years? Anjelica's smile shifts into a devilish grin, almost chuckling as she answers John, while pulling her tablet out from her bag. ANJELICA: Oh I've got a number of...fascinating projects on the go. Anjelica opens the browser, showing him the Salem Spectator headline. ANJELICA: Starting with the governor's office. John looks down at the headline: DEVERAUX KICKS OFF CAMPAIGN: DISGRACED SENATOR'S EX-WIFE ENTERS GOVERNOR'S RACE Surprised, and intrigued, he looks back at Anjelica, who raises her eyebrows cheekily in response. --- Nick sits on the sofa by Stefano, smiling at his boss cockily. NICK: Mr. DiMera...I am hardly worried about any consequences. You know I do good work. STEFANO: As you should. Nick gets up from the sofa, and wanders around the back of it, heading toward the terrace doors. NICK: But, just for the sake of us all being on the same page...what exactly are these issues you're attending to? Nick looks quickly over at the desk, and spies upon a manila envelope from University Hospital. Stefano responds firmly to Nick's question. STEFANO: That is none of your concern. They are simply business issues that need attending to. Nick quickly diverts his eyes back toward the terrace doors. NICK: Right. STEFANO: Your main concern is this meeting. Now, I have given you all the envelopes for the board members, yes? Nick nods as he turns his attention back Stefano's way. NICK: Yeah, they're in my bag. STEFANO: Okay, now, there is a strong possibility that John Black will be back for this meeting. If he returns, I want you to give him this envelope, and I want you to tell him something so that he KNOWS you're not fooling around. Nick walks over to the chair and takes the envelope from Stefano's hands. Nick walks back over to the sofa, and puts the envelope in his bag with the others, as Stefano continues. STEFANO: I must be clear. This must stay strictly between yourself, and John. No one else must hear this information, okay? Nick nods dutifully, as he turns back to face Stefano. NICK: Okay. Stefano points toward Nick, speaking softly, but very firmly. STEFANO: You must tell him you're onto his little mission to save Roman Brady. And you must tell him it ends immediately. Nick smiles, pleased by this extra tidbit of information. ---
  6. DAYS #125: Anjelica Returns!

    EPISODE 125 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson In the DiMera living room, Stefano sits alone at his desk, rifling through paperwork, when Harold steps in, Nick behind him. HAROLD: Mr. DiMera... Stefano responds, not looking up. Harold responds nervously. HAROLD: Uh...Mr. Nicholas Fallon to see you, Sir. Stefano looks up, as a smirking Nick steps forward in through the doorway of the living room. STEFANO: Nicholas. What can I do for you this fine morning? Nick walks toward Stefano, as Harold closes the doors to the living room, leaving Nick and Stefano alone. NICK: I came to let you know, we're all ready. STEFANO: You have put everything in place? NICK: I have. And as of this afternoon, we will have control over Titan Industries. Stefano looks up at Nick, smiling and beginning to laugh victoriously. --- Sonny steps into his shared apartment, looking around to see if anyone's around. He calls out to be sure. SONNY: Gabi? Will? Gabi walks out of her bedroom, and Sonny smiles sheepishly. GABI: Hey. Umm...Will's...Will's in the shower. SONNY: Oh...ok. GABI: Did you, ummm...did you talk to EJ about the... SONNY: The gun. Yeah. Gabi hesitates a moment, looking around awkwardly as she asks Sonny a question. GABI: Did you umm...what did you decide? Sonny looks at Gabi, and sighs. --- Eric stands in the waiting room at City Hall, sighing as Marlena continues to try to talk him out of staying married to Nicole. ERIC: Mom, I'm not running away from anything. Look...I don't have my vocation anymore. I don't have...my...(sigh) my faith abandoned me in my hour of need-- MARLENA: Don't you think that this could be a test of your faith, Eric? That this is only designed to make your stronger? And to make your faith stronger? Eric snaps at Marlena, his voice quivering as he cuts her off. ERIC: How strong do I have to be? How much is enough? At least I know for a fact that Nicole loves me, and is there for me when I need her. MARLENA: Eric, you are so strong. You are every bit your father's son, and look what he's been through. Eric looks away from his mother, responding sombrely, as the door to the waiting room opens behind him. ERIC: Yeah, well, I may be my father's son, but I guess I'm not as strong as he is. Nicole stands in the doorway, emotional. She calls out to her new husband. NICOLE: You are every bit as strong as your father, Eric Brady. And I love you for it. Eric and Marlena turn to see Nicole in the doorway, before Nicole walks into the room, and pulls Eric into a tight hug. Marlena stands back, folding her arms, as Sami stands in the doorway of the waiting room, equally unimpressed. --- --- Billie stands in front of her desk at the Titan head office, as Justin looks on, concerned. JUSTIN: Now, wait just a minute here. You're telling me you knew that someone was trying to hack into Titan's servers? Why is this the first I'm hearing about it? Billie sighs, before carefully explaining the situation to Justin. BILLIE: I knew because that's what I was brought back to Salem to do. Stop them from implanting the virus. JUSTIN: I don't understand. BILLIE: Look...before I tell you any of this, you have to promise me everything I tell you stays in this room. No exceptions. Justin nods, empthatically complying with Billie's request. JUSTIN: My lips are sealed. You have my word on that. Billie folds her arms and begins to pace the room, as she begins to explain herself to Justin. BILLIE: Kate wasn't the one who had me transferred back to Salem. It was the ISA. JUSTIN: The ISA? BILLIE: (sigh) Yes. Which is why I can't have you spreading this information anywhere. Justin nods in understanding. JUSTIN: No, no, I get it. BILLIE: Kate was suspicious of one of our staff members, Sheryl Connors, and Jordan Ridgeway, who Kate had hired to help Rafe recuperate after he was shot...and...well...she kind of uncovered more about them than she bargained for. JUSTIN: So...wait...Jordan and Sheryl....that's not their real names? Billie shakes her head, still unsure how much she can safely share with Justin. BILLIE: She...they're out to take Titan down, for a number of reasons, and...specifically EnerNext. JUSTIN: Okay. So...what exactly happened last night, then? You say you...tried to stop them? BILLIE: Right. But I didn't. Someone stopped them before I did. JUSTIN: I think I know who that was. Billie looks at Justin, surprised and curious. BILLIE: You do? Justin nods, looking off momentarily before looking back at Billie, very worried. JUSTIN: Yeah. Nick Fallon. And because of that, I need your help. Billie looks at Justin, confused and concerned. --- Eric and Nicole stand in the City Hall waiting room, in a tight embrace, as Marlena and Sami stand around them, upset by the sight of them together. After a moment, they separate, Nicole looking lovingly in Eric's eyes, as she shoots a look over to Marlena. NICOLE: Marlena...I know this isn't what you wanted. Marlena cuts Nicole off, speaking sharply to Nicole. MARLENA: You can say that again. Nicole stops for a moment before continuing. NICOLE: But I want you both to know that I love Eric, with all my heart. He needs me just as much as I need him, and I am not going hurt him. Not this time. Sami steps in closer to Nicole, arms still folded as she glares menacingly at her brother's new wife. SAMI: You better hope you don't, Nicole. Because if you do, I will be on you like white on rice. You can bet on that. NICOLE: Well then I guess you have nothing to worry about, then. Because we are going to be happy together, Eric and I. Forever. Nicole puts her arm around Eric, and he does the same. Eric nods at Marlena and Sami, as he and Nicole step out. NICOLE: Eric? Let's go. Marlena and Sami look at each other, stunned by what's gone down, both deeply unhappy with Eric's nuptuals to Nicole, and feeling powerless. --- Sonny steps into the living room, as Gabi looks at him, very concerned. SONNY: Look, I'm not saying I love having a gun around the apartment with a baby in here. GABI: If I'm being honest, neither do I. SONNY: But I know what a threat Nick is. And I think that if the choice is between you and Ari being at risk, and us having someone to defend you against Nick? I mean...I know I don't like it but...(sigh) this has all gone so far... Gabi nods, contemplating the gravity of the situation before them. GABI: I know. It's...this is all way out of hand. SONNY: But I understand why EJ gave it to you. We just have to make sure it's in a safe place away from Ari's reach. Gabi smiles, nodding again, as she reaches out to hug Sonny. GABI: Thank you. Sonny hugs Gabi back, but looks on, a deep worry within him of the consequences of this choice. --- Nick looks at Stefano, who continues to sign off on paperwork as he responds to Nick. STEFANO: You know...our partner in all this is going to be very impressed by your ingenuity. NICK: Well, I had great support from you. STEFANO: And you shall continue to be compensated generously for your service to this organization. Believe me. However, remember one thing. I control the business. You take orders from me, and from our partner. You are not autonomous in this. You understand? Nick nods in agreement. NICK: I think I can control my impluses in this regard. STEFANO: Excellent. When the time comes, I will give you more control over things, but for now, you listen to us. Understand? NICK: I do. STEFANO: Good. Now, I must ask you to leave and prepare for your board meeting. I unfortunately will be absent for the subsequent fireworks, as I shall be taking a rather...extended hiatus from Salem. Nick looks at Stefano, surprised by the news. NICK: Oh? I'm surprised. What brings this on? Stefano looks over at Nick, somewhat frustrated. STEFANO: There are some problems that have arisen in Italy and in Paris. If I don't attend to them, all of our plans will blow sky high. So I must leave tonight. But not to worry. I will be meeting with our partner today, and you be able to confer with her for the time being. Nick looks over at Stefano, intrigued, as he leans on the arm of the easy chair nearest to Stefano's desk. NICK: Oh, I finally get to meet our elusive partner, hm? Wonder what she's like? Stefano looks at Nick, unimpressed by his cheeky nature. --- On an airplane sitting on the tarmac awaiting takeoff from Charles De Gaulle Airport, John Black sits in first class, looking out the window, as a well-dressed woman sits in the seat next to his. John quickly looks over at the woman as she speaks to him. ANJELICA: Well, well. Long time, no see. John looks over and raises a curious eyebrow as Anjelica Deveraux flashes a sly grin back at him. ---
  7. Toot toot somewhere else, then. The stench is getting out of hand.
  8. Yeah, that was weird to me. Like...unless presumed death and prolonged amnesia are now considered elaborate dumping schemes?
  9. Thanks, Slick! Hoping to carry on with it while I work on other projects too!
  10. Exactly. I'm intrigued and I love the slow unfurling with him. The actor's green but he's growing on me, personally. I'm taking a wait-and-see approach with their direction on him.
  11. +1 I really don't have anything to add to this. I've quite enjoyed a lot of this run, and it keeps building and building. I don't particularly like the possibility of Victoria having a split personality (uuuughh please tell me that ISN'T where they're going), but the other stuff is starting to hit more and more, and I enjoy tuning in. I hope Mal continues with this direction, but with some raising of the stakes in some areas.
  12. EPISODE 124 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson Valerie sits at home, preparing an e-mail to Crystal Clarke, the new nurse she's hired on at University Hospital. She finishes up the e-mail, and hits send. Closing her laptop, she smiles. VALERIE: Alright. There we go Crystal. Welcome to University Hospital. --- Alex, Tyler, and Justin stand in the Kiriakis living room, contemplating their next step in dealing with Nick. ALEX: Well, not knowing much about this Fallon guy, I...I mean the best thing to do is assume he has stuff on all of us and collect whatever we can on him. Justin shakes his head, walking toward his briefcase to grab his tablet. JUSTIN: Mmm, probably not enough time for that. We have the board meeting this afternoon. TYLER: What we're going to have to do is ensure we have a strong bloc of board members who won't budge on Nick. JUSTIN: That won't be easy. Especially when we're flying blind like this. John's out of the country... Tyler shakes his head, frustrated by the sudden turmoil everything's been flung into by Nick's hubris. TYLER: We'll have to do some convincing other board members. Who else have we got? Justin looks up at Tyler, suddenly having a thought. JUSTIN: Billie Reed. Her and I have had a rapport as of late, it shouldn't be too hard to convince her, and if she's on side, Kate and Lucas will easily follow suit. TYLER: Let's do it. Justin zips up his bag, and pulls his cell phone from his front pocket on his soft briefcase. JUSTIN: I'll have Billie meet me at the office. ALEX: Excellent. As Justin steps out of the room, Tyler shakes Alex's hand. TYLER: I'll see you all at Titan, then. Good work, men. ALEX: Absolutely. See you. Tyler steps out of the Kiriakis mansion, his tension immediately lessens, as he exhales loudly. TYLER: Let's just hope this stops everything from falling apart, now. Titan can't afford any more problems. And neither can I. Tyler steps away, heading off for his car to head to Titan. --- Daniel and Chloe pace the main lobby at City Hall, as they wait for Marlena and Sami to finish grilling Eric and Nicole on their now-not-so-secret wedding. CHLOE: How do you think it's going in there? DANIEL: Ohhh, pretty terrible, I'm sure. CHLOE: I was afraid you'd say that. Daniel sighs, putting his hands in his pockets as he looks toward the elevator door, expecting anyone from the family to step out. DANIEL: Well...Sami's anger is all at Nicole, but I also don't think Marlena took too kindly to being shut out of her son's wedding, and personally, I can't blame her. Chloe looks up at Daniel, nodding gently in agreement. She turns toward the elevator, looking very concerned for her friend. --- Nicole stands with Sami in the Justice of the Peace's office at Salem City Hall. Visibly uncomfortable, Nicole folds her arms, as Sami looks back at her. Sami steps towards Nicole, arms folded, shaking her head at Nicole. SAMI: You know, I'm really impressed by your chutzpah, Nicole. Sneaking away the first chance you get to marry my brother like that. Nicole rolls her eyes at Sami's petulence. SAMI: And it's funny, because you're doing it on company time, too. NICOLE: Sami-- SAMI: You are SO lucky that your big report airs this week, because otherwise I'd have grounds to fire you. Nicole looks at Sami, who's still staring her down, trying to intimidate her. Nicole holds firm. NICOLE: If you try to have me fired, I will sue you for wrongful termination. And I will win. SAMI: (laughs) Oh yeah right, Nicole. Even you're not that stupid. Nicole ignores Sami's petty comments and speaks firmly and cuttingly in response, never taking her eyes off Sami. NICOLE: I'll win because everyone in the entire state knows how much you hate me. You are so petty. Really, Sami, you're better than this. Don't even TRY to fire me. SAMI: Oh why? So you can sink your claws even deeper into my brother? You know, it wouldn't surprise me if you had found those files on Dr. Chyka and you'd just been hiding them all along? That's how desperate you are, Nicole. Nicole stirs uncomfortably at Sami's insinuation. --- --- Marlena and Eric step into the waiting room at City Hall, Marlena closing the door behind them. Eric looks over at Marlena, clearly displeased by Marlena and Sami's intervening in their wedding. ERIC: Look, Mom, I said it in the other room, and I'll say it again. I have really nothing more to say about this. Marlena holds up on hand to try to stop Eric from continuing. MARLENA: I know. I know, but hear me out, anyway. Eric sighs, and shakes his head as him mom carries on. MARLENA: Eric, this is your wedding day. And, regardless of who you're marrying, I think your father and I deserved to be there. ERIC: Mom, you knew that this was just a private little ceremony and that we were going to take our time and plan a big wedding with all the family down the road. MARLENA: I know. But that doesn't change the fact that this....this looks like you're running away from something. And I'm pretty sure I know exactly what it is. Eric looks at Marlena, annoyed by Marlena's prying. --- Nicole stands in front of Sami, arms folded, uncomfortable with Sami's insinuation, but trying to deflect. NICOLE: You know, Sami. I would have to be really sick to keep something so important from the man I love. Sami looks at Nicole, a smug, mocking smile on her face, almost laughing as she responds. SAMI: Yeah. Real sick. Sounds just like you. Nicole rolls her eyes, and starts to head for the door. NICOLE: I don't have to listen to any more of thi-- Sami grabs Nicole's arm as she walks past, stopping Nicole from leaving the room. SAMI: Oh no, not so fast, Nicole. NICOLE: Sami, there is absolutely nothing you can do. Eric and I are married. And nothing you, or Marlena can say is going to change that. Nicole rips her arm away from Sami, and glares back at her. NICOLE: If you'll excuse me. Nicole turns to leave the room, leaving an annoyed Sami behind. --- Billie sits at her office at Titan, behind her desk, finishing a phone call while putting away some papers in her desk drawer. BILLIE: He'll be at the airport at 11:40am? Perfect. Okay, thanks, Shane. Yeah, I'll pick him up and fill him in. Great. Bye. Billie hangs up the phone, breathing a bit of a sigh of relief, when she hears a knock at the door. BILLIE: Come in! The door opens, and Justin steps in. Billie looks up at him and smiles. BILLIE: Justin! How are you? Justin looks a bit less than enthused as he away from the door, closing it behind him. JUSTIN: I've...been better. BILLIE: Uh oh. What's happening? JUSTIN: Well...I don't know if you heard about the attack on the Titan server last night. Billie looks down, debating momentarily whether she should speak on it or not. BILLIE: I uh...I had. In fact, I was trying to stop it from happening...but someone beat me to it. Justin looks at Billie, confused and surprised. --- Valerie walks through the main hall of her home, turning the lights out, and grabbing her coat and bag from the coat rack by her front door. VALERIE: Okay...oven's off. Got my laptop. Got my... As she grabs her jacket, she feels in her pocket, suddenly realizing she doesn't have her hospital key card. VALERIE: Damn it...where's my key card. Valerie frantically searches her purse, hoping to find the key card, but to no avail. VALERIE: (sigh) Where is that damn thing? --- Jerome steps toward Valerie's office at University Hospital, carefully checking to make sure the coast is clear, before pulling Valerie's key card from his pocket. He carefully inserts the card into the card reader on the door, unlocking it. Checking once again to make sure there's no one around, he opens the door and quickly steps inside, closing the door behind him. Once inside, he turns the office light on, heading for the office's desktop computer. At Valerie's desk, he moves the mouse slightly, waking the dormant machine back up. JEROME: Computer still on, and logged in. Grandma, you need to work on your computer security a bit. Double checking the info on his phone momentarily, he goes online, and accesses Crystal's e-mail. Quickly digging into his bag, Jerome pulls a USB from his bag, and plugs it into Valerie's computer. After a moment, a program loads. JEROME: Alright. Let's open you up. The program deciphers Crystal's password character by character, slowly plugging in the resulting characters into password input box on the screen. JEROME: Come on...come on. After a minute, the password is entered, and Jerome presses "enter" to login to Crystal's e-mail account. Inside, he finds the first e-mail, sent by Dr. Valerie Grant. He smiles, as he notices it hasn't been marked as "read". He quickly deletes the e-mail, and empties the trash folder, covering his tracks, before quickly logging out. JEROME: Alright, Sheryl. You are now officially Nurse Crystal Clarke. ---
  13. EPISODE 123 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson Jerome sits down in front of Sheryl's new laptop, inside her grungy motel room at the edge of Salem. As Sheryl paces behind him, almost supervising him as he works, Jerome types away, intensely focused at the screen as he helps formulate a plan to help Sheryl. JEROME: There we go. And that should also give you access to Billie as well, since she'll be at this event with the rest of the Titan executive. Sheryl takes a moment, and smiles. She nods and puts her hand on Jerome's shoulder in approval. SHERYL: Yeah, I think this is good. Billie Reed, you're gonna pay for what you've done to me...and I'm gonna make sure of it. Sheryl smiles and laughs to herself as she thinks of what's to come. --- Kate and Billie walk through town square, chatting as they sip their morning lattes. From the far end of the square, Rafe and Jordan emerge, holding each other. Kate looks over and stops dead. KATE: Oh God. Billie looks at Kate, baffled by what's distracted her mother. BILLIE: What? Billie follows Kate's eyes, and finds a happy Jordan and Rafe approaching them. Jordan and Rafe smile as they come up to them, Jordan with a much less friendly smile than Rafe. BILLIE: Oh. JORDAN: Good morning, ladies! Kate looks at Jordan, purse-lipped and scowling eyes. KATE: Jordan. Kate looks over to Rafe, a sudden shift to a more pleasant expression as she greets her ex-lover. KATE: Rafe, how are you doing? RAFE: Can't complain. KATE: That's good. Kate looks back at Jordan's smiling face, and works hard to resist rolling her eyes. KATE: I wish I could say the same. Billie elbows her mother to try to keep the interaction polite, Kate flashes a dirty look Billie's way. BILLIE: (under her breath) Mom! KATE: (quietly) Ow! Jordan, ignoring the jab, keeps on smiling, as she excitedly tells Kate her news, knowing how much it'll irritate Kate. JORDAN: Listen, Kate, I'm so glad to see you. I just couldn't wait to show you. Kate looks confused, and mostly disinterested, as Jordan pulls her arm from around Rafe. KATE: Show me what? Kate gasps, and Billie does as well, as Jordan extends her hand, showing off her gorgeous new engagement ring. JORDAN: Rafe and I are getting married. Isn't that great? Kate and Billie look at each other, Kate in some kind of revulsion, Billie remaining stunned with surprise. KATE: Just...fantastic. --- Nicole, Sami, Eric, and Marlena stand in the Justice of the Peace's office at Salem City Hall. Nicole is standing uncomfortably, arms folded, as Sami stares her down, intimidating her with a bold question. SAMI: I know you've been cozying up to Nick and Percy the Greetings guy for the EnerNext story, but we all know Nick never does anything out of the goodness of his heart...so, tell us, Nicole...what's he got on you that's got you so nervous? Hm? Nicole looks over at Eric, and shakes her head. NICOLE: He doesn't have anything, Sami. Don't be ridiculous. The only thing that Nick wants is to tell his story, and that's to help his friend stop this stupid oil sands project. SAMI: Oh please. You're not seriously gonna tell me that this rushed wedding isn't some kind of ruse to snow my brother before the other shoe drops, are you? I know you, Nicole. NICOLE: No, you don't, Sami. Not as well as you think you do. I've changed. Loving Eric has helped me change. Marlena interjects, stepping in to stop Nicole's saccharine story. MARLENA: How touching. But if you've really changed as much as you say, don't you think having Eric's family be there for his wedding day would've been a nice gesture? His father is dying, Nicole. Why would you want to deny him that? Eric cuts in as well, trying to stop his family from ganging up on Nicole. ERIC: Hey, come on now! Don't lay that at Nicole's feet. We discussed this already. Like the adults that we are. And I know that's hard for either of you to believe, but we are grown adults who can make our own decisions. We decided that it would be better to take some time and find a way to make this easier for you all to accept, and THEN we were going to plan a big wedding. That was MY idea. MARLENA: Eric, by then it might be too late for your father. He's declining every day. The other night, he ran off and slept in the park in 40 degree weather. He was that confused. He deserved to be here today. I deserved to be here, regardless of what I think of Nicole. I would have respected your decision. Eric balks at his mother's statement, shaking his head in disbelief. ERIC: Yeah. Yeah, your showing up here in a fit of rage, the two of you, shows me exactly how much respect my decision would've gotten had I done it your way. At least this way we get it all out in one shot, instead of weeks and weeks of people trying to guilt me out of marrying the woman I love. Eric puts his arm around Nicole's waist. She snuggles in close to him. ERIC: So you can save your guilt trips. Nicole and I are married, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. Sami and Marlena look at each other, then at Eric and Nicole, deeply unhappy about Eric's words. --- --- Justin approaches Tyler in the Kiriakis living room, while Alex gets up from his seat, both Alex and Justin curious about Tyler's stern warning. JUSTIN: I'm sorry...Nick Fallon is going to torpedo the company? Nick Fallon works in the cosmetics lab at MadWorld. How is HE going to destroy all of Titan? NICK: Well, not to put too fine a point on it, but he knows everything. And probably about everyone. Alex puts his hands on his hips, still not following what Tyler's saying. ALEX: What does he know? JUSTIN: Ahh...long story. ALEX: Well, I've got nothing but time for this. Justin sighs, holding the bridge of his nose momentarily while he looks down at the floor. Tyler resists momentarily before he turns toward Alex and begins. TYLER: Basically, Victor never got rid of the shadier parts of his business. We all knew this. But he tried to keep them separate from the main Titan business, all sort of his attempt to appear legitimate once Isabella died. As Tyler says this, Noelle emerges from upstairs, doing her hair up in the pony tail as she walks down the steps casually. Midway, she overhears Tyler, and stops to listen, slowly, quietly heading down toward the living room, making sure to remain out of sight. TYLER: But he kept them all at an arms length through my business, using shell corporations to launder money whenever there needed to be any transfer of capital or resources to Titan. Now that Titan's in trouble, that's when he decided to, quote-unquote "buy out" EnerNext. When EnerNext was just a branch of the other business that I had been working on for the past twenty years. ALEX: So you're telling me that EnerNext is basically an oil company that's mostly been used as a front for gambling, loan sharking, and smuggling this entire time, and only the bare minimum's been going to actual oil production? Tyler sighs, nodding as he continues his story. TYLER: Just enough to make us look legit to the outside. Now, granted, we did do a lot of work trying to partner with firms in the middle east to tap into those resources, but we ran into...complications. From the foyer, Noelle smiles widely, loving all the turmoil and shady dealings that Titan has undertaken, and relishing the worries that it'll be exposed. In the living room, Justin cuts in, hoping to stop Tyler from overdivulging to Alex. JUSTIN: Look, this isn't really...relevant, nor is it something we really want everyone to know about. So...the important thing here is, how does Nick know about this, why does he want to use this against his own employer, and what are we gonna do about it? --- Jerome steps off the elevator at University Hospital. He looks around after stepping off, and looks down at his phone momentarily to text Sheryl. at UH. will fix email for u. will text when done Putting his phone away, he notices Abby hugging Maggie outside Victor's hospital room, and approaches her. JEROME: Well good morning! ABBY: Oh, hey! JEROME: Hey, I didn't expect to see you so fresh so early. Abby chuckles to herself, blushing a bit as she responds to Jerome. ABBY: Well, I'm a pretty early riser, plus, I had a lot to do today, and I had to check in on my Aunt Maggie's husband, who's a patient right now, so... Jerome turns to face Maggie, extending a hand to her to shake, they smile warmly at each other. JEROME: Jerome Grant. Maggie's eyes widen in recognition before they shake hands, and Maggie jumps slightly, pointing toward Jerome, excitedly. MAGGIE: OH! You're Valerie's grandson! Jerome laughs as he answers. JEROME: Yeah! How did you know? MAGGIE: Ohh, we've known Valerie a lot of years. I was married into the Horton family for...well...most of my life, and we all knew and loved Valerie very much. Jerome smiles back at Maggie, and finally does shake her hand. JEROME: Well, it is good to meet you, Maggie. I hope your husband makes it out of here soon. Maggie smiles warmly, but with a hint of sadness. MAGGIE: I hope so, Jerome. And thank you. ABBY: Listen, Maggie. I gotta head to the station, and I wanted to talk with Jerome, so I will see you later. Let me know if anything changes with Victor, okay? MAGGIE: Absolutely. I'll talk to you later, Abby! Nice to meet you, Jerome. JEROME: Likewise, Mrs. Kiriakis! As Abby and Jerome step away, Abby looks playfully at Jerome. ABBY: So...what brings you by here? JEROME: Well, I had a little something to take care of for my grandma but...then I saw you and figured I'd maybe...ask you for a late breakfast? ABBY: I could be persuaded...but I do need to get to the station. Nicole's big exposé on EnerNext airs tomorrow night, and we need to tighten up a lot of stuff before then, so...it all falls to me. Jerome looks deeply into Abby's eyes, smiling widely, almost transfixed by his attraction to her. JEROME: Edward R. Murrow would be proud. You don't see that kinda journalism anymore. Taking down the bad guys against all the pressure from big business? I admire that. Abby giggles, blushing a little more as she averts her eyes for a moment, then looking back up at Jerome. ABBY: Well, it isn't really my doing, but I'll take all the credit if you want. JEROME: Hah...alright...well...if a late breakfast is no good...how 'bout I stop by around 2 and we'll make it a late lunch. That work? ABBY: It's a date. JEROME: Is it? ABBY: You bet it is. Abby winks as she walks off, heading for the elevator, catching glimpses back at Jerome, who still can't take his eyes off her. --- At Horton Town Square, Jordan stands before a stunned Billie and Kate, showing off her engagement ring to Rafe, who stands next to her. JORDAN: I know, it's probably nothing compared to the flashy, ostentatious stuff you would normally wear, Kate, but...for me, it's...better than all the money in the world. Anyway, I gotta go. Rafe? I'll see you after work? RAFE: You got it, babe. Jordan turns and wraps her arms around Rafe, and they kiss lovingly, making Kate visibly uncomfortable. Jordan breaks the kiss, and waves at Billie and Kate as she happily trots away. Rafe watching Jordan lovingly as she walks away. JORDAN: Bye! Kate gives Jordan major sideye, and Billie waves politely. Once only Billie, Kate, and Rafe remain, Billie decides the time is right to make herself scarce to give Rafe and Kate a chance to talk alone. BILLIE: Ahh...so they have free refills at the Java Café, so...I'm gonna...re...fill myself...a cup...yeah. Billie steps away in a hurry, leaving only Rafe and Kate behind. Kate looks at Rafe with disappointment, but tries to feign happiness for her ex-. KATE: I suppose congratulations are in order. RAFE: Kate... KATE: No, no. No...look...I knew whatever it was between us wasn't going to work, there was way too much in our way, between Stefano and... Rafe reaches out to try to take listen, but she won't, and steps away from Rafe's hand. RAFE: Kate, come on. KATE: ...No, Rafe. I gave you the space, because there was so much happening at work, and...well, I guess I stupidly thought you and Jordan wouldn't last. I was wrong. So, I hope you're happy together. Because, I personally don't think you know what you're getting yourself into, and I don't want you to end up heartbroken at the end of all of this. Rafe reaches out again to Kate, who tries to resist showing any vulnerability, but Kate steps away, heading back toward the café to meet Billie. KATE: It's good to see you, Rafe. Congratulations. RAFE: Kate...KATE. Rafe watches as Kate walks away, frustrated and disappointed by how their conversation turned out. --- Marlena stands with Eric, Nicole, and Sami, and takes Eric's hand for a second. MARLENA: Eric...I'm sorry. Listen, can we...can we step into the waiting room down the hall and talk for a moment in private? ERIC: Mom, I don't know what we have to talk abo-- MARLENA: Please. Please just...let's...I promise, I won't say anything to attack Nicole, I just...I want you to understand where I'm coming from, okay? Nicole looks up at Eric, and lets go from his embrace. She nods approvingly at Eric. NICOLE: Go ahead. Eric sighs, before shaking his head, and stepping toward the doorway. ERIC: Okay. Sure...sure, Mom. Let's go. Eric and Marlena step out into the hallway, leaving Nicole and Sami behind. Sami stands with cocked eyebrow, arms folded, and an imposing stance, as Nicole rolls her eyes, uncomfortable around Sami. SAMI: And then there were two. Nicole glares back at a smug-looking Sami. ---
  14. EPISODE 122 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: ML Cooks, Nick Monarco & C. Nathaniel Richardson Alex stands, tablet in hand, in the Kiriakis living room. He taps a few spots on his tablet screen before handing his tablet to a waiting Justin, who sits in the easy chair nearby, looking baffled. ALEX: Mom's decided to follow in Harper's footsteps. JUSTIN: I'm hoping you mean that exclusively in the political sense. Justin studies the electronic edition of the Salem Spectator for a moment, before looking up at his son, stunned by the news. ALEX: Well...considering her history...it could go either way. JUSTIN: We need to tread really carefully here. Justin hands back Alex's tablet, deeply contemplative, as Alex places the tablet back in his briefcase, nodding in agreement with his father. ALEX: Exactly. If she supports EnerNext, and her past becomes tabloid fodder, we could go down in flames with her. JUSTIN: Or, on the other hand, we distance ourselves from her, she reacts by campaigning against the oil sands, and she wins... ALEX: And the project could be dead in the water as well. Justin nods, trying in vain to think of a solution. JUSTIN: (sigh) There's only one way to deal with it. And it's not one I'm a big fan of. We have to wait for her to make the first move. Alex sighs, equally frustrated by the spot they now find themselves in. --- EJ follows an enraged Sonny into the Brady Pub, where he puts a hand on Sonny's shoulder, forcing him to turn to face him. SONNY: What do you want, EJ? EJ leans in closer to Sonny, speaking softly so as not to catch the attention of the rest of the pub. EJ: Listen, you and I need to have a serious chat about what's going on with Gabi. SONNY: Oh, you mean, you want to convince me that putting a deadly weapon in an apartment with a toddler is a smart idea? I don't think so. EJ: Sonny, stop. Okay? I know you're angry about this. Trust me, I wasn't too keen on coming by with that gun, myself. But you have to understand exactly what's happening and why I'm so worried about Gabi. Sonny looks at EJ, unconvinced, but willing to listen. Barely. SONNY: Alright, I'll bite. But this better be the best explanation you've ever given anyone, so help me. EJ nods solemnly, acknowledging the gravity of the situation. --- Nicole, Eric, Chloe and Daniel stand in the office of the Justice of the Peace, stunned by the sudden arrival of Marlena and Sami at the conclusion of Eric and Nicole's wedding. ERIC: Mom! Sami, what are you guys doing here? Sami storms into the room towards Eric. Nicole steps in to ward off Sami from Eric. SAMI: Stopping you from making the biggest mistake of your life. NICOLE: Well, you're too late. Nicole stares down Sami for a moment, before looking Marlena's way, smiling defiantly at both of them. NICOLE: Eric and I are already married. Nicole takes Eric's hand, and attempts to walk him out of the office, but Sami stops him, as Marlena advances to try to intervene as well. NICOLE: So if you'll excuse us-- MARLENA: Oh no you won't! Marlena attempts to intimidate Nicole as well, staring at her intensely before turning to Daniel and Chloe. MARLENA: Daniel. Chloe. Would you excuse us a moment? Chloe and Daniel look at each other, gravely concerned for what's to come, before Daniel puts his hand on the small of Chloe's back, guiding her to the door. Justice of the Peace Watkins surveys the situation and addresses Marlena as well. JP WATKINS: I'll...uh...I'll see myself out as well. MARLENA: Thank you. Marlena turns back toward Eric and Nicole. MARLENA: I think it's time, we all had a little talk. Nicole looks exasperated, looking at Eric to see a similarly frustrated expression on his face. --- --- Sonny and EJ sit down at a booth at the Brady Pub. Both with coffees in hand, they look at each other solemnly. SONNY: Well? I'm waiting. EJ sips his coffee, before looking at Sonny, keeping his voice low so as not to alarm anyone. EJ: Look, Sonny...all I can say is that Gabi has been trying so hard to get Nick out of everyone's life before he goes too far, and at every turn he's evaded us so far. SONNY: But then why does that mean you have to go to such extreme lengths to get rid of him? EJ: Sonny, come on. This is Nick Fallon we're talking about. He's a convicted murderer, and kindapper. He tried to rape Gabi, and tried to manipulate her into leaving the state with him, just so he could keep her daughter away from you and Will. We know what he's capable of, and we know what he can do to all of us if we don't deal with him exactly the right way. Sonny leans in, emphatically pointing at EJ as he responds sternly. SONNY: That does NOT mean you bring a gun into our home. I know full well what Nick is capable of. Quite frankly, he terrifies me. But I know that that gun is only going to escalate things. And someone's gonna end up hurt...or dead. EJ: I agree. But where you and I differ, Sonny...is that I see it as an inevitability, whether or not Gabi has a weapon at her disposal. The difference being that, unarmed, there's a far greater chance that the person who may be killed is Gabi, or Will...or yourself. And I can't allow that to happen. Sonny looks at EJ, then looks down into his cup of coffee, deep in contemplation. --- Nicole folds her arms, as the door to the Justice of the Peace's office shuts, leaving only Marlena, Sami, Eric and Nicole inside. NICOLE: Well, if you're going to try to get me to leave, you can save your breath. I'm not going anywhere. SAMI: But God knows I wish you would. Nicole shoots a look at Sami, snapping back at her snarky remark. NICOLE: Well, too bad, Sami. I'm his wife now. SAMI: I swear to God, Nicole, if I had legal grounds to, I'd be firing you so fast right now. NICOLE: But you can't. And I'd like to see you try to make that hold up in court-- Eric steps in, cutting Nicole and Sami's argument off. ERIC: ...Okay, enough. Both of you. Listen, I don't know how the two of you found out about this wedding, but we weren't doing this to pull one over on you. MARLENA: Well, you could have fooled me. Eric, I know you're hurting over what happened with Kristen, and I know you feel some kind of gratitude toward Nicole for trying to track down Dr. Chyka, but to sneak around behind everyone's back and MARRY her? ERIC: Mom, I am in love with her. Whether you and Sami believe it or not. And we were going to tell you-- SAMI: Oh, when? ERIC: As soon as we figured out the best way. We were going to...take our time, let things settle down with dad, and...hopefully give you some time to start seeing Nicole in a different light. Sami rolls her eyes, laughing at the thought of forgiving Nicole. Eric ignores his sister's petulence and continues. ERIC: And when the time was right, we were going to let you know, and plan a big wedding for the family. But we wanted the time to allow you to accept our relationship first. MARLENA: So to do that, you had to marry first? You couldn't wait for us to accept her and THEN marry? ERIC: Mom, I just...I didn't want to wait. SAMI: No, Nicole didn't want to wait. Because, like usual, Nicole rushes into things when she's up to something. Sami steps in closer to Nicole, making her squirm. SAMI: I know you've been cozying up to Nick and Percy the Greetings guy for the EnerNext story, but we all know Nick never does anything out of the goodness of his heart...so, tell us, Nicole...what's he got on you that's got you so nervous? Hm? Nicole glares at Sami, visibly uncomfortable. --- Jerome shuts the door to the motel room, a laptop bag in his hand, which he sets down on the desk for Sheryl. JEROME: Okay. I pulled some strings and got you a basic laptop so you can get what you need done while you're out here. Sheryl steps over to the desk, arms folded. She looks down as Jerome opens the screen, and plugs the USB stick into the laptop. SHERYL: Great. So this has everything I need? JEROME: I recorded the interview with my grandmother, took a copy of her resumé, and did a search on her professional profile. I think that we've got enough here that you'd be able to fool the people at University Hospital pretty easily into thinking you're Crystal. SHERYL: Well...it's not like they know her. JEROME: Exactly. Valerie's the only one who's spoken to her, and you'll just have to work on Jordan until you're able to get her alone and get her out of there, and then you can get out of town. Sheryl smirks, putting a hand on Jerome's shoulder. SHERYL: You do think of everything, don't you? JEROME: I try. SHERYL: Just one thing you didn't think of. Jerome turns back toward Sheryl, confused. JEROME: What's that? SHERYL: What we're gonna do about Billie Reed. She's the only one who knows it's me, and not Nick that put that virus on the server. If we don't take her out somehow, the entire plan falls apart. Jerome looks back at the laptop screen, sighing under his breath, as he thinks about what to do about Billie. --- Justin packs up to head off for the office, as Alex finishes his cup of coffee, still deep in thought about how to deal with his mother's campaign for governor, and the server breach at Titan, when Henderson walks into the room, with Tyler in tow. HENDERSON: Good morning, gentlemen. A Mr. Houston to see you. JUSTIN: Thanks, Henderson, have him come in. Henderson stands back to allow Tyler to come in, before exiting the room. TYLER: Justin! Alex! I'm glad I caught you before you headed in for the day. I think we need to have a bit of a talk. ALEX: Us? I thought we were having an emergency board meeting today? TYLER: We are. And it's an all-departments one so you'll be expected to join us, Alex. But the three of us are going to have to come up with an action plan beforehand. Justin turns to look at Tyler, confused. JUSTIN: Action plan? For what? TYLER: For how exactly we're going to make sure Nick Fallon doesn't singlehandedly torpedo this entire company. Alex and Justin look at each other, more baffled than ever. Tyler looks at both of them with deadly seriousness. ---
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    +1 I swear, if Ron brings Daniel back from the dead, I swear, I will break my laptop in half.