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  1. I'll give Lemay the benefit of the doubt re: the 60 minute move, as at least the move was unprecedented (I know there had been some soaps move from 15 to 30 minutes, but they were, of course, the first to go to an hour, in any medium) and they were still trying to work out the kinks for awhile. But expanding to 90mins not four years later and STILL not be prepared was just weird to me. They adjusted quickly, but those early episodes are just painful.
  2. LOL I nearly forgot about that ridiculous scene. I still joke with my friends about how about 60% of that episode was about people's various difficulties in trying to tell everyone in town that John Randolph had died in a fire at the edge of town. AT LEAST TWICE.
  3. You're a fellow Canuck! Welcome! You understand my pain! I'll have a look and see what BFlix has, though I don't much enjoy streaming outside the "legal" platforms. Reva has only really appealed to me during the Annie story, and even then, she's just a bit much, I agree.
  4. God, this could have been so good, and instead it was COMICALLY bad. What the HELL was Langan thinking??!
  5. I also remember seeing an influx of old WTHI actors show up at RH, as well, though this happened a fair bit less when the Labines moved to GH, instead there was an influx of DAYS actors in the 90s, as Shelley Curtis had moved there, and brought Mary Beth Evans, Wally Kurth, Stephen Nichols, and Matt Ashford (I'm certain I'm forgetting a few) during the early-to-mid 90s, whereas I think Ron Hale was the only RH actor who moved to GH during the Labine era.
  6. NO! I NEVER realized. Hahah, I just learned something! ETA: Missed Natalie/Holly in the earlier post, but also Delta, following the Neighbours train:
  7. Ultimately, your numerous duplicate topics will likely end up being merged with existing topics. We've been trying to suggest this to you for awhile, in hopes that you could acclimate with how things are generally done here. I love the enthusiasm and passion you have for the genre, but I do think you need to slow your roll and see what topics your posts COULD fit into instead of constantly starting new threads with info that's already posted elsewhere. Its why you don't see folks like me posting very often. I love a good discussion but my voice doesn't always need to be heard, particularly when I don't have anything new to add to the proceedings. But I can only speak for myself. I encourage you to take what Slick is saying as more advice to help you fit in a little better, rather than him attacking you. He may be blunt, but that's the intent.
  8. Right, because poaching SFT from CBS had gone SO WELL for them a couple years earlier
  9. @slick jones you are a God among men. Thank you for this, and everything you do!
  10. If Victoria's expression is meant to be a parody of a parody, that somehow makes the blow-up doll expression she's making even worse
  11. I have a suspicion, looking at their profile, that what's happening is he's hacking long-dormant accounts, and using it as a sockpuppet account to troll the forums (because afaik the jonnysbro account was banned). So...guess we gotta just keep reporting.
  12. From what I've seen, L&F/FRFP was airing at 1pm as the lead-in to the NBC soap block, whereas Somerset had indeed aired at 4. It's only direct competition was AMC (which was a lot in an of itself). But certainly not with the same levels of clearance issues 4pm tended to have.
  13. Personally, I've been advocating for PM to come back as Austin, have Carrie and Rafe get together working on a case, while Austin rediscovers his love of music doodling on the piano, and Eve overhears him and they connect over this. Austin helps Eve with recovering her voice, and they eventually end up having their own affair. It'd help release Carrie from Austin, and gives Rafe a potential pairing that won't bore/annoy everyone. Granted, this was my idea from about 4-5 years ago. I think it's way too late for either pairing to work now, but...I digress. Looping back round to BS: Looks like I'll be having to play catchup in October with this, since literally no one has SlackTV so idk how I'll be able to watch this before it goes on Global's app.
  14. Ah yes, a small town of 8+ Million. You know
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